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Destiny 2: Lightfall | Weapons and Gear Trailer

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Cloud Strider technology is within our grasp. To battle the Shadow Legion, you're going to need all the firepower you can get. bung.ie/lightfall
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    Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.
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  • Matthew Reed
    Matthew Reed Month ago +3137

    The tried and true warlock classic of getting other beings to play the game for you.
    I love it.

    • Winter Eclipse
      Winter Eclipse Month ago

      @Alexander Rego Not true resto x1 was massively nerfed into the ground so resto x2 is the best and it's exclusive to Warlock. Combine this with Well and Rifts and better overall healing.

    • Winter Eclipse
      Winter Eclipse Month ago

      @C J Because 3.0 ruined class identity.

    • C J
      C J Month ago

      @TheCadeBrigade Then why do Warlocks have only 1 support super and why do other classes have healing?

    • Alexander Rego
      Alexander Rego Month ago +2

      @TheCadeBrigade there designed to be the healer class yet solar titans heal more than warlocks also if theyre supposed to be the support class why give them damage supers such a L take

    • TheCadeBrigade
      TheCadeBrigade Month ago +1

      Warlocks are designed to be a support/medic class lol, they don’t need to be the heaviest damage dealers in the game, that’s a crayon eating titans job :)

  • Mr. Fruit
    Mr. Fruit Month ago +1687

    Nothing hits the same like a major Destiny 2 expansion LETS GOOOO

    • The Petty Kitsune
      The Petty Kitsune 17 days ago

      @Kell of Kells thats not how opinions work loo

    • 1 2
      1 2 Month ago +1

      How does that boot taste lol

    • The Petty Kitsune
      The Petty Kitsune Month ago

      @TheUnderDog thats your opinion and thats totally okay.. also no just because its an older game makes it MUCH worse... at this point destiny should have the same popularity as WoW or FFXIV. Yes destiny is a mmo but it isn't a real mmorpg which is sad because I feel if it went that direction it would be much more better... in My opinion :)

    • TheUnderDog
      TheUnderDog Month ago

      @The Petty Kitsune 10's of thousands of people still play the game every day, and that's only on Steam. I love it when people say a game is dying just because they've lost interest themselfs. Sure, it's not performing at the same lvl it used to, but it's an older game so that makes sense. Is the game perfect? No, but it's not trash either

  • KROW
    KROW Month ago +615

    it's really cool that they gave us a first look into Lightfall's weaponry with Quicksilver Storm but kept it's connection to Strand a secret until now. I thought it's an interesting type changing weapon, but now that I know it will have Strand abilities it's even better

    • Gengar Clefairy
      Gengar Clefairy Month ago

      @Shadow EclipseIK what you mean but if you want poison the run necrotic grip warlock. Can solo many things with it and devour

    • Russia4Biden
      Russia4Biden Month ago

      A secret? or it wasn't a thing until they realized they had to make it one. Don't give bungie credit they don't deserve for this trash game

    • C J
      C J Month ago

      @Shadow Eclipse Poison classes are dull witted and unoriginal. Poison isn't even an element or force of the universe. Let's leave that corny Poison shit to other cliche mmo games.

    • d silverleaf
      d silverleaf Month ago

      Which will be nerfed in 3 months. Or be vaulted. Have fun with that.

    • AragornElesar
      AragornElesar Month ago +1

      Will work well with that warlock exotic too. I'm a warlock main and love quicksilver so that catalyst will be amazing for me.

  • Super206
    Super206 Month ago +73

    Rhythm-based effects is a really cool concept. We have a taste of that with Polaris Lance, which is still a fun gun. I hope we get more of that kind of thinking to keep the combat gameplay expanding.

    • LambentV
      LambentV Month ago +1

      I feel like wavesplitter is a better example of a rhythm based gun

  • Taco Black Man of the Great Chorizo

    I like how warlocks have a way to create a small army in most of our subclasses (not solar... yet 🥺)

    • Taco Black Man of the Great Chorizo
      Taco Black Man of the Great Chorizo Month ago

      @Hayden Meyer you don't want heavy dislike with sunbathers, the point is to get power melee kill so want 100 melee or just use the aspect where you get melee energy from kills while floating

    • Hayden Meyer
      Hayden Meyer Month ago

      Sunbracers with a heavy discipline build will give you unlimited solar grenades essentially, if you know how to use your powered melee

    • primordial soup god
      primordial soup god  Month ago

      @Voltus 20 thanks

    • Voltus 20
      Voltus 20 Month ago

      @primordial soup god fire sprites are one of the new subclass specific resources that will come in lightfall.
      Now well mods will use orbs of power for activation instead of wells, and subclasses will create their own new resources via abilities, perks, weapons, etc. Think of them like stasis shards or ionic traces. Since solar and void didn't have one of those kind of resources, they'll get one come the expansion. We're yet to know what special interactions they'll have.

    • primordial soup god
      primordial soup god  Month ago

      @Voltus 20 what's a fire sprite I havent been paying attention to destiny for a while

  • Angelo Tabayoyon
    Angelo Tabayoyon Month ago +22

    I hope that we’ll be hearing more music like this in the campaign, new strikes with this expansion, and in the raid encounters. I always thought Destiny ost’s really added a lot to encounters in game. A perfect example for me was always Aksis boss music in the Wrath of the Machine raid and the “Shell of What Was” theme that played during the Shuro Chi and Queens walk sections of last wish.

  • NanoSmoke X
    NanoSmoke X Month ago +1453

    That glaive design is actually sick, simply magnificent 👌

    • DT-1294
      DT-1294 Month ago

      @Gabe9130 yea haha if I have 100 mobility, blink, astrocyte verse for improved blink and I use the enigma thats completely built for lightning fast reload. I can be right on top of someone if I make a push.

    • Gabe9130
      Gabe9130 Month ago

      @DT-1294 I mean when you got a 100 mobiliy as well....... Shit...... 😂😂😂

    • DT-1294
      DT-1294 Month ago +1

      @Gabe9130 Usually yes, I am sitting on 100 mobility though so when I blink im too close for them to outrun me.

    • Gabe9130
      Gabe9130 Month ago

      @Brian Cohen Thank you!!!!! This!!!! This was the perk combo I was talking about.

    • Gabe9130
      Gabe9130 Month ago

      @DT-1294 Dude, you realize that people with like 60-70 mobility will still outrun you, right?

    SCHUUG Month ago +87

    The fact that Destiny can still get me this hyped after the last 8 years is pretty insane - Every time I think i'm done with it, I get pulled right back in

  • JulliaStark
    JulliaStark Month ago +217

    Final Warning looks perfect. Functionality seems similar to the Titanfall Smart Pistol, which although a crime to use, is an absolute blast.

    • Dropkick
      Dropkick Month ago +4

      @Nicholas Vredenburg I loved that weapon it was so fun to use I remember just beast mode through that mission because if that weapon

    • Nicholas Vredenburg
      Nicholas Vredenburg Month ago +5

      When you get it at the end of TF2 it is so satisfying.

  • Chad Antonie
    Chad Antonie Month ago +126

    My prediction. That hand cannon in the press release photos is like revision zero. As it upgrades it gets different cosmetic aesthetics. The press release photo is the initial version, then the main lightfall release photo is full crafted version.

    • Jay Greene
      Jay Greene Month ago

      Your cooking something

    • hei vain
      hei vain Month ago

      ​@LambentV Extremely unlikely. We've already seen the destination hand cannon (the reskin of Loud Lullaby seen in the trailer) and they have never put seasonal weapons in the main expansion posters. It also looks much more like an exotic, too complicated to be a random legendary.

    • LambentV
      LambentV Month ago

      Mate thats just a legendary

    • TranscendKira
      TranscendKira Month ago

      It's not likely to be an existing exotic HC or ornament, I think the scrollwork is supposed to be reminiscent of Neomunas aesthetics.
      Edit to say that looking through the released media and realising which handcannons you're talking about, I think you're mistaking 2 different handcannons for 1.
      The first one we saw in the reveal trailer is of an old foundry style and is likely part of a legendary set we've only seen one other weapon from (A special grenade launcher), whereas the handcannon in this gameplay and on Bungies page is part of another set, and is of the same make and base model as the Shadowkeep handcannon Loud Lullaby. They won't be the same.

  • Aincent1 Orochi
    Aincent1 Orochi Month ago +69

    Definitely can't wait for the sidearm I love all the sidearm exotics

    • TheCyanPanda
      TheCyanPanda Month ago

      Bro tricksleeves is going to make it a monster. Imagine what the gms are going to look like if you can just aimbot things by peeking around corners at low at hp for double damage.

    • LambentV
      LambentV Month ago

      Gonna be fun to see how it synergizes with the subclass, also hope surprise attack works with it

    • BipBap
      BipBap Month ago

      It’s gonna be op in the crucible

    • xXx LjordSire xXx
      xXx LjordSire xXx Month ago


    • Ben Napier
      Ben Napier Month ago +1

      As a fellow side arm lover, me too

  • billygoods22
    billygoods22 Month ago +890

    I love the new aesthetic for Calus' faction. If we can't get new enemies, at least give the existing ones a new look.

    • Ultraviolence
      Ultraviolence Month ago

      @Kyubii01 they look cool tho

    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon Month ago

      Dear friend, believe in Jesus. If you follow the Bible you will know that most all of the 1,800 prophecies has come to pass. Once the final few happen Jesus Christ will return. Jesus say, "But when the Son of man comes, will there be any faith on earth?"

    • Atomic Wait
      Atomic Wait Month ago

      @Voltus 20 It's ironic then that it's composed of Loyalists

      IHBUPONTYNE Month ago

      You're praising bungie for literally doing the expected bare minimum lmfao this community I swear

    • Max King
      Max King Month ago

      60$ for a reskin LMAO

  • Anshul Singh
    Anshul Singh Month ago +33

    I did NOT expect Quicksilver Storm to get added functionality after release. I love you Bungo

    • Shadows Star
      Shadows Star Month ago +4

      Don't know why. We knew it was getting a catalyst in LF and bungie already directly said they changed the rockets/grenades energy type specifically due to the cata which tells us it was getting strand.

  • TheySaidWhat?
    TheySaidWhat? Month ago +4

    Wow this looks incredible! That frost orb glaive is sick. Excellent design on the stuff they’ve shown.

  • Soul Eater
    Soul Eater Month ago +652

    I LOVE how the Cabal aren't bound to the drop-pods anymore, just materializing out of thin air at 1:26
    ..combined with their pyramid-tech it makes them feel like a somewhat new Race,
    fingers crossed the guys with the "backpacks" have cool abilitys..

    • Josh
      Josh Month ago

      @Soul Eater I'll be honest I couldn't be arsed to read all that

    • Soul Eater
      Soul Eater Month ago

      @Josh now I'm the one laughing.
      You are clearly in a minority and I feel like you are patheticly trolling around,
      I pointed out ways Darkness-Enemies could be implemented but you just keep debating about nonsense.

    • Josh
      Josh Month ago

      @Soul Eater clearly the dlcs aren't to attract players either because a new race would draw people in, most people see the same enemies and ignore the dlc me included

    • Soul Eater
      Soul Eater Month ago

      @Josh this may be funny to you but Seasons just don't count for Bungie,
      Seasons are there to keep Players not to attract them basically.

  • James Britton
    James Britton Month ago +18

    That glaces design looks amazing. Bungies art department is always at the top of their game

  • Beau Bauer
    Beau Bauer Month ago +5

    So freaking happy that I already pre-ordered it. Looks amazing. Looking forward to using the new weapons. 👍

  • Evan Pearson
    Evan Pearson Month ago +3

    loving the look of these new exotics… can’t wait to get my hands on them ALL.

  • XardionZ
    XardionZ Month ago +17

    There’s something that so incredibly satisfying about a Destiny trailer that has the sfx synced up with the beats of the the trailer song.

    • NegaGreg
      NegaGreg Month ago +1

      It’s my favorite type of trailer

  • O'bearer mine
    O'bearer mine 2 months ago +1505

    Strand throwable glaive that you pull back with strand would be a dope af exotic

    • Wyatt Smith
      Wyatt Smith Month ago +1

      Minecraft trident with loyalty 3

    • Crispy Crass
      Crispy Crass Month ago

      that sounds really freaking cool and i love it

    • Noble
      Noble Month ago

      Already sounds cooler than everything we saw in the trailer.

    • Jackson Stubbs
      Jackson Stubbs Month ago

      Draupnir glance dropping when???

    • Outlander
      Outlander Month ago

      Wow) or just let them make sci-fi javelins as a completely new category like glaves from wq but ok i know where it's going to.

  • ReptileVoodoo
    ReptileVoodoo Month ago +8

    I love the little details on Final Warning where you can see the chamber at the back of the sidearm that looks like its "Spinning" the Strand into munitions :O

  • MaxMerlin
    MaxMerlin Month ago

    I hope that we get a great campaign, exotic quests, some new gambit maps and changes in the physics of the enemies, since they all tend to keep jumping and teleporting around !!

  • Ben 64
    Ben 64 Month ago +1

    That darkness tank giving me 40k vibes. The art, music and general atmosphere in this game is absolute top shelf as always.

  • Jamie Brighty
    Jamie Brighty Month ago +460

    Loving the look of these weapons in action, especially the Strand variants. The perfect weapons to go to battle with, because whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold.

    • Skeletor
      Skeletor Month ago

      They can't keep getting away with it!

    • Gauss
      Gauss Month ago

      This memes will never die will it

    • jon g
      jon g Month ago +1

      you got me.

    • Jamie Brighty
      Jamie Brighty Month ago +1

      @Chunky_Bear Legend.

    • Chunky_Bear
      Chunky_Bear Month ago +1

      take my upvote and leave, wait... wrong website

  • T
    T Month ago +3

    You would get so many more players if you just finally made the game approachable to new players who have never played Destiny before.

  • StyxDescension
    StyxDescension Month ago +1

    Noticed that Quicksilver is firing green tracers and green missiles now, not just the grenade. Interesting to see it's being made into a strand exotic!

  • The Imperium of Man
    The Imperium of Man Month ago +1

    I enjoy that all these exotic weapons follow a similar design style, that being the whole quicksilver nanotechnology aesthetic with all the small holes along the frame.

  • Dominic Woryn
    Dominic Woryn Month ago +25

    Whoever makes these trailers needs a raise. This guy can get me hype over anything.

  • Foxen
    Foxen Month ago +263

    the fact that the trailer implies we are getting a strand version of kepris horn integrated in the subclass AND it comes with an exotic that does kepris’s job better is truly a Destiny 2: Lightfall moment

    • Cerebral Assassin
      Cerebral Assassin Month ago

      It's so dumb. Titans have the dumbest exotic armor piece.

    • red
      red Month ago +1

      @Justin Brooks I hope it does something more, Just like loreley's splendor did with the sunspots, enhancing it

    • Dre
      Dre Month ago +1

      i wouldnt be surprised if kephris gets buffed. maybe to cause ignition

    • Foxen
      Foxen Month ago

      @Jyle Crennan why is everyone in my comment section proofreading my comment. if i wanted this i would’ve just submitted my college essay

    • Jyle Crennan
      Jyle Crennan Month ago

      Implies? It’s literally right there. No implication needed.

  • Kieran Mahoney
    Kieran Mahoney Month ago +3

    I hope the hunter exotic does more than just give flinch resistance, I want it to have some good PvE uses

    • Hunter2306
      Hunter2306 Month ago

      @TheCyanPanda It gives Damage Resist

    • TheCyanPanda
      TheCyanPanda Month ago

      It says it give woven mail, which I suppose would be damage resist or something similar

  • John Levins
    John Levins Month ago

    Love the style! No dialogue, awesome music, and a great into that channels retro super hero shows!

  • Sruf
    Sruf Month ago +1

    I'm a big sucker for Glaives so Winterbite looked like a popscicle to a kid for me. I can't wait to get it

  • The Gentlesaurian Velocidapper

    I wanna talk about how Quicksilver Storm is becoming a Strand weapon upon Lightfall.
    This means those of us who got the weapon to play from the pre-order basically are playing with an downgraded version of the weapon.
    Keep in mind, the current downgraded version in game still is one of the most fun and powerful Autos in the game. So I’m wondering how much stronger it will once Strand gets infused into it.

  • Jackal 43
    Jackal 43 Month ago +45

    The music is timed so beautifully with the weapon sounds! 😍😍

    • Jackal 43
      Jackal 43 Month ago

      @Kotori Katou I agree!

    • Kotori Katou
      Kotori Katou Month ago +1

      Honestly, timing weapon sfx with bgm is how any game should do their trailers.

  • Perfect Paradox
    Perfect Paradox Month ago +297

    They always nail the sound design and music this is incredibly cool!

    • Madness Mechanic
      Madness Mechanic 18 days ago

      Anyone figure it out yet? I've been hunting like crazy

    • pro100tuman prod.
      pro100tuman prod. Month ago

      @Nathan Towles nah, its not part of it... So need to dig into it and find original

    • wood
      wood Month ago +1

      It goes into the Destiny Theme at the end, so I actually do think its a Lightfall OST

    • pro100tuman prod.
      pro100tuman prod. Month ago

      @Sean Mason i guess this is the original score. So all we need is wait for DLC release

    • Sean Mason
      Sean Mason Month ago +2

      I need to know the song!

  • Guts
    Guts Month ago +2

    This looks great, I wish I had room for any of them 😅

  • Nick B
    Nick B Month ago +1

    Nailed the awesome trailer output, here's hoping the DLC is good.

  • aviatorEngineer
    aviatorEngineer Month ago +3

    Awesome sound and visuals for the new stuff and yet Nameless Midnight _STILL_ managed to pop out from the crowd. Legendary gun, glad to be getting it back.

    • aviatorEngineer
      aviatorEngineer Month ago +1

      @ryan Performance wise, maybe. It doesn't look or sound like it at all, though, and that's a significant part of the "feeling" for weapons.

    • ryan
      ryan Month ago

      You know the scout rifle from season of the haunted is nameless midnight 2.0 right?

    • Ghoulish Goober
      Ghoulish Goober Month ago +1

      My brain couldn't help but notice that either. My favorite scout from day 1, hopefully it still has explosive payload!

  • Lewt S
    Lewt S Month ago +1

    that glaive is going to be really good, synergy with melee buff on frozen enemies

  • Scorlos
    Scorlos Month ago +1

    Anyone else notice the strand trail on the sniper? I wonder if the woven mail does that or if we're getting legendary strand weapons on launch.

  • Delayed
    Delayed 2 months ago +401

    Hoping for a stasis glaive, strand exotic glaive that you can throw and pull back with strand, rocket launcher that pulls enemies into the shot with strand, and an exotic which either gives you two grapples or lets dodge replenish your strand grapple instead of melee

    • Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog Month ago

      @mywaifunow hunters can get two, at least.

    • Verox
      Verox Month ago

      @Pocket F They made the comment before the vid came out.

    • Pocket F
      Pocket F Month ago

      Pretty sure this one is Stasis.
      Unless you meant Stasis legendary glaive, which I too would have preferred over an exotic.

    • Alien_with_a_shotgun
      Alien_with_a_shotgun Month ago

      the glaive was a stasis glaive lol

    • mywaifunow
      mywaifunow Month ago

      @Guardians of The Totem One of the trailers already showed that you can hold 2 at once.

  • Liam Oliver
    Liam Oliver Month ago +1

    I would have loved if Cabal now had a Darkness version of Guardians. That would’ve been sick

  • Surux Strawde
    Surux Strawde Month ago

    Looks like it might be a good season for some darkness themed equipment, hopefully a ship.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago +1

    That glaive looks insanely fun same with the quicksilver catalyst

  • Old Life Orig
    Old Life Orig Month ago

    This cool abilities with big and powerful effects are something i expected

  • BladeKi
    BladeKi Month ago +1

    Finally a _STASIS_ GLAIVE!!! Tho I heard sad rumors that it might be a heavy 😥 But either way, it'll be fun to use it in PvE! 😊 And also YES!!! I love that Hunter exotic head piece! If there's one thing I DISLIKE the most in PvE it's FRICKIN' FLINCHES mon! The Titan and Warlock exotic are awesome too!!

    • Corizzer
      Corizzer Month ago

      The stasis glaive is gonna be heavy

  • LucidFlame X
    LucidFlame X Month ago +215

    I just hope this stuff lives up to the hype. Witch Queen did; this is giving me the feeling LF will as well. Will wait and see.

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy Month ago

      @TheRogueSquid i have some reservations about the 3.0 subclass update and im pretty sure my gripes are probably going to be solved in the future, bungie likes to half ass things and make problems to make it seem like they are doing work. It was an appreciated update but it was still going to happen with Strand coming out

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy Month ago

      @TheRogueSquid i play casually and usually reach 100 at least a week or two before the season ends…the pinnacle and seasonal missions can guarantee a full season pass level up with some level of consistency….i know not every player can play daily and stuff but you can get to 100 even if it casually 👍🏽

    • TheRogueSquid
      TheRogueSquid Month ago

      That said I still didn’t even play enough to hit 100 on season pass last season or the one before and it’s a struggle this season too. Which sucks because you miss out on the cosmetics lol

    • TheRogueSquid
      TheRogueSquid Month ago

      @Just Some Guy the void revamp and subsequent light class updates were a definite improvement, that was thanks to WQ. Plus aesthetically the seasons have delivered so it all looks cool even SoP had big ketch pirate battles. Nothing new but it was a little more interesting than the usual at least.

    • Liam Sykes
      Liam Sykes Month ago

      @X10NS0LAR1S Exact same hiatus for me. I felt so burned out after season of blunder that I almost didn’t pick it back up this current season.

  • Michael Delehanty
    Michael Delehanty Month ago +3

    The part where the witness said " It's witnessing time " . That part was really emotionally deep.

  • MrLamorso
    MrLamorso Month ago +2

    Damn that hunter helmet looks pretty awesome, but I really hope woven armor gives some benefit or synergy other than flinch resistance in PvE or the exotic is pretty much DoA for me

  • Empathy Advocate
    Empathy Advocate Month ago +9

    The art and environment teams at Bungie are literal masters of their craft.

  • StasisGuy
    StasisGuy Month ago +1

    Really hoping the stasis glaive is a secondary weapon but wouldn't be surprised if it's primary, still awesome though definitely a new favorite!

    • cowmoo
      cowmoo Month ago

      Apparently it’s going to be a heavy, or so I’ve heard

  • L3XAN
    L3XAN Month ago +2

    Tangles, Threadlings, Lashes, Thread Mail... can't wait to try the Threadomancer and Spinnerist classes. I hope the Scissorons don't destroy Weavera.
    I'm just joshin', it looks great!

  • Sakura Moon
    Sakura Moon Month ago +79

    The Stasis Glaive looks freaking amazing 😍

    • NTiX
      NTiX Month ago

      and now people are saying its trash for being heavy. literally does not matter, glaives are amazing

    • Travis Tirey
      Travis Tirey Month ago +2

      The frost orb reminded of the sorcerer ability from Diablo and I am loving it.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Looks freaking awesome !

  • Edward Vrabel
    Edward Vrabel Month ago +1

    I'm guessing that being stasis means the new exotic glaive is going to be in the primary slot, which is cool

  • Insert name here
    Insert name here Month ago +4

    Something to take note of for those who are complaining about there being less exotics in this video than in the Witch Queen weapons and gear trailer is that none of these weapons said that they needed the season pass for them, like Grand Overture did in that. Plus, three of the exotics in that video were the exotic glaives, which had all the lasting impact of a wet tissue. Also, I hope that the lack of new exotic armor in Season 19 and less exotic armor (that we’ve seen) in Lightfall is a signal that Bungie will try and actually balance the existing exotic armor pieces, instead of just introducing new ones.

    • kenzi uwu
      kenzi uwu Month ago

      Idk I think there's just less weapons as they are only showing half of the content as to not spoil everything as well as they are probably doing a separate vid for season pass content

    • LambentV
      LambentV Month ago

      Feel like the glaive is probably the season pass weapon

  • ZackBstylin
    ZackBstylin Month ago +9

    YES!!!!! This is all freaking awesome, and brilliantly captured and edited (as usual). Strand looking fine, and finally a kinetic-slot glaive!

    • IamBoring Videos
      IamBoring Videos Month ago

      Finally an excuse to use your favorite energy primary weapon and a glaive at the same time! (Drang)

  • Severed Shisui
    Severed Shisui Month ago +1

    Man, I know Bugnie will nail this DLC in the Ballpark but I really hope they can keep the momentum up for months after the DLC drops. It always seems to die down due to major quality of life issues that seem to never be a priority for Bungie to fix until it is convenient for them.

  • vakama94
    vakama94 Month ago +14

    Oh God, finally a stasis glaive! hope we also get a legendary one and strand too! Also, wow at Quicksilver storm.

  • B
    B Month ago +17

    This game needs an AI update. Enemies are too easy and tanky. The fallen were originally meant to be really acrobatic, make them jump around and use their surrounding for mobility, and really fast. Bosses need more uniqueness and not just stomps and instant wipes with a flash of light. An AI update would bring many people back

    • primordial soup god
      primordial soup god  Month ago +1

      Love that idea
      Fallen move around a lot and will wall climb
      Cabal should have formations and act as groups
      Vex should probably just stay the same tbh
      Scorn can fuck of
      taken its just everyone mixed together
      hive should act in hordes (cabal act in 5 man groups close together while hive have at least 10 and are random in spawning in)
      I think that would be a great update to it

    • LambentV
      LambentV Month ago +1

      @Gon hoping tormentors add that extra layer of mechanic based combat

    • Gon
      Gon Month ago +3

      Agree with all if this. All these new weapons and and changes yet we see the same mechanics used for enemies and bosses on top of them looking the same frome the start of the game. A new enemy type would've been perfect for LF.

  • Ofkf Djdjfk
    Ofkf Djdjfk Month ago +7

    It’s actually insane how far this game has come and how powerful we can be

  • Times up
    Times up Month ago

    Am I the only one that's excited for that strand sidearm?

  • PrayerF
    PrayerF Month ago

    This looks great, but I wish warlock got more love on the armor sets!!

  • Motoboo_Marine
    Motoboo_Marine Month ago +2

    I love how this game keeps giving us more orbs to use

  • GAS1
    GAS1 Month ago +52

    Quick Silver Storm + Swarmers is now what I'm looking towards for

    • GAS1
      GAS1 Month ago

      @Dead Silence I already have it

    • Travis Tirey
      Travis Tirey Month ago +9

      @Dead Silence I think they mean they really want the combo to lace the area with threadlings.

    • Dead Silence
      Dead Silence Month ago +4

      You can get Quicksilver now by preordering

  • Karl Allen
    Karl Allen Month ago

    All I want is that massive handcannon the Hunter has in the last frame. I don't even care if its crap, it looks badass.

  • Sunshot With an ornament

    I like how we are finally getting a good look at the strand buffs and debuffs and I like them. Personally before I needed to see more to make a judgment on strand and now I’m pretty excited.

  • CuteClaire
    CuteClaire Month ago +2

    The improvement the DEV is doing with this game is awesome

  • Kazuhira
    Kazuhira Month ago

    i already see the new hunter aspect being like stylish executioner by itself is pretty meh but combined with gyrfalcon its insanely strong
    guaranteed the aspect will be like "while under effect of woven mail your abilities recharge faster weapons create tangles abilities do more shit etc, but with the exotic you just need to press grapple to activate while normally youll prob need a strand kill therefore making it very good"
    kinda like the knock em down aspect is for solar while radiant your knives come back on kill but with acrobat dodge being built into the class

  • Asher Hockersmith
    Asher Hockersmith Month ago +1

    Darkness subclasses have a theme of hindering an opponent's movement and granting more to the guardian.

  • Kyle Chambers
    Kyle Chambers Month ago +7

    Loving all the aoe exotics, tuns of ad clear and ways to stun champions looks like alot of fun

    • Seb
      Seb Month ago

      @Jancel Pinales the bungie press website tells us that the projectiles track, and then suspend the enemy. And activating the ability gives something called "armour" which is a buff that gives extra protection.

    • Jancel Pinales
      Jancel Pinales Month ago +2

      The titan one seems a bit too niche imo, but I guess well see how it goes

  • shadowsa2b
    shadowsa2b Month ago +1

    Im so glad the barricade attack is not just a generic Strand elemented damahe wave like Khepri's Horn's solar blast (which doesnt even scorch). It has been poorly showcased up to now, and this gives me more hope that Tyrant/ Berserker Titan may yet be interesting. And im so glad Barricade interacts with the subclass! I just PRAY it doesnt require an exotic to do that

  • Arcticlusher
    Arcticlusher Month ago

    Can’t wait for it!! About start getting back into Destiny

  • Örn
    Örn Month ago

    They just know how to make good trailers, I’m so hyped

  • Emperor Pizza
    Emperor Pizza Month ago +1

    Theory: If each glaive represents a disciple of the witness. Could this stasis one represent Eramis?

  • Kaiba Tsukumo
    Kaiba Tsukumo Month ago +4

    This gear trailer is amazing, whoever put this together knocked it out of the part from beginning to end.

  • The Seventh Sorrow
    The Seventh Sorrow Month ago +41

    I want to see an exotic strand sniper rifle or ice breaker but a stasis version. Definitely will have a dubstep gun in here somewhere. Although I'm curious to see more silversmith weapons.

    • ToaDrakua
      ToaDrakua Month ago +1

      Ice Breaker with Stasis interaction would be killer.

    • Jeremy Proton
      Jeremy Proton Month ago +1

      Saints row type beat😎🤣

    • PhantomFox
      PhantomFox Month ago +3

      What I'd love is a very powerful but slow bolt-action rifle equipped with a very high zoom scope.

  • MrMadFury20
    MrMadFury20 Month ago

    Looks great! ❤

  • Richard Benoit
    Richard Benoit Month ago +2

    I'm just glad that we're finally getting a Glaive in the primary slot so I don't have to give up Volt Shot or Incandescent for some boosted melee

    • Richard Benoit
      Richard Benoit Month ago +1

      @Cerebral Assassin That would still work as long as my Energy slot is open for things like the Ikelos SMG or Drang

    • Cerebral Assassin
      Cerebral Assassin Month ago +1

      It's a heavy glaive.

    • Lincoln Oakley
      Lincoln Oakley Month ago

      Yup we have been needing a glaive in the primary slot for a long time now.

  • Dexy
    Dexy Month ago +4

    Can't wait to get the armor from a lost sector
    Also what about the hand cannon in the promo art that the hunter is holding?

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy Month ago

      @Dexy i wont take that away you have a point, but seeing as there wont be a whole bunch of *unique* new weapons to kick off Lightfall….its within the realm of normal behavior that Bungie keeps some things in the dark for when the dlc actually drops

    • Dexy
      Dexy Month ago

      @Just Some Guy no, what im saying is if its an exotic, it should have been showcased, and if its a legendary, then it should have been shown on bungies website since they updated it after the trailer came out.

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy Month ago

      @Dexy but the thing is, no matter how much you ask or look around there is literally no way of finding out unless a Bungie employee directly gives you the answer you seek, i know you just wanna know what it is or maybe the rolls it can drop but unfortunately either its revealed before Lightfall drops or we all wait until the dlc arrives

    • Dexy
      Dexy Month ago +1

      @Just Some Guy for it to be shown as to whether it's an exotic or not considering it looks exotic??? Bros acting like they didn't just put the legendary weapons on their Web page and just do an exotic trailer without showing that handcannon. And you can't tell me they just made some random ass model just for it to not exist

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy Month ago +1

      Its the hand cannon hes holding….what more are you expecting? 😂

  • cookie bro 2
    cookie bro 2 Month ago

    I loved the part when the witness said "it's witnessing time" then witnessed all over us

  • DementedAnimalz
    DementedAnimalz Month ago

    that new hunter mask might make me actually snipe more, hope there are some cool ornaments for it

  • Mike Sknow
    Mike Sknow Month ago +125

    Wow, can’t believe Caydes rooster was put into that weapon, cocked and loaded indeed.

  • Henicyde
    Henicyde Month ago +4

    I feel like Strand is going to be the class that's less about blowing shit up and more about movement and gunskill

    • Jibbily
      Jibbily Month ago

      @Henicyde the tangles certainly explode 😁

    • Henicyde
      Henicyde Month ago

      @WAR BEAST PRIME But they ain't exploding... yet

      WAR BEAST PRIME Month ago +2

      Well with all the strung up enemies I'd say it's the bondage subclass

    BOMACKILLER P.R Month ago

    Trailers always better than the actual game

  • Molten_Bread
    Molten_Bread Month ago +1

    I liked it when the warlock said it's tangling time and tangled everyone

  • lunatic gmd
    lunatic gmd Month ago

    Can we just take a moment to talk about how cool that cabal tank looks at 1:28?

  • wyvern
    wyvern Month ago

    deterministic chaos is going to be so fun for ad clear when paired with gyrfalcons. All of the new guns and armor are insane, no wonder we've been nerfing guardians.

  • terror
    terror Month ago +11

    great trailer got goosebumps from watching it :)

  • Felix Chan
    Felix Chan Month ago

    I am definitely excited for that new Glaive

  • HowdyHowdy
    HowdyHowdy Month ago +8

    Holy motes this is going to be an absolutely banger expansion. I'm usually very cautious due to the Shadowkeep-Beyond Light dark ages, Witch Queen showed huge potential and a shift in mindset. Lightfall looks to make massive change and so so far in the best way imaginable.

    • SwimmingRobot
      SwimmingRobot Month ago +1

      @yiğzi I agree. The story for those seasons was cool. I was talking strictly in terms of the amount of content

    • yiğzi
      yiğzi Month ago +1

      @SwimmingRobot I dunno, although the seasonal loop is now kinda boring due to how predictable it is, the seasons after Beyond Light were amazing for their time imo. Chosen and Splicer were the first seasons to effectively incorporate story into seasons and you can't just not like Presage cmon.

    • SwimmingRobot
      SwimmingRobot Month ago

      Beyond Light was really good though imo. It was just the seasonal content afterwards that was iffy

    • Jancel Pinales
      Jancel Pinales Month ago +3

      Yeah, plus beyond light wasnt bad, it wasn't great either but year 1 and 3 were just trash in comparison

    • Kevin Reilly
      Kevin Reilly Month ago +4

      “Dark ages”. Were you around for Curse of Osiris? That’s true dark ages.

  • Ticuu’s Divination

    I like how Final Warning has a Caiatl based design, E.g. the brass metal with blue decals

  • chris berg
    chris berg Month ago +2

    I hope there’s a couple more weapons and armor pieces, but this looks great

    • kenzi uwu
      kenzi uwu Month ago

      @Turtle well yeah of course these are exotics, but thay are clearly only showing like half to not spoil it

    • chris berg
      chris berg Month ago

      @Turtle yeah Ik, I’m just saying I think a couple more exotics that aren’t seasonal would be nice

    • Turtle
      Turtle Month ago

      these are exotics man, obviously theres a lot more legendary ones

  • SnorlaxSnaxx
    SnorlaxSnaxx Month ago +1

    Strand smart pistol, huh. Can't wait to see how this'll turn out

  • Silverdragon 918
    Silverdragon 918 Month ago +15

    I really like the glaive for some reason it gives me a trident vibe.

    • Roberto
      Roberto Month ago +3

      @Ben Tapia couldn't be

    • Ben Tapia
      Ben Tapia Month ago +7

      I wonder if that's because its a trident.

  • niofalpha
    niofalpha Month ago

    I should probably get the exotics and catalysts for the last few seasons of the year before Lightfall drops, shouldn't I.

  • Snake Smith
    Snake Smith Month ago

    Love it can't wait

  • Dark
    Dark Month ago

    I think I speak for all guardians, new and old, when I say
    This shit looks awesome 👌

  • Shell
    Shell Month ago +6

    So... I'm still concerned that Strand will be overall similar to Stasis, which would be disappointing. However, after seeing a new type of grenade bombs, called Tangles, I have faith that Strand will be it's own unique subclass, viable in both PvE and Pvp. The new Stasis glaive looks dope. 😍 I love the Strand pistol (reminds me of the Ostreo Striga, but I love pistols either way 😅).
    As for armor, it's interesting to see something called "Strand mail" which apparently reduces flinching (though I'm not sure about damage. 🤣) I am excited with the new Titan exotic greaves, which give the barrier, like the Hoarfrost chestplate, offensive capabilities. 🥰
    I have no doubt Lightfall will be an excellent Dlc, but I do hope Strand will be a favorite among players for the year to come. 😊

    • Daniel
      Daniel Month ago

      Cringe emoji use

    • XZ Games
      XZ Games Month ago +2

      it seems similar but more aggressive than stasis is. stasis seems like cc defense

  • AP1gi0n
    AP1gi0n Month ago

    These are so dope, and they sound like they can be so good