TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix

  • Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their relationship from pretend to officially official when another recipient of one of her old love letters enters the picture.
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    TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix

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  • kay illa
    kay illa Day ago

    this guy can only play role

  • Vina Sanjoyo
    Vina Sanjoyo Day ago

    Did anybody realize that Peter actually whispered the "eleven o'clock" line and not said it loudly like in the trailer at 0:31? Plus he didn't say "like always" cause it's their first date???

  • Angelica Tejerero

    I think I can relate to this though

  • trindi suratman
    trindi suratman 2 days ago

    If a girl goes out with one guy and then they break up and she goes with another guy but then she breaks up with that guy to go with the first guy then that means she's truely in love

  • Tanisha Shah
    Tanisha Shah 3 days ago

    Can anyone explain why the name of second film ps I still love you
    Because in the first book Lara Jean wrote a letter to josh which had the first line ps I still love you

  • Katherine Marino
    Katherine Marino 4 days ago +1

    I love Jordan Fisher to pieces, but what happened to the original actor for John?

  • leaaa _
    leaaa _ 5 days ago +1

    This movie was so cringe i couldn't even watch it for 5 mins straight without gagging

  • Saksham Parnami
    Saksham Parnami 5 days ago

    It's her choice

  • Agot 25
    Agot 25 5 days ago

    Tbh i'm team peter, but ditching John ambrose in the snow, not comforting him, and letting him run the event all by himself despite of him being rejected is awful.

  • Sergio Malvino
    Sergio Malvino 6 days ago

    Is This Movie Still Continued?

  • Caitlin MacDonald
    Caitlin MacDonald 6 days ago

    okay but like i want a best friend like lucas

  • Fan Girl
    Fan Girl 6 days ago

    Love this movie sm

  • never stop dreaming and don't lose hope

    Блин, скажите пж что она осталась с Питером...

  • Ashley Lindholm
    Ashley Lindholm 6 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about how John Ambrose changed races between the 2 movies😂😂

  • Leila Akinyi
    Leila Akinyi 6 days ago

    Just from watching it and I'm very disturbed at what it portrays: the brilliant, unpopular and naive girl chooses the bad boy, petty, cheater, unapologetic, incompatible, let down at the expense of a gentleman with a kind heart.
    If I chose my Peter as a teenager, I'd be a broke, depressed, bitter, less educated baby mama with 3 or 4 kids.

  • Leila Akinyi
    Leila Akinyi 6 days ago

    Teenage LJ will choose Peter but adult LJ will give anything just to be with John.

  • soohee
    soohee 7 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who wanted Lara Jean always with Peter and not with John Ambrose?

  • Supriya _
    Supriya _ 7 days ago

    Aww Anna cathward from Zoe’s valentine 😍😍😍

  • nico lapara
    nico lapara 8 days ago

    Some one from descendent is there

  • Hidden Kitten
    Hidden Kitten 8 days ago

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  • Jawachi Anyim
    Jawachi Anyim 8 days ago

    Bro I’m gas for Jordan

  • ꕥ꧁Mɪɴɢ- Li꧂ꕥ

    I feel as if at the beginning I wanted her to stay with Peter bc the title gave the whole entire situation away, but now I feel like John should have atleast gotten another girl... damn I’m pissed

  • Vanshika Bhat
    Vanshika Bhat 9 days ago

    Hot tub was my favorite scene from part 1. The line 'THERE'S NO ONE LIKE YOU COVEY'
    And after watching this part, i came to know that he was waiting for gen there ughhh!!

  • Vanshika Bhat
    Vanshika Bhat 9 days ago

    John Ambrose>>>>>Peter
    Poor baby didn't deserve that. I wished lara jean to choose ambrose pls!

  • HowtobeHuMon
    HowtobeHuMon 9 days ago

    I just found out that Gen is also MIDGE from Riverdale wtf lol, completely missed that

  • goodhufflpuffvibes everyday

    It makes no sense that she ends up with Peter in the end ,because their entire relationship, they're on the verge of breaking up , Lara Jean says it's easier to be herself around John. So literally,this entire movie, she's dating one guy, while leading another guy on. Soooooo maybe Lara jeans not that good of a person, ya know what I'm saying

  • Muthia Daulay
    Muthia Daulay 10 days ago

    what about Kenny from camp?

  • Peyton Jordan
    Peyton Jordan 10 days ago +1

    Me at the start of the movie: DAM SHE UGLY HOW SHE GETTING THIS MANY GUYS!!!
    When she dresses up to impress peter/breakup: OHHH SHE KINDA THICC THOO😘

  • chintuZ
    chintuZ 11 days ago

    bruh i love america soo much , you can love and se* in school days lol

  • HajisSaya
    HajisSaya 11 days ago

    Not a good movie at all

  • F dL
    F dL 11 days ago

    Noah Centineo all the waaay.

  • Shane Herrera
    Shane Herrera 11 days ago


  • You-Know-Who -It's-Me
    You-Know-Who -It's-Me 12 days ago +1

    Who is here in Quarantine...???

  • sniper guy
    sniper guy 12 days ago

    Cmoon release it already!!!!!!!!

  • Ajin Shaji Jose
    Ajin Shaji Jose 12 days ago


  • Beth black
    Beth black 13 days ago

    The bat soup is strong in this one

  • Jerry Martyn
    Jerry Martyn 13 days ago +1

    I don’t know but I didn’t feel connected to the characters and Lara Jean and Peter didn’t seemed connected but the connection between Lara Jean and Ambrose seemed right and loving but she left my Man out there in cold ! 😒

  • Harshit Soni
    Harshit Soni 15 days ago +1

    This movie could have taught us about how love is not meant with the first you meet. You break your heart, and then you move on and then start to love again.
    Waste of a good opportunity. She should have been with John Ambrose.

  • Clare Walangjowa
    Clare Walangjowa 15 days ago

    Pls say lana condor and noah centineo are still together at part 2 ok!!!

  • Vinesia
    Vinesia 16 days ago +1

    I watch this to see Peter Kavinsky, but now im fallin in love with John Ambrose McClaren

  • Its Aubrey
    Its Aubrey 16 days ago

    I knos I'm late but recently watched it with my siblings and god why am i so disappointed

  • Cherish V.
    Cherish V. 16 days ago

    Lara Jean send John Amberose over to me!!! Like you can have Peter, I fell in love with JA. The guy is ultimate gold

  • Mother 1
    Mother 1 16 days ago

    Everyone is sad about how lara jean dumped john Ambrose and this is me here trying to figure out why john Ambrose is white in the 1st movie and brown on the 2nd.
    Did you guys notice that?? Or only me??!.

  • Liliana Macias
    Liliana Macias 16 days ago

    Litteralyy makes me wanna cry how Peter and Lara Jean aren't really together in real life :'(

    KIYOP TAK 17 days ago



    awesome and eye opening.
    1:04 🎥🎬

  • Lonetress
    Lonetress 17 days ago

    In a dictionary somewhere under the word Je ne sais quoi is a picture of Jordan Fisher.

  • Kylie Gentry
    Kylie Gentry 18 days ago

    Soooooo I watched the movie and I freakin HATE Lara Jean and peter so much and Lara Jean will go out with Jon and peter is going to be dead

  • baba papa
    baba papa 18 days ago +2

    john deserve better :(

  • Harley Loves
    Harley Loves 19 days ago +1

    That part about Peter waiting for Genevieve in the hot tub instead of Lara Jean ruined a huge part of their relationship for me. Lara Jean was so happy he was waiting there for her, and I was like omg how romantic, but it was lies! 😒

  • promise charles
    promise charles 20 days ago

    The movie killed the story in all possible ways..the worst adaptation I have watched..please they should do better in the sequel...the book was a trillion times better

  • Timothee oinam
    Timothee oinam 20 days ago +1

    Lets be honest....Lara shouldve ended with john ambrose....😭.

  • Seo in Goo
    Seo in Goo 20 days ago

    My opinion- John is good for her but Peter is great for her.

  • Edigator
    Edigator 20 days ago

    There is something people don't get it : LOVE IS LOVE that's not something you can control unfortunately!
    she loves Peter more than John Ambrose even if clearly John seems a better boyfriend than Peter.

  • Katlin Ruiz
    Katlin Ruiz 21 day ago

    Unpopular opinion:
    This movie emphasizes how *real* relationships are. Relationships are not perfect, in fact they can be complicated - there are little problems, little arguments, and misunderstandings. I do believe Peter K. waiting for his ex was messed up, because he was being indecisive between the two women. Another thing, he made Lara Jean wait for hours in the cafe and he copied Edgar Allen Po's work, made him seem like he didn't put much effort into the relationship or consider Lara Jean as much as the first movie. I'm disappointed with the people that argue for John Ambrose. Here is why: with relationships you need communication, trust, effort, and patience. In the real world, you can't just dump your significant other because your relationship is shaky and start becoming interested in someone else. Lara Jean still loves Peter K. regardless of what he has done, her feelings can't just be turned off. She knows nearly nothing about John Ambrose except what he shows her (volunteering, making plans to hang out, etc). He *seems* perfect, but he doesn't do much for her. I'm glad that Lara Jean and Peter K. are working out their relationship instead of giving it up, because of minor issue.

  • moodyy being
    moodyy being 21 day ago

    *Team Peter till death❤❤❤⚡⚡*
    John was good ( I kinda also felt sad for him) but Peter!! 😍 he never gave up on lara Jean!! Their chemistry is the best!! And that last dialogue of his still gives me chills!!!

  • Cassi Partipilo
    Cassi Partipilo 22 days ago +15

    The actor they picked for John Ambrose melted my heart just from his smile and when he played the piano, his whole persona. I sorta forgot about Peter...

  • Crazy 4 love lol
    Crazy 4 love lol 22 days ago

    After we finish to all the boys series which I never want to let go their should be a burn for burn movie and I can play Nadia lol if their is then include me in it just know I came up with it

  • Madhuri Pagare
    Madhuri Pagare 22 days ago

    Okay so all the people saying she should have chosen John, she loves Peter and there are times when we actually feel confused and it gets complicated but this doesn't means that we don't love them. Although her giving John Hope's was bad but still she's a human and everyone makes mistakes but she in the end she realised that being in relationship comes with a baggage and successful relationships are those who face difficult times but overcome. So yeah that's all ❤

  • Selin Gm
    Selin Gm 23 days ago

    I’m so happy that Peter and John end up together . Their love was totally amazing and real

  • Selin Gm
    Selin Gm 23 days ago

    Wow i hate it

  • Excuse me um
    Excuse me um 23 days ago

    I wanted her to get together w John😭

  • ham ham
    ham ham 23 days ago

    ok but lucas is such a mood-

  • Jerullium
    Jerullium 23 days ago

    yo I will gladly take john ambrose :)

  • Lotus Aluna
    Lotus Aluna 23 days ago

    Ive watched, thank you for this.
    Bunch of love 💕

  • Gabriela Aguilar
    Gabriela Aguilar 24 days ago

    The book was way better and the movies was going to fast but overall it was good. and to be honest the scene I liked most was when Gen and Lara Jean met in the treehouse and talked to eachother.

  • Arctic Donkey
    Arctic Donkey 25 days ago

    This movie supports MGTOW --- Guys, stop wasting your time with these women and just focus on yourself

  • Lajimolala TonyMontana
    Lajimolala TonyMontana 26 days ago +1

    They are wearing HANBOK at the start woooow

  • Andrea
    Andrea 26 days ago +1

    Is it just me or Lara Jean gained some weight?

  • Jonathan Wahono
    Jonathan Wahono 26 days ago

    I haven’t seen Jordan Fisher act in a long long time

  • Amanda Gatrell
    Amanda Gatrell 27 days ago

    Him: I didn't care about everyone

    Me: I don't care about anyone

    My mom: It only takes you 5 seconds to make something romantical pointless and stupid

    Me: I know REEEEEEEEEEE-

    My mom getting the chancula

    I know this was long-winded and dumb but I just felt like doing it k.....k

  • Ismael Arias12
    Ismael Arias12 28 days ago

    This shit sucks


    Is John, Holden from Live and Maddie?

  • 2NE1 is a WINNER that has an ARMY of VIP WANNABLE

    Ye!!!! this time it's two guys chasing after the girl cuz the first movie was the other way around

  • Bentley Hammington
    Bentley Hammington 29 days ago

    Even if there's perfect and nice guy like John Ambrose. I still ship her with Peter. And I'm glad she still ended up with him. Because when I watched her with John, I feel like I was the one who cheated on my boyfriend and that's soo awkward

  • That One Theater Kid
    That One Theater Kid 29 days ago

    John Ambrose pulled a reverse Micheal Jackson🤣

  • Adrian Johnson
    Adrian Johnson 29 days ago

    Alright, I’m gonna pretend you guys didn’t make a sequel after watching it now. Total disaster!

  • Ané Kleynhans
    Ané Kleynhans 29 days ago

    I liked the John Ambrose in the book much more😭😭😭

  • Mariz
    Mariz 29 days ago +1

    Can someone tell me the songtitle in 1:20-1:22

  • Spy ninija Varon101
    Spy ninija Varon101 29 days ago

    I really like this movie.. Wish to have another sequel.. Hehehe. Still LJ and JK on that huh!