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this scene was precious

  • Published on Jan 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • amcndav
    amcndav  2 months ago +29976

    thank you guys so much for all the views this was not expected

  • Crazyyyyygirl
    Crazyyyyygirl 2 months ago +37470

    Georgia will always be there for her children and Austin is so cute

  • BriSlayz482
    BriSlayz482 23 days ago +1215

    The fact that Austin forgave her in like seconds, and Ginny just srays mad.

    • ayoitsme
      ayoitsme 2 days ago +1

      Boys always love their mother ♥️😌

    • Ana Gabrielly
      Ana Gabrielly 4 days ago

      Jesus te ama muito seja forte e continue

    • Drama Rollercoaster
      Drama Rollercoaster 4 days ago

      ​@50th Dollar •same. I can't even believe I acted like Ginny back then😓😩

    • Peek a boo
      Peek a boo 6 days ago


    • 50th Dollar •
      50th Dollar • 6 days ago +1

      @Mirja Janßen idk man when I went through puberty I became a different person idk about you

  • milly 🌟 force2.0
    milly 🌟 force2.0 25 days ago +540

    I love how she doesn't enforce that he hugs her, she gives him space for him to choose rather or not he wants to. And that before she tried to make him not so angry. BEST MAMA IN THE WORLD

    • Ana Gabrielly
      Ana Gabrielly 4 days ago +3

      Jesus te ama muito seja forte e continue 😊

  • bbytruely
    bbytruely Month ago +10566

    The fact Austin has seen the shit Georgia has done and went through and will always support her😭😭he’s too precious

  • Skullstar⭐️
    Skullstar⭐️ 6 days ago +34


  • Bats!
    Bats! 4 days ago +15

    Ppl don’t realize how much Georgia cares about her kids bro

  • Pheme Greek
    Pheme Greek 2 months ago +12792

    you can’t debate: she loves her kids more than anything, and would do anything for them.

    • TheWitch'sTarot
      TheWitch'sTarot Month ago

      @ObliviousFantasy no not "she would literally" more like "she literally killed for her kids"

    • ObliviousFantasy
      ObliviousFantasy Month ago

      ​@Kawaii potato THATS SO TRUE 💀 She absolutely tanked their credit scores. They're gonna have a really hard life because of it.

    • ObliviousFantasy
      ObliviousFantasy Month ago

      She would literally kill for her kids. That's how much she loves them.

    • stupidhorror
      stupidhorror Month ago

      ​@Hae Ackerman W

    • Hae Ackerman
      Hae Ackerman Month ago

      @TheWitch'sTarot np 😉

  • Peek a boo
    Peek a boo 6 days ago +11

    Shes such a great mom, she deserves the world. Even though she had a horrible past she tried her hardest to give them a great life when she couldnt. :(

  • Froggy chair
    Froggy chair 24 days ago +51

    Georgia provides for their kids with a smile to make them feel safe she’s a mother she might haven’t made the best decisions but she’ll always protect her kids

  • Noor Bassiony
    Noor Bassiony 2 months ago +8749

    She may not be the perfect woman but she’s the perfect mother, she literally killed for her daughter

    • Noor Bassiony
      Noor Bassiony Month ago

      @Lulu . . Moonlight it’s not lol

    • Noor Bassiony
      Noor Bassiony Month ago

      @Tania Esu fr

    • Lulu . . Moonlight
      Lulu . . Moonlight Month ago +1

      She’s not a good person nor a good mom, but she loves her kids and would do anything for them. The problem is that she doesn’t know how to handle bad situations the right way, and she resorts to murder instead of other ways, that’s a major reason a to why Ginny’s afraid of her mother.

  • P for polly
    P for polly 10 days ago +48

    I was crying after this because of how precious this is

  • M0M3NTS
    M0M3NTS 7 days ago +19

    she would do anything for her kids. Ginny didn’t realize that tho.

  • Itz_Nia
    Itz_Nia 2 months ago +6454

    The definition of Georgia is:I may not be a good person but I am a good mother

    • Sporting Lisbon
      Sporting Lisbon Month ago +1

      ​@Vincent Schwartz This comments section is mostly teenagers with -ve IQ. Don't speak sense here..

    • Enajite Agese-Ezuobomor
      Enajite Agese-Ezuobomor Month ago +2

      @Vincent Schwartz there are siblings who are 15 years apart and they behave just like Georgia except not as responsible. Truth is she never had a decent parent so doesn’t know how to be one. Suspended her childhood which she craved for to embrace a very cruel motherhood. And she never had a stable relationship that was mature and shielded by love. Her partner was a child himself and way too selfish for his version of love to be the only model she had in her life to be stable.

    • almudena mir
      almudena mir Month ago

      @Social freak 2 Sorry to hear that 🙏 but indeed, even acting from love, you will never be able to give what you never had...

    • Social freak 2
      Social freak 2 Month ago

      ​@almudena mirkinda reminds me of my mom she is very patient and loving but sometimes can do things selfishly and I guess it probably the same reason a her to she didn't really get to live put her teenage years and did some kinda big mistakes in the past that have a affect on us now

  • kaisetic
    kaisetic 20 days ago +15

    she's such a good mom i can't believe Ginny treats her like that 😭

  • froggy_lover
    froggy_lover 25 days ago +10

    She isn’t the perfect mom but you can tell she does her best and she knows how to handle situations like a good mom

  • unknown
    unknown 2 months ago +9782

    Zion just smiling knows she’s a good mom and will always protect her kids

    • Mosese Mena
      Mosese Mena Month ago


    • Mosese Mena
      Mosese Mena Month ago


    • Clever Keily
      Clever Keily 2 months ago +3

      zion is also a good dad

    • to tomorow 🎓
      to tomorow 🎓 2 months ago

      @Seallow oh okay thanks

    • Seallow
      Seallow 2 months ago +5

      @to tomorow 🎓 its a series called "Ginny and Georgia" and it's only available on Netflix

  • Ur mom_Your dad
    Ur mom_Your dad 11 days ago +12

    She made him so happy!!! If I had Georgia as a mother I will hug her immediately

  • Jacque Anane
    Jacque Anane 3 days ago +1

    See Austin didn't hug her. That's a real mother

  • RipAbbyx_x
    RipAbbyx_x Month ago +5819

    She doesn’t have the perfect background or the best reputation but when it comes to her children, she will do anything🥺♥️

    • AK
      AK Month ago +1

      ​@RipAbbyx_x if she killed him for doing that, she isn't bad and she isn't wrong. All others can be added as bad characteristics of her, but not that

    • KrayGMAC
      KrayGMAC Month ago

      She is beautiful

    • Keep calm and love Eunice
      Keep calm and love Eunice Month ago +3

      Excatly which makes me mad when ginny want to know everything And then she tried to run away

    • Shinro /:
      Shinro /: Month ago +4

      @RipAbbyx_x oh, thanks for the information

    • RipAbbyx_x
      RipAbbyx_x Month ago +5

      @Shinro /: i dont know the full details but she has taken money or something, murdered her previous husband because she caught him touching her daughter inappropriately, and just many things and she has been on the run. It was all to protect her children and make sure her children dont live the life she did.

  • Henry Yuen
    Henry Yuen 7 days ago +1

    As long as a mother loves her child, she is a good mum

  • Sugar_Mamas
    Sugar_Mamas 7 days ago +1

    The way she was so happy to see him is so precious. Tbh I wish that’s how it was with my mom 😭😭

  • urdadsamongusfanpageaccount - ari

    see. austin didn’t hug her and she knew what to do. that’s a mother there

    • Legacie
      Legacie 11 days ago

      @EliteCulture I understand the concept. I don't think you're truly understanding it.
      He wasn't actually angry and that's what people are trying to tell you about the CHARACTERS. Her son just came back, didn't even get into the house yet. She missed him and he did miss her but was putting on a face. She broke his facade and his true emotions came through. Every situation is different, whether it's real or in a show/movie. In this situation, I believe she was already aware of problem.

    • EliteCulture
      EliteCulture 11 days ago

      @Legacie it’s really not a hard concept to grasp. You can try to fix the problem after he is done being angry or hurt but that still doesn’t change the fact that she should have figured out what was going on right than and there. You can do whatever rn you want because yes it’s your child but I strongly believe there is a right and a wrong way to do things that will have real repercussions or advantages later on in their life. All I’m saying is instead of trying to make him feel better without discussing the problem is just weird to me. You explain and try to mend the problem and THAN you do what you can to support and cheer him up. Delaying the inevitable is never a good thing to do.

    • EliteCulture
      EliteCulture 11 days ago

      @Legacie did she ever address the problem? 😂

    • Legacie
      Legacie 11 days ago

      ​@EliteCulture let's keep the scenario in the show. You only saw a part of a scene from a Netflix show. If you haven't watched the show, then you don't know that she never addresses the problem. You don't know what happens after this part. You are correct in saying if the mother never addresses the problem then she was indeed being manipulative. That goes for real life and fiction.

    • urdadsamongusfanpageaccount - ari
      urdadsamongusfanpageaccount - ari Month ago

      @Lulu . . Moonlight fr. it’s like if the child isn’t happy the parent is terrible. every child gets upset (i know the situation but yk)

  • Luna Kitty
    Luna Kitty 7 days ago +1

    No such thing as a perfect mother. But if you love your kids this much and do your hardest, you ARE the perfect mother.

  • Mr ReX
    Mr ReX 3 hours ago +1

    Beautiful Mom & Son moment ❤

  • ♥️3mma 3d1ts♥️
    ♥️3mma 3d1ts♥️ Month ago +3598

    “I may not be a good person, but I’m a good mother”❤

    • Ama Dani
      Ama Dani Month ago

      @Lulu . . Moonlight Read to understand

    • Lulu . . Moonlight
      Lulu . . Moonlight Month ago +1

      @Ama Dani
      It was the best thing for Austin? Do you want Austin to be a Jeffrey Dahmer number 2? She thinks it’s not the best thing for her son because she herself grew up in an environment where she learned violence is the only answer to problem solving when it’s NOT.

    • Payton Kraft
      Payton Kraft Month ago +1

      This is a comment for everyone whose seen this movie/series and responded to my earlier post; this is the first I've seen or heard of Ginny and Georgia and I have ONLY seen the this scene in particular, so any rebuttals are neither warranted or necessary because I won't even know what you're talking about. Don't go explaining the plot or outlining anything about the characters or story just to give you a basis for any arguments, because all I wanted was to comment on what I saw at the time was a mother trying to be good to her son.

    • Safira Raufzeud
      Safira Raufzeud Month ago

      Maybe my mother is a good person, but she's not a good mom.

    • Ama Dani
      Ama Dani Month ago +2

      ​@Liberty Blaze who's grading? Cause I don't think she would have rejected it if she knew it was the best thing for them

  • E.M.B. Edits
    E.M.B. Edits 6 days ago +2

    Georgia is such a good mom for being in so much pain

  • The person who has vent problems.

    I loved this she hid her sadness and tried to make her son happy ☺️

  • EmerinXeditzz
    EmerinXeditzz Month ago +2338

    Would die for Austin he’s so sweet he didn’t deserve any trauma 😭😭

  • sagTha
    sagTha 5 days ago

    This is the first time I've cried from a video it's so wholesome❤

  • Golu Hooda
    Golu Hooda 4 days ago

    I wish all children can spend their full life with their parents and their own children.

  • jenna brownfield
    jenna brownfield 2 months ago +4305

    let’s talk about the way zion was smiling at georgia the whole time

    • Shower
      Shower Month ago

      Zion straight simping

    • Skeb
      Skeb Month ago

      @Environmentaly fr 💀

    • Environmentaly
      Environmentaly Month ago

      @Skeb im waiting for the cut away to the shows lol

    • Environmentaly
      Environmentaly Month ago

      @Vlimited yes, human contact. did you not understand what i meant or are you not a native speaker like me?

    • Environmentaly
      Environmentaly Month ago

      @joker Jovies hey dont cackle without me

  • Emma
    Emma 7 days ago

    She grew into an incredible mother

  • Gwen
    Gwen 4 days ago

    i wish my parents loved me like this

  • Mary
    Mary Month ago +1995

    The way Zion looks at them melts my heart

    • Brandy Fox
      Brandy Fox 10 days ago

      @Alliyah Blurton ❤ your mom is so pretty

    • Alliyah Blurton
      Alliyah Blurton Month ago +27

      He's so happy for her I love their friendship reminds me of my parents

  • •-dips-•
    •-dips-• 4 days ago +1

    the way Zion was looking at them❤

  • J a n e _ K ! t 💜
    J a n e _ K ! t 💜 5 days ago +1

    Im gonna cry infront of mom irl rn. 😭😭😭

  • anon
    anon Month ago +3356

    She will literally do _anything_ for her kids.

    • MusicTrooper49
      MusicTrooper49 Month ago

      Anythyng??????? 🤨🤨🤨😈😈😈💀💀💀💀🥛🥛

    • Liquid the water
      Liquid the water Month ago

      Ikr ❤

    • fraggdu51
      fraggdu51 Month ago +1

      And a man will prevent her from doing anything. A real man will help his wife do anything for their children.
      Yes im an Andrew Tate supporter.
      Free the top g. Influence young men to become responsible adults.

    • Trish Dante
      Trish Dante Month ago

      Well not anything, she can’t stop killing

    • just a lonely can of sprite
      just a lonely can of sprite Month ago

      How do you do italics

  • Brandy Arrowood
    Brandy Arrowood 7 days ago

    She does really truly love her kids and tries everything possible to make them happy I love this show....

  • Celestia Queen
    Celestia Queen 6 days ago

    This is precious she is such a good mom

  • Real Kg
    Real Kg Month ago +2395

    Playful parents are the best I swear

    • Saikawa Cult
      Saikawa Cult Month ago

      @Real Kg aw ty

    • Real Kg
      Real Kg Month ago

      @Saikawa Cult they say you can parent yourself 😉

    • hiatus
      hiatus Month ago +2

      2k likes and only 16 replies? Ima fix that.

    • Saikawa Cult
      Saikawa Cult Month ago +1

      I don’t have that ):

    • SunshineEdits
      SunshineEdits Month ago +1

      1.9k likes and 14 replies? Imma fix that

  • Gamer Kai
    Gamer Kai 4 days ago

    Georgia will always be a good Mum to her kids

  • Kermit Karma
    Kermit Karma 2 months ago +2319

    I love how this scene shows her acknowledging his feelings, supporting him in those feelings, but also finding a way to cheer him up too. Very cute

    • Kermit Karma
      Kermit Karma 2 months ago +13

      @spacecaek acknowledging someone's feelings is not the same as just leaving them to feel however on their own. I can acknowledge how someone feels and still want to cheer them up. If they communicate that they don't want me to cheer them up then that's a different story. However, the kid didn't say that and he seems to be appreciative of being cheered up.

    • spacecaek
      spacecaek 2 months ago +5

      Is it acknowledging it if you immediately jump to cheering someone up and invalidating their right to feel and process their emotions just because accountability makes you uncomfortable?

  • Muffin Cat
    Muffin Cat Day ago

    She is such a great actress

  • DirtyNeckSavage
    DirtyNeckSavage 4 days ago

    Georgia is such a funny and cool mom

  • Aditi Singh
    Aditi Singh 2 months ago +3588

    The fact that Zion always loved Austin the way he loved Ginny :)

    • Denise Johnson-Lowe
      Denise Johnson-Lowe Month ago

      This is what I luv the most Zion relationship with them both

    • Mikey Dunn
      Mikey Dunn Month ago +1

      Zion Williamson?

    • Green Elmo
      Green Elmo Month ago +2

      Bro when i saw this comment i thought you were talking abt zion whopperson

    • oshia's life♡☆
      oshia's life♡☆ Month ago +1

      Zion!? My dog that passed away was named Zion.😢

    • Lysolxx
      Lysolxx Month ago +26

      Zion was definitely one of my favourite characters and thats one of the reasons 😎

  • •lola•
    •lola• 29 days ago

    Austin is so precious 🥺❤️❤️

  • Gemini
    Gemini 5 days ago

    Austin is so special I love him

  • pecanpie11
    pecanpie11 Month ago +3877

    Her face before she hugged him melts my heart 🥺

    • Sky Love
      Sky Love 26 days ago

      @Devlin Shultz when did i ask for ur opinion?😂

    • Sky Love
      Sky Love 26 days ago

      @𝐴𝑠𝑚𝑜𝑑𝑒𝑢𝑠 🔥😂

    • 𝐴𝑠𝑚𝑜𝑑𝑒𝑢𝑠
      𝐴𝑠𝑚𝑜𝑑𝑒𝑢𝑠 28 days ago +4

      @Devlin Shultz just like your in the top five wastes of space of all time 😂

    • Devlin Shultz
      Devlin Shultz 29 days ago

      @Bhawana Chauhan nah bruh Ginny and Georgia top 5 worst shows of all time

    • Bhawana Chauhan
      Bhawana Chauhan Month ago +11

      I literally got tears in my eyes seeing her face😭❤

  • Ms. Tutak
    Ms. Tutak 8 days ago

    She the best mom character everrrr.❤️

  • ♡︎𝑀𝑖𝑡𝑠𝑢𝑟𝑖♡︎

    The fact that Austin is younger then Ginny and acts better then her is just-

  • Corey Rose
    Corey Rose 2 months ago +1994

    She loves them so much she legit killed for her kids. Framed Austin’s dad because he was a very bad guy. That’s the typa momma I want.

    • Holly Jones
      Holly Jones Month ago +2

      ​@Sabir I'm with you, hunny. I swore the first time I ever looked into my daughter's face that I will kill anyone that hurts her. When my son was born, I knew that I would burn the whole world down just to get the one who harms my children. Luckily, I haven't been called to action and I hope for their sake that I never am and they stay safe forever.

    • pepo. wong
      pepo. wong Month ago

      All moms are perfect your as well it is what it is

    • Vincent Schwartz
      Vincent Schwartz Month ago

      Technically didnt frame Gil but exposed what he was already doing

    • Gabrielles gacha
      Gabrielles gacha Month ago

      Samee like really

  • Air _Wubbox
    Air _Wubbox 7 days ago

    I know I don't watch the show but rn I'm typing this with tears in my right eye bc of how wholesome this scene is 😭😭😭

  • @wisonpopp
    @wisonpopp Month ago

    i wish my mom was like this

  • Sujata Borah
    Sujata Borah Month ago +2043

    She's the kind of mom who hides her pain to make the kids Happy ❤️

    • Dianna Clemente
      Dianna Clemente 6 days ago

      Yep ur soo kind

    • Sara Tor
      Sara Tor 7 days ago

      @Jandi Judi please make it clear in your first comment because it can make poeple who doesn't have that kind of mother feel like the problem is with them if they have an emotionally abusive mother.

    • Jandi Judi
      Jandi Judi 7 days ago

      @Sara Tor YESS every mom do that but not every woman who giving birth can we call mom

    • Sara Tor
      Sara Tor 7 days ago +1

      @Jandi Judi not every mom do that. I know some who would make sure to say to her kids how much she is suffering because of them. How they ruined her life. How much they are what's wrong

    • Jandi Judi
      Jandi Judi 7 days ago +3

      Every mom do that

  • Meera J
    Meera J 3 days ago

    Goodness I almost cried at this scene 😭😭😭 it's Soo wholesome 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Salome Cxovrebadze
    Salome Cxovrebadze 3 days ago

    The Zion’s smile from the back is everything❤

  • ArdenLovesKpop
    ArdenLovesKpop Month ago +3243

    I love how Georgia does so much for her kids. She took care of Ginny even when she didn’t understand how sweet of a mother she was for her. She always cares about her kids and puts their physical and mental health over hers. Also I don’t see anyone talking about how good this edit is so I’ll say it myself ❤

    • Raven
      Raven Month ago +1

      @Jackie Vargas I know that, ppl just love to hold her character on a pedestal, which I don’t think is wise

    • Jackie Vargas
      Jackie Vargas Month ago +1

      ​@Raven don't know if I mispelled that

    • Jackie Vargas
      Jackie Vargas Month ago +1

      ​@Ravenknowone is perfect

    • itsyaboysword
      itsyaboysword Month ago +2

      It bent my heart

    • ArdenLovesKpop
      ArdenLovesKpop Month ago +5

      WOW this comment got likes QUICKLY-

  • Kid Sosa
    Kid Sosa 9 days ago +1

    I want my mom to be like this 😢

  • The alphagamer
    The alphagamer 5 days ago

    We must protect Georgia at all cost if she does this kind of stuff to her kids, we must protect her

  • cedar Caron
    cedar Caron 2 months ago +3953

    she really is a wonderful mother in the end aint she? she has kept these kids safe and happy and thats all that matters.

    • Support Sniper
      Support Sniper Month ago

      @HeadlessSnowQueen well ig I can't force you to but I'd be careful with my notifications personally because imma spam you with spoilers from now on babes :) this is gonna be fun 😘😘

    • HeadlessSnowQueen
      HeadlessSnowQueen Month ago

      @Support Sniper no

    • HeadlessSnowQueen
      HeadlessSnowQueen Month ago

      @•Sunflower• ok? So?

    • Lizza
      Lizza 2 months ago

      @Support Sniper if you say Ginny is egoistic than you can't see situations from different points. I also thought rubbish when I heard that when I was younger. But it's true.

  • Lesego Moshodi
    Lesego Moshodi 4 days ago

    The best series on Netflix

  • Blue sky
    Blue sky 7 days ago

    Such a heart melting scene

  • Gacha.__.G1rl ♡︎
    Gacha.__.G1rl ♡︎ Month ago +1740

    I love how georgia is loving her kids more than her self and that she doesn't want them to end up like her from her past 😭

  • London Pate
    London Pate 11 days ago

    now this is true parenting

  • Renata Su
    Renata Su 5 days ago

    Her character is literally the beat mother on earth

  • Maya Thompson
    Maya Thompson 2 months ago +1407

    honestly she is such a great actress. when georgia realizes that austin is mad. you can see her face get really sad then she switches. that’s talent

  • elleisoffline
    elleisoffline 28 days ago

    This scene and everyother scenes with georgia and her children being wholesome, make's me miss my own mother 💞😣

  • Rizzy
    Rizzy 26 days ago +1

    They are so lucky to have her like litteraly

    🧈BUTTERS🧈 Month ago +1294

    Gerogia is that one friend we all have that cares about you more than herself

    • ᴊᴜʟɪᴀɴɴᴀ 🐈
      ᴊᴜʟɪᴀɴɴᴀ 🐈 Month ago +1

      Ikr! And it’s so ironic, my best friends name is Georgia 😂

    • Ewama Eleanor
      Ewama Eleanor Month ago

      I'm that friend!

    • Akshita Arora
      Akshita Arora Month ago +4

      Yeah but uk in real world we all. Like that one friend of our who care about us more than him/herself but we never think about this that wht he or she actually feeling inside

  • Nikol uwuwuwu
    Nikol uwuwuwu Month ago

    I know she isn't a perfect mom but she made me cry how she love her kids...😭

    SISTER 7 days ago

    That “mom stop” made my day literally

  • naevis is the revolution
    naevis is the revolution Month ago +1721

    Finally a scene from this show when the characters aren't being annoying 😭

  • Babe Ivy
    Babe Ivy 14 days ago

    I swear moms can make u smile no matter WHAT! JUST LIKE THIS SCENE

  • jaba mailashvili
    jaba mailashvili 21 day ago

    Ik she wasnt the "perfect" mother but she loved her kids more then anything❤😂

  • Basketball5 Softball4
    Basketball5 Softball4 2 months ago +1161

    That look she gave him then hugged him instantly broke me. I miss my mama & wish I could hug her again😢

    • rebecca_z
      rebecca_z 2 months ago +1

      nooo Sending A MILLION HUGS to you and your family!! Ly and i hope your year is filled with joy ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • h3Y{K9}Y3h
      h3Y{K9}Y3h 2 months ago +4

      I am so sorry to hear that, I know what it feels like to lose someone, my condolences.

    • Nori🔮🌱
      Nori🔮🌱 2 months ago +7

      God bless her 🌻

    • clipzz
      clipzz 2 months ago +11

      I'm sorry for your loss. May God Bless her.

    • Easy Star
      Easy Star 2 months ago +17

      I am sorry to hear that

  • Bub Sullivan
    Bub Sullivan 3 days ago

    This is such a cute scene

  • Brittney Thomas
    Brittney Thomas 8 days ago +1

    It's crazy that your mom cheers you up when ur ssad,depressed and mad

  • Pyrenees Vu
    Pyrenees Vu 2 months ago +1366

    I like how she also doesn’t force him to hug her at first. She waits for him to come to her which is also a nice touch. I don’t like being touched but I do initiate a lot of hugs so I appreciate that.

  • Julialara_mya0bestie
    Julialara_mya0bestie 29 days ago

    She is the perfect mother :)

    OGECHI NKWOCHA 29 days ago

    I'm literally in teat right now this is so precious 💞💕🥺🥺

  • Your.Local-Phone
    Your.Local-Phone Month ago +2078

    ngl georgia is the type of mom everyone wishes for, i mean she loves her kids more than anything. she gave them the world
    edit: all my notifications be from this comment after 5 days tho. ty tho
    edit2: since yall saying stuff like “not everyone” and stuff like that i meant like people like me, i know not everyone wishes for a parent lile her i js meant for those like me.

    • Your.Local-Phone
      Your.Local-Phone Month ago

      @Nelillith lol

    • Blow
      Blow Month ago

      Yeah, not everyone.

    • Nelillith
      Nelillith Month ago

      Yeah, I'd love a sociopath mom.

    • •Klee•
      •Klee• Month ago

      Not for me I love my mom she’s the best

      LIL DRIVES Month ago

      @Lulu . . Moonlightshe not a serial killer. Just because you’ve killed a few here and there doesn’t make you a crazed serial killer. One was an accident, one was to protect her daughter from things she’s experienced in the past and one is to help her friend get her life back after her husband became a massive struggle for her

  • ThatKidAdonis
    ThatKidAdonis 28 days ago

    idk why i smiled so hard without knowing

  • MostaTheGamer013
    MostaTheGamer013 7 days ago +1

    what a nice mom :)

  • ★ 《 ᴅᴀ ᴅᴜᴄᴋ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ 》 ★

    “I May Not Be A Good Person, But Im A Good Mother.” Vibes :)

  • skiranR
    skiranR 29 days ago

    All mothers are just perfect!!

  • ItssAlora🤍
    ItssAlora🤍 24 days ago

    I need to rewatch ginny and Georgia rn

  • Sonali Sodalay
    Sonali Sodalay 2 months ago +1111

    I love Georgia so much. Even though she’s done some bad things, she’s an amazing person with such a loving personality

    • Biskit101
      Biskit101 Month ago

      @Stacey Taylor yea no you’re just in denial atp, Georgia would do anything for her kids she sacrifices everything for them ofc she cares abt the consequences

    • Stacey Taylor
      Stacey Taylor 2 months ago +1

      Victoria yea I watched the show more than once I have twice bc my kids wanted to watch it but yea ik all that shit already and still no excuse and still her killing ppl makes her not a good person and other shit she's done and makes her not such a good mother like ppl think but she's a good mom and all but she risked her kids by killing ppl and I've had a rough life been raped at 14 and on the streets at one point and I've had to raise my kids on my own no help really and I didn't go killing ppl to help better my kids lives so I'd get that man's money and oh a man she knew was touching on her daughter yea wow she's mother of the year there but it's ok bc he was a bad guy and she killed him so that makes it ok lol and you mean she was raped and had to raise two kids on her own not raped and to raised you meant raise two kids lol but I love that show I like her character just get sick of ppl oh she's such a good person and such a good mom she'd do anything for her kids and yea she did and does I agree but everyone misses the point she's not that great of either one or she wouldn't of stayed with a man who touched on her daughter just for his money to get that bc she knew she was going to kill him like yea that makes her such a great mom she didn't truly think nor care about her kids well being as much as ppl say for her to of done that and if she goes to prison she loses her kids and no telling wtf happens to them she can't no longer help them be there for them see them and protect them if she's locked up

    • Stacey Taylor
      Stacey Taylor 2 months ago +1

      how does someone who kills ppl and not care about the consequences and effect I'll have on their kids If caught and gone to prison make some one such a good person and great mother though I don't get that but I agree other than that she's a good mom person not so much lol

  • Jasmine Jackson
    Jasmine Jackson 24 days ago

    She was the best mom you can have even though she killed some people it Didn't even matter cuz she is a good mom

  • ss_n5efnl
    ss_n5efnl 24 days ago

    he just sits and watches in the background but im happy he got recognition in this episode

  • Kalista
    Kalista 2 months ago +311

    she did everything to protect her kids and herself and Ginny doesn’t even realize that nor appreciates that:(

    • delusional
      delusional Month ago

      @Streamyjoker 105 when did i say ginny should be happy 😂 . if i did u mustve understood me wrong. stop arguing w me over a show fr we get u watched it

    • delusional
      delusional Month ago

      @Streamyjoker 105actin like u cast the show cmon now.

    • Streamyjoker 105
      Streamyjoker 105 Month ago

      Not to mention one of the reasons why Ginny is mad is bc Georgia refused to inform Ginny of anything after she found out little details living in a house where u know things r all lies is very scary especially when u find out ur mother isn't who u thought she is then u start questioning things and were the hell did u get "Ginny being happy" from? Bc it's very clear she was not and Georgia knew that.

    • Streamyjoker 105
      Streamyjoker 105 Month ago

      And all this is coming from someone who almost has the same life as her so i should know. U might not get it either bc ur heartless or bc u don't understand but the facts r facts.

  • Lucas plays17
    Lucas plays17 25 days ago

    The guy in the back was smiling from how sweet this is

  • Lilly Poore
    Lilly Poore 8 days ago

    I love how zuon is smiling in the back that mad the scen so much better

  • Affaan
    Affaan Month ago +516

    Ginny's father smiling in the back was literally heart warming 💓

  • Christina
    Christina 12 days ago

    I think she is one of the strongest single moms on a show so far that I have seen. I am a single mom as well but she is super mom

  • Cassandra Villarreal
    Cassandra Villarreal 22 days ago

    I love the way she can stop Austin from being mad

  • axasophii
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    Georgia is an amazing mother,she might not be the mother you want,but she loves her kids more than anything else.

  • ☂️Wellow☂️
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  • Prisha Phalorh
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    she's sucha great mom! 🥺💓

  • flxrajjzy
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    For everyone who doesn’t understand here’s the explanation:
    So the blond her name is Georgia. The little boy is her son Austin. Georgia has 2 kids. Ginny and Austin. Ginny and Austin were mad at Georgia so they ran away to Ginny’s dad’s house. They stayed their for 2 weeks until they finally came home. The reason why Austin was angry at Georgia is because Austin’s dad Gil was in prison. Every day Austin would wright letters to Gil. But Georgia would keep the letters and not send them to Gil so Gil wouldn’t find them. Georgia and Gil had a very toxic relationship. Anyways so Austin and Ginny found out and ran away. In this clip Austin wasn’t talking to Georgia because he was mad at her. Ginny ended up sending those letters. Georgia apologized. (Btw the show is called Ginny & Georgia) And sense Ginny sent those letters when Gil got out of prison he found them and ended up breaking in the house. I don’t wanna spoil too much so there you go! Hope this helps!
    Pt. 2!
    So Gil ended up coming and attacked Georgia. Ginny heard and went downstairs to see what was going on. Georgia was on the floor and Austin came down with one of Georgia’s guns. Austin ended up shooting Gil. Georgia stitched Gil’s wound and Ginny cleaned up. Right before Georgias fiancé Paul came home they hid Gil and Austin covered up the bullet hole in the wall. Hope this helps!

    • flxrajjzy
      flxrajjzy 29 days ago

      @Tucker Shae McNeal idk when I watched that’s episode thats what I said. I think Georgia was scared of what Paul would do because he didn’t know she had guns in the house anymore because Paul told Georgia to get rid of them

    • Rikki Le'Ann Yarbrough
      Rikki Le'Ann Yarbrough Month ago

      @Tucker Shae McNeal NO ONE thinks about things a minute in the future when their child is involved. That’s what parents ARE supposed to do, protect their children. At all costs. By ANY & ALL means necessary! *PERIOD* 😊❤

    • doctor shnoot
      doctor shnoot Month ago

      @Khadija Bibi it’s a netflix series’s called ginny and georga

    • Tucker Shae McNeal
      Tucker Shae McNeal Month ago +1

      Who thought it was smart to hide the body and cover up evidence??? He broke into the house and assaulted you! It’s self defense! Hiding the body and covering up evidence actually gives them grounds to arrest you because then it actually looks intentional rather than self defense

    • Pranav Rallapalli
      Pranav Rallapalli Month ago +1

      Thank you SM