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Star Wars Squadrons - Story Gameplay #1

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Release date:
    October 1 2020
    Motive Studio
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    Trillz by Zendata
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Comments • 5

  • Ender Ragnarok
    Ender Ragnarok Month ago +3

    Kinda nitpicky, but Imperial pilots didn't use names but code designations (e.g.: DS-04-T9) to symbolize that they were but cogs in the greater machine that was the Imperial military. In the films, they were always shown wearing their flight helmets (hiding their faces) for the same reason.

    • Sleepy Taurus
      Sleepy Taurus  Month ago

      Thanks for for the info. True though I have not seen any without their helm, likewise imperial troops in general.

    • Ender Ragnarok
      Ender Ragnarok Month ago +1

      @Sleepy Taurus Exactly. It also made it easier to cheer for the Rebels (who of course did show their faces) when they fought against the faceless mooks serving a tyrannical regime.

  • Killer_plays
    Killer_plays 3 months ago +1

    Hey how did you manage to play it the anti cheat keeps kicking me out

    • Sleepy Taurus
      Sleepy Taurus  3 months ago

      You might need to update or reinstall EAC, try this if you haven't already clip-share.net/video/XwzFiHNhl28/video.html