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Project 250mph Quad Motor RC Car 1st Drive

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • YouTube
    YouTube 4 months ago +1260

    so much work went into this build, respect! manifesting that you break the record!

  • RC Fools
    RC Fools 4 months ago +183

    This is the content we want to see. A build like this is out of the reach of most of us, so keep up the good work Kev.

    • Toys for Boys rc
      Toys for Boys rc 4 months ago +4

      I also agree… it also raises the rc standard and sets the bar for what enthusiasts find appealing. Hopefully this does not make previous standards and goals obsolete 🥸 imagine that 🧐

    • The Morning Star
      The Morning Star 4 months ago +2

      I agree!

    • Big Boss
      Big Boss 3 months ago

      I agree

  • Steven Bryant
    Steven Bryant 4 months ago +78

    Kev you achieved a power to weight ratio of 2.5 which is insanity in the world of racing and I’m impressed

    • likilike
      likilike 3 months ago +7

      That is insanity in general. From what i checked on the internet really quickly(take this with a grain of salt), not even rockets or jets have this kind of TWR. Like even Air-to-Air rocket has less(1,2) TWR that this. So i would say that calling it insanity is maybe and understatement.

    • Steven Bryant
      Steven Bryant 3 months ago +1

      @likilike actually if built with the right materials missiles and model rockets can have an even better thrust to weight ratio than this car has in power to weight but they’re also free of the ground and slipping through the air, nothing else with a shaft based drivetrain has ever been operated with power to weight this good except maybe a land speed car and even that’s a maybe

    • Macho Man Randy Savage
      Macho Man Randy Savage 3 months ago +1

      @Steven Bryanttop fuel dragsters have a significantly higher power to weight ratio

    • Steven Bryant
      Steven Bryant 3 months ago +1

      @Macho Man Randy Savage actually it’s about on par the engine drivetrain and tires of a top fuel car are surprisingly heavy but it’s also the same situation here although Kev’s car shouldn’t need a rebuild after every single fire up unlike a top fuel car which is a huge upside

    • S MH
      S MH 3 months ago +6

      Its very good. To put it in perspective, a top fuel dragster has about 3.37 horsepower per pound, using a fuel source thats over 800% more energy dense. This guy did 2.5 in his garage using batteries.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 4 months ago +1017

    This is the content we want to see

  • Meta Tech HD
    Meta Tech HD 4 months ago +32

    Even if it didn't break records, you should still be incredibly proud of it. The level of detail and craftsmanship is truly remarkable! It's an absolute masterpiece. 👏🏼🔥👍🏼 Don't let the absence of a record diminish the incredible achievement and effort you've put into this project. It's an epic creation that deserves recognition and admiration. Keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible! 🚀🏎💪🏼

  • Hearthstoned
    Hearthstoned 4 months ago +8

    This is such a good video kev! Love hearing all the potential issues and how you’re going to solve them. Often happens in RC but maybe not 10 solutions back to back like this!

  • graham lawrence
    graham lawrence 4 months ago +301

    If it didn't break records you can still be proud of it, it's looks absolutely epic!

    • breakaleg FPV
      breakaleg FPV 4 months ago +14

      even in a bag.

    • dill
      dill 4 months ago +2

      If you’re not first might as well be last

    • torpedoLaw
      torpedoLaw 4 months ago +1

      It’s in the bag!!!! I have $50k on it!!!

    • WhiteRabbit
      WhiteRabbit 4 months ago +1

      This world used to be a place to learn to suffer, but that has to change. Make this world heaven!

    • dill
      dill 4 months ago

      @WhiteRabbit lol no

  • Future Eon
    Future Eon 4 months ago +10

    🔧🚗 To enhance the suspension's effectiveness, consider adding square sections along the chassis to boost its rigidity. This modification can significantly improve performance. Additionally, reducing the frontal area would enhance aerodynamics. Love the exciting progress of this build! Can't wait to see the first drive! 🏎🔩💨

  • Backyard Scaler
    Backyard Scaler 4 months ago +5

    You really make working on things look easy! This was definitely a lot of work! Makes me work on things better! I always think to my self when in a jam… what would kev do?…he’d get it done! Good luck! Hope you get the record.

    CHUDHUCKER 4 months ago +5

    Hey Kevin, has anyone thought of using polyurethane cylinders as a spring? I was just thinking back in the day Manitou and Rock Shocks had elastomeric damper systems in their forks (many others actually) and worked pretty well.

  • Burger Joint
    Burger Joint 4 months ago +5

    AWESOME build! I must admit I was skeptical about the long wheel base, but full credit to you for making it work - very exciting!

  • Aaron Nicoli
    Aaron Nicoli 4 months ago +1

    Hey Kev, would that centre driveshaft really have much load on it when both front and rear pairs of motors are running? I feel like the length might be fine since there is only minimal "sync" load

  • trekkie1701e
    trekkie1701e 4 months ago +609

    Kev, if you get a good 3d scan of the car I can run some CFD on the design. I think the person who really takes that seriously is going to be the first to 300mph+ (note I am not an aerospace engineer, but I do work for the company that makes the software and i have used it a good bit.)

    • That One Ole Dude
      That One Ole Dude 4 months ago +24

      gonna help ya get kev to see it o7

    • Jirou :P
      Jirou :P 4 months ago +14

      that does sound like a brilliant plan

    • Nathan Lawrence
      Nathan Lawrence 4 months ago +3


    • Kevin
      Kevin 4 months ago +16

      This is a great idea! Kev, if you are reading this, please make the scans public if you decide to scan it. I got a background in aerospace and I would love to run it through CFD, too.

    • Márton Tóth
      Márton Tóth 4 months ago +4

      Arerodynamics is very important. Please Kev, read this.

  • wildgoobsid5
    wildgoobsid5 4 months ago +6

    Honestly - it looks good. Have you tried it in a wind tunnel? Tinker with downforce wings. I think a thorough analysis by an engineer would go a long way. Also, full scale LSR cars always spend an enormous amount of time getting the wheels right. There has to be a better alternative than foam. Also do you use a gyro? Great project!

  • Stephen Pheonix
    Stephen Pheonix 4 months ago +2

    Can't wait to see the final speed run Kev! Thanks for making RC so much fun!

  • Mackenzie Lopez Taylor
    Mackenzie Lopez Taylor 4 months ago +2

    Love what’s been put into place looking great, can’t wait to see more on this build.

  • Maker J
    Maker J 4 months ago +11

    We really have to appreciate how good this guy is at his job

  • MrWmaginn
    MrWmaginn 4 months ago +343

    This channel is the ultimate "What would happen if I did this? Let's find out!" RC channel

    • BANANA165
      BANANA165 4 months ago +11

      The definition of f around and find out hahaha

      DUCKY EDITZ 4 months ago +3


    • Neil Laux
      Neil Laux 4 months ago +4

      Anyone else read this in kevs voice.

    • Daniel Walter
      Daniel Walter 4 months ago +2

      You have a channel?

    • Nigel Pogson
      Nigel Pogson 4 months ago +2

      I've lost track now, has he ever actually broken a record?

  • Pratyush Kushwah
    Pratyush Kushwah Month ago

    Your dedication to your work is commendable!!.... Lots of love and support to you brother... You inspire many people around the Globe...

  • Rage Rc Repair
    Rage Rc Repair 3 months ago +3

    This is totally badass! I have no other words to express how exciting this is! Good luck Kev!

  • Mad Props Media
    Mad Props Media  4 months ago +1

    Awesome Build my friend! I thought you was going to smack a curb in that test run lol, but you did great! I cannot wait to see this full speed!! That record is about to get SHATTERED!!

  • Stickies RC
    Stickies RC 4 months ago +6

    This is definitely going to make a good run at the speed record which as I believe now stands at 219mph. I think you have a real shot at it, the HP to weight ratio looks good and aero wise it seems to have handled the 77mph pretty well. Good luck!!

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago

      I disagree. He keeps adding more HP but also more weight and more batteries. If the previous car weighed 10 kg with 50 hp this won't be any faster with 100 hp and 19 kg.

    • RSD3
      RSD3 4 months ago

      Top speed is basically independent from weight. Weight strongly impacts acceleration, not top speed. Top speed is mostly impacted by power output and aerodynamic drag.

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago

      @RSD3 True, but you're talking about inertia and relying on the weight of the vehicle being a part of "moving it forward" but there is a LOT of drag created and power used to keep that weight moving. Not as impactful as aerodynamics, but it's still there AND you have to steer/control it.

  • cakepanda
    cakepanda 4 months ago +1

    Kev, I think that the aerodynamics will be very important at this speed. Would it not be worth having a custom body molded so that there are no joins? I worry that even a tiny amount of irregularity will cause asymmetric forces and boom, it's crash time.

  • Whatever
    Whatever 4 months ago +59

    You’ve got to bond some square section along the length of the chassis to make it stiff enough for that suspension to actually work .
    That frontal area could be reduced a lot. Love this build.

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago +1

      even some lightweight L's along the two sides would work as well.
      Squares aren't the best, an I beam or triangular would be stiffer with less weight.

    • Whatever
      Whatever 4 months ago +1

      @Muskoka Mike
      Because you know all those cars with I beam chassis . . . .
      I beam is not good for a twisting force, square is better. Sorry but your thinking about building house of skyscrapers not cars.

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago

      @Whatever And you're thinking of a car that will be going around corners. This one won't be.
      This is a special purpose vehicle to go straight as fast as possible.

    • Whatever
      Whatever 4 months ago +1

      @Muskoka Mike
      I’m quite familiar with this type of stuff.
      What with being an engineer for lotus.
      And you’re still wrong, when one wheel sees additional load that is a twisting moment.
      Not every bump will be hit with both front or rear wheels at the same time, that’s why you have dampers on every corner. . .

    • Thomas PCGuru ENGINES
      Thomas PCGuru ENGINES 4 months ago +1

      Or trangular. Absolutely. Stress on that centre section will be massive. Next speed build - make it a circular cross section chassis or triangular

  • P. a. u. l.
    P. a. u. l. 4 months ago +2

    Hi Kevin, new to your channel, I like all the effort you put into your videos, you got an awesome collection 😀👍

  • LG
    LG 4 months ago +3

    This is by far the most exciting build I've seen! Fingers crossed for you Kev!

  • scott mathis
    scott mathis 3 months ago +1

    HEY KEVIN, USE POLYURETHANE SPACERS IN PLACE OF COIL SPRINGS. It’ll give a little and you can ones with different durometer ratings to fine tune it. Idea just popped in my head. They used to use these poly “springs” in mountain bike suspension. It consisted of multiple cylinders made out of polyurethane that took place of a coiled spring. Might be just what you need to keep her right side up.

  • Colorado_A3
    Colorado_A3 3 months ago

    You should try using the ABS function in the radio. It pulses the brakes at a variable PWM frequency and makes braking from fast speeds super super smooth and straight.

  • Russell Warren
    Russell Warren 3 months ago +2

    For soldering the battery connectors, search your favorite place for soldering pliers. There are many different brands but most all look similar. Maybe with a little modification they could hold the battery connectors for soldering. They are super handy for wire to wire soldering so either way they would be useful.

  • Tyler Kwiatkowski
    Tyler Kwiatkowski 4 months ago +84

    Something too think about is that the farther back you have your center of pressure the more it will want to stay straight, increasing that pressure would be like adding more fins or adding a small wing to the back, or you could try and decrease drag at the front of the car. I hope this can help if you need it, otherwise you can look up some stuff about rocket aerodynamics and how they stay straight.

    • dave h
      dave h 4 months ago +8

      That's why it's a comments section

    • James Davis
      James Davis 4 months ago


    • James Davis
      James Davis 4 months ago


    • MX304
      MX304 4 months ago +4

      Shifting more weight to the front will help well. The key is having the aerodynamic center of pressure well behind the CG.

    • Arne Christian Rosenfeldt
      Arne Christian Rosenfeldt 3 months ago

      @MX304cg needs to stay in the middle of the wheels. I want a tail as long as the wheelbase!

  • Joe
    Joe 4 months ago +1

    Kev, I've been watching you only for the last couple months. Thank You. I bought my first car last week because of you. Armor Vortex BLX. I can't wait to see your first runs with this beast. Best of luck bud.

  • Huitzilopochtli
    Huitzilopochtli 4 months ago +2

    Absolute Madlad. Long live The King Of Fun. Kev- you could use photgrammetry software like Agisoft Metashape to make a 3D model of the car, then you could use AirShaper to do an aerodynamic analysis of the car, and optimize the vehicle for high-speed drag reduction.

  • John Warner
    John Warner 3 months ago +1

    Yes, two lengths of 1/8" X 3/4" X 3/4" aluminum side angles would stiffen it up a lot. No rear motor hold-downs worries me a bit.... lots or torque there. And for what it's worth I'd use low-temp silver solder for the connections.

  • Konrad Hoffmann
    Konrad Hoffmann 4 months ago +2

    15:46 I suggest putting the Dual Lock stuff on top of the batteries, get a long strip of carbon fiber (the same width and length as the batteries) and stick it to the top of the batteries to help stiffen it a bit more.
    Also, the idea of having the rear higher than the front, like the 2020 Red Bull F1 car is a very good idea. I think you should consider it.

    • Toys for Boys rc
      Toys for Boys rc 4 months ago

      This is great forward thinking! Would also keep the Lipo stationary if any loss of control. Would also look neat.

  • Martin Hunt
    Martin Hunt 4 months ago +1

    Keep up the good work. My son and I love the mixture of material you publish. Keeps it interesting and keeps us laughing.
    We do a lot of indoor and outdoor racing so we love the racing episodes.
    More 1/8 scale competition racing would be nice especially nitro.
    Fans would see what it takes to race nitro.

  • Dan B.
    Dan B. 4 months ago +5

    I’m absolutely loving this and can’t wait for your WR attempt! I would still run carbon angle down both sides of the chassis, screwed and epoxied, as well as the center brace. It would really suck to break this thing in half after all that work and money. It would also allow much better body mounting down the sides. Without this, even if the chassis didn’t break in half it could still be catastrophic in the middle of a run if the belly was slapping or dragging on the pavement. This is one heavy beast! Very best of luck and Godspeed!

  • Why
    Why 3 months ago +1

    Holy steamer Kevin lol I haven't checked in for quite a while and, judging by the thumbnail, it appears you've taken this project to the next level and beyond hahaha.
    No one can ever accuse you of doing things small!
    This should be interesting.

  • Cameron Oltz
    Cameron Oltz 4 months ago +3

    Speed record goes up, but Talbot doesn’t back down! So glad that i am watching these videos as they are coming out. Makes me feel successful watching you chase your dreams! ❤

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson 4 months ago +2

    back in the day for on-road 1/10 oval cars, we ran rubber cap tires. it was a foam tire trued way down then a rubber skin glued down over the foam. Like cutting a section of an inner tube and stretching it over the foam. They were very durable and would keep tires from exploding. Also for low drag race cars, we would use some thin delrin material on the bottom of the chassis to keep from damaging the bottom and it's pretty slick so it wouldn't slow the cars down as much as dragging the chassis. Now you could probably use some Star Board.

  • TaigaTurf
    TaigaTurf 4 months ago +72

    At this point, I think Kev should go for World's Farthest/ Highest Jump..
    Build a huge ramp and launch it into orbit

    • Jon Shook
      Jon Shook 4 months ago +4

      nah, TO THE MOON!!

    • Twinfire
      Twinfire 4 months ago +1

      @Jon Shook Talbot Space Program is a go

  • MDC1985
    MDC1985 3 months ago +3

    With a dart, you want all the weight at the front because it’s the inertia of that weight that is moving the dart through the air. Once the dart leaves your hand there are no forces (aside from aerodynamic drag) being applied to the dart, it’s just the momentum of the mass. If that weight is towards the rear and the there is drag at the front, you end up with an inverse pendulum effect, it wants to tumble. With your car, you are constantly adding force and not relying solely on momentum (unlike if you had launched it from a slingshot or hotwheels launcher). In your case you want all the mass out at the extents of the car to create the greatest most stability. If you put all the weight in the center, the car turns very easily, put it all at the front and rear and the momentum of those two masses actually helps to resist the car changing direction, ie it becomes more stable at speed.

  • Pablo668
    Pablo668 4 months ago +4

    This is a fantastic project Kev. Really looking forward to seeing more of it. if I was doing this, (ha ha yeah right) I'd put some kind of angle section aluminium/carbon fibre on the edge of the chassis to help stiffen it.
    I think you may need to put some kind of protector on the bottom. Awesome that Raz is helping, and have you seen that lad who had the jet car last year, his new project? It's awesome.

  • Yadhir Rajkoomar
    Yadhir Rajkoomar 4 months ago +1

    I've been a fan of yours for a long time now Kev, hope u get the world record with this car🤞✊

  • Richard Middleton
    Richard Middleton 4 months ago +1

    You could use a pivoting front splitter connected to a micro servo and gyro set in heading hold mode. If the front end lifts the splitter will tilt down to force the front end back down. A lot of work though.

  • Randy Bobandy
    Randy Bobandy 4 months ago +2

    Not so long ago RC cars hitting 150MPH was absolutely mental.. now they are going towards 250mph.. Technology is advancing so quickly, and im all for it! 🏎
    World record or not this car is epic! Altough, i do think it its is capable of a little 225 here and there. Lets hope!
    You really need to sort out the balance of the car though.
    But thats where trial and error is for i suppose.
    Good luck on the speedruns Kevin!! (Just dont SEND IT TO THE MOON just yet. 😄)
    PS : These speedrunning videos really get my hyperactive brain going.. I'm going to build something too. Just a way smaller scale. For the funs.
    Setting goals, breaking my own records.

  • Amar Aldnifat
    Amar Aldnifat 4 months ago +2

    Your videos are always fun to watch. Thank you Kevin for uploading and for the entertainment :)

  • Josue Rod
    Josue Rod 3 months ago +5

    Damn bro I really hope you break the record this is an impressive build and I wish you the best of luck go Kev!!!

  • Jirou :P
    Jirou :P 4 months ago +10

    and here I am thinking 50mph is wild 🤣🤣
    but seriously, that build looks wicked Kev, wishing all the best in your speed record attempt!

    • Toys for Boys rc
      Toys for Boys rc 4 months ago

      This is a good test in order to determine if with the exception of each motor/esc carrying its own weight, will doubling the power every time also double the speed, but again with the exception of wind resistance, inertia and drag, what is the ratio or formula on how dense the atmosphere becomes in increments of MPH?

  • Nick Landsberg
    Nick Landsberg 4 months ago +1

    Some fly fishing desk clamp stands are great for soldering and have adapters to use loads of different tools. Keep up the good work!

  • Mickey Mishra
    Mickey Mishra 4 months ago +1

    You know? Its about time us dudes enjoy some of the toys we worked so hard to get.
    Love how things are really going big for dudes out there having fun!

  • BRS RC
    BRS RC 4 months ago +4

    Amazing build! Excited to see it break the record. 😎🤙🏽
    Best way to tidy up the wires if you don't want to shorten them, is to wind them tightly around a thin screwdriver or allen wrench. Then you pull the screwdriver out and the wires are nicely pig-tailed.

  • All Things Electric
    All Things Electric 3 months ago

    Do each of those motors actually output 18.75kW? That would be 100HP. If so, that's insane.

  • Redjackhammer
    Redjackhammer 4 months ago +5

    just an idea kev, so that the chassis doesn't sag so much maybe stack the batteries on both ends, and then there won't be as much weight in the middle. it just might save the car whilst driving. also thank you so much for releasing this video, we've been waiting for so long! keep up the good work man!

    • Hawkie Findlater
      Hawkie Findlater 4 months ago +1

      Yeah but that screws the aero if all the mass is on both ends, best if it is dead centre or 60/40. Also wheel covers would be good

    • Redjackhammer
      Redjackhammer 3 months ago

      @Hawkie Findlater yeah true

  • MrCoolGuy
    MrCoolGuy 4 months ago +1

    I never realized this goes faster than real cars and also as fast as some supercars.

  • Caden Korzan
    Caden Korzan 4 months ago +42

    Never thought I'd see Kevin with xlx2s again after the initial flaws. Good to see he's giving them another go

    • mindwreckRC
      mindwreckRC 4 months ago +2

      What flaws? People were mixing and matching thr esc with delta wound motors instead of the wye motors that castle designed their system and motors. This caused a huge amp increase. They released a public notice describing this after everyone tried to burn castle at the stake. This was a common problem back in the early days of brushless so i knew that was the problem right away.

    • Caden Korzan
      Caden Korzan 4 months ago +3

      @mindwreckRC the first initial batch had some issues. busbars were misaligned and if i remember correctly with thermal expansion it created a short inside the esc

    • tab dougherty
      tab dougherty 4 months ago

      I was seriously considering Castle till I saw that vid I am glad he is giving them another go on a big project like this. I really liked the data logging aspect of the ESC I was unaware of the delta, wye configuration issue.

  • Bob Hawkey
    Bob Hawkey 4 months ago +1

    Beautiful build Kev. Well done.❤

  • Eldram
    Eldram 4 months ago

    This is going to get the record as long as it doesn’t blow up, but Project Air’s 2nd gen jet car is also looking promising.

    LONDON UNDERWORLD 4 months ago +1

    The power of this beast 😮 can't wait to see this thing fly.....or fry 😅 awesome work kev

  • ControllFpv
    ControllFpv 3 months ago +1

    So amazing😮. 1 tip, if you put stronger springs on it, you also need to put thicker oil in it. Because of the bounce back. Stronger springs wil bounce more, same feeling as you do to much air in your tires. You get much vibrations.

  • Ghost Ryder FPV
    Ghost Ryder FPV 4 months ago +1

    I would think the rear anti-roll bar would assist with squat during accel, and the front would assist with diving while braking. Of course, stiffer springs can do this function as well, for a straight-line car like this that doesn't need to worry about under/oversteer balancing.

  • Yoshums
    Yoshums 4 months ago +34

    Hey Kevin, long time watcher here! If you're looking for the PERFECT 'helping hand' get yourself a Mag Base - they're used in machine shops a lot to hold dial indicators. They're easy to manipulate, and the arms lock in place.

    • Yoshums
      Yoshums 4 months ago +1

      I know you probably wont see this, but it would definitely be a great/simple/easy solution!

    • Sireddieutube
      Sireddieutube 4 months ago

      I think you're talking about a Nogaflex?

  • Courageous Cuber
    Courageous Cuber 4 months ago

    Hello Kev! I just bought my first RC car and got a motor, a Lipo, and an ESC to mod it. But when I got the actual car, the car was a little bit too small to fit the Lipo I bought. My plan is to design and 3d print a body, but since I don't have much experience with RC cars, I am not sure if that is the best idea. My other problem is that it looks like the ESC and the receiver are connected. Does this mean I need to buy a new receiver, and would that also mean I need a new transmitter, or is there a way around this? Thank you!!!

  • Andy
    Andy 4 months ago +1

    That thing even sounds fast! Would be amazing to see it go down the strip at santa pod. Good luck with the world record attempt kev!

  • Jeremy Breeden
    Jeremy Breeden 4 months ago +5

    I'm actually more interested in the amount of HORSEPOWER this beast has in it than i am the speed it might achieve. 💪 AWESOME BUILD MAN!!!

    • I Shaikh
      I Shaikh 4 months ago

      probably the same as a 250cc bike

    • Borisdaborghadanuff
      Borisdaborghadanuff 2 months ago

      25hp per wheel, so 25hp, lots of tourque but, kv and cell count dictate the rotational speed of brushless motors, doubling up or QUADING just reduces LOAD, it does not make them SPIN FASTER. They are all the SAME KV!

  • Mohammad Ahmadshahi
    Mohammad Ahmadshahi 4 months ago +2

    If your motors are all spinning in the same direction, it will probably twist the car chassis in the opposite direction and put unequal pressure on tires. Loved the video, by the way 👍

    • broogz
      broogz 3 months ago

      exactly this, i wouldn't want the car steering in the wrong direction because of the motor's inertia

  • Grant Delmege
    Grant Delmege 4 months ago +1

    That looks epic Kev! Cant wait for the speedrun attempt!

  • Division 7 Motorsports
    Division 7 Motorsports 4 months ago +15

    That rig is absolutely wicked! Great work Kevin! That’s some serious speed!! 😮

  • Thomas Altruda
    Thomas Altruda 3 months ago

    For the drive shafts, I thought the drive pins should be oriented 45 degrees to prevent the oscillation that they can develop..

  • BoSS
    BoSS 4 months ago

    What kind of gear ratios are you using? Have you done an analysis of RPM needed to go 250 mph? Curious what the calculations look like.

  • Go Hard Or Go Home Rc
    Go Hard Or Go Home Rc 4 months ago

    Looking good kev... Can't wait to see it rip.... If the top deck. Isn't enough on its own to stiffen it you could bolt an angle Or box section across the top of the brace to stiffen it 👌
    Roll On rossa😎

  • dazaspc
    dazaspc 4 months ago

    A thing that came to mind with this speed run attempts that could be helpful.
    Tires seem to be a point of failure for most attempts regardless of car style and type. Mostly with chunks coming out of them. I wonder if it would be worth hiring a road vac for the day to clean up the dust and pebbles on the road surface to save the tires from getting pierced and cut saving them from cutting the run short? The cost split between the event competitors wouldn't be to much and with a premium event surface would maybe bring out more competitors.

  • Buddy Atkins
    Buddy Atkins 4 months ago +5

    This battle for speed in the RC car world right now is fascinating. The clash of high end technology mixed with a "screw it, let's see if this works" mentality is amazing to watch. I wonder how long it will take until someone really takes a solid look at the aero design or they get a new wheel that doesn't disintegrate and has the right friction properties they need.

    • Toys for Boys rc
      Toys for Boys rc 4 months ago

      I agree with how you worded it… We are on the verge of accidentally discovering something completely new.

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago +2

      Kev's biggest issue is he keeps re-using tires after each run. Bugatti ditches the tires after every run because they degrade. They are doing 390 kph in scale, kev is doing 2100 mph. No wonder the tires don't hold up.

  • Nathan Bremer
    Nathan Bremer 4 months ago +1

    I’ve been watching this channel for ever and every video is Better and better whether it be a vintage rc car or the world’s fastest rc car keep it up love the channel

  • Bob Carter
    Bob Carter 4 months ago

    I've been thinking since the first video; you should add another body mount cross beam in the middle of the chassis. If you are putting on top longitudinal bracing, I bet you can attach it to that. I could really see that span of body wanting to cave in at speed.

  • Scott Daniels
    Scott Daniels 4 months ago +1

    Genuine question: With all 4 motors spinning the same direction will you get torque roll like airplanes get?

  • Max Yt
    Max Yt 4 months ago +2

    Additionally, have you considered using two different Kv motors instead of two of the same? As it stands, the limiting factor for top speed ( assuming you are stable) is when the motor can not put out enough force to accelerate the car any further. This happens because of back-EMF as you get higher in a BLDC motors rev range. The idea here is that you can have two motors together to extend the torque range of your system. In an ideal world the first motor tops out as the second motor nears its peak power.

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago

      You'd need a clutch in between the two motors because once the first motor "tops out" the 2nd will be driving it and thereby lose over all speed. Think of a twin engine plane with the port engine going at 10,000 rpm and the starboard engine going 8000 rpm. The plane would run to starboard due to the drag of that motor.
      In boats with twin or more engines, they have engine synchros so all engines are turning at the same rpm.
      The best bet would be to have a variable rate transmission which allows the engines to spool up to their max rpm and then shift into 2nd to get the higher top speed.
      I haven't gotten a straight answer from any engineer on why EVs don't have a 2 step. They draw max current to get the vehicle moving then peak out. You can alleviate this issue with a 2 step.

    • Max Yt
      Max Yt 4 months ago

      You would loose some power but so long as the non powered motor is in coast mode it should not waste that much power since the coils are left open / unconnected.

  • Rust bucket 93
    Rust bucket 93 4 months ago

    I love the common sense engineering. I do the same thing with many of my random projects. One suggestion on the aerodynamics for the chassis that may be worthless or not. Take the reaming bit and simple the whole underside of the carbon fiber. Yes it will lose rigidity but bracing can fix that. What it does is disturb the air under the car and create suction at high speed. It allows more air to pass thru faster thus creating downforce. Maybe try on a backup chassis?

  • Ronin Akamai
    Ronin Akamai 4 months ago +6

    You can't judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree,, Classic Kev,,,I hope you get that world record,, keep up the great videos

  • Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith 4 months ago

    For soldering I use a magnetic clamp for each ends. I work on pickups not RC stuff but it’s worth a try

  • JustKeepLivingFPV
    JustKeepLivingFPV 4 months ago

    I wonder how the m2c arrma pistons would do for speed running? Maybe flip them upside down and use the shock fluid as more suspension to keep it stiff but now solidly linked together.

  • High Speed RC
    High Speed RC 4 months ago

    Awesome build kev. You are differently going to get a good number, great job my brother, I ❤ it...😁💯👍🏿

  • David Mckee
    David Mckee 4 months ago

    Nice work brother! Can't wait to see it smash the record, I'm predicting 230mph!!

  • Basherqueen
    Basherqueen 4 months ago +3

    WOW! That MUST be it, I am so exited Kev! All the best of luck for the next proper run! 😘😘

  • Very Naughty
    Very Naughty 4 months ago +16

    With the solid centre drive shaft, kev could make a bearing carrier anyway to stop it flapping.
    The car looks like a great recipe for speed though, the longer the wheelbase, the easier to keep going straight .
    Kev's reinvented the limousine. 😅

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago

      longer = faster. In drag racing, skiing, boats. That's why you see 5'5" super G skiers with 3400 mm skis.....

  • Ardy Aidil
    Ardy Aidil 4 months ago

    Hey Kevin, I’m your fan from Malaysia. We use lots of your videos as reference to make our RC faster 🔥🔥🔥 more fast more fun!

  • Stevengineer
    Stevengineer 3 months ago

    I'd mount the motors in opposite directions so the torque from the motors to the chassis cancels out. Right now, all 4 motors are trying to rotate the chassis side to side whenever you hit the gas/brake. That's likely why it turned right when you hit the brakes in the video.

  • tim Koenig
    tim Koenig 4 months ago

    Wow that is awesome, has to be scary as hell to run something like this, genuine road rocket 😮, good luck!

  • JUSTIN Race
    JUSTIN Race 4 months ago

    Kev, I recommend using a much smaller pinion gear on those Motors.
    These 2028 1700kv are absolute Esc Killer, if not geared Properly and handeled with care, and check your Logs.
    Good Luck 👍🏻

  • Eli Golovach
    Eli Golovach 4 months ago

    Awesome build! I can't wait to see you break the world record!

  • Lorenzo Cerretti
    Lorenzo Cerretti 4 months ago +3

    Kev, I have an advice for you, to get the downforce that you need, ask to the company that made the carbon fibre chassis to make wings for the downforce.
    These wings have to have the shape of an upside down airfoil so, the upper part of the airfoil generates a higher pressure than the lower part resulting in downforce

    • Toys for Boys rc
      Toys for Boys rc 4 months ago +1

      If he matches or beats the current record, I can see companies investing on making custom hardened body shells with those molded aero features for this size chassis.

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago +2

      The issue is that the faster he goes the more downforce and the more resistance. Wind resistance is exponential: the faster you go the more the air tries to slow you down. Bugatti figured out that it took something like 500 hp to get to 200 mph, and another 487 hp more to get to 250.
      Now with the chiron, they added more HP without adding any more weight.

    • Toys for Boys rc
      Toys for Boys rc 4 months ago

      @Muskoka Mike let’s be neighbors 🫡

  • Godscountry
    Godscountry 4 months ago

    Active aero (spoilers) might work if the car tends to get loose and lose traction. The RC tires are the weak point with or without any increase in downforce. Laser alignment on the drive chain might free up a few electrons to the roadway.

  • Vega
    Vega 3 months ago

    my favorite helping hand is the magnetic base version. has a big metal plate for a base, with magenetic mount movable arms. you can make your own custom arms if you need.
    its great.

  • minzahhh1
    minzahhh1 4 months ago +1

    Kevin is the type of guy to build the fastest on road car and then never launch it off a ramp...he's really soft like that

    • Falcodrin
      Falcodrin 3 months ago

      World record for fastest flying rc car

  • tab dougherty
    tab dougherty 4 months ago

    Gotta get it this time Kev! If you do not you might need six motors LOL!!! You should use that plastic sheet that carpet racers use on the bottom to smooth things out, make it slippery and maybe keep the carbon intact. IDK I have never tried building one of these but super cool!!!

  • Kyle
    Kyle 4 months ago

    More power is always nice bro. But Aero is also important for speed.
    I can see two big places where you could gain more power efficiency without adding much weight. Wheel wells and the back of the cockpit.
    The wheel wells are open to the external air, allowing flow inside the body, which then becomes turbulent and slows down the car. Placing a barrier behind the wheel with a cutout for the axel could help prevent this and encourage air to flow around the body in laminar fashion.
    Behind the canopy a set of vortex generators would encourage vortex formation which would create a boundary layer of turbulent air across the top of the body. Vortexes allow the car to move through laminar flow more efficiently by preventing laminar airflow along the body of the vehicle which reduces drag.
    You might also be benefitted by covering the wheel spokes of the car.

  • You Again?
    You Again? 4 months ago +5

    Randomly discovered your videos a few weeks ago.. so good.. love your editing style and your personality. Great vids mate!

  • Shloots
    Shloots 4 months ago +1

    when you're drilling through metal or composite, start with a super tiny drill bit, then step up to the diameter you need, this will make your large drill bit not track on surface/ make your holes more precise.. love u kev!

    • Toys for Boys rc
      Toys for Boys rc 4 months ago +1

      It looked like he didn’t install the motor mount lid the first time. It was just the spool on bearings. The second time he used the lid to keep the mount 90°. But your still right, first hole has to be with a starter bit.

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike 4 months ago +1

      Yes, and do the pilot hole with a centre drill. It doesn't have spirals to pull your bit off center. I discovered them when I was building my CNC machine.."what is this magic"?

  • Haedan Craigen
    Haedan Craigen 4 months ago

    You may just need some 45° supports attached from the floor to the cross-brace to hold it straight as an arrow. Maybe one perpendicular to the others as well for the sides to keep them from flexing too much.

  • Time for an Adventure
    Time for an Adventure 4 months ago

    Nice build, looking forward to seeing it go full out.

  • Happily lost
    Happily lost 3 months ago +1

    As an fpv quad guy, my brain glitched seeing those ESC's. Good god..😮