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'...Fabien Frankel 😍 !': House Of The Dragon Cast play Who's Most Likely To!

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • David
    David 5 months ago +3137

    Fabian is the show’s Darling, he must’ve been lovely on set and charming bc everyone is just falling for him

    • Eken
      Eken 2 months ago +1

      He's got a beautiful name

    • Pixie Wings
      Pixie Wings 3 months ago +3

      @Jefry well observed!!!

    • Daniela
      Daniela 3 months ago +20

      Have you seen him? He is so hot

    • Jefry
      Jefry 3 months ago +40

      He's the nikolajs Jamie lannister

  • Dani Davis
    Dani Davis 5 months ago +2312

    Eve and Steve are like an old married couple. I'd love to be at their dinner party. Plus, these people are disgustingly beautiful.

    • Kay Q
      Kay Q 3 months ago +8

      That's exactly how I feel very warm and welcoming couple who throw the best dinner parties. Love them

    • Penny McCormick
      Penny McCormick 3 months ago +22

      I LOVE them together!! THey have such a natural chemistry. Beautiful couple.

    • ODUBluThruNThru
      ODUBluThruNThru 3 months ago +7


    • Lara Maria
      Lara Maria 4 months ago +97

      I think the same. They just have a good chemistry and the energy is just amazing. They are like those couples who fall in love with each other more and more every single day, even after decades of marriage.

  • Kaycie with ie
    Kaycie with ie 5 months ago +3769

    Interviewer: who’s most likely-
    Cast: Fabian. Faby. Little old fabs.

  • Jorge Chávez
    Jorge Chávez 5 months ago +1523

    Paddy is just hilarious man I'm glad we have him as Viserys. He alone makes this show worth it lmfao

      MDNBLUES 5 months ago +35

      Paddy, Matt and Steve carried the first episode I think, they're just so good.

  • Castorian
    Castorian 5 months ago +2202

    The way Emma and Olivia have each other's backs... it's so adorable, i can't cope!

  • Alice J. Tail
    Alice J. Tail 5 months ago +4602

    I love how Fabian ISN'T EVEN THERE and all they about is HIM😂😂

    • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
      Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau 3 months ago

      nah, criston is a dick. he killed two people (laenor's boyfriend and lord beesbury) and suffered no consequences.

    • Pixie Wings
      Pixie Wings 3 months ago +8

      'Fabs' is a doll. Shame Cole became the bad guy. I was hoping he'd be the Jon Snow of the series...

    • Coryn Amori
      Coryn Amori 3 months ago +3

      They said “he’s not here we gotta pick on him today”

    • Samantha Bryans
      Samantha Bryans 4 months ago +3

      This interview is cut from a different source. Fabian was interviewed.

    • Uttam Kumar
      Uttam Kumar 4 months ago

      @King Eric perhaps my prince will recalls when i will knock him off from his horse 🐴

  • Zdenka
    Zdenka 5 months ago +3177

    Okay but why has no one mentioned in the first question that Matt has literally PORTRAYED PRINCE PHILIP, he knows all about being married to royalty!!

    • Juanita Jones
      Juanita Jones 4 months ago +17

      Eve Best had once played Wallis, Duchess of Windsor.

    • Revan_Alva
      Revan_Alva 5 months ago +37

      Well a version of him is married to the queen

    • Einez Crespo
      Einez Crespo 5 months ago +92

      Both Emily and Milly mentioned Matt.

  • i am not me
    i am not me 5 months ago +1226

    Fabian is obviously a cast favorite.. I see him becoming a fan favorite as well as the show goes on.
    Edit: To non readers of the books like me, sorry to disappoint you 😂

    • Dora Dodo
      Dora Dodo 2 months ago +1

      I hate him (the character) with a passion

    • Coyote Bongwater
      Coyote Bongwater 3 months ago +3

      @Vaughen TF he's already been toned down majorly from the books

    • Achinthya Shabaraya
      Achinthya Shabaraya 3 months ago +1

      ​@Gaius sorry broz this won't age well

    • luke fury
      luke fury 4 months ago

      @LF 3400 I don't read the books buddy so no spoilers

    • LF 3400
      LF 3400 4 months ago +9

      @luke fury Viserys chose Rhaenyra as his heir, all the lords swore fealty to her and even after Aegon was born, he repeatedly refuse to name him heir for 22 years. When crowning Aegon, they are clearly violating their oath to the crown so I dont see how it's not treason.

  • Bella R
    Bella R 3 months ago +145

    Paddy calling Fabian Little Lord Fauntleroy is so fucking hilarious for those who have seen the movie 💀💀💀

    • Jes Cobian
      Jes Cobian 7 days ago

      I thought he said Farquaad at first, 😂 i had to rewind

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    • hellbunni
      hellbunni 3 months ago +4

      fabien really does seem like a grownup cedie 😭😭😭

  • Rea Dalumpines
    Rea Dalumpines 3 months ago +119

    Emma at 5:09 be like: Me? 🥺 And Olivia was quick to say No no, you're not ☺. God, my heart is melting with these two.

    • S.
      S. 2 months ago +5

      I have now rewatches tose 4 seconds like a hundred times thanks to you. Thank you for your service

  • Johan Smallberries
    Johan Smallberries 5 months ago +873

    It sounds more and more like Fabian was perfectly named. Everything said about him sounds like a Fabian trait.

    • just hair
      just hair 5 months ago +29

      Him being likeable and popular is also in line with his character

  • Elle S
    Elle S 4 months ago +616

    Em and Millie taking twice as long as everyone else in these interviews is so funny

  • Ezria Daniels
    Ezria Daniels 3 months ago +95

    can we talk about how the cast uses the correct pronouns for emma 🥺

  • David
    David 5 months ago +559

    Paddy is an amazing actor because I cannot believe he’s the same actor as Viserys!

    • Laylla's Locker
      Laylla's Locker 3 months ago

      @Meryl Actor from GOT is another actor. If that is what you were asking.

    • Meryl
      Meryl 4 months ago +1

      Is he tho??? From GOT? 😳

    • George Chapman
      George Chapman 4 months ago +5

      Hot fuzz as well I mean that is range right there

    • Dreams & Teddy Bears
      Dreams & Teddy Bears 5 months ago +15

      Both Viserys actors are I think! The brother of Daenerys/Emilia Harry Llyod has range too.. I couldn't believe he was the same guy in The Theory of Everything, the roommate.

    • Laylla's Locker
      Laylla's Locker 5 months ago +7

      Was he that priest in Peaky Blinders?

  • Danii
    Danii 5 months ago +416

    I love Eve Best and Steve Toussaint's chemistry they have together!

    • Swarley
      Swarley 4 months ago +15

      They’re like an old married couple, it’s hilarious.

    • Diana smith
      Diana smith 4 months ago +3

      I think so as well.

  • Peezy Or PJ
    Peezy Or PJ 4 months ago +353

    I’m convinced that the whole cast has a crush on Fabien. 😂

  • Emily K
    Emily K 5 months ago +485

    I love games on a press tour. So much more interesting than the same questions over and over!

  • Rhea Fernandes
    Rhea Fernandes 3 months ago +98

    The interviewer was fantastic…. Loved her energy! You could tell that the cast loved vibed with her too.

  • Sam
    Sam 4 months ago +313

    3:02 totally love & appreciate Steve & Eve using Emma's correct pronouns!

    • sevelyne13
      sevelyne13 3 months ago +22

      @lollofixxi I thought the same, but if you listen closely, he says "Emma, they keep their cards close to their chest, too" . He repeats what he said about Rhys, but only talking about Emma in that instance.

    • karthik narayanan
      karthik narayanan 3 months ago

      He was talking about two people. Not just Emma.

    • Jay HB
      Jay HB 3 months ago +1

      I was thinking the same

    • lollofixxi
      lollofixxi 3 months ago +7

      He talks about both of them tho

  • M W
    M W 5 months ago +827

    Fabien Frankel is everyone's new sexuality.

    • Gail F
      Gail F Month ago

      But Steve Toussaint is much more attractive, as is Matt Smith.

    • Illarion Illarion
      Illarion Illarion Month ago

      Не для всех. Он слишком слащавый. Это скорее отталкивает.

    • Cereza
      Cereza 3 months ago +2

      Mmmmm Daddy uwu lol

    • Nagima Daribaeva
      Nagima Daribaeva 4 months ago +4

      Yess 😍

    • pablo gordillo
      pablo gordillo 4 months ago +8

      He is!

  • David
    David 5 months ago +491

    Eve and Steve are like Gwen & Nikolaj 😂😂

    • CantoErgoSum
      CantoErgoSum 3 months ago +3

      Gwen and Nik are forever. These two are a match in a different way but just as sweet.

    • UpsIlon
      UpsIlon 5 months ago +42

      Nah, they are great but nobody can beat that legendary gwen nikolaj duo🔥😂

  • Pista Eduard
    Pista Eduard 4 months ago +123

    They had a conversation and they all agreed to name Fabien

    • Gina_Kim
      Gina_Kim 3 months ago +15

      Maybe it was a group chat 😂

  • Wandita Maximoff
    Wandita Maximoff 5 months ago +284

    I love how Liv and Emma just laugh, they’re the best duo along with Eve and Steve ❤️‍🔥

  • Anna B
    Anna B 3 months ago +42

    Oh my, Eve and Steve are a power couple on and off screen!!! These two actors are just oozing with chemistry. LOVE THEM!😍🔥🔥🔥😍

  • Sam
    Sam 4 months ago +106

    Eve and Steve have a quiet chemistry and both are regal looking too. Lovely casting💕💅🏼

  • Sel
    Sel 3 months ago +40

    Makes sense why fabien was chosen the most because he has scenes with every character in all time jumps.

  • Diana
    Diana 5 months ago +226

    Shout out to the interviewer. She’s really cool

  • Paweł Koziełło
    Paweł Koziełło 3 months ago +20

    Q: And who's most likely to...
    A1: Yeah I'm gonna have to go with Fabien on this one
    A2: Oh yeah Fabien, no question
    Q: But I didn't even fi...
    A1: Yeah once again this would be Fabien
    A2: Yeah classic Fabien

  • Molly Bells
    Molly Bells 3 months ago +30

    Emma saying they would apologize after committing treason sent me 💀

  • Sam Carter
    Sam Carter 4 months ago +62

    Eve is such a sweetie and I love her in all interviews with Steve 😊
    Also the interviewer seems so sweet

  • kabanda allanson
    kabanda allanson 5 months ago +354

    Paddy literally every question: Fabien 😂😂

  • Urszula Krekora
    Urszula Krekora 3 months ago +5

    Great video! Well done.
    This is feedback for the interviewer. It might feel unnatural to not do, but vocally validating the person you are talking to (with the "yeah, yeah!" especially at the same time that they are talking) kind of overwhelms the audio, for me at least. Maybe try to shift more to facial expressions that validate, if you feel like you still need something.
    The questions you asked were unique and the cast looked like they really enjoyed them. It's so funny how everyone piled on Fabian. (But I did have to google who that was to understand the jokes.)

  • AnnaMR
    AnnaMR 5 months ago +245

    Paddy and Matt just the best duo😂😂❤️❤️

  • Wies Verreydt
    Wies Verreydt 4 months ago +84

    "Who's most likely to commit a warcrime?"
    "Oh Fabian! the Fab boy, haha the Fabeloni... classic Fab-move lol"

  • Katie Star
    Katie Star 4 months ago +250

    Is there anything Fabian ISN’T most likely to do? 😂

  • Fabienne Müller
    Fabienne Müller 2 months ago +9

    My name is Fabienne... And it's literally pronounced the same way and it irritates me so much 😂 every time I hear them say his name I'm like "what did I do"

  • P S
    P S 4 months ago +48

    I love how they all clapped when they heard they were going to play a game 🤣🤣

  • Agrippa
    Agrippa 5 months ago +201

    Am I the only one who thinks Matt Smith's voice is similar to Iwan Rheon? I close my eyes and I feel I can hear Ramsey Bolton speaking... Hahaha

    • Agrippa
      Agrippa 4 months ago

      @venes right? 😜

    • venes
      venes 4 months ago +2

      OMG now that you say I can totally hear the similarity. When I saw episode 1, I was wondering why his voice sounds kinda familiar. Well now I know why

    • Paola Corporan
      Paola Corporan 4 months ago

      Yes very similar

    • UpsIlon
      UpsIlon 5 months ago +2

      oh my god i didnt notice, but of course😲

    • Mikiros Garoes
      Mikiros Garoes 5 months ago +5

      That's actually true now that you mentioned it

  • Ben Holt
    Ben Holt 5 months ago +83

    I have to say I was skeptical about the casting of Touissant at first, only because the Valyrian thing is supposed to be crucial to the story. 2 episodes in I think he’s fantastic and it makes no difference at all. Apologies Steve you are brilliant in this role!

    • itsMJ
      itsMJ 4 months ago

      Just searched it yesterday 😂

  • Nin The Frog
    Nin The Frog 4 months ago +117

    Fabian is everywhere but except the interview.

    • Geminii Mist
      Geminii Mist 4 months ago +6

      Ikr, I'm like where is this elusive Fabian? 🤔

  • Madam
    Madam 5 months ago +349

    “Fabien” doesn’t even sound like a name anymore 😭😭😭

  • Fire&Blood
    Fire&Blood 4 months ago +3

    I love how Liv and Emma just laugh, they’re the best duo along with Eve and Steve

  • Beka Tcharbadze
    Beka Tcharbadze 4 months ago +32

    High Valyrian for English speakers has been around since 2016 on Duolingo, I think.
    The cast has such a good chemistry, loved watching the interview. Fab is apparently very chaming person.

  • me
    me 4 months ago +34

    Milly said she could barely speak English then proceeded to not know what "treason" means😂

    • Valengw
      Valengw 2 months ago

      And the interviewer didn't either lol

  • A
    A 5 months ago +107

    Love how good ol fabs is the brunt of all their jokes 🤣🤣🤣

  • kookies&cream
    kookies&cream 3 months ago +17

    Conclusion of this interview :
    Fabion is everyone's favourite 💕

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia 4 months ago +27

    Paddy and Matt together 🤣 I would have been melting

  • xmalecx
    xmalecx 4 months ago +38

    I love this interviewer, her questions and responses don't seem forced as most other interviewers

  • julia
    julia 3 months ago +9

    olivia and emma have the best chemistry i love them

  • Katarmy 13
    Katarmy 13 Month ago

    Aww Steve is so adorable, I love how excited and jumpy he gets when he gets excited. Also he and Eve’s chemistry is so natural ❤

  • ablueble
    ablueble 5 months ago +141

    Olivia whispering "I wish It was me" really got me

  • Kari L
    Kari L 3 months ago +10

    Steve and Eve are lovely! Great duo!

  • Bebeh
    Bebeh 4 months ago +24

    Holy, I just realized it now. Emily somehow resembles Keira Knightley. Her makeup in this, also her voice, the way she speaks, and facial expression.

  • brígida
    brígida 5 months ago +355

    I need a video of Fabien reacting to this

  • Camille Zamora
    Camille Zamora 4 months ago +34

    "I'm so sorry about that treason." LMAO love Emma

  • bles_sing
    bles_sing 3 months ago +16

    Pad describing how Fabian still listening to the ost's in 6months💀

  • Angelina
    Angelina 5 months ago +259

    interviewer; who's most likely to inherit a fortune?
    paddy: f**king not me
    mood 😂

  • Bobby B
    Bobby B 5 months ago +230

    Find someone who looks at you the way Eve looks at Steve

    • Harold Davis
      Harold Davis 4 months ago

      @davidcarr9772 Oh kindly piss off... "his kind"!? It's the 21st century, there's no place in society for outdated views like yours.

    • Cavpal
      Cavpal 5 months ago +12

      you're tripping, dude. Go out and touch some grass.

    • davidcarr9772
      davidcarr9772 5 months ago +4

      I doubt it, Eve Best aka Dr O'Hara has taste and it ain't his kind

  • Natalie Nassar
    Natalie Nassar 4 months ago +17

    Paddy is hilarious I love him😂💘

  • Angela Mazzari
    Angela Mazzari 4 months ago +44

    The interviewer is so cool, they are so calm and look so at ease

  • Angelina
    Angelina 5 months ago +169

    who's gonna tell them that high valyrian is already on duolingo

  • F Lifestyle
    F Lifestyle 3 months ago +10

    Emma and Emily have such a calm presence. 💗

  • park linkin
    park linkin 5 months ago +160

    Viserys and Daemon actually look like real brothers lol!

  • DadTwoPoint0
    DadTwoPoint0 27 days ago +1

    Emma makes me blush and I’m not even there in the room 😂

  • Babs Grayson
    Babs Grayson 5 months ago +125

    Interviewer: Who -
    Everyone: FABIEN

  • ODUBluThruNThru
    ODUBluThruNThru 3 months ago +15

    I'll bet he got a half dozen separate texts saying "Your name came up a LOT just now!" 🤣

  • farley ong
    farley ong 5 months ago +35

    wait, there are two separate actresses for Allicent in this show? I actually thought it was only Rhaenyra. Both actresses look alike so much.

  • Hannah Mixon
    Hannah Mixon 4 months ago +20

    I love the interviewer. She’s just lovely. 😊

  • Veronica Panella
    Veronica Panella 5 months ago +39

    They all seem to have such great chemistry

  • Belén Montes de Oca
    Belén Montes de Oca 3 months ago +1

    Muy bien la entrevistadora. Hizo que eso fuera una conversación agradable más que un ping pong de preguntas y respuestas. Creo que es por eso que ellos se divierten tanto. Bueno, por eso y porque son adorables en verdad.

  • Megan Katie Anne Xo
    Megan Katie Anne Xo 2 months ago +2

    I love that duolingo actually added the language I’m currently trying to learn some for fun haha

  • bimblaq
    bimblaq 5 months ago +144

    i can't with Paddy "Fabian" to all the questions😂

  • Marcos MC
    Marcos MC 4 months ago +25

    Fabien the answer to everything isn’t it

  • Jane at Home
    Jane at Home 3 months ago +7

    Anyone who's seen Paddy's Insta knows he's taking the piss when he says that he's squeamish! He's a serious horror officianado.

  • Ralph Damm
    Ralph Damm 4 months ago +10

    I love this cast, generally, a lot more than the cast of GoT

  • Y S
    Y S 4 months ago +27

    Steve Touissant is just a delightful breath of fresh air

  • Meryl
    Meryl 4 months ago +20

    “We’re solitude creatures” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohammed Musa
    Mohammed Musa 5 months ago +125

    Fabien is just that guy

  • Tiffanie McMillan
    Tiffanie McMillan 4 months ago +5

    I imagine they all still grab a pint on weekends to catch up. I love them so much.

  • Uttam Kumar
    Uttam Kumar 4 months ago +35

    Fabian is show's Darling and ours too 🤷🏼‍♂️.
    My fav

  • Bored Bish lol
    Bored Bish lol 4 months ago +13

    “Like girl no”😂milly’s a mood

  • Y S
    Y S 4 months ago +15

    Steve Touissant is just a delightful breath of fresh air

  • Beico
    Beico 4 months ago +8

    Steve talking about insects made me laugh

  • KalebTheHerald
    KalebTheHerald 5 months ago +54

    " My script is dead" 🤣🤣🤣i'm dead

  • Bishopbosco
    Bishopbosco 3 months ago +2

    This entire group is charming.

  • zainab dar
    zainab dar 5 months ago +12


  • Magdelina Williams
    Magdelina Williams 2 months ago +4

    Too funny 😁 😂 luv it

  • Ellen Cristine
    Ellen Cristine 4 months ago +32

    The interviewer was so charismatic.

  • didyoujustsh.tyourself
    didyoujustsh.tyourself 6 days ago +1

    I've watched this so many times in the past 4 months, comfort video af

  • Cat S. Jacinto
    Cat S. Jacinto 4 months ago +6

    Someone tell these guys that High Valyrian is in fact in Duolingo. David J. Peterson, the language inventor, built that course I think, or at least participated in it's creation.

  • Vkooks'Sweat
    Vkooks'Sweat 4 months ago +5

    i'm obsessed with this cast

  • Gopika Puthuparambil
    Gopika Puthuparambil 4 months ago +21

    High Valyrian is IN FACT on Duolingo. It has been there for ages lol

  • Y S
    Y S 4 months ago +5

    Steve Touissant is just a delightful breath of fresh air

  • Icy Cold Hands
    Icy Cold Hands 3 months ago +10

    Fabien's just built different

  • prizzy's multisparkles
    prizzy's multisparkles 5 months ago +26

    fun fact - you can actually learn high valyrian on duolingo 👀

    • _Dragoness_
      _Dragoness_ 4 months ago

      Also fun fact if you like star trek you can learn Klingon on duolingo!

  • Felicity_Rose
    Felicity_Rose 4 months ago +5

    5:42 Aw she really makes out as if this is a real problem she deals with 😂😅

  • Dreams & Teddy Bears
    Dreams & Teddy Bears 5 months ago +16

    LOL when Matt was literally playing Prince Phillip in The Crown

  • Meghana AP Eng
    Meghana AP Eng 5 months ago +24

    emma is literally shining

  • blackfyre
    blackfyre 4 months ago +19

    8:47 ''MATTHEEEEW~''
    i cracked up😂

  • Angélique Riou
    Angélique Riou 4 months ago

    Someone needs to tell the cast of House of Dragon that they can actually do high valerian on Duolingo