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Hermitcraft S7 Episode 9: Invasion Of The CAT VILLAGERS!

  • Published on Apr 4, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 7 episode 9! We continue to hunt for heads part of the Hermitcraft Head Games. Team Grian and Scar end the day with 3323 points and take first place for the first time. We continue to build our amazing Minecraft village, with 2 new magical buildings and villager cats! Also, we discover iskall left us a magic key and a door vault! I hope you are enjoying Hermitcraft S7!
    Previous Hermitcraft episode: clip-share.net/video/mXyqmSKCPYQ/video.html
    Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist:
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  2 years ago +4431

    Thank you for watching and hope you liked the village and villager Cats! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and ring the bell to be notified of new videos! #ReadToM1Jellies

  • Generic Red Circle
    Generic Red Circle 2 years ago +2370

    Not gonna lie, a bit heartbroken that Iskallman’s good deed was ruined.

    • Sheryl Forsberg
      Sheryl Forsberg 3 months ago

      Been watching 5 vids now and still no mention 😭😭😭

    • Kanav Mathur
      Kanav Mathur 2 years ago


    • aspwillow
      aspwillow 2 years ago +1

      You can see it in the background several times *sniff*

    • P Audax
      P Audax 2 years ago +2

      Such Good Intentions, Much Good Deeds, Wow Zombies

    • FuryousD
      FuryousD 2 years ago +4

      @Tegan Williams iskall made that room the zombie was in, that room was full of doors and not just the 3 that scar found, the zombie spawned in the room and broke all the doors while scar was loading the area and stuck around once it got a door in its hand since mobs with things in their hands don't despawn, its sad to see that it destroyed all but 3 after watching iskall's video since he put allot of work into making that room but since scar is going to repurposed it i guess it isn't that bad

  • Gangsta Penguin
    Gangsta Penguin 2 years ago +809

    I finally understand scars building abilities. He starts off with a foundation. Randomises a little. Then he enters god mode.

  • HetFloortje
    HetFloortje 2 years ago +363

    Most people: Get scared when they're killed
    Scar: Gets scared when he kills someone

    • Grammar Police
      Grammar Police 8 months ago

      @Minecraft Cube Its literally traumatizing they make you take therapy if you kill someone (For like the army)

    • Arceus
      Arceus Year ago

      @Minecraft Cube that would be bad

    • Minecraft Cube
      Minecraft Cube Year ago +1

      Imagine killing someone in real life...

  • Terraspark
    Terraspark 2 years ago +955

    Your and Grians team name should be “Magic Mischief” for you being magic, and Grian being Mischievous....

  • President Linc
    President Linc 2 years ago +1112

    In case anyone was wondering, Scar’s time lapse song is called “Howling” by Lupus Nocte
    Your Welcome!! :)

  • Tyler the Yoshi
    Tyler the Yoshi 2 years ago +1863

    Iskall: *Gives Scar a door vault hidden by green carpet*
    Scar: *Doesn't see the message for days and places a ton more green carpets*
    Zombie: *Breaks most of the doors*
    A Series of Unfortunate Events

    • MZIH
      MZIH Year ago

      Hermit Challengeeees

    • Sefie Helcatari
      Sefie Helcatari 2 years ago

      Look away look awaay this channel will reck evening

    • Kendrick Brofar
      Kendrick Brofar 2 years ago

      @Tim Schadt i know i meant that the zombie was probably trained by grian but it is just a joke so yeah

    • I am cool (real not fake)
      I am cool (real not fake) 2 years ago


    • Tyler the Yoshi
      Tyler the Yoshi 2 years ago

      @Michael Ibrahim I WAS referencing the book series though.

  • HarleysMusic
    HarleysMusic 2 years ago +287

    I know this might be off topic but i’ve been thinking about it lately: Scar i want you to know you are a testament to every person content creator or not who has a similar situation to you, accomplishments cannot be shackled. You are one of my favorite content creators and easily the nicest and one of the best looking guys on youtube. Your strength is out of this world and your patience and accomplishments are things i could never achieve. I want you to know that i freaking love you and what you are doing and will be around for the long run along with you.

    • HarleysMusic
      HarleysMusic 9 months ago +2

      @Lasercraft32 lol i made it when i was way smaller than i am now lol. Im 18 now but at the time i made the username i was probably 10. I love scar he means a lot to me still to this day. I had unexpected surgery last year and got only a piece of the stuff he’s went through. :) thank you and everyone else for hearing me .

    • Lasercraft32
      Lasercraft32 9 months ago +2

      Wholesome and comforting words from the person with the username "armageddon" XD

    • Joshua Mayo
      Joshua Mayo Year ago +2

      Indeed! I think we all love Scar.

    • Faadi Nabhan
      Faadi Nabhan Year ago +1

      Awww me too

    • HarleysMusic
      HarleysMusic 2 years ago +3

      noodlenose23 i hope he did too.

  • Alaenia Sharpe
    Alaenia Sharpe 2 years ago +214

    Scar: *brain screeches to a halt at seeing 2k pts on board*
    Cub: Time for revenge.....

    • Hornet
      Hornet 2 years ago +3

      Also there was Still that bounty on scar, so Cub might have taken revenge to make 150pt

    • Alaenia Sharpe
      Alaenia Sharpe 2 years ago +1

      Poor Scar...

  • Alexander Carlsson
    Alexander Carlsson 2 years ago +279

    Scar: time to enter superfast-buildmode!
    My brain: dANcE tiME

  • Nocturne Night
    Nocturne Night 2 years ago +67

    I think you sould make a jeweler's hut, you know for the magic cristals.

  • Ashlynn Who
    Ashlynn Who 2 years ago +833

    Scar: Terraforming above the door vault area
    Me: Sweating heavily

    • Turtle Kristiansen
      Turtle Kristiansen 2 years ago


    • Nancy Medina
      Nancy Medina 2 years ago

      you can even see the green carpet for the entrance at one point in the time lapse

    • Jacob
      Jacob 2 years ago

      I don’t think Grians cat Maui is a misfit

    • Juma Arbabi
      Juma Arbabi 2 years ago


    • Tina Ao
      Tina Ao 2 years ago


  • Frederik
    Frederik 2 years ago +220

    GoodTimesWithScar? The channel should be named AwesomeUnforgetableBestTimesWithTheCoolestGuyNamedScar.

    • CzG
      CzG Year ago

      His name is Ryan not Scar lol

    • pLaYeR #2
      pLaYeR #2 2 years ago

      @Vic2 Ibusan stfu

    • Vic2 Ibusan
      Vic2 Ibusan 2 years ago +6

      @Pisanggeni stfu

    • Pisanggeni
      Pisanggeni 2 years ago +3

      1st Reply after 70 Likes

  • Psahl
    Psahl 2 years ago +98

    Hey Scar! Hermitcraft 7 has been the first season where I’ve been watching your perspective. I’ve been loving your playstyle and your interactions with the other Hermits. I also recently learned about your disability, and I just wanted to tell you how much respect I have towards you, and I hope things go your way in the near future!
    Thank you for making amazing content.
    - A newly attained fan from Norway

    • Psahl
      Psahl Year ago

      @Runa Runsa Ch. Love it!

    • Huabin
      Huabin Year ago +1

      @Runa Runsa Ch. same!

  • Its Bebe
    Its Bebe 2 years ago +28

    Grian and Scar's fight is so much more adorable from Scar's perspective. Not do aggressive.

  • Darth Sass
    Darth Sass 2 years ago +51


  • Eli Hays
    Eli Hays 2 years ago +692

    Iskall: *places doors instead of storing them in chests.*
    Zombie: hippoty hoppoty those doors are my property.

    • Jbelo55
      Jbelo55 2 years ago +2

      its very possible it was grian, he could have stopped by to steal scar's door then saw the signs well before scar, and decided to take them :)

    • Gurkimo
      Gurkimo 2 years ago +2

      animal crossing zipper

    • Gunnar Flåten
      Gunnar Flåten 2 years ago +1


    • Jack Perdue
      Jack Perdue 2 years ago +1

      Hippot hoppoty (your) doors are (now)my property

    • Kirsty Wright
      Kirsty Wright 2 years ago +1

      @Evan Zachary Madanguit this comment is to simple

  • Mr. Just About Average
    Mr. Just About Average 2 years ago +147

    Everyone on Hermitcraft : darn my red stone contraption doesn’t work
    Also everyone on Hermitcraft : Mumbo!

    • Pisanggeni
      Pisanggeni 2 years ago +1

      @Kylie Banman Oohh I get it 😂😂

    • Kylie Banman
      Kylie Banman 2 years ago +3

      And then... “Grian!”

    • Daniel Scruton
      Daniel Scruton 2 years ago +3

      Lol so tru mumbie and iskool domall the redstone on the server

    • Nickname or Smth
      Nickname or Smth 2 years ago +5

      Mr. Just About Average So true

  • Reapsin
    Reapsin 2 years ago +36

    Scar: let's have feline-faced villagers!
    Me: khajiit have wares, if you have coin...

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway 2 years ago +32

    Everyone when scar goes into super fast build mode: *Jammin out*

  • Dakota Peddle
    Dakota Peddle 2 years ago +194

    Can we get “Operation, Aquathunder” merch??

  • Laurence Shaver
    Laurence Shaver 2 years ago +1019

    Me knowing where the vault is: having a mini heart attack everytime he's terraforming close to it

  • Ωmega
    Ωmega 2 years ago +9

    Iskall: Does good deed
    Scar: Terraforms over door vault and gets iskall’s head via killing him

  • Lasagna Face
    Lasagna Face 2 years ago +7

    Scar might love cats and cat heads in people, but think about the ocelots he had to kill to get all these heads.

  • NinjaMagic
    NinjaMagic 2 years ago +4

    The "jungle crew" of you, Mumbo, Grian, iskall, and Stress are definitely my favorite hermits. You guys are just great and hilarious. Great work

  • BalleManden
    BalleManden 2 years ago +15

    10:31 the green carpet that you needed to drop the key into was literally in front of you 😔

  • Lasang
    Lasang 2 years ago +509

    Everyone: Sees the key spot in almost every shot.
    Scar: Terraforms right on top of it.

    • XR Sera
      XR Sera 2 years ago

      I haven't watched Iskall's vid and I also didn't know where the vault is, so i can't really blame Scar lol

    • Max s
      Max s 2 years ago

      @Lasang Oh ok

    • Lasang
      Lasang 2 years ago

      @Max s Dean is a bot, it's going on Iskall and Scars videos from what I've seen.

    • Max s
      Max s 2 years ago +1

      @Dean what platform

    • Max s
      Max s 2 years ago +1

      Go on iskals new vid and tell him i did it

  • Jack
    Jack 2 years ago +30

    Scar: sais hes going to use the vault for magical crystals
    Iskall: WH-

  • Carl Castro
    Carl Castro 2 years ago +100

    *sign says 2092 points*
    Scar: “oh my gosh 2902 points”
    lol i just wanted to point that out

    • •NB•
      •NB• 2 years ago +4

      He has dyslexia but it was still hilarious

    • Bert Comeau
      Bert Comeau 2 years ago +2

      I was looking for this comment as soon as I noticed that

    • BatmanXC
      BatmanXC 2 years ago +9

      I believe he has said he suffers from dyslexia in the past

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist 2 years ago +11

    Whenever I see someone wearing Iskall's head, I think of IskallMAN!

  • Quov
    Quov 2 years ago +3

    I hope your doing okay Scar, Please stay safe during this time!

  • Toreole
    Toreole 2 years ago +793

    Scar: looks around
    Me, knowing where the door vault is everytime he goes past it: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    • Xious Ban
      Xious Ban 2 years ago

      Every time he builds something I'm like "aaah please dont kill the hill!"

      KOKO EMERALD 2 years ago

      I was legit angry like HOW DID HE NOT SEE IT

      KOKO EMERALD 2 years ago

      Yeah dud same :D

    • Matteo Villani
      Matteo Villani 2 years ago +3

      I know same, shouting at my screen "SCAR IT'S RIGHT THERE!!!"

    • NaeNae Myers
      NaeNae Myers 2 years ago

      YESSSSSSSSSSSS! I am so mad

  • Liyud
    Liyud 2 years ago +12

    Just a replay button for myself, I can't stop laughing to this

  • m.a.z.e
    m.a.z.e 2 years ago +7

    “You know it course and it gets in every thing” how did I miss that!!!!! ( he was talking about sand )

  • Yoddle
    Yoddle 2 years ago +2

    Scar I love you!! Truly inspirational as a person and just truly an amazing person. Never met someone as genuine and creative as you and just keep doing you and spreading your love!

  • Her Weirdoo
    Her Weirdoo 2 years ago +2

    It's always such a treat to watch scar build

  • Daan Schaas
    Daan Schaas 2 years ago +2062

    scar: terraforms above the door vault
    everyone: ...

  • Spooky Cargo
    Spooky Cargo 2 years ago +2

    For the team name, I would go with Pearl Jam. This is because Grain has a cat named pearl and jam is the english term for jelly/jellie.

  • Cjzzz
    Cjzzz 2 years ago +2

    Scar: look at these juicy delicious hamburgers
    Also Scar: 19:57

  • Voltik_Fate
    Voltik_Fate 2 years ago +3

    Everyone : Stars building their mega base

  • Swiss 54
    Swiss 54 2 years ago +2

    Scar I really appreciate you and your hard work on every video I love your content.

  • Fluffy 368683
    Fluffy 368683 2 years ago +827

    iskall: puts a million doors in a vault
    zombie: imma end this man's whole good deed

    • Fluffy 368683
      Fluffy 368683 2 years ago

      @GGUNTER ok wow

      GGUNTER 2 years ago

      Fluffy 368683 I bet you grian put that zombie in there off cam

    • Tanner Donkey
      Tanner Donkey 2 years ago

      but it has a key lock

    • Swintty
      Swintty 2 years ago +1

      Guys don't expose Zombie 😶😶😶😶😉😉😉😉😉

    • Drummer Daan
      Drummer Daan 2 years ago +5

      @Corosite dont be mad!!!!

  • Scott Summerfield
    Scott Summerfield 2 years ago +1

    I think it would look good with some of the houses built into the cliff side

  • William 2101
    William 2101 2 years ago +1

    You should have one shulker box in the back called “lucky duck” full with goodies
    Also, team aqua thunder, would be cool.

  • Aaron Pulley
    Aaron Pulley 2 years ago +3

    The villager noses come out from the cat heads like cat tongues sticking out!

  • Envy on 60hz
    Envy on 60hz 2 years ago +1

    Scar i just want to say you a great person you're an idle for me even you're great at Terra-forming you just make me feel happy and warm even when i'm upset. Thank you Scar

  • philippa murray
    philippa murray 2 years ago +911

    Grian in chat: How dare you!
    Grian: I think he's getting it
    Scar: My boots were clean!

    • Jammy Lii
      Jammy Lii 2 years ago +27

      Scar: Jumping on the bed is fun

  • Rochelle Hurenkamp
    Rochelle Hurenkamp 2 years ago

    I love your town so much! I often come back to videos like this (and the landscaping shop for example) to look for tips and inspiration, so they’re really useful. I would love a tutorial-like video where you show us some tips and tricks on how to detail a bigger area (like a town or village) to make it come together and seem lively 😊

  • Jacob Keltz
    Jacob Keltz 2 years ago

    This village is easily my favorite build on the server :)

  • noodlenose23
    noodlenose23 2 years ago +1

    Nothing brightens my day more than a giggle from Scar.

  • Aarav Supreme
    Aarav Supreme 2 years ago +2

    The team should be called "The Jungle Bandits"

  • ShalvN1m
    ShalvN1m 2 years ago +694

    Iskall: *build a vault door*
    Zombie: I gonna end this mans whole career

    • guy aviani
      guy aviani 2 years ago +1

      Quentin T Gaming good luck!

    • guy aviani
      guy aviani 2 years ago +1

      Quentin T Gaming I said that a lot of Israelis are watching scar

    • guy aviani
      guy aviani 2 years ago +1

      מתברר שהרבה ישראלים רואים את scar

    • SenseiYaq
      SenseiYaq 2 years ago

      it was an accidental thing because I watch iskall

    • JoY Journey on Youtube
      JoY Journey on Youtube 2 years ago +1

      @M Kapp I felt that

  • Enabi Seira
    Enabi Seira 2 years ago

    That village is looking amazingly marvelous.

  • Tiny Raindrop ღ
    Tiny Raindrop ღ 2 years ago

    I love the magical style of your builds

  • Matthew McMillan
    Matthew McMillan 2 years ago +3

    that forge reminds me of theSkyforge in Skyrim and Howl's Moving Castle

  • Shiro Hawke
    Shiro Hawke 2 years ago

    As someone binge watching all your videos, I just saw the loose villager and thought about the one that ran off into the jungle from your purchase with stress. He was always homeward bound.

  • Justine Amoroso
    Justine Amoroso 2 years ago +408

    Iskall: let's make our clue a green carpet
    Scar's base: makes lighting under the green carpet
    Everyone watching:🤦‍♂️

    • J_emmons_07
      J_emmons_07 2 years ago

      @Memento Mori well yes but the darn zomberg

    • Memento Mori
      Memento Mori 2 years ago +2

      Well, to be fair, Iskall did that long before Scar did anything in the Village and before he placed any green carpet to hide the light sources...

    • Benkonto 94
      Benkonto 94 2 years ago +2


    • Lil Criz
      Lil Criz 2 years ago +1

      this is fr the funniest thing though

    • pikachu -
      pikachu - 2 years ago +1

      Lol 200th like

  • Lumi
    Lumi 2 years ago +3

    Scar: Looking at the Bounty Board
    Cub: Hello there! *WHACK*

  • ゲイブチャン
    ゲイブチャン 2 years ago

    Your videos make me smile scar, thanks for being awesome 🙏🏽

  • De-Ray
    De-Ray 2 years ago +4

    i love the fact that scar didn’t care that he just lost 74 levels

    • Arceus
      Arceus Year ago

      He had aacess to grian xp farm and moreover it was a very usual thing for him to die

  • Real Cryptc
    Real Cryptc 2 years ago +1

    A teetering tower of farms would be really cool!

  • sketchy gato
    sketchy gato 2 years ago +224

    Scar: *doesnt know where the door is and is talking about elevating some builds* Me: *almost starts yelling as I see him almost reach the door vault everytime*

  • Lee Love
    Lee Love 2 years ago

    I love Minecraft but I wish I had the imagination and ability to see a design like all you guys do. Awesome job!!

  • S117 Oracle
    S117 Oracle 2 years ago +1

    That was a pro pvp kill Scar. Nice work! Go team Scar & Grayon!

  • AnniZbear
    AnniZbear 2 years ago

    Scars little laugh is one of the cutest things I have ever heard it makes me smile every time :)))

  • Maniacallaugh
    Maniacallaugh 2 years ago

    I love how all of the hermits have little themes to them, like wizard scar, pharaoh cub, hobbit Mumbo and Grian, toon tango, etc.

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill 2 years ago +567

    The whole room was filled with doors I watched Iskals video. The zombie broke them. 😞

    • Deepcethree
      Deepcethree 2 years ago

      @-Ayzeen ` Iskall's episode "Good deeds iskallman" at 6 minutes 20 secs. He filled the room with doors.

    • M0ssFr0g
      M0ssFr0g 2 years ago

      @minorsecond technically theres a 5% percentage chance that a spawned zombie can break down doors. However, this zombie spawned with both the ability to break down doors AND pick up items. (I've found that the door breakers tend to be better candidates for picking em up. Any time my door breaks I find a nearby husk holding it in his hand, so door breakers could be 100% item holders.)
      I doubt too many other mobs spawned. There were enough torches in there that probably only one or two spots was spawnable, but iskall did make it worse by placing so many doors, which blocked some of the light. Also, the zombies only break closed doors. Had he placed them and then "opened" them all, they would have been safe despite the light level.

    • Ralph Thompson
      Ralph Thompson 2 years ago

      Gaming with Me it was his good deeds video and just skip about 6 minutes in I think

    • minorsecond
      minorsecond 2 years ago

      Taner Oles Iskall didn’t light the space up enough so with Scar working nearby, zombies spawned. Zombies on hard difficulty (which is what Hermitcraft is) can break down any wooden door. The zombie that was capable of picking up items didn’t despawn while the other mobs did.

    • Taner Oles
      Taner Oles 2 years ago

      A zombie broke them?

  • loyalliberty GC
    loyalliberty GC 2 years ago

    I love your builds and your style! I do think they are over detailed a bit but still lovely!

  • cam
    cam 2 years ago +6

    Scar when he got a kill:is about to faint
    Me when he got a kill:ok ye good

  • Leon The Dane
    Leon The Dane 2 years ago

    awesome video.
    I really like how you do the super fast build mode, the speed, the music and even the lever action :)
    Keep up the awesome job.

  • Uncle UBik
    Uncle UBik 2 years ago +1

    love your builds and videos. One thing though is i cant watch in the later hours of evening, since the loud music always wakes up the whole neigbourhood :D

  • Jaime Miranda
    Jaime Miranda 2 years ago +131

    IskallMAN trying to do good deeds
    Zombie: allow me to introduce myself

  • Spooky Cargo
    Spooky Cargo 2 years ago +1

    I think a library would be an awesome addition to fantasy cove :)

  • Byou
    Byou 2 years ago +2

    Honestly a little sad with the amount of doors the zombie broke, it was a funny good deed

  • BoostAddict
    BoostAddict 2 years ago +20

    "It's coarse and it gets everywhere" ok Anakin

  • ♡autumnie♡
    ♡autumnie♡ 2 years ago +1

    Maybe you could make a sort of Crystal harvesting place underground with fog and other mysterious things. Maybe you could even add a 'blocked off' area in that dark forest near your base which has some dark magic going on.

  • Shinobi 0
    Shinobi 0 2 years ago +348

    21:43 That zombie broke almost 2 stacks of door and they all despawned, that is the most evil zombie ever.

  • Caden Britten
    Caden Britten 2 years ago +1

    You should build a huge shopping mall in the space you bought in the shopping district. You could fill it with numerous shops of yours or sell out units to the other hermits. Everyone would be interested in a mall so they would be tons of foot traffic thru there

  • Krarilotus
    Krarilotus 2 years ago +2

    Does anyone know, which video editing software scar uses? His timelapses are just amazing. And i can't seem to get it wuite as good as he does.
    He is probably to busy to answer me here, so i seek advice from the other watching fans out her :D
    I love how his music ramps up and how smooth he transitions into hsi timelapses and out of it. Its just perfect!

  • Podi
    Podi 2 years ago

    Your builds indeed are great inspiration and that's actually why I started watching in the first place. I saw your builds in the videos of other Hermits and I was impressed and since I was looking for inspiration I decided to try and get caught up on your videos, so I've been watching for a few days. Planning to start work on a magical village commune on the server I'm playing on and hope to find another person or two to work on it with me. I'm pretty slow at building things on my own.

  • Travis Curran
    Travis Curran 2 years ago +1

    Honestly that was a an OP move by Scar vs Cub

  • Joachim Rama
    Joachim Rama 2 years ago +388

    Grian: "From poor man, to slightly poor man!"
    Scar: *Is it just me or is this boat growing?*

  • Frederico Sousa
    Frederico Sousa 2 years ago

    I think the Barn could have "magic" elements, like the crystals. Like it used to store them long ago or something

  • Injeolmiess097
    Injeolmiess097 2 years ago

    Get well soon Scar, we miss you!!

  • Ur Dad
    Ur Dad 2 years ago +2

    Technically, Cub attempted to assassinate the mayor, who also happens to be his boss

  • E E
    E E 2 years ago

    your such an amazing builder, i wish i was like you scar !!

  • CornB0b
    CornB0b 2 years ago +204

    The zombie took out all the doors, Iskall filled the entire room so all but 1 spot had a door

    • Macrobioscopic
      Macrobioscopic 2 years ago

      @CornB0b well "pesky bird" can easily place back the key

    • CornB0b
      CornB0b 2 years ago

      JustATomat he would need the key

    • Macrobioscopic
      Macrobioscopic 2 years ago +3

      Or the "pesky bird" know the door vault and take all the door there??? 🤔

  • skineal
    skineal 2 years ago

    You are really an inspiration. And i love the Wizard outfit and the Chorus Fruit teleports!

  • Centurio-Network
    Centurio-Network 2 years ago

    I would love to see a tavern in the village ^-^

  • Cjzzz
    Cjzzz 2 years ago +1

    You should have a library like a magical library with floating candles

  • Cocodragongirl
    Cocodragongirl 2 years ago

    Why do I get so genuinely excited when I can sense super-fast-build-mode is coming?

  • MoneyMonkey538
    MoneyMonkey538 2 years ago +207

    Iskall put a lot of doors there, must have just been an unfortunate mistake with the zombie

    • kent barnhurst
      kent barnhurst 2 years ago +2

      The door room was not a troll, a zombie must have spawned and taken the doors

    • Riley Kennedy
      Riley Kennedy 2 years ago


    • DonaldDuckITH
      DonaldDuckITH 2 years ago +12

      @Salmon Fish Yeah, the vault was full to the brim with doors. It was sad that it wasn't lit up properly.

    • Salmon Fish
      Salmon Fish 2 years ago +10

      Yeah. The zombie broke most of the doors, since he can only hold one, the rest despawned.

  • Myshro
    Myshro 2 years ago

    You should build an alchemy lab where you brew potions and experiment with magical crystals.

  • Autumn Heathcote
    Autumn Heathcote 2 years ago +1

    Hi scar I hope your staying safe with that outbreak out there

  • Robert Franz
    Robert Franz 2 years ago +1

    I get so excited when I see the green carpet where the vault is but he always misses it, anyways, love u scar

  • Britiany Robinson
    Britiany Robinson 2 years ago

    Awesome pvp kill!! Love the builds!

  • Karol Szymborski
    Karol Szymborski 2 years ago +172

    Iskall: Yeah Scar will find it easily!
    Scar: adds 100 more green carpets
    Also Scar: hmmmmmmm

  • Amplersand 11
    Amplersand 11 2 years ago

    I think you should add some detailed hobbit holes in the side of the hills. Maybe where the magic vault is

  • captaintekton
    captaintekton 2 years ago

    If you hold down shift, it quick moves items into a chest so you don't have to move them ONE BY ONE

  • Hugo Amkreutz
    Hugo Amkreutz 2 years ago

    I know this was a while back but you ask how to get XP from those furnaces all you need is to power the hopper (so it can’t take items) then take one of the smelted items from the furnace yourself. Hope this helps :)