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I Completed ALL ADVANCEMENTS in 100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft

  • Published on Feb 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • SwitchBackMongo
    SwitchBackMongo  10 months ago +1527

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about the "Oooh Shiny" advancement and why I didn't get it the first time I traded gold with piglins 🐷
    I know the answer, but I think it'd be more fun to ask who else knows? Reply to this comment with the reason if you have it. If nobody gets it by tomorrow, I'll add it myself 😂

  • Maximilian Dorninger
    Maximilian Dorninger 11 months ago +3307

    This guy has made more progress on day 1 than others do in 100 days

  • bacon__noob
    bacon__noob Month ago +104

    Dude this is like a mix of AA speedruns, good storytelling, 100 days hardcore and long videos
    Seriously no joke top 10 best youtube videos ever

    • Volonid
      Volonid 19 days ago

      @Jon Thor 😥

    • Jon Thor
      Jon Thor 19 days ago +1

      @Volonid 🤓

    • Volonid
      Volonid 24 days ago +1

      Better be a joke this is like top 100000 at best there's so many hardcore advancement runs

  • Chris Talus
    Chris Talus Month ago

    "Right as my finger was starting to cramp from all the holding shift" You can set sneaking to toggle in the accessibility settings

  • Sotsuma
    Sotsuma Month ago +1

    This guy: completes every advancements in 100 days
    Other 100 days youtubers: *waiting until day 100 to kill the ender dragon*

  • xursai
    xursai 6 months ago +52

    i genuinely watched this throughout my day and this was by far the most enjoyable minecraft video I’ve ever watched. props to you my friend

  • ur dad
    ur dad 10 months ago +1768

    The suspicious stew’s effect on day 55 from the villager was actually Saturation - the game hides that effect from your HUD because you gain it when you eat anyway.

  • Bubble.
    Bubble. 29 days ago

    I literally watched the whole video
    That's the first time I ever watched a 1 hour vid

  • WadDelZ
    WadDelZ 7 months ago +37

    This video is amazing mate. You are a complete legend. I can't even do all achievements in like 3939384 days. Loved the video. Liked and subscribed. I also would like to request shaders (only if you want to) 😃 😊 keep up the great work. 👍

  • ♡¿X_Junk0oX?♡
    ♡¿X_Junk0oX?♡ Month ago +1

    That was 2 melee hits if I was burning before that
    Has fire resistance

  • Koala_King
    Koala_King 5 months ago +9

    I usually hate longer videos but this video kept my short little attention span under control. Thanks so much for making such a fun video!

  • NotNotBrock
    NotNotBrock 11 months ago +82

    Got my popcorn ready, so stoked for this dude!!!

    • SwitchBackMongo
      SwitchBackMongo  11 months ago +9

      Ayee thank you brock! Just skip the slime clip 👀

  • Tk Karere
    Tk Karere Month ago

    WOW your a pro!

  • Oliver Royce Liem
    Oliver Royce Liem 7 months ago +85

    This man got to the end in 9 days what a legend

    • Shade Sonic
      Shade Sonic 21 day ago

      Speedrunners, who get to the end in the equivalent of 11 Minecraft hours: Pathetic.

    • Underground Rap
      Underground Rap 24 days ago +1

      @floppa corporation being 12 is even worse💀

    • ibxnoah
      ibxnoah 24 days ago

      World record holder got to end in 1 or 2 days

    • Crescent
      Crescent 25 days ago +1

      @floppa corporation being 12 isnt impressive, if anything its an insult to your own intelligence

    • I am Obama
      I am Obama 2 months ago +1

      @Daphne Garcia Holkan A Minecraft day is 20 minutes. Each hour consists of three Minecraft days, meaning 2 hours would be 6 Minecraft days.

  • Souptik Dam
    Souptik Dam Month ago

    why did u not take the tnt from the desert temples
    tnt is a much better alternative to beds

  • RainBurst
    RainBurst Month ago

    that suspicious stew gave you saturation.

  • ShadowMech
    ShadowMech 11 months ago +65

    Very smooth opening Mongo! Now, I'm invested.

    • SwitchBackMongo
      SwitchBackMongo  11 months ago +3

      Thank you shadow! It's been nice getting to know you a bit over the last few weeks 😁 can't wait to make some dominion videos now!

  • Varun Lutchman
    Varun Lutchman Month ago +1

    39:41 smelting glass??!?!
    Ik you meant sand😛

  • Tea
    Tea 28 days ago

    This was honestly one of the most entertaining mc vidoes ive watched recently great work!!

  • Zesty Mordant18
    Zesty Mordant18 17 days ago +1

    I actually sat through this entire thing.. and I loved every second of it

  • A pumpkin
    A pumpkin 7 months ago +5

    Remember when hardcore only gave you 1 heart and the all of the difficulties of mobs wanting to un alive you and Everything have more health and dousing double damage? At least you got better items and have a higher chance to get rare loot more often.

  • Legundo
    Legundo 11 months ago +1247

    Ok, now that I’ve finished - you absolutely nailed this story and your accomplishments in the world!! Such awesome work and it has that signature Mongo flair!! Amazing!!

    • GodOfToast10
      GodOfToast10 7 months ago

      the effect that you got for like .1 seconds was saturation i did some quick research

    • guys look
      guys look 7 months ago

      you deserve more subs tbh

    • yahoot
      yahoot 10 months ago

      @Some dude LMAO yes I know

    • Wolfixal
      Wolfixal 10 months ago

      @yahoot same lol

    • denisynn
      denisynn 10 months ago

      Yoooo that's so sweet man I like wholesomeness

  • Zacovat
    Zacovat Month ago

    The Suspicious stew gave you slowness

  • Elliot Chambion
    Elliot Chambion 6 months ago +1

    Not only is it impressive the content is incredible, keep it up

  • Dofficial01
    Dofficial01 7 months ago +2

    The fact this video is over an hour long and I enjoyed every single second

  • purplish_blue
    purplish_blue 7 months ago

    the editing in this video is insane! keep up the great work!

  • AidanVEnki
    AidanVEnki 11 months ago +419

    You're CRIMINALLY underrated. This is the coolest 100 days I've seen since the big man himself, Luke the notable.

    • Godlike
      Godlike 11 days ago

      @Xenon GD 🤓

    • pigster plays
      pigster plays 7 months ago +2

      yeah can we get this guy some more deserved subs

    • Alice apple
      Alice apple 8 months ago +3

      This is the 3rd coolest 100 days, since LTN and SB737

    • Xenon GD
      Xenon GD 10 months ago +2

      Luke TheNotable*

    • Hedgehog games!
      Hedgehog games! 10 months ago

      @kyrandezeehond FAKE CANMAN 18

  • xav
    xav 6 months ago

    The video was so well put together on top of your skills of the game paying off in the end and you finishing even before 100 days. Props to you SwitchBackMongo, you earned my sub.

  • top football goals
    top football goals 4 months ago +2

    This man's just too good at the game

  • Sarah Gardner
    Sarah Gardner Month ago

    Omg your editing is ON POINT!!!! I love the little twist on the screen when you open chests. Its so dang creative. Like you turned it into a dance! Wow!!!

  • Aldrich plays
    Aldrich plays 7 months ago +1

    The fact that he completed all the advancements In 100 days is one of the best minecraft players i ever seen

  • qucciret knoops
    qucciret knoops 7 months ago +490

    I really enjoy how you actually play the game and not immediately start making iron golem farms etc, really entertaining to watch!

    • creeper izak
      creeper izak 3 months ago +7

      In iron farm might have wasted too much time

    • discount weebho
      discount weebho 6 months ago +33

      Same! I was totally expecting him to say he was gonna make an iron farm when he needed beacon materials. It was a lot more interesting to see him grind it out

  • Kimmax Browski
    Kimmax Browski 7 months ago

    The result of the mysterious stew that the villager gave you on day 55 was Saturation, which the game hides from your HUD because you already get it when you eat.

  • Stephanie Stamper
    Stephanie Stamper 6 months ago

    A much easier way to get channeling on the trident would have been to wait to enchant until you got the trident because the very first enchants of every Minecraft world are the same, for example the very first enchant on a sword will always be looting 2 and for a trident it will always be channeling.

    RUDI GAMING 7 months ago

    34:21 he forgot that emerald ore lol XD , great video bro , I understand how effort u put in ur videos thx for giving us great content and some knowledge about Minecraft

  • Ultimata
    Ultimata 5 months ago

    They should honestly make a advancement for completing all others just to feel that bit more accomplished when you finally do it

  • Akira!
    Akira! 5 months ago

    great job, SwitchBackMongo! you have earned a sub!

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 5 months ago

    as he was flying through to breed striders, his recording system also picked up two striders riding each other. this is considered the rarest mob

  • The Kid Flipist
    The Kid Flipist 6 months ago +1

    The suspicious stew on day 55 was saturation, because the effect only lasts for 0.35 - 0.5 seconds,
    and going on 0.25x speed you can see the effect

  • Pallav Kshirsagar
    Pallav Kshirsagar 5 months ago

    I really watched the full video without skipping a single second....loved it....!!

  • pumpkin pie
    pumpkin pie 8 months ago +312

    This is easily the best Minecraft video I've ever seen. Pure content. Straight to the point. Loved this video. The editing was perfect as well! Awesome!!

  • Ive Gone Chonkers
    Ive Gone Chonkers 7 months ago

    This was so wholesome i loved it so much.

  • overly stupid
    overly stupid 5 months ago +4

    skeleton: "Am I a joke to you?"
    switchbackmongo: *Yes.*

  • Mx
    Mx  5 months ago

    Hey, on grinding for bookshelves, instead of using farms you can go to the stronghold and get them much faster.

  • Evan Christensen
    Evan Christensen 7 months ago +1

    For any one wondering, the suspicious stew he got from trading gave him hunger

  • Marie Gutierrez
    Marie Gutierrez 9 months ago +214

    I actually love how you repaid the kindness back to the villagers and their village

  • andre silva
    andre silva 6 months ago

    this is fun to watch, more for me than the speedruns that take 9 minecraft days, too rushed and my brain cant keep up, this was fun.

  • DOMINO tube parsi
    DOMINO tube parsi Month ago

    I really appreciate the struggle you did in this video🙂

  • Comet Sands
    Comet Sands 25 days ago

    I had never watched a 1 hour Minecraft video (movie) from beginning to end. I'm glad I did, this was one of the best things I've ever watched on Clip-Share.

  • Nick
    Nick 7 months ago

    i'm shocked i managed to stay the whole video. Thanks! for the entertainment for 70 minutes

  • Mercy
    Mercy 8 months ago +162

    41:10 the icon showed reduced hunger (AKA increased saturation) but it was very temporary so I'm not sure how effective it was. I slowed the video to .25x and held down the spacebar, and it showed the shank (meat leg thing) with a white arrow pointing downwards, whereas the Hunger effect (reduced saturation, like with rotten flesh) on its own doesn't have an arrow. The Hunger effect decreases saturation, meaning you need to eat again soon after. The suspicious stew gave the opposite effect

    • gamer_PRANAV
      gamer_PRANAV 4 months ago

      I think it was slwo

    • Jaknoof1234
      Jaknoof1234 5 months ago +1

      I also did this and i can confirm that this is the effect he got

    • Lucas Arce
      Lucas Arce 6 months ago +2

      @Kami Kelp that's what i was going to say, i just discovered that today accidentally

    • Kami Kelp
      Kami Kelp 7 months ago +5

      That's interesting. By the way, little thing I discovered not too long ago, pressing the comma , key or the period . key moves the video back or forward through each frame.

  • Daily Dose of Memes
    Daily Dose of Memes 7 months ago +1

    This dude did more in 13 days than I can do in 3 years

  • Itchy Goober
    Itchy Goober 5 months ago

    You can turn a mundane potion into a potion of weakness if you add the fermented eye , it's just an unnecessary step but it still works

  • Xmondtho
    Xmondtho 5 months ago +1

    It’s taken me 100+ days to go to even the portal room and this man has done it in 8 days?..

  • Xavior's Hideout
    Xavior's Hideout 5 months ago

    11:20 is really calling me out. I had no idea (still don’t) how I’m so unlucky with end cities.
    I remember looking for hours to get an end city only to get stranded in the middle of butt knows where living off of chorus fruit. Not fun

  • DiamondGamer504
    DiamondGamer504 7 months ago

    Congratulations, friend. You have truly beaten Minecraft in its entirety, and should use this world to get the 1.19 advancements as well.

  • JSMotard
    JSMotard 4 months ago

    Damn they have added lots of advancements, I remember doing all the advancements in the game but then there were only like 30 ish I believe

  • SBF Guy
    SBF Guy 4 months ago

    I watched this the entire way through. Such a good vid.

  • Dooby69
    Dooby69 5 months ago

    This man has only been playing for 9 days and I’ve played for so long and still haven’t beaten the ender dragon

  • Grace Nickett
    Grace Nickett 10 months ago +60

    53:00 the shulker in your hardcore world was upside-down! That's why he wasn't able to shoot anything, the two you collected in this video were the right way up

  • JAC
    JAC 6 months ago

    Great video man. And amazing effort!!

  • Mafalda Simoes
    Mafalda Simoes 7 months ago +1

    This helped me sleep like a rock. So relaxing🙂

  • Martim lopes 361
    Martim lopes 361 6 months ago

    It sounds pretty good, you manage to get all the advancements unlocked for you in the game.
    But if it were me, I just take too long to get them all unlocked 🔓!
    But mostly it is very difficult to complete them because are so many to achieve and you get to have everything you need to complete them.
    Once you've completed them all plus the end, you've finished the game but you can keep playing as fun just like I do several times.
    Maybe I can achieve some advancements even not them all but I always play on the overworld building, surviving and exploring. All in survival mode.

  • Hypenzoo
    Hypenzoo 7 months ago

    I watched the entire video without skipping or pausing, i dont know why I did that.
    the video was just that good!!!!

  • RNJoy
    RNJoy 11 months ago +127

    JEEZ this is impressive. The "How Did We Get Here" one is scary enough on its own honestly.

    • I love Homosuck
      I love Homosuck 7 months ago

      @Scept3r ok?

    • Ernie Benson
      Ernie Benson 7 months ago +1

      Yeah, but what about "Almost there"?

    • EW
      EW 10 months ago +6

      @Scept3r feinherg was speedrunning, mongo has 100 days

    • Scept3r
      Scept3r 10 months ago +3

      feinberg has completed all advancements in 3 hours.....

    • SwitchBackMongo
      SwitchBackMongo  11 months ago +16

      Thank you so much joy 😁😁😁 my first time going for how did we get here was a nightmare for sure 😂 luckily I took some time to practice this time

  • NukaF
    NukaF 7 months ago

    you could've gotten the boof shelfs from the wooden mansion. They are always stacked with books, that would've saved 3 days

  • 1st regiment Grenztruppen

    The suspicious stew at around 41:10 gave him the effect that decreases the amount that your hunger goes down

  • ☆《NotPurpleQueen》☆

    This was recommended to me and im happy it did , i subed 😊. And nice job for completing it

  • AllDiagram4276
    AllDiagram4276 6 months ago

    You my friend just earned a sub, this video was the most interesting thing I have seen

  • Strange Pear
    Strange Pear 11 months ago +148

    This is one of the coolest 100 Days I’ve ever watched, the amount of effort you put into this is amazing and it really shows. Incredible work!

    • BlueCyann
      BlueCyann 10 months ago

      @Fish744 That's 1.16 and not hardcore. The speedrunner can die (though they usually don't), and they can play on easy, which most of them do for most of the run unless phantoms take forever.
      The closest I can think of to what you're talking about is Elysaku, who did 1.16 All Advancements Hardcore no F3 in 7 something hours I think. (So like 20-25 minecraft days if I'm remembering right.) As far as I know nobody's attempted the same for 1.18 yet, though it shouldn't be significantly harder, just more annoying and an hour or two longer.
      As someone who is speedrun obsessed it's always a bit strange seeing challenges like this. People will come into popular videos on marathon speedruns or those with unusual concepts and be like, "this other person did it first" and it's like, "yeah so"? They didn't speedrun it and it took 20 times as long so who cares." Isn't this the same in reverse? Speedruns are about optimization -- if the world is bad or the run is slow or you die inconveniently, you just reset and try again until you get it right. Survival challenges are all about getting it right on the first try,, regardless of how much the world screws you over or how many mistakes you make short of death. You can't ever make that fatal mistake. It's a completely different mindset, a completely different type of challenge.
      As much as I appreciate Elysaku (and Feinberg, the 1.16 record holder) it's not a fair comparison.
      That said, speedrunning is great and people should check it out.

    • Concealer
      Concealer 10 months ago

      @Fish744 Do you only know like 3 and a half facts about minecraft that's not about speedrunning?

    • Animelover123
      Animelover123 10 months ago +1

      @Fish744 You do realize that this wasn’t meant to be a speedrun, right? He wanted to do it for himself, and to show that he could. He didn’t want to get the best time for this challenge. He also wasn’t looking to beat one of the most, if not the most, difficult challenges in the Minecraft community. I don’t know why you felt it necessary to comment something like what you did, but I do hope that you look back and realize that there was no need for that comment and change your ways.

    • Fish744
      Fish744 10 months ago

      the world record is 3 and a half hours, and someone did it in like 4 hours with half a heart the whole time, this is nothing

    • Chaose
      Chaose 10 months ago +1

      @SwitchBackMongo He did a 100 days and he used speedrunner starts. Earned 4 subs. My other yt accounts :)

  • Michael Riley
    Michael Riley Month ago

    Love the vid, definitely deserve a sub!

  • Jannel Cambri
    Jannel Cambri 7 months ago +1

    Can you please make a 1.19 achievement now? Btw, I love that you worked hard and got the hardest achievement in Minecraft! Btw, I think this achievement is only in Bedrock; Me Gold! AKA, Get a Buried Treasure Chest.

  • crazygame crafter
    crazygame crafter 6 months ago

    24:00 the best way to get full beacons is bastion busting
    source: i have 9 full beacons with stacks and stacks and stacks of gold left over
    either that or an iron farm, considering the timescale

  • Stephanie Stamper
    Stephanie Stamper 6 months ago

    Also a way to easily get a tier 4 beacon would be to use the gold in the monuments and in bastions.

    ILIKECHICKENS 03 11 months ago +57

    I thought I would watch this in a few sittings with it being over an hour but I couldn’t stop watching. I absolutely love your video narration and I can’t wait to see the ideas you have planned for the future.

  • Ruben Sana
    Ruben Sana 5 months ago

    This is actually such a beautiful video.

  • Is It Just Me?!
    Is It Just Me?! 5 months ago +1

    Everyone: i’m going to subscribe and like this video for more content this was great
    Karen: he cheated, he technically played one more day, I would like to talk to his manager and get him canceled

  • TMoney33
    TMoney33 7 months ago

    How do you keep track of the days in the nether? That alway confuses me whenever I watch Minecraft videos that include them keeping track of days in the video.

  • Fanta Lemon
    Fanta Lemon 5 months ago

    I don’t enjoy most videos that I watch but I watched every single bit off this and enjoyed it gonna sub to you because of this one video

  • Spring Moment
    Spring Moment 5 months ago +1

    Saddest part is I'm the guy who's been aimlessly exploring the end, full netherite and I basically soft locked myself, and it was hardcore

  • Fernando De la Rosa
    Fernando De la Rosa 6 months ago +4

    It's funny that no matter how much experience you have in Minecraft, the random creepers in the mines continue to scare us

  • Rebecca Ryle
    Rebecca Ryle 6 months ago

    41 minutes in: The effect is saturation i slowed down the video and saw a bit of red and gray or brown, Then i went to Minecraft wiki and looked at all the different effects you can get from suspicions stew and it was narrowed down to Fire res. and saturation and i new once i looked at the time duration that it was saturation (the time duration was 0.35 seconds)

  • Gwan Inc
    Gwan Inc 7 months ago

    7:09 Hi ! How does lowering your render distance helps in this situation ? I already heard of it, but i don't really remember, and there isn't an explanation online

    • Gwan Inc
      Gwan Inc 7 months ago

      Oooh okay thank you! Seems logical to me

    • SwitchBackMongo
      SwitchBackMongo  7 months ago +1

      Minecraft has a mob cap, a maximum number of mobs that can be spawned at the same time within 128 blocks, I believe its about 200 combined passive and hostile mobs. However, if you lower your render distance, the game still tries to load 200 mobs but within a much closer radius, making it easier to find endermen to kill 🙂

  • Sung Jin-woo
    Sung Jin-woo 10 months ago +48

    god damn, this was a movie and a rollercoaster of emotions. I appreciate this one and you only have 13k subscribers? Guys, please subscribe to this guy. Big respesct for him.

  • HaruHenryJack
    HaruHenryJack 7 months ago

    Man I just realized that I watched the whole video in one sitting... it was fun.

  • Ezra Ortiz
    Ezra Ortiz 7 months ago

    Congrats! The “How did we get here?” one is really hard

  • George chitisvili
    George chitisvili 5 months ago

    The effect you got while eating a sus stew was saturation for very little time but saturation effect makes that stew the best food

  • Jimbo Enriquez
    Jimbo Enriquez 4 months ago

    softs it was really confusing but thanks to you I've gotten more professional at it!! ✌

  • Infinix
    Infinix 7 months ago

    This guy is about to beat the ender dragon in least 10 days it would usually take some people 50 days to get the requirements and beat the ender dragon this guy is something else.

  • Xiety
    Xiety 4 months ago

    This video was so entertaining 🔥

  • ZachDoesGaming
    ZachDoesGaming 5 months ago

    i completely finished this video without realizing i just watched through a whole hour

  • VietnamIsMyHome
    VietnamIsMyHome 6 months ago

    mans making more advancements in 100 days than i have in my entire lifetime

  • Sam Hernandez
    Sam Hernandez 9 months ago +43

    I love to see how amazing you’re doing man! This literally came up in my recommended and I was floored. Schools out in a few days and I’ll make sure to catch you on twitch soon. Honestly I’m so proud of you and how you might not even see this comment!!

    • The Calicove
      The Calicove 8 months ago +1

      @SwitchBackMongo dude, you 100% earned a sub.
      You know what, take 3, i have alts.

    • SwitchBackMongo
      SwitchBackMongo  9 months ago +5

      There's no missing a comment from you, dude 😂 hold up, bout to message you!

  • Weird..lesbian
    Weird..lesbian 6 months ago

    Damn. Good job I could never 💀

  • Boss Billy
    Boss Billy 6 months ago

    I actually finished the video without skipping anything not knowing it's an hour long. Damn.

  • Notsneazy24
    Notsneazy24 7 months ago +1

    Hello! I am planning on trying to do the same thing or just have an amazing main Minecraft world. If you can what is the seed of the world? I have been trying to get a good spawn but I just can’t, and the spawn you just got is exactly what I am looking for.

    • Wren
      Wren 6 months ago


    • Wren
      Wren 6 months ago


  • Serment
    Serment 6 months ago

    This man got to the stronghold on day 7!

  • D_Gamer
    D_Gamer 9 months ago +24

    8:00 If you got the last hit with beds or killed the Ender dragon with only beds then it won't give you the advancement because technically, you didn't kill it. The beds killed it. However, if you use TNT, you will still get it.

  • Matt The Latios (BoredGar)

    "... when one of them finally drops a crossbow"
    The crossbow crafting recipe - _Am I a joke to you?_

  • シ︎Unusual Jacklyn !!

    Man got the end portal ready on day 9. My oldest world is over 5 years old and I'm still to find a stronghold.