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Limited Life: Episode 5 - BREAD BRIDGE BAKERY

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Limited Life: Episode 5 - Grian is back on the limited life series where things somehow get even more complex.. Time to make some friends and get geared.
    Grian: / @grian
    Smallishbeans: / @smallishbeans
    Smajor1995: / @dangthatsalongname
    bigbst4tz2: / @bigbst4tz22
    Etho: / @ethoslab
    BdoubleO100: / @bdoubleo
    PearlescentMoon: / @pearlescentmoon
    InTheLittleWood: / @martyn
    GoodTimeWithScar: / @goodtimeswithscar
    impulseSV: / @impulsesv
    Tango: / @tangoteklp
    ZombieCleo: / @zombiecleo
    SolidarityGaming: / @solidaritygaming
    Skizzleman: / @mcskizzleman
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Comments • 3 097

  • Jameson Fromm
    Jameson Fromm 2 months ago +4256

    I love how your theme this season is inexplicably bread despite being named "the bad boys"

    • Aetherskye
      Aetherskye 2 months ago +370

      I mean it is really just Grain and the Bread boys now

    • exho ghoul
      exho ghoul 2 months ago +169

      i mean he IS grain

    • Lemon
      Lemon 2 months ago +41

      They shalt now be known as the bread boys

    • M ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      M ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 months ago +33

      it's very wholegrain (wholesome) 😌

    • Nicreven
      Nicreven 2 months ago +6

      @Jason Smith thank you.

  • TurpinSoups
    TurpinSoups 2 months ago +2791

    Imagine a chase scene of Grian, Jimmy, and Joel going up to their spy tower and them just having a casual conversation with their pursuers for 5 minutes.

    • Rachelcookie321
      Rachelcookie321 2 months ago +276

      I’m just imagining it starts with threats like “I’m going to catch you soon and as soon as I do, you’re dead.” And slowly it turns into the most casual and nice conversation and then as soon as they reach the top it immediately reverts back into threats.

    • yourminecraftinspiration
      yourminecraftinspiration 2 months ago +17

      that woudl be funny

    • Lykaeon
      Lykaeon 2 months ago +84

      This kinda won't exist because of bows and people jumping down to crit, but it would be amazing to see...
      Podcast ep 5: From enemies to co-hosts

    • magowshit
      magowshit Month ago +51

      ​@Lykaeon "from enemies to co-hosts"
      Wow, this ao3 tag sure sounds interesting!

    • Emma Emma
      Emma Emma Month ago +13

      just turns into a princess bride-esque bit

  • Tikos
    Tikos 2 months ago +2158

    I liked how they legit just made food for everyone and it was perceived as a threat and blown up

    • Rachelcookie321
      Rachelcookie321 2 months ago +335

      I mean, bread bridge was originally made to disguise their tnt mine cart track for the boogy kill but it became just a bridge of love and bread.

    • Aiman Rashidi
      Aiman Rashidi 2 months ago +153

      @Rachelcookie321 bread bridge is just a bridge. There's nothing political about it 😂

    • Sebbir
      Sebbir Month ago +93

      The entire original intention of bread bridge was murder

    • The Spud Lord
      The Spud Lord Month ago +51

      The original intent was murder, sure, but it fed people and that's what matters

    • Trash Queen
      Trash Queen Month ago +66

      The original intent was not murder. They were making plans with it before the boogeyman roll. It just so happened that Joel got the boogeyman so they decided to use the bridge for a little murder once

  • schnitzel
    schnitzel 2 months ago +665

    grian putting an ad when jim said to "put an ad right he-" is literally comedic timing and perfect cutoffs at it's finest

    • Wither
      Wither Month ago +6


    • Milk Shake
      Milk Shake Month ago +6


    • EmmaSfanimations
      EmmaSfanimations Month ago +20

      I died when I got an ad there it was so funny to me

    • Nero
      Nero Month ago +7

      Aw man i didnt, but thats so funny 😭

    • riduan aqil
      riduan aqil Month ago +1

      ​@Nerome neither

  • Acylenn
    Acylenn Month ago +284

    i'd just like to take this moment to appreciate just how much of a vibe etho is as a person.
    like here's the boys wrecking their place and etho is just off in a corner, completely unfazed, like "you guys suck at stealth and frankly i'm tired of pretending you don't."
    also quietly hearing him go "... do you wear sunglasses when you're in mourning?" in the back as they're leaving absolutely killed me.

  • Inverted
    Inverted 2 months ago +584

    The set up of the Bad Boy’s base is insane. It’s a bridge on top of a platform with a bakery and a submarine, over a bread bridge that has become a sky sea, that is built over a woodland mansion, what the heck.

  • Electro Pikachu
    Electro Pikachu 2 months ago +4426

    I feel like this entire perspective could be titled: "From Bad to Bread; a Limited Life Story"

  • SexyCactus
    SexyCactus 2 months ago +988

    9:07 I think the bad boys would be those “family friends” that you grew up *thinking* were cousins because they would come to every family get together but actually aren’t related to you at all.

    • Rachelcookie321
      Rachelcookie321 2 months ago +32

      Is that a thing people have in their family? I’ve never heard of that dynamic before.

    • Ellie Relyea
      Ellie Relyea 2 months ago +56

      @Rachelcookie321 yep my nephews thought I was dating my best friend for the longest time because she would come to every family get together but no she was just my best friend.

    • SexyCactus
      SexyCactus 2 months ago +19

      @Rachelcookie321 maybe it’s just a Midwest thing 🤷🏻‍♀️ everyone I know has that dynamic lol

    • Cigarette Parfum
      Cigarette Parfum Month ago +16

      like that Addams Family musical where morticia and gomez realised grandmama was related to none of them lol.

    • madison
      madison Month ago +2

      yeah that makes sense

  • Nexus Borjal
    Nexus Borjal 2 months ago +134

    Grian was so stressed he called Solidarity "Jim" instead of "Tim"

  • LocalHybrid
    LocalHybrid 2 months ago +55

    At this point just make a family mafia out of the family and the bad boys. One person messes with a family member, the whole family goes after them. A true force to be reckoned with.

  • Cooper Trump
    Cooper Trump 2 months ago +567

    I like the texture pack that changes what the armor looks like, but one way it could be better is making the leggings look like knee pads so that it’s easier to tell when someone is wearing pants and boots or just boots

    • Username 1123
      Username 1123 2 months ago +9

      It's already easy to see tho

    • Casper The V
      Casper The V Month ago +11

      ​@Username-le4eq yeah but without boots, pants looks like ankle warmers. Knee pads might look better

    • Fangy Does Art
      Fangy Does Art Month ago +3

      I was thinking the same thing except belt instead

    • Cameron Locke-Sinclair
      Cameron Locke-Sinclair Month ago +1

      Annoyingly it wouldn't work with the new Armour Trims

  • Maximiliano Garcia
    Maximiliano Garcia 2 months ago +97

    i love how they call themselves the bad boys yet they immediately became the bakers of the server. Which is honestly really nice cause who doesn't like bread? or whatever bread is used for baking?

  • Starstrukk
    Starstrukk 2 months ago +4007

    I love how this series has just devolved into the bread bridge and nothing else lol

    • Seriusli
      Seriusli 2 months ago +119

      U mean evolve?

    • joe williams
      joe williams 2 months ago +46

      The best location deserves an entire series about it in my opinion.

    • Creeper Craft Ice
      Creeper Craft Ice 2 months ago +3

      true doh

    • we are watching...
      we are watching... 2 months ago +10

      and yet, its still one of my favorite series.

    • A Human
      A Human 2 months ago +16

      Devolve? No no, this is a *good* evolution.

  • poison ivy is cool
    poison ivy is cool 2 months ago +119

    Jimmy saying "by babes" and "say it back" but he wouldn't say I love you back to scott... That betrayal right there

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 months ago +44

    Grain screaming “KILL HIM!!!!!!!” At Timmy is something I didn’t know I needed

  • ThatRandomAnimator
    ThatRandomAnimator 2 months ago +21

    "Are we sad? Or are we hunting aliens"
    -Grian 2023

  • Rosie Mason
    Rosie Mason 2 months ago +117

    I love how the boys are silently trampling all the wheat, sneaking around, everything's quiet (mostly)...
    And then you hear the sound of mass chicken death 🤣 (15:32)

  • Trash Queen
    Trash Queen 2 months ago +116

    Back from skizzs episode. I know you didn't include this, but as an audience member I want to say that your leadership skills are even visible in scene. The way you conduct yourself and the impact you've had on every server and viewer shows your skill with conducting and helping people. Not to mention the fact that your incredibly generous and an absolutely fantastic role model for all the younger viewers. Your one of the youtubers that I can see myself watching forever

    • My World
      My World Month ago +1

      i was looking for that scene and had a feeling it wasn't in this episode.

    • Naomi Buckingham
      Naomi Buckingham Month ago

      What episode would it be in? I'm just wondering if it was in anyone else's.

    • Trash Queen
      Trash Queen Month ago +2

      @Naomi Buckingham it was a private moment between them. It's only in skizzs ep

    • Naomi Buckingham
      Naomi Buckingham Month ago

      @Trash Queen Okay, thanks!

  • Foxx217
    Foxx217 2 months ago +3455

    Bdubs knowing full well that he was part of the plot to blow up the bridge:
    "Isn't that..... terrible."

    • Emerald raptor
      Emerald raptor 2 months ago +108

      He was even saying the … family?… should join in

    • Godzilla
      Godzilla 2 months ago +70

      ​@Emerald raptor But clearly didn't want to cuz then they would be mad at the ties and not the family lol
      However they betrayed bdubs for a boogie I'm guessing he isn't gonna go back now xD

    • thegameplayer125
      thegameplayer125 2 months ago +30

      and on top of that, he sold the bad boys out on who sabotaged the mob farm. bdubs has betrayed the family

    • yourminecraftinspiration
      yourminecraftinspiration 2 months ago +2

      I love it

    • minorsecond
      minorsecond Month ago +1

      @thegameplayer125 Everyone knows Bdubs’ only loyalty is to Etho lol, no matter what.

  • ab
    ab 2 months ago +50

    It’s hilarious that Grian is confused why their bread bridge was blown up when the bad boys basically haunted TIES in the last session 😂

  • zombiegirll3221
    zombiegirll3221 Month ago +12

    I love how stressed Grian sounds that he just forgot to call Jimmy "Timmy."

  • the immortal hipster
    the immortal hipster 2 months ago +27

    “Are we mourning or are we part of the Men in Black?” Is one of the best lines

  • Nathaniel Dickmann
    Nathaniel Dickmann 2 months ago +241

    Dang that roast from grian to solidarity at 10:07 was just amazing

    • Yaisho
      Yaisho 2 months ago +15

      and that laughed is contagious

    • AsilarWindsailor
      AsilarWindsailor Month ago +1

      I actually didn't get an ad at all during this episode. I haven't signed up for premium either. Odd

    • Nathaniel Dickmann
      Nathaniel Dickmann Month ago

      @AsilarWindsailor Wow cool

    • AsilarWindsailor
      AsilarWindsailor Month ago

      @Nathaniel Dickmann I may have replied to the wrong comment by accident X)

  • Ananthapathmanabhan TC
    Ananthapathmanabhan TC 2 months ago +18

    JOEL:"put it in,push it forward."
    TIMMY:"Oh that was me!That was my first time."
    JOSH:"Its gonna be a big explosion"
    GRIAN:"I think It's gonna fall out..."

  • oatmealcookie02 – KFP Illegal Employee

    I love how Grian admits that without him Scar is just too good at killing
    _All this time Grian was holding him down_

    • hovac
      hovac 2 months ago +6

      80 likes but no replies?

    • _DvD79_
      _DvD79_ 2 months ago +21

      ... for the better

    • Samuel Linn
      Samuel Linn 2 months ago +73

      Grian thought he was saving Scar from himself, he was saving Scar from everyone else.

    • Memeinator UN-official
      Memeinator UN-official 2 months ago +13

      I’d say grian and salt work like table salt. Like it can still kill you but less likely than either individually

    • Asvestor
      Asvestor 2 months ago +8

      It’s not so he was holding him back he was saving everyone else from Scar’s chaos!

  • Panda3xpress009
    Panda3xpress009 2 months ago +96

    the doormat that scar gave you absolutely made my day

    CHOBE 2 months ago +172

    I wonder, once this series is over... could someone use the timers to create an edit that syncronises every single player's videos, all playing at once?

    • Nef Derath
      Nef Derath 2 months ago +48

      Someone probably could, yes. However, that sounds like quite the undertaking. I'm sure there'll be one about six hours after the final video drops.

    • Evin Ghostwrite
      Evin Ghostwrite 2 months ago +16

      Be the change you want to see in the world

    • Rachelcookie321
      Rachelcookie321 2 months ago +16

      It would be cool if someone made it on another website so it was interactive so you could play different people’s audios at different times. But that would be a lot of work.

    • Sidoxenizer RS
      Sidoxenizer RS 2 months ago +2

      Id imagine a fan will do it eventually like the last few seasons have been done

    • ToyMakerSanjoyy
      ToyMakerSanjoyy 2 months ago +13

      it wouldnt work because people at different times have different amount of time left like grain had 11 hours but joel hat like 12 or smth like that

  • Bethany Tanton
    Bethany Tanton 2 months ago +15

    This series is Joel and Jimmy making bread while Grian babysits them.

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 2 months ago +49

    Not the Fast and the Furious sequel I was expecting. But clearly the one with the most Family.

  • Hallie Sneed
    Hallie Sneed 2 months ago +22

    the “good guys at heart” doormat is everything to me.

  • lop
    lop 2 months ago +2094

    I feel like Joel is the oldest brother who tries to act mature, but gets mad quickly
    Grain is the middle child who constantly teases and pranks everyone
    And Tim is the youngest who always gets picked on

    • Jeremy Wainaina
      Jeremy Wainaina 2 months ago +102

      Who is this Grain character?

    • Møøn_Ąlpĥâ
      Møøn_Ąlpĥâ 2 months ago +19

      and Jimmy is the fans fav bad boy! (jkjkjk)

    • lop
      lop 2 months ago +66

      @Jeremy Wainaina idk but pretty fitting for grain to be building a house that’s bread…. I think he’s trying to tell us something

    • Jeremy Wainaina
      Jeremy Wainaina 2 months ago +6

      @lop 😂 looks like it

    • Sandra Higgins
      Sandra Higgins 2 months ago +2


  • DiamondWolf 2007
    DiamondWolf 2007 2 months ago +50

    The thunder outside my house couldn't have been more perfectly timed. Right as the boogie went off there was a giant boom outside my house 😂

  • Green Key
    Green Key 2 months ago +30

    18:22 I LOVE Scar because he pretends to be bad at the game... He's low key a genius like Etho.

  • Dmitry Britarev
    Dmitry Britarev Month ago +16

    My favourite weekly episode of Breaking Bread is up, hell yeah.

  • blackkeys
    blackkeys 2 months ago +18

    The scar goat horn thing feels like when someone takes your chair when your're about to sit down on it and you end up falling on the floor

  • cryptictro
    cryptictro 2 months ago +12

    Bad boys to bread boys. The character development is insane.

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 2 months ago +2447

    Grian actually putting an ad there is the best comedic timing ever

  • rauno
    rauno 2 months ago +43

    I find it quite interesting to see how much time goes by from clip to clip

    • Macarena
      Macarena 2 months ago +4

      Yeah me too, ive seen things that look like completely different scenes with just a few seconds between them

  • Arthur Atlas
    Arthur Atlas 2 months ago +13

    The most hilarious part to me is that Gordon Ramsey actually had a series about establishing the Bad Boys Bakery, which seems to be the theme of the season indirectly.

    • hovac
      hovac 2 months ago +1

      I thought I was the only one who was remembering this 😂

    • Rachelcookie321
      Rachelcookie321 2 months ago +1

      Was that the one he made inside a prison?

    • Arthur Atlas
      Arthur Atlas Month ago +1

      @Rachelcookie321 yes, that's the one. They even put the whole thing on YT

  • SixIqGenjiMain
    SixIqGenjiMain Month ago +6

    You know the Cleo-Scar-Bdubs alliance calling themselves the “family” really sounds like a mafia group to me looool

  • littlewigglyworms
    littlewigglyworms Month ago +8

    i love how when grian got in trouble with etho he decided “lets end the session”

  • Elinor Colburn
    Elinor Colburn Month ago +9

    I love that Grian is just periodically snacking on their abundant supply of bread

  • RandomDragoon
    RandomDragoon 2 months ago +1795

    Ya know, I thought this season was gonna turn out to be Grian, Joel, and Timmy's villain arc, but I'm starting to think it's turning into Team T.I.E.S. villain arc. So far they've broke all their alliances, blown up Bread Bridge for no apparent reason, tried to get BDubs to betray Scar and Cleo, tried to frame BDubs for blowing up Bread Bridge, and now Skizz is one of the first to turn red.

    • Pixel Turtle50
      Pixel Turtle50 2 months ago +8

      skizz was the first to turn red, but i see what you mean

    • Ilinca Dumitrescu
      Ilinca Dumitrescu 2 months ago +64

      ​@Pixel Turtle50 wasnt scar the first?

    • Beancent
      Beancent 2 months ago +60

      their reasoning was apparently that they are the "Good Guys" of the server and that they were doing it for the good of everyone to disconnect the bridge

  • leelee
    leelee Month ago +3

    17:05 lol everything about the next few seconds to follow were hilarious. Him calling for Joel, Jimmy missing, Grian’s panic.

  • beargreen
    beargreen 2 months ago +17

    Quite an explosive yet familial episode

  • Emmy's Gaming Hub
    Emmy's Gaming Hub Month ago +5

    You've seen Bread Bridge and Potato Pier,
    But are you ready for.......

  • SourceOfBeing
    SourceOfBeing Month ago +3

    The destruction of the Bread Bridge has turned the *Bad Boys* into the *Sad Boys*

  • Alistair Speck
    Alistair Speck 2 months ago +18

    The fact that they've made 5 episodes out of a series where you only have 24 hours to live is amazing especially since they're 20 to 60 min long

  • CheesyParadise
    CheesyParadise  2 months ago +3099

    These life series are quickly becoming my favorite part of my week

    • YaNnIi
      YaNnIi 2 months ago +24

      And you are not alone

    • Dead
      Dead 2 months ago +7


    • Umb and Lycan moonlight
      Umb and Lycan moonlight 2 months ago +4

      @Dead paradise

    • tourthings1
      tourthings1 2 months ago +9

      your week must suck for a youtube video to be your favorite

    • Magesty973
      Magesty973 2 months ago +10

      @tourthings1I think it is a saying , but it is the little things that you should appreciate

  • Wildernesstorm
    Wildernesstorm 2 months ago +5

    Grian's dejected voice when asking why TIES blew up bread bridge😂

    XWENO 2 months ago +18

    I would honestly listen to a podcast of the bad boys talking to each other about various topics

  • chickenman8881
    chickenman8881 2 months ago +5

    Just imagining the bad boys hunting aliens to mourn bread bridge as an animation XD

  • RJMBricks
    RJMBricks 2 months ago +10

    These series are always so fun to watch

  • I have Kalashnikov, you do math

    The death of Bread Bridge is a true tragedy, and is not taken seriously enough. An icon has left us this day

  • Dawn Soisson
    Dawn Soisson 2 months ago +744

    17:12 you know Grian is angry when he actually calls Solidarity Jimmy

    • Aanshdeep Oberoi
      Aanshdeep Oberoi 2 months ago +19

      I was trying to find this comment, that's just hilarious 😂

    • Deltexterity
      Deltexterity 2 months ago +21

      nah, that was sheer PANIC

    • calciumaddict
      calciumaddict 2 months ago +5

      thats literally how they call him tho

    • Dustwyrm
      Dustwyrm 2 months ago +13

      @calciumaddict Tim: am I a joke to you?

    • KatriaKo
      KatriaKo 2 months ago +16

      @calciumaddict he usually calls him timmy or tim

  • XB_Falcon
    XB_Falcon 2 months ago +6

    Grian never dissapoints.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Ja4den
    Ja4den Month ago +5

    Funny how this episode is quite peaceful compare to others, can't wait till next episode where it's gonna be hectic

  • DragonX
    DragonX 2 months ago +3

    "Bad Boys Bread Bridge Bakery". Truly a beautiful name.

  • BIGDAWG1252
    BIGDAWG1252 Month ago +6

    Grian if you cast the fishing rod but miss, you can scroll off of it and it doesnt use any durability. it only takes durability when you reel it in so if you scroll every time you miss youll only have durability taken off when you successfully pull someone toward you

  • LoLickyPeePee23XDD
    LoLickyPeePee23XDD 2 months ago +2

    Man the best part of this series in particular is that when people go red, they arent actually on their final life- they can not just cause problems but have multiple goes and die without ending their series. In every other series, do chaos as a red until death and its done, but now they can die doing something and just continue or even make things worse/get revenge harder, next episode will be insane

  • AlexiosTheSixth
    AlexiosTheSixth 2 months ago +257

    Seeing Grian's inventory constantly 100% full is painful

  • Mikey Allen
    Mikey Allen 2 months ago +6

    I think it would be cool if the Boogeyman had a specific target or a small group of targets. At the moment there isnt much of the "loss of alliances" but this could sprinkle some extra chaos and distrust into the mix

  • Apples
    Apples Month ago +1

    I rewatched season 7, which is when I started watching grian. I just watched the finale. The nostalgia hits so hard.

  • kablam lol
    kablam lol 2 months ago +9

    the genuine anger in grians voice when bread bridge blew up…i felt that

  • ArtsyEbony
    ArtsyEbony 2 months ago +7

    The family grows. The family takes all. But hey, at least you got to them right before scar turned red! A surprisingly deadly opponent.

  • X-Biscuit
    X-Biscuit 2 months ago +1

    It’s come down to Grian being Scar’s service pesky bird, the one season they aren’t paired Scar is going on a rampage

  • SnowLily06
    SnowLily06 2 months ago +518

    Etho questioning the sunglasses after Grian did it earlier was so unbelievably funny to me XD

    • OvenCake
      OvenCake 2 months ago +24

      i watched ethos perspective first and hearing grian comment about it made me laugh
      and then etho explains how bdubs and scar blew up in a game of catch and that was brilliant too

  • Eduard Dlabola
    Eduard Dlabola 2 months ago +3

    Next episode is gonna turn Bread Bridge into Red Ridge.

  • Krux2008
    Krux2008 Month ago

    “We shouldn’t expect a whole lot of action going on in this session”
    *Bread bridge blows up*

  • AddiBee
    AddiBee 22 days ago

    I just love the addition of a soft *boing* noise added in at 4:04 when Joel hops off that block of wood. It's so subtle I barely noticed it lol

  • Scarybug
    Scarybug 2 months ago +2

    I kept waiting to see what Grian was doing when Skizz summoned him via the stasis pearl, but he cut the affirmation from the ep :(

  • Lord Vetinari
    Lord Vetinari Month ago

    Grian's "YEAH" upon acquiring the goat horn was quite startling, unexpectedly bro-ish

  • AJ Zaini
    AJ Zaini 2 months ago +715

    Etho: Do you wear sunglasses on mournings?
    Solidarity: I WAS COVERING MY TEARS!!!

  • Circuit
    Circuit Month ago +1

    While watching the first episode of this season, I thought of maybe for the next one, you could do something like every time, someone dies the border shrinks by 10 blocks or something like that, or every time you die, you lose a heart meeting more chance of dying every time

  • Tester Wulf :3
    Tester Wulf :3 6 days ago

    I love the lore that one of you is wearing sunglasses during morning to hide your tears, and the rest of you kept yours on in support of him

  • Katrina Knowlton
    Katrina Knowlton Month ago

    Our family love these series. But when we discuss this new limited life we no longer refer to it as such, we say “the bad boy series!” 😂 love it

  • Thomas The roblox wooden train

    Still got faith in Jimmy and Joel winning this season

  • • Esther •
    • Esther • Month ago +1

    17:14 you know Grian's terrified when he calls Timmy "Jimmy"

  • Kelly Wu
    Kelly Wu 2 months ago +393

    Grian aggressively yelling "kill him" was hilarious

    • Kiddo
      Kiddo 2 months ago +4

      Reminds me about aragorn shouting at legolas to shoot an uruk

    • itssherbet _
      itssherbet _ 2 months ago +3


  • natertots07
    natertots07 Month ago

    The dedication to the subtitles is amazing

  • Hydroxy moron
    Hydroxy moron 2 months ago +1

    Genuinely heartbroken they blew up bread bridge. Actually upset. How could they do this to us

  • pikaotik koala
    pikaotik koala 2 months ago +3

    man i really hope mumbo will be on the next one, i really missed him in this series

  • Travis
    Travis 20 days ago +1

    " WHO WEARS SUNGLASSES AT A FUNERAL?! " had me choking on my porridge-

  • Thomas Becker
    Thomas Becker 2 months ago +857

    "Not supposed to be any yellow-on-yellow violence." That makes me laugh. Grian himself was trying to spleef another yellow in the last episode.

    • Username 1123
      Username 1123 2 months ago +17

      Isn't he trying to spleef impulse who were green that time

    • Cowardly
      Cowardly 2 months ago +28

      He's trying to get Skizz out of the way to get to Impulse but yea, the rules in here aren't that big of a deal. Same as the civil war, he said that he really didn't mind if people are breaking the rules as long as they're having fun. He's just mentioning the rules either to survive or just for a comedic timing

    • Lily Blossom
      Lily Blossom 2 months ago +33

      The rules are more like "guidelines to set up fun scenarios" at this point

    • Cowardly
      Cowardly 2 months ago +5

      ​​@Lily Blossom yep that's basically what the rules are for according to Grian

    • Samuel Linn
      Samuel Linn 2 months ago +4

      Yellow-on-yellow violence isn't a rule, it's merely a suggestion

  • Dustwyrm
    Dustwyrm 2 months ago +1

    This episode is so funny. I love this season!

  • Clocktopus26
    Clocktopus26 2 months ago +2

    Somebody tell Grian that if he doesn't put cobble under the M-Rye-5 / Bread Bridge Mark II someone's probably gonna burn it down in the last episode

  • never nether
    never nether 2 months ago +1

    Im wondering what the next one will be already these series are amazing.

  • spingchbup
    spingchbup 2 months ago +1

    the next series should be called something like TradeLife where you trade limited resources for more time but you can't get infinite time since those resources run out + there is a boogey which, of course, steals time

  • John Thomas Perez
    John Thomas Perez 2 months ago +1

    nothing hits as hard as last life season 1 😔

  • DoritoClips
    DoritoClips 2 months ago +352

    With those suits you gotta call yourself the "Men in Bread"

    • PrinceDan404
      PrinceDan404 2 months ago +17

      Compared to "Bad Boys in Black"?

    • Pancake Kat
      Pancake Kat 2 months ago +3

      @PrinceDan404 Men in Bread.

    • PurpliscolorVR
      PurpliscolorVR 2 months ago +6

      Combine the two and be bad boys in bread

    • PrinceDan404
      PrinceDan404 2 months ago +2

      @PurpliscolorVR Now this is a visionary.

  • Some_Guy_89
    Some_Guy_89 2 months ago +1

    Instead of attacking the mob farm, they should have put a hopper under the chest (at the far side to not get noticed) and filter gunpowder out of the chests.
    They wouldn’t get their gunpowder and you could claim it at any time. You can make the hopper filter through most sorting mechanisms for chests.

  • himynameisfin
    himynameisfin 2 months ago +3

    Wait, what happened to Skiz? I was really curious what you were doing when you were summoned. I was expecting to see Joel and Timmy confused after you randomly vanish mid sentence.

  • Cowardly
    Cowardly Month ago +5

    Don't know but that is the most british accent I ever heard from Grian

  • Aj vids
    Aj vids 2 months ago +1

    This is probably my favorite series.

  • FireWheaver
    FireWheaver Month ago +1

    "This will probably be a set up episode as there's no yellow on yellow violence"
    *Base gets destroyed within 3 minutes*

  • SteelePhantoms
    SteelePhantoms 2 months ago +342

    I love how offended Grian is when Scar removes the blocks at 5:48 trying to get a goat horn and he went on about it for a while minute or so

  • Mateo Winata
    Mateo Winata 2 months ago +1

    how these people made me feel an emotional attatchment to a bread bridge i will never know

  • c0der23
    c0der23 2 months ago +7

    Aah, the friendly family, the bad boys, the casual cousins and the the good guys all together

  • Spooked_Glitch
    Spooked_Glitch 2 months ago +1

    I love how everyone went with just "The Family" for Cleo, Scar and Bdubs, when it would have made better sense to call them the "80's Rock Band" surely lol

  • Mervanya
    Mervanya Month ago

    Love how the bad boys are trampling crops and Grian is the only one with an actual strategy 😂😂😂😂😂