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one night stand gone wrong 不 part 12


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  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon Knight 2 months ago +10703

    I tough he stabbed alan at first

    • Nilbog
      Nilbog Month ago

      I thought it was a fork

    • Pok矇 Breeder Richard
      Pok矇 Breeder Richard Month ago

      And thus ended two and a half men

    • Barbaric Boi
      Barbaric Boi Month ago +1

      Yup I thought I somehow missed the last two and a half men episode

    • DM Wanderer
      DM Wanderer Month ago

      @68able Imagine getting a shot, the feeling you have in that one spot of your arm right when that needle is plunged into a vein.
      Getting stabbed is that but bigger. Quick and sharp, very uncomfortable, but doesn't hurt as much as you'd think because internal organs don't have nerve endings like your skin does. Internal organs aren't used for touching so there's really no point in having certain touch receptors in there.

    • Michael Collins
      Michael Collins 2 months ago

      So did I

  • Sunnicivang
    Sunnicivang 2 months ago +6993

    The old guy should've figured she's only with him for the life insurance.

    • Disabled-Megatron
      Disabled-Megatron Month ago

      @D.J. Dunn a good way to go

    • Sometimes Snarky
      Sometimes Snarky Month ago

      She could still be discreet.
      If he found her then she wasn't.

    • Sir Dankleberry
      Sir Dankleberry 2 months ago

      @Thatboy_eddy 305 No fucking way... really? I thought it was reality TV.

  • Chris Sche
    Chris Sche 2 months ago +4271

    I never understood why men blame the other guy. Check your woman first. If it's not that guy it'll be a different one.

    • Lucas Fernandez
      Lucas Fernandez Month ago

      @Zach Fordbut women blaming the other woman usually isnt fair either. Granted usually women know MORE OFTEN but NOT ALWAYS that theyre the other woman but most men and a large chunk of women dont know theyre helping someone cheat

    • Jon doe
      Jon doe Month ago

      Because it's disrespectful to be with another mans lady. So you handle that first because you can only beat him up not the woman.

    • Michael Engelmann
      Michael Engelmann Month ago

      It literally goes both ways

    • Fran癟ois Louverture
      Fran癟ois Louverture Month ago

      Nah the guy knew, if you can't tell a girl has someone your fault, dude thought he was cool fwing someone's girl only fair you handle em both

  • Lwazi Luvuyo
    Lwazi Luvuyo 2 months ago +936

    While the wife takes no accountability.

  • Pain Of Rose
    Pain Of Rose 2 months ago +88

    I love how Charlie Sheen even said alright one more

    • Carl Hansen
      Carl Hansen 2 months ago +6

      Old guy: "Stay away from my wife"
      Charlie: "You're gonna have to be more specific."

  • Grayhem1136
    Grayhem1136 2 months ago +408

    The only person in the wrong is the cheating wife.

    • Nilbog
      Nilbog Month ago

      The old guy should know better

    • Bryan Lariviere
      Bryan Lariviere Month ago

      The old guy is resulting to violence first. He is also in the wrong.

    • contytub
      contytub Month ago

      If you know a lady is cheating go for it but let the poor bastard know as well. May be it's only shot to find out

    • Victor Hernandez
      Victor Hernandez Month ago +12

      Yeah they come to that conclusion. He didn't know she was married and the old coot gets some from Charlies mom anyways. Right on his living room couch too.

    • Dustin Hardy
      Dustin Hardy Month ago +5


  • onlyworstgamers
    onlyworstgamers 2 months ago +1573

    Don't worry the girl falls off the lattice and the husband has a rock-solid alimony so she's both paying medical bills and getting nothing

  • Hope Amaryah
    Hope Amaryah 2 months ago +944

    The old guy played in a show called Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman as the owner of the general store

  • gamesmoney1025
    gamesmoney1025 2 months ago +42

    Just leave her if she cheats on you. No need to potentially get yourself arrested killing or having yourself killed by another man and he didn't even know about you. She belongs to the streets.

  • IceyPlayz
    IceyPlayz 2 months ago +14

    Yes, blame the dude who didnt know your wife was married as opposed to the wife thats cheating on you

    • Troy Wright
      Troy Wright Month ago

      Yes, can't believe he stand there and take a blow from a dude in the stomach

  • thethumper088
    thethumper088 2 months ago +173

    "I believe... that guns don't kill people.
    Husbands who come home early do."

  • Thomas Fudge
    Thomas Fudge 2 months ago +319

    Kid just acts like its a casual day

    • YFC
      YFC Month ago

      Cuz it is

    • Stefan Milenkovic
      Stefan Milenkovic 2 months ago +4

      i mean its Charlie's house so it kinda is

    • Alex Spencer
      Alex Spencer 2 months ago +5

      Charlie Sheen is his uncle. It should be XD

  • John Sandoval
    John Sandoval 2 months ago +51

    Are we even? You tell me.
    "Gonna have to hit higher up"

  • Aaron Huffman
    Aaron Huffman 2 months ago +173

    I liked that by the time the old guy left they were practically buddies

  • bridgecross
    bridgecross 2 months ago +9

    It's crazy that they milked 12 seasons out of this.

  • ra singh
    ra singh 2 months ago +9

    Husband mad at the other guy who he doesn't even know...
    While his wife escaping

  • The Warped Gasket
    The Warped Gasket 2 months ago +10

    As the old man when I heard the dude question her about being married I wouldn't have even wanted to fight over it anymore.

  • Rumym8
    Rumym8 2 months ago +7

    Why did you sleep with my wife nah bro why did you wife sleep with me

    • Nilbog
      Nilbog Month ago

      You nailed it

  • DarklordIra
    DarklordIra 2 months ago +6

    In real life.
    Old guy: "why did you sleep with my wife?"
    Alan: "well I didn't but you just hit me and I have security cameras so let's talk to the cops about it."

    • Victor Hernandez
      Victor Hernandez Month ago +1

      Yeah because only you would feel threatened and intimidated by an old man. In real life you would let it slide. Who knows, might even have dementia. Dude gets poked with a stick by an old guy and runs to call the cops

  • Kittywhipped4
    Kittywhipped4 2 months ago +10

    I met that lovely actor and toured his home and yard on Venice walk garden tour. He was a wonderful man

    DISCONTINUED 2 months ago +5

    Honestly if this happened, id literally say DID YOU GET A GOOD LAWYER?

  • Praveen HB
    Praveen HB 2 months ago +5

    They edited the part where Jake asks if she saw his Gameboy

  • BradyT918
    BradyT918 2 months ago +29

    Always hated this concept. The wife is the cheater and the one the husband should be mad at.

    • BradyT918
      BradyT918 Month ago

      @Hamstray Right, let's look past the adultery the 3rd person is committing and the infidelity the wife is committing. Because assault is the important issue here.....

    • Armendicus
      Armendicus Month ago +1

      @Troy Wright well if its in shows and all over the place then its being ingrained into culture. Its being normalized.

    • Troy Wright
      Troy Wright Month ago +1

      It's a joke a in a show and people getting mad over it lol real life is different obviously

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 2 months ago +5

    The way Alan casually called Charlie's name 不 不 不

  • Chu Chulainn
    Chu Chulainn 2 months ago +3

    "You might have mentioned he fought at the Alamo!"
    Yeah but you fought for King Louis XIII. What's your point?

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 2 months ago +10

    He MUST have known his wife was going to CHEAT on him.

    • lawrence vaughn
      lawrence vaughn 2 months ago

      It's not fair for a man have to expect his wife to cheat on him no matter his age, if he married her quite recently he probably should have vetted her a lot better definitely but just assuming that a man of an older age couldn't get a younger woman is really sad and honestly even if she was there just for the money if she just stayed faithful for his last couple of years she probably could have had a nice life afterwards. What's 5 to 10 years of mediocre sex with an older man while you get to enjoy all his lavishness and then when he passes away you get to have all of that in your name and get to marry whoever you want? Women like this just want their cake and eat it too they're willing to slut themselves out for the money but not willing to be faithful enough to make sure it's theirs in the end. A lot of these rich guys especially nowadays make sure that if their wife is found out to be a hoe during the relationship she gets jackshit

  • BattleBondGamer
    BattleBondGamer 2 months ago +51

    I never understand why Charlie got his ass kicked for the wives cheating? Charlie never forced them to cheat on their husband, that was the wife's decision 丹儭

    • Blacklight 110
      Blacklight 110 2 months ago

      Because it's usually easier to blame a stranger than blame themselves for the decisions they made that led up to this point. That and a lot of simps will usually "fight for their marriage" while the wife gets plowed.

    • D4rkSonic
      D4rkSonic 2 months ago +1

      @Arran Yeah, usually he does respect boundaries like these - Probably why he even took the second hit.

    • Arran
      Arran 2 months ago +8

      Facts, he didn't even know that she had a husband

  • Artur Bdowski
    Artur Bdowski 2 months ago +4

    if he didn't know she had a husband then why was he the one to blame?

  • DraftedByTheMan
    DraftedByTheMan 2 months ago +2

    That literally happened to me except I was beaten up in my own bed while my roommate was banging the married chick
    I only found out what happened when she called the house to find out if my roommate was okay (after her husband triumphantly returned home and announced hed beat up her lover.

  • J C
    J C 2 months ago +4

    Just tell him you didn't know she was married. Problem solved.

  • Joseph Hurst
    Joseph Hurst 2 months ago +4

    Dose the Unwaranted assault on Allen, mean he gets a turn with the guys wife?

  • edmondYJ
    edmondYJ 2 months ago +1

    Two and a Half men always did had the hottest women in the show.

  • Justin_g618
    Justin_g618 2 months ago +3

    That means charlie poked her twice

  • Vique Holt
    Vique Holt Month ago +1

    Best part of that show was when
    the old guy met their mother, and she asked
    "Ohhh, did my son polish your trophy wife?"

  • AmericPet
    AmericPet 2 months ago

    Jake's interaction is priceless.

  • Angela m
    Angela m Month ago

    I liked him in Dr. Quinn, he was the grouchy store owner.

  • Alihan erdoan
    Alihan erdoan 2 months ago

    i love the way berta smiles at the back all the times

  • Scotty S
    Scotty S 2 months ago +2

    For a second I thought that was Hefner.

  • James Morrison
    James Morrison Month ago

    Your married? "Ya?" Sums up modern women

  • Brian
    Brian 2 months ago +2

    I literally just saw this like 5 mins ago on tv
    My fbi agent: I know

  •  Month ago

    Miss this show.

  • king
    king 2 months ago +4

    I miss this show

  • zomb kid
    zomb kid 2 months ago +4

    Didn't know sheldon sister was married

  • Jeremy Trueax
    Jeremy Trueax 2 months ago

    I live a low budget life lol I went to this party years ago at this mansion and everyone was partying and doing drugs and putting stuff in places lol. Shit was like a movie. I did not belong there, I was invited by a buddy who knows people. I hooked up with this beautiful girl that night and woke up to some crazy fucker trying to break the window. This older dude owned the house and I was in his bed with his wife. I seen 2 guys getting out of a truck while hes yelling shes in there with another guy!! I grabbed my shit and found a way to my car like a ninja . I had to do some climbing off the side of a porch. It was one of the best times of my life lol

  • Jeevan More
    Jeevan More 2 months ago

    Expression on bertha's face

  • regflori
    regflori 2 months ago +68

    He already knows she cheated why is she trying to sneak out?

    • John Gibson
      John Gibson Month ago

      Plausible Deniability

    • Sir Biakan
      Sir Biakan 2 months ago


    • BaxsStudios
      BaxsStudios 2 months ago +3

      Best thing is she fell down and hurt herself and now the husband isnt paying

    • SirenHound
      SirenHound 2 months ago

      "Say it wasn't you" - Shaggy

    • Steven Dalloesingh
      Steven Dalloesingh 2 months ago +30

      @The Final Antagonist aaaand also accountability.

  • Wiggy
    Wiggy 2 months ago +3

    Yeah...time for equality ..hurt the one whos actually betrayed you

  • Carolyn Meinung
    Carolyn Meinung Month ago

    I loved Orson Bean.

  • Crackhouts
    Crackhouts 2 months ago +3

    How many drugs did Charlie Sheen do?
    Enough to kill 2 1/2 men.

  • Stefan Milenkovic
    Stefan Milenkovic 2 months ago +26

    you know i never realized when someone gets cheated on they go to the guy/girl their partner cheated with. That person is free and single and can do what ever they want,your problem is with your partner who is in a relationship and is supposed to be loyal and they are the one to blame for the cheating.

    • Stefan Milenkovic
      Stefan Milenkovic 2 months ago +1

      @Zodiac Palace Studios no i mean obviously if they knew that the other person is taken they should walk away and not engage in anything with that person,but that would be a choice out of respect and also having morals,the main problem is the person who is taken,but yes the other one can also be accountable for that IF they knew what they were getting into.

    • Zodiac Palace Studios
      Zodiac Palace Studios 2 months ago +4

      @Lwazi Luvuyo I acknowledge that. I just did not like the tidbit about being "single and free to do whatever they want" that kinda implies they can do as they please and be absolve of fault xDD

    • Lwazi Luvuyo
      Lwazi Luvuyo 2 months ago +5

      @Zodiac Palace Studios they're talking in context to a person who's single not knowing that the person they slept with is taken.

    • Zodiac Palace Studios
      Zodiac Palace Studios 2 months ago +4

      In some cases though, responsibility still falls on them if they enabled the affair when they know that the other is already taken. Yes, the primary fault lies on the one whom cheated; but if the other party encouraged it by not rejecting the advances after knowing, they will hold equal fault.

  • Coral Reeves
    Coral Reeves Month ago

    Cheating partners are never worth the energy. Just divorce 'em and let them shut away until they get what they deserve. Syphilis.

  • jon smitt
    jon smitt 2 months ago

    Which season episode? I want to see what happens to the adulterer.

  • Leeanne Simon
    Leeanne Simon 2 months ago

    Could of said he fought in the Alamo. Thats pure gold. 不不不

  • Fire Fist Ace
    Fire Fist Ace 2 months ago

    I will always see him as Roy in desperate housewives

  • ChipArgyle
    ChipArgyle Month ago

    She didn't tell Charlie she was married; somehow he was supposed to just know? I guess she gets the cane treatment in private?

  • tardstomper
    tardstomper Month ago

    Be prepared for anything. A quiet dismissal would have been the graceful route.
    Open relationships are a thing. Best get that figured initially.

  • I stopped Caring
    I stopped Caring 2 months ago +1

    maybe we shouldn't play this off as lighthearted, cheating is terrible and should in my mind even be illegal (when married)

  • LukeC
    LukeC 2 months ago +1

    Recognize everybody except the wife. Who is she?

  • Junk dunkster
    Junk dunkster Month ago

    an actually funny sitcom. brilliant

  • Na Airam
    Na Airam 2 months ago

    Loren from Dr.Queen stabbed Alan

  • merqury5
    merqury5 Month ago

    Was that Trisia Helfer from BSG and Lucifer?

  • Matthew K
    Matthew K Month ago

    Charlie had the most beautiful women on that show. I wonder how many of them he had in real life. I would take just one of the B list.

  • Steven Longacre
    Steven Longacre 2 months ago +2

    Why charlie getting punished he didnt know

  • Cult of Stefano
    Cult of Stefano 2 months ago +4

    Women hated 2 and a half men not because Charlie slept with so many but because it was an honest depiction of women being women with little to no consequences for anyone but the men XD

  • shiningstar
    shiningstar Month ago

    When he was well, he was on it.

  • Charles Farmer
    Charles Farmer 2 months ago

    Its funny that Alan just know this is his brothers doing

  • Matthew Brugger
    Matthew Brugger 2 months ago +2

    Jake is a G

  • TundePerry
    TundePerry Month ago

    what episode is this

  • Nycoo24
    Nycoo24 2 months ago

    Imma be honest if an old guy did that to me I'd knock him on his ass xD

  • ImadeYouReplied
    ImadeYouReplied Month ago

    rip the old dude. died not that long ago. got rammed by a car while he was walking outside :(

  • A Stray Cat
    A Stray Cat 2 months ago

    *pulls out Glock and shoots Charlie

  • n8germ
    n8germ 2 months ago

    Jake acting like this is just another tuesday

  • Aryaman Chowdhury
    Aryaman Chowdhury 2 months ago

    Is he Maester Aemon ?

  • Dakota Savage
    Dakota Savage Month ago

    By the way she climbed down in that dress I can tell shes done this before

  • Carissa Loya
    Carissa Loya Month ago

    Oh yeah he looks so intimidating holding that bat with those cargo shorts and bowler shirt

  • Daniel Moose
    Daniel Moose 2 months ago +1

    "Okay, one more ..." LOL-LOL ...

  • Happy Mimiku
    Happy Mimiku 2 months ago +2

    remember people old people don't punch like you think they do why do they swing canes like you think they do reality is they probably know how to hit better than you do they've had more practice

  • Dan gumajirtu
    Dan gumajirtu 2 months ago

    Weren't they in Malcovich?

  • Ethan Mitcha,
    Ethan Mitcha, 2 months ago +1


  • dallas yap
    dallas yap Month ago

    She just wants the life insurance and life savings

  • Alaska Jack
    Alaska Jack Month ago

    Didnt Arthur fuck around with his wife on king of queens

  • Michigan Magneto
    Michigan Magneto Month ago

    Who's the actress that played the wife?

  • Jobayer Hossain
    Jobayer Hossain Month ago

    Which show is this one

  • Melvin London
    Melvin London 2 months ago +1

    This only happens on Tuesdays

  • The Okie Entrepreneur

    He should thank Charlie and divorce her

  • yer mil
    yer mil 2 months ago +2

    Why is he getting beat for the wife cheating

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome 2 months ago

    I honestly forgot about this show.

  • CheddarCheeseBandit
    CheddarCheeseBandit 2 months ago

    Wouldnt it make more sense to hit the wife?

  • JusticeCracker
    JusticeCracker 2 months ago +1

    Why get mad at the guy if they didn't know?

  • Toblerone
    Toblerone Month ago

    i miss this show

  • S K
    S K 2 months ago +1

    Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllll that show used a lot of older actors from movie and television's golden age

  • Michael Rooke
    Michael Rooke 2 months ago

    Ok one more will be Charlie's last words

  • Shadow Banned
    Shadow Banned Month ago

    8 seasons of pure gold followed up by 4 seasons of shit...Love the first 8 seasons.

  • Quinn
    Quinn 2 months ago

    This is why you follow the half plus 7 rule

  • john clark
    john clark 2 months ago

    Other people are laughing so I must laugh!

  • rose lavender
    rose lavender 2 months ago

    That wouldn't be my wife lmao and if it was not anymore divorce subpoena ontww

    CMONEY 2 months ago

    Hes like 90, and shes like maybe 50

  • GGalaxy01
    GGalaxy01 2 months ago

    Why does the guy in the orange shirt look like Matthew Broderick cross between Pete Davidson?

  • aChewyGummyBear
    aChewyGummyBear Month ago

    So thats what those things on the side of the house are for

  • Dvarian
    Dvarian 2 months ago +1

    Lol he fought at the Alamo correct me if i spelled it wrong