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Matt Smith Aka The Doctor - Is Good Friends With Craig - 6/6 Visits In Chronological Order [720p]

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I must say, he is fiercely handsome in the last appearance, whilst he is cute in the rest. Enjoy!
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 337

  • ArtinGadget
    ArtinGadget 6 months ago +219

    Binge watching Matt because of him being Daemon Targaryen - Stalkermode 🙈

  • HeikkiP
    HeikkiP 4 months ago +21

    It's funny to see Daemon being so goofy. Matt clearly gets along with Craig, they're really charming

    • HeikkiP
      HeikkiP 3 months ago

      @Jim Heeren Is it so confusing when House Of The Dragon is trending currently?

    • Jim Heeren
      Jim Heeren 3 months ago +2

      He’s the Doctor. What’s up with all this Daemon stuff

  • Matisse Canale
    Matisse Canale 5 years ago +159

    Matt dancing at 9:46 killed the hell out of me 😂😂

    • Deonex
      Deonex Month ago

      my back hurts before laughing that hard

    • Mia Avigial
      Mia Avigial 4 years ago +6

      "killed the hell out of me"

    • Sofia
      Sofia 5 years ago +6

      Probably Matisse ace

  • Nerdfightercommenter
    Nerdfightercommenter 4 years ago +222

    why in the world did craig ferguson never show up on DW. Imagine him and Capaldi though

    • Ellen Murphy
      Ellen Murphy 5 months ago +1

      You never know.

    • Justin N
      Justin N 7 months ago +9

      Maybe he got Capaldi in trouble with the story about them dropping acid together

    • Miss*Camel
      Miss*Camel Year ago +3

      Omg, thank goodness he didn’t. I probably would have died of joyful shock

    • Marques King
      Marques King Year ago +4

      I want it so badly I'm willing to go back in time with hard candies and meet...British people!
      (oh goodness I think I just threw up in my mouth)

    • Tam Le
      Tam Le Year ago +10

      I want this so badly

  • LynnP
    LynnP 2 years ago +93

    I miss Craig Ferguson so much! He makes me laugh so hard.

  • Yến Nhi
    Yến Nhi 5 months ago +23

    I haven't seen this before and I'm having a really good time listening to Matt's high-pitched voice

    • The Indoor Kites
      The Indoor Kites 4 months ago +2

      @Mary B smoking

    • Mary B
      Mary B 5 months ago

      I am astonished how his voice here is about 2 octaves higher than his voice in 2022. Did he take lessons or something or did his balls finally drop?

  • Dr. Spectre
    Dr. Spectre 4 years ago +34

    He does such an amazing job acting the role of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh! I loved him in Doctor who and I love him in the crown!

    • D C
      D C 5 months ago +2

      And in the future you'll love him in House of the Dragon;)

  • Issac Cody
    Issac Cody Month ago

    That Matt made a grab for the Snake Cup was LEGENDARY

  • Nora Auwigotner
    Nora Auwigotner 2 years ago +60

    I love how Matt loves people in bow ties

  • Sofia
    Sofia 5 years ago +83

    Matt Smith, the best Doctor, my Doctor
    I miss him :'(

    • Priscilla Teo
      Priscilla Teo Month ago

      I love Matt’s Doctor best too!

    • Amalli Beckham
      Amalli Beckham 3 months ago

      These new Doctor Who fan...SMH
      That honour is go to Tom Baker period.

    • Amalli Beckham
      Amalli Beckham 3 months ago

      These new Doctor Who fan...SMH
      That honour is go to Tom Baker period.

    • OneofInfinity
      OneofInfinity Year ago +2

      David is my favorite Doctor, but Matt did grow on me over time, he did great.

    • Phyzik
      Phyzik Year ago +3

      @higgme1ster You can't really say Baker is the best. It's absolutely true that he's the best of classic Doctor Who but nuwho is very different. It's a far more dramatic and emotional series. Tennant was by far the best actor, but I prefer Capaldi. Capaldi takes a lot from classic Doctor Who, a lot of influences from McCoy and Baker. He's harsh, pragmatic and socially detached, in other words, he's alien. Smith was absolutely fantastic, but he had a few problems, he was too childish at points. When 11 is downright manipulative and filled with Rage, he's fantastic, so Moffat is also to blame here. Tennant though, a great person and an unbelievably good actor.

  • hateyouguys702
    hateyouguys702 5 years ago +331

    I was the only person that laughed in the theater when he appeared in Terminator. He is a time traveler battling robots, Terminator is about time traveling robots. I thought it was funny.

    • Scorpius Balthazar
      Scorpius Balthazar 11 months ago +3

      @OneofInfinity It was much better than Salvation.

    • OneofInfinity
      OneofInfinity Year ago +3

      @Pot o Curry Good cus that movie sucked.

    • Puffmoney O
      Puffmoney O Year ago +3

      I remember seeing him in the back of a group in the movie and thought he has to be important

    • Pot o Curry
      Pot o Curry Year ago +2

      Terminator Genisys guys, he played Skynet, though it was a small role

    • Jon Cooper
      Jon Cooper 2 years ago +3

      @higgme1ster He's in Terminator Genisys

  • keirabryson
    keirabryson 5 years ago +111

    Matt's American accent is ace.

    • Pacifist
      Pacifist 2 years ago +2

      But feels strange lol

    • Sofia
      Sofia 5 years ago +3

      keirabryson remind me of Phil's first video there

  • Johnny Doe
    Johnny Doe 5 years ago +96

    How is he not a hollywood star by now.

    • Alto
      Alto 2 months ago

      Cause he didn't sell his soul.

    • M H M
      M H M 2 months ago +1

      He is now. All he needed was a little time.

    • Jonathan Shapiro
      Jonathan Shapiro 5 months ago

      @Mary B reread my comment?

    • MR B
      MR B 5 months ago +2

      He's a huge one now, as Daemon Targaryen

    • Willer
      Willer 6 months ago +1

      @Adam Smith ​ Doctor Who is currently the 5th most viewed show in the UK. It was never the biggest show in the UK, going back to 1970. Don’t get me wrong, it’s popular, but it was never number one.

  • Denny Rice
    Denny Rice 2 years ago +51

    Craig should have regenerated into the Doctor after his friend Peter Capaldi..That would have been iconic since the two men have known each other for 40 years plus.

    • Chriswp50
      Chriswp50 4 months ago

      @Mary B "stop trying to condescend" followed by "pay attention in school". This complete lack of self awareness is just as sad as it is funny.

    • Chriswp50
      Chriswp50 4 months ago

      @Mary B also your typos are clearly not a result of autocorrect, please take a writing/typing class

    • Chriswp50
      Chriswp50 4 months ago +1

      @Mary B what generation is that exactly? And now you're bringing religion into this? My sister in Christ, it's a video about an actor from doctor who. Were you showing compassion to Meghan Markle? Lead by example and follow what you preach.

  • Khalyཧཧ •༅࿔《『A Song of Nerds and Writers』》•༅࿔

    Matt Smith and Tom Hiddleston are the only two men, that can make me sound like a dying chimpanzee- I always laugh too hard to be healthy. 🤣

  • Keren.B_
    Keren.B_ 2 years ago +24

    "I was called dumbo as a child" that made me laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jami Hanks
    Jami Hanks Year ago +25

    Every single moment was full of whimsy and charm lol

  • Elis Regina
    Elis Regina 4 years ago +42

    craig should be THE doctor, maybe after jodie's run!! another scottish doctor would be awesome

    • John Hearn
      John Hearn 2 years ago +7

      he was in a teenage punk band with Peter Capaldi

  • cheyenne fink
    cheyenne fink 2 years ago +54

    this should’ve been titled “matt and craig flirting for 51 minutes”

    • Marques King
      Marques King Year ago +5

      I had hoped it would lead onto something more...darn commercials. They probably made out when no one was looking.

  • Chrissy
    Chrissy 5 months ago +5

    Matt is too dang adorable

    • Priscilla Teo
      Priscilla Teo Month ago +2

      He’s adorable alright! The most adorable incarnation of the Doctor!

  • Daniela Pedro Ferreira
    Daniela Pedro Ferreira 4 years ago +11

    Matt is hilarious! :D

  • thousand foot deep end
    thousand foot deep end 4 years ago +26

    "Why do they name French kings after Super Bowls? It doesn't make any sense." I choked on my muffin. 😂

  • Kitty
    Kitty 4 months ago +1

    They have such a good dynamic together.

  • Stephy MC
    Stephy MC 4 years ago +18

    I know this is more about Matt, but I do miss Craig.

  • Isabel Slytherin
    Isabel Slytherin 4 years ago +27

    he so cute when he's speak French! Matt can also say Au Revoir. ( Goodbye In French) haha I saw him 2 weeks ago at the Comiccon in Ottawa Canada and He said to me Au Revoir. That was very cute and that made my day. He's very sweet to met what you see of him on screen, He's the same in real. I mean He's very cool. HE'S A " SWEETIE"!💙💖 haha

  • Creative Campaign Concepts

    "Oh, are you the doctor? I'm bigger on the inside!"
    "Wait, is that a good thing?"

  • Josh Noonan
    Josh Noonan 5 years ago +14

    Matt is so precious

  • Mike Yates
    Mike Yates 4 months ago +2

    Craig Ferguson was the last great late night talk show host

  • HollyBlueAgitated
    HollyBlueAgitated 5 years ago +14

    I'd love to see a compilation of LLS Doctor Who references/mentions, like guests asking about the TARDIS and Tom Hanks talking about the show

    • The Jayleno Fly
      The Jayleno Fly  5 years ago +2

      hahah, me2 , but thats very hard to do. I won't exclude the idea tho. :D

  • The Man Itz Crossbow 2190

    Oh are you the doctor I’m bigger on the inside - Chris
    Is that a good thing- Matt Smith
    Fucking brilliant 😂 you got love Matt smith

  • Nanosauromo
    Nanosauromo 2 years ago +8

    Matt Smith has by far the best Secretariat Dance.

  • Active Evolution
    Active Evolution Month ago +1

    When ever "3 Octopuses & an Otter" drop their first record.. I wanna pre-order 💯

  • Xmeria
    Xmeria 5 years ago +127

    How dare he wear a tie that's not in a bow

    • Sean Owens
      Sean Owens 2 years ago +4

      He can’t tie a bow tie

  • Joy Haswell
    Joy Haswell 3 years ago +8

    35:12 how he says “odd” is adorable

    • Liusila
      Liusila Year ago

      Basically just English.

  • Jamie Stewart
    Jamie Stewart 5 years ago +44

    I love Matt Smith, and adore Craig Ferguson!!! 😍😍😍

  • Sylvia Lamar Colon
    Sylvia Lamar Colon 2 years ago +6

    Matt dances like the Dr.
    I know, I know he is the Dr.

  • ORagnar
    ORagnar 5 years ago +36

    18:40 Matt Smith has the American accent down pat!

    • Joy Haswell
      Joy Haswell 3 years ago +6

      He just got hotter

    • Maia
      Maia 5 years ago +13

      ORagnar his voice changes completely! He's speaking in a lower voice and sounds like a different person

  • Chloe Malfoy
    Chloe Malfoy Year ago +4

    I love Matt Smith so much. I wish I could meet him his my idol 💕💕

    RENATA CANTORE GROSS 5 years ago +12

    I couldn't stop watching !!!

  • Goodb0b
    Goodb0b 14 days ago

    So he was the Doctor who somehow frolicked his way into two different worlds full of dragons and magic. The Neil Gaiman ep sent me here btw!

  • saaniic
    saaniic Year ago +5

    that whole bit about hardwick's girlfriend gave me shivers

  • Click Beetle
    Click Beetle 2 years ago +9

    It would have been nice to have Matt and Karen on at the same time

    • Marques King
      Marques King Year ago +2

      Naaah, too which British sex appeal. The Internet's collective overies/mine would have exploded.

  • Indigo O4
    Indigo O4 5 years ago +10

    matt is the best doctor

  • NYX
    NYX Year ago +3

    I adore Matt and you Craig!! ♥

  • Li'l Feral
    Li'l Feral 5 years ago +14

    Craig was good in that movie about a hairdresser.

  • Chew Bacon
    Chew Bacon 5 years ago +11

    craig talking about eminem around the 17 something minute mark. WHY DID HE NEVER INTERVIEW HIM DAMNIT. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MINDBLOWING.

    • Liusila
      Liusila Year ago

      Eminem? He’s been avoiding interviews in general for the past 2 decades, and if he did decide to go on TV, he probably wouldn’t start with a midnight talk show.

  • Butterfly
    Butterfly 2 years ago +15

    What's interesting is Craigs friend Peter took over for Matt

  • Meg eM
    Meg eM 5 months ago +2

    He played Prince Philip but he didn’t know about the royal baby 😂

  • Bepa Hallucky
    Bepa Hallucky 5 months ago +4

    I'm sorta thinking this is the reason behind why Matt was cussing too much on the Jimmy Fallon show. 😅

    LENWOLF NEEDS TIME 5 years ago +45

    Matt Smith is a British Matthew Gray Gubler.

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 2 years ago +19

    I live in Utah and Matt Smith is my doctor so you can imagine how season 6 was for me, haha

  • Gregory Eatroff
    Gregory Eatroff 5 years ago +6

    "Three Octopuses and an Otter" is a great band name. The Greek plural would be "Octopodes," but that's kind of obscure... which makes it an even better name for an indie band that hipsters love. "I liked them when everyone thought the plural was 'octopi,' but now that Classical Greek grammar's gone mainstream...."

  • Nicole Toriola
    Nicole Toriola 6 months ago +1

    I really love Craig Ferguson. He's funny.

  • Grazie Mille
    Grazie Mille 11 months ago +11

    Why are the Brits more eloquent and charming than American celebrities? Of course, the accent is so much lovelier and lyrical than ours, but they seem more educated and erudite. Thank you for arranging this compilation.

  • Denis Galbavy
    Denis Galbavy 2 years ago +5

    They look like they are a great friends

  • Isabel Slytherin
    Isabel Slytherin 5 years ago +63

    Matt is so cute.. Man his accent is AWESOME haha. My new man crush i guess haha :D

  • Kitty McCann
    Kitty McCann 2 years ago +3

    It's weird he seems even cooler as an American how does that even work 😆

    • Liusila
      Liusila Year ago

      That’s the character of the “American” accent - if not cool, what else is it.

  • Jim Lemmon
    Jim Lemmon 6 months ago +6

    Still the last best talk show host.

  • Mike Yates
    Mike Yates 4 months ago +2

    I would love to see a version where instead of , Jody Whitacker , Peter Capaldi regenerates into , Craig Ferguson - and The Tardis has the voice of , Jeff Peterson

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 5 years ago +21

    Matt Smith is cool

  • FilterRabail
    FilterRabail 9 months ago +7

    The first interview is pure chaos

  • Geoff Blackmore
    Geoff Blackmore 4 years ago +7

    Interesting that Matt's accent is different in the final clip.

    • Pacifist
      Pacifist 2 years ago +1

      Yea.. he held back his brittish accent at first..

  • J G
    J G 4 years ago +15

    “Are you male or female?”
    “I’m a dalek”
    “What’s in ur pants?”

    RENATA CANTORE GROSS 5 years ago +31

    Matt is so cute !!!

  • Coreys Corner
    Coreys Corner 11 months ago +1

    Craig has everything even barz lol

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 6 months ago +2

    Matt Smith at the beginning: I'm on BBC America. I better present a wholesome image.
    And that lasted about 2 minutes, and got really dirty at 10.

  • Debbie Lehrman
    Debbie Lehrman 5 years ago +4

    That was so much fun.

  • Mike Yates
    Mike Yates 4 months ago +2

    27:40 - "what , in the name of sanity , is on your head ?!"

  • Andrew Markle
    Andrew Markle 4 years ago +2

    Man i miss this show

  • mmmm
    mmmm 4 years ago +7

    He’s so handsome

  • TheDudeAbides
    TheDudeAbides 2 years ago +4

    That's the last thorough paper ripping i have ever seen by Craig.

  • Dani Nampui
    Dani Nampui 4 months ago

    When Matt says Eminem, i am drawn to refer to our age of Shakespeare in the form of Dani Filth

  • Silver817
    Silver817 5 years ago +42

    I was there! I'm in the audience in the one just before day of the Doctor came out.

    • Marques King
      Marques King Year ago

      OK I'm totally going back in time with both of you. Rest assured I shall bring proper British snacks and possibly the Queens corgi's.

    • Michael Lukash
      Michael Lukash 5 years ago +3

      Matthew Silver I was too! I was in lesbian row!

  • Anders Hansen
    Anders Hansen 6 months ago +2

    For 16:05 surely the only correct description of Doctor Who would be "It's a mad man with a box"

  • PJ A
    PJ A 2 years ago +6

    He’s low key very quick.

    • Timothy W
      Timothy W 2 years ago

      Definitely. Sneaky quick

    RENATA CANTORE GROSS 5 years ago +6

    I Love Craig !!!

  • Mia Avigial
    Mia Avigial 5 years ago +2

    oh my god i fucking love him so much

    LENWOLF NEEDS TIME 5 years ago +3

    His awkward laugh at 23:18.

  • Doug McBroom
    Doug McBroom 2 years ago +6

    Oh the irony, Matt would go on to play Prince Philip in ‘The Crown’.

  • Mike Yates
    Mike Yates 4 months ago

    Is it just me , or in his first appearance was , Matt Smith drunk ? I feel like he was , and , if so , that's awesome !

  • Ro G
    Ro G Year ago +2

    I love this compilation! GERONIMOOOOOOOOO!

  • GameWays
    GameWays 4 years ago +5

    Really Geoff should have said "You will be upgraded"

  • J Coombes
    J Coombes 11 months ago +5

    matt was on something in the first interview

    • Mary B
      Mary B 5 months ago

      In the first 3 interviews it seems he was on something-alcohol or drugs or both. His voice is about 2 octaves higher than it is in 2022. So what is up with that?

  • Drew Vath
    Drew Vath Year ago +2

    Wild to hear him talk about filming in monument valley since we now know what happened there. Astronaut & such... oh doctor...

  • Luke Bossio
    Luke Bossio 5 years ago +2

    Tom Hanks actually didn't do the running scene. That was his brother.

  • FullMetalNerd
    FullMetalNerd Year ago

    Ya know, if I remember correctly, the Doctor who replaced Tom looked a little like Matt

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG 4 years ago +5

    The universe provides. Eventually. :')

  • Eric Gray
    Eric Gray 4 years ago +4

    Ferguson did appear on Red Dwarf, not too too far off from Doctor Who ;)

  • Kyle Ferguson
    Kyle Ferguson 4 years ago

    This entire show is fucking nuts

  • hara
    hara 2 years ago +4

    3:06 why can't he sing "Englishman in New York"? 😂😂

  • Erin Cromer
    Erin Cromer 5 years ago +12

    Yeah Craig stand up for Janet!!

  • CindyKay Webster
    CindyKay Webster Year ago

    I thought Matt did a great job on the miles Organ! Should’ve gotten the golden Homica

  • Nick Shepley
    Nick Shepley 5 years ago +1

    I almost died when he said Ryan Seacrest

  • Sofia
    Sofia 5 years ago +34

    Can wait to see Three Octopuses In An Otter live

  • AtreidesHeir
    AtreidesHeir 5 years ago +50

    "Sorry Janet, I got there first!" What?? Bwahahahaah.

    • bit byte
      bit byte 2 years ago

      what does it mean?

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 5 years ago +6

    If you could make a video compilation for Billy Connoly, I would appreciate it!

  • phaelin
    phaelin 5 years ago +18

    How about posting some of Craig's standup comedy?

    • CaptainAMAZINGGG
      CaptainAMAZINGGG 4 years ago +1

      @The Jayleno Fly I would really love that. Maybe on a new next channel? :)

    • TokRocK
      TokRocK 5 years ago +1

      is it even any good? I've been reluctant to watch it, I generally hate stand up and was afraid it miht 'spoil' crai for me somehow.

    • The Jayleno Fly
      The Jayleno Fly  5 years ago

      Thanks for the idea, but the kind of falls out of the idea of what this channel is suppose to me. If you forced me I would, but willingly, I'd rather not. Sry to say.

  • SnowGirl098
    SnowGirl098 5 months ago

    Favorite doctor

  • Melissa Hennings Gardner

    Love the purple socks!

  • cadet 50118
    cadet 50118 6 months ago

    Make craig the next dr who