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My Game of the Year Votes


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  • Astral Plane Brain
    Astral Plane Brain Month ago +742

    When kratos said
    "So what am I supposed to be? Some kind of- god of war or something?" Really made me cheer outloud.

    • Rs_Kira
      Rs_Kira Month ago +1

      @Josh Sir you are in a youtube comment section there is no such thing as original

    • Toad
      Toad Month ago +1

      @Josh Sir you are in a youtube comment section there is no such thing as original

    • PidgeonPummeller
      PidgeonPummeller Month ago +3

      I love the part when says its war time and then he ragnoroks all over the place

    • Elosiganu
      Elosiganu Month ago +14

      @Josh Sir you are in a youtube comment section there is no such thing as original

    • Yōkai Gypsy
      Yōkai Gypsy Month ago

      @Josh Because they're losers and have no life. There only purpose in life is to annoy people.

  • Sane
    Sane Month ago +302

    Charlie gives game of the year to Elden Ring and then gives every other award to Ragnarok lol

    • ameur louay
      ameur louay Month ago

      Lol thats what happened literally in the game awards charlie is jesus confirmed

    • Mr. Sniffles
      Mr. Sniffles Month ago

      Yoooooooooo that’s just how the actual Game Awards turned out, lol

    • Meme Team!
      Meme Team! Month ago

      @Lucas this is kind of what just happened. Something can win in most categories but players can still get more overall enjoyment from something else

    • Ur Mom
      Ur Mom Month ago

      @Michael literally shut up you are just mad you didnt get GOWR you won in the worst categories you are literally using chinese copium

    • ScheidNation
      ScheidNation Month ago +1

      well the awards were based on character and main plot. those categories clearly beat elden ring, but for overall game? elden ring slams ragnorak into the ground. it has more replayability, more gameplay features, online multiplayer and isn't platform exclusive. (btw elden ring won goty anyway nerd)

  • Tuck Hoi Chan
    Tuck Hoi Chan Month ago +39

    Charlie, it is mainly the toxic parts of the genshin community, or really any game community that will attack you for not voting their game. If you like a certain mobile game and want to vote for it, more power to you. Most of the genshin reddit seems pretty chill with whoever you are voting for.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Month ago +59

    Elden ring had a bigger impact on gaming and me personally then GoW will ever have. The first time entering the map and discovering just how big the game is without a walk through was the most memorable experience in my life. Discovering and learning a bosses movesets or trying out interesting and unique weapons was just amazing. You can have your opinions but nitpicking everything about a game to prove your point just infuriates.

    • Zach Houston
      Zach Houston Month ago

      Discovering Siofra River was one of the biggest jaw-dropping moments in gaming for me. And then the game went and sends you to Caelid when opening that chest in the ruins and you're like "holy shit this is a big map" and then you beat Godrick and go to Liurnia and say the same thing and continue to do so until Mountaintop of the Giants

    • Jake Palmer
      Jake Palmer Month ago

      Elden Ring really just repopularized what Dark Souls 3 already did I think, I loved the game but I think God of War Ragnarok has a lot more to offer in terms of uniqueness. Elden ring is a fantastic culmination of the souls games and blood borne with a more ambitious map and a shit ton of great bosses, but it really is just bigger. Ragnarok tells a story in a way I've never seen a game tell a story before, it managed to tell a story about family in redemption while you git beat the shit out of by a dude with a lightning hammer and struck a balance no other game has pulled off yet. Whats better is up to opinion but impact on gaming would have ti go to GoW for me

    • Makxspeed
      Makxspeed Month ago

      @Chris Johnson elden ring is overall a masterpiece but the bosses were just a major step down after 3 consecutive games with many phenomenal bosses that didnt need the most insane visuals to be memorable

    • Blake Jhonshen
      Blake Jhonshen Month ago

      Who here is doing the nitpicking?

    • Vinny22
      Vinny22 Month ago +2

      Crazy Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne are better 😂

  • PhantomSlay5612
    PhantomSlay5612 Month ago +19

    So happy to see Xenoblade 3 at least getting a nomination. Hopefully it convinces more people to play the game.

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez Month ago +122

    Edgerunners vs arcane is a tough call. Edgerunners made me want to play cyberpunk again, but arcane hooked me in without making me feel the need to play league at all

    • Alyssa Hopson
      Alyssa Hopson 3 days ago +1

      @Corey personally i disagree. i think the writing for the characters in arcane was just phenomenal. but of course every one has their own opionion

    • Sandro Voshart
      Sandro Voshart 15 days ago

      I loved edgerunners omg it's great but I still have crippling depression from the ending

    • Olle Spengler
      Olle Spengler Month ago +1

      @13 faces lol, thats not how it works, its the opposite, the fewer ratings the easier it is for it to get a high rating. the top show on imdb is planet earth which has less ratings than arcane but is nr 1. go cry again boozo

    • 13 faces
      13 faces Month ago +1

      @Olle Spengler because with 3x more ratings that is 3x more opportunity for the show to recieve high ratings. Cry about it.

    • Olle Spengler
      Olle Spengler Month ago +1

      @13 faces it has 3x more ratings and is still much higher rated, cry about it.

  • Gusonian
    Gusonian Month ago +14

    God of War wins in every measurable aspect except world, but Elden Ring is just a stroke of sheer genius and that wins GOTY for me.

  • esacrewol
    esacrewol Month ago +45

    You have got to play Tunic. Looks like a Zelda clone on the surface but it's in a league of its own, easily one of my favorite games of all time.

  • LaughingYeen
    LaughingYeen 2 months ago +687

    Everyone remembers "Death can have me when it earns me", and rightfully so...
    But who here remembers this gem:
    "It will pass."

    • Derek Smidl
      Derek Smidl Month ago

      @Giovayo wasn’t that from call of duty 1?! Lol

    • Giovayo
      Giovayo Month ago +3

      "Have you considered a tactical retreat?"

    • Kidwunder16
      Kidwunder16 Month ago +6

      How about “OOOH, There’s frost in me neck stump”

    • -Pimperson -
      -Pimperson - 2 months ago +7

      its even better when kratos says "im fine it will pass, stay focused"

    • Crysalis Two
      Crysalis Two 2 months ago +20

      “You’re on fire, but you already knew that.”

  • Kingkb2099
    Kingkb2099 Month ago +5

    Personally when it came to like best game for newcomers I went to the Quarry because you don't need to really understand game mechanics other than react to things and look at your options and you play the game there is no technically bad choice since it's a choice base game I feel like those who vote last of us are already Last of Us fans who get another person who hasn't played last of us to play that game and God of War is literally a sequel so I don't know why it's in that category cuz I watch berleezy and he proves what I think about Ragnarok and that is simply you will get lost on references if you did not play the game completely

  • Jesse Nicholas
    Jesse Nicholas Month ago

    I think I would have personally chosen Edgerunners with how much it totally resurrected it’s source content. Completely turned Cyberpunk from shit to the shit.

  • MiniMoonMan
    MiniMoonMan Month ago +11

    Elden ring and GOW are 2 different games and its hard to compare the 2 so its more of who has perfected their game more but in reality its not its who's game type is more popular which elden ring crushes god of war at. Its an open world with a master piece design, an insane amount of bosses and little easter eggs, secret places to go to and multiple endings too. The boss ost's are know to be unique and amazing. Plus you can spend alot of time playing it and still have a ton of stuff to do in it which is what you want the most from a game etc......... Its like everything you want in a game is there. GOW is an amazing game too except its just a strict story and certain stuff you have to do to finish the story and thats it. Everything else is god tier too, but elden ring's game style is just miles above.

    • Winter Wolf
      Winter Wolf Month ago +1

      Yeah, one is a game and the other one is a movie.

    • MiniMoonMan
      MiniMoonMan Month ago +2

      @Gavin Schaber its combo of what I said and what you said. Also if you think about it my point and your point are the same thing pretty much so yh you're right

    • Gavin Schaber
      Gavin Schaber Month ago +1

      I think it's just a matter of taste and opinion honestly. I liked Elden Ring and God Of War. But to me my game of the year is Xenoblade Chronicles 3

  • Iraqi Food Cart
    Iraqi Food Cart 2 months ago +13704

    That part where Kratos said "I do not need a snack" was funnier than it had any right to be

    • Mr. Johnson
      Mr. Johnson 2 months ago +1

      funnily enough ludwig and cutie bought their ways into that category, i dont see enough people calling out how sus that this couple are both in the list when many other creators were so much better.

    • Clone 5555
      Clone 5555 2 months ago

      @C and then he said "it's redditing time" and then he reddited all over the humor

    • Luketzen
      Luketzen 2 months ago


    • AK 697
      AK 697 2 months ago

      That part where Kratos said "Lois I am now going to activate my Epic Style and do the nae nae. May Christ have mercy upon your soul." was indeed Epic.

    • King of capy
      King of capy 2 months ago

      Kratos: I do not need a snack
      Sindri: said like a man who needs a snack

  • BCFix
    BCFix Month ago +288

    elden ring music was god tier imo, but i understand why people would overlook it because its hard to pay attention to the music when ur trying ur best to roll out of waterfowl dance

    • Zach Houston
      Zach Houston Month ago

      @JustGames Explore more platforms? What do you want it on? It's on last gen, current gen and PC.

    • Jake Palmer
      Jake Palmer Month ago

      I honestly think they'll never top Dark Souls 3 soundtrack, I dont just mean souls games I mean gaming in general

    • Duran
      Duran  Month ago

      It’s cuz the only people who are serious about wanting a certain game to win are no life basement dwellers, in reality Sonic and genshin impact shouldn’t win anything they’re both trash.

    • wokeup likedis
      wokeup likedis Month ago +4

      maliketh theme goes so harddddddd

    • JustGames
      JustGames Month ago

      Haven't heard of the Elden Ring musics. Because I don't play it. Maybe they should explore more platforms to get more votes.

  • rancer's weirdness
    rancer's weirdness Month ago +1

    1:35 as someone who's loved God of war since i was 2 years old watching my brother play it, no they didn't ruin kratos they clearly improved him that guy just has a childish mindset of if jts not the same it's worse we would be tired of angry kratos as shown in gow ascension

  • Nolan Rux
    Nolan Rux Month ago +4

    To be honest, I feel like Danielle Bisutti should’ve been nominated instead of Sunny Suljic

  • Gothkilly
    Gothkilly Month ago

    Tbh Charlie did the voting right also for best indie game cult of the lamb was super good but it wasn’t anything special plenty of games just like it I woulda chose sifu it was just really good

  • Federic06G
    Federic06G 2 months ago +2259

    Can we all just agree that Christopher Judge already won the voice acting award?

    • Camden Beck
      Camden Beck Month ago

      @Greg Recovski no….😐

    • wokeup likedis
      wokeup likedis Month ago

      @SnubCabOOse same i voted for him. he sounded youthful without sounding annoying and delivered some pretty cool scenes.

    • Mr. Zilla
      Mr. Zilla Month ago


    • kvlt slime
      kvlt slime Month ago

      honestly anyone on raganrok could get the va award tbh

    • CommunistPenguin
      CommunistPenguin Month ago

      @Jack Hayes wrong

  • Gloubiboulga the First

    On strict performance and dominance Mk Leo should absolutely be here as best player

  • computerpwn
    computerpwn Month ago +2

    im so surprised that splatoon 3 won best multiplayer going against overwatch 2 and modern warfare 2. personally i do think that splatoon's multiplayer is better than both of these games and i put 4 times as much hours into splatoon 3 compared to either of the other games, but i figured by sheer number of players that splatoon 3 didnt have a chance against the free to play cross platform giants that are mw and ow

  • Bigdude 0007
    Bigdude 0007 Month ago +27

    If Elden ring wins it’ll be like “ thou art of passing skill, warrior blood must truly run in thy veins, tarnished”.

    • Gray Stark
      Gray Stark Month ago

      @bananashapedorange oh God your hilarious. I’ve played every single fromsoft game as well. The difference between us is that you are the actual embodiment of the reason why everyone hates us fans. You talk like a redditor and that’s not a good thing. “Infantile” God man stop being so cringe. I play Xbox but if u wanna get your ass handed to you then lmk. I’m sure you will just use rivers of blood anyways.

    • bananashapedorange
      bananashapedorange Month ago

      @Gray Stark I can guarantee I am better at the game than you are. no really. because your comment somehow suggests that elden ring is a challenge. elden ring is an infantilely easy game. I have beaten ds1, ds3, bb, and er. actually, if you're on ps4 drop your gt and I'll pvp you.
      the game is mid. I'm sure your first fromsoft experience left you feeling magical but I assure you its all copy and pasted from previous experiences.

    • Gray Stark
      Gray Stark Month ago +1

      @bananashapedorange well sucks to be wrong. And it’s hard to argue when everyone disagrees. Just cause you couldn’t make it past the first boss doesn’t mean the game is bad. Get fucked

    • Gray Stark
      Gray Stark Month ago


    • bananashapedorange
      bananashapedorange Month ago

      @Bigdude 0007 fake news? the fake news is that elden ring is a "perfect" game, its low quality. might be enough for people who don't even play souls games, since the entire game is just pandering to that audience.
      if you like it, cool, but such a cheap idea doesnt deserve goty. it deserves to be forgotten

  • Diego Lara
    Diego Lara Month ago +136

    I loved it when Kratos said "yes it is me, the God of War" and godded on everyone

    • McCrispy
      McCrispy Month ago +3

      @nawt its dead meeming time

    • nawt
      nawt Month ago +5

      let this meme die its not even funny anymore

    • McCrispy
      McCrispy Month ago +1

      I loved when Kratos said is God of Worbinn time

  • grkpektis
    grkpektis Month ago +4

    You're missing out not playing Mario vs Rabbids 2. I love the xcom style gameplay

  • NiblanoPepper
    NiblanoPepper  Month ago

    u gotta play neon white. The dialogue is (I think intentionally) extremely cringe, but the gameplay is incredible

  • libe
    libe Month ago

    Good video Charlie!😃

  • D0TGhost
    D0TGhost Month ago +17

    THANK YOU CHARILE. Tbh, Edgerunners was fucking great, but I have to say Arcane. Edgerunners flaws are just a lot more apparent than Arcane, even though I feel like the finale of Edgerunners was great in a subversion of expectations

    • D0TGhost
      D0TGhost Month ago

      @13 faces EXPLAIN, MATE. Like, I ain't trying to be rude (sorry if it comes across that way), but if you're gonna say something about a show, so many people like, at least give some example. And hey, while you're at it, tell us a better animation show/adaptation. Edgerunners is good, but for every flaw Arcane has, Edgerunners has a lot more of it.

    • D0TGhost
      D0TGhost Month ago

      @Chris Perez End scene of every act

    • D0TGhost
      D0TGhost Month ago +1

      @Jay Scott Thanks for the definition. I feel like you don't need research to know what ADAPTATION MEANS, but clearly some people are stupid and truly do.

    • D0TGhost
      D0TGhost Month ago

      @sillylittlesheep Jax Wow, slow down there buddy. Ain't need to get all rallied up

    • D0TGhost
      D0TGhost Month ago

      @sillylittlesheep Jax Which would still be Arcane, but I see what you're saying

  • kotertsenn. t
    kotertsenn. t Month ago +54

    Was there only 5 games released this year cause wtf are these nominees 😂

    • SaikoSocial
      SaikoSocial Month ago +1

      @The Senate I approve this message, call of duty modern warfare II 2009 is a fantastic game

    • Not me
      Not me Month ago

      @The Senate i meant the 2022 version tho

    • The Senate
      The Senate Month ago +2

      @Not me i agree, modern warfare 2 2009 is a great game

    • Not me
      Not me Month ago

      @The Sherlock call of duty mw 2 is a great game

    • The Sherlock
      The Sherlock Month ago

      @Binh Ha Does that include call of duty?

  • The real geen gobin
    The real geen gobin Month ago +4

    No way he said genshin was good

  • Ghostman
    Ghostman Month ago +2

    I gave destiny the best community support because they still play it in the first place

  • Derek Smidl
    Derek Smidl Month ago

    God of war pretty easily should win I’d say it’s 70-30 split with elden ring and I doubt there’s anything else worth mentioning right now Lolol. I mean if dying light 2 had come out like that e3 demo from like 3 years ago maybe there could have been some competition but as per usual the video game is a way overhyped B- than too much was promised and mostly cut out of the final version. Ragnarok didn’t do that clearly. They set a standard and exceeded it which is probably why for most all open world games are the same thing…that said elden ring was great but personally I enjoyed 30 hours of ragnarok more than 160 hours of elden ring and that has to mean props for god of war and also it’s unreal the polish that Sony games get without a million delays and bugs. Look at dying light 2 and cyberpunk for examples of what everyone else was doing while god of war crushing it.

  • Corey
    Corey Month ago

    As an Apex player, that game doesn't deserve a single nomination for how awful it is now.

  • Obi the BEEF
    Obi the BEEF Month ago

    If the Joystick Awards are anything to go off of them Elden Ring will landslide. I'm aware our votes don't matter for this shit show but for the Joystick Awards it does, and Elden Ring got double the votes as God of War and was so good it SOMEHOW won best multiplayer.

  • ManiacalAge
    ManiacalAge 2 months ago +523

    Can we take a second to appreciate that RL was able to get Charlie to overcome his fear of flying, across the ocean no less, for the first time in 5 years

    • razmalakataznia
      razmalakataznia Month ago


    • Ian T
      Ian T 2 months ago +3

      Huh? Pretty sure that flight made it worse dude. There was crazy air turbulence and that kinda freaked him out. Also a reason he wasn't feeling like meeting anyone there.

    • Cameron
      Cameron 2 months ago +1

      @Luketzen You've commented more times than you have subscribers

    • ManiacalAge
      ManiacalAge 2 months ago

      @Jorbsmen Petersdude I can relate flew alot in college, thought it was so cool, not anymore..

    • Jorbsmen Petersdude
      Jorbsmen Petersdude 2 months ago +2

      I used to love going on airplanes when I was younger, but I like it less and less every time I fly.

  • DawnSR
    DawnSR 2 months ago +281

    Thanks for mentioning the Sonic Frontiers OST being missing. Actually such a shame, it's definitely one of the best Sonic Soundtracks ever and thats saying something considering the series.

    • Dave Milligan
      Dave Milligan Month ago

      @Obi the BEEF tbh man, I really don't give a shit about any awards & I don't understand why anyone really does. I don't understand awards for any kind of art, and games are now very much a form of art. Art is subjective & that means the only opinion that matters is yours/mine/any individual's. Any comments I've made are based on my understanding of how awards work. Even from that perspective, I don't think either of those games should have gotten any recognition whatsoever. They're both total duds in my opinion - I've said my pieve about Sonic, as for Scorn, I think it's outright plaigerism - that's not 'influenced by' Giger's work - that's bits of Giger's work straight up copied & re-jigged. I'm a huge Giger fan, I sell art, have worked with a lot of his stuff & been a lifelong fan. I'm appalled at how they stole his creations & made a lot of money off the back of it - the stolen art is the only reason that game got the attention it did. I'm surprised his estate didn't sue. They bloody well should have.

    • Obi the BEEF
      Obi the BEEF Month ago

      @Dave Milligan I'm just saying you shouldn't be surprised Sonic was nominated considering Scorn was nominated for something even though it's dogshit

    • Dave Milligan
      Dave Milligan Month ago

      @David Jr well, the way it usually goes is a soundtrack to a game that's generally loved across the board. It's a very divisive title.

    • David Jr
      David Jr Month ago

      @Dave Milligan In my opinion, the game doesn’t need to be that great to even be nominated for the best audio designs / soundtrack. Sonic Frontiers has offered one of the best soundtracks in gaming history. Gameplay is pretty basic for open world yes, but soundtrack really made up for it’s solid 5 islands open world and pretty fun combat system. I think it is a crime for Game Awards to not even nominate Sonic Frontiers for that section.

    • Dave Milligan
      Dave Milligan Month ago

      @Greyson Crowe it's a very divisive title. It's a 4/10 for me & as I said before, it's all subjective. If you love it, great - my opinion isn't more valid than yours. I sell art for a living (in many forms) and have for almost 30 years (I started when I was 13) and I think video games are art - if films are, then games are too. So art is subjective & that means no one can really be right or wrong - as I explained before I was absolutely AMAZED people liked this as all I saw was people trashing it as I did it - but as we all know, social media is designed to be an echo chamber, thus we're heavily fed content in line with our own views.

  • cookie
    cookie Month ago +2

    11:03 There was no sh00ter category this year because people made fun of video games this year left for right

  • Tommy Bury
    Tommy Bury Month ago

    Funny how most people pick GoW over Elden Ring for most categories yet pick Elden Ring over GoW for game of the year.

  • Håkon Henriksen
    Håkon Henriksen Month ago +3

    i think arcane winning best adaptation is a no brainer tbh

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago +93

    Accessibility goes to The Quarry, the game can literally play itself.

      YXIGXOA Month ago

      @Chris Perez
      Chris Perez replied: "YXIGXOA are you disabled? If not stfu lol" deleted comment

      YXIGXOA Month ago

      @Chris Perez as a matter of fact I am actually. so I shall not stfu as you have requested. It was also a harmless question get out of here with your high and mighty tone.

    • Chris Perez
      Chris Perez Month ago

      @YXIGXOA are you disabled? If not stfu lol

      YXIGXOA Month ago +6

      @empty Vessel 空の i get that its an option man but im just saying to save a few bucks just find a video with no commentary then boom 60 dollars saved.

    • empty Vessel 空の
      empty Vessel 空の Month ago +4

      @YXIGXOA bruh, its option.
      imagine you are paralysed or smth, just tell someone to pick the personality traits of the chars to best suit your experience and you got the game played the way you wanna see it.

  • Meteor
    Meteor Month ago +1

    I loved the Horizon games more than GoW and Elden Ring... but I am a casual.

  • Just One Guy
    Just One Guy Month ago +1

    I easily pick Edgerunners over Arcane. This is the 2022 Game Awards and only one of those shows released in 2022.

  • Gravel, The Block
    Gravel, The Block Month ago +4

    I vote for Bill Clinton

  • SalTea
    SalTea 2 months ago +94

    Honestly as a Xenoblade fan the real win isnt the chance of winning I know its literally impossible what I am happy for is that sweet rendition of the main theme we are gonna get

    • eggnog _
      eggnog _ Month ago +2

      @Melkor Stormcrown idk man I got bored of elden ring in 30 hours, have like 100 hours in xc3 and still have a ton to go back and do 🤷‍♂️

    • Random Internet User
      Random Internet User Month ago +3

      ​@Melkor Stormcrown pretty fun game to us

    • It did not cut deep enough
      It did not cut deep enough Month ago +5

      @Melkor Stormcrown clown

    • yoyo
      yoyo 2 months ago +2

      @Melkor Stormcrown cool.

    • Melkor Stormcrown
      Melkor Stormcrown 2 months ago +3

      Its a bloody boring game wouldn’t play it if someone paid me

  • Sunburned Albino
    Sunburned Albino 2 months ago +15

    Neon White, an anime speedrun FPS, seems like such a guaranteed game for Charlie to enjoy I'm actually shocked he hasn't played it.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Again, I'm fine with you giving awards to God of war, but you're not even acknowledging Eldon Ring. You're not going to acknowledge the score of the soundtrack to Elden Ring? They're literally whole Clip-Share channels dedicated to analyzing the composure and score to the olden ring soundtrack. It's a whole community by itself. Geez man

  • SolidSkullz
    SolidSkullz Month ago +2

    Where’s the Bill Clinton option

  • Emad Starns
    Emad Starns Month ago +5

    If Elden Rings wins that’s like saying Demon Souls Dark Souls Darksiders wins how weird how they fooled lots of lord of the rings fans it wasn’t the lord of the rings game by using the name rings I played it it shouldn’t win the god of war horizon forbidden west should win why didn’t bandai make it dark souls 4 not to many people like that kind of game

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker Month ago +2

      @Marché oh really you don’t say then why doesn’t it say on my PS4 it’s the game of the year oh yeah you must of had a dream it won I believe Sony more then anyone else who won I guess I don’t need to tell you what game won since others told you which they shouldn’t of let you figure it out on your own

    • Emad Starns
      Emad Starns Month ago +1

      @Mazen Elmusa that just proves to me you got a PS5 console the others don’t it’s not hard to see the game of the year game on the PSN store these idiots just don’t own a PS5 still stuck with their old gen PS4 xbox one

    • Mazen Elmusa
      Mazen Elmusa Month ago +1

      @Emad Starns I’m with you Elden Ring wasn’t the game of the year these silly kids are just mad their favorite game didn’t win

    • Mazen Elmusa
      Mazen Elmusa Month ago +1

      @Marché it’s not the end of the world I’m sure your favorite game will maybe win after 2 years

    • Mazen Elmusa
      Mazen Elmusa Month ago +1

      @Marché if Elden Ring won why does it say on my PS5 store Horizon Forbidden West won and is the game of the year are you saying Sony PS5 store is a lier 😂

  • Jackson Coyne
    Jackson Coyne Month ago

    NMS Support is light years ahead of FF14

  • The Noob Network
    The Noob Network Month ago +5

    I feel like if you take all the accolades ragnarok could get over Edlen ring it seems like God of war should sweep haha

    • squishy sausage
      squishy sausage Month ago +2

      @The Noob Network Yea i dont disagree I wasn't disappointed by the time of god of war but I beat elden ring with ranni ending and some other endings complete for a first play through in about 50 hours but now have over 100 from new game + and other things

    • Yulfine
      Yulfine Month ago +1

      @The Noob Network it's also a much deeper narrative that isn't spoon fed to you a lot of its narrative comes from other npcs and tidbits in writing and dialogue and exploration over gow. Elden ring has still kept me entertained more than the 40 or so hours gow has given me. It's not the same at all and the narrative and lore that elden ring and dark souls and bloodborne have had has been a sweep in narrative. It gives something rather than just using real time cinematics to tell the story.

    • The Noob Network
      The Noob Network Month ago

      @squishy sausage I don't think play time has ever been a category. God of wars length to me is perfect and tons to do. Elden takes long mainly from the difficulty to me.

    • squishy sausage
      squishy sausage Month ago +1

      ragnarok is not open world like elden ring is elden ring is the perfect open world game with so much more play time. the only reason Ragnarok wins in so many other categories is because there was no categories about play time and things like that it was just which game had better sound or art or story line. and especially for story line ragnarok is literally a story game. Ive played both ragnarok and elden ring and personally elden ring is the better game I have 100s of hours on it but ragnarok is also a very great game

  • Tryctan2
    Tryctan2 2 months ago +51

    9:34 no man's sky easily wins the vote for me without even thinking about it
    what they did with the game is just amazing and the work they put to make it good is actually insane

    • Elijah Ayers
      Elijah Ayers Month ago

      The problem with no man's sky for me, especially now, is that bethesda's version of it is already scheduled for release, and since it's gonna be basically the same thing, just hopefully finished by the deadline... No Man's Sky had it's time, and they missed the mark, not sayin' it wasn't an amazing game way ahead of it's time, but it shouldn't even be in the runnings, regardless of how supportive it's community is.

    • Berry Amv
      Berry Amv 2 months ago

      Yeah I voted nms

    • Deetsitmeister
      Deetsitmeister 2 months ago +17

      @kuhaku I have to disagree on that one. The team size is so vastly different.
      While also pulling out NMS of literal hell, they were bombarded with death threats and their entire workspace completely flooded, losing so much work.

    • kuhaku
      kuhaku 2 months ago +4

      if you see the history of ff14,i bet it's equal or probably even better than no man's sky,the story of their rise from the fall was fantastic

  • ZeekTHAFreek
    ZeekTHAFreek Month ago

    I'm sorry, but I feel Charlie didn't really even listen to most of the elden ring ost's, God of War ragnarok had a great soundtrack, dont get me wrong, and although it was hard, Elden just brings it with the music, it's just more memorable and impacting, the depth of the notes, the choir, it just barley beats ragnarok for me, but I'm still understanding that he or others chose ragnarok, but cmon, Maliketh ost, Godfrey ost, GODSKIN OST, I can go on, but like, cmon you can't tell me the boss ost's aren't super memorable, haha, but eh it's all in fun, it's just my opinion 😅

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C Month ago +124

    Edgerunners vs Arcane was for sure the hardest pick this year for me.

    • Dylan C
      Dylan C Month ago

      @Zero totally a good pick. It’s probably the better show. I went with edgerunners mainly because it actually came out this year and I knew it would be hard to beat Arcane. They’re both must watch shows for me tho

    • Zero
      Zero Month ago

      Ik it already happened but I picked Arcane because I didn't watch edgerunners sadly 😢

    • 13 faces
      13 faces Month ago

      @DaSourOrange bad taste

    • E.king5897
      E.king5897 Month ago

      I picked sonic tbh lol

    • Beelzemobabbity
      Beelzemobabbity Month ago +1

      @D0TGhost yes thats what i think exactly. You worded it perfectly

    BATTOUSAI BEATS 2 months ago +1934

    No Mans Sky community support is on another level. They deserve it for sure. Surprised Charlie hasn’t heard about that

    • sebastian berganza
      sebastian berganza Month ago +1

      @Captain Clutch that’s a funny way to view things 😭

    • Captain Clutch
      Captain Clutch Month ago

      They deserve no awards because all they are doing is repenting for the shit show they tried to give on launch

    • Obi the BEEF
      Obi the BEEF Month ago


    • sebastian berganza
      sebastian berganza Month ago

      @Javier V. just because i said he has his own opinion im meat riding him? u are weird man 💀

    • Javier V.
      Javier V. Month ago

      ​@sebastian berganzaget off his dick man lol I love critical but he can be pretty ignorant sometimes

  • Render Bastiaansen
    Render Bastiaansen Month ago

    it is called recency bias

  • HeavyHandedDame
    HeavyHandedDame 2 months ago

    When it comes to best adaption, my vote went to Arcane.
    I loved both Arcane and Cyberpunk but ultimately Arcane did more "adapting" then Cyberpunk. Sure Cyberpunk's world was practically one to one with the game and the theme was same but the story and characters were completely original. Which isn't surprising since the player character can be literally anyone who does whatever they want.
    Arcane on the other hand, not only got the world down but also worked with existed characters, fleshed them out well, and had a compelling story.

  • Elijah Ayers
    Elijah Ayers Month ago +103

    I like that whenever one of the options was Ragnarok, it was usually in the middle where your eyes would be drawn to it, almost like they knew what everyone would pick for most of em.

    • Elijah Ayers
      Elijah Ayers Month ago

      @Martin Lervik ye, I just thought it was ironic that despite that fact, it still happened to be center frame for most of the categories

    • Martin Lervik
      Martin Lervik Month ago +21

      It is in alphabetical order

  • Heath wool
    Heath wool 2 months ago +17

    Definitely laughed audibly when Charlie said “this is the biggest divide since my left and right butt cheek!”

  • ShotgunRunner
    ShotgunRunner 2 months ago +16

    It feels like Christopher Judge put his heart and soul into Kratos. The acting in Ragnarok was amazing

    • Tatakae
      Tatakae 2 months ago +4

      (I dont know the actors name) Atreus actor also, he is underrated thats why i voted him

  • xPotatoxGod__69
    xPotatoxGod__69 2 months ago +10

    Sad that Charlie hasn’t played Xenoblade. Absolutely steals the show when it comes to the OST. Understandable it wouldn’t win GOTY, but still super happy it got nominated

  • Kitzi
    Kitzi 2 months ago +2

    I think ragnorock is the on for me. As Charlie said it was an overall cleaner experience and was far more enjoyable than that of elden ring.

  • Lucky ASMR
    Lucky ASMR 2 months ago +36

    Regardless of which is your favorite, you deny that this has been a killer year for your gaming.

  • Vert Aqua
    Vert Aqua 2 months ago +3903

    They’re just gonna leave a chair up for Christopher Judge so he doesn’t have to walk so far to get his awards

    • Generson Bryantheart
      Generson Bryantheart 2 months ago

      Imagine Christopher Judge walk like Kratos when he receive his award

    • Luketzen
      Luketzen 2 months ago


    • Moth Girl Hina
      Moth Girl Hina 2 months ago

      @YeaMan Who's Paige?

    • Govak
      Govak 2 months ago +2

      @Prisoner849 After GoW Ragnarok I went back and started watching SG1 again thanks to hearing the voice so much. I haven't watched it since I was a kid and I'm genuinely surprised at how creative the writing of each episode is. It manages to be badass and wholesome at the same time.

    • Bruh moment
      Bruh moment 2 months ago

      @Tyler Klein why reply to bots?

  • The random golden cookie

    you need to finish forbidden west

  • Talon Howe
    Talon Howe 2 months ago +44

    It's really just cool to see Xenoblade get nominated for things, especially since it'll get to go in the medley. Shame so many people disregard it on sight because of Dunkey and "anime bad"

    • The Hydration Man
      The Hydration Man Month ago +1

      @It did not cut deep enough 💀

    • It did not cut deep enough
      It did not cut deep enough Month ago

      @The Hydration Man 🤨

    • The Hydration Man
      The Hydration Man Month ago +1

      @It did not cut deep enough agh!! I have been destroyed!! 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

    • It did not cut deep enough
      It did not cut deep enough Month ago

      @The Hydration Man good, donkey sycks ass

    • The Hydration Man
      The Hydration Man Month ago

      Regardless if you were trying to pin the blame on his fans specifically, majority of the hate still feels directed towards Dunkey. One thing I appreciate is that he just gives his own opinion and isn’t swayed by shit, that’s what makes his reviews enjoyable.

  • David Owen
    David Owen 2 months ago +74

    Tunic is downright criminally underrated.

    • Tiarnan Gavin
      Tiarnan Gavin 2 months ago

      fr, I prefer stray but Tunic is amazing

  • Organ Snatcher
    Organ Snatcher 2 months ago +1

    Arcane was absolutely amazing but if Edge Runners loses this year it's literally rigged

    ARTSONICFAN990 2 months ago +2061

    I'm with Charlie on one thing: GOW Ragnarok did not ruined Kratos's character... On the contrary, they perfected it in an emotional level... Especially when he narrates the events from previous games.

    • Greyson Crowe
      Greyson Crowe Month ago +1

      @E.king5897 Strawman: an intentionally misrepresented preposition because it is easier to defeat an opponent than a real argument.
      I wasn't arguing with anyone, didn't have a opponent, was only sharing my thoughts and not misrepresenting anything, therefore not a Strawman. It's sad how hard you're trying.

    • E.king5897
      E.king5897 Month ago +1

      @Greyson Crowe ok read it again but slower. Like its crazy how ur not getting this

    • Greyson Crowe
      Greyson Crowe Month ago

      @E.king5897 I did. It's not a Straw man.

    • E.king5897
      E.king5897 Month ago +1

      @Greyson Crowe read ur own comment then open up a dictionary, then read it again

    • Greyson Crowe
      Greyson Crowe Month ago

      @E.king5897 how so? How is it a straw man? I never used it in our as argument.

  • ketaminebandit
    ketaminebandit Month ago

    what about when the tarnished said "I am the elden ring"

  • tyler morgan
    tyler morgan 2 months ago +11

    A Plague Tale Requiem is being really overlooked due to being released so close to Ragnarok (similar to Forbidden West and Elden Ring). I’ve completed 100% all 4 of them and a lot of awards going to Ragnarok I feel Requiem should seriously be in contention for…. Especially best Sound Design/OST. Like you said it’s hard to go against Christopher Judge (esp as a Stargate fan)…but Amicia from Requiem hands down is the next best for me. I almost wish it came out a different year because I feel like it really deserved many of these awards. If it was marketed a lot more so as many people played it as Ragnarok I think there would be a ton of serious debate in regards to its contention for the awards.
    Has anyone else played it through fully and feel similar to me?

  • Ryan McDonnell
    Ryan McDonnell 2 months ago +22

    A week late here, but I honestly think Odin's voice actor (Richard Schiff) stole the show for me. I think he should've been nominated over Atreus by a mile.

    • J V
      J V Month ago

      was atreus' voice acting/acting that good though?

    • Sam Yedlapalli
      Sam Yedlapalli Month ago +3

      100% - I like Atreus as a character and the actor did a great job of portraying him, but there are many other characters in the game that have better performances imo. Probably had to do with screentime, which of course features Kratos and Atreus the most

  • Um
    Um 2 months ago +24

    I think the actress who plays Amecia in both Plague Tale games is actually really slept on tbh.

    • Santanazation
      Santanazation 2 months ago +1

      Just coment on how people should play this series... I prefer this over GOW

  • Ranch Slayer
    Ranch Slayer 2 months ago +1544

    it's a crime for Jerma to not be nominated as best streamer of the year

    • Josh Sydney
      Josh Sydney Month ago

      @fish guts Ayo, agreed

    • Huey
      Huey 2 months ago

      @ThereInTheTrees _ I understand that you have a preference, but if speed was on that list he would win by a margin you can't imagine due to his almost cult-like following and influence lol. He's simply just more popular and influential. I'm just stating facts. I too prefer streamers with wit and clever jokes, but I'm going to be real with you, this is a popularity game. Speed just has more influence. He has been caught up in a lot of controversy, and he still has a bigger following than this jerma guy people speak of.

    • ThereInTheTrees _
      ThereInTheTrees _ 2 months ago

      @Huey I never said he wasn’t influential, this is a conversational if he is the best streamer of this year - he’s not

    • ThereInTheTrees _
      ThereInTheTrees _ 2 months ago

      @Huey myself and most everyone who has some level of maturity, prefer structured jokes and decent personalities over someone who barks and screams.
      It can be entertaining, I’ve laughed at Speeds jokes before, he just isn’t on the level of quality to be a top tier streamer.
      Especially due to the fact he isn’t above scamming his audience

    • Huey
      Huey 2 months ago

      @ThereInTheTrees _ he also got recognized by the biggest sports organization in the world and had his song to play in the world cup. He is influential whether you like it or not lmao. I'm also not a huge fan, but I'm also not delusional

  • Marellus
    Marellus 2 months ago +6

    Imo scorn had a very unique way of getting around enemies, literally most if not all of the time you could just avoid the enemies by not attacking them, just be patient and they'll go somewhere else and despawn by going through a tunnel of flesh of sorts

  • General_Komodo
    General_Komodo Month ago +1

    I like it when in god of stray horizon forbbiden scorn ring requiem frontiers they said I am going to go super god of war ragnorok tm. Eldenring tm. Mode

  • Bloodren03
    Bloodren03 2 months ago +2

    God of War: Ragnarok has accessibility features outside of NPCs telling you what to do within one minute of observing that a puzzle exists. For example, "High Contrast Mode" assists people with photosensitivity and low-vision, it has great subtitling, and an assist mode for seeing navigation points easier, like the fixtures you need to fling yourself with by using the blades of chaos. Accessibility isn't just for people who don't solve a puzzle in three minutes.

  • PlasmaHanDoku
    PlasmaHanDoku 2 months ago

    In terms of game adaptation to movie, I think believe that Arcane takes' the cake mainly because of story depth in the characters and development. Cyberpunk was just good in general.

  • SchliPerko
    SchliPerko Month ago

    Why is QTcinderella on the list and not my boy Charlie?

  • Willie Nelson Mandela Yeeehaw

    The score for me was a close one but I'm giving it to Hellsinger. My reasoning is simple. I go by which one trasmitted the intended emotion better or made me feel that intended way even harder.
    In GoW it's for sure Raeb's Lament, it's fucking perfect for every single place it was used in. A masterpiece of a song.
    But Hellsingers Dissolution is on another level entirely, not the best song in gaming this year, the best song I've heard this entire year period. Deserves more praise than this event can give it.

  • Virgurilla
    Virgurilla 2 months ago +20

    This year's league final was absolutely insane. Best esport by far.

    • Johnic
      Johnic 2 months ago

      Never forgetting the Cologne CS final this year, an absolute banger of a match it has everything.

    • Thea Lorraine Daniel
      Thea Lorraine Daniel 2 months ago

      It is

    • Bouncing Betty
      Bouncing Betty 2 months ago +2

      eww, league

    • yes lad
      yes lad 2 months ago

      dude, varus pickrate went up astronomically because of 1 SINGLE ARROW. it's fucking bananas

  • ClashWaRz12
    ClashWaRz12 2 months ago

    I almost had a heart attack from disappointment when he didnt vote for lego skywalker saga or cyberpunk edgerunners. I agree with most of this list none the less.

  • DootRoj
    DootRoj 2 months ago +456

    "this is the biggest divide since my left and right buttcheek" is the greatest charlie line ever

    • yoeri
      yoeri 2 months ago +4

      How do i always read comments like this when theyre saying it

  • Wouter de vries
    Wouter de vries 2 months ago

    I don't enjoy Call of Duty. But the one good thing I've always had to say was that their sound design is really impressive. From the few games that I did play.

  • Thogurus
    Thogurus Month ago +36

    “Xenoblade 3 has a very enthusiastic community on Twitter- Very much so doesn’t like Dunkey”
    Understatement of the century LMAO

  • Zapatozi
    Zapatozi Month ago +3

    God of War: Ragnarok deserves Game of the Year award.

  • Mr. Malfunction
    Mr. Malfunction 2 months ago +12

    Someone let charlie know that until november 29th, sonic fans are voting for sonic frontiers to be nominated for best ost in the steam award since it didnt get nominated here. His support would be great

  • Liz K.
    Liz K. Month ago +1

    IMMORTALITY is honestly a masterpiece, not something that could ever be played on major streaming platforms due to graphic nudity so the amount of traction and notoriety it gained this year was limited but if you haven't played it you are seriously missing out

  • misa bito
    misa bito 2 months ago +2

    9:34 no man's sky easily wins the vote for me without even thinking about it what they did with the game is just amazing and the work they put to make it good is actually insan

  • DawnOfTheOzz
    DawnOfTheOzz 2 months ago +1

    If The Last of Us Part II can sweep the Game Awards with basically little merit than God of War: Ragnarok can surely sweep the awards with actual merit behind it.

  • ThaEarthquake
    ThaEarthquake 2 months ago

    For me personally, I’m just happy to have made it through the great hollowing and gotten a game that not only paid off but exceeded my expectations.

  • SharkShocker
    SharkShocker 2 months ago +2142

    What I find so interesting is that for a lot of people. Elden Ring was their game of the year, yet in every other category GoW Ragnarok took the cake. To me, that tells me this.
    Making the best possible game isn't about Game Direction, Narrative, Art Direction, Music, or Audio Design.
    It's about creating the most memorable experience possible. These things matter, of course, but they're not everything. We don't want an elevator, we want stairs.

    • E.king5897
      E.king5897 Month ago

      @Sleepy Kurisu open worl with dungeons and caves, and bro said that like its a bad thing, gtfoh, go back to playing walking simulator.
      Dumbest shit I've ever heard

    • Scott Becker
      Scott Becker Month ago

      @Ducky Duckington and I'll never go there again. They don't offer anything that great. The best item you can get is the mimic.

    • Ducky Duckington
      Ducky Duckington Month ago

      @Hugh Jass ok, but could you respond to me with a list of what makes it BAD, so i can pick apart your argument so you find out why it isn't?

    • Ducky Duckington
      Ducky Duckington Month ago

      @Scott Becker you went there because of questlines and endings. Thats your issue, you describe meaningful rewards as quests you do.

    • Sleepy Kurisu
      Sleepy Kurisu Month ago

      @E.king5897 well it's more fucking stupid to like a game with a dry ass fucking open world with dungeons and caves repeating the exact fucking same level design and having some random ass peice if loot at the end that's either not or will help your build and don't even get me started on how fucking lazy the boss designs were they had so many of the same fucking boss in one game and how they played was the most shit in every fucking souls game they literally just fucking spam moves other souls games taught you how to fight against a boss with their move sets on top of that the Open world is so fucking hard to navigate with no location discovering compass and finally the mediocre lore how does a game get so much extra time to be worked on and the lore ends up being mid I played through the entire game and other then 7 areas and 1 boss everything was shit

  • Hayden Birch
    Hayden Birch Month ago

    Dying light 2 should have been in best audio design.

    • Marcus Kane
      Marcus Kane Month ago

      Should've been in "trash-tier game of the year"

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet 2 months ago +1

    Definitely laughed audibly when Charlie said “this is the biggest divide since my left and right butt cheek!”

  • Nein
    Nein 2 months ago +12

    I gotta say I love Genshin. Hoyo really have put lots of efforts to their game and 3.0 patches really made the game as candidate for best ongoing game. Really hope it'll continue to strive for the next few years.

    • Ky0
      Ky0 2 months ago +1

      L + ratioed

    • Nein
      Nein 2 months ago +8

      @ItzKerbecs indeed. Yu Peng Chen is a music genius.

    • ItzKerbecs
      ItzKerbecs 2 months ago +12

      the SOUNDTRACK bro.

  • KELLOGR 27
    KELLOGR 27 2 months ago +1

    I want to see Gow Ragnarok win cuss usually I don't care about a game's story but this game made me care.
    Gow Ragnarok wins in presentation since it's essentially a playable movie
    Elden Ring wins in game design / gameplay

  • Kesler
    Kesler 2 months ago +461

    agreed on Kratos' character, its very easy to illicit an emotional response by killing off characters or destroying things the audience likes, but to have the entire experience so wrought with emotion without having to rely on shock value and while instilling meaningful messages in the player, is something to behold.

    • Chad Mustache Dracula
      Chad Mustache Dracula  Month ago

      @jacob norris Then I guess you haven't played GoW 1 then.

    • fish guts
      fish guts 2 months ago

      Wrong it should be Full McDonald's Menu
      Breakfast Fruit & Maple Oatmeal Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait Egg McMuffin® Egg White Delight McMuffin® Sausage McMuffin® Sausage McMuffin® with Egg Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sausage Biscuit Sausage Biscuit with Egg Steak, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles® Sausage McGriddles® Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles® Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel Big Breakfast® Big Breakfast® with Hotcakes Hotcakes Hotcakes and Sausage Sausage Burrito Hash Browns Burgers Bacon Smokehouse Burger Double Bacon Smokehouse Burger Big Mac® Quarter Pounder®* with Cheese Double Quarter Pounder®* with Cheese Triple Cheeseburger Double Cheeseburger McDouble® Bacon McDouble® Cheeseburger Hamburger Chicken & Sandwiches Bacon Smokehouse Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Bacon Smokehouse Artisan Grilled Chicken 4 piece Chicken McNuggets® Buttermilk Crispy Tenders Classic Chicken Sandwich Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich McChicken® Filet-O-Fish® Bacon Ranch Salad with Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad Southwest Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad Salads Bacon Ranch Salad with Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad Southwest Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad Side Salad Snacks & Sides World Famous Fries® Yoplait® GO-GURT® Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait Desserts & Shakes Chocolate Shake Strawberry Shake Vanilla Shake Vanilla Cone Hot Fudge Sundae McFlurry® with M&M'S® Candies Kiddie Cone Hot Caramel Sundae Strawberry Sundae McFlurry® with OREO® Cookies Baked Apple Pie Strawberry & Crème Pie Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Drinks MIX by Sprite™ Tropic Berry Hot Chocolate Coca-Cola® Chocolate Shake Strawberry Shake

    • ΛutistiЄ
      ΛutistiЄ 2 months ago

      @mkwpaul EXACTLY!

    • The Beast
      The Beast 2 months ago +1

      Exactly. I cried during the death but there were some moments that were so beautiful holy shit I was sobbing

    • jacob norris
      jacob norris 2 months ago +3

      @mkwpaul Well to be fair most of Kratos' character comes from the spinoff games, which most people haven't played.

  • Task Force
    Task Force 2 months ago +4

    He hyped up Sifu everytime but didn't vote for em a single time 😂

  • drpysorus
    drpysorus 2 months ago

    Im a huge Dark Souls fan and I was very hyped for Elden Ring and I enjoyed it quite a bit, but in retrospect it felt the atmosphere and story telling to be very lackluster.

  • Seaweed Banana
    Seaweed Banana 2 months ago

    It's really such an amazing thing to see the two GOATs of two biggest esports became this sort of antagonist
    2022 is such a year for gamers

  • ExpertAlcoholic
    ExpertAlcoholic 2 months ago +2

    Honestly Tunic is so slept on, I'd recommend anyone to try it. Maybe someone should get Charlie to play it

  • DUDE Coom HARD
    DUDE Coom HARD Month ago

    Why GOW just came out recently and it get to participate this year GOTY why don't give ppl a little more time have a fulfill experience

  • Merp
    Merp 2 months ago +8

    im so happy that he brought up sonic frontiers music, i take that as an absolute win.