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DON'T buy a Screen Protector before watching this.


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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  2 years ago +15507

    Slight clarification:
    -The two cheaper screen protectors, don't claim to be level 9 in hardness specifically, but claim to be "9H". The point I should have added is that 9H is not the same as 9, and that 9H is MUCH weaker, but is used by these companies because it sounds a lot like "level 9", when it actually isn't - which you'll see demonstrated in the video.
    Thanks for watching once again, really appreciate it ❤️

  • sjn 72
    sjn 72 Year ago +6262

    The great thing about a $1 screen protector getting scratched is that you can just replace it with another $1 screen protector and still be $78 ahead.

    • BBLSE
      BBLSE 11 hours ago

      @kashiandevs unfortunately for me I work in a melt shop the dust that’s collected is what scratches the screen and it’s all in my pockets and such. If it’s not true sapphire and it’s in my pocket I will know. Unfortunately sapphire is just so expensive! I’m stuck with just cheap ones and replacing them often. My pockets are like sand paper in a days work. Keys and coins will not scratch a phone screen 😂 I chuckle every time ie some say this. The dirts trapped in your clothes that land on your screen and you rubbing it with it on there is the issue.

    • Hang HUI
      Hang HUI 9 days ago

      but you always need to go to the shop

    • SMM2 - TutorialZ
      SMM2 - TutorialZ Month ago

      You mean 39$ the saphire one isnt a scam

    • Maryland's Holland Lops
      Maryland's Holland Lops Month ago

      ​@Lisa Defries qql

    • chris caropepe
      chris caropepe 2 months ago

      I’ll just take the 1$ one. I don’t plan on dropping a brick on my phone anytime soon.

  • Jonathan Klein
    Jonathan Klein Month ago +143

    The brick test, while entertaining, is a pretty poor simulation of any actual usage. Screens break mostly when phones are dropped, not when heavy things are dropped onto them.
    Having said that, this was a very useful video. I typically go with a $1 per sheet screen protector that I buy on eBay. I dropped my phone from time to time, and while I get occasional cracks or scratches on the screen protector I have never damaged the underlying screen when I use these screen protectors.
    Thanks for a great and entertaining video.

    • AdrenalinnVapor
      AdrenalinnVapor 4 days ago

      @bktfrank Exactly this. Tempered glass is only good for one crack. Once it has a flaw, the protection goes wayyyy down. Change your screen protector right after you notice a crack or deep scratch people!

    • Cherise Hughey
      Cherise Hughey 15 days ago

      Yes, I agree this is a great and entertaining video. Good to know on a day to day basic.😜👍.

    • no username
      no username 21 day ago

      @Ricardo Rodrigues I've seen some yt videos saying out of gel plastic and glass
      Glass is the best one

    • bktfrank
      bktfrank 21 day ago

      @Ricardo Rodrigues i havent tested one myself so i have no idea

    • Ricardo Rodrigues
      Ricardo Rodrigues 21 day ago

      @bktfrank is a gel screen protector anywhere near as good as tempered glass?

  • Money Light!
    Money Light! Month ago +67

    Personnel I think I will go with the $5 or less screen protector. And if I'm dumb enough to drop a brick on my phone or run over it. I'll use my $5 a month insurance and fix it for $25 at the shop down the road or get the phone replaced. Great video!

    • Cherise Hughey
      Cherise Hughey 15 days ago

      Yes, I think I will get the cheapest screen protector also. Just doesn't make sense to get one much at a higher price when the effects are still the same 😏😒.

    • no username
      no username 21 day ago

      @NormanFoxLee because it does actually save the screen when u drop it

    • John Chaparro
      John Chaparro Month ago

      i wouldnt put anything at all if i had insurance with a deductible that cheap

    • SimRacing Channel
      SimRacing Channel Month ago +1

      Paying 2 years of insurance plus the $25 dollar your already almost paying for a new screen anyway. Better to take the gamble, if you don't break you are up $120 if you do break a new screen cost about 200 and you are down $45. If you dont break it for many years you are way up.

    • NormanFoxLee
      NormanFoxLee Month ago

      Why even buying the protector?

  • Robert Hodges
    Robert Hodges 6 months ago +489

    As someone who sells screen protectors for a living in a wireless repair shop, this was extremely informative and confirmed what I always thought: the $50 screen protectors sold down the street are pretty much as effective as the ones I sell for $15.

    • Pal
      Pal Month ago +1

      @Spencer M i use $10 tempered glass that had oleophobic coating. And in the box i got 2 tempered glass so that’s $5 each. And tell you what the tempered glass made my screen more silky and responsive.

    • Orca Laryngologist
      Orca Laryngologist 2 months ago

      @D MatthewsI bought one from there the other day. My naivety lost me a $dollar for not knowing the pro max was that much bigger than a pro. 😅

    • D Matthews
      D Matthews 2 months ago +5

      I get mine for a dollar from the dollar tree and they work just fine ..

    • Jennifer Leigh Strout
      Jennifer Leigh Strout 2 months ago


    • Spencer M
      Spencer M 2 months ago +7

      I just want my protector to have an oleophobic coating on it, fit well, and be cheapish

  • Brandon Schiavone
    Brandon Schiavone 28 days ago +2

    My main take away from this video is if you don’t have $80 for a real sapphire screen protector then buy a 3 pack of tempered glass for $10 on Amazon.

  • qGrove
    qGrove Year ago +5370

    Normal ppl: buys screen protector for their phone
    Mrwhosetheboss: buys phones for his screen protectors😂

    • Simply me
      Simply me 2 months ago

      plot twist (based on true story):
      Mrwhosetheboss: buys bricks for his screen protectors

    • MC_baconBOIYT
      MC_baconBOIYT 3 months ago

      Him: ill uno reverse card the normal doing of buying screen protcter for phone to phone buy for screen prrotecer S

    • Sourav Kumar
      Sourav Kumar 4 months ago

      He is millionaire

    • The Gaming soda
      The Gaming soda 4 months ago

      @George's Former Clip-Share Channel ]

    • MemeSki
      MemeSki 5 months ago


  • Craig Morton
    Craig Morton Month ago +9

    a phone droppimg on concrete vs concrete dropping on a phone are 2 very different things, with 2 very different forces and velocities to consider....

  • wardope
    wardope Month ago +7

    Back in the days, I bought the first Huawei Watch it comes with Saphire as the front glass. i use the watch everyday to this day and it still haven't got a single scratch on the screen. i even wore it when i hands on renovated our entire house! and still Not a single scratch. saphire might be more expensive but its worth every single penny!

  • Alfredo Koc Li
    Alfredo Koc Li 2 months ago +76

    A bit late to the party, but here is my opinion as I have worked on cracked resistance for ion exchanged glass for some years.
    Before going too technical, a glass protector will mainly help you avoid scratched to the main glass screen... which usually is very tedious to replace. You could use a plastic screen protector but it will scratch way easier.
    Sapphire is no gimmick, it will truely prevent more scratches... but for x80 the price, you could simply buy more cheap ones tbh.
    Breackage on glass is very particular, it is no metal that breaks always after a certain threshold. Breackage is related to the amount of tension applied to it (for phones in the form of an impact) and is inversely proportional to the square of the defects of the glass. Theoretically, glass can whithstand a crazy amount of force, but due to manufacturing processes and manipulation, almost invisible scratches are always formed.
    Due to this, to measure crack resistance on glass, you need to perform multiple crack tests and use the assumption that the surviability follows a Weibull distribution. By multiple, I mean at least 30 samples. Test usually starts at low levels of impacts and goes higher. Test ends when one sample breaks and that energy is the one recorded for the statistics.
    To that... if your glass had scratches beforehand, you will significantly lower it's impact resistance... so you either have 2 options... you could use pristine samples for every test, or you could perform an homogeneous scratch to each sample to standarized scratch depths. Counterintuitively, this last option is preferred, you purposely do scratches bigger than the ones your glass had due to manipulation, therefore substantially decreasing the influence of scratches due to manufacturing and manipulation.
    That said, with this theory in mind... for a 'practical' but yet scientific approach on glass protectors for phones, I could suggest a drop test of phones from a set height. Is possible, have the phone be guided so that always lands on the same surface/corner.
    Good work btw, the video was interesting.
    One last thing, as a rule of thumb, when a glass protector (or glass) breaks, the more 'lines' or 'pieces' that are generated, the more energy the glass has released. So if the glass is completly shattered where you could barely see the screen, then the protector has 'absorbed' a lot of energy that otherwise would have gone into your main phone glass. Another good test is to perform a 3 or 4 point bending test on the protectors, and measure the amount of cracks it gets. The more cracks, the better (and more force was required to break). This is related to the ion exchange process that these glasses were supposed to be applied. To that said... Corning was the pioneer on engineering a glass that optimizes the IOX.

    • Astro
      Astro 16 days ago


    • Alfredo Koc Li
      Alfredo Koc Li Month ago

      @Blakely Linz Sapphire vs glass, comparison on impact tests... That is a good question. I have no answer, probably some in depth testing is needed (or is already there and haven't fount it). If you have the money, sapphire will offer better scratch resistance in the long run (good if you put your phone along with keys in a purse, for example)

    • Blakely Linz
      Blakely Linz Month ago +2

      It’s likely because he is an intellectual and was attempting to utilize culturally acceptable verbiage to excuse his tardiness in recently addressing an older video. It was meant as a courtesy to others that he did not want to appear overly zealous or pompous by adding in depth analysis nearly a year after the video’s initial publication.
      That’s just my best personal guess as it would be why I would introduce a similar explanation as such.
      That being said, would the Sapphire Shield be less protective because it is transferring more of the energy to the phone rather than absorbing and dissipating it through breakage….? Is the phones continued function a fluke, or did it transfer through all the layers to the ground?

    • Freedom
      Freedom Month ago +1

      @Aftab Hussainbecause he is too much..

    • Aftab Hussain
      Aftab Hussain Month ago +3

      @RabbittyBabbitty err the video was posted a year ago, hence 'late to the party'. Why do you need so much into it?

  • Tony Perez
    Tony Perez 7 months ago +180

    According to the tests that you did, I rather buy the $1 one. Most of us don't treat our phones like that. I can also replace it 40 or 80 times. The most I have gotten before replacing it is a scratch but nothing on main screen.

    • Patato523
      Patato523 2 months ago +2

      mehhh i dunno, if your like me where your very clumsy and drop things alot, you would want something that could save the screen for a while longer

    • Vanessa Mutale
      Vanessa Mutale 2 months ago

      Am sooo with you on this.

    • R RE
      R RE 2 months ago +1

      I've been buying mine from dollar tree for years! I replace them every 4-6 months. They work just fine for the normal everyday wears and tears. :)

    • Cuore Bianco
      Cuore Bianco 4 months ago +6


  • nugget
    nugget 2 years ago +1851

    Remember children: Don't buy a screen protector that costs 40$. Get one that costs *80*

    • Δημήτρης Μπάρδας
      Δημήτρης Μπάρδας 27 days ago

      @Yerbamatey I own my phone for 2 years, I always put it in my pocket with no screen protector and it has no scratches at all. You were saying?

    • Yerbamatey
      Yerbamatey Year ago

      @lucas you do. If you put your phone in your pocket, it's pretty much guaranteed to scratch

    • Itz_Tasha
      Itz_Tasha Year ago

      Buy none. Don't buy a phone

    • Jesus K
      Jesus K 2 years ago


    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth 2 years ago

      @lowkey It's actually 2 per year, and 4 total.

  • WelcomingHD
    WelcomingHD Month ago +4

    i think ima go with an $80 sapphire one

  • Eztonia
    Eztonia Month ago +3

    I would buy the expensive one

  • ratt57
    ratt57 8 days ago

    Thanks for this video, I've always wondered how reliable some of these expensive screen protector brands actually were. I think your "brick test" at the end might have been overkill... most screen protectors seem to me to be manufactured to protect the phone if you happen to drop it accidentally on the pavement or something. Either way, I can't see spending eighty dollars on one, even though it obviously performed the best... that's ridiculous.

  • Scubadoo79
    Scubadoo79 Month ago

    Well done!

  • Atomic Shrimp
    Atomic Shrimp 2 years ago +12599

    I think the brick test was probably unsurvivable without additional cases, etc; Sapphire is tougher as well as harder, so it makes sense that it did a little better there, but... screen protectors are replaceable - get the cheapest one that's good and treat it as sacrificial

    • Dontblinkoryoullpoop
      Dontblinkoryoullpoop 4 months ago

      Get one with a rubber gasket

    • Shaylyn
      Shaylyn 5 months ago

      Scam baiting when?

    • Spencer Dodds
      Spencer Dodds 5 months ago

      Loved your meals for a pound videos.

    • biturboism
      biturboism 5 months ago

      Agreed. In my experience 20€ for like a nice Spigen protector w/ an actually GOOD applicator is my optimal solution. At this point you’re paying for the peace of mind that it will apply from the first try and isn’t going to *underperform*

    • John Jacobs
      John Jacobs 5 months ago

      I mean, they are a scam baiter.

  • DrToMcz
    DrToMcz Month ago +1

    bruh my phone survived frezing,refrigirator,2 floor drop, and others only with gummy case without screen protector

  • Creative Mom
    Creative Mom 5 months ago +33

    I wonder what the damage would be on the side/back of the phones with an Otterbox Defender case on it. Would the screen still get as damaged with the brick, would the backs be protected? I'd be really interested in finding this out. Thanks

  • Face Forward TV
    Face Forward TV Month ago +1

    Try buying a kit that includes frame for perfect installation. We have a video that makes it super simple, fast and forward. 2 min video

    • Fiora Langust
      Fiora Langust Month ago +1

      I used a case. It worked perfectly 😊

  • Wild Heart
    Wild Heart 3 months ago +5

    My track record at installing Screen Protectors, even those touted as "bubble free," is beyond dismal.
    Apple used to (maybe they still do) install them for you, using a gizmo that looked like a sandwich toaster.
    Were I to fork out £$80, there's no way I'd fit one myself.
    There's a serious gap in the market for companies that fit them for you. Here in the UK, they're very thin on the ground.
    Carphone Warehouse used to do it for a fiver, but they don't exist in the High Street anymore!

  • Hayawi07
    Hayawi07 Month ago +1

    What happened to broken phones?

  • Blitzegron
    Blitzegron Month ago +11

    This is why Samsun uses Gorilla Glass. "Aluminized glass". But a screen protector if for protecting a screen from scratches and Not smashes. A good case will help it take the "brick" test.

    • Blitzegron
      Blitzegron 16 days ago

      @Shawn Lindsay Yes. my Note 20 uses Gorilla Glass 7 I think.

    • Shawn Lindsay
      Shawn Lindsay 16 days ago +1

      iPhones use Gorilla Glass from Corning as well, however, I have never owned a Samsung phone so is the "Aluminized Glass" Samsung's version of Apple's "Ceramic Shield" or no?

  • Uri Bové
    Uri Bové Month ago

    I had a 3eur protector save my 500EUR Huawei P20 from a knee with skating kneepad from breaking it XD yes the protector was done for but my phone looked good as new XD

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K Month ago +13

    I think the genius move to do here is to just apply two 1$ screen protector

    • Vistil Shaiteth
      Vistil Shaiteth Month ago

      @amadeus Idk, the times I've used a screen protector, it stops registering consistently with only one on it

    • amadeus
      amadeus Month ago +1

      @Dennis it should

    • Dennis
      Dennis Month ago

      does the screen even register touches with 2 layers of sreen protectors?

  • Jawad
    Jawad 2 years ago +2194

    As a wise man once said: Glass is Glass. And glass breaks.

    • Bruh
      Bruh Month ago

      Scrathes at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

    • numpty
      numpty 2 months ago

      Idk if he was wise, the village idiot knows glass breaks

    • Terry Allen Sutherland Indy Highlander
      Terry Allen Sutherland Indy Highlander 3 months ago

      True. And, as the supreme being once said, "Wind blows. Water flows. Fire burns..."

    • [;'
      [;' 5 months ago

      yes. thats even the point. but protects the other glass behind it. if it's just thin plastic, it prevent scratches, but since it doesn't break and absorb damage, the glass behind breaks instead

    • timinmanila
      timinmanila Year ago

      Who said that? Gerryrigeverything

  • Marius E
    Marius E Month ago

    Why on Earth do you need 3x brand new phones to do your scratches protection tests ? It would not go so much less expensive if you would do that in top of a normal GLASS ? I simply don t get it...

  • lola
    lola Month ago

    all of the companies should make a sapphire model for 100 dollars more but they aren't going to because that would shatter their stupid business

  • TheCrazyEggHead
    TheCrazyEggHead Month ago +2

    Me casually watching hundreds of dollars go to waste:

  • Herbert Silverstein
    Herbert Silverstein 3 months ago +7

    The main takeaway I get is that the testing is all purposeful damage as opposed to the normal accidental damage that rarely leads to breaks or scratches on either screen protector.

    • bilgyno1
      bilgyno1 2 months ago +1

      Not my experience. Had a Phone slip out of my hand once. Bam: cracked glass. Another phone that was standing up fell over face down: cracked glass screen protector. So it's definitely possible to have accidents damage the screen. I always like to put some level of protection on the screen and use a bumper case

  • Barry hehexd
    Barry hehexd 2 years ago +3288

    Arun : "no scratches or grooves at level 7"
    Jerryrigeverything: "impossible"

  • Connor de Freitas
    Connor de Freitas 2 months ago

    Using a S21 and the screen is quite durable to my knowledge - that's why I can't justify ruining my experience with a screen protector - the Gorilla Glass Victus is very impressive

  • Ethan F.
    Ethan F. 2 months ago

    Hardness and impact resistance are different things though. Even watches with sapphire glass can be shattered. Technically, the only purpose of a screen protector is to act as a "sacrificial" layer in case of accidental impact that could be easily replaced with least $$ by the user.

  • EhCanadianAnimations

    what's the point of getting anything more than a $1 screen protector anyway? Unless you aren't just going to be dropping it, the maybe a more expensive on would be good.

  • Captain Alieth
    Captain Alieth Month ago

    TLDR: All screen protectors of the same material are basically the same. So just pick the material you want and get the cheapest one.

    • Андрей Ерёмин
      Андрей Ерёмин Month ago +1

      Так все равно смысла нет, защищать экран телефона, чтобы меньше удовольствия получить от использования? Да проще экранный модуль раз в 4 года менять

  • Rick
    Rick 2 years ago +524

    As once said by a legend:
    “It scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7”

  • Youtube Ghost Censorship can Suck Me

    In my experience the glass protectors are all sacrificial, but the difference between the cheap and the expensive ones, are apparent when you peel a cracked protector off. The cheap ones tend to allow the cracks through to the screen, which then will also need replacing, however, the expensive ones can be peeled off and replaced often without any of the cracks propagating the actual screen. I think the difference is probably the glue that binds the protector to the screen.

    • GGWP
      GGWP 2 months ago

      The glue would have nothing to do with it, if the screen cracked it's because the energy of the impact went through.

    • I once killed A man with my shoe
      I once killed A man with my shoe 5 months ago +7

      I have an iphone and use cheap screen protectors. I have dropped my phone and cracked the screen protector pretty badly multiple times and when I lifted the protector it left no cracks on the phone. Never has it allowed cracks through the screen.

  • dsproductions19
    dsproductions19 7 months ago +44

    You should really test how they affect the fingerprint sensors. Some screen protectors will make those in-screen sensors unable to actually read any prints correctly.

    • Angels Joker
      Angels Joker 5 months ago +1

      @Avalon Dalton I've bought my phone in January and there isn't a single scratch yet. Still looks completely new. As I said, the phone is in a leather protector case with flip cover, and I don't put other stuff like keys or coins in the same front trouser pocket where I usually have the phone.

    • Avalon Dalton
      Avalon Dalton 5 months ago

      @Angels Joker im thinking of taking mine off tbh, tappign in the corner is very inconsistent

    • Angels Joker
      Angels Joker 6 months ago +2

      Not only those sensors, even the touch screen itself. Mine has become very inaccurate after putting on a screen protector making me type the wrong letters or missing links and buttons, so I removed it. Modern Gorilla Glass shouldn't scratch easily anyway and I have a phone case with flap cover; makes the whole phone a bit bigger but give additional fall protection.

  • Misha
    Misha 7 months ago +10

    The screens not working from the brick test have to do with the sides of the phones being damaged. That's the kind of stuff you get an Otterbox for, not a screen protector. For a screen protector test, you needed to drop a small metal ball onto the middle of the screen.

  • Richard Powell
    Richard Powell 7 months ago +45

    I find the best combination is cheap screen protector plus cheap case. The screen protectors help with scratches and general screen damage, the case gives a lip that tends to prevent more significant damage from drops. But I go cheap because I only crack mine maybe once very 2 months, so even if I have to buy 6 in a year, it's still not as bad as buying an expensive screen protector.

    • GIRminator
      GIRminator 2 months ago +2

      @peanut I just have an Otterbox defender pro and it’s never caused any issues for me

    • peanut
      peanut 5 months ago +1

      I noticed that switching between multiple phone cases reduces the amount of damage to your phone. I don’t know if it’s because an individual case can only absorb so much shock or what, but for some reason my last two phones have survived 4 years each because I had like 10-20 cases for them. Never needed a repair

  • grshorwich
    grshorwich Year ago +207

    To be fair, screen protectors are there to protect the screen from *scratches*. Dropping your phone on a hard surface (or dropping a brick on your phone) is always going to generate forces that the phone itself will have difficulty surviving even if the screen protector does survive them.

    • Latachia _2
      Latachia _2 2 months ago

      Well,I dropped my phone (a different phone than I have now) .I had a case on the phone, but no screen protector. And yes, the glass did break badly. It was a good thing I had bought the insurance on the phone & it only cost 29.00 to get it fixed, at the iPhone store....From then on, I have always had a good screen protector on my phone. And yes, I did drop the phone I got now, on a cemnt floot & it landed really hard. All that happened to it was the edge of the screen prtector got a tiny chip in it. So the screensaver & phone case did save my phone from the glass breaking on it. And I still am using the same phone, it happened when I first got the phone 2 years ago. I paid $30.00 for the screen protector, right when I purchesed the phone & the guy at the phone store put it on for me, so that was nice & I didn't have to worry about doing it myself....To me, it was worth every penny of the $30.00, because it did save my phone from the glass breaking. My phone's screen protector is not made out of glass. It feels like plexiglass , or something similar to it.

    • Star
      Star Year ago +1

      @Davide Mazzetti you're lucky. my phone (without a screen protector) got ran over by big boi truck
      it still works and still has no screen protector because my phone is from 2018 and the sizes won't fit so I just have plastic on it so more glass won't fall off than it already did (barely any areas without no screen tho 😀)

    • Vinna Vuong
      Vinna Vuong Year ago +2

      @Davide Mazzetti which screen protector brand do you have? I have dropped my phone and it landed on the concrete. Scratched up my phone and now it is wonky.

    • Julian No Last Name
      Julian No Last Name Year ago +5

      In the event of a drop, a screen protector should break. It absorbs the impact energy and expends it by shattering, meaning less energy goes towards the phone. If it didn’t shatter than the phone would be more damaged.

    • Justjello
      Justjello Year ago +6

      ​@Davide Mazzetti There is a chance that there is internal damage on the phone so a screen protector won't exactly save it, most if not all products from the market probably won't save your phone if anything it will reduce the chance of a drop or it will reduce the fall damage

  • Lawrence Kingery
    Lawrence Kingery Month ago

    Great video. To do a true drop test, put two pvc pipes 6ft tall, the width of the phone apart. Create a plate with two stubby pieces of pvc slightly bigger than the tall ones that will slide down the two tall ones. Velcro a phone to the plate and drop it to the floor. Then put rock under with pointy side up. Drop. Yes the Velcro will absorb a little; however, it would be a consistent test.
    I really appreciate your testing! If you want ideas for test rigs, Project Farm will give you lots of good ideas.

  • sealand000
    sealand000 3 months ago +1

    It would be interesting to include a control unit without a screen protector.

  • Sahaja Clarke
    Sahaja Clarke 4 months ago +2

    Hey Moh - your thorough analysis is awesome and a great help. Thanks for uploading!

  • Max-A-Million
    Max-A-Million 4 months ago +2

    Would’ve loved to see the screen get peeled off after the first scratch test. Because most people buy a screen protector just to prevent scratches on the screen.

  • Mr Onion
    Mr Onion 2 years ago +563

    Moral of the story: Spend minimum or maximum, don't go for the medium.

    • honkingantalope
      honkingantalope 7 months ago

      Moral of the story is don't buy any. Learn how to take care of your phone I keep mine in a case and bag.

    • Bubba Boyy
      Bubba Boyy 8 months ago


    • Bruce Lince
      Bruce Lince 11 months ago

      @walnut how did i fall for that ? btw thank you for rickolling me after 1 year .

    • Bruce Lince
      Bruce Lince 11 months ago +1

      @Adnan Huzaifa well that makes sense lol , it always makes sense to go for 12 or 12 pro max , not the 12 pro

    • jdidb
      jdidb Year ago

      @walnut everyone remember the link

  • nastyleak2011
    nastyleak2011 7 months ago

    Great job bro, love your vids - however some constructive criticism: the brick test was a complete failure as you are testing a screen protector not a phone protector 🤷‍♂️……totally different as each serves a different purpose hence the screen protector is meant to “protect” your screen only 🫡

    DLAROC 4 months ago

    I think when they say 9H, they’re just meaning it protects against your actual display unless the object is harder than 9H. Then it will go through and scratch your display. The protector isn’t 9H, it just has 9H protection. Probably what the companies would say.

    ZEF SIDE 3 months ago +2

    dont get me wrong here, i love this channel. but seeing these phones getting completely destroyed to test the screen protectors seems simply pointless. could think of better ways to test these in a minute resulting in simply getting the displays destroyed instead of the entire phone

  • Tammy K
    Tammy K 4 months ago +1

    what I find most interesting is in the quality of the phone itself (before add-ons)... I was comparing the various phone brands, and was impressed by Elon Musk using such strong material that a bullet couldn't penetrate it. What surprises me is why the glass hardener isn't already at it's max, making the phone highest possibly quality. I am certain that these businesses could do this at a fraction of the price it would cost us, and it would be most convenient for them to maximize large #'s of phones, whereas we have far less experience and it was inconvenient us so much more than it would them... Does anyone get what I'm saying. I would even dare to say that some businesses would inconvienence themselves to take away to make the product weaker. I certainly hope I'm wrong about this.

  • JAE X
    JAE X Year ago +2045

    As a guy who spends most of my time dropping bricks on phones, I
    find this test really eye-opening.

    • Mahnoor Tariq
      Mahnoor Tariq 6 months ago


    • Roger Geyer
      Roger Geyer 7 months ago

      OTOH, I think he gave good reasons for making that the "severe" test, vs. a drop test. Maybe an 80 CM hammer test would have been OK for the severe test, but in reality, people DO drop them in the real world. Hammer them, not so much.

    • Aka Konoha
      Aka Konoha 9 months ago +2

      🤣 you must stop that dude... find a better pastime

    • BlueEngland
      BlueEngland 9 months ago

      You also drop bricks on your phone!? I thought I was the only one!

    • thechosen
      thechosen 9 months ago +3

      Phones are not toilets and should not be taken for granted. Dropping your bricks on them is insulting.

  • DDF GhostHunting
    DDF GhostHunting 3 months ago

    I bought a 3 pack on Amazon for 12€ and so far I have to replace them every month from sliding off my phone. My last one was great, gave me grat protection and never slid off my phone.

  • Letitia Dominica
    Letitia Dominica Month ago

    In short, dont buy a screen protector... looks like only the $99 makes a difference.

  • Kevin Kago
    Kevin Kago 6 months ago +2

    The pain from watching him destroy perfectly functioning phones 😔

  • Isn't that Rich
    Isn't that Rich 5 months ago +4

    To make your tests even more accurate, you attach the hammer at the end of the handle to something (a pivot point) and then have the hammer face rest on something that you could release and have it drop onto the screen. That would give very consistent results as opposed to you swinging down the hammer and assuming it's equal force and angle every time. Same with the brick. As you stated earlier about dropping the phone, the brick could have been at a different angle when it struck each phone. Maybe epoxy the brick to a stick that would pivot on one end. The pivot end could be raised or lowered slightly to make sure it hits perfectly flat if that's what you wanted. Great video! I'll continue with the cheap screensavers.

    • Vistil Shaiteth
      Vistil Shaiteth Month ago

      Indeed, and you actually see that in the video. The $1 one was broken on the top half, and the $40 one was broken on the bottom half

  • Sarthak
    Sarthak 2 years ago +597

    Arun: Takes out Testing kit
    JerryRigEverything: *sweating profusely*

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 7 months ago +3

    For the best bang for buck protection I always recommend a Spigen Case in combination with a spigen screen protector. The align tool is doing what it’s supposed to do

  • Matthew Dom
    Matthew Dom 6 months ago +1

    Great for me, in my medical conditions i drop a lot and in person. I'm happy with buying protection from the first day i have a phone. Many of those protectors crack but my phone stays ok. Better for me to buy a new protector than a new touchscreen

  • Defaced_Reality
    Defaced_Reality 6 months ago

    Those $1 screen protectors we used to sell them when I worked at Sprint for six and a half years. We would mark them up to like 40 some dollars and we were told to pitch them in a way that made them seem unbreakable. The only thing that kind of got in the way of that was the warranty that Zagg and other companies provide.
    Most people don't do enough research themselves but the ones who do stop accepting the bullshit that we were told to feed him to get a sale. It was really bad because we went and incrementally changed the prices on the screen protectors like $1.50 every year until most people just started buying for the morning

  • 151bar151
    151bar151 2 months ago +2

    As someone who hates Apple products, seeing three brand-new iPhones being destroyed makes me feel really satisfied :)

  • Avenelle Kantharia
    Avenelle Kantharia 2 years ago +93

    This video proves that Arun's humor is increasing day by day

  • Roger Geyer
    Roger Geyer 7 months ago

    Good review. Thanks.
    So I think my plan of buying a decent leatherette case (with good reviews) that wraps around the phone for physical damage like from drops, AND a cheap glass screen protector (with good reviews) for accidental scratches is a decent plan and I'm getting what I paid for. Oh, and both would cost roughly HALF what the middle level glass screen protector did, so there's that.
    I've always used decent leather cases for my cell phones for the past 30ish years, and had literally zero meaningful damage to any of the phones (cases plus not acting like an idiot with the phones, like running with the phone in my hand and dropping it, like I've seen far too many kids do).

  • DancingFrogs XB1
    DancingFrogs XB1 5 months ago

    I've used cheap glass protectors on every phone I own, and they've saved mine many times, once the screen broke and the protector didn't , I think the screen protector kept the phone going while I bought a new one lol

  • Real Life Engineer
    Real Life Engineer 5 months ago

    Great video & torture test! 😆
    I use a shell that wraps around all edges & back, with a "bumper recess" for the front; and then couple that with a screen protector.
    If a brick falls on phone, or phone fall on concrete, none of the phone's glass gets direct impact.
    But if something smaller (e.g. hammer), yeah... but that's a low probability event. 😅

  • Mayank Kumar 1805530344
    Mayank Kumar 1805530344 8 months ago +1

    Let me assure you, Screen Protectors are really useful. I have dropped my phone a lot. Even a foot (about 30cm) is enough to crack your screen.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 2 years ago +4032

    "Glass is glass and glass breaks."


      Yes very useful

    • Cosmic E-Learning
      Cosmic E-Learning Year ago

      @Agent 47 lol Ur so funny

    • djperryboy
      djperryboy Year ago

      Exactly but you want the protector glass to break instead of the original glass. That is the whole point to have a protector glass. Otherwise you would like to look for a military standard case.

    • Anthony Xuereb
      Anthony Xuereb 2 years ago +1

      These are screen protectors and not phone protectors, therefore dropping a brick onto the unprotected
      body of the phones was going to result in obvious unnecessary damage and rather wasteful if you ask me.
      You never dropped the phones which is what all of us do, you didn't do this because of variables that might influence the outcome, but the tests you carried out all had variables. To me, screen protectors are about protecting the main screen, so it doesn't matter too much if the screen protectors get scratched because they are sacrificial. At a dollar a pop you can refresh many times and still be ahead and you get 2 in the pack!

    • David Pekárek
      David Pekárek 2 years ago

      @Agent 47 u can scratch it easilly

  • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
    ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ 4 months ago +1

    Nobody does color accuracy tests on screen protectors 😔 I got one of those uv glue ones and when an edge cracked away I realized it gives my entire screen a tint and slight grainy quality compared to the crisp clean screen underneath

  • Larry Satterlee
    Larry Satterlee 7 months ago

    I own a Kurzweil PC4 and the screen protector for my I-Phone is a perfect fit. When I first got this keyboard the plastic screen protector was flimsy at best . so after taking the old off and put the I-Phone screen protector on this screen protector been on for three years now and looks like brand new. Best thing I ever did for my display.

  • Emil Stoltz
    Emil Stoltz 7 months ago

    I'm glad you didn't drop them. Can confirm after dropping mine on my bed that you can't really control how it falls. I dropped mine with a perfectly still hand/arm from somewhere between 10-30 cm (keep in mind I'm very bad at height so take that measurement with a huge grain of salt) so that it would fall flat on the screen part. However, from just a few cm my phone had enough time to make a 180 and fall on its back instead.

  • Gray England
    Gray England 6 months ago +1

    This was interesting. I suppose it really depends on your use case and what level of risk you're going to be putting your phone through everyday. That and the funds available to you at the time as well. I mean if you don't have much money then you're not going to spend $80 on a screen protector and you also won't have a Top Tier phone either. But something will still be better than nothing in most cases.

    • never10pulling
      never10pulling 6 months ago

      Wow seeing a coment that is not "WHY WOULD DESTROY PERFECTLY WORKING PHONES" type, is refreshing lol

  • Space08
    Space08 2 years ago +353

    Mrwhosetheboss: "You are just buying a sheet of glass."
    Jerryrigeverything: "glass is glass and glass breaks."

    • Prix0280
      Prix0280 2 years ago

      @Leco GTI Imagine thinking that comedy has to be fun for everyone

    • Leco GTI
      Leco GTI 2 years ago

      @Prix0280 No it's not.

    • Draglox
      Draglox 2 years ago


    • Prix0280
      Prix0280 2 years ago

      @Leco GTI still funny

    • Leco GTI
      Leco GTI 2 years ago

      Old joke.

  • Brian
    Brian 7 months ago

    *My phone is super protected. I not only have the glass screen protector,but also the case that opens and closes like a book. Didn't cost all that much together. SO BRING IT ON WORLD!*

  • Go Away
    Go Away 7 months ago

    Otterbox is my usual go to for cases and cheapo tempered glass screen protectors. Don't know if it'd handle a brick but it'd flex less with a case and survive better than just a screen protector.

  • Ulrich
    Ulrich 6 months ago

    I go caseless on my phones (especially the latest iPhones are very durable), but I get the store brand screen protector installed from the local repair shop. ~25€ including the application. The phones are a thing I use every day and I can tolerate some wear and tear, but I don’t like scratched screens. Basically every protector will do the job and I never had to replace one.
    I consider them a fair investment and the better one won’t ugly the phones.
    I‘d say get one of these at all times, don’t bother with a case.

  • Jiajian Hou
    Jiajian Hou 6 months ago

    I used my 12 pro for a year before trading it in. I never used screen protector and it’s in perfect condition no scratches despite the fact that I’ve dropped it many times.

  • Red eagle youtuber
    Red eagle youtuber 2 years ago +477

    Mrwhosetheboss : 80$ screen protector
    Me : watching from 70$ phone

    • Reno
      Reno 2 years ago

      @DragonBarrierLink o yea time to show-off huh

    • Coraçāo Benfiquista
      Coraçāo Benfiquista 2 years ago

      @tiago lopes por agora tá tudo fodides mas somos o GLORIOSO! Estamos adormecidos mas havemos de acordar.
      O SCP tem um benfiquista como treinador e o clube do pintinho tem um porco como treinador :)

    • KFAQ
      KFAQ 2 years ago

      @vlad andrei you should consider it when you are able too, when I had my galaxy s5 I loved having it running stock android.
      NVM i just saw that your phone is pretty destroyed may not be worth it

    • mei-day
      mei-day 2 years ago

      I’m watching on a 700$ phone

    • vlad andrei
      vlad andrei 2 years ago +1

      Android 6 is enough ,but the phone is pretty destroyed

  • Deviation Blue
    Deviation Blue 2 months ago

    So I had just bought a 13 pro max at the time this video launched, wayyyy more than I’ve ever paid for a phone, as a divorce present to myself. I went all out and, per the results of this video, got one of those Shellrus sapphire screen protectors. I paid the extra $2 for the polarized spy protection layer as well.
    I’m a moderately heavy user and while I’m not throwing my phone in a rage, I am a clumsy oaf and need decent protection for my phone.
    The sapphire protector got a chip on its border last week and quickly spidered across the screen. There is no warranty and Shellrus is out of stock for the 13 pro max.
    I replaced it with a $15 gorilla glass protector (also with the privacy layer) and I must say the feel is better, much more like the original screen, than the sapphire was, and it is less prone to fingerprints.
    Shellrus is, unfortunately in my experience, not worth it.
    However, just for grins, after I replaced my protector, I dragged a sharp screw across the sapphire one and could not scratch it with all my strength, for whatever that’s worth. Not a single scratch on it, but that chip on the edge was critical and made the entire thing brittle af.

  • Cathy C.
    Cathy C. 2 months ago

    I never buy or use glass screen protectors on my iPhone. It's getting much harder to find TPU or 'rubber'-like screen protectors, but that's what I still use and they keep my screen perfectly safe, but I haven't dropped a brick on it lately...

  • abc def
    abc def 2 months ago

    I've used phones in the most hazardous of conditions. Inside a chimney in a warm dusty and hot environment with sulphur gas. A wallet case protected the phone perfectly. I've stopped using screen protectors - the glass of the phone often being more scratch resistant than the protection...

  • Sharon Cullen Art
    Sharon Cullen Art 5 months ago

    My husband just asked me to get him a new tempered glass screen protector. This was very helpful. I usually like the plastic sheet. I spend more on the case. I probably should buy sapphire because I drop my phone a lot! But I had bought glass screen protectors and they break so quickly I decided to go back to the plastic.

  • Ikeda Kazuto
    Ikeda Kazuto 2 years ago +213

    Arun is getting real creative in Rick rolling us.

      JAHSKID ORJI 2 years ago

      Can I get any one of them. ♥️

    • Ikeda Kazuto
      Ikeda Kazuto 2 years ago

      @Me Wrong again, Even the GOAT Mr Astley said people everywhere from Africa to Japan recognized the Rick roll

    • Me
      Me 2 years ago

      @Ikeda Kazuto actually I'm not an American or British,so I don't understand each and every joke that you people crack!

    • Ikeda Kazuto
      Ikeda Kazuto 2 years ago

      @Me Well then you are living under a rock

    • Me
      Me 2 years ago

      @Ikeda Kazuto well I'm under thirteen!and you are confusing me more!

  • Shawn Lindsay
    Shawn Lindsay 16 days ago

    Ever since Apple introduced "Ceramic Shield" to the iPhone glass/screen, I have not used a screen protector and my iPhones all hold up absolutely fine. I wish I could show you iPhone 12 Pro Max, because there are not even any visible micro-scratches on it and the same goes with my iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. These are all launch day iPhones, and are holding up great and I truly attribute that to Ceramic Shield. I take the money I used to use to buy the Belkin screen protectors that Apple sells at their stores, and has that fancy tool to put them on absolutely perfect and put that towards AppleCare+. Just my experience and two cents on the matter.

  • Mini X LLC
    Mini X LLC 7 months ago +8

    I am surprised you didn't cover on glare for these screen protectors, that is always a huge concern for me when buying. I would prefer a glare-free protector than a sapphire one

  • Nicola C
    Nicola C 6 months ago +2

    Imagine I'm watching this again 😭
    Must be nice to experiment on those expensive ass phones

  • Jerry BADE
    Jerry BADE 3 months ago

    My phone fell from a 55cm height, on a marble floor, with grains of dust (or small pointed pebbles). The protector and the touch glass cracked.
    Seems like unless you take a sapphire, original touch glasses are harder than that screen protectors

  • o0Avalon0o
    o0Avalon0o 2 years ago +217

    This guy gets it. He's all about the value, even with his sponsors.

  • Jeriz Ignacio
    Jeriz Ignacio 11 days ago

    Thank you for sponsoring this video Surfshark! You are the man @Mrwhosetheboss. Great quality content and ideas ever.

  • %At0mic%
    %At0mic% Month ago

    One problem with your tests: It doesn't differentiate fully-glued protectors from partially glued ones. Fully glued ones add stiffness to the device if said phone lands on a corner and therefore is stressed diagonally, partially glued ones don't do anything in that case. And from my experience phones tend to land on their corners (sadly)... but good point with the hardness!

  • Nurjam Alagon
    Nurjam Alagon Month ago

    Give me that iphone i will fixed that😅

  • Marvel Jones
    Marvel Jones Month ago

    I know I’m 1 year late lol. But I never put them on my phone and never will. I buy iPhone cases and haven’t used them on my iPhone.

  • PlayAndroidGames
    PlayAndroidGames 2 years ago +6862

    My ear keeps hearing scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. Thanksnjerryrigeverything

    • Hamburger HamburgerV2
      Hamburger HamburgerV2 Year ago +1

      Everybody gangsta until no deeper grooves at level 7

    • WisePlayz
      WisePlayz Year ago


    • JAE X
      JAE X Year ago

      @Reuben Stewart If you do it all at the same time, that will likely survive the brick test.

    • adib afiq
      adib afiq Year ago

      Glass is glass and glass breaks

    • Neon Tyler
      Neon Tyler Year ago

      Same, i feel sorry to those who doesn’t know this Iconic Phrase.

  • Paul Dinicola
    Paul Dinicola 2 months ago

    I think the difference between the first two is probably the adhesive/longevity.

  • Stefan Hundhammer
    Stefan Hundhammer 6 months ago

    What I am really missing here is a comparison with a phone WITHOUT any screen protector. Do those things really help at all? I have serious doubts.

  • ManneredCheetah
    ManneredCheetah 2 months ago

    I bought a 40$ regenerative rubber protector that was laser cut to perfection right in front of my eyes. It's been great so far but it won't protect much from impacts

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    You needed a test rig with a weight on a swing arm that drops the weight on phones in a consistent manner on just the screens themselves. I don't see the point of smashing phones by dropping a brick on them.

    AKA POWER 2 years ago +3396

    Me who has already 3 years screen protector: this is fine

  • CC_SniperGirl
    CC_SniperGirl Month ago +6

    I wish that Sapphire one was available for the S22 Ultra. I'd pay $80 for a screen protector if it really does mean I'll never have to shell out the cash to replace the screen itself. Especially if there's no bubbles and the fingerprint reader works well.

    • Cantendo
      Cantendo Month ago

      I dont know if the fingerprint reader works well

  • Geoff Worner
    Geoff Worner 5 months ago

    I've owned cell phones since the mid 90's, never had screen damage. Why? Simple.. I look after my stuff! Since having smartphones (all Android) I've always purchased a clam shell case. It protects the whole phone, plus you have space for a couple of cards. Better than carrying a wallet and a phone around.

  • Gerald Opoku Nsafoah
    Gerald Opoku Nsafoah 6 months ago +1

    I mean for 80 dollars you almost expect it to install it by itself. 😂😂. This guy is savage

  • Sleepy Dobe
    Sleepy Dobe 2 months ago

    I'm really curious how that sapphire glass screen protector manage to spread and absorb the impact force of that brick such that the phone LCD screen itself did not sustain any damage. Cos with an impact like that, it's more about energy absorption than scratch resistance that any screen protector needs to accomplish. Absorb and spread the energy horizontally so that any impact shock does not hit the LCD underneath at a single point.