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Erling Haaland knows everything about Man City 🤯

  • Published on Jan 19, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • City Shorts
    City Shorts  2 months ago +505

    Subscribe if you are a City fan for more City Clips 🥶 It helps much more than you think! 💙

  • 2239jules
    2239jules 2 months ago +6687

    He knows his City facts for sure. A brilliant player, but also a proper team player. We're so lucky to have him 💙

    • Rudrashish Bose
      Rudrashish Bose 3 days ago

      ​@Ibrahim’77 what makes you hate him though? I'm not an Man City fan and this guy is incredibly humble and terrifying on the pitch

    • J K T Bros.
      J K T Bros. 3 days ago

      @Ibrahim’77 I know, I am not quite a fan of his, I am well aware of him ghosting in big games, but he shouldnt be very underrated

    • Sage Dyl
      Sage Dyl 5 days ago +1

      @Joe R how have we got worse tho? We are on track to doing better than last season???

    • Ibrahim’77
      Ibrahim’77 11 days ago

      @J K T Bros. He needs to be like Benzema or Harry Kane. “There is a reason as to why Haaland goes missing in big games”

  • Raheem Peter
    Raheem Peter Month ago +3414

    You can’t not love this guy.

  • Ash Kharel
    Ash Kharel Month ago +1770

    Crazy how much knowledge AI has in today’s world 🤯

  • bot_general10
    bot_general10 2 months ago +606

    The way he literally says i don't know and Manuel akanji at the same time😭😭

  • Chris Peacock
    Chris Peacock Month ago +226

    Nearly had a malfunction in his programming when answering the last question.

  • Ewan Clark
    Ewan Clark Month ago +929

    He getting all the questions right I can't even understand the guy without subtitles and my first language is English 💀

    • irony²
      irony² 3 days ago +2

      @Lukaz224 Being born in England dont make your first language English. Growing up in Norway makes your first language Norwegian though

    • Bryan Marin
      Bryan Marin 5 days ago

      ​@Mathis Snaet but how?

    • Max Loval
      Max Loval Month ago +2

      ​@Mathis Snaet it's cuz you're smart 🤓

    • Lukaz224
      Lukaz224 Month ago +3

      So is his he was born in England

  • Model Win
    Model Win Month ago +87

    He definitely manifested this

  • Real Madrid
    Real Madrid Month ago +76

    Bro is a hero on and off the pitch 💙

  • Zennan Pentney
    Zennan Pentney Month ago +9

    he knows everything bc city was his club from the start and his dad is a real legend gotta love the haaland family

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago +18

    His dad literally played for city, Tf u mean he knows so much 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • KodiakWallander
      KodiakWallander 3 days ago

      @Damms why you guys repeating what i just said

    • Damms
      Damms 3 days ago

      @KodiakWallander Didnt exist before the 1880s yh

    • Kiy joshua Douglas
      Kiy joshua Douglas 21 day ago

      @KodiakWallander 1880 pal?

    • KodiakWallander
      KodiakWallander 21 day ago

      ​@Kiy joshua Douglas man city didnt exist before 80s

    • Kiy joshua Douglas
      Kiy joshua Douglas Month ago

      Ask him stuff before the 80s he won't have a clue like most of their fans

  • Namrata Jaiswal
    Namrata Jaiswal 2 months ago +45

    He is cyborg proved look at that guy speed

  • Shane Groves
    Shane Groves Month ago +34

    Wright Phillips Man City legend says it all 🫢😂🤣

  • essa1
    essa1 28 days ago +4

    It's bc he grew up in Manchester while his dad played for city so that's why he knows alot

  • Raphy Martinez
    Raphy Martinez Month ago +8

    The one interview he was good in😂😂. Love Haaland

  • Anubhav Pancha
    Anubhav Pancha 6 days ago +1

    Answers so fast*
    Another interview:" What's your favorite drink?"
    Haaland:" Ehh...tough question"

  • October
    October Month ago +7

    He’s literally a robot he doesn’t forget things

    • TheSjb1888
      TheSjb1888 Month ago

      Man not thick lol but cmon trivia isn't so eeeessy is it lol

    SATHA 2 months ago +60

    Yey... Haaland we will win this 💙💙💫💫🤖🤖

    • Kairo_951
      Kairo_951 Month ago +1

      Bro this is football Man City cheated by signing a robot smh

    • Model Win
      Model Win Month ago +1

      Haaland's got this 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Amy Q
    Amy Q 15 days ago

    He’s like the candidate who prepared well for the job he applied before showing up for the interview 😄 and the teacher’s most proud student

    S. ARIFUL ISLAM Month ago +4

    We should now stop advancing AI.

  • Emiliano Sosa
    Emiliano Sosa Month ago +2

    He is really a City fan.

    Z GAMER Month ago +1

    No one does it better huge respect

  • That_RedDude
    That_RedDude Month ago +1

    The beat goes with this man asking him questions

  • Evolution
    Evolution Month ago +13

    where can i find the full video?

    • Mirtevic
      Mirtevic Month ago

      It’s a video by OKX, if you look up their names on yt it’s one of the first results!

    • Aniruddh Pradhan
      Aniruddh Pradhan Month ago

      I’m wondering too, been looking for the last 20 mins

  • Joyjeet
    Joyjeet 29 days ago +8

    HAALAND is not answering, answering is HAALAND

  • Jamaal Rennis
    Jamaal Rennis 8 days ago

    Haaland answers 5 question .. he now knows EVERYTHING about city... people are delusional.

  • 25 Pence
    25 Pence Month ago +3

    SHOCK the robot can answer questions correctly and rapidly what a surprise

  • Mattle
    Mattle Month ago +2

    not only our star player but one of our biggest fans

  • zionxavier plasabas
    zionxavier plasabas 10 days ago +1

    Ofcourse, a robot knows everything.

  • The Aston Villa Seal
    The Aston Villa Seal Month ago +1

    Last was a guess chief 💀

  • M Norris
    M Norris Month ago +1

    But did he know that City were about to get opened up for ffp? 😂😂😂

  • daniel diri
    daniel diri Month ago +3

    That miscellaneous database installation finally came in handy phew 😌😅

  • James Hang
    James Hang Month ago +1

    eh Manuel Akanji . What did you say ?
    Bro turned human after answering .

  • Dayo Olaleye
    Dayo Olaleye Month ago

    These new robots are surprisingly lifelike

  • Aksel BK
    Aksel BK 2 months ago +6

    His dad played there so his dad prob told him alot

  • KyanXEditZ12
    KyanXEditZ12 Day ago

    Shocking how much knowledge a robot has nowadays 🤩

  • Junmoni Gam Doley
    Junmoni Gam Doley 5 hours ago

    Bro speak faster than my internet

  • Mansouri Memeber
    Mansouri Memeber Month ago

    bro is programmed to answer these questions

  • Norton Grime Media
    Norton Grime Media 26 days ago

    He really is English isn’t he!

  • Mahra Abdul
    Mahra Abdul 29 days ago +1

    'name a man city legend shun wright phiilips'

  • RÆdŷr_11EDITZ
    RÆdŷr_11EDITZ Month ago

    Bro I swear this guy worked for kick game

  • king player
    king player Day ago

    He knows more about man city than man city does them

  • ApeX
    ApeX Month ago

    this is why hes a machine 🥶

  • Adam Wallace
    Adam Wallace 29 days ago

    holy shit hes good LOL

  • Hakeem Olaijiwan
    Hakeem Olaijiwan Month ago +5

    Its not difficult to know everything about a club that started in 2012😂

  • David Scotty
    David Scotty Month ago

    People saying he doesn’t love the club that’s rubbish . You can tell his happy

  • Attila_The_Hunk
    Attila_The_Hunk Month ago

    What a great guy.. hope he enjoys the championship 😂

    • Daemon
      Daemon Month ago +1

      You think he'll stay if they get relegated?

  • 𝕮𝖚𝖑𝖙𝖟

    He did his homework

  • Tommy TwoShot
    Tommy TwoShot Month ago

    “Man city legend” I’m surprised he was able to answer that question considering it has no answer.

  • Geography Ikaton
    Geography Ikaton Month ago +1

    Logically he knows this because he's a robot🤖👑

  • mouiikai
    mouiikai Month ago

    the ending had to destroy my ears bro

  • Parker Schaefer
    Parker Schaefer Month ago +1

    I think him getting them right is just more knowledge he’s gain being a pro footballers, pretty simple explanation for every question

  • Steezy
    Steezy Month ago

    He’s gonna break the championship scoring record for sure

  • rezqi mauland
    rezqi mauland 7 days ago

    full video?

  • Finn Bootes
    Finn Bootes Month ago

    this is just like typing the questions into google.

  • G Freya
    G Freya Month ago

    Erling is a goood boy😄, he knows his team very very very well👍.

  • Niessuh
    Niessuh 29 days ago

    This guy raps when he speaks

    FUTxRONALDO Month ago +1

    The way he says Pep Guardiola

  • Matei Foca
    Matei Foca Month ago

    Bruh, this blowed up

  • slnm
    slnm Month ago

    Hoooolly, it's too fast.🤣🤣

  • bessy avila
    bessy avila Month ago

    his face at the end

  • Aydin Smith
    Aydin Smith Month ago

    My Legend💙💙💙

  • Sarthak Gupta
    Sarthak Gupta Month ago +1

    Humble af

  • Swanand Joshi
    Swanand Joshi 7 days ago

    Bro knows who farted😂

  • dave kika
    dave kika Month ago +1

    Mintoma from Brighton , CITY should sign him

  • Cristiano
    Cristiano 14 days ago +1

    Bruh he forgot to ask that when man city won their first ucl 💀💀

  • SettIe
    SettIe Month ago +5

    You know your club is a shambles when Shaun Wright-Phillips is a ‘Club Legend’ 😂

  • R W
    R W Month ago +1

    Knows city’s whole history thats mad

    • Nina Elsbeth Gustavsen
      Nina Elsbeth Gustavsen Month ago

      Exactely !
      Alfie ;
      "Son, you need to study and memorize all these facts about Man City !"
      Erling ;
      "But dad, I'm only two..." 👱

    • FUTleaksYT
      FUTleaksYT Month ago +1

      His dad played for them for many years

  • Lane Valhalla
    Lane Valhalla 21 day ago

    A man’s father was a city player and obviously is a city fan

  • CalmBee Midgardia 1
    CalmBee Midgardia 1 29 days ago +1

    Not city fan but if you’re a Barcelona fan there’s no way you’re gonna hate pep and he coaches city so win win 🤣❤️ one more subscriber ❤️

  • fart juice
    fart juice Month ago

    i knew this and i’m a leeds fan such easy questions

  • esela 💙
    esela 💙 2 months ago +6

    what video is this

  • VipeR Garrix
    VipeR Garrix 10 days ago

    Erling Haaland ❤️❤️


    A formal man city legend I would have mentioned my dad in his shoes

  • Omobolaji Fadebi
    Omobolaji Fadebi Month ago

    He couldn't stand in one spot
    He wanted to play ball

  • Matthew Lunn
    Matthew Lunn Month ago +2

    Ppl talking bout Harland vs mbappe when it’s really haaland vs chatgpt

  • Sssssiy
    Sssssiy Month ago

    Haaland knows everything because he is a Man City Fan

  • max the dog
    max the dog Month ago +1

    your forgetting his dad played for man city 😂

  • okonomi katsu
    okonomi katsu Month ago

    Man City legends: Denis Law, Andy Cole, Peter Schmeichel.

  • Mr maestro
    Mr maestro  Month ago

    Bro his dad played for them course he’ll know

  • Henry Sørensen
    Henry Sørensen 10 days ago

    Because he's a true fan

  • Utah
    Utah Month ago

    Of course he'll know cyborgs doesn't forget

  • ZEO
    ZEO 28 days ago +1

    Meh, they need to update his AI , that last question was a bit slow. Maybe we need Haaland Ver1.78 ..

  • Joseph roblox
    Joseph roblox Month ago

    hes knows his facts cos his dad used to play for city

  • Leighton WFC
    Leighton WFC Month ago

    did Grealish just nutmeg the guy?

  • The Gaming
    The Gaming Month ago +1

    This shows he is a robot

  • Bartosz Denkiewicz
    Bartosz Denkiewicz Month ago

    He even knew city has a legend! Amazing

  • Brad the lad
    Brad the lad Month ago

    He's 1 of us

  • Hehe Boi
    Hehe Boi Month ago +1

    Nah bro just using Google in his mind... Robots 😮‍💨

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago

    When your legend is Wright Phillips then you know how club ,,big" is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lacey Lowe
    Lacey Lowe 2 months ago +22

    Respect to him knowing all of them i didn't expect him to no the 2nd one

    • bot_general10
      bot_general10 Month ago

      @mac man lmao

    • mac man
      mac man Month ago

      ​@bot_general10 Oh dear. smh.

    • Lacey Lowe
      Lacey Lowe 2 months ago

      @bot_general10 oh lol

    • bot_general10
      bot_general10 2 months ago

      ​@Lacey Lowethe guy thought u were talking about Shaun wright filips

    • Lacey Lowe
      Lacey Lowe 2 months ago

      @YMA7 Gaming the second 1 not the other questions

  • Milad Nematollahi
    Milad Nematollahi Month ago +5

    The fact City tries to say he chose the club because he loves it is actually amazing
    Like we don’t know he will move to Madrid or Barcelona in 2 to 3 years.

    • mac man
      mac man Month ago

      He should've asked him "How many naughts did it take to join these jokers?" He'll be at a big Club once everything goes electric.

    • Furkan Bozdag
      Furkan Bozdag Month ago

      ​@Segomotso Sabone cap

    • Segomotso Sabone
      Segomotso Sabone Month ago +1

      Stop capping

  • Main
    Main Month ago

    Akanji such a ming

  • Kane Fairhurst
    Kane Fairhurst Month ago

    Bet he didn’t know they were going down though #relegation

  • Archie Hammond
    Archie Hammond Month ago

    He probs googled it in his head real quick

  • Tim Hong lo
    Tim Hong lo 11 days ago

    speedy Harland great 👍 💙♥️

  • Eldar
    Eldar Month ago

    "2016". "It was 2016". And then hear the wrong buzzer?????

  • Erfan Sheikh
    Erfan Sheikh Month ago

    Man said Man city legend😭🤣

  • Jeson Kh
    Jeson Kh Month ago

    When a great footballer meets zero ego and is true and dumb in interview > erling hallan

  • marijana bogosavac
    marijana bogosavac Month ago

    He IS a robot