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Abra Cadabra - Spin This Coupe (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 4, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Spin This Coupe
    Prod By. Zenith x H1K
    Visuals By. A Film By Suave
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    ▶ TWITTER: @abznoproblem17
    ▶ SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/abz-no-problem
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Comments • 4 898

  • Abra Cadabra
    Abra Cadabra  2 years ago +7958

    Grrrrrrrrr! Spin This Coupe

    • Haruun Keyer
      Haruun Keyer 2 months ago

      @Hus 🎉😊😊😅😊😊🎉

    • Amman Ali
      Amman Ali 7 months ago +1

      Still bangs yk! Always use to blast you at College, anyone would know this if they went College with me! 🤣💯🥶

    • Brandon Pele
      Brandon Pele 9 months ago

      Ohh she wants it bad bunny get it girl all u

    • Abd
      Abd Year ago


    • emma carr
      emma carr Year ago

      Literally obsessed

  • Martin2loose
    Martin2loose 2 years ago +3545

    Everything Abra Cadabra has dropped this year has banged ngl

  • Killjoy26
    Killjoy26 2 years ago +2952

    Man UK drill is on another level

    • DappaTV
      DappaTV 2 months ago


    • Cara Teague
      Cara Teague 4 months ago

      @Stellqn yeah man 💪🏻

    • pessi is a fraud
      pessi is a fraud 9 months ago +1

      @Nike Rree No, pop smoke was the only good artist from US and if u noticed he mixed UK style of drill with his own

    • GG
      GG 10 months ago

      You mean LONDON

    • JQ
      JQ 10 months ago

      @Doomer Murks von better tho

  • christer ronaldo
    christer ronaldo 2 years ago +1327

    imagine abra cadabra and pop smoke on a song together

    • Eee Banks
      Eee Banks 6 months ago

      Yeah i dont thibk thats happening

    • Timmy Barns
      Timmy Barns 10 months ago

      @The skiller It actually can with pops un realsed music.

    • A
      A 11 months ago

      @Ali lmao nice one. Dead joke heh, i get it.

    • longrace
      longrace Year ago

      Boring pop no

  • Z
    Z 2 years ago +864

    Me: blasting this song
    Dad: turn it off
    Me: why?
    Dad: we got bigger speakers downstairs

  • The CNSR
    The CNSR 2 years ago +1987

    😑 Pure greaze 🔥 There's not much else to say. If there's a project collating this year full of bangers and others nobody else has heard, madnesses 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • A S
      A S 9 months ago +1

      Sup chicken lad what a waffler

    • Banj0FN
      Banj0FN 2 years ago +2

      innit this is straight up mad

    • georgy
      georgy 2 years ago


    • RS
      RS 2 years ago +1

      Man said your older than abra 😳😳

  • C150D
    C150D 2 years ago +45


  • JuicyMagic TV
    JuicyMagic TV 2 years ago +4070

    This song makes me wanna slap my boss and issue him a sack letter

  • Da Plug
    Da Plug 2 years ago +671

    This tune is gonna go international.

    • J. P. SVG
      J. P. SVG 5 months ago

      it did

    • Mantelis Budrys
      Mantelis Budrys 5 months ago

      well this didnt age well

    • Sriraj Naik
      Sriraj Naik 2 years ago

      Already bumping here. From India 🇮🇳

    • K
      K 2 years ago

      Canada here 🇨🇦

    • Joe Niklas
      Joe Niklas 2 years ago

      @Najji Mohammad In Portland myself. Definitely enjoy Abra's flow. Him and Lucas on a track would mesh like PB&J

  • your1st father
    your1st father 2 years ago +176

    How is Abra blowing up but still underrated at the still time

    • your1st father
      your1st father 2 years ago

      @BD : and yet.. hes still underrated

    • BD :
      BD : 2 years ago +2

      He’s doing bits
      Just slightly overshadowed by Dutch
      Him and Dutch have been carrying the top 10 Grm charts

    • Ridwan
      Ridwan 2 years ago +1

      It's a bit of a sticky one still

  • George VI
    George VI 2 years ago +72

    From the beat, to the video, to the voice, to the lyrics, to even the outfits, everything about this song is the poster child of UK drill

    • SkipSkool
      SkipSkool Year ago +1

      Just put out a project. High energy drill and trap stuff. Perfect for getting turnt or working out to. Would be grateful for a listen 🙏🙏🎱

  • D S
    D S 2 years ago +17

    The energy at1:30 is DIFFERENT idc💥. Since this brudda has been back on the scene i haven’t been disappointed. AND THIS GUY’S WORK RATE IS NUTS🙌🏾

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      BROOOO! Undisputed - Check out Abra's unseen footage here clip-share.net/video/wlMhz0J58ls/video.html

  • NuWAV H2O
    NuWAV H2O 2 years ago +434

    The dislikes are from people who couldn't spin the coupe

    • Ghost245._
      Ghost245._ 5 months ago

      these comment sections kill me sometimes mums life😂😂😂😂😂😭

    • ben jw
      ben jw Year ago


    • Stay Bless
      Stay Bless 2 years ago +1


    • G.O GE
      G.O GE 2 years ago +13

      only abra knows how to spin that coupe

  • JordanRTK
    JordanRTK 2 years ago +778

    I’m actually so gassed he has made a full comeback. Not many artist pull this shit off, nothing but more success to the O! Grrrrrrr!!!!

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      facts!!! Check out the behind the scenes footage here

    • Rick
      Rick 2 years ago +3

      @N5 OFFICIAL word thought I was the only one 😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️

    • rnbandss
      rnbandss 2 years ago +3

      @an yh he just disappeared for abit

      N5 OFFICIAL 2 years ago +6

      This was fucking cringe to read wtf. Ur right. But pattern 😂😂😂😂

  • Kodi Kodi
    Kodi Kodi 2 years ago +30

    this guy is my favourite rapper no one will replace him its impossible

  • NightUniverse
    NightUniverse 2 years ago +52

    Best UK rapper in my opinion. Such a unique voice.

    • Daniel Blom
      Daniel Blom 2 months ago

      @Nyzer he ain’t even the best from ofb

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      We agree 100% - Check out the behind the scenes for this video here

    • Joe Niklas
      Joe Niklas 2 years ago

      I think he's #2 to Miz but dude is hard in his own right. Both need to get to NY or LA asap and signed to a lable. They can open the door for many London MCs.

    • Nyzer
      Nyzer 2 years ago +3

      Completely agree best UK rapper by far

  • Rachel Kash
    Rachel Kash 2 years ago +13

    I would watch him non stop man. He’s so talented and I pray he gets bigger ❤️

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      FACCCCCCCTS! We have more footage here clip-share.net/video/wlMhz0J58ls/video.html

  • Monika Herath
    Monika Herath 2 years ago +9

    The hook on this has one of the sickest flows I've ever heard! Abra is different with it.

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      You knowwwwwwwww! We also have exclusive behind the scenes footage here!

  • King Vee
    King Vee 2 years ago +515

    When Abra turns off the lights, the demon run up the stairs

  • Uki J
    Uki J 2 years ago +3681

    He’s fully evolved into alakazam

  • Killahs
    Killahs 2 years ago +489

    When Abra fails an exam
    Other parents punish their kids for passing

    • Knowledge Mgbz
      Knowledge Mgbz 2 years ago


    • Jesse Klonowski
      Jesse Klonowski 2 years ago +1

      I pity any teacher that fails abra on an exam

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      😂Check out how Abra celebrates with the OFB lot here - We have the Behind the scenes footage clip-share.net/video/wlMhz0J58ls/video.html

    • SunDae
      SunDae 2 years ago +1


    • Daniel Kwarteng
      Daniel Kwarteng 2 years ago +14

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 These Jokes are killing me.

  • David Haye
    David Haye 2 years ago +14

    Grrt, baow, baow, baow
    You know, O way or no way
    Get right, get left or get stretched
    Free the drillers ten times, you know
    Fuck the other side, O (Gang)
    Grrt, grrt, grrt, baow, baow, baow
    Man done told you already
    Man spin that coupe when we see an opp boy
    Hop out, man beat that (Baow)
    See the opp block strip, man sweep that (Whoosh)
    Smooth criminal, Chante said she wanting more
    I'ma go make an opp boy bleed, don't worry, I'ma be back (Gang)
    Chante bendin' over so I lean back, beat that
    Gangsters to the left and my right
    Keep thinking everyting nice, 'til we take man's life
    You coulda been a murderer, coulda been a terrorist
    Wе don't care, we just slap thesе .9s (Whoosh)
    They're all stressed cah I'm back and I'm better than ever
    And this time, I'm poppin' off on them whenever the weather
    Straight winnings, no L's, just me and my breddas
    OFB, Farm Block, go-getters (Gang)
    They ain't sho like me, they ain't sho like me (Nah)
    Big guns, they ain't got no poles like we (Sho)
    You don't grab the smoke like me
    Kush, spin the wheel, let me toast that yout (Skrrt, skrrt)
    Score on the opps, that's the usual (Gang)
    Nobody cares what you used to do (Nah)
    They couldn't even tell you what they used to do (Nah)
    Cah what they used to do is what they do now (Baow)
    Like, come to the block, get (Baow)
    Run down (Baow), sun's out (Baow), guns out (Baow)
    T got here, now you gotta run now (Gang)
    .9 millimetre, get tump out (Grrt, baow)
    And if he's just another nigga tryna get clout
    You don't need a gunshot, you can get a man tump out (Gang)
    Them man are likkle man, we ain't gotta bring guns out (Nah)
    Ayy, spin this coupe to the left, to the left
    To the right, still ain't seen a nigga in sight
    Last time that I saw that block with my eyes
    Had to angle my arm, slapping out carbine
    Four opp blocks man's doing up purging, lurking
    If he's from any one of them blocks there, it's curtains
    Swing that, dig it, and turn it (Gang)
    Rise that somethin' and burst him (Grrt, baow, baow)
    Squeeze on it, leave with it shooting everybody
    You don't wanna be see with it (Baow)
    Got my samurai, ching that, make you bleed on it (Gang)
    I can never see an opp boy and not deal with it (Nah)
    We don't do no rap cap (nah), we make waps slap (Gang)
    If he's an opp, man steamin' him (Sho)
    Billin' up a nigga, come we put some teeth in him (Grrt)
    With a broom, man's sweepin' him (baow, baow)
    Man done told you already
    Man spin that coupe when we see an opp boy
    Hop out, man beat that (Baow)
    See the opp block strip, man sweep that (Whoosh)
    Smooth criminal, Chante said she wanting more
    I'ma go make an opp boy bleed, don't worry, I'ma be back
    Chante bendin' over so I lean back, beat that
    Gangsters to the left and my right
    Keep thinking everyting nice 'til we take man's life
    You coulda been a murderer, coulda been a terrorist
    We don't care, we just slap these .9s (Whoosh)
    They're all stressed cah I'm back and I'm better than ever
    And this time, I'm poppin' off on them whenever the weather
    Straight winnings, no L's, just me and my breddas
    OFB, Farm Block, go-getters
    Come to the block, get (Baow)
    Run down (Baow), sun's out (Baow), guns out (Baow)
    T got here, now you gotta run now (Gang)
    .9 millimetre get tump out (Grrt, baow)
    And if he's just another nigga tryna get clout
    You don't need a gunshot, you can get a man tump out (Gang)
    Them man are likkle man, we ain't gotta bring guns out (Nah)

    • David Haye
      David Haye 25 days ago

      @BigRuZ587 wat weiß ich junge

    • BigRuZ587
      BigRuZ587 26 days ago

      Who is the other side?

  • eRb Lad
    eRb Lad 2 years ago +778

    When abras phone rings at the cinema they pause the film and wait for him to finish his call

    • K Mean
      K Mean Year ago +1


    • Mo Al
      Mo Al Year ago +2


    • Brad Slade
      Brad Slade 2 years ago +2

      What cos he has a few gun bars? 🤣

    • bounty
      bounty 2 years ago +6

      When he fucked up in school he gave the teachers detention.....when he turned 16 his parents moved out.....abra aint scared of the dark,the dark scared of abra

    B P CORBIN 2 years ago +17

    Never disappoints this lad!! Banger!

  • Dee Dee loves ice asmr and more

    I love this, first time hearing a Brit..rapping..much love from the 🇺🇲..that Beat!!💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • kofi Kofi
    kofi Kofi 2 years ago +181

    Nah this guy has proved he’s one of the best in the UK impeccable flow🔥🔥🔥

    • GRM A/V
      GRM A/V 2 years ago

      Ghetts is the one when it comes to flows tho he mastered it

    • JAM35 GAM35
      JAM35 GAM35 2 years ago +4

      @Matt Norris best flow of any drill rapper and his usual flow is unique, and in this song he switches it up bare it’s mad

    • Matt Norris
      Matt Norris 2 years ago +13

      Not enough people talking about his flow tbh. His flows on other tunes are mad but this was A CERTIFIED MADNESS.

    K GHOSTY 2 years ago +8

    The beat is so cold on this ❄️❄️ Abra smashed it as usual

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      CMONNNN! Blew up the bars - More UNSEEN FOOTAGE HERE FAM clip-share.net/video/wlMhz0J58ls/video.html

  • Diliza Madinga
    Diliza Madinga 2 years ago +6

    HOW DOES THIS ONLY HAVE 4M VIEWS! Im mad! As a hip hop fan this song gives me goosebumps man. There must be another upload somewhere that has more views

  • Abel Aguilera
    Abel Aguilera 2 years ago +9


  • ok
    ok 2 years ago +4

    keep releasing tunes like these and soon you'll be on top 🙏🔥🥶

  • Henrique Rodrigues
    Henrique Rodrigues 2 years ago +1

    Esse menó é zikaaaaaaaaaaaa 😎 ARREGAÇOOOOOOOU 🎧 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    KILLER 2 years ago +508

    Who else added this to their playlist straight away 🥶🥶

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      Lmao - We did! And we have special Abra Cadabra behind the scenes footage here clip-share.net/video/wlMhz0J58ls/video.html

    • A T
      A T 2 years ago +1

      First thing I did

    • Official. DA
      Official. DA 2 years ago +1

      Without listening to it

    • Yxng_Lz 2k
      Yxng_Lz 2k 2 years ago +1


  • God JUDA
    God JUDA Year ago +8

    This kid is now my favorite drill rapper. I'm 🇺🇸, but the UK shit going harder than the trash shit we got out here today. FACTS

  • Ali boss vlogzz
    Ali boss vlogzz 7 months ago +1

    This is boss man well done my bros 🔥🔥🔥🥵

  • Angel Santiago
    Angel Santiago Year ago +1

    Keep up that good music brother

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan Year ago

      No cap. I like his new song

  • 😎ѕєкι ριкαѕυ👀

    Never liked drill music until I heard this guy open his mouth and the beat is fucking🔥🔥🔥!! Slapped the shit out of my fucking eardrums bruh🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dorian Danger
    Dorian Danger 2 years ago +6

    I'm a secretary sitting here at my desk waiting for the caffeine to kick-in, and this song woke me RIGHT up. Lovin' itttt

  • The KEKW Guy
    The KEKW Guy 2 years ago +151

    That flow was relentless 🥶🥶
    Also at 1:52 - 1:53 headie’s there which is nice to see

    • GK
      GK 2 years ago

      @Callum fr 😭😭

    • muj rahman
      muj rahman 2 years ago +1

      Yh so is bandokay

    • The KEKW Guy
      The KEKW Guy 2 years ago +12

      @SA. when i tap on you're pfp and it showed you're recent comments and it was just calling ppl nerds and washed yutes. You're a real badman 😂
      Also I'm pointing it out cuz it's nice to see he's still going to ofb shoots eventhough he's now made tracks with some of the biggest artists in the world like drake and future.

    • SA.
      SA. 2 years ago +3

      @IziJ hes saying its nice to see headies there 🤣🤣 like as if he wouldnt be in aj ofb song, you man are washed 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • D
    D 2 years ago +6

    Flows getting better and better........
    All bangers this year, looking forward to his mix tape

  • Sweat Or Smile Fitness
    Sweat Or Smile Fitness 2 years ago +3

    This is what gets me mad about abra... he can actually rap... talent is unquestionable I just hope he keeps the tracks coming... this is 🔥🔥

  • KevS
    KevS 10 months ago

    mad respect from this man in Sweden banging this tune while lifting weights

  • Pros H
    Pros H 2 years ago +620

    I can’t be listening to this while I’m driving, this is hard..

    • K Mean
      K Mean Year ago

      hahha right

    • camonthejam
      camonthejam Year ago +1

      Its a fantastic driving song man

    • Stay Bless
      Stay Bless 2 years ago +2

      😂🤣Im definitely playing this while driving

    • King_Fats
      King_Fats 2 years ago +2

      i know right

    • ARD3N VXR
      ARD3N VXR 2 years ago +7

      Trust me you'll turn into Lewis Hamilton 🚗 🔉🔥

  • blue
    blue Year ago +2

    Be proud of what Pop Smoke did for his fans be proud for his career what he did people you will make it far keep listening to pop smoke stay happy

  • Kuol Kuol
    Kuol Kuol 2 years ago +134

    Man AB isn’t holding back 🔥 all the way from Australia just finished a 9hours work and it’s 12am and the song drops at 2am and I’m up sippin on the coffee 🙌🏿

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 2 years ago

    My neighbours are always listening to this on max volume...they have no choice.🔥🔥🔥

  • Lea Coleman
    Lea Coleman 2 years ago

    Give this guy his props 4 real

  • xX-Logic-
    xX-Logic- 10 months ago +2

    His flow on this is mad!

  • Victory and Vices Podcast

    This is better than 95.4% better than anything America has to offer right now. Abs got it on lock 🔒 🇬🇧

    • Chongos
      Chongos 2 years ago +7

      better than anything America has imo

  • Medicated Mamba
    Medicated Mamba 2 years ago

    This song wants to make me go full throttle in my car

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 2 years ago +151

    OFB are doing mad good this year it would be even sick if SJ was out they have all came so far and I’m so happy for them

    • F K
      F K 2 years ago

      Anonymous true

    • F K
      F K 2 years ago

      @UK Up Next ur speaking facts bro icl

    • __Last
      __Last 2 years ago

      @UK Up Next Im explaining to you why people hate on him, i dont care hence why i listen to this music

    • SlowerVibeMusic
      SlowerVibeMusic 2 years ago

      @UK Up Next whoever act likes American drill is delusional it’s sounds so bad no flow at all

  • sxd_v111
    sxd_v111 2 years ago +3

    Damn this goes HARDDD! 🔥🔥🔥 👑Abra Cadabra👑 Pure King of rap/Music

  • King AJ
    King AJ 2 years ago +2

    This def gonna have a BANGER remix to it abra always going in 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Carluccio 33
    Carluccio 33 2 years ago +5

    This tune deserves more than 1.5 million views!

  • David Mutugi
    David Mutugi 2 years ago +3

    Even if they took the video of "Cadabra Freestyle" down... They can't keep AB down!!! This man has anthems!!! This izza Mazzzzzah!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago

    This song gets me maddddd hyped in the gym, thank you for this gem AB 🔥

  • Libzino
    Libzino 2 years ago +1140

    When abracadabra turns off the light, he doesn't run up the stairs

    • Simon J. St. Cyr
      Simon J. St. Cyr Year ago

      When the stairs turn off the light Abra runs up on them...

    • Didier Rurmesha
      Didier Rurmesha 2 years ago

      What grown man does this

    • J A N E L L E
      J A N E L L E 2 years ago

      When Abra puts the light of the monsters run away and hide

  • ReadItAndWeep
    ReadItAndWeep 2 years ago

    Only good thing about 2020 has been Abz coming back and blowing up the scene. Real talk.

  • D1zinoHD
    D1zinoHD 2 years ago +24

    He really showed his rap capabilities

  • cosmin carp
    cosmin carp Year ago

    This shit while training slaps hard, it motivates the hell out of me.

  • Rasharna Destiny
    Rasharna Destiny 2 years ago +5

    Abra is such a vibe man ,the way he moves everything 🤪

  • M7
    M7 2 years ago +672

    Are there any Ppl that aren’t British that listen to drill cah this needs to be worldwide💯

    • Jefferson Kiama
      Jefferson Kiama Year ago


    • Ashoka Dhshd
      Ashoka Dhshd Year ago +1

      @Omari Lockhart facts. This song goes stupid hard 🔥

    • Omari Lockhart
      Omari Lockhart Year ago

      Houston, TX….can’t play this while your driving cause it’s pure rage lol

    • Ashoka Dhshd
      Ashoka Dhshd Year ago

      I’m from the USA

      FLISTONS Year ago

      Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 🇿🇼 🇿🇼

  • Yaqoob Karmani
    Yaqoob Karmani 2 years ago +281

    abra just took drill to a whole nuther level

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      He NEVER DISAPPOINTS - Check the UNSEEN Footage here clip-share.net/video/wlMhz0J58ls/video.html Exclusive behind the scenes

    • Soulja Boy
      Soulja Boy 2 years ago +1

      @89M views just listened it’s good

      89M views 2 years ago +3

      Hit up ma channel for pop smoke x abra cadabra💥 don’t say I aint plug u lot

    • Remy Boy Montana
      Remy Boy Montana 2 years ago +4

      AGAIN 💯

  • Răzvan Fresh
    Răzvan Fresh Year ago +4

    Imagine a Fivio Foreign and Abra Cadabra collab. That would be fire.

  • Ruthmeli Charles
    Ruthmeli Charles 2 years ago +4

    If I'm in a club and this song comes on, I'll automatically become the baddest gal in da house. It gives me fighting confidence 🤣🤣

    LHKAZ 2 years ago +162

    When abra makes a new bank account, he doesn't agree with the terms and condition, they agree with him

  • Zannatul
    Zannatul 2 years ago +2

    2020 has definitely been Abras, the return has been undeniably harddd

  • Mark SN
    Mark SN 2 years ago

    Played this on repeat in the car.AC's voice and the BASS. My word. Shake out your fillings dem

  • k5
    k5 2 years ago +1321

    Imagine DBO, dutch, unknown T and abra on a tune🤣🤣. Should be called tonsils

    • k5
      k5 2 years ago

      @JCJrGaming sorry ard

    • Alfred Samuel
      Alfred Samuel 2 years ago


    • k5
      k5 2 years ago

      @Yung Q oh well, its just a thought, no way it would actually happen

  • Lewis Bailey
    Lewis Bailey 2 years ago

    This guy is always one step ahead

  • qzza
    qzza 2 years ago +3

    When you see filmed by SUAVE you know the visuals are gonna be fire

  • KamesProds
    KamesProds 2 years ago +4

    The flow is fucking crazy😱🔥

    • Flicky Ent
      Flicky Ent 2 years ago

      MAD FLOW! - We got more UNSEEN footage here clip-share.net/video/wlMhz0J58ls/video.html

    JAGUAR_SA Year ago +2

    I play this song at least ten times a day.

  • benedict copster
    benedict copster 2 years ago +3

    Incredible lyrics to be honest.

  • D A
    D A 2 years ago +21

    Abz is getting better and better after every tune... it’s getting dangerous now🔥 bangers only

  • Cassius Sio
    Cassius Sio 2 years ago

    They better not take this one down. This goes HARD!!!! 👊🏽💪🏽👌🏽💯

  • Learner
    Learner 2 years ago +10

    It’s crazy how much influence pop smoke took from Abra. Rip

    • Mindslayer
      Mindslayer 2 years ago

      @AntsWavy nah popsmoke got influenced by abra

    • AntsWavy
      AntsWavy 2 years ago

      @Learner you crazy 🤣

    • Learner
      Learner 2 years ago

      @AntsWavy pop started making music in 2018. Abra started 5 years ago. Even pop said Abra influenced him and his type of music. I bet your American smh

    • AntsWavy
      AntsWavy 2 years ago

      you mean abra got influenced by pop?

    • Blessed Gaza
      Blessed Gaza 2 years ago


  • Daniel Aka *BombScare*
    Daniel Aka *BombScare* 2 months ago

    2023..Still My all time fav 💯💯💯...You a Lyrical Samurai bro🔥🔥🔥

  • Sean Shara
    Sean Shara 2 years ago

    Abz been dropping only bangers can't wait for the mixtape

  • Burnett Ghartey
    Burnett Ghartey 2 years ago +2

    Abra cadabra music makes you feel like the world owes you.

  • Jacobb
    Jacobb 2 years ago +23

    Abra is literally a magician,whenever he drops it’s special 🔥

  • Fabian Cheeseman
    Fabian Cheeseman 2 years ago

    I put this one on repeat in the gym
    I got like 3 extra reps out no lie 💪🏾

  • Ryan Cerqueira
    Ryan Cerqueira Year ago +1

    Essa cara é muito bom 🔥🔥🥷🏽🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 2 years ago +1

    Listening to Abz while playing Assassins Creed Valhalla got me out here wanting to raid a village and shit. Out here runnin through the country kickin in doors screaming “swing that Digga an turn it! Rise that suntin an burst it!”

  • George Mills Davies
    George Mills Davies 2 years ago +2

    Hit it with that different flow loving this and different beat and he's being way more melodical it's mad needs to up the work rate

  • Bradley
    Bradley 9 months ago

    Still to this day my fave song he goes nuts. Epic tune rh

  • James O'Brien
    James O'Brien 2 years ago +272

    Has made 'on deck' and 'spin this coupe' synonymous with him I hope those phrases come up a lot in o the people's freestyles and tracks he deserves that kinda thing

    • HarmFL
      HarmFL 2 years ago +1

      SJ said it in his freestyle a while back

    • Unknown Realist
      Unknown Realist 2 years ago +14

      Man just spin this coupe like abz

  • Queen Ottilie
    Queen Ottilie 2 years ago +1

    Hardddd hardddd Abra Cadabra always working his magic🥳

  • M1key Harrison
    M1key Harrison 2 years ago

    Can’t stop listening this banger

  • What's New
    What's New 2 years ago

    Abra's songs are all litttt real talent

  • CJ
    CJ 2 years ago

    You and OFB drop mad tunes!!!!!!!

  • Mr T
    Mr T 2 years ago +1

    This has me in bits. Abs is spitting so hard and aggressive and in the video he's so fucking high he's just walking around incoherently mumbling. The more I'm watching it the funnier it gets

  • ZilMusic
    ZilMusic 2 years ago +2906

    Need that mixtape fam

    • Abdul Basit
      Abdul Basit 2 years ago +3

      All of u slept on his last tape 😴, and now ur waking up

    • Something Sinister
      Something Sinister 2 years ago +1

      Whats the point they'd all be the same song 🤣

  • Samaadiit
    Samaadiit 2 years ago +51

    You can tell he rates Pop smoke highly, always tributing him by including some of his flows. "run down suns out guns out" from 44 bulldog.

    • TMorSmiley
      TMorSmiley 2 years ago

      @Mushy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Cassius Sio
      Cassius Sio 2 years ago +1

      Uk drill had that flow before pop came into the music seen buddy. Know what you’re talking about before you speak. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • RealTalk. TalkReal
      RealTalk. TalkReal 2 years ago

      Nah b this is a normal flow in the U.K. Since Grime scene

    • Samaadiit
      Samaadiit 2 years ago +1

      Idk why you man are arguing I agree, been listening to abz since his blackbox but I was talking about that specific part of the song.

    • RealTalk. TalkReal
      RealTalk. TalkReal 2 years ago

      Fivio Foreign got Grrr Boa from Mr.Anytinggreengetbun
      Grrr(Green) Boa(Bun)

  • Chris Lox
    Chris Lox 2 years ago +2

    I’m not big fan of all this drill music but ab is the best I’ve heard his lyrics are on point 👊🏽

  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 years ago +1

    This is mad the flow is sick it’s just straight up fire ❌🧢🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Haste
    Haste 2 years ago +1

    This instrumental and Abra just go too hard fr.

  • David Hoaeb
    David Hoaeb Month ago

    Fire, fire 🔥 I want rappers to learn from you from your body's shadow's.

  • Madss
    Madss 2 years ago +116

    Abra doesn’t miss🔥 if he stays consistent 2021 is his

    • Kwesi Etsibah
      Kwesi Etsibah 2 years ago +2

      @Z3r0 true gotta compare their mixtapes when abras comes out . But I think abras will be better because hes more versatile

    • Z3r0
      Z3r0 2 years ago

      @Kwesi Etsibah nah gotta respect Dutch but Abra 🔥🔥🔥

    • Madss
      Madss 2 years ago +1

      @Kwesi Etsibah true!

    • Kwesi Etsibah
      Kwesi Etsibah 2 years ago +10

      2020 is already his tho🔥

  • E45
    E45 2 years ago

    Abra inspires me so much. 2020 is his year, he made the craziest comeback

  • Lee Hughes
    Lee Hughes 2 years ago

    Abra Cadabra right here in person wit a fire 🔥 of a track "Spin this Coupe" as i expected it straight up fcking bangz 🧨so apparent there's no douting that mans so cold ❄ a pure savage that's certi all a madness .. Bless up . ✌📿💯