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Every Goal Messi Scores, Is + 1 upgrade

  • Published on Dec 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Today on FIFA 23 I am scoring goals with Messi. That's right Lionel Messi the little boy from Rosario and Argentina, the same Argentina that won the 2022 World cup final against France and Kylian Mbappe. We scored amazing goals and had a super awesome fun time which was fun and insane. I love Messi and Messi is the GOAT.
    Players in FIFA, BEST Freekick takers in FIFA, but also the Highest IQ Players, built the most FIFA, Built the best FIFA or any other FIFA challenge like The Wheel picked challenge that Chuffsters or MoreChuff does. This is a FIFA challenge video/ building a team/ using the best players like Messi, Mbappe, Ronaldo and Neymar that are done by FutCrunch, Pazjot, Chuffsters, RazzHD and EdgarAS, and the most team in FIFA.
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  • Futcrunch
    Futcrunch 5 months ago +1625


  • Richard L. Major III
    Richard L. Major III 3 months ago +24

    The fact that Messi did the same celebration he did in real life against the Netherlands on FIFA against the Netherlands was goated 😂

    • Ria Crawfurd
      Ria Crawfurd 3 months ago

      Im netherlands

    • Jackgoofygoober
      Jackgoofygoober 3 months ago

      That s not funny like bro I am netherlands 🇳🇱

    • Keenan Daniel
      Keenan Daniel 2 months ago

      ​@Jackgoofygoober it is funny because yall started it

    • DuckzRule :)
      DuckzRule :) 2 months ago

      ​@Jackgoofygoober bros so angry just get over it

  • Andi
    Andi 4 months ago +84

    It should be the other way on the beginning. You should boost with extra points when he was 1 OVR, not when he could much easier score but anyway great vid.

  • RoseisUncool
    RoseisUncool 4 months ago +176

    The editing and quality is insane, you deserve more recognition!

  • sozo hyper grace
    sozo hyper grace 4 months ago +135

    That Messi last minute goal vs Netherlands celebration made me so shocked

  • Kane devvo
    Kane devvo 4 months ago +658

    100 points for every time this guy says "Messi"

    • DiamondDhaliwal
      DiamondDhaliwal  4 months ago +85


    • Jaskirat yt
      Jaskirat yt 4 months ago +8

      @DiamondDhaliwal I am from India and I’m a jaskirat singh Dhaliwal

    • FifAA
      FifAA 4 months ago +35

      7:19 100000000points right there

    • Kane devvo
      Kane devvo 4 months ago +2

      @FifAA love it 💥😂

  • 𝗪𝗲𝗻𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘀𝗮𝗺𝗮

    This guy is so underrated he needs way more

    • Ocean Nguyen
      Ocean Nguyen 4 months ago +2


    • AndAnimations
      AndAnimations 4 months ago +3

      No he is saying this Ty should be recommended more😊

    • Veshremy 2
      Veshremy 2 4 months ago +1

      @Ocean Nguyen he’s not rude underrated means it’s very good

    • AndAnimations
      AndAnimations 4 months ago

      That’s what I am saying

  • a9mz4
    a9mz4 4 months ago +9

    Messi Siendo Messi
    Simplemente Messi

  • Howard Chen
    Howard Chen 23 days ago

    9:20 Story Continued: With these 350 points (3 goals, 1 assist), I maxed out his goalkeeping capacity and paid back the 100-point loan, and made him 100 overall.

  • Tara Gjoroveni
    Tara Gjoroveni 4 months ago +3

    This man deserves more support than anyone bro so many views but only 45 k he deserves 1 million

  • Slightly Toxic
    Slightly Toxic 4 months ago +52

    Your content is top notch 22, just keep posting consistently you will soon reach success.

  • FHgaming
    FHgaming Month ago

    You deserve way better I started watching ages ago and I loved it could doing what u are doing legend

  • deelplaysgames
    deelplaysgames 4 months ago +3

    99 pace + 99 shot power =unstoppable
    By-kilian Mbappe

  • No One
    No One 4 months ago +8

    After seeing quality of this guy's video I thought he would probably be one of the bigger youtubers with like 2-3 million subs but damn is he underrated

  • Knife knife spoon
    Knife knife spoon 23 days ago

    Bro was so good he maxed out hes goalkeeping capacity

  • Offik0
    Offik0 4 months ago +1

    19 goals and 5 assist for Messi

  • BreadNL
    BreadNL 4 months ago +2

    Can you do a video where you try to score with every single person on 1 team?

  • ᴄʀɪᴍꜱᴏɴxɢᴅ

    Silver messi is higher than my calculated rating 😂 (68 OVR)

  • Tasby103
    Tasby103 4 months ago +38

    That was unexpected 😂

    • Pro gamer
      Pro gamer 4 months ago +1


    • Pro gamer
      Pro gamer 4 months ago

      And the ,match ended

    • Xiyang Ye
      Xiyang Ye 4 months ago

      and that is the match of netherlands TOOO

  • Sulphuric Acid H2SO4
    Sulphuric Acid H2SO4 4 months ago +100

    only 9.18K? you deserve way more, my man!

  • Lucas Ray
    Lucas Ray 4 months ago +4

    spectacular video - great addition with the bonus challenges

  • Bedwars noob
    Bedwars noob 4 months ago +2

    Messi = GOAT

  • Jake102
    Jake102 4 months ago +2

    Honestly you should make a team with every goat

  • Mister President
    Mister President 4 months ago +9

    *Blows a 2 goal lead in final*
    "But once again Messi blew another 2 goal lead"

  • Ninja Gaming Elias
    Ninja Gaming Elias 5 months ago +9

    for the people that wanna try this challenge: 100 points goal, 50 assist, 100 win, 50 motm. Thank me later ❤

    • Gamer Moose
      Gamer Moose 4 months ago +2

      didnt he say the rules at the beginning of the video
      wdym thank me later

    • San-ta Clause
      San-ta Clause 4 months ago

      How do u upgrade the player tho?

  • Jalan Touch
    Jalan Touch 2 months ago +1

    This youtuber is really a lot underated he at least deserve 6 million subs love u from pakistan

  • Darkoverlord
    Darkoverlord 4 months ago +4

    The content is amazing. Keep it up❤❤

  • Marsh
    Marsh 2 months ago

    “Why are they playing like a prime Barcelona” That did not age well

  • Webwin
    Webwin 4 months ago +4

    dude this guy is so underrated im defitnly subbing keep up the good work!

  • Kajal Rana
    Kajal Rana 4 days ago

    One of messi best goals

  • Prabhjit Singh
    Prabhjit Singh 4 months ago +8

    Make our community proud, good content singh!

  • Levion
    Levion 5 months ago +18

    You deserve 1b subs keep the good content coming ur gonna get big bro love from Sweden

  • Bloxyz
    Bloxyz 4 months ago +8

    So underrated
    This guy deserves more subs

  • Fernando
    Fernando Month ago

    Luisito Suarez isnt retired, he is just on a small team on Brazil.

  • Noe Granados
    Noe Granados 4 months ago +11

    The final felt like it was real life

  • J
    J 3 months ago +2

    "Fifa is more important than real life" -Elio

  • Py14s
    Py14s 4 months ago +8

    the reason why france scored in the final: because messi was not in goal

  • phasespray
    phasespray 4 months ago +8

    Your very underrated. Your editing and everything!!

  • Mesut_Football
    Mesut_Football 4 months ago +10

    The fact that Ellio said fifa is more important than real life💀

  • Fear Mackenzie
    Fear Mackenzie 4 months ago

    Love the video, keep up the hard work and just subbed

  • Mr jean
    Mr jean 3 months ago

    How do you change him like that(the stats with the upgrades if you know what I mean)

  • ben clan
    ben clan 3 months ago

    The way messi said "upgrade me daddy" future messi

  • Cyklo YT
    Cyklo YT 4 months ago +3

    Can you please tell me how you changed his stats?

  • wastedbeans
    wastedbeans 3 months ago +2

    How do you edit their attributes?

  • Football Memes
    Football Memes 4 months ago +3

    How do you have that many subs! YOU DESERVE MILLIONS!

  • Calmest UK citizen
    Calmest UK citizen 2 months ago

    Along with that he actually won the world cup

  • Adana Joseph
    Adana Joseph 4 months ago

    The funny part is and the final he had scored at the 69th minute

  • Mimi
    Mimi 4 months ago +2

    How do you edit the ratings?

  • Void_1
    Void_1 4 months ago +4

    The final goal of messi was on the 69th minute of the final

  • sam asfaw
    sam asfaw 4 months ago +21

    This guy is so underrated, give this man 500k subs, NO 1 MILLION

  • YourAverageAkira
    YourAverageAkira 4 months ago

    When you said he done it the match was perfectly and the 69 minute 💀

  • FirePlaysRoblox
    FirePlaysRoblox 7 days ago

    I love ronaldo, but I think it’s time I give messi more respect

  • MalachiTrulyBopping
    MalachiTrulyBopping 4 months ago +1


    • DiamondDhaliwal
      DiamondDhaliwal  4 months ago

      Thank you, I will

      TTV NO NAME 4 months ago

      @DiamondDhaliwal This video is so fun to watch, it’s like a movie. Thanks man❤❤

  • Azad Obidat
    Azad Obidat 4 months ago +1

    Why was elio crying when Messi won 😂😂😂

  • TheB DubsClub
    TheB DubsClub 4 months ago +4

    Can you score a bicycle kick with zlatan Ibrahimovic in every fifa

  • Soylss already
    Soylss already 4 months ago +1

    This is how the score line should have been with Argentina vs France

  • Debbian James-Mills
    Debbian James-Mills 4 months ago

    Love your content Messi forever he is the GOAT

  • NotA_Monkey
    NotA_Monkey 4 months ago

    argentina vs australia is exactly what happened in the france game irl

  • Josh Brighton
    Josh Brighton 4 months ago

    Surely do this with a 0 Rated ST in the EFL League 2 and see if you can get him to 99 overall and a champions league final.

  • Airb2014
    Airb2014 23 days ago

    Against Australia he forgot about the win bonus

  • Mr.Bones007
    Mr.Bones007 4 months ago +6

    8:45 That’s the true goat right there 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Plute93
    Plute93 4 months ago +1

    What a banger! 🔥

  • RD Studies
    RD Studies 4 months ago

    What is the name of the game?
    By the way your videos and editing are superb you deserve more subs bro

  • Athfan Thufail
    Athfan Thufail 4 months ago +2

    Daym this video got a Million views, congrats bro, and I'm here from 13K subs :) Predicting a Million subs by the end of the year.

    • DiamondDhaliwal
      DiamondDhaliwal  4 months ago +1


    • Athfan Thufail
      Athfan Thufail 4 months ago +1

      @DiamondDhaliwal Bro what's your though process to making videos, and what editing do u use? Ik u have been making videos for a while, but what's the ingredients? :) If u don't mind me asking

  • Shane Webb
    Shane Webb 10 days ago

    Him winning against Croatia with a 98 rated messi scoring 3 goals and a assist him is that enough to get him to 99? Me: OFC IT IS HE IS LITERALLY ONE POINT AWAY!

  • One Dirty Ginger
    One Dirty Ginger 4 months ago +1

    Aw yes hes now the goat he won in fifa

  • abdi
    abdi 4 months ago +17

    This guy is giving himself points for anything.

    • Jace Kexel
      Jace Kexel 4 months ago

      Yea and it’s +100 instead of one point😂😂

      ITS ME BOYZ 4 months ago

      @Jace Kexel if it was 1 point each then this video is gon' be longer than my whole life

    • Jace Kexel
      Jace Kexel 4 months ago

      @ITS ME BOYZ yea but he could cut or give ten not 100

  • ReversedNotFoward
    ReversedNotFoward 2 months ago +1

    Yes! I was waiting this ALL DAY!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • FrenchFry
    FrenchFry 4 months ago

    “We all know fifa is more important than real life” EA SPORTS rigs the game

  • Hong Kong Ball Mapping!🇭🇰

    Very nice video and editing very nice job 👍

  • Legit
    Legit 4 months ago

    Gostei muito do vídeo pois ele tem uma boa ideia.
    Mesmo não entendo quase nada

  • GGeasy
    GGeasy Month ago

    Messi is da G.O.A.T

  • Crazy gaming and things
    Crazy gaming and things 5 months ago +6

    I am just started watching this video and I am already addicted. (Also subscribed)

  • DarkShadow_124
    DarkShadow_124 4 months ago +2

    How do you modify their level?

  • Jasper55RL
    Jasper55RL 4 months ago

    Soo why’d you spoil the +50 upgrade? 😅

  • Fabian Arciszewski
    Fabian Arciszewski 4 months ago

    Do it with Lewandowski 🙏

  • Danmarsh7D3
    Danmarsh7D3 3 months ago

    How do you change the attributes for the players

  • iqbal 04
    iqbal 04 4 months ago

    Overall for messi on 4 years a go is 84

  • ChiesaIsAmazing
    ChiesaIsAmazing 5 months ago +18

    Dude recreated messi’s assist vs croatia

  • Mahesh Srinivasan
    Mahesh Srinivasan Month ago

    You need to get him to 99 overall quick

    LIL_DPK_GAMING 4 months ago +2

    How do change the players overall/stats

  • sam2014
    sam2014 4 months ago

    I also have messi 1 is a 109 and 1 is a 93

  • Glofishgamingcrackers
    Glofishgamingcrackers 4 months ago +2

    I just found this video so I started watching it and my god you are so underrated

  • Ameer
    Ameer 4 months ago +2

    How do you boost the player stats

  • Shrutartha Gamer Z
    Shrutartha Gamer Z 4 months ago +11

    1:22 two goals in the final Jesus help this guy

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro 4 months ago

    Man you deserve more subscribers

  • Sten Vermaire
    Sten Vermaire 4 months ago

    How do you make him a 00 overall?

  • Soulzly
    Soulzly 4 months ago

    Nice video hope everything goes well for you

  • Flipjecat
    Flipjecat 4 months ago +1

    100% best fifa channel and probably best channel at all

  • Pedro Olivera
    Pedro Olivera 27 days ago +1

    bro has -4269 brain cells five years later he realizes that FIFA is based off of real life Soccer

  • jtvids
    jtvids 4 months ago +25

    Bro you earned one sub keep up the good work man really interested to see what u will post next 🎉🎉❤❤

  • RayanTheHooman
    RayanTheHooman 4 months ago +5

    OMG! Just started watching you and realised that you have 12k subs. I hope that you reach 1 million soon. Remember me when you get famous!

  • Muhammad Raihan
    Muhammad Raihan 4 months ago +1

    Good content, finaly found something different, anyway if there is no bonus at all it is still possible to get messi at 80+ rating?

  • Pop
    Pop Month ago +1

    0:13 It’s cool that every flag is red, white, and blue

  • Satikin Gaming
    Satikin Gaming 4 months ago +4

    Underrated and great Editing perfect quality

  • Valorant Fever
    Valorant Fever 3 months ago

    I wish my friend could agree so easily on the fact that Messi is a GOAT

  • Renzy
    Renzy 4 months ago +3

    ur content is amazing I thought u had like a hundred thousand subs but 13k subs?

  • hipmo
    hipmo 4 months ago

    Fun fact in fifa: wherever their are looking in penaltys wherever they look say example left that means their shot is left

  • CodeDaBlade
    CodeDaBlade 4 months ago +28


  • PS2Gaming
    PS2Gaming 4 months ago

    If Australia won the World Cup would that mean I would be in the country goat