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Engine Swaps are Getting Out of Hand

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Engine swaps are cool, but they're getting a little out of hand. These are some of the wildest engine swaps on the internet, and this is the D-List!
    Huuuge thanks to all the channels that helped make this video possible! Links to all of the builds featured in this video:
    StanceWorks: / @stanceworks6544
    RoadHeads Media: / roadheadsmedia
    Prius: just1kasey
    TJ Hunt: / tjhunt28
    That V12 Miata Bruh: / thatv12miatabruh
    Rich Rebuilds: / richrebuilds
    Rob Dahm: / robdahm
    Standkes Garage: / standrya000
    Meteor Interceptor: • The engine start!!
    Jet Beetle: www.ronpatrickstuff.com/
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    Milwaukee 2735-20 18V Li-Ion Flashlight
    Milwaukee 2557-20 M12 Fuel 3/8" Ratchet
    Milwaukee 48-11-1880 M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT 18v 8.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
    Milwaukee 2125-21XC M12 LED Underhood Light Kit
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Comments • 4 667

  • ocmi_teddy
    ocmi_teddy Year ago +4728

    Biggest engine in the smallest car is always a winning combo!

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago

      Think I might throw a Cummins in my tercel and make it a diesel…long challenge but it’ll be worth it just trust me

    • Correctpolitically
      Correctpolitically 6 months ago

      ​@Spencer Lemay why don't you just go Briggs and Stratton?

    • Sink salesman
      Sink salesman 6 months ago

      How on earth do ya get a tank engine in a peel p50?

    • Daniel Homant
      Daniel Homant 6 months ago

      Big engine in small car has already been won, the Dodge Tomahawk. Viper engine motorcycle.

    • Daniel Homant
      Daniel Homant 6 months ago

      @Jerry Sickler The GAA, the ruler of gas V8.

  • Samo Saarts
    Samo Saarts Year ago +2155

    The bizarre thing about engine swaps is that some people actually get mad when someone does something cool.

    • Aaron Carricato
      Aaron Carricato 2 months ago

      @Loadatat Most don't do these swaps to be cool or for any other reason but views and subscribers . This is how many of these people make money via Clip-Share . Rick Rebuilds for example . Not knocking what he is doing but the Tesla was just as fast if not faster than the LS3 but he got a ton of views and new subscribers which translates into income and offer sponsors . Money is generally the driving factor behind most Clip-Share projects and videos .

    • RR
      RR 2 months ago

      Cry party

    • Prince Nierva
      Prince Nierva 2 months ago

      The V12 miata was already crazy😂

    • rolls
      rolls 3 months ago

      @Loadatat joerarri is awesome

    • Randy Kumpf
      Randy Kumpf 3 months ago

      @Jaguars_nfl1 - Until you do the LS build the Rich did. My favourite Tesla so far

  • Jerry Ray
    Jerry Ray Year ago +844

    “Ron doesn’t wanna see how fast it is.. out of fear of killing himself” absolute legend

    • Causality
      Causality Month ago

      I will do it

      PETE JONES 3 months ago +1

      @MelecPapi just dont respond with el ron hubbard lmao bahahahaha

      PETE JONES 3 months ago +1

      @MelecPapi lmao i see what you did there

    • MelecPapi
      MelecPapi 3 months ago

      @PETE JONES iRon man

    • Rob Ferrell
      Rob Ferrell 3 months ago

      @MyRegardsToTheDodo lmfao facts .... hamster will destroy that shit and survive the crash unharmed

  • Hagen Preusser
    Hagen Preusser Year ago +304

    3:29 Did James just accept the existence of the highest torque inline 6 on earth? the supercar killer, the destroyer of JDM tuner cars down under, the undisputed king of it's platform. The motor dubbed "Project Gull" by Ford Australia because it was designed to hands down shit on everything in it's class and with basic mods everything outside of it's class.
    The Barra
    I'm happy he's realised it exists and that leads me to my next question, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY UP TO SPEED ON THE FORD FUCKING FALCON?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Lucas O'Keefe
      Lucas O'Keefe 2 months ago +1

      @Elijah Montgomery Both of these comments need pinned pronto

    • Inna Crisis
      Inna Crisis 6 months ago +7

      @Elijah Montgomery Poetry in motion

    • GalacticTommy
      GalacticTommy 8 months ago +10

      @Elijah Montgomery holy fucking shit

    • Rob Vegas
      Rob Vegas 10 months ago +12

      hellyeah. the barras in the Falcons are great. The Barra turbos are neck snapping fast. I got to use them as company cars from 2004 until '16 and was never late for any meetings. Reliable AF and easy as to maintain. Brilliant cars. And the Utes are total madness.

    • Jani Skublics
      Jani Skublics 10 months ago +2

      @Elijah Montgomery got 'em

  • The Meteor Interceptor
    The Meteor Interceptor Year ago +426

    Thank you very much for featuring our build, we really do appreciate that! 😀👍

    • Airplane Maniac Gaming
      Airplane Maniac Gaming 8 months ago +1

      Fresh out the Centurion (Or Sho't from Israel, or the Stridsvagen 82 or 106 from Sweden) and into the Crown Vic.

    • Airplane Maniac Gaming
      Airplane Maniac Gaming 8 months ago +2

      OH MY GOD MY GUESS WAS RIGHT! I literally saw the thumbnail and went "Hmm, a tank engine? What'd they do, take a Rolls-Royce Meteor and slap it in a car?" AND I WAS RIGHT!?

    • Marshall Boice
      Marshall Boice 9 months ago

      You guys heard that the engine on a crown vic is a tank wrong

    • David Rice
      David Rice 10 months ago +1

      Thanks for commenting and making it that much easier to find you guys!

    • Geraldu
      Geraldu Year ago +9

      Its a tank

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Year ago +11

    Waking up at 6 a.m for work is a little less sucky with a new episode of the d-list. Thank you guys :)

  • Doctor Skipwith
    Doctor Skipwith Year ago +2631

    "Most people's bottoms can't even handle one horse."
    Furries: "Hold my Mountain Dew."

  • TheGaminmonkie2378
    TheGaminmonkie2378 Year ago +238

    You guys should do a vid on why some every day car engines handle so much horsepower and some engines can’t

    • Falcofurious
      Falcofurious Year ago +1

      @TheGaminmonkie2378 ffs they basically explain why in every episode that has anything to do with engines. F1 episode for example.

    • Sérgio Alves
      Sérgio Alves Year ago +25

      @TheGaminmonkie2378 "Handling so much power" is itself a big assumption that disregards how many modifications examples of engines with "so much power" have. A lot of it just comes down to aftermarket support, a Honda K engine can't handle 1000hp on a stock block, it can't even handle half of that on a stock block, and even to break 300hp you need a lot of intake/exhaust/fueling upgrades. When we're talking about completely new intake and exhaust with aftermarket turbo, forged pistons and conrods, upgraded fuel pumps and injectors, ignition coils and plugs etc there's shitloads of engines out that that could also handle "so much power", but that's simply because at that point there's very little of the original engine left. It's like 2JZ people who talk about their engine making 2000hp...on a billet block. Literally nothing on that engine is stock by then, so at what point did it stop being a 2JZ and simply became a complete bespoke race engine?

    • TheGaminmonkie2378
      TheGaminmonkie2378 Year ago +14

      @Falcofurious Yes but that’s probably not the only things that explains why they can make so much power

    • Falcofurious
      Falcofurious Year ago +7

      Stronger, more reliable parts… what kind of video are you expecting?

  • arcbash
    arcbash Year ago +84

    The Meteor tank engine is quite similar to the Merlin engine that powered the Spitfires. Quite an awesome build!

    • Mazda RX-8 Rotary.
      Mazda RX-8 Rotary. Year ago +2

      Ahhhh i was wondering why john dodds the beast wasnt on here

    • einar
      einar Year ago +16

      @Antti Brax the triumph spitfire yes. but the supermarine spitfire came with a 27l v12

    • Antti Brax
      Antti Brax Year ago +3

      Duuude, Spitfires only came with tiny inline fours.

    • einar
      einar Year ago +5

      the meteor is basically a derated merlin

  • matthew mahony
    matthew mahony Year ago +12

    The sound of a turbocharged barra engine is unmistakeable. Absolute beast of an engine.

    • Damn
      Damn 11 months ago


  • Adam Loos
    Adam Loos Year ago +102

    My vote for the one you missed- Fasterprom’s wheelie popping, totally sketchy driving Smart car with a K-swap.

    • DME EMD
      DME EMD Year ago +1

      Hell yeah! Glad you both mentioned it! Thing is badass!

    • Daniel Araujo
      Daniel Araujo Year ago +4

      I was coming to the comments to mention this one. That thing is sick.

  • High Performance Academy

    I see you are holding the tears back for the million sub updates now haha. Well done guys - Taz.

  • Random Otter
    Random Otter Year ago +551

    The tank engine, called the meteor, was based on one of ww2s best aircraft engines, the merlin with a supercharger attached, powering the p-51, spitfire, hurricane, mosquito, Lancaster, and other planes
    Edit: it was originally the merlin, they ripped the supercharger off to become the meteor. Tanks included the Cromwell, Cruiser 8 challenger and others.

    • Airplane Maniac Gaming
      Airplane Maniac Gaming 8 months ago

      @Brett Don't forget Israel with their pretty good use of them! (they still use the damn tanks as APCs!)

    • Billy The Shoebill
      Billy The Shoebill 10 months ago

      @Cirrus Tate radial engine are still widely used in WW2 for alot of plane including fighters

    • Cirrus Tate
      Cirrus Tate 10 months ago

      @Sue Me Too I think you mean radial engines... and no, radial engines in planes wasn't really a thing anymore by WWII.

    • Potential Grim
      Potential Grim 11 months ago

      You mean they got that thing from a Cromwell?!

    • random person
      random person Year ago

      @Wayne C i know what a rotary engine is, i was trying to say that the two things are different

  • Totalx
    Totalx Year ago +40

    One of the best swaps Ive seen was a VR38DETT into an M56. The M56 is an amazing looking sedan and having a GTR engine just makes it that much cooler. definitely something that could have been a stock option

  • N8
    N8 Year ago +8

    What an awesome presenter! He’s the reason I found all their other shows. Everyone involved in donut media rocks. Well deserved 6M subscribers. Keep up the great work and congrats to everyone involved in making such incredible shows/content.

  • Alex Brammer
    Alex Brammer Year ago +3

    I remember watching James cry tears of joy when Donut hit a subscriber milestone awhile ago. Look how far the donut team has come!

  • DeanoGTO
    DeanoGTO Year ago +515

    "he doesnt want to see how fast it goes for fear of killing himself."
    im stunned the guy who did that swap has self-preservation instincts

    • What Whale
      What Whale Year ago +2

      @DeanoGTO Youre the first comment Ive seen pointing it out lol. I've been reporting too but they keep popping up like pimples on a teenager.

    • EGG Tv
      EGG Tv Year ago

      How ironic

    • DeanoGTO
      DeanoGTO Year ago +2

      @jake b ive reported the ones that ive seen so far and your right youtube has removed some of them. I just had another two pop up as i was typing this comment.

    • jake b
      jake b Year ago +3

      @DeanoGTO I guess that means Clip-Share is actually deleting some of em, but pretty clearly missing like half

    • DeanoGTO
      DeanoGTO Year ago +15

      what the hell is going on with these spam mature links? ive had notifications for about eight of them...

  • Go2Hello
    Go2Hello Year ago +18

    This feels like a classic donut episode. I was worried for a minute there when an older video sounded corporatized

  • Santa Monica Mike
    Santa Monica Mike Year ago +12

    Rich rebuilds is great. Thanks for including him.

    • brndto
      brndto Year ago

      ICE T is a much better name than Model SS too haha

  • Joseph Vale
    Joseph Vale Year ago +1

    I freaking love this show! Great job guys!

  • Le. Farquad
    Le. Farquad Year ago +10

    I love Rob Dahm’s channel. Their content is fun and informative

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    I’m not even that big of a car guy but he’s so damn entertaining

  • Jon Santini, III
    Jon Santini, III Year ago +701

    I’m surprised that Westen Champlain’s Cummins swapped mustang isn’t on this list. It has 2 turbo chargers and is crazy. He has an entire series on it and he isn’t done with it yet.

    • M4S_sk8
      M4S_sk8 5 months ago

      put a Cummins on a Hummer than you have a Cummer

    • ABHI77
      ABHI77 Year ago +1

      Smokestag is just🔥🔥🔥

    • DEVta
      DEVta Year ago

      When he said about the Cummins swapped I literally thought it's gonna be him, such a heart breaker 💔

    • Brandon Hoffman
      Brandon Hoffman Year ago +1

      Well the hoonigan boys already swapped a cummings into a camaro, who really cares what chasis when you have 2,000 horses of diesel!

  • ReFract1oN
    ReFract1oN Year ago +6

    Been watching you since that first Up To Speed on Skyline GT-R it's heartwarming to see you guys go that far! Keep it up!
    Btw I'm Russian so your channel kinda helped me to learn how to say some automotive stuff in English))
    Edit: God, that GT-R video is already 4 years old... Time fcking flies...

  • Gasratz Customs
    Gasratz Customs Year ago +1

    LOVE THE CRAZY SWAPS!!! Out of hand is what we love :)

  • King Sausage
    King Sausage 3 months ago +2

    That Prius would have been amazing with a rear or mid engine swap

  • Douglas Korytkowski Jr
    Douglas Korytkowski Jr 2 months ago

    I mean props to you guys having some all out be yourself have fun personalities, 6 million you all deserve it. gratz!

  • CarNut
    CarNut 7 months ago

    “Most peoples bottom ends can’t even handle one horse” that was great

  • Misha Charoudin
    Misha Charoudin Year ago +1660

    Bonus: electric motors into Mate Rimac' E30 track car 10 years ago which lead to the birth of Rimac Automobili.

    • Mike.e30
      Mike.e30 Year ago

      Always e30

    • rkan2
      rkan2 Year ago

      Don't forget Tesla powertrain engineer's (not at the time of the swap) Eric Tischer's Passat B5 is would be more impressive since he made his own inverter basically from scratch and the car's DNA (by virtue of his engineering at Tesla) basically runs in at least the Model 3/Y and the new S/X powertrains ;)
      There's the nice video on YT on his channel about the built. Pretty much trumps all the swaps here, though I'm not sure EV swaps belong on the list since they are motors and not engines ;)

    • EwanA1
      EwanA1 Year ago +3

      Jezus Christ Clip-Share bots are getting out of hand. I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about the bots that commented on your video.

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Year ago

      @jan zugic hi jan zugic. Man Omicrons of Death starts to get rampant and could end all of humanity.

  • Thomas Philyaw
    Thomas Philyaw Year ago

    New to the channel and this James character makes the content 100 times better... love the hearse power

  • Christopher Mears
    Christopher Mears Year ago +1

    I really like the fact that this is not filled with LS1 swaps and Honda motor swaps. Both of which have been done too many times and have no points in a custom world in my opinion. Custom to me means unique in one of a kind so engine swaps of other hold more points they're just harder to do because not many people are doing them and that's what I like about him it makes them unique thank you for sharing this even though you're still an obnoxious fleeb 😆

  • aknottycrab
    aknottycrab Year ago

    EVERY single time you guys have a new design- "This is literally my favorite design we have done so far"
    You guys crack me up man.

  • Bill Smith JR
    Bill Smith JR Year ago +1

    Dear James and crew and all of Donut, I used to be a huge car guy, had an s13 that i loved and modded the hell out of. I had an accident in it and fell out of love with the sport and got into motorcycles heaviiy for almost 15 years. I started watching you guys during the beginning of the pandemic and yall have single handedly brought me back into the fold. Yall are what my buddies and I aspired to be long ago! Thanks for all the awesome informative, funny and entertaining videos and thanks for reigniting the fire within me!

  • KЯ▲▲ꓘ
    KЯ▲▲ꓘ 8 months ago

    Not gonna lie the monolith has been one of my favorite guests on this show.

  • BlueScapegoat
    BlueScapegoat Year ago +234

    Bad Obsession's 3SGTE + entire AWD system swapped into an original Mini deserves an honorable mention. The engineering to make that work is incredible. Donor was a Celica Alltrac/GTFour

    • Stephen Robertson
      Stephen Robertson 9 months ago

      @Antti Brax You forget, some of those brackets are on par and take just as long as others on entire projects.
      Where else can a bracket get it's own funk montage?

    • Antti Brax
      Antti Brax Year ago

      Binky doesn't get on the list because it's really a bracket swap...

    • B. Shoemaker
      B. Shoemaker Year ago +2

      Sorry "Binky" is a well planned, well built, and awesome. Nothing on this list could be a list with "Binky".

    • Slow Men Thinking
      Slow Men Thinking Year ago

      and do not forget there Safe T turbo

    • Yung Steambun [ AKA Unstuffed Dumpling ]
      Yung Steambun [ AKA Unstuffed Dumpling ] Year ago

      thats a love hate situation right there

  • 2D D
    2D D 7 months ago +1

    I want to see that V12 Miata run the 1/4 mile, gotta be super fast

  • Daniel Kidgell
    Daniel Kidgell Year ago +1

    Your videos are amazing! Thank you for the entertainment and hitting 6 million fan boys

  • Oblivious J
    Oblivious J 7 months ago

    “Most peoples bottoms can’t even handle one horse”
    Thank you Mr. Hands your sacrifice did not go unnoticed.

  • Mónika Bacsó
    Mónika Bacsó Year ago

    You really should do a d-list on hot hatches

  • Alex J
    Alex J Year ago

    Congrats Donut, this video was insane 😂😂

  • T3a Ba6Gins
    T3a Ba6Gins Year ago +164

    The Joearri actually works for me, since it was just a body. As a Ferrari fan, I'm actually okay with it. It gave that body a second wind and it looks fantastic.

    • Jimmy Ray
      Jimmy Ray Year ago +3

      ​@Jakub Komárek It would be just as worthless to the purists, so what would be the point?

    • Rhys Williams
      Rhys Williams Year ago

      At first I thought he ripped up a running car but as it was just the body its a win for me

    • Jakub Komárek
      Jakub Komárek Year ago

      Still there should be a different ferrari engine in the bay even if you save one.

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Year ago

      @M 4 z everyone love custom cars.

    • Joe Alessandrino
      Joe Alessandrino Year ago +9

      Thank you, that's my build.

  • Syed
    Syed Year ago

    Great video 👍
    Also I think the rotary engine shown in the picture at 8:00 is a 12A, not a 13B.

  • LouisianaOutlaw
    LouisianaOutlaw 8 months ago

    I feel like the ls thing is more about power as while you can make big power with a rotary it takes a lot to do it reliably while you can throw on a turbo on an ls and make around 600 out the gate

  • Wilson
    Wilson Year ago +1

    Depending on which jet engine it is that could be a great deal at $500,000.

  • HD-J
    HD-J Year ago

    One crazy swap that deserves to be mentioned is the 2JZ swapped Rolls Royce Phantom!

  • Andrew Lefel
    Andrew Lefel 7 months ago

    Some Aussies did a 55 with a Merlin engine like 20 years ago. The Barra made 1000hp during factory engine dyno testing prior to being released. Mate did a 120Y with an RB30/26 and another has a Mitsubishi Minica with a Kawasaki 1000cc engine.

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Year ago +550

    Love seeing Uncle Rich get recoginition on here.

  • Jvl Shock
    Jvl Shock Year ago +1

    this is exactly what i want to see in games like forza. you just have more freedom to do what you want.

  • AC 777
    AC 777 Year ago +5

    Having a hard time figuring out how that t58 in the beetle is getting enough air into it...not to mention how they fit in a fuel tank large enough for it😂😂

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown Year ago

    I wanna see more hands on, real life car videos. Like real work on cars.

  • Saint Poli
    Saint Poli Year ago +1

    I’ve had an idea of putting a tesla motor or two from a model s into a 1957 Thunderbird. That’ll take awhile but I like the idea of making the internals futuristic and the exterior classic.

  • Justin Clark
    Justin Clark 9 months ago

    Man, I wish they had Clip-Share back in my swap days. The 400 Pontiac into a '78 Volvo made for a great sleeper car but the 500 onto an original VW bug was probably the craziest. Also, did you know that on the old VW bugs you could rebuild the tranny backwards and have 4 reverse and 1 forward gear? That was an interesting surprise when we first started that one up. Plus you could blow a pop can size hole in an original VW bug cylinder and it would still run for quite a while. By the mid 90's you would be hard-pressed to find an original VW engine in Manitoba because we had blown most of them up.

  • Jason Lihani
    Jason Lihani Year ago +249

    The cardboard list is the laziest thing I've ever seen.
    It's why I love this channel.

    • Julian Burns
      Julian Burns 9 months ago

      @DragonFire dont try and lie to save face.

    • DragonFire
      DragonFire 9 months ago

      @Julian Burns well uh ... definitely intentional. Yes intentionally!

    • Julian Burns
      Julian Burns 9 months ago

      @DragonFire while still misspelling misspelling

    • Headmond Ronary
      Headmond Ronary 11 months ago

      Woah woah, it's not lazy! It's got a magnet glued onto the back of the cardboard. Jeez.

    • LongNameNoCanSay
      LongNameNoCanSay Year ago +4

      I kinda disagree. If you've ever worked on a project car, maybe even just regular maintenance, or worked in an auto shop, then you should know how much of a giant surplus of cardboard you start to have at your disposal. Whether you throw it away and/or keep a useful amount just for the hell of it. Just looking in my garage, I already can see that I have a semi-absurd (by my standards) amount of cardboard just laying around. Sometimes I use it to absorb oil and other fluids too. It's a whole ass A E S T H E T I C at this point, IMO.

  • Ian Sharpe
    Ian Sharpe Year ago

    Its funny, i watch a lot of these guys. Super cool to see them all get recognition

  • Tankuality
    Tankuality Year ago

    The merlin is not just a tank engine, but also an aircraft engine too(It actually started in the spitfire and hurricane, but us Americans and the brits have a tendency to put aircraft engines in our tanks.)
    (P.S. the General Electric T58 was never used in jets, it was purely used in helicopters, that includes the Sea King and Shawnee)

  • Marco Leandro
    Marco Leandro Year ago

    considering the weight of the tank engine, i want to actually see how fast it actually is because that thing has to weigh a ton. it might as well just rip the axles off with that amount of torque 😂

  • Jymi Newtron
    Jymi Newtron Year ago

    I've wanted to put a 5.2L V10 from an S8 with an R8 intake manifold and twin turbos through 2 equal length 5 into 1 exhaust manifolds for the perfect Lamborghini/R8 sound in a FRS, G/Z or Lexus SC. I think it would be pretty cool. Or an S14 but their getting hard to find in one piece.

  • Syn Shenron
    Syn Shenron 11 months ago

    I was kinda hoping that would be an 18L V8 Sherman engine. I want to see that cause those things are AWESOME

  • Tonzofelephants
    Tonzofelephants Year ago +74

    One if the scariest things about jet engines is that they dont rely on traction like we're used too, they just push you forward until you turn it off.. that vw owner has a scary car on his hands

    • Shayne Gadsden
      Shayne Gadsden Year ago +11

      Normal jet engines don't but that VW does the engine used in it is a turboshaft engine from a helicopter basically a larger version of whats in the y2k bike so while it is a jet engine and does produce some thrust the majority of it's useable is from a shaft output that need to be run through some sort of drivetrain to power the rear wheels

  • inconspicuous wlf

    Fun fact the rolls royce engine was used in the British centurion which the Swedish army had used, so the engine is most likely out of a strv 101 or centurion mk.10

  • _SilverSoul_
    _SilverSoul_ 9 months ago

    I’m still impressed by the v12 Miata swap. That’s nuts😂

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 8 months ago +3

    Honestly the only engine swaps I consider a fail are those that you can see from the outside, like the hood no longer fitting.
    A good engine swap is stealth and you won't know until it starts up.

    • Beemo
      Beemo 6 months ago +1

      So low car?

  • Rider1234
    Rider1234 4 months ago

    The part I was most impressed by was a 3L Faygo

  • Ivan Stepanovic
    Ivan Stepanovic 6 months ago

    Sweden had some British Centurion tanks that are no longer used. I guess that is how they got the engine...
    BTW, in old Beetle, you could with no problem fit some old Porsche engines because the chassis was pretty much identical...

  • Acknologia
    Acknologia Year ago +291

    While the model ss was pretty clever rich's name for his car was even more clever.
    He calls it the ICE-T aka internal combustion engine tesla

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    Sergeant Schlumpf 3 months ago

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  • Lukas Barbier
    Lukas Barbier Year ago +227

    By far the best project I've seen is the one the French Clip-Share channel Vilebrequin is doing... a V8 engine from a Corvette C6 into a Multipla to achieve 1000hrsprs (way less mecanically documented but still cool)

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    Michael England Year ago

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  • Lamdog
    Lamdog 11 months ago

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  • William Hayashi
    William Hayashi Year ago +36

    I totally understand engine swaps
    Sometimes going more faster demands more engines
    And specially speaking of the Joerrari. He saved a perfectly healthy body shell of a Ferrari and gave it a second life.

  • Gustavo Figueiredo

    The 1939 Plymouth Air Radial Truck could have been mentioned. It was featured on Jay Leno's Garage a few years ago, and also on Hoonigan. It has amazing craftsmanship.

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