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The Most Controversial Player in Sports

  • Published on Sep 20, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    How Trevor Bauer became the most controversial player in sports
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  • Caleb Sherwood
    Caleb Sherwood Year ago +1458

    It's a shame that his creativity and determination when he was young was not encouraged, rather than mocked. If these allegations are true, you can't help but wonder how those early experiences shaped him...

    • baseball8z
      baseball8z Year ago +102

      The ones who shape our society do not want creative and self-determined people

    • levi wilder
      levi wilder Year ago +30

      I can speak similarly due to very close experience with issues like he grew up with
      when you are fucked with day in, and out, and in again. you become a perfectionist, anything you do has to be perfect the FIRST time you do it or else you become stuck and to get it 100% correct every time from there on.
      he is a product of someone who wanted to be the best and clearly wanted to put the effort into getting there but was ridiculed for any, and everything.
      I don't feel bad for the man, he was fucked with a lot clearly. and I'm glad to see him be able to become the best he could be, because so many people now just want mediocrity and settle for being second best

    • NeonFroot
      NeonFroot 11 months ago +4

      @levi wilder
      You're wring on the last sentence. Perfectionism is the sickness of our times. Everyone wants to "change the world" and people whom are average and have no wild idealists are considered "lazy".

    • Gemnist
      Gemnist 11 months ago +12

      They absolutely did. Abusers carry on their abuse, and yes, bullying is a form of abuse. But for Bauer to truly deserve sympathy, he would need to stop the cycle - and he didn’t.

  • guitarazn90210
    guitarazn90210 5 months ago +761

    Not too familiar with baseball, but this guy strikes me as someone who is intelligent and also "neuro divergent". It explains his deep obsession with specific subjects, and his struggles socializing with others. His training methods are probably rooted in research, considering he received an engineering education. People like him are just more willing to push out old ideas.

    • The Makers Toolbox
      The Makers Toolbox 4 months ago +50

      Yeah. The shoulder tube story and the story about someone touching his back scream to me neuro divergent. Now the problem is it seems he never got help for it and he acts like an asshole. Just because your neuro divergent doesn't mean you can't be a dick.
      And people like him may be quicker to push out old ideas but they are much slower to push out their ideas even if they are bad. The 400 ft throw in the outfield is a perfect example. Throwing that far consistently will get him injured.

    • ggvgopackgo23
      ggvgopackgo23 4 months ago +2

      So true 👍🏼. I feel he definitely needs to work on his social skills, but I think he is almost genius level, so that social development never really happened. I have been interested in His development and now new start in Japan. It's hard to like him sometimes but I fall rooting for this guy, especially when the whole legal situation turned out to be more smoke than fire.. imo Maybe there is more 🤔. Anyway, I just thought you made an excellent hypothesis and hit the numbers, lol.
      Oh, plus everyone enjoys a good comeback story, haha 😄 ✌🏽

    • Eric Agan
      Eric Agan 4 months ago +2

      I think your right about his training based of his Clip-Share channel. I think he has put alot of research into his training they way he treats his body like a machine and keeps everything in check

  • CoolJ
    CoolJ 11 months ago +262

    Slight correction: he didn't want the MLB to "crack down" on cheating, he just wanted them to be consistent in enforcing their rules. He initially didn't want to cheat because he felt he'd be unfairly targeted and punished for it, while other pitchers remained unpunished. He eventually realized the only way to get the MLB to notice was to take over the league by cheating himself, which is what he did with the Reds. He was quoted, I can't find it at the moment, but basically he said he either wanted the league to enforce the ban or overturn it. He didn't like that it was "illegal" on paper but not being enforced

    • Jim Draven
      Jim Draven 12 days ago

      @coolj9496 I know the quote you're mentioning, & yeah, I believe MLB has been so lax in enforcing this it's likely half the pitchers are doing it. They found their fall guy, & he's still kicking ass in Japan.

  • wyldeman7
    wyldeman7 2 months ago +25

    I've been watching his vlogs recently and it's not only made me really like him but really like baseball.
    I love how he gets into the weeds and analyzes his craft and is constantly working on it. Getting a behind the scenes view of a professional sport is cool too.
    Plus he isn't some physical specimen with a God given gift. He's a regular guy who made it to the bigs on sheer obsession.
    I wish him the best.

  • Ryan Vannice
    Ryan Vannice 11 months ago +131

    Bauer's experience sounds a lot like what Jim Bouton dealt with when he was playing in the late 60s and early 70s. Diversity of thought is stamped out by management of mlb and its teams. But it infiltrates all levels of baseball; I saw it in Little League and travel ball when my kid was 10, 11, 12 years old.

    • Dream Conundrum
      Dream Conundrum 5 months ago +4

      I was thinking about the book Ball Four throughout the video.

    • Minute With mark
      Minute With mark 3 months ago

      How ‘bout Jim Pearsall for unique & different?

  • 12th
    12th 5 months ago +96

    Trevor Bauer is from the pronation school of pitching. Texas Baseball Ranch or (TBR) was a pitching camp near Conroe, TX that had exclusive training camps for people of all ages. The most notable coach there was Brent Stromberg (Coach Strom) who coached for the cardinals for a long time and also the Astros when they won the world series. TBR is closed now but was owned by Ron Wolforth. I went to TBR four times and was also made fun of for my unorthodox training and warmup routines as they were taught to me at TBR. Really cool to see Bauer playing. Pronation eliminates elbow pain if anyone ever wants to look into it. It's why bauer should theoretically never get Tommy Johns.

    • Josh Tormaschy
      Josh Tormaschy 4 months ago +1

      What exactly do you mean by pronation. I know what pronation is just trying to understand how it helps with staying injury free.

    • 12th
      12th 4 months ago +16

      @Josh Tormaschy There is a lot that goes into it. Basically pronation is reducing the tension on your elbow after the pitch. A lot of stuff goes into it before delivery as well like arm angle being above/below shoulder, forearm angle and angle at the time the ball crosses your body. Lots of specifics go into it honestly. Injury free is not quite accurate bc shoulder pain is expected, however, elbow injuries are the primary concern and reason pitchers careers end.

    • no further west
      no further west 3 months ago +1

      @12th Where can I learn more about this throwing mechanics philosophy?

    • Perkkis
      Perkkis 2 months ago +1

      ​@12thhowever it is quite well documented that pretty much all of the stress to your ucl comes at the start of your throw so i don't really get how pronation during or after the throw should lessen the chance of needing tommy john's.

    • 12th
      12th 2 months ago

      @Perkkis I would just say do more research. Pronation and this school of pitching isn’t just about elbow pain. It does certainly do that, but they also talk about lessening shoulder pain, reducing recovery time, etc. it’s complicated tbh

  • sl dp
    sl dp 2 years ago +6161

    He literally said I’m going to cheat too if nobody wants to stop everyone else. He was the one who made it so public, and now we have umpires checking all the time.

    • Aaron Torres
      Aaron Torres 2 years ago +214

      Glad you brought this up as I felt it was missed.

    • bakerfresh
      bakerfresh 2 years ago +26

      Jose Canseco, much?!?

    • Christian Dunn
      Christian Dunn 2 years ago +57

      Bonds did the same with roids.

    • awilson2525
      awilson2525 2 years ago +239

      I think this is a positive move by him. Glad it brought attention to cheating.

    • iron man
      iron man 2 years ago +67

      this isn't a bad thing in my opinion.

  • my trigger
    my trigger 4 months ago +18

    I'm happy to hear a few of his teammates saw his methods as useful and helpful to there careers. At the end of the day, the guys are paid to play baseball. I've worked with some impossible people that I cringe about every detail of there lives, the further away from work, the weirder it got. Though I would probably never call this person again and I know it makes him sad cause either he likes to take credit for teaching me or actually, he genuinely liked me as a person, and I was his only friend really, but I do credit him for teaching me everything I know about the trade we were in, and he recognizes I surrpassed him. You have to have tolerance for people and allow them to make a$$e$ of themselves, it adds an element to life, if nothing else you see first hand what you are happy you are not like. Besides, when you're on a team, he ultimately has to get with the program or leave and who knows, maybe he has finally looked himself in the mirror. People like this come around sometimes and realize the world does not revolve around them or owe them any favors. Pretty harsh editorial it sounds like to me. Just firing through all the negatives. Idk much about him personally but when he was on he was a real good pitcher. The percentage of people capable of doing what he can do is ridiculously fractional. I'm sure I've tolerated worse.

  • Benjai
    Benjai 10 months ago +315

    Dude reminds me of a kid I played with in HS in the early 00s named Jimmy.
    Dude couldn't throw a fastball to save his life. But he could throw a fuckin curveball that was aimed behind your head, broke 6 feet and hit low inside strike at like 40mph.
    Dude was my favorite pitcher ever as a catcher. His breaking balls were game breaking.

    • Bread And Circuses
      Bread And Circuses 8 months ago +5

      That's downright insane...

    • Charlie Werchan
      Charlie Werchan 4 months ago +3

      You need to watch more video on TB, the guy has a pitching arsenal thats unbelievable. Obviously , you don't know the game or pitching.

    • Stephen Bailin
      Stephen Bailin 2 months ago

      I had a curve like that in HS. Liked throwing it as a first pitch and make the hitter look for that the rest of the AB. I miss being able to play

  • Scrappy
    Scrappy 4 months ago +64

    Guy seems really smart and willing to innovate new training techniques and was a great teamate to his fellow pitchers helping them out, this screams of jealously from staff and usually along with that comes hate and vitrole and people can only take so much before they explode on someone.

    • UniverseNerd
      UniverseNerd Month ago

      ​@Banzai51dumbest quote I've ever seen. Nice disguise Gerrit Cole

  • Теодор К.
    Теодор К. 3 months ago +1

    That's amazing content man! Thank you! You obviously worked hard on this! All your videos are great! BTW The story about Bauer being bullied and being obsessed with baseball, only made me respect him more. He did it inspite of Gerritt Cole's remarks. The R allegations are always tricky. Some chick might have known he's not liked and set him up.

  • Don Trump
    Don Trump 5 months ago +251

    In an age of absolute robotic idiocy, being different or weird is a badge of honor.

    • Lamel Kendrick
      Lamel Kendrick 3 months ago +2

      and having critical thinking

    • Samuelio
      Samuelio 3 months ago +4

      it's idiocy, idiocity isn't a word

    • YTSN
      YTSN 3 months ago


    • Avacado?? Mango? Banana???
      Avacado?? Mango? Banana??? 3 months ago +2

      My friend you are part of the robot “idiocity” being different jsut to be different also makes you weird 😊

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson Year ago +2236

    He was a genius with a child's mentality. I would have told the team to just let him do his thing and leave him alone for a few seasons and take advantage of his abilities. His weird way of training himself obviously worked great when he wasn't being picked on over it. And a loner, obsessed with throwing a ball better than anyone else and still having a 4.8GPA is obvious proof that he had something special, even though different, in him.

    • Dino C
      Dino C Year ago +32

      highly doubt he was a genius.

    • Steven Wilson
      Steven Wilson Year ago +216

      @Dino C I don't know but being awkward like that, teaching himself ways to be better that nobody understood and graduating with nearly a 5.0 GPA seems like some symptoms of genius to me

    • IEatPiecesOfShitLikeYouForBreakfast
      IEatPiecesOfShitLikeYouForBreakfast Year ago +27

      I think that’s pretty accurate. Kind of like an evil genius who just happened to be really good at a game where they pay him millions of dollars. He probably doesn’t give two shits about playing baseball either. It just provided him with the opportunity to retire at an extremely early age. Definitely gives me an “American Psycho” Christian Bale vibe about him…

    • TowTine
      TowTine Year ago +16

      @Dino C *He is a goober not a genius. Overated goober*

    • Tensterboy
      Tensterboy Year ago +10

      @Dino C he obviously is

  • Ken Silva
    Ken Silva 11 months ago +49

    Throughout these stories, I didn't know players had the authority to kick a player off the team. Very interesting. Never would think of doing this no matter what. Play3d alot of sports where there were complicated guys who I hoped would quit but we as players should NEVER have that authority. A team member either gets along with each other or quit. The coach has that authority-PERIOD!

    • mrgreanjeans
      mrgreanjeans 10 months ago +6

      That’s east to say but when ten kids decide not to play unless the coach does something about a toxic player that is affecting everyone else on the team…coach gotta make a move. Certainly the coach does make the call, but the players can absolutely force the coaches hand. A good coach let’s the players decide. I’ve seen that first hand with a prima Donna running back that couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted to play or not, we as a team ended up making that decision for him.

    • Qardo
      Qardo 7 months ago +2

      Well, when players have a PLAYERS' UNION. They have a lot of power and say who is in and who is out. And if the players do not like you. All because you pull a stunt that not only got you in trouble, but shed light on other players who could have done the same thing. They REALLY want you gone.
      Look, I am not saying there shouldn't be a Union for any sport involving the players. Just pointing out how hypocritical they are. Believing they have power. Yet, they are allowed to believe this. After all. It is the team and league owners that could simply disband the teams and league tomorrow. The players would be powerless to do anything. They can try, but their power is an illusion.

      LION TAMER 6 months ago +3

      @Qardo not sure which grown up lied to you, but unions DO NOT arbitrate ANYTHING between players & management, much less players & players LOL. When you grow up & learn that unions enforce labor contracts & THAT'S IT (lol, good luck getting them to do anything else) you'll look back on your asinine comment with a genuine "wtf was I thinking" mindset.

    • Patrick McPartland
      Patrick McPartland 4 months ago +2

      ​@mrgreanjeans cool, this is a professional team where everyone is a legal adult and the absolute best in their sport, no one cares about your experience in JV and how it's like the pros

    • Collin Ferguson
      Collin Ferguson 2 months ago

      A GM you mean

  • kitkatcats
    kitkatcats 10 months ago +1267

    So he’s a loner, and different, has unique training, and was bullied, and refused to back down, and did some weird stuff. Okay, I’m a fan.

    • Bread And Circuses
      Bread And Circuses 8 months ago +10


    • Donkeysaurus Rex
      Donkeysaurus Rex 6 months ago +106

      @Bread And Circuses He can explain it to you, but he can’t understand it for you.

    • Brandon McGraw
      Brandon McGraw 5 months ago +95

      Being bullied is his own account. It sounds to me like he’s a jackass and people made him aware of it, and he called that bullying.

    • Dr. Acula
      Dr. Acula 5 months ago +35

      @Brandon McGraw Nah, if dude only wore baseball pants to school he definitely got bullied..

  • Revengense🤘
    Revengense🤘 2 months ago +3

    From his workout routines, his training exercises, the knowledge of pitching which he makes readily available to anyone, to his (somewhat) cult of personality. He may be the most influential man to a sport and an organization that refuses to acknowledge him. It all just seems… well, sad.

  • M4524F
    M4524F 11 months ago +367

    When I injured my rotator cuff, I used the same "wiggle stick" that Bauer used in my 2021 physical therapy. That exercise, along with others, allowed me to heal without having surgery. So, who knows, right?

    • Brian Garcia de Leon
      Brian Garcia de Leon 10 months ago +49

      What’s sad is he was smart enough to literally use science to help himself preform better being with his teacher and 4.3gpa and getter better as a player being able to focus more. If only more people were positive to him.

    • Jon Bonds Jovi
      Jon Bonds Jovi  9 months ago +4

      4:55 -- 5:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Eric JeanLouis
      Eric JeanLouis 8 months ago +15

      And now everyone uses his methods

    • Jake Perrotte
      Jake Perrotte 8 months ago +5

      When I was doing baseball training they would teach us how to use it and I see college athletes and high school athletes all the time use it everyday.

  • kasandra łukasz
    kasandra łukasz 4 months ago +9

    i feel for the guy and his childhood, but if you go through your entire life and the people around you hate you for almost the same exact reason, you’re the problem.
    you can be the smartest person alive and the best player but it’s a team sport and he seems to be an absolute chore to be around.

    • Jared
      Jared Hour ago

      Baseball isn't a team sport. It's a collective sport for coaches and managers but the players are pretty much on their own.

  • Isaiah Hubert
    Isaiah Hubert Year ago +675

    The irony of Trevor’s story:
    Trevor: Starts as the biggest detractor of using sticky stuff.
    MLB: Does nothing.
    Trevor: If I used it I’d be the best pitcher in the league.
    MLB: Does nothing.
    Trevor: Shows everyone exactly how other pitchers are doing it.
    MLB: Does nothing.
    Trevor: Starts using sticky stuff, becomes the best and highest paid pitcher in baseball, and wins the Cy Young.
    MLB: Hang on a minute.

    • D H
      D H 4 months ago +24

      This. Spot on.

    • mjf2891
      mjf2891 4 months ago +11

      Basically Bonds 2.0

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton 4 months ago +3

      ​@mjf2891 Yeah I know, it only makes perfect sense.

    • mjf2891
      mjf2891 4 months ago +6

      @Arch Stanton you know there’s a lot of gold buried near you?

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton 4 months ago +1

      @mjf2891 Ya don't say...

  • Austin Dwyer
    Austin Dwyer 9 months ago +77

    with him being found not guilty on the charges, it seems crazy to me that he is essentially out of the league while Ozuna is still playing

    • Aidan Wendel
      Aidan Wendel 5 months ago

      Colin Deal that was years ago and like my comment said if you watch a momentum video you will see he’s a lot better and nicer person

  • dwatts64
    dwatts64 3 months ago +28

    Bauer never ended up charged. The cases were dropped with lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute. I hope he's back out there.

    • Riley Hashaw
      Riley Hashaw 2 months ago +2


    • Zak
      Zak 2 months ago +1

      He is playing in japan now

  • MAD Skills University | Learn, Grow & Help Others!

    On the one hand, I loved this guy, on the other hand (reminded me of Wild Thank). However, I did not know about the bullying. I wonder what his life was like with his dad, family? He is mentally unstable, very aggressive and oppressive. He really does need help, and I hope he is getting it. He grew up a real victim in a lot of ways.

  • YTSN
    YTSN 3 months ago +3

    Props to him for pushing through the bullying. I just quit playing, because I didn't want to dislike all of my teammates. Always stood up to bullies, but their parents would cry with them and try to get me banned.

    • Luceat Lux
      Luceat Lux 2 months ago +1

      I completely empathize with you in regards to those points in life where you have to decide to stay away from those people who you just don't WANT to keep disliking.
      For me, being forced to be around these types of individuals for too long turns me into someone I utterly dislike.
      One of the very few DEFINITE things I've learned in life in our era (over a TON of time) is that one of the worst behaviors spreading serious ugliness in society is the INITIATION of negative personal critical judgments... it often comes with mob-mindedness, ignorance, misunderstanding, unnuanced lack of thorough consideration or oversimplified rationales, pigeonholing, black-and-white thinking, etc.
      Hashing things out or discussing things is not what I'm talking about, btw. I'm talking about personal belittling; ego attacks on one end and ego exaltation on the other.
      Even though my opinion is often decided about many issues, with EVERY issue, I try my best to make sure that I understand the VALIDITY of each side and ESPECIALLY the center (a position between all decided avenues)... to understand the validity of the conflict, rather than going, "this whole dilemma is crazy because it's obvious that [whatever perspective] is the answer!"
      If anything, I try and live inside of all opinions for a small while. I'll often make an exercise of arguing for sides I disagree with to make sure I can understand things better.
      * Also, almost always, the most unusual individuals have a massive amount of something to offer in one way or another.
      way too long... sry

  • AssassinBRCP
    AssassinBRCP 4 months ago +16

    I’m happy to see him in Japan doing his thing I hope he’s happy there

    • IceKing
      IceKing 4 months ago

      same, hope to see him return to MLB someday

  • Elijah Lehman
    Elijah Lehman 2 years ago +5677

    “His freshmen year of highschool, he could only throw 78 mph”
    Me who’s a senior and still hasn’t broken 75 😭😂

    • John McBride
      John McBride 2 years ago +317

      My daughter's throws 48 she's 3

    • SkeleOn
      SkeleOn 2 years ago +514

      @John McBride my niece throws 49 and she’s just one

    • Kingof Grim
      Kingof Grim 2 years ago +663

      @SkeleOn my husbands cousins brothers fetus currently throws 51 from kicking the womb

    • Daniel Baum
      Daniel Baum 2 years ago +361

      My cat throws 256 mph

    • FlyingFrets
      FlyingFrets 2 years ago +205

      my fish throws 105 mph

  • R W
    R W 3 months ago +32

    Thank you MLB for dumping Trevor as we could welcome a very talented and hard-working guy like him in Japan.

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 4 months ago +22

    Love Bauer. Great pitcher and he stands up for himself in his own way. He does what he does and it's him against the world. Pitchers mound is the loneliest place in the world. That's why he thrives there

    • IceKing
      IceKing 4 months ago +1

      i love this, all very true

  • dreads_fishing_outdoors
    dreads_fishing_outdoors 4 months ago +7

    I'm not a baseball fan but this guy I'm definitely a fan of him. Society today if you dont conform to its "normal" then they shun you. Yet trevor can throw a baseball better then anyone..

  • Eric Kiyoshi Phillips
    Eric Kiyoshi Phillips 3 months ago +18

    If you just practice like this guy hard you don't have to be the most athletic. You learn in life its all about consistency

  • Braden Kauffman
    Braden Kauffman 2 years ago +557

    I can relate to him on the early parts of his life. The bullying just adds on and on, until the smallest things, can make you snap. I gets so bad that you can’t tell the difference if someone is being nice and giving you a compliment or if they are picking on you. The same thing with the school situation happens to me and some of my friends. You would go from elementary to middle, middle to high school, high school to college, and every where you go, you can’t escape it.

    • Clay
      Clay 2 years ago +65

      I've been there. Someone looks at you wrong and you're ready to go, but not because you are bad, but rather you've been beaten, ridiculed, mocked, and ostracized for years and years and years. To self-persevere, you can become extremely aggressive at even the slightest offense. I'm an older man and I still have to practice a lot of self-control if someone insults me in a bar or says something rude to me out on the street. This all stems from my k-12 experience. And I don't like the commentator of this video acting as if Trevor deserves to get bulled because "he was weird, eccentric, out of touch, and unathletic". Wow, so there's a justification of bullying someone who's a little different? Okay, that just gives the eccentric more ammunition to become more aggressive.

    • Chivalryaintdeadd
      Chivalryaintdeadd Year ago +1

      exactly bro

    • D Matthews
      D Matthews Year ago +14

      True. I was quiet and very sporadically bullied in high school, but the day to day anxiety that it could happen again was almost worse.

    • Chivalryaintdeadd
      Chivalryaintdeadd Year ago +7

      @D Matthews I don't get bullied anymore thankfully. But the anxiety is prominent and always there. It is so much worse than actually getting bullied.

  • IceKing
    IceKing 4 months ago +80

    honestly, anyone that bauer chirped at on twitter or on the field deserved it 100%. bregman, stroman, tatis lmfaooo. Grade A troll 100% this made me love bauer so much.

    • Daws. 💘
      Daws. 💘 Month ago

      Tatis only did what he did cause he was using steroids at the time 😂

  • Parker Austin
    Parker Austin 4 months ago +15

    There seems to be a common denominator in all his interactions with coaches and teammates. It’s also very telling that even though he was at the top of his game none of his teammates wanted him back.

    • PiitaaDerbez
      PiitaaDerbez 16 days ago

      yeah. I can't believe all the ultra positive comments I'm reading on this video. Sounds like he's not very pleasant to be around in the dugout, yet all these people are praising him. Although I've been watching him on that Momentum Clip-Share channel and he seems to be a pretty cool guy. I guess in an actual baseball setting he's a terrible person.

  • That Bean44
    That Bean44 5 months ago +119

    It’s a shame what the mlb did to this guy

  • Clyde Williams
    Clyde Williams 9 months ago +9

    Bro your story is one of the most real and inspiring baseball/life story’s I’ve ever heard. I’m a baseball lifer myself with 13 years of minor league exp so your story resonated with me on a personal level. While I’m definitely of the old school mentality as far as antics go but I truly believe what you do is warranted. The problem with baseball is summed up in your story. What you do is unique and real and rather than looking at what you do to at the very least to gain a new perspective and learn they twist the facts and push you out, I’d bet if I were to talk to your teammates I’d get a different story, well from most of them. Lol.
    Keep doing what you do my man, true passion and self belief are definitely the cornerstone and I’ve seen nothing but that in every video I’ve watched.

    • Jon Bonds Jovi
      Jon Bonds Jovi  9 months ago

      4:55 -- 5:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Adan
      Adan 9 months ago

      Yeah, its really aspiring to be spoiled and a bad teamate as Bauer

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago +22

    It's ok, he's pitching for a Japanese team. His contract is $4, 206,969.69 and he requested a team jersey number of 69, which I believe he didn't get.

    • exia 0616
      exia 0616 5 months ago +9

      Saw his video earlier, Bay Stars didnt allowed him jersey 69, but will use 96 instead

    • That guy
      That guy 4 months ago +1

      And now he's got that 8.40 ERA too🔥🔥🔥

    • Matt Bernacki
      Matt Bernacki 11 days ago

      ​@That guyI wonder what his ERA is now?

  • For Wakanda
    For Wakanda 2 years ago +581

    Man. Dude was bullied to such a great extent, he could have seriously snapped on people growing up. He's done maybe a few controversial things but hey, I don't think he's the worst player. He proved some of his unorthodox methods to work. The assault was the worst thing. Prior to that, he just seems like a guy that was teased and bullied a lot and dealt with a good amount of abuse.

    • Tony
      Tony Year ago +12

      @Save America Of course you are one of "those". Instead of typing you should be trying to make your family talk to you again since they all abandoned you after your drunken and incoherent rants during holidays together. AA meetings are a great way to get started! Best of luck with your struggle XD

  • Zulu Sierra
    Zulu Sierra 4 months ago +6

    What an interesting guy. I believe he has deep rooted issues that remained unresolved from his years of being bullied and dismissed. It would explain why he is always going against the grain, getting revenge against the whatever systems are in place because he can do it better without their help. The spin increase and his calling for regulation was ignored. In response he used that very thing to become better than everyone else. He's manipulative and destructive, but this isn't his fault anymore. He has become this through the traumatic experiences he had in life, ultimately mixed with a lethal cocktail of fame and money. He is responsible for his choices and actions, but he is capable of so much more. It's hard to say where he will be in the future of the league, but it's my honest hope he finds peace with his past so he can truly release his full potential.

    • Charlie Werchan
      Charlie Werchan 4 months ago

      Maybe instead of all your psych mumbo jumbo, just admit, the guys an incredible pitcher, extremely smart, and the last of a breed in this country, HE'S NOT A SHEEP or a follow the leader type. He' independent.

  • Anthony Jai
    Anthony Jai 5 months ago +8

    Kudos to the creator of this video. You stimulated both the logical side of my brain… and the dreamy side as well. Well done!

  • yoyoyo
    yoyoyo 2 months ago +9

    There are people who incorporate Trevor's routine into their practice. Shohei Ohtani is one such person.

    • Avacado?? Mango? Banana???
      Avacado?? Mango? Banana??? 2 months ago

      Cool doesn’t make him a redeemable person

    • UniverseNerd
      UniverseNerd Month ago +3

      ​@Avacado?? Mango? Banana???what did he do that was bad? I'm just curious. Are you mad he does stuff differently? Are you implying shohei ohtani is a terrible person as well?

  • Lester Combs
    Lester Combs 5 months ago +31

    Love the guy. He just marches to his own beat. Helluva pitcher

  • TonyB
    TonyB 5 months ago +191

    Assuming the assault allegations were false, this video made me a big fan. He was a super smart loner who got bullied. He put up with it and stuck to his grind. When the mlb wouldn't do anything about cheating, he decided to just stick it to them. All of these are positives to me. Now if those allegations are true, this all goes out the window, but as far as I'm aware, there's no hard evidence.

    • HurricaneGregor
      HurricaneGregor 5 months ago +32

      Agree with you there on everything. His YT channel is actually pretty interesting now, since he has been vlogging his journey to pitching in Japan.

    • TonyB
      TonyB 5 months ago +7

      Poppycock sorry I have a different opinion than you. And as I said, if the stuff is true that completely changes my view

    • JMac92430
      JMac92430 4 months ago +52

      Trevor has since released a video of the girl who has accusations against him, where she is taking a selfie video in bed with him smiling as he sleeps, the morning after the night he supposed assaulted her. No bruises on her face or anything. He countersued her too

    • yankees29
      yankees29 4 months ago +30

      @JMac92430 there are also text messages where she stated that she wanted to do it again and she enjoyed.

    • Fosun Chuuk
      Fosun Chuuk 4 months ago +6

      It was not a salt, it was me too. He is the victim here, which just makes him all the more easier to root for!!
      Justin roiland had the same thing happen to him recently, I'm starting to kind of hate women 😂😂 only in a joke sense, all my favorite people are women, my mother was a woman! 💀
      Sick of the nonsense though, I'm starting to roll my eyes at it as my gut reaction, instead of sympathy. Which I honestly hate, I wish it was different, but it's like the boy who cried wolf these hoes ain't got no direction & just want their 15 seconds of Fame and free money

  • PatrickWhatUp
    PatrickWhatUp 2 years ago +2285

    “Only” being able to throw 78mph as a freshman in high school is not slow. Many guys physically mature a lot after age 14. A 14-year old is basically a child.

    • Stewart J
      Stewart J 2 years ago +93

      Exactly. “Only”? Hell I thought I could throw a baseball hard, but even as a senior I couldn’t throw that hard. I was in the 75 range. But I wasn’t a pitcher and baseball wasn’t even my primary sport.

    • Andrew Arnold
      Andrew Arnold 2 years ago +143

      78 is quite fast for a 14 year old. It’s quite slow for a 14 year old future MLB star. I suspect that’s the difference, here.

    • Leonard Shevlin
      Leonard Shevlin 2 years ago +8

      Bauer turned 15 in January of 9th grade [ie before baseball season]. Virtually every boy has reached puberty by 15. But you are right that there's a lot of physical maturation after freshman year in most boys. Some have reached their adult height before beginning high school.

    • CyrusHub
      CyrusHub 2 years ago +4

      Exactly. A good goal for that age should be like 70

    • Slaughtered Amoeba
      Slaughtered Amoeba 2 years ago +7

      It's pretty average for anyone that takes being a pitcher seriously. It's definitely not slow for the average person

  • khure
    khure 6 months ago +281

    All charges against him have been dismissed. Dropped from the dodgers, not added to any other teams…. Almost makes you wonder if the MLB incentivized these women to file charges so the could give him the boot. All the headaches he caused them just makes you wonder if MLB did something illegal to get rid of him.

    • Fintan
      Fintan 5 months ago +29

      As a complete outsider that is the impression i got, especially since one of the women dropped the restraining order and charges but continued talking with mlb investigators. Alsp got the impression he is on the autism spectrum, which explains a lot of his behaviors that people see as weird or obsessive.

    • Gman5-0
      Gman5-0 5 months ago +13

      Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead. MLB didn’t run this guy out of the game. Too many people would have to be in league- including the players’ association. Not in a million years

    • Fintan
      Fintan 5 months ago +5

      @Gman5-0 i dont think what you said makes as much sense as you think it does. Especially the naive assumption people “cant keep a secret” in the world of non disclosure agreements and big pay offs. Wont say its not possible he did everything claimed, but its very questionable to drop charges but then continue to talk with MLB.
      Also, as I mentioned im an outsider to the baseball world so i dont have bias for players or teams. In this video it shows pretty clearly he was seen as difficult, and his team management were not shy about their feelings. This matters, as theres history of the team management and MLB having issues with him. If there wasnt that history and the alleged victim didn’t drop charges while maintaIning contact with MLB I would not be questioning it.

    • Gman5-0
      Gman5-0 5 months ago +4

      @Fintan end of the day the MLBPA - the most powerful sports union in the world - isn’t going to sit idly by and watch a member of their fraternity get railroaded by bad actors inside MLB who are in league with one another to run him out of the game . Anyone who thinks so is naive - NDAs and ‘big money pay offs ‘ notwithstanding

  • edward mylnychuk
    edward mylnychuk 11 months ago +1

    as someone who played sports when younger, i have observed how coach's ruin peoples careers by putting them in positions they are not suited for instead letting them play
    where they are good at or best suited at. if someone is having success doing their own thing leave them alone instead of trying to mold them into something they are not.
    there comes a time when even one size pantyhose does not fit everone.

  • Joshx022
    Joshx022 9 months ago +85

    He's brutally honest and eccentric. I've failed in most aspects of life being the same way. The world is run on lies kid. Just take yours and call them out later lol

    • Jon Bonds Jovi
      Jon Bonds Jovi  9 months ago +2

      4:55 -- 5:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Phillip Buechner
    Phillip Buechner 11 months ago +6

    I'd seen a couple of the Bauer vids that were about him cheating but that was it. He is absolutely an iconoclast. I want to be fair here. What if he is what he appears to be? An amazing genius? An incredibly creative baseball mind? If he were an artist, an actor, a politician, this kind of behavior would be accepted and almost expected. Baseball is a team sport, and if you played it at any level for more than one season you already know there's no I in TEAM. Baseball has had unusual characters by the score over its life. Think back to Mark Fidrych, Al Hrabosky, Mike Marshall, and so many names that would almost make a small town phone book. I'm willing to admit that what I've already seen about Bauer had me choosing this video because I disliked him. He was making a mockery of my game. If he's been violent with anyone that's a whole different story. Violent people get locked up. Just usually not violent millionaires. But if we're strictly talking baseball here.......he's no team player, but his statistics over the last couple of years are impressive. Baseball has been a home and haven to many fine men. Roberto Clemente comes to mind immediately. A true Hall of Famer that got there without having to be a designated hitter, and a man that gave his life for others. Maybe on the cosmic scales of who's nice and great you just have to have a Bauer, who's just great at baseball and appears at least to have terrible people skills. I'm just saying......we put up with this from actors. Why not a baseball player that won his sport version of the Academy Award last time around

  • scratchcratch
    scratchcratch 3 months ago +1

    What a legend! Do your thing, Sir. Screw the world.

  • MerfishSandwich
    MerfishSandwich Year ago +773

    As someone who was bullied heavily as a kid I can see there's a few outcomes of that sort of situation. And one of them is people become complete antisocial assholes like Bauer.

    • JL
      JL Year ago +57

      That’s what i thought. The bullying made him an asshole so in college - he probably
      Still felt like the victim but he was actually
      The problem by that point

    • Repent Sinner
      Repent Sinner Year ago +16

      As an 80s/90s kid, if you got bullied, you brought it on yourself

    • MerfishSandwich
      MerfishSandwich Year ago +168

      @Repent Sinner no, no one who was ever bullied brought it on themselves. If you believe that you are the bully.

  • ZEB
    ZEB Month ago +2

    So the coaches let the team bully him unmercifully. It turns out he knew more about pitching than the coaches.

  • Thierran Tavakoli
    Thierran Tavakoli 7 months ago +124

    Dude reminds me of MJ with the desire and attitude to succeed, the difference is that MJs mentality is celebrated and Bauers resulted in him being bullied.
    The more I learn about baseball, the more I dislike the culture around the game

    • Donkeysaurus Rex
      Donkeysaurus Rex 6 months ago +22

      This dude sounds like the most interesting thing to happen in baseball in forever, and the only way the public could have heard of him was this Clip-Share video years after the fact.

    • Leeartlee
      Leeartlee 6 months ago +3

      Except MJ had freakishly big hands, a vertical leap to die for, and a solid frame.

    • Jenny Anydots
      Jenny Anydots 6 months ago +9

      @Donkeysaurus Rex You think REAL baseball fans didn't know what Trevor was doing? He's purposely made it very public from the beginning, he's gone out of his way to make sure the public knew/knows about it. You aren't a real baseball fan if this is complete news to you. By the way, it worked... between him and Josh Donaldson among others, they have gotten MLB to crack down on the super sticky materials that were being used. Spin rate is now back to normal, for the most part.

    • Donkeysaurus Rex
      Donkeysaurus Rex 6 months ago

      @Jenny Anydots I’d never heard of him until I saw this video. Baseball should stop preaching to choir

  • Bob Say G
    Bob Say G 2 months ago +2

    He is enjoying his time in Japan now and Japanese fans are loving him.

  • Cat With A Hat
    Cat With A Hat 3 months ago +1

    I had a kid on my team while i was in middleschool who got held back so he couldn't play on the freshman team and he still has the greatest stats in city history for a season. Dude gave up 22 hits all season and no runs.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 3 months ago +2

    I think the funniest thing is that this year the dodgers are still paying him 20+ million dollars and he is in Japan playing baseball on a 4 million dollar contract, so not only is he still getting paid but he is still playing baseball and making 4 million more than he would in the mlb..

  • Tenn Titan
    Tenn Titan 2 years ago +857

    I mean, I don’t like the guy, but I want to make sure he’s treated right in the legal aspects of his controversy. If he’s truly innocent, then great, if he’s truly guilty, then punish him accordingly. People need to make sure they don’t let their dislike for him unfairly incriminate him if it didn’t happen like they claim

    • TrueYankeeFan
      TrueYankeeFan Year ago +35

      @Jamie Zero That's the thing about Cancel Culture. Anyway, I'm gonna go reread The Crucible.

    • Paul Weeldreyer
      Paul Weeldreyer Year ago +36

      Exactly. It doesn't seem like the sexual assault accusations are legit. The judge even denied the restraining order in the 2nd accusation, and the first accuser was never able to get police or the DA to bring charges, despite the statute of limitations being open 🤔

    • Ken Waid
      Ken Waid Year ago +40

      Well that’s the way it is all the women have to do is accuse a man they don’t even need any proof none whatsoever and the guy’s life is ruined. I hope he’s wisely invested the money he’s gotten. the problem with major league baseball is they’re stuck in the 1800s. anything new or innovative immediately gets shit on. look at the guy who did Moneyball with the Oakland A’s. Now everybody else is using metrics to the point where some truly awful players are rigging their own metrics to make sure that they get ridiculous contracts for how untalented they really are.

    • Mike Morrison
      Mike Morrison Year ago +5

      Awesome! Someone on Clip-Share who is able to use a bit of actual formal logic. Thank you!

  • x0sand1sx
    x0sand1sx 9 months ago +2

    To be fair, doing the one eye close thing and telling the pitch was because he and Jose Ramirez were friends and he did that because they are buddies. Also, he plays around like that but the other stuff is crazy

  • Licenciado EvilStick

    As someone who was bullied, knowing I grew up enough not to act like him makes me hate myself a little less.

    • Captainish
      Captainish 11 months ago

      He makes your lifetime earnings in a season, wouldn't be too prideful here. Capitalism favors the worst of us.

    • Licenciado EvilStick
      Licenciado EvilStick 11 months ago +1

      @CaptainishRegarding that first line... Should I reiterate that I hate myself? Still... dignity is not for sale... seeing the glass half full.

    • ChelseaKTBFFH1905
      ChelseaKTBFFH1905 9 months ago +1

      Bro u should not hate urself , gotta stop that negative self talk !!

  • Kangaroo Smash
    Kangaroo Smash 6 months ago +5

    Real shame that someone with his determination and drive to always be better has gone down like this.

  • Hugh Monte
    Hugh Monte Month ago +1

    This channel is so awesome for us sports lovers. Live for ever bruh keep creating! ❤😊

  • Mike Henry
    Mike Henry 5 months ago +4

    dude was only trying to get better and better and people would mock him and make fun of him. sad world, he had his way of getting better and felt in his heart it was the right way... but got made fun of

  • Nobody Nobody
    Nobody Nobody Year ago +559

    He had his own exercise routine and tool for achieving pitching success. If I were the coach, I would not obstruct that...as long as no one was hurt in the process. Those that were angry at him because he didn't the line...their line...then it's an issue of CONTROL over him. So he's eccentric...let him be eccentric...as long as no one gets hurt including himself. Just let him lose and let the team win.

    • G. Williams
      G. Williams Year ago +15

      If his one of a kind training regiment works, why would you stop him from doing it?

    • Mr.DoctorCaptain
      Mr.DoctorCaptain Year ago +44

      @G. Williams my college football coach did that to me. We had a really shitty strength and conditioning coach, so i did his workouts and my own on top of it. After six months, when the entire team had to re-test their max outs (yeah that's right, we tested our one rep maxes at the start of off season and then again a week before the season started. Like I said, we had a shit S&C coach), I was the only person on the entire team who saw more than a 5% increase in his max out (30%). Coach pulled me aside and told me if I ever trained without the team again, I was off the team.
      My success doing my own thing made the coaching staff look bad because I saw better success than their other players. They hated that.

    • Main07vega
      Main07vega 11 months ago +5

      Sounds a lot like when they used to mock pitchers who threw funny (submarine pitching or whatever it's called)

    • Ad Astra
      Ad Astra 10 months ago +2

      @Mr.DoctorCaptain I wonder how it played out in a long run.

  • ミゲルルイス
    ミゲルルイス 4 months ago +5

    We welcome you Trevor to NPB Japan. You surely deserve playing in MLB and you desire it, but they don't allow it. Do what you want to do as a bb player in Japan and show your strength to NPB players. And I love your VLOG.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 5 months ago +6

    Is US loss and a win for japan to get him i guess. I seen some of his video's in japan. The fans there loved him and everywhere he goes, baseball fans recognize him and want a picture. I think he will greatly enjoy his stay in japan and cultivate a fan base there.

  • Elpoke382
    Elpoke382 11 months ago +20

    Too me the guy is a revolutionary pitcher. Those unorthodox training methods are game changer.

    • Randy Richardson
      Randy Richardson 9 months ago +2

      If he was a revolutionary pitcher, he would have had more than 1 good season which he was cheating the whole season

  • Crushed Scouter
    Crushed Scouter 2 months ago +2

    Trevor is awesome. He made MLB look dumb so they blackballed him.

  • Frikk
    Frikk 5 months ago +72

    Trevor exposed the league and they black balled him out of the league. This guy has star power level entertainment and his game was damn good too. MLB needs characters like this. These bland, vanilla personalities suck.

    • Gabriel Greff
      Gabriel Greff 4 months ago

      what did he exposed?

    • lil big
      lil big 4 months ago +12

      @Gabriel Greff how to tell if pitchers are cheating. He showed what cheating looks like. Talked about the “science” behind pitchers using sticky substances. Talked about it all openly and did it all openly.

  • Jayit
    Jayit Year ago +106

    In 2020 he did something that so many more players should do and I'm surprised haven't, but that's vlog his life as an MLB. It was such a fascinating insight into the behind the scenes of a player and really cool to see some of the players on the Reds humanized like they're just some dudes were hanging out with.
    All the controversy aside, I can deeply respect that aspect of Bauer and hope we can see some more content like that in the league.

    • R L Ross
      R L Ross Year ago +1

      loool....yes the tears need to flow for this poor 6'1 205 lb victim. Isnt it funny how all these difficult, self-centered pieces of work, always have their victim card ?

    • Z
      Z Year ago +18

      @R L Ross proven innocent. Cry about it.

    • Neptune
      Neptune Year ago +15

      @R L Ross gonna go with @Z on this one. you can't believe everything you hear, and in a league based in the United States, they also need to respect "innocent until proven guilty". Their punishment was unfair, as they have not proven he has committed a crime.
      Sincerely, Cry about it.

    • Ryne Andal
      Ryne Andal Year ago

      @Neptune presumption of innocence doesn’t apply to private corporations. It’s only applicable to law enforcement.

    • Neptune
      Neptune Year ago +11

      @Ryne Andal yes, but it's still unfair that they punished him with solely an allegation, without actual proof.

  • Tim Heinrich
    Tim Heinrich 4 months ago +1

    Telling the batter what pitch is coming is such a GOAT move.

  • Donkeysaurus Rex
    Donkeysaurus Rex 6 months ago +1

    What I’m taking away from this was if I had used a shoulder pole I not only could have been a real high school athlete but also a MLB baseball player.

  • Michael Lin
    Michael Lin 2 months ago +1

    I remembered when he’s playing for Cleveland’s, in one of the ALDS, his hand was bleeding in the middle of the game because he’s playing with drone and cut his fingers, he left the game shortly after but I go like…dude 😅

  • Roger Thomsen
    Roger Thomsen Year ago +19

    He proved every teammate, classmate and coach were wrong. If they’d embraced him everyone could have learned

  • John G
    John G 2 months ago +1

    Big fan of this guy. Gotta love the underdog who is a beast on the field...

  • Cade O.
    Cade O. Year ago +2276

    Honestly you can’t even be surprised that Bauer acts the way he does. He grew up bullied by kids and adults who always told him he was nothing and worthless. That shit stays with you.

    • Sports Trap
      Sports Trap Year ago +95

      That’s not an excuse for Abuse tho

    • Cade O.
      Cade O. Year ago +169

      @Sports Trap I was more or less talking about his childish and immature acts and his confrontational demeanor and general dislike of people. Most of that stems from being bullied by his peers and coaches throughout his life, and for THAT, I don’t blame him.
      Obviously none of that is an excuse to abuse people in any way. Abusers are human trash and deserve to be treated as such. But it’s also worth noting that where the case stands right now, no charges have been filed and it hasn’t gone to court. His accuser claims he physically and sexually abused her and Bauer claims it was consensual rough sex. Who’s lying? We will probably never know.

    • NüPat2112
      NüPat2112 Year ago +44

      Say it again… people want people like Bauer to just have amnesia and forget everything that happened. The people in his adult life that gave him shit and would talk shit about him, would remind him of the abuse he suffered earlier on. Which would make him shut down and ignore them harder, which would piss them off…crazy cycle.

    • Chn23  Chn23
      Chn23 Chn23  Year ago +6

      @Cade O. ehh seems like he’s trolling at some points and other times takes no bs or aggression towards him small or big or in between as for the abuse guess she didn’t think her case would workout or she was lying the story is fuzzy and leans towards Trevor tbh as it could’ve stopped at any point it’s complicated but since he wasn’t charged can’t say much about possible abuse with lack of evidence and or case

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 10 months ago +8

    This is nothing more than a hit piece on his character. Giving the most recent evidence on his ban will prove it. As far as the mlb taking anything seriously well they should start within the office. Its frustrating being bullied by an employer and made the odd one out as well as the scapegoat for everything illegal and controversial the mlb allows and does. But making someone the example is a very telling sign that there are darker things at play within the organization.

  • RwR
    RwR 6 months ago +24

    You know, after he left the league, and started Momentum, Trevor has really chilled out.

  • Zorloc
    Zorloc 5 months ago +12

    our man literally said 'fuck your drama' and went to play in japan lmao.

  • straycatnip
    straycatnip Month ago +1

    2023 Dodgers paid him remainder of contract. He now plays in Japan. Love how he gave everyone the middle finger while outsmarting all of them.

  • TheHitKing4256
    TheHitKing4256 3 months ago

    We would love to have him back in Cincinnati anytime. The only Cy Young award winning pitcher we’ve ever had. Think of that!

  • JKoponen
    JKoponen Year ago +1141

    "Will you make people stop cheating?"
    "Alright, then I'm just going to openly use the method of cheating and tell anyone and everyone"

    • sourlemon
      sourlemon Year ago +104

      thats the only way he could get mlb to do something about it

    • William Morey-Baker
      William Morey-Baker Year ago +30


    • TheClassiestFox
      TheClassiestFox Year ago +4

      Should just let them use sticky stuff

    • DB
      DB 10 months ago +1

      @TheClassiestFox it would ruin the game

  • razor
    razor 11 months ago +1

    Honestly, I feel he should be able to come back. I get the negative media that will come with it but he really is a good pitcher and if *assuming he doesn’t get found guilty of these allegations* he gets blackballed from the league, they would be doing a disservice to the fans of the sport. Obviously this is just my opinion, but Bauer was one of my favorite pitchers to watch.

    • Hunch0 Hussein
      Hunch0 Hussein 2 months ago

      why would you bring a cancer back to the locker room it’s not like he’s corbin burnes or otani

    • razor
      razor 2 months ago

      @Hunch0 Hussein imagine commenting on a comment from 8 months ago. Find something better to do than comment on old comments from a video from months ago.

  • cliff cox
    cliff cox 11 months ago +61

    I actually admire that he went against the odds and did it his way. That's focus.

    • IceKing
      IceKing 4 months ago

      he was a man with a mission and wasn't going to let anyone stand in his way. super respectable

  • Jon Via
    Jon Via 5 months ago +6

    The old saying goes "If you're catching hate for it, you're doing something right."- M. Night Shamalan
    - Michael Scott

  • Randoir
    Randoir 11 months ago +1

    I think I like this guy . Is he quirky ? Yes . Is he eccentric? Yes. Does he march to his own beat ? Yes . Does he do things different? Yes . Can he throw a baseball and win games for team ? Yes. As long as you can set parameters to his perceived bad behaviors while in a team environment, I wouldn't have a problem with the guy . Ray Rice killed someone and the NFL let him play FFS!!!!

  • Brice Fleckenstein
    Brice Fleckenstein 3 months ago

    Number 2 at most - to Pete Rose, who DID earn a lifetime ban from Baseball.
    Pete and his ban have been controversial for DECADES, as he's the lifetime hits leader and would be in the Baseball Hall of Fame if it was NOT for the ban from the sport.

  • john-carlos ynostroza
    john-carlos ynostroza 2 years ago +138

    I feel almost certain that he will play in the major leagues again. Someone's going to take a chance on him because he's no more crazy than the top few other guys in various major sports that have been distractions like this. Even though he seems to be making a mess of things there aren't many guys who can do what he can do so . . . Fantastic video and what a story!

    • The Thomahawk
      The Thomahawk 2 years ago +23

      Yup, unless he's convicted of a crime for this which I highly, highly doubt, he'll pitch again. I still think it was consensual but went too far, which if I were him I'd have settled immediately tbh. The one from 2019 the texts he's released pretty much prove that chick is crazy.

    • K2 Mally
      K2 Mally 2 years ago +19

      An NFL executive once said if Hannibal Lector ran a 4.2 40 yard dash, they would just say he had an eating disorder.
      If Bauer can settle and get this case behind him, a team I think would take the risk.

    • Fromulus
      Fromulus 2 years ago +21

      Angel Vollant to the best of our knowledge, scherzer doesn't get off on beating the absolute shit out of women, so it's different. Most other players don't want to associate with that, doesn't matter how good he is. Dude's fucked.

    • Ceejay Reyes
      Ceejay Reyes 2 years ago +4

      We at angels are willing to take him in 😂

  • Anthony Tammaro
    Anthony Tammaro 11 months ago +5

    “Other people who Bauer has beef with us the ENTIRE ASTROS ROSTER” made me giggle. 😂😂😂

  • Ralph Tiff
    Ralph Tiff 11 months ago +4

    It's been 20 years since I cared about baseball so I don't know this guy well enough to have an opinion on him individually. But if he has only faced civil action which found in his favor there isn't much grounds for breach. Not that that guarantees his future, but if they do try to break that contract they have high odds of being his next court victory.

  • Jon Fox
    Jon Fox 4 months ago +4

    I've been watching his youtube videos and his time in Japan has been interesting. He comes across as a decent guy and always seems to have time for his fans. It's unfortunate the dodgers and mlb were so quick to throw him under the bus when the sexual abuse allegations were made against him, for anyone curious a 3rd party arbitrator decided there was nothing to substantiate the allegations and no charges were filed.
    Like many have pointed out, it's interesting to see how he was mocked for his odd ways of training and approaching the game, and now after sometime his ways are being effectively utilized by others. Science is not a democracy or a general consensus, *cough* Neil DeGrasse Tyson. There's a right and wrong.

  • Da Jose show
    Da Jose show Month ago +1

    it’s crazy he makes videos with momentum often like all this stuff did not happen

  • Schroeder Iceman
    Schroeder Iceman 2 years ago +1614

    You should do one on Brandon Martin: Tampa’s 1st round pick who murdered his father, uncle, and bystander. His life is a wild story

    • ThA MAN C MAcK
      ThA MAN C MAcK 2 years ago +5

      What ?!?!
      Damn Son
      Yes He should
      Great recommendation

    • Grimm Reaper
      Grimm Reaper 2 years ago +14

      Dang, how young are they drafting players now? He murdered his baby sitter?

  • David Hobbs
    David Hobbs 9 months ago +14

    So he was never charged criminally for lack of evidence and successfully defended himself in civil matters arising from the allegations. So why is he still suspended?

    • IceKing
      IceKing 4 months ago +3

      MLB did him so dirty

    • BottomFragger
      BottomFragger 3 months ago +1

      Because hes willing to call them out on their shit so when that happened they had an excuse to get rid of him

  • a dog
    a dog 4 months ago

    Dude, a freshman throwing 78mph is basically guaranteed a spot in the minors lmao... I think you meant in College. I was an all-state pitcher, and I threw mid-70's as an underclassman, if I remember. Don't remember hitting anything in the 80's until I was 16+.

  • Chris
    Chris 21 day ago +1

    LOVE Bauer!!! One of my all time fav players.

  • Christopher Hasch
    Christopher Hasch 11 months ago +2

    If he is allowed to play would love to see him in the Tigers lineup, he got the DETROIT mentality for sure

  • Tae Hoon Yang
    Tae Hoon Yang 6 months ago +3

    I got so sad when I heard all of the stories of him getting bullied :(

  • Gregory Colicchio
    Gregory Colicchio Year ago +249

    THANK YOU a Thousand times for this explanation. I can definitely understand now how some teammates and coaches didn’t like Trevor but speaking as a fan of the Indians during his time in Cleveland I can say we loved Trevor and were sorry to see him go though I understand why

    • Industrial Pallet Worx
      Industrial Pallet Worx 11 months ago +7

      In my own personal opinion THIS is the problem with baseball. The old adage of this is how we always did it sticks in the MLB. Anything considered taboo is off limits. I can't stand the "unspoken rules". If they aren't in the rule book that you can't do it FU then. That's my opinion. MLB has a viewership problem and the sooner they realize people don't care about their ridiculous BS the faster they can solve the problem. Just like the hall of fame and election to it. To try to impress a bunch of writers that never played the game at the professional ranks enough to get their vote. Well that's preposterous. Considering the hit king AND the homerun king aren't in the hall is blasphemy. For these reasons I don't really watch baseball and I really won't. Baseball needs to change and until it does it will just be the same old boring game. It's irritating considering I loved to play baseball when I was a kid. Those teammates and coaches in Cleveland and every other stop that gave him a hard time will one day regret it. Definition of an idiot doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different outcome. Those players that struggle to stick will just tell themselves eventually I guess I just don't have the talent, instead of finding a way to make yourself better and out work the other guys.

    • TheLegendBroly SS
      TheLegendBroly SS 11 months ago +12

      Sounds more like to me others bullied him for being different.

    • Industrial Pallet Worx
      Industrial Pallet Worx 11 months ago +3

      @TheLegendBroly SS I would agree with you on that. He was thinking differently and doing it his own way. That goes against conventional wisdom and cuts across the grain. For that he was bullied.

    • Saber
      Saber 10 months ago +5

      @TheLegendBroly SS he was probably mostly bullied for not taking advice from anyone and having a giant ego. Not listening to pitching coaches in college or mlb is pretty wild.

    • Jon Bonds Jovi
      Jon Bonds Jovi  9 months ago +1

      4:55 -- 5:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ballin4Vengeance
    Ballin4Vengeance 4 months ago

    Bauer currently plays in Japan for Yokohama Baystars and documents his journey on a 600k sub YT channel.
    After being denied the number 69 when negotiating with Yokohama, he chose to wear 96.

  • ꧁. T DOLLA ꧂
    ꧁. T DOLLA ꧂ 6 months ago +5

    lol I cannot stop laughing about these various warm up rituals including getting a running start and throwing a fast ball as hard as he can at his catcher haha

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown 3 months ago

      I just watched him pitch a game in Japan and he is still warming up in the same way

  • P.ipebomb
    P.ipebomb 5 months ago +2

    Feels like the women who accused him are also holding back. Like they know he's a solid guy. Sucks that people can't understand his way of thinking, but then again it's hard when a person reacts difficult to constructive criticism.

  • John Akers
    John Akers Year ago

    Fair number of other comments have said it... its definitely a mix of things, but one ingredient is bullying at a young age. This video has 5 million views at the time of me writing this (its a great video), but hopefully a little bit of a lesson is learned, particularly if you're a high schooler, or parent.
    Some kids adapt, ignore, learn to cope with bullying. Others don't. It turns them into "screw everyone, I don't need help", super abrasive types. We've all met someone like that from family, school, work, or just life. They're hard to talk to because their view of things is way different. They have short fuses, big tempers, and are never good enough, in their view. Throw in solitude on the internet, particularly in the last decade, and well... you see the result.

    • NeonFroot
      NeonFroot 11 months ago

      It's the main factor of the alt right.

  • Brandon Baptista
    Brandon Baptista 6 months ago +6

    The treatment of Trevor Bauer for consensual sex is astonishing.. they literally agreed to the type of sex and the extent of it so he’s being punished for his sexual preferences. In a time of sex positivity it’s baffling.

    • IceKing
      IceKing 4 months ago

      yup it's a shame that innoncent until proven guilty doesn't apply in this age. accusations are made and that person can be scared for life despite what the court says.