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How strong is a CARBON FIBER smartphone?! - Durability Test!


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    BEASTMODE_404 Year ago +3938

    I’m just happy the carbon fiber didn’t sound like aluminum when he scratched it 😅

    • Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
      Mohamed Yasin Arakkal 4 months ago

      @Zoink it’s not that bad

    • YouTube Sans
      YouTube Sans 10 months ago

      is JerryRigEveything own the dbrand Company???

    • Team Babylon 3370
      Team Babylon 3370 Year ago

      @Zoink The metal part scratching is the best lmao 🤣

    • TheKittenGamer__
      TheKittenGamer__ Year ago +1

      All y'all guys skipping or muting it I hate that sound but I have never skipped or muted it even tho I have heard it 100 times from his videos

    • Jack Drover
      Jack Drover Year ago

      Ikr it’s painful when he’s doing durability tests on the apples

  • AnonGinger
    AnonGinger Year ago +45

    I work with carbon fiber every day, I make complete carbon fiber rims for a living. What carbon one is using for their carbon fiber is just the aesthetically pleasing kind which offers no real structural integrity. I knew as soon as you opened the phone you were going to snap it like a twig.

  • Defensive Wounds
    Defensive Wounds Year ago +86

    I like how modular it was to disassemble! The battery in one easy piece and the motherboard assembly in one solid piece too! No overlapping flat cables with tiny lego clips all tangled and overlapped like spaghetti such as most other brands have!

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 5 months ago +1

      I used carbon fibre official oneplus, it lasted for 2 years before breaking apart, unusable. Im using Ringke clear plastic case for 1 year, its invincible. South Korean company.

    • Einstein Ibraheem
      Einstein Ibraheem Year ago +1

      ofcourse they wouldn't want their device to be repair-friendly

  • ranko bakker
    ranko bakker Year ago +35

    Funny, I have one of these Carbon 1 MKII phones and I must say it was spooky the first few weeks (often thought I forgot my phone due to its lightness and it sitting almost unnoticable in my pocket). After you get used to it, I must say I really like the phone. Unlike in the video, I haven't had sporadic shutdowns.. I did notice the battery discharges quicker than I used to have in other phones, but I don't find this disturbing.. (Admitedly I haven't put my phone through the same amount of abuse as Jerry, but it survived some shocks here and there😅). Also the fact that stock Android is running on it, for me, is a huge plus.. No sluggishness from bloatware like Samsung often shoves down your throat.. All in all, very happy with this phone tbh

    • Sesto Elemento
      Sesto Elemento Month ago

      @Fyn KozariUmm, most phone cases you see are actually made out of aramid, which is a fabric material that looks like carbon fiber but less durable, and it has no impact on connection to signals.

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 5 months ago

      So if carbon fibre is an insulator, blocking signal, why did they make cases out of it? Am I crazy?

    • Rose
      Rose 6 months ago +2

      I'm looking at buying one of these phones refurbished, would you still recommend it a year or so later? And were you able to find a protective case? I'm disabled and drop my phone fairly often.

  • Christy Roys
    Christy Roys Year ago +250

    Is it just me who thought "yep! It'll crack in half" the moment I saw the device.
    Sooo satisfying to watch it break 🤣.

    • Mohammed SakiL
      Mohammed SakiL 10 months ago


    • Trevor Beatz
      Trevor Beatz Year ago


    • Zynth
      Zynth Year ago +7

      Reminded me a bit of the Robin and the Mi 5. Those snapped in half spectacularly.

  • calum robinson
    calum robinson Year ago +501

    Considering most people drop their phones, the shock resistance plus lighter weight of carbon fibre would make it very durable against drops I would sacrifice the bend resistance for a more drop proof phone personally

    • Sesto Elemento
      Sesto Elemento Month ago

      @Wesley DearmanIt’s not plastic actually it’s also carbon fiber just in a UD layout.

      SHA THAAN 4 months ago

      I would just get a good phone and put a case on it

    • Farhan Khan
      Farhan Khan 4 months ago

      it’s trash in like every other way

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 5 months ago

      I have used Oneplus 5T for almost 4 years, I dont remember dropping it ever. A few times fell down from bed, and desk accidentally. Some people take very good care of their stuff.

    • The Amish
      The Amish 6 months ago

      @Paul Hojda I have never thought of plastic as soft

  • Samuel Mayieka
    Samuel Mayieka Year ago +28

    What a blessing. A teardown and durability test. Thank you!

    • Demetre
      Demetre Year ago

      usually they are 2 separate vids

  • The Tech Geeks
    The Tech Geeks Year ago +126

    Teacher:What is glass?
    Zack:Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

    • LimeTime42
      LimeTime42 Year ago +3

      teacher: listen here you little s**t

    • george joseph
      george joseph Year ago +10

      Nope he will like glass is glass and glass can break

  • Faris Hanafiah
    Faris Hanafiah Year ago +3

    Thank God to see someone like you covering this phone. I'm always up for niché and unpopular smartphones, so this is definitely a breath of fresh air.
    About the phone itself, I do hope that the Mk3 version of Carbon 1 will have a much better camera hardware with a wide/ultrawide setup and a Snapdragon chipset. At least 730G or even the 860 is sufficient enough, I'm not that interested with 5G support since there is still isn't one anyway.

  • Sumrise
    Sumrise Year ago +7

    9:00 Keep in mind that it runs on 3.85 Volts, so if you calculate with standard voltage of 3.7V it is not so much off 3000mAh

  • StingrayC267
    StingrayC267 Year ago +1048

    This material covers the entire body of Jerry's vehicle.

    • Furious321
      Furious321 Year ago

      @Ghostwalker CIA And how people call Felix "X".

    • Jaime Manlapaz
      Jaime Manlapaz Year ago

      @PROXYhx sometimes he refers to himself as Jerry

    • Megii
      Megii Year ago

      @Adam J Smith it's a term, but his grandfather's name was also Jerry, he has said this in his previous videos

    • Adam J Smith
      Adam J Smith Year ago +1

      @Jack Black JerryRig is a term, not a name.

    • Ghostwalker CIA
      Ghostwalker CIA Year ago +3

      @Jack Black Like how people call Felix pewdiepie

  • Benjamin Harrah
    Benjamin Harrah Year ago +4

    I hope nobody is sitting on their phone vertically. Your dry humor gets me through my days. Love it 😊

  • SimplyCOD
    SimplyCOD Year ago +174

    Jerry: "So in front of us today we have something we have never seen before"
    Me: OMG its jerry himself this time!

  • Alan V
    Alan V Year ago +550

    Picks up a human and starts bending it
    AI Robot: It seems like the human did not officially pass my durability test

    • Heavy0331
      Heavy0331 5 months ago

      @Alejandro Pérez you must be 10 💀

    • studentviewsnelson
      studentviewsnelson 11 months ago

      @Alan V I'm pretty sure Bender bent Professor Farnsworth that one time...

    • Shadow - The Truth
      Shadow - The Truth Year ago

      @Alejandro Pérez Calm Down kid

    • Alejandro Pérez
      Alejandro Pérez Year ago

      @Sky your mom's throat knows how to calm me down.

    • Sky
      Sky Year ago

      @Alejandro Pérez it's okay you can calm down everything is going to be okay

  • Dinesh Babu
    Dinesh Babu Year ago +44

    He removes the phone from the box with his knife only! Pure Jerry's style!🤣🤣

  • Sleepy4989
    Sleepy4989 Year ago +1721

    "i do hope nobody sits on their phone vertically" -jerryrigeverything 2021

    • Sky
      Sky Year ago

      Dammit ruined my evening plans 😒

    • Faris Hanafiah
      Faris Hanafiah Year ago +1

      @Nothing Lol, go check Carbon Mobile website. There are quite a lot of user reviews left there.

    • N.Kumar
      N.Kumar Year ago

      The prison phone : nervous laughter

    • E T H E A R N O S
      E T H E A R N O S  Year ago +1

      @PROXYhx ik its dum

    • FAT
      FAT Year ago +1

      @White Star Line socialist democracy or republican democracy

  • Josephus Aquila
    Josephus Aquila Year ago +18

    I am truly convinced that Jerry's hand and palms has a Mohs hardness scale of 10 with all the ruggedness and abuse his hand had gone through.

  • Lohatrons
    Lohatrons Year ago +9

    At this point Zack should trademark the phrase "scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7"

  • Sky
    Sky Year ago

    I miss having cameras in the bezels of my phone it honestly looks nicer than a notch

  • ToHellwithyourcensorship

    Jerry truly is an exceptionally sharp tech fan, the tech community has benefited greatly from his channel.

  • n!k
    n!k Year ago +3

    Can we appreciate how easily the battery came out.

  • Bikerphone unlocker

    Hola Jerry saludos desde Ecuador 🇪🇨 me gustaría ver que haga esas pruebas con el Xiaomi 11 ultra

  • Driftprincess_z
    Driftprincess_z Year ago

    So I recently found out that a really super thin feeler gauge is an awesome was to remove the glue from glass phone panels. especially around the rounded galaxy corners.

  • Francesco Bartolini
    Francesco Bartolini Year ago +1

    it's impossible or too costy to cast a full back case in carbon, so they use edge plastic corner and this is the results.
    instead of plastic they could use metal for the corner, there's no weight problem here.
    thank you zack for your videos.

  • Premium Boi
    Premium Boi Year ago +1486

    Jerry: take case off
    The same sticker under it: “Hello there“

    • Ash's Lounge
      Ash's Lounge Year ago

      @Noah Callahan happens to me a lot of time it feels really strange. Usually it's daily life scenes/events tho not Clip-Share videos lol.

    • Deinobi
      Deinobi Year ago

      @Noah Callahan DEJA VU!

    • X-gamer Pro-HD ‎‏
      X-gamer Pro-HD ‎‏ Year ago

      @Omatek sussy Baka

    • kendrick lamar gaming
      kendrick lamar gaming Year ago

      @Denni Original stfu

      SKYWALKER Year ago

      @Noah Callahan I have that sometimes too.

  • RP Media
    RP Media Year ago

    Loved the video. Perfect lighting also impressive.

  • Steve Sharp
    Steve Sharp 9 months ago

    This phone looks remarkably similar to the essential phone!

  • Marc Mcilroy
    Marc Mcilroy Year ago

    Hi Zack I just wanted to ask if you’ve ever had a phone explode while doing the bend test? I kinda done a bend test with a Galaxy A21s and it snapped in half and the battery exploded and fired out toxic smoke and caught fire. I’m also writing this as a warning to everyone else. It can happen evidently.

  • Darkyamix
    Darkyamix Year ago

    Carbon fiber sounded awesome, but that is all.
    Awesome vid as always Zack!

  • Carlos Sarmento
    Carlos Sarmento Year ago

    An unexpected durabiliteardown vídeo, after an expected structural fail. You man, are one of a kind!😂
    Talking about carbon, never forget that quote "Go easy with yourself, remember that a a diamond was a piece of coal that handled well the pressure"😂😂😂😂

  • TChan
    TChan Year ago

    I think this one's the most modular phone I've seen so far.

  • Toni Caffierro
    Toni Caffierro 2 months ago

    You have an incredible voice Darling 💕

  • Oz
    Oz Year ago +14

    It reminds me of that cloud phone, I think it’s called a robin. That also snapped like a biscuit.

    • Kevin Kishor
      Kevin Kishor Year ago

      yeah! but I expected some sort of protection, Well now I learnt about carbon fiber weaving😊

    JMNTN Year ago +116

    Carbon fiber is strong relative to its weight, that doesn’t mean it’s stronger volume wise. Also carbon fibers only really have good tensile strength so the way you design your fibers to be orientated have a huge impact on the strength

    • Rishabh Dubey
      Rishabh Dubey Year ago

      Again. Additional info, not really related to my comment or OP's. In fact, you said it yourself, volume != weight. That means you're not at all talking about the OP's comment. I don't know what your point is or what are you trying to tell.

    • Franciscoman22
      Franciscoman22 Year ago +1

      @Rishabh Dubey what's so hard of understanding that volume /= weight?

    • Rishabh Dubey
      Rishabh Dubey Year ago

      @Franciscoman22 Even if what you're saying is true (which it is not according to a lot of pages on Google), I still don't get your point. The guy just repeated whatever Zach already said in his video and nowhere has he written or implied that what Zach said about steel and carbon fiber is wrong. What you said was something additional and not at all related to my or the OP's comment. That would make your argument invalid.

    • Franciscoman22
      Franciscoman22 Year ago +6

      @Rishabh Dubey apparently you didn't saw it. Jerry said carbon fiber is stronger than steel of the same size, which is very wrong

    • Rishabh Dubey
      Rishabh Dubey Year ago +9

      Oh. You saw the video too? Great!

  • Frank's Home Movies
    Frank's Home Movies Year ago +23

    Wooooow that thing got absolutely wrecked!! Can’t remember the last time I saw a piece of tech get this annihilated on this channel

    • Abro Gaming
      Abro Gaming Year ago

      @Ali Asghar Khoyee sure, but generally those phones have a reason, like the fold series

    • Ali Asghar Khoyee
      Ali Asghar Khoyee Year ago

      True but at least the screen is not damaged at level 2 and 3 like some folding phones.

  • Ronald van der Kooi

    They need to do more layers with the fibers different directions, creates ALOT more strength.

  • Ashley Craig Lozada
    Ashley Craig Lozada Year ago +1

    if youre wondering just how strong a carbon fiber can be... some roadbike frames can be light as half a kilogram and can still be perfectly ridable

  • Tejashwarran A
    Tejashwarran A Year ago

    Even carbon fibre can't withstand his bend test 💪🏼

  • Jim Eastman
    Jim Eastman Year ago +169

    The first video of yours I ever saw was your Nexus 6p video, and I remember being surprised by how upset you got at the 6p bending in a similar fashion. You called the phone a joke, and dug into it pretty hard. In comparison, watching the bend test of this phone has me SO impressed by the composure you kept after a similar result, and the explanation into the why it happened really showcases the differences between then and now.
    Great video! Love seeing you feature these lesser-known phones.

    • Nibs
      Nibs Year ago +3

      Jerry did get quite pissed at the Z Flip for being marketed as having an "all-glass screen", and at the Pixel 5 for claiming an "all-aluminum construction". He is just better at using flowery language to disguise his anger.

    • cyberdustTV
      cyberdustTV Year ago +1

      @Arrun dude you can see it cracking in half, if it's not enough for you to say it's trash than idk what is

    • Arrun
      Arrun Year ago +11

      not sure what is impressive about that or how this "showcases the differences between then and now". If a phone has bad durability it definitely should be called out by a reviewer; especially a reviewer that specialises in durability. I'm somewhat disappointed by the fact that he didn't call it out enough in this video for the obvious scam it is. I suppose perhaps it is so obvious that this phone is a joke that it is not really necessary to call it out (as no viewer of this channel was seriously considering buying one) whilst the Nexus was a phone that may not have been so obviously bad and there were probably quite a few viewers seriously considering buying it for whom it was wise for Zack to warn them.

    • mahogany wood
      mahogany wood Year ago +3

      @Phu N Dang I think he is just more chill lately.

    • XD
      XD Year ago +18

      Well, everyone can see for themselves this phone is mostly a scam.

  • PushyPawn
    PushyPawn Year ago +1

    3:59 "One downside of carbon fiber though is that it's an insulator, and like metal, doesn't allow for pass through of radio signals."
    1. Metal is NOT an insulator. 2. Carbon Fiber is NOT an insulator.
    Who knew that Jerry knows fuck all about electronics and properties of various materials?

  • Robbie Beswick
    Robbie Beswick 9 months ago

    if the carbon fiber on this phone was mad from a 2mm or 3mm sheet covering the back of the phone it would be incredibly rigid, i've worked with 2 and 3mm carbon fiber and its so hard to bend

  • Ruben S.
    Ruben S. 5 months ago

    Wow, at least to me, the first phone that bends and breaks so easily in this channel.

  • P Schmied
    P Schmied Year ago

    Making the body in two orthogonal layers would greatly increase flex strength for a modest increase in thickness. But a tray shape is still structurally weak; a flat thin phone is a stupid shape. I cant wait for the extinction of panel displays, replaced by projectors or implants.

  • dopestar
    dopestar Year ago +1462

    I need a shirt that says "scratches at level 6 and deeper groves at level 7" when he says that it sounds so satisfying

    • Faris Hanafiah
      Faris Hanafiah Year ago

      @Etherus Ikr, what a toxic soyboy he is.

    • Jeff Dupont
      Jeff Dupont Year ago +1

      How he manages to keep from not laughing at this point after saying it is incredible

    • Etherus
      Etherus Year ago +2

      @Beast Cappin lmao toxic little shit

    • Beast Cappin
      Beast Cappin Year ago +1

      @Faris Hanafiah stop being pressed id got no time fo yo non sense

    • Faris Hanafiah
      Faris Hanafiah Year ago

      @Beast Cappin Said by someone with a profile pic made with kids font.

  • Victor X
    Victor X Year ago

    Motorola had its Droid Maxx and Droid Razr(Max) phones made from carbon fiber. They were pretty sturdy. I wish they'd continue making the phones like those - no dents, no scratches. Perfect!

  • Yura Retz
    Yura Retz 10 months ago

    I think “lighter test” is contrived. In what real life scenario would a phone display be exposed to open fire?

  • Mutch Louis
    Mutch Louis Year ago

    Looks like the most repairable and recycleable phone considering how easily that motherboard came out and the minimal parts left in the chassis.

  • Ibrahim Awad Awad

    I am waiting for the day they create an anti-Jerry phone with many options and services provided inside it. If that happens I will definitely buy it.

  • Max
    Max Year ago +414

    Imagine buying a phone made of carbon fibre which keeps boot cycling just to flex
    And it breaks in a snap

    • Rosario Yeen
      Rosario Yeen Year ago

      @Issam Melzi he literally just said it's used for Formula 1, which requires tens of millions of dollars to produce two race cars per team in the world's most technologically advanced race cars.

    • Kevin G.
      Kevin G. Year ago +1

      One of the issues of the Huawei Nexus 6p for the class action lawsuit was for bootloop cycling which was a result of a core going bad in the chip. Huawei, and Google did owners dirty on that one. You could flash a ROM on the 6p that disabled the faulty part of the chip, but it was slow as mallasses then, and you couldn't run any intensive apps. Similar to this carbon phone, the 6p also failed the durability test.

    • Retro Gamer
      Retro Gamer Year ago

      @FlaVR #1 Fan Account 2:30

    • Shieldmate
      Shieldmate Year ago +3

      I have seen many phones stuck in a boot loop after their very high quality SK Hynix memory died.

    • yo Alex
      yo Alex Year ago

      Zach was holding the power button, hence why it kept cycling reboot.

  • William Hoffmann
    William Hoffmann Year ago

    I'm a big fan of carbon fiber, as my bike frame is made of it. I would be open to buying a phone made of carbon, provided the rest of the specs and performance were up to my admittedly high standards.

  • Archus
    Archus Year ago

    Every time Jerry have a double-digit durability test.... expect the phone to not survive

  • Mubashir Khan
    Mubashir Khan Year ago

    Durability + Teardown. Need more of that

  • ivan rubio
    ivan rubio Year ago +1

    Everytime this guy makes a durability test my heart is also having a durability test..

  • MackySucksInEverything

    From durability test to Teardown in an instant after not surviving the bend test.😆

  • Dima is a tree.
    Dima is a tree. Year ago

    I think the carbon fiber looks cool but the phone itself looks cheep. It reminds of phones from back in 2016, mainly due to it being so thin and only having 2 tiny cameras.
    If it wasn’t made out of carbon fiber I think this phone would only cost like $350

  • Kelsie W
    Kelsie W Year ago

    It was honestly quite satisfying to watch that phone snap in half.

  • Chris A
    Chris A Year ago

    That phone design could be one of the least durable I've seen in a while. A real POS.

  • Damon Ledford
    Damon Ledford Year ago

    It's nice to see the different camera angle, kinda shows that we're watching a human and not some type of destruction robot.

  • 1 2
    1 2 Year ago

    Durability test and Teardown in the same video? Must be my lucky day!

  • NotGoldArc Gameplay

    I love how he scratches the part of the phone as he’s talking about it

  • MF DOOMtr33
    MF DOOMtr33 Year ago

    Shame. I love carbon fiber, most of my knives have some sort of carbon fiber(marble CF and a lot of stuff made by Fat Carbon is my favorite) and every case I've gotten for my phone has been carbon fiber.

  • The Sweet King
    The Sweet King Year ago +35

    Jerry: presses the powerbutton for a long time
    Also jerry: the phone just randomly turned off

    • Tomáš Dančo
      Tomáš Dančo Year ago

      Not quite, it turned off without him pressing the power button both times. First time when he inserted the SIM card tray. Second time with the lighter test.

  • Raza Haider
    Raza Haider Year ago

    I love it when phones get snapped in half. No need to anxiously wait for the teardown.

  • Antoin Mac Artain
    Antoin Mac Artain 6 months ago

    I love these videos, I just hate the scratching noises of metal scraping against metal

  • John Nunya
    John Nunya Year ago

    Anyone else see the single scratch on the screen at level 4? Thanks for the tear down. This phone does not look like it is worth the $800 being so weak and those paltry 16mp cameras on it.

  • Loki San Hitleson
    Loki San Hitleson Year ago +2

    3:23 I think that earpiece seems metal, not plastic

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi Year ago +3

    I actually like how Carbon Mobile uses some form of stock Android (albeit without round icons) and no notch or hole in the display!
    Edit: I also find it interesting that they decided to place the side mounted fingerprint sensor separately from the power button, rather than combined like with Sony Xperia.

  • Shizon84
    Shizon84 Year ago

    after that bend test, that carbon fiber phone is "Out of there". Carbon fiber is also used on high end racing bicycles as well.

  • Domia Abr Wyrda
    Domia Abr Wyrda Year ago

    My drone has a carbon fiber frame, and it survivied a 500m fall with no damage.
    I hope we see more phones reinforced with carbon fiber in the futur3

  • Logic’s Finest
    Logic’s Finest Year ago

    Those small metal threads for the screws went into the carbon fiber like a little LEGO.

  • Chase Melancon
    Chase Melancon Year ago

    For someone with your experience in cellphone durability, Id be surprised if no one has reached out to you during their design phase to prevent a severe roasting on your channel. Maybe they don’t care but Id swear you’re an expert by now.

    KUYSS_JR Year ago +149

    He looks like He can be an Engineer, Doctor, Fire fighter, Teacher and Doctor at the same time.

  • DaOneJoel
    DaOneJoel Year ago

    They should have layered it in a cross pattern, at least 9 layers for some structural rigidity.

  • Henrik Rónai
    Henrik Rónai Year ago +1

    Calling a 2800 mah phone 3000 is like saying "I'm 6ft5" while actually being 5ft11

  • Jeffacakess
    Jeffacakess Year ago

    I’d be interested to see the 2021 iPad Pro bend test 👀

  • ryekia
    ryekia Year ago

    It split right where the battery and board meet. They had no support there at all besides the carbon frame. I bet if they actually put a structure here they would have had a more rigid design.

  • DrNoobNStein
    DrNoobNStein Year ago

    That's the fastest screen removal ever, no heat plate or suction cups needed

  • Leader Games06
    Leader Games06 Year ago

    Scratching metal with the razor blade is enough to send shivers up my spine, but that carbon fiber... I almost passed out 🥵

  • Yozaqura
    Yozaqura Year ago

    I have a carbon fiber knee brace it’s vary strong and I’ve seen carbon fiber hoods driven over before and live I also have a tungsten and carbon fiber ring. I think carbon fiber is amazing and love the idea on a phone but let’s be honest your putting a case on your phone anyway so maybe just buy a carbon fiber case for your strong phone that Survived the durability test!

  • DaftyCruelty
    DaftyCruelty Year ago +1

    I wonder if there is a phone that instead of aluminium frame it's made up of tungsten metal

  • Jubair Siddeeque
    Jubair Siddeeque Year ago +74

    Carbon mobile co: this is the next best thing in mobiles
    Zack: let's put it to a standard durability test

  • Emrah özer
    Emrah özer Year ago

    İt seems very compact and lightweight. Fun to carry and use

  • NoLocker
    NoLocker Year ago

    I hope we will see more vidoes like this old style videos over this summer🌞

  • American patriot
    American patriot Year ago

    Hey Jerry - do you have to buy all these phones and devices you destroy ?
    Just curious

  • IBG Getsemani
    IBG Getsemani Year ago

    Carbon Mobile probably proud for their release. First one in line to purchase is no other than Jerry 🤣

  • Trevor Shoell
    Trevor Shoell Year ago

    Lolz I love seeing him carve out pictures. Even though its so painful to watch at the same time 😅

  • Sairaj Patil
    Sairaj Patil Year ago

    Jerry is now doing both the durability test and teardown in single video

  • Arthur Drawdy
    Arthur Drawdy Year ago

    I think Carbon Fiber is a great material for phone cases. Not so much for a phones shell.

  • ➏➏➏ⓋⒺⓋⓄ

    I had a droid razr back in the day with the carbon fiber backplate. I think the Motorola would have faired better to be honest.

  • Tech Camp
    Tech Camp Year ago +37

    Smartphones are interesting gadget they are equipped from a part of glass to carbon fibre now, which is used in automotive, aerospace etc.

  • Saurabh Suman
    Saurabh Suman Year ago

    By far the most simple smartphone I saw on the channel

  • William Rogers
    William Rogers Year ago

    My Quad helmet is made of carbon fibre… I regret watching that bend test 😂😂😂

  • d3us
    d3us Year ago +1

    Finally I dont have to go through pain listening blade scratching aluminium! Long live carbon! No pun intended... :D

  • A. Castillo
    A. Castillo 10 months ago

    the Razr HD used a kevlar bac cover that had a similar look to it. super solid phone that thing was a brick!!

  • Ye
    Ye Year ago +23

    I’ve just found your channel and I’m now binge watching everything! You produce some amazing content ❤️

  • noNewFriends
    noNewFriends Year ago

    The phone equivalent of putting all your stats in Agility at the detriment of all other stats.

  • Goku
    Goku Year ago +66

    "... Check out from the inside..... Has a monocock design....."
    - Jerry 2021

    • Goku
      Goku Year ago

      @likwidkool_fpv wait, which one?

    • Fuzzman - Little Sunshine
      Fuzzman - Little Sunshine Year ago

      I, too, have a monocock design 😂 (sorry, I had to)

    • likwidkool_fpv
      likwidkool_fpv Year ago

      I was built with the same design.

    • Goku
      Goku Year ago

      @新食感 r/hentai

    • 新食感
      新食感 Year ago

      Which implies the existence of a multicock design

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez Year ago

    There’s carbon fiber that has a marble look to it. Its much stronger and lighter than this type of carbon. My road bike used it. This is probably really cheap carbon fiber tbh

  • Kuya Jay's Modern Life

    I think carbon and sapphire will make a phone perfect structure.

  • Sadie Angelina
    Sadie Angelina Year ago +416

    Carbon 1 MKII: I'm very strong
    Zack: Well yes, but actually no

    • Sadie Angelina
      Sadie Angelina Year ago +1

      @Ziad Aziz Tbh I don't really know much about carbon fiber, but I guess it's a great material since it's strong and light. Also, it's good for safety reason.

    • Ziad Aziz
      Ziad Aziz Year ago

      What do you think “ Angelina” of carbon fiber since ur a F1 enthusiast?

    • jokso
      jokso Year ago

      @AxxL sure you get money out of your 1min videos

    • Darwin Jackson
      Darwin Jackson Year ago +1

      @AxxL you count to 5 and get thousands of view, I make fire shoot out of a Pringle can and I get 3. Lol.

    • AxxL
      AxxL Year ago +2

      I am thinking about dropping out of school to focus on my career as a star on Clip-Share. I already make a lot of money on Clip-Share. School bores me so much. I need more opinions and since I don't have any friends, I gotta ask you, p