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Jimmy O Yang Stand Up | Prime Video

  • Published on Jun 27, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Jimmy O Yang stand up performed live at the Neptune Theater in Seattle. This Jimmy O Yang comedy show covers his thoughts on Matt Damon and whether ghosts will haunt one-bedroom apartments. Streaming now on Prime Video.
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    Jimmy O Yang Stand Up | Prime Video
    Prime Video
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Comments • 2 473

  • Remmy
    Remmy Year ago +20481

    "What do you want? A fortune cookie?"
    That killed me. Right there. That killed me.

    • Samuel Lujan
      Samuel Lujan 4 days ago

      It's aight, joke wasn't that good

    • Dodged a Bullet
      Dodged a Bullet 13 days ago

      Created by someone in Los Angeles.

    • Karyn 777
      Karyn 777 14 days ago

      It’s so clever

    • lbj237953
      lbj237953 3 months ago

      SAME RIGHT HERE, BRO! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • tankhou3
      tankhou3 6 months ago +1

      Today a fortune cookie told me that every exit is an entrance
      Long story short, my girlfriend said no.

  • Houfu Li
    Houfu Li Year ago +2007

    I was born in China, and Dragon Boat Lychee Boba Festival was actually one of the most treasured memories of my childhood. On every Feb 30th, women will make Lychee dumplings, and Lychee boba tea, men will do boat races on the Yangtze River.

    • c a r o l i n a a
      c a r o l i n a a 3 months ago

      this is the best comment out there 😭😭

    • Maitrayee
      Maitrayee 4 months ago


    • Ghost Storm
      Ghost Storm 4 months ago +2

      The 30th of February is a national known holiday best celebrated once every 4 years...🤦‍♂️ never mind im high off my covid shot!

    • Weirdcoreisprettycottage
      Weirdcoreisprettycottage 6 months ago +2

      @Houfu Li I think we all were

  • bread
    bread Year ago +2858

    “Every pep talk, turns into an insult”
    😭 why is this so true 😂

    • Mikado
      Mikado 11 months ago +4

      Ran boo

    • JS
      JS Year ago +23

      the problem is that insults do not turn into pep talks and this is how asian parents stunt their kids' emotional growth hahaha

  • quirkiebean
    quirkiebean Year ago +4254

    Him saying his asian accent is literally what I do for any situation.

    • imite
      imite 5 months ago

      @Kt85 thats what i said (im using my alt)

    • Kt85
      Kt85 6 months ago +1

      @Horminus Gaming 🤣 should told her thank you like it was a compliment see her reaction

    • Benn Li Da Jun
      Benn Li Da Jun 8 months ago

      Soly, Iy de net knew howt ti spaek enrish. Soly ofpolica

    • NotoriousKay_
      NotoriousKay_ 9 months ago +1

      @Buddy Raw bruh you perfectly said everything but the word English

    • Horminus Gaming
      Horminus Gaming 9 months ago +19

      Bro my accent is like super fucking funny once a girl once told me that she thinks I’m summoning a demon lol

  • DerpyGamer0013
    DerpyGamer0013 8 months ago +480

    "No, I'm not Mexican. I'm El Salvador."
    Best thing I've heard in a long time.

    • Ytala Cacho
      Ytala Cacho 13 hours ago

      @Jordan Behm maybe that salvadorian guy was watching the game with mexicans friends (when a latin country dosen't go to the world cup, we usually support other latin country) and called korean whithout knowing because maybe he taught, asian people are like us, "supportive" but anyways he wasn't be disrispectful, in most of latin countries we called our friends "chino/china/chinito or chinita" to any asian people, negro, negrita, (for black people) or gringo, guero, catire, (for white people) cause we are mixed, nobody's takes seriously, dosn't care 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Jordan Behm
      Jordan Behm 6 days ago +1

      I don’t understand why he would say “Mexico” and point to himself and say “Korean” and point to him tho

  • Konstantinos Ter9
    Konstantinos Ter9 Year ago +15080

    I just accidentaly found him, i have seen many comedians, he is honestly by far the best!

    • aaron legan
      aaron legan 5 hours ago

      What are you, his mom?

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton Day ago

      You've obviously never seen Bill Burr.

      WHENTHE 5 days ago

      @Sarvar M literally what i just said LMAO

      WHENTHE 5 days ago

      Have you seen Dave Chapelle or Bill Burr before?

    • Brian Meyers
      Brian Meyers 5 days ago

      It's 2:16am in the morning and I'm getting lots and lots of laughs 😆 🤣 😂 he's hilarious!! 👏 👏

  • J Blazer521
    J Blazer521 Year ago +1069

    "He managed to insult me with the only three English words he knew!"
    "Oh great, now I'm the f*cking racist!"

    • R Vids
      R Vids Month ago

      ling ling

    • Atomprime
      Atomprime 7 months ago +13

      I couldn’t stop laughing at that part XD

  • Lukas Holtkamp
    Lukas Holtkamp Year ago +291

    "We're in America, people here are supposed to do what they love"
    "No. Over here you do what you hate for money, so you can do the things you love"
    I love that description of the US

    • Martin Alvarado
      Martin Alvarado 5 months ago +1

      That’s why LA Downtown is full of “people who do what they love”, aka “homeless”

    • Lord Shadow
      Lord Shadow 6 months ago

      I mean your not wrong but not right at the same

  • BTSgirl - Artemisia
    BTSgirl - Artemisia Year ago +711

    Asian parents are way to honest
    Me: (crying) is this why my dreams were shattered over and over again and I’m not even 18 yet?

    • Vietnamese Cowgirl
      Vietnamese Cowgirl 6 months ago +1

      Asian parents certainly have a way of breaking you emotionally until you become an empty shell lmao

    • Kermit The Frog
      Kermit The Frog 6 months ago


    • Wonder777 Warrior
      Wonder777 Warrior 7 months ago +3

      hispanic parents can be just as brutal. it doesnt hurt anymore lol i just laugh it off cause nobody can roast me better than them lol

    • TonyStank867
      TonyStank867 9 months ago +1

      They are way to honest lol

    • Jayden Lenzy
      Jayden Lenzy 10 months ago +3

      @- So your mom is Asian Gordon Ramsay?

  • Tiago Ferreira
    Tiago Ferreira 9 months ago +226

    "Everyone does what they hate for money and use it to do what they love."
    That... That's unexpectedly wise.

  • kdoeone
    kdoeone Year ago +5129

    He is very funny.
    More so than most Netflix comedians

    • Lucas Goodwin
      Lucas Goodwin Month ago

      *coughs in Amy Shcumer*

    • MimOo great
      MimOo great Month ago

      Why I can't find him in Netflix

    • R Vids
      R Vids Month ago

      no he isn’t 💀

    • Visakh Prakash
      Visakh Prakash 4 months ago +1

      You are wrong in many ways.
      First there no such thing as "Netflix Comedians"
      Second Netflix have Specials of legends like Dave Chappelle, Bill Bur, John Mulaney, Jerry Steinfeld.... and the list goes on. You can say this was better than many of the Netflix specials but not all of them , thats just absurd.
      We are talking about award winning specials including sticks and stones or Kid Gorgeous in Radio city.

  • 戴紀煬
    戴紀煬 Year ago +1523

    1:30 The meme you’re looking for.

  • Garrett
    Garrett 3 months ago +4

    He always makes me laugh on every single stand up he did, his punchlines were amazing and smooth!

  • John Shields
    John Shields 7 days ago +2

    Never seen before, very clever guy with a "good look". Seriously, he is funny😁

  • PunkyardDog
    PunkyardDog 21 minute ago

    I love how my feed brought Jimmy to me. No lie, I’d set him up with my friends. Seems like a chill dude 👌🏽😁

  • J is Scoobysmom
    J is Scoobysmom Year ago +7740

    Pretending you don't speak English to get out of a ticket is funny, but getting out of a sign ticket like that is even funnier & ingenious

    • JLee
      JLee 10 days ago

      One of my buddies did try the same thing but more different, he put on a fake FOB accent and pulled out a little booklet of the Constitution and proceeded to ask the cop questions on what rights he had. It annoyed the cop so much he decided to just walk away. All I had to do was pretend to be his cousin that couldn't speak English.

    • Tom Tom
      Tom Tom 19 days ago

      Read books

    • Riya Ramesh K
      Riya Ramesh K 2 months ago

      He transformed into Jian Yang real quick

    • Martin Alvarado
      Martin Alvarado 5 months ago

      @CSN what about the Irish schoolboy ?

  • Cayden Jie
    Cayden Jie 6 hours ago

    As a asian, when he said," every pep talk turns into insult"
    i died.I died right now

  • Samuel Luria
    Samuel Luria 18 hours ago

    Made it half way through this video, and I can't even breathe....just choking and snorting in laughter.

  • Pikachu7340
    Pikachu7340 Year ago +53

    Jimmy’s dad is not completely wrong about the job-money-dreams-love relationship, it’s funny tho.

  • Djsrevenge
    Djsrevenge Year ago +52

    “When I got my passport I was feeling really patriotic so I went to hooters”

  • FriedDogMeat
    FriedDogMeat Year ago +6870

    "Love? Your mom married me to escape communist china, that's not love that's a good deal" God bless I laughed way too hard at that lmao

    • Prabesh Rai
      Prabesh Rai Day ago

      @Andrea Torres toSFELETl

    • Gabe Martinex
      Gabe Martinex 24 days ago

      Me to 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • ArC
      ArC Month ago


    • swami dude
      swami dude Month ago +2

      Its still petty common in India although the deal there is more, Im gonna try to find love, but between 28 and 30 Im gonna bail out and let my parents set something up. At least from my humble western perspective that seems the mindset of people. No matter what way they try to sell it.

  • Ar.Aarthi P
    Ar.Aarthi P 6 months ago +10

    Love the way he smiles after he lands a joke mimicking his father !!! 😂😂😂

  • Mariarosa Nneoma
    Mariarosa Nneoma Year ago +21

    I've watched almost all his videos but it still makes me laugh over and over again 😂

  • fairytale143
    fairytale143 Year ago +34

    “Having a good look is totally different than being good looking”
    I died 😆

  • Ayrista Miller
    Ayrista Miller Year ago +4

    He is hysterical! 😂♥️ Absolutely hilarious

  • VoicesOT
    VoicesOT Year ago +5

    Dude is so good at what he does. Smooth with it & hilarious 🤣

  • Roy Naidoo
    Roy Naidoo 5 months ago +1

    Jimmy you are simply funny... Love your humor

  • MaytheMysticMuse
    MaytheMysticMuse Month ago

    i love him as a comedian and actor, he really grows on ppl

  • Nicebull
    Nicebull Year ago +12

    loved his character on silicon valley and i love him even more as a comedian.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 4 months ago +1

    This guy is hilarious I love him. I hope to see more of him

  • The Alpha Explorer
    The Alpha Explorer Year ago +51

    "No NO everybody does what they hate for money , and they use that money to do what they love" the most realistic sentence I've ever heard xD

  • Andy Angsari
    Andy Angsari Year ago +3

    Top tier comedian and I love watching his show. Thumbs up.

  • Radhwa Ashraf
    Radhwa Ashraf Year ago +401

    "it's not about love, it's a good deal"
    i'll remember that the next time i wanna go install tinder.

  • J. Chen Muas
    J. Chen Muas Year ago +1773

    Im asian and that was the best 8 min of LOL ever, 100 spot on everything!!

    • R Vids
      R Vids Month ago

      @Ochi shush

    • Ochi
      Ochi Year ago


    • CUAC
      CUAC Year ago

      @uptorest lmao true, I chose engeenering in digital animation. Now all I have to do is gather experience and get hired by a world famous video game company and I'll be making six figures.

    • OB工作室
      OB工作室 Year ago

      Is he an anticommunist?

    • Dancing Pallbearer
      Dancing Pallbearer Year ago

      @Anthony Fam So you lost some stamina between then and now?

  • Irma Kalember
    Irma Kalember 11 months ago +3

    He is hilarious. I love people that can laugh at them self 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Blaksoul 67
    Blaksoul 67 Year ago +1

    I love him lol he’s so funny

  • Felix Wang
    Felix Wang Year ago +4

    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time 🤣🤣🤣

  • injung im
    injung im 6 months ago +2

    i've been laughing over this for a year, I need a new one please. Jimmy is so good

  • Suco
    Suco 4 months ago

    He’s hilarious!! 🤣

  • Pop Sugar Sprinkles
    Pop Sugar Sprinkles 9 months ago +1

    I love him, so funny.

  • kmusic
    kmusic Year ago +2

    He deserves to be on Netflix for this

  • Andyyoureastar
    Andyyoureastar 6 months ago +10

    Okay but his impression of a Spanish accent is perfect😂😂and I cracked up when’re he was quoting his dad replying with just a simple and straightforward “no😐”

  • buck tootha
    buck tootha Year ago +2543

    "Everyone does what they hate for money and use the money to do what they love"
    Well, he's not wrong, actually

    • Martin Alvarado
      Martin Alvarado 5 months ago +1

      America’s version is: “Everyone does what they love for money and go homeless for the money they can’t get” _Skid Row neighbors_

    • Naila F
      Naila F 5 months ago

      My late granma said that we should do what we good at, regardless what we love. What we love doing are hobbies. Find what we are good at that has highest earning potentoal, and is "tolerable". then have fun time to time with the hobbies. Because most of the time, the thing you love will feel grueling when you have to make money from it. So might as well find what you're good to maximise your earnings.
      But also dont give up your hobbies cos you never know how you will earn.
      I realized this truth when my friend, a movie lover, works as movie script doctor. She said "now i'm on work mode whenever I watch movie"

    • Saret GNasoh
      Saret GNasoh 7 months ago

      so wise

    • Chinh Le
      Chinh Le 11 months ago +2

      @Jethus: the forgotten brother of jesus only master workers will understand my comment. 😃 but you are correct too, you're too way a lucky person.

  • Sasaki Umiquema
    Sasaki Umiquema Year ago +7

    I've binged on nearly every one of his shows

  • Teyya
    Teyya 9 months ago +7

    "everyone does what they hate to get money, and use that money to do what they love" This one is brilliant

  • nuanced
    nuanced 6 months ago +1

    I love watching Jimmy Yung - he is delightfully funny

  • Ria Misha
    Ria Misha Year ago +3

    😂😂😭😭😭 I have never laughed so hard to the point of crying in my life. I’m still over here dying 👋🏻😂. Man you are hilarious.

  • Hidan Kirito
    Hidan Kirito Year ago +8967

    "Everyone does what they hate for money, and use money to do what they love."

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +25

    If it's not him, we're gonna look super racist. That clip had me dying.

  • Caden Johnson
    Caden Johnson Year ago

    He is absolutely hilarious!!

  • TyFrmOgg
    TyFrmOgg 8 months ago +1

    I like this dude he’s funny 😂 never heard of him until like a day ago

  • daisypedals
    daisypedals 3 months ago

    This guy is very funny I love it

  • Ying Xu
    Ying Xu Year ago +2291

    I bought his book “how to American” it’s hilarious

  • bankerguy66
    bankerguy66 Year ago +1

    He’s freaking funny I’m crying!😂😂😂

  • Mariarosa Nneoma
    Mariarosa Nneoma Year ago +2

    I super super duper love this guy! He's do good😊😂❤️

  • Taylor Fritz
    Taylor Fritz 5 months ago

    I saw your comedy special on TV it was epic man!!! Now I share all your Clip-Share to everyone!

  • Group Soulise
    Group Soulise 11 months ago +1

    He is the best! I love him

  • fatema M
    fatema M Year ago +2447

    Clear skin level: Jimmy O Yang

    • Constant Mejur
      Constant Mejur 5 months ago

      @Jo Kah Speak for yourself, tons of East Asians grow facial hair... In fact it's part of the Confucian and Taoist tradition

    • R4G3D
      R4G3D 7 months ago +1

      @Maylinh Le WE GOT THEM 2K

    • Luckman elm.
      Luckman elm. Year ago

      @BenDocB was probably another asian haha

    • nur Aishah
      nur Aishah Year ago +2

      his forehead shinny af

    • BenDocB
      BenDocB Year ago +6

      I could have sworn I seen him on tv
      advertising skin care products

  • Paige Bukowski
    Paige Bukowski Year ago +1

    Watching at 1am trying not to wake my fiance up with my laughter.

  • Alysha Socie
    Alysha Socie Month ago

    😂 I love this guy! 😂

  • Linguini Productions

    This guy hilarious love it!

  • Wren Darling
    Wren Darling Year ago +1

    This man is hilarious

  • Gabriel Lacetti
    Gabriel Lacetti Year ago +1

    This guy is seriously underrated 😃

  • Casey Caffrey
    Casey Caffrey Month ago

    I’ve watched this man for years, he’s so funny😂

  • Ari Loves Bingus
    Ari Loves Bingus 8 months ago +3

    Came for the meme, stayed for the funny

  • your dad
    your dad Year ago +2

    Greatest 8 minutes of my life 🤣

  • N
    N Year ago +12993

    “Your mom married me to escape communist China” lol

    • Lylle Choi
      Lylle Choi 10 months ago +2

      @Jay Calixte age is honestly not a great deal, my father is 10 years older than my mother and after almost 20 years of marriage and three kids, I can tell they still love each other very much.
      Marrying someone isn't hard, but maintaining a marriage is

    • yorkgrass
      yorkgrass 10 months ago

      @HC yes, but it's still true. and it will be like this for a very long time, doesn't mean USA is a better place, just mean more chances to have a lazy life.

    • Matt Trafton
      Matt Trafton 10 months ago

      I married a tall, sexy Russian lady out of my league. At least in America. Even told her I didn't expect a long term marriage. She could have took off once she could ave stayed in the country legally. Turns out, if you are a decent guy with no bad habits, attentive in bed & out then even a lady outside your league is poossible. FCF foreign chicks forever.✊

    • Annie Zhao
      Annie Zhao 11 months ago

      @HC yea, but u don't always have to be notably rich to immigrate, its whether ur family wants sacrifice. I get that a lot, having lots of classmates assuming my family is rich or smt just like all the other Chinese immigrant students who are rich, but I'm far from that.

    • GingerBreadMan1178 lee
      GingerBreadMan1178 lee 11 months ago

      @👺samurai boi Jesus Christ live during those times. Lots of sexism and he didn't lift a finger. Women being used as a tool of alliance. Great times.

  • CYNP Interior Design
    CYNP Interior Design 6 months ago

    Omg he is just so great and fun!

  • Dane Pilipina
    Dane Pilipina Day ago

    This guy was amazing funny 😄

  • Fantasia Plays
    Fantasia Plays Year ago +10

    As an Asian this is so funny, as a human this is still amazingly funny

  • Broglee 🥦
    Broglee 🥦 2 days ago

    You could tell the end of the getting pulled over bit was improvised 😂

  • Ronin
    Ronin Year ago +7058

    “Everyone does what they hate for money and use money to do what they love” Facts u know if u Asian

    • Kelley Abitbol
      Kelley Abitbol 9 days ago

      Omfg I was just going to text the same thing. And that's soooo freaking true!!!!

    • Zippy Thekid
      Zippy Thekid 26 days ago

      @R Vids calamari

    • Zippy Thekid
      Zippy Thekid 26 days ago

      @Alvin Bong Hui Min the internet is a no man's land for 3rd party corruption. try tangible things, without risk. accountability matters.

    • R Vids
      R Vids Month ago

      “fAcTs iF uR aSiAn” 🤓🤓 typical squid game people 💀

    • R Vids
      R Vids Month ago

      @Riku! shush

  • JerkStoreAssistManag

    Wow. Everything, just, wow. Good work Jimmy!

  • Yanuar Ramadhan
    Yanuar Ramadhan Year ago +1

    This guy is genius! 😂

  • BigFish
    BigFish 6 months ago +1

    I was in a pissy mood before I watched this.
    Thank you, you made my day

  • Dom Bucky
    Dom Bucky Year ago +1

    Everyone do what they hate for money and use the money to do what they love. Hit me right here in the heart.

  • Halb Monk
    Halb Monk Year ago +765

    This jingle is maddening. Jimmy's funny enough on his own, he don't need accompanying music

    • Rivercat
      Rivercat 4 days ago

      What jingle?

    • Junon Tann
      Junon Tann Year ago +11

      @OBK this stand up is on amazon prime and this clip was uploaded by amazon i dont think copyright was the reason

    • OBK
      OBK Year ago +2

      Stops copyright hits

  • Karen Everett
    Karen Everett 22 days ago

    LOVE JIMMY !!!! FUNNY, FUNNY !!!! 😊😊😊😊💖💖💖💖

  • Pixel
    Pixel Year ago +6

    “People do what they hate for money and use the money to do what they love” A very wise man indeed

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago +1

    This dude's a legend, i'm having a good time

  • KALT 2ND
    KALT 2ND Year ago +2

    Put this man in Netflix pls
    He is so talented!

  • Starfellow
    Starfellow Year ago +5785

    Wow as far as I can tell this man is hugely underrated and underused
    Fine- underutilized... jeez people you know what I meant

    • Loupinco
      Loupinco Year ago

      Hahaha i thought i was the only one that noticed

    • Loupinco
      Loupinco Year ago


    • hey im tod
      hey im tod Year ago

      He’s not that new but he’s new to tv and an up and coming movie

    • Lady Junela
      Lady Junela Year ago


    • Sarah lee
      Sarah lee Year ago

      He is good.

  • Gio Pimentel
    Gio Pimentel Month ago

    The bar joke at the end kills me every time😭

  • Yovany gomez
    Yovany gomez 11 months ago +1

    he got the whole squad laughing

  • Tyrøne
    Tyrøne Year ago +5

    He seems like a great guy to hangout with.

  • Geckuo
    Geckuo Year ago +1

    See now I want Amazon Prime just to watch this guy.

  • fake videos
    fake videos Year ago +7286

    "Dad why did you name yourself richard?"
    "Because i want become rich!"

    • Martin Alvarado
      Martin Alvarado 5 months ago

      My name is Grand Dickinson

    • Duckel
      Duckel 7 months ago

      That makes so much sense(cents)

    • Elijah Ip
      Elijah Ip 10 months ago

      And hard

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi 11 months ago

      @caroline zhao how the heavens you say that i vant even pronounce that like how do you even pronounce it

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi 11 months ago

      You know why i name myself daeva because in alot of texts it means demigod so yeah

  • Anjana Marakkatteri
    Anjana Marakkatteri 10 months ago +2

    This guy is brutally honest though 😂

  • Rafael Karosuo
    Rafael Karosuo Year ago +32

    "We better still see it swimming or walking, that's organic to us", I cracked.

  • musicianforjesus 619

    He's fantastic

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago +2

    1:10 Biggest laugh I've ever had for few months😂😂

  • 제이스픽
    제이스픽 Year ago +649

    He is on Amazon now and he got better stand-up. He looks like enjoying himself more than ever.

    • Loganatori
      Loganatori Month ago +2

      @R Vids lmao wtf dude

    • R Vids
      R Vids Month ago

      can u see with ur small eyes?

    • R Vids
      R Vids Month ago

      don’t care

  • Nkopane Lesedi Lebona
    Nkopane Lesedi Lebona 11 months ago +131

    Jimmy: "Are you sure that's not Ken Jeong?"
    Me: nervous laughter after forgetting his name and typing Ken Jeong into the Clip-Share search bar instead

  • yi
    yi Year ago

    so glad you got big. ive been with you since 2016

  • Ash
    Ash 20 days ago

    I just accidentally found him and love him, I laughed so hard at the dont speak English one😂

  • Kira Midnight
    Kira Midnight Year ago +2

    Literally found this man on TikTok and now I love him😂😂

  • Хомушку Долаана

    jimmy's father is the super wise about work and money and me

  • alee361
    alee361 Year ago

    This guy is freakin hilarious 🤣

  • Ayaka's Sword [1st Sword Of The Seven]

    Lmao this guy is hilarious!

  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios Year ago +1

    He’s so awesome