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How 'Big Sexy' Became the Most Loved Player in Sports

  • Published on Dec 8, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    How Bartolo Colon became the most lovable player in baseball
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  • dane garcia
    dane garcia Year ago +3904

    After Bartolo Colon hit a homerun off of James Shields The Padres had no choice but to trade Shields. That trade ended up being the greatest in franchise history yielding the Padres Fernando Tatis Jr.

    • BombsNpsired
      BombsNpsired Year ago +99

      big BARTOLO!!!!!

    • No
      No Year ago +346

      Dose that mean that Bartolo gave the padres tatis

    • Dieter von Harten
      Dieter von Harten Year ago +173

      @No it absolutely does it might be indirect but it does mean that

    • Snakeowski
      Snakeowski Year ago +38

      *Cries in White Sox fan

    • Crazy Poop Videos 😩💩
      Crazy Poop Videos 😩💩 Year ago +3

      *SO MANY LIES IN ONE VIDEO* 👎🧢😴👎🧢😴👎🧢😴

  • TheRealFanmaster
    TheRealFanmaster Year ago +1976

    Bartolo Colon might just be the perfect embodiment of the Mets. Bad luck and controversy follows him everywhere he goes, he defies logic and has memorable and sometimes ridiculous moments, but still stands. He doesn't fit in, and doesn't want to fit in. He is admired by a loyal and dedicated following despite plenty of logical reasons to not do so, and makes beauty in a way only he can. Big Sexy, he may not be the best Mets player ever, but no one embodied this team more than he.
    Sincerely, a Mets fan.

  • jr637
    jr637 Year ago +513

    “Somehow, Bartolo Colon is missing” is such a golden headline

    • Blokewood3
      Blokewood3 8 months ago +18

      "Somehow, Bartolo Colon returned."
      --Poe Dameron

    • Zack Newton
      Zack Newton 2 months ago

      @Blokewood3 you could not have selected a more random character to say that

    • Blokewood3
      Blokewood3 2 months ago +4

      @Zack Newton It's a reference to Poe's ridiculous line "Somehow, Palpatine returned."

    • Zack Newton
      Zack Newton 2 months ago

      @Blokewood3 oh alr

  • Bosstime 2021
    Bosstime 2021 Year ago +305

    To show how beloved he is, that homerun he hit was in San Diego and still the fans went nuts. I could only imagine what would have happened if he hit it at Citifield.

    • Khalil Martinez
      Khalil Martinez Year ago +8

      I was at the game. It was crazy

    • Bosstime 2021
      Bosstime 2021 Year ago +1

      @Khalil Martinez that’s very cool! What an experience this had to be.

    • Khalil Martinez
      Khalil Martinez Year ago +26

      @Bosstime 2021 yeah, even though I’m a Padres fan and most of the people on the stadium were as you said all the fans still went nuts. It was basically the only time I ever experienced that feeling of unity I guess, where no matter what we were all rooting for this one player

    • Will Moe
      Will Moe 9 months ago


    • YT only likes whyt peeple
      YT only likes whyt peeple 9 months ago +9

      New York wouldve collapse from the earthquake

  • TheLuiscelaya
    TheLuiscelaya Year ago +1353

    Bartolo helped the Padres get Fernando Tatis Jr. When the Padres win a World Series with Tatis, the team better send him a ring and invite him to the parade

    • Nicholas O
      Nicholas O Year ago +176

      One time I farted in the airport and Tatis was there I hope they send me a ring for helping too

    • Ty Sparks
      Ty Sparks Year ago +12

      @Nicholas O sbd? Or no?

    • Scott Koch
      Scott Koch Year ago +183

      “When the padres win a World Series.” Is the funniest statement ever.

    • Joshie
      Joshie Year ago +22

      I believe in the scientific community they call this a “lucid” dream.

    • Dat Fat Cat
      Dat Fat Cat Year ago +21

      When? They’ll never win

  • C4oUre
    C4oUre Year ago +575

    Bartolo embodied what a lot of guys forget once you get to the competitive level: have fun. the part about hide and seek before his starts reminded me that.

    • Silver Turtle
      Silver Turtle Year ago +20

      @C4oUre -- Won't argue with that logic; that might be why he lasted as long as he did.

    • Isolatedfromeducation
      Isolatedfromeducation 5 months ago +2

      oh my gosh yes,, id imagine the lack of intense pressure and stress kept him physically healthy. Good mind=good body. Its wonderful that he never broke down to pressure and is still going strong

  • Boomerang
    Boomerang Year ago +349

    I'll never forget being at Opening Day at Citi Field in 2017 when the Mets faced the Braves, and Bartolo got among the biggest cheers of anyone during introductions. It's the only time I can ever remember someone on the Braves getting cheered at Citi.

    • Jim Sak
      Jim Sak Year ago +3

      Quite a guy and always a joy to watch...😊😊

  • Stratelite
    Stratelite Year ago +33

    The fact that he got an even bigger helmet after seeing the crowds reaction to his ridiculous swinging shows you exactly the kind of man this guy was.

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R Year ago +512

    Bartolo's home run is one of my favorite baseball moments... And I'm a Phillies fan

    • WashyCrab
      WashyCrab Year ago +9

      Same. And I'm a Padres fan.

    • thatboy dre
      thatboy dre Year ago +4

      Same and im a braves fan he is prt of my top 3 favorite players and hes not 2 or 3

    • Faris Chugthai
      Faris Chugthai Year ago +11

      Go Phils! IMO the best part of that home run is when you hear the crowd cheer and realize ITS AN AWAY GAME

    • YellowSkarmory
      YellowSkarmory Year ago +2

      Nats fan here, still love that homer and Bartolo in general. It's hard to not love Bartolo.

    • CartierHendrix
      CartierHendrix Year ago

      I don’t understand what being a fan of a certain team has to do with this lmao

  • eumoria
    eumoria Year ago +198

    That 2016 season was unbelievable. He was a machine.

      UNKLEDODA Year ago +1

      2013 was better

    • paysonfox88
      paysonfox88 Year ago +1

      The best thing about the machine he became, you could tell where the fuel tank was!

    • TheLeaf29
      TheLeaf29 11 months ago +1

      Of food :D

  • JohnJameson
    JohnJameson Year ago +309

    He did it his way, gotta respect that.

    • J K
      J K Year ago +12

      Great, now Frank Sinatra is in my head

    • Echo L
      Echo L Year ago +3

      @J K Or Sid Vicious.

    • doomtrain
      doomtrain Year ago +1

      @Echo L I despise who he was but love the cover, it's definitely the version I heard reading that comment

  • Roger Punk
    Roger Punk Year ago +214

    U should’ve made more emphasis on Colon taking a perfect game to the 8 at 45. I remember that game. That was insane. Overweight and old and almost threw a perfect game.

  • RMR
    RMR 9 months ago +11

    He spent 22 seasons in the majors, became the last active player to have played in the 20th century -- and is still playing pro ball a year shy of 50. Amazin' indeed.

  • Gummy
    Gummy 8 months ago +11

    I'll never forget that Bartolo homerun on The Mets. Everyone went absolutely nuts when he got it.

  • Jameson Bornholdt
    Jameson Bornholdt Year ago +165

    He also has the record for the most consecutive strikes thrown by a pitcher... How could that not be mentioned in the video

    • The Dude
      The Dude Year ago +12


    • Stratelite
      Stratelite Year ago +7

      Divataster🛐 12 year old me would love hitting against an MLB pitcher.

    • KCJbomberFTW
      KCJbomberFTW Year ago

      He threw 38 strikes in a rowwww

    • tupacalypse88
      tupacalypse88 8 months ago

      I never knew this 👍👍

  • Chase Bingaman
    Chase Bingaman Year ago +390

    bro thank you so much for starting these long videos about certain players. You take so many time on them and they are absolutely amazing

  • Planet RayRay
    Planet RayRay Year ago +37

    It’s impossible to not love Bartolo Colon. He’s a lovable character.

  • GO Palm Trees
    GO Palm Trees Year ago +56

    “…Bartolo no slide” 😂 freaking legend

  • RWB Team
    RWB Team Year ago +14

    I wouldn't even care about his age if I was a GM or owner of a baseball team, he's a marketable player that would have a lot of fans watching him and everything. The positivity of this guy is awesome and some MLB team should honestly sign him for 2022 to an invite to Spring Training at least and see what he's got at 48 years old

    • Jeff Finkbonner
      Jeff Finkbonner Year ago +5

      Especially signing him for spring training. It’s almost no risk to the team and generates a ton of hype and excitement both from the fanbase and from the young players. It would build a lot of team culture and buzz.

    • imwithyou38
      imwithyou38 Year ago +1

      a's should have signed him again......might as well considering how many players they traded. they would have at least gotten good publicity

  • Absolute Astonishment
    Absolute Astonishment Year ago +19

    Now this man is the epitome of baseball. No cares at all, just love for the game and skill.

  • Ishan Goyal
    Ishan Goyal Year ago +24

    Man, this guy doesn't even put sponsors in his amazingly-produced videos - respect

  • Sweet toof
    Sweet toof Year ago +8

    His home run as a Met is one of my favorite MLB moments ever, with an epic call from the announcer.

  • Jid
    Jid Year ago +723

    The sexiest most athletic athlete of this generation

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia Year ago +65

      It’s a crime against humanity this specimen of peak male figure has never appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine

    • Timothy Ng
      Timothy Ng Year ago +3

      He is a force of nature

    • WM_ 96
      WM_ 96 Year ago +1

      *greatest athlete in human history

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia Year ago +1

      @Boney Rasputin
      Shit, you’ve got a point…

  • freehahahafree
    freehahahafree Year ago +23

    Thank you for this video. You have definitely become my favorite baseball related channel. Always entertaining and well researched content. Colon is an enigma that for whatever reason I find fascinating.

  • C J
    C J Year ago +11

    As a Mets fan the fact I witnessed that home run in person is something I won’t ever forget lmaooo it was crazy

    • James Goss
      James Goss Year ago +2

      "It's outta heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere" Great call

  • Tone Riggz
    Tone Riggz Year ago +2

    I saw Bartolo pitch at Citi Field but he was with the Yanks. I wish I could have seen him pitch as a Met in person. I still remember that game against the Padres when he hit the HR. I hit rewind for almost an hour straight, in amazement. The HR, Gary’s call, the team’s reaction, the giant Bartolo cutout held up by the 7 Line Army. On paper, Bartolo is a guy no one should like. But some people have a charm that lets them get away with a lot. In Bartolo’s case, he’s a complicated figure and everything, good or bad, simply adds to his legend.

  • Dwayne
    Dwayne Year ago +7

    It is absolutely INSANE that he is universally beloved enough though he had a career that you could called divisive. And it is BEAUTIFUL

  • victor buenrostro
    victor buenrostro Year ago +9


  • SmoothCriminal12™
    SmoothCriminal12™ 7 months ago +1

    Fun Fact: Colon actually almost ended up an Expo a few years earlier. Before the 98 season, he and another pitcher were close to being traded to Montreal for Pedro Martinez. However that other pitcher, Jaret Wright had just come off a strong postseason and Cleveland got cold feet about trading him. Pedro ended up going to Boston for an underwhelming package of Carl Pavano and Tony Armas Jr

  • Kyle Evers
    Kyle Evers Year ago +6

    Your videos are always so well-produced, edited, researched, and most of all, entertaining. Keep it up man, love everything you do. Bartolo is an absolute legend even just for his antics alone. Gotta love a guy who doesn’t himself too seriously.

  • Crypto Leelord
    Crypto Leelord 8 months ago +4

    I remember watching colon as a kid in the early 2000s and he'd throw 100mph fastballs regularly... and I'll never forget when the commentator said that he learned to pitch by throwing rocks at coconut trees.

    • Odracir Zeravla
      Odracir Zeravla Month ago

      back them, commentators would make up any ridiculous wild sounding story about foreign players.

  • writerconsidered
    writerconsidered 10 months ago

    I didn't know any of his backstory. There is just something special about the guy that everyone picks up on. They love him for exactly who he is. In short he's a character.

  • Ken Arthur
    Ken Arthur 8 months ago

    You can see he just loves the game. His smile is great and makes you happy. We need more players like Big Sexy

  • Cameron O'Grady
    Cameron O'Grady Year ago +2

    You are fundamentally such a good story teller from your intonation, to the structure, to the way your able to build suspense and keep a viewer hooked. I don’t even really care for baseball, at least I didn’t think I did… but seeing what you put together and listening to the stories is always a real treat.

  • Yannick
    Yannick Year ago +11

    love tolo. questioned his addition to the mets in 2014 but he became my favorite player instantly.

  • Skunk Ape
    Skunk Ape Year ago +5

    I've been a Rays fan since day one, but damn I love me some Bartolo. Dude is a complete ham, and always fun to watch. The day he retires, I'll definitely shed a tear for a true legend of the game. Love ya, Big Sexy. Stay awesome bud!

  • M J
    M J Year ago +22

    This stem cell doc bart saw is the real deal. I saw him after hearing bart's story. Saved me two serious surgeries

  • Megan Arenque
    Megan Arenque 6 months ago

    In 2001 I sat behind first base at Safeco field and watched Bartolo Colon knock my Mariners out of the playoffs. He pitched the entire game without slowing down. As sad as I was that the Ms lost, I was stoked to have seen a major moment in the career of a pitcher who I could tell was gonna be legendary. Love this guy.

  • Crazizzle Ch
    Crazizzle Ch 2 months ago +1

    The Ozzie Guillen story about trying to find Colon when he went missing is an all time great. Wish you played the audio.

  • Diego Beltran
    Diego Beltran Year ago +3

    The pure, genuine excitement in that Mets announcer when Bartolo Colón hit that nuke.
    It's a beautiful thing to hear an announcer just losing his mind.

  • martin k
    martin k Year ago +11

    He also holds the record for most straight strikes thrown during a game I believe

    • Tim Harper
      Tim Harper 10 months ago

      43 strikes! And the first ball thrown was a damn strike

  • chico
    chico 10 months ago

    Some guys are just meant to be big. He was a true ball player. Can't help but love this guy

  • AzKryptoN
    AzKryptoN Year ago +32

    wow. Bartolo is truly one of a kind!!

  • CaptainMac
    CaptainMac Year ago +1

    2016 Bartolo: Confidence is an amazing thing. He was confident and having fun. Being Loose and just going out and playing a game probably felt easy.

  • B3N
    B3N Year ago +6

    Im a hockey guy, but ive watched all of bartolos big moments. He reminds me of Phil Kessel from the NHL. Drinks all night, eats mcdonalds every day and still snipes 30goals a year, bartolo was strikin guys out hung over

  • Francisco Moreno
    Francisco Moreno Year ago +1

    Loved this video. Bartolo is an inspiration. It's never too late to remain playing at the highest level.

  • Peacenik
    Peacenik Year ago +2

    Matt Antonelli over on his channel tells a story about going against Bartolo in a minor league rehab start. Bart was just throwing these insane 2 seam fastballs that moved all over the place. One of them was fouled to their dugout and it had a very conspicuous slice in it lol. Dude was doctoring balls in a rehab game.

  • JusticeForMattGage
    JusticeForMattGage Year ago +61

    Its more than just The most Loveable. Its the most BEST player of all time. Shohei Ohtani has nothing on this homerun hitting pitcher
    Edit: This was before he changed the title, the title was "The Most "Loveable" player of all time"

  • JS99
    JS99 Year ago +32

    I'm not too sure how this totally works, but basically when you weigh more, you create more force than you would if you weighed less (assuming that you are as strong as you were when you weighed less), meaning that you would throw hard. This is in part why CC lost fastball velo

    • doomtrain
      doomtrain Year ago +7

      I mean you are driving most of your force using your lower body driving and creating a whip-like motion that propels your arm. I suck at baseball but love to dink around when I get the chance and after I gained weight even with it not being good weight I could throw a lot harder than I could as a teen.

    • Naru 'Sanav
      Naru 'Sanav Year ago

      @doomtrain That's because it's less to do with weight itself, and more to do with _mass_ and how it can be applied.

    • BubbatheScrub
      BubbatheScrub 11 months ago

      @Naru 'Sanav the difference between weight and mass is irrelevant considering earth gravity is more or less constant.

    • Naru 'Sanav
      Naru 'Sanav 11 months ago

      @BubbatheScrub Physics disagrees.

    • BubbatheScrub
      BubbatheScrub 11 months ago

      @Naru 'Sanav how?

  • Undisputed Wrestling Talk

    I hope we see him in the bigs soon, he deserves a World Series victory

  • Luke D'Agostino
    Luke D'Agostino Year ago +1

    That cliff lee / Brandon Phillips / Grady Sizemore prospect pack is absolutely nuts. Rarely do you see more than 1-2 prospects in a big trade pan out like that, pretty incredible

  • Rik Michaels
    Rik Michaels 8 months ago +1

    I’ll never forget him in the 2015 world

  • Michael Bruce
    Michael Bruce 9 months ago

    I saw him pitch in a couple of games in Arlington when he played with the Rangers and he could still bring the heat and move pretty well for a guy of his physical stature 🤪👍🏻

  • Thunder Bug Creative

    What a legend! Despite swinging like an exploding gummy bear his homer was as crisp as can be.
    I still have no idea how his stats were so..... um decent, I think opposing hitters constantly underestimated the apparent local mens softball coach that was standing atop the mound.

  • fanatic26
    fanatic26 Year ago +92

    If you can watch Bartolo Colon hit that home run and not smile, you arent a baseball fan. Heck you might not be human at all.
    In my field of dreams Bartolo is pitching to Julio Franco with Rickey Henderson dancing off of first base ready to steal.

    • Joel Whitmore
      Joel Whitmore Year ago +1

      Damn that really is a beautiful thought. Julio is one of my all time favorites

    • Lucas Bell
      Lucas Bell Year ago

      Why does your field of dreams have so many guys that played for a billion years

    • Pdragy
      Pdragy Year ago +1

      Mets fan much??

    • Pdragy
      Pdragy Year ago +3

      @Lucas Bell No Nolan Ryan, no Pete Rose, no Jamie Moyer... nah he's just a Mets fan.

    • Doug Hendrickson
      Doug Hendrickson Year ago

      I'm not a baseball fan, but I am a Bartolo fan. Dude is a true original, and I applaud him for it.

  • FlakeSE
    FlakeSE 8 months ago

    Now this is what I call an inspirational sports story

  • Joey W
    Joey W Year ago

    Bro I don't even like baseball but the way you tell stories is just captivating. Excellent job with all the research and putting it all together.

  • the double hat guy
    the double hat guy Year ago +64

    I was at a saints game in 2019 and I was talking to a guy and he tell a story about how in 2017 he was at a restaurant and the server told him he can't have any dessert because bartolo colon and miguel Sano ate them all

    • A Guy With Common Sense
      A Guy With Common Sense Year ago +10

      even if that wasn't true, would be a good joke for the server to say to the customers

  • Louis Cammarata
    Louis Cammarata Year ago +3

    What a great story. It shows you can overcome if you are determined. Also shows if you can win games for a team they would draft a ham sandwich!

  • Nathan Gursky
    Nathan Gursky Year ago +8

    Awesome video, as usual!
    Another interesting thing about Bartolo is the fact he ONLY throws fastballs. He may cut it or sink it, but he pretty much has no offspeed stuff. How he can do that and still be successful is astounding.

    • drumminfro
      drumminfro Year ago +2

      Lance Lynn does the same thing. Crazy

    • Nathan Gursky
      Nathan Gursky Year ago +1

      @drumminfro great point! He has the same body build too haha

    • Jeff Finkbonner
      Jeff Finkbonner Year ago +2

      That, and it’s not even a plus fastball anymore ~90 mph. And his cutter and sinker aren’t these crazy wiffleball-like frisbees guys are throwing these days either. Just some subtle movements

    • Nathan Gursky
      Nathan Gursky Year ago +2

      @Jeff Finkbonner Goes to show location is more important than velocity. Maybe that Maddux guy was right

  • MD4Kids
    MD4Kids Year ago +32

    Say what you want about the scandals, but as a baseball fan I can’t help but like this guy. His longevity and success speak for themselves. He never played for a team I rooted for, but he’s clearly a gamer so much respect. I hope he defies the odds and gets back to MLB for a last hurrah. If Satchel Paige could throw 3 scoreless innings at 58 years young, why not give Big Sexy one more shot?

    • Eggo Slayer
      Eggo Slayer Year ago +3

      I've seen some of his mexican league highlights and he still has it. I really want someone to take a chance on him.

    • HahaleryMC
      HahaleryMC 5 months ago

      Imagine a 50 years old colon throwing a perfect game. The world would explode at that point

  • Tim Freerksen
    Tim Freerksen Year ago +1

    Bartolo Colon was the first pitcher I ever saw on TV back when he was with Cleveland. I always knew he would be awesome even as a kid.

  • Charles George
    Charles George Year ago +1

    June 20, 1997, Bartolo Colon of the AAA American Association Buffalo Bisons threw a No-Hitter,
    facing 27 batters in a 4-0 victory against the visiting New Orleans Zephyrs before a crowd of 15,496 at North AmeriCare Park in Buffalo, NY.
    Although brief video footage from that game is included above,
    the narrator makes no mention of what I'm sure is a night Bartolo Colon will never forget.
    Why was such an instrumental moment in Colon's career treated as if It Doesn't Exist?

  • Kris Lewis
    Kris Lewis Year ago

    Ah, Edwin Santana? 🤓
    Love these videos! They are some of the absolute best baseball mini-documentaries ever made… would you ever do a feature length video?? Love what you’re doing

  • Gunnison 36
    Gunnison 36 Year ago +1

    Probably because he's relatable to so many people... Success even with all of the flaws.

  • Yup Yup
    Yup Yup Year ago

    Im not a baseball fan but after watching this video I'm a fan of the guy and wish him all the best.

  • Todd Richardson
    Todd Richardson Year ago +3

    Excellent job as always! I love how your videos are always loaded with details most people aren't aware of.

  • Alex Gremp
    Alex Gremp 6 months ago +1

    Bartolo had the same number of career walks as a batter as he does home runs. Both of these happened in 2016

  • Karl Steeves
    Karl Steeves 7 months ago

    "his excessive weight gain was caused by his inability to stop eating or drinking". Legend

  • vinnythewebsurfer

    Just goes to show sports are never only just about numbers and talent, you’re still mainly an entertainer and it would be hard to say Bartolo didn’t accomplish being a great entertainer.

    LOTUSELISE340R Year ago

    Thanks so much for this! Had no idea about like half the insane stuff...including the threat on his life! Fantastic work.

  • Batman Is cool
    Batman Is cool Year ago +29

    Another great video. Thanks for working so hard man!

  • ThreeTwoOneGo
    ThreeTwoOneGo Year ago +16

    I keep trying to convey to my Wife the insanity that was the 04’ Red Sox season as that was the most special year ever to me. I’d love if you did a video on that season and what it truly was. Your videos are absolutely amazing Man, please don’t stop!

    • Pimple Pickerton
      Pimple Pickerton Year ago

      I'll show your wife the insanity. I'll make her understand.

  • Frontier Fishing with Ryan MacDonald

    The Legend that is Bartolo Colon will live on forever!! The most athletic 280 lb man I've seen

    KNIGHTFALL Year ago +1

    I love the guy, he’s a legend in the game!

  • knotzed
    knotzed Year ago +1

    Damn imagine if he was in shape the whole time! Dudes literally a natural!

  • RMR
    RMR 9 months ago +1

    Can you imagine if the Mets brought him back in 2023 -- his age 50 season? Give him a million bucks to mop up for an inning or two during blowouts. The morale boost and excitement generated by just having him in the dugout -- not to mention whenever he took the mound -- would be worth every penny.

  • Morris Elliott
    Morris Elliott Year ago

    This dude.Sometimes you just have to make way for the crazy. He provided me with many entertaining moments back when I actually watched MLB. He didn't hurt anybody. He didn't beat women or get into fights at the strip club or try to front as anything but who he was. I like dudes like that. I'm sparking up a "clove cigarette" for you my man. Keep doing your thing. Great segment. I subscribed because of it and I wasn't looking to subscribe to anything.

  • Kyle Foresman
    Kyle Foresman Year ago +5

    The enigma that is Bartolo Colon. Amazing video. This is the best channel on youtube. PERIOD

  • AC/DC Freak
    AC/DC Freak Year ago +1

    I have always liked Bartolo, he is an amazing pitcher. I don't know if he will ever pitch in MLB again. But I would put him up for a hall of fame candidate.

  • Rhynox
    Rhynox Year ago +1

    Usually I hate little documentaries but the videos this guy makes are the best. I love playing baseball but you make it better. Obviously the best Clip-Sharer in the game right now. Keep it up bro. Much love.❤️❤️🔥🔥🐐🐐

    • Rhynox
      Rhynox Year ago

      NO WAY I GOT A HEART!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher Orr
    Christopher Orr Year ago +1

    Ah yes I've been hoping for more Bartolo. Thank you, this made me smile a bunch :)

  • j lo
    j lo 6 months ago

    he was so adorable. imagine the MLB signs him again

  • monkaW
    monkaW Year ago +1

    i remember being at the game Colon hit the home run, my dad would always take bathroom breaks when Colon was up at bat, man he was upset missing the bigman hit his first homerun

  • Kyloren Kardashian
    Kyloren Kardashian Year ago +5

    Ozzie Guillen deserves a stand alone episode

  • OldSoulNewLife
    OldSoulNewLife Year ago

    Bartolo colon is really a legend forever

  • BimbimTrend
    BimbimTrend Year ago +1

    Bartolo is one of the 6 wonders of baseball!

  • AA III
    AA III Year ago

    Bartolo and Manny in the same clubhouse is gold!

  • Mayimbeoo7
    Mayimbeoo7 11 months ago

    Hall of Fame bound Bartolo! The pride of Altamira.

  • Booby
    Booby Year ago

    Man I wish I woulda seen that home run live. Can’t imagine the hype

  • Maximilian Bima
    Maximilian Bima 6 days ago

    New fan of baseball, found this vid randomly, search his bio and stats and found out its his birthday. Happy birthday Bartolo Colon, a pitcher that I knew 5 minutes ago XD

  • Carter117
    Carter117 18 days ago

    I was at the game in Minnesota where he became the oldest pitcher since 1995 to pitch a 9 inning game, he's a fun pitcher to watch

  • Kevin Wisner
    Kevin Wisner Year ago +1

    I’ve been watching for a while, but now that I’m a film student, your editorial skills are NUTS man

  • Fletch
    Fletch Year ago

    Bartolo is like the jagr of the mlb has played forever and is trying to get back into the majors

  • Ricky Ray
    Ricky Ray Year ago +1

    It makes me really sad that Sizemore didn't last longer.

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K Year ago +3

    Although his time was short, he will always be an A's folk hero

  • Brandon Travisano

    I legitimately ordered a bartolo jersey off of dhgate after watching this. as a mets fan who has dealt with nonsense for too many years, bartolo was really a bright spot through all of it.

  • WarlordofBritannia
    WarlordofBritannia Year ago +25

    Remember seeing Bartolo pitch for the PawSox back in 2008
    He was the fattest man I’d ever seen, lasted *maybe* four innings before leaving the game
    In all my learned wisdom, I never would have guessed that tub of lard would last another decade in Major League Baseball

    • Not An Audiophile
      Not An Audiophile 8 months ago

      I was also at mccoy for his rehab start that year. I remember my dad says “he never balks” then he balked 2 pitches later

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 8 months ago

      @Not An Audiophile
      Tbf, his bulky body was balking at that point in time lol

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 8 months ago

      @Not An Audiophile
      Using baseball-reference, I found the specific game you were at: Monday September 1, against the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs; Colon went six, giving up one run on four hits, one walk, and one strikeout. He got the win in the 9-2 PawSox victory.
      The game I think I was at was on August 10, against the Charlotte Knights. Colon went only three (scoreless) innings, giving up a like number of hits and gaining the same amount of strikeouts. Funnily enough, the Knights’ winning pitcher was former Red Sox Tomo Ohka.

  • Commie Hunter
    Commie Hunter Year ago +2

    To the young pitchers out there. If you want to have a fastball in the 90s, make sure you stretch (groin, shoulder, trunk,), calisthenics, . Once you got that, then you start perfecting "triple extension,"
    And bam! You at 90mph

  • Ben Copeland
    Ben Copeland Year ago

    I remember him being a huge power pitcher back in the Indians days and loved the guy because he was the spitting image of the Indians mascot.