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Should we all be Digging?

  • Published on Feb 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Full Video on my channel, check it out here clip-share.net/video/cDhWr6s4Fb4/video.html
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  • Camden Stanley
    Camden Stanley 9 months ago +2243

    Its funny how I've always dreamed of doing this but you took it to reality

    • KelpMan
      KelpMan 4 months ago

      Ay you can to man

    • David Sherrill
      David Sherrill 5 months ago

      I have a feeling that you didn't see the 30 Mexicans behind the scenes

    • K4inan
      K4inan 8 months ago

      @TheHandleSticks66 good luck trying to start one up after experiencing a thermobaric bomb lol

    • P L
      P L 8 months ago

      @Canadian Pharmacy couple things wrong with your comment, first you're thinking of thermobaric bombs and the moab is not thermobaric, however the foab is. Second, thermobaric bombs don't make people suffocate by vacuuming up all the air in the area, I keep hearing this myth. The only way the bomb would cause someone to suffocate is if the pressure wave ruptures their lungs.

    • Big bird
      Big bird 9 months ago

      @TheHandleSticks66 oxygen candles? Is that a real thing?

  • John Abbott
    John Abbott 9 months ago +634

    "'He's crazy', they said, last week. 'He's building underground tunnels!' they said.
    This week? They're asking me if I still have copies of my design."

    • Elyza Lalonde
      Elyza Lalonde 8 months ago

      Only for patron members I’m sure

    • XF1-UK
      XF1-UK 9 months ago

      y ŷ

    • Jakub Rejzek Junior
      Jakub Rejzek Junior 9 months ago +2

      @Hammurhed Sherk for the house to not fall apart 😳

    • David Rice
      David Rice 9 months ago +1

      @Daniel Reed and we all appreciate it

    • Daniel Reed
      Daniel Reed 9 months ago +3

      Wow, you paid attention in language arts!

  • William Osborn
    William Osborn 9 months ago +1

    The value of the house obviously increased with every addition he's added over the years, but now I think the tunnel and bunker are driving up the value much much more than before lol

  • Brett Windle
    Brett Windle 9 months ago +179

    I live in a second floor flat so diggin will just get me in my neighbours livin room lol

    • Mandela Affected
      Mandela Affected 5 months ago

      Good! That will save you a lot of time. 🤣

    • chris sparshott
      chris sparshott 9 months ago

      Do what Del Boy did and put a Nuclear Bunker on the roof.

    • Me here
      Me here 9 months ago

      well it will increase your ceiling height so make sure you allow for extra lighting coverage

    • C4T4LY5T
      C4T4LY5T 9 months ago

      There's a shop under my flat.

    • Leon Kernan
      Leon Kernan 9 months ago +3

      It's free real estate.

  • Turtlecuber
    Turtlecuber 9 months ago +3

    i cant wait for this to be completed it's going to be magnificent

  • Chris
    Chris 9 months ago +1399

    Having a bunker is becoming more desirable by the day.

    • fabo_ 713
      fabo_ 713 5 months ago

      For what lol

    • Iain Simpson
      Iain Simpson 8 months ago

      @Sergio 223 the bunker isn’t under the house it’s under the garden under a few feet of concrete, steel and earth

    • Mike Heijmans
      Mike Heijmans 8 months ago

      And this genius got sponsors to pay for all of it

    • mark rainford
      mark rainford 9 months ago

      Especially if you live in Lincolnshire!

    • Top Quark
      Top Quark 9 months ago +1

      I dunno? The thought of being stuck in a bunker with the missus for two weeks. I mean, how bad can WW3 be?

  • Nick Kleinschmidt
    Nick Kleinschmidt 9 months ago +1

    I absolutely love this series!!
    Can't wait till the next one!
    It might prove useful to you with what's going on in the world.

  • geoff burrill
    geoff burrill 9 months ago +20

    Colin you are a brave man digging under your foundations. Having seen the results of subsidence I would get some more concrete under those walls as soon as possible.

  • Bernd Anders
    Bernd Anders 9 months ago +54

    I'm excited to see what Colin is putting in here about to the subway. A ladder or that would be the most beautiful thing, perhaps a lift?

    • Timothy Webb
      Timothy Webb 9 months ago +4

      @Ryan Turner Like the pole idea :)

    • Ryan Turner
      Ryan Turner 9 months ago +4

      Remember, we are talking about Colin. I'm thinking a human transport tube like Futurama or the Jetsons. Or! Hey, why not a ceiling attached hydraulic cylinder/fireman pole hybrid method that you can slide down (GTFO quick option) but also has a bottom attached platform that you stand on to go up or down?

    • Timothy Webb
      Timothy Webb 9 months ago +1

      My thoughts as well, I was trying to imaging what type of lift mechanism he could design an fit.

    • My Little Viking
      My Little Viking 9 months ago +5

      Colin has the most important lift, one that delivers tea. I couldn’t imagine life without a cuppa and a chocky digestive!

  • Dan White MTB
    Dan White MTB 9 months ago +3

    Yes with all that’s going on right now I wish we could all afford to build a bunker 🙌🏽
    That’s said though we can’t stop living life for fear of death! ❤️

  • People's Pigeon
    People's Pigeon 9 months ago +1441

    Now we just need an edit showing the center of the earth lmao

    • Wiwik purwati
      Wiwik purwati 9 months ago +1

      @Internet Username mgkffddf

    • Spartan375x
      Spartan375x 9 months ago +1

      Place a green fabric on the tunnel floor, video edit, profit.

    • I hate you
      I hate you 9 months ago +1

      We won’t need an edit soon enough colinfurze is going to be subterranean

    • FreeWheeler
      FreeWheeler 9 months ago +2

      Then you will find Encino Man.

    • Jerome Jasper
      Jerome Jasper 9 months ago

      Can I come stay down there until it's over?😁

  • Brian
    Brian 9 months ago +24

    I'd get digging if you shared your secret on how you got council planing permission, engineering approval, health & safety authority sign-off, Government waiver for their claim on any mineral deposits in the land you own, and no doubt approval from the mines department........

  • Matthew verdegaal
    Matthew verdegaal 9 months ago +1

    I've always thought about how you are sorted if a war would happen. I would love to have a bunker like you. Keep up the good work can't wait till its finished 🙌

  • Gentleman Driver
    Gentleman Driver 9 months ago +112

    At least we would have an excuse for our girlfriends/wifes and neighbours: "I have to do this in case the Russians go mad."
    Man cave approval was never so easy.

    • AliShuktu
      AliShuktu 8 months ago

      Well people are too. Hi from Ukraine!

    • GG
      GG 9 months ago

      @SebastianHalskov their government yes... but not their ppl

    • GG
      GG 9 months ago

      @Gentleman Driver lmaoo ME TOO 🤗🤗🤗 not the sports car tho, I WISH, I have a house instead ill rent out different sports cars in the future but I don't want to get married or have kids I just want to be happy and those things don't bring me happiness, beautiful fast cars and beautiful houses do :) still in my early 20s there's so much time ahead to travel and be happy 😇

    • SebastianHalskov
      SebastianHalskov 9 months ago

      "In case they go mad" they already have

    • GG
      GG 9 months ago +3

      @seigeengine im a girl i defo think bunkers are cool and tbh id use it too BUT its the "escape" part that got me thinking ... why marry if you need to ESCAPE that sounds... scary

  • 5020 _Ummer Bashir
    5020 _Ummer Bashir 9 months ago

    This project is phenomenal
    The amount of hardwork you have put in to bring this project forward is just mind blowing
    Love from Kashmir

  • beartastic
    beartastic 9 months ago

    I fear there will be entirely too much digging in the weeks to come. I hope everyone helps them to the best of their ability...

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 9 months ago

    Thanks to your videos I am now creating my own underground bunker and looking to run a passage up to the main house, although I think I might be a bit less secretive to aid speed

  • David Saxty
    David Saxty 9 months ago +1

    Keep up the great work! Been following along, what an epic project!

  • Curious Entertainment
    Curious Entertainment 9 months ago

    You’ll definitely need to up your ventilation system especially if you’re near a primary target. Also filming this process AND having all your neighbors know compromised your security so I hope you have thick metal doors that can withstand blow torch and explosive attacks.
    I’d also like to add you’ll need medical knowledge or someone who has medical training and quite a lot of supplies and water which you don’t physically have room for unless you drain your bank account and go mad digging a larger complex underneath your existing fallout shelter.

  • Peter Gilbert
    Peter Gilbert 9 months ago +106

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how Colin engineers the ladder/lift. My money is on a lift.

    • RichB
      RichB 9 months ago +1

      @Alayah Bartlett Good point

    • Rory Chivers
      Rory Chivers 9 months ago

      Nah, windmaker below your feet that lifts you up to ground level via provided umbrella

    • Scooty Puff Jr.
      Scooty Puff Jr. 9 months ago

      Powered by a gas turbine

    • Lord Krythic
      Lord Krythic 9 months ago

      Lifts break. Last thing you want is the lift to break down right as the bombs drop.

    • Like Birds
      Like Birds 9 months ago


  • drstampfli
    drstampfli 9 months ago

    Rest assured, Colin, you have inspired most of us. We are all digging!

  • Majyst m
    Majyst m 9 months ago

    I bought a new house, and for the past 2 months i have been digging out the yard to make it level and putting in drains and footings (contractors gutting the interior so i can only work outside). Had to dig 1 to 3 feet over the entire thing to remove the slope and get it down where i needed it. Digging is rather enjoyable.

  • Alayah Bartlett
    Alayah Bartlett 9 months ago

    How deep is the tunnel? He almost looks photo shopped Into it colin! Loving this series a lot aswell! Can we have more regular shorts thought please? It'll save Callum writing to you again :P

  • The Fat Numpty
    The Fat Numpty 9 months ago

    Colin has literally timed this tunnel dig to perfection

  • Ole Rasmussen
    Ole Rasmussen 9 months ago +206

    "Furze delved too greedily and too deep... *you* know what he awoke in the darkness of the ground beneath the house."

    • Boogie Knee
      Boogie Knee 9 months ago

      @Dave Webster Radon gas.Naturally present in volcanic rock,which is commonly used in the building trade.
      Major concern with THAT cellar* is that there is no air circulating.
      Carbon monoxide buildup will kill the occupant way faster than radon.
      (*anybody google the word "oubliette"🐱)

    • Boogie Knee
      Boogie Knee 9 months ago

      @noxious456 Much prefer a BBQ in a garden,prefer that Boris isn't invited,naturally.*
      🐱*If he did turn up he would fib about it....or use the"HUHNE DEFENCE"(my wife's to blame)

    • noxious456
      noxious456 9 months ago +1

      @Boogie Knee wow, you must be real fun to have around at parties...

    • Gillsing
      Gillsing 9 months ago +2

      "We do not fear what lies beneath, we can never dig too deep." - Diggy Diggy Hole

    • Boogie Knee
      Boogie Knee 9 months ago +1

      aye he woke the great firewyrm .......known by his high elven name of "Subsidence"
      Amusingly,any of his neighbours might take the precaution of having the local planning office to pop round,since his action here might destabilise the neighbouring property.
      Also,depending on the previous use of the land he may have just disturbed some safely sealed toxic substances.
      (Several locations in my home town used to house some very interesting chemicals which locals knew damned well were buried on site before the land was used for housing.)
      The folk living in one of the student flats for example were unaware their site was a former petrol station,until somebody became poorly from eating food grown in their back gardens.

  • Simon Dowsett
    Simon Dowsett 9 months ago +53

    "So how is Colin?"
    "I don't know, I rarely see him"
    "How come?"
    "He is constantly underground digging!"

    • Eddy
      Eddy 9 months ago

      😂😂😂 his Digging a hole for his self literally could be taken Wrongly if it’s come from his wife

  • The Council of Brazilian Chads

    Let’s hope Colin is able to finished all the areas of the tunnel from the house to the bunker cuz if a war does break he’ll be ok unlike most of us but hopefully it doesn’t

  • DaviD
    DaviD 9 months ago

    I wonder how many people he's actually inspired to dig their own tunnels . . I mean I've always wanted to do it, but he makes it look so easy (and incredibly hard) :D

  • Darrell Pope
    Darrell Pope 9 months ago +1

    Hope Colin has given a thought to Security if someone breaks into either of his two sheds they can get access to his house. Padlocks all around I think! 🤔

  • war32mec
    war32mec 9 months ago

    I was wondering how any permits you prolly had to get to do all these cool mods to your property. I'm sure the city had a lot of red tape. My old poa would get pissed if ya had your grass an inch or so too tall. Still pretty cool though I've been following the whole series on your tunneling . Very cool l stuff!

  • Roberts Shed
    Roberts Shed 9 months ago +8

    Whenever the local planning department gets an application from this guy they probably think "uh oh, what's he up to now?'

  • Daves Discoveries
    Daves Discoveries 9 months ago +2

    I was thinking when I watched your last video “I wonder if Colin ever considered he might actually NEED his bunker”

  • Dargon
    Dargon 9 months ago

    Been waiting for the weather to dry back out, planned on digging a hole straight up just for the sake of it. These just reinforced that choice 🤣

  • BlackholeYT11
    BlackholeYT11 9 months ago

    The tunnel project is awesome! Just a shame it has to end once you get to the bunker.
    Unless... level 2 perhaps? Underground apartment? 2-floor subterranean condo/dungeon/labyrinth? Hidden depths below still???

  • Rain Forest Rc
    Rain Forest Rc 9 months ago

    I live in a rain forest so that really wouldn’t be a wise thing to do. Even a full excavation and build with concrete would require exterior waterproofing and drainage control. Probably even water pumps on the interior. Not to mention ventilation and black mold issues.

  • Foxtrot X-Ray
    Foxtrot X-Ray 9 months ago

    This video series has certainly inspired me to build something similar.
    Unfortunately, budget, skills and location prevent at this time.
    A few years from now, though...

  • Rural_student
    Rural_student 9 months ago +2

    luckely in switzerland we already have a tiny bunker in our house. It was the rule if you wanted to build a house like 40 Years ago. We even have regular inspections.

  • Samantha Em
    Samantha Em 9 months ago

    Props(?!) for tying world events into your content, Colin!

  • steve Nelson
    steve Nelson 9 months ago

    Hi, I was wondering if I could dig a little something under my house. However I have been looking at flooding in the Queensland and New South Wales in Australia and now I think I should jack the house up on stilts or add pontoons to it so it will float. I hope you are nowhere near flood prone areas…🙏….cheers Steve

  • GG
    GG 9 months ago

    The part where hes going to dig towards the bunker thats the hard part imo from what ive seen on the diagram its further too but I think itll be simpler? The tunnel to the house was definitely more complex

  • All random
    All random 9 months ago +1

    I love how to use yellow lights to give it more of a mineshaft feel

  • Eric Lotze
    Eric Lotze 9 months ago +1

    Hell Yes!, as long as proper safety + code precautions are followed.

  • Dyadica
    Dyadica 9 months ago

    What you all don't realize, is that while you have been distracted by his entertainment tunnel dig, he has secretly been digging out a massive and hardened deeply buried survival bunker, 2000 meters down, and has been stocking it with food, water, power generation and so forth to last for years. Colin could become the last man on Earth. Or under it.

  • Binky
    Binky 9 months ago +18

    You want a meter of earth on every side to protect against radiation . I was tempted to start digging but by the time I've built a shelter I'll either be dead already or it will have ended peacefully. My great grandad built one and only ever used it for growing forced rhubarb in

    • Mat Smith
      Mat Smith 9 months ago

      A metre of earth above as well? surely just a concrete basement with suspended concrete deck would suffice? (I say “just” like it’s trivial but you know what I mean…)

    • Bitey Frog
      Bitey Frog 9 months ago +8

      I only grow consent rhubarb

    • Timothy Webb
      Timothy Webb 9 months ago +2

      His bunker has around a meter of Earth and concrete :)

  • The Circle of T.E.D
    The Circle of T.E.D 9 months ago

    If only we all had the the skill, knowledge and resources to build one...we'd have definitely done so.

  • 4christinar
    4christinar 9 months ago

    I've always thought to do this in the event of a zombie apocalypse or an abandoned underground missile silo. Every day I watch the news I add more to the saving account labeled UC

  • j Walster
    j Walster 9 months ago +90

    Good timing almost finishing this tunnel, right as a war is starting.

    • Erinnerungen
      Erinnerungen 9 months ago +4

      @AusGuy He started the tunnel before the pandemic, and then took a break from it for awhile during the pandemic.
      He stated in the first episode that he wanted to build the tunnel because he wanted a connection between his bunker, house, and workshop. Toward the end of the second episode, he tells us that it was April of 2021, and that it had been a year and 3 months since he had been in the hole that he first dug, stating that he took a long break because of the pandemic

    • AusGuy
      AusGuy 9 months ago

      @Like Birds ? He did it because of the lockdown.... He did it all quite?

    • Like Birds
      Like Birds 9 months ago +2

      @AusGuy because of lockdown, and he didnt want to disturb his neighbours

    • AusGuy
      AusGuy 9 months ago +4

      But it took 2 year to the shed and not to the bunker yet.....

  • zGJungle
    zGJungle 9 months ago

    I have a hobby of finding old bunkers, military undergound stuff and old abandoned stuff in general, but due to recent events it's got me thinking about bunkers more than ever.
    My mates joke that I know where to go if it really does kick off, but I imagine there will be thouands of other people with exactly the same idea!
    I need to build my own, my house is ontop of a small hill, so could be a good place to build one.

  • NavigatedChaos
    NavigatedChaos 9 months ago

    If that's the case, maybe you should do a small series on bunker survival. Build a long term air filtration system. Bunker Hydroponics and Microgreens. Duckweed is a super food for protein.
    You've got that tunnel to build to the bunker from the tunnel yet, could build a entire little section in there for a indoor garden on either side. Really use the space. Left wall's microgreens and right wall's potatoes and berries maybe. You could have an entire separate tunnel for this too.

  • Educated Hillbilly
    Educated Hillbilly 9 months ago

    Colin, I would be stocking that bunker right now just to be on the safe side. Also a good ham radio would be a good idea as well.

  • Coin Pusher
    Coin Pusher 9 months ago

    To be honest I have thought about it since finding your videos last year. I don’t subscribe to many Clip-Share channels but after 1 of your videos I was hooked thanks for all you do

  • Tslim
    Tslim 9 months ago

    Yeah i've always thought this would be something i would need one day. Here we are in 2022 and you already got one and i'm stuck with a house with too high of a surrounding water level to do this easily. I'll tell you what, i'll let you build one elaborate one under my property if you fund it and let me help and be in the videos... i know, thats a stretch but i had to try! Anyways colin, i fear for this world and i really pray the truth emerges soon so we the people can live in harmony with true liberty and freedom for all.

    • TheVicar
      TheVicar 9 months ago

      Praying doesn't work.
      But don't tell anyone I said that.

  • A. West
    A. West 9 months ago +18

    Jeez Colin, how deep have you dug?! He really did look tiny down there! (Also, Furze teaching us to dig escape tunnels and make our own bunkers years before we knew we'd need 'em is a bit scary...care to share next week's lottery numbers with us...? 😋)

    • Simeoneon
      Simeoneon 9 months ago +2

      he should really go into politics maybe they could learn a thing or two from him about predictions

    • A. West
      A. West 9 months ago +1

      @Technikchaot Well played sir and/or madam...well played.

    • Technikchaot
      Technikchaot 9 months ago +5

      Oh thats no Problem I can say you 3 numbers of a lottery next week. But I won't say you which lottery you should do with this numbers. So good look in participation all lotteries worldwide next week.

  • Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

    I’ve always wanted an under stairs cupboard that opens up the floor to be a bunker
    If the day comes where I can do that then life will be complete

  • Matthew Zigmond
    Matthew Zigmond 9 months ago

    I wonder if he's going to do one of those super steep split step staircases

  • Baard
    Baard 9 months ago +416

    "Why are you digging?"
    "Why are you not?"

    • Joe Lockard
      Joe Lockard 9 months ago +3

      If I had the money I'd actually build an underground house...I've seen several around where I live and they look amazingly cozy...plus probably do great on heating and cooling bills as well I'd guess.

    • SirScarface69
      SirScarface69 9 months ago

      Because my water table is 3 feet below grade :(

    • EgonSorensen
      EgonSorensen 9 months ago +5

      "I'd be going through the roof of the people living on the 1'st floor"
      "Much easier just to take the stairs down to the basement"

  • D. Jensen
    D. Jensen 9 months ago

    Way cool to see that far down into the Earth from a closet in your house! We live atop lacustrine silt. Easy removal but lousy stability. The three story beach house Colin did...a spruced up version of that is what's going to work here.

  • Drew
    Drew 9 months ago

    Colin has to be the most comforted man in the world right now. Trying to figure out how to build mine in a swamp, prolly not gonna happen

  • snakezulu7
    snakezulu7 9 months ago

    We should all be preparing in some capacity. Wish I could dig a tunnel without hitting limestone almost immediately under the surface soil. lol

  • CobaltChromeE
    CobaltChromeE 9 months ago +19

    Imagine, if they had a party and forgot to lock the room, and a mildly drunk person just falls in there

    • Beddau26slingsantings
      Beddau26slingsantings Month ago

      You would be down there anyway no one knows

    • ibelieveicansoar
      ibelieveicansoar 8 months ago

      Or if the house itself falls in there, since he has removed much of its foundation for Clip-Share likes

    • Krista Dzīve
      Krista Dzīve 9 months ago +2

      Oh no

    • Timothy Webb
      Timothy Webb 9 months ago +1

      My thought as well when I watched the hole breaking through :)

  • bertjesklotepino
    bertjesklotepino 9 months ago +1

    Sir, you have great timing.
    How did you know ?
    btw, i live in the netherlands. And i dont think i can dig that deep before water starts pouring in.

  • Maria Harris
    Maria Harris 9 months ago

    Do an episode on how to build the tools, the process, etc. Right about now a whole lot of folks are appreciating the idea of a bunker...

  • Paul Ollerhead
    Paul Ollerhead 9 months ago

    I’d love a bunker. You make it look so much fun to make but in reality if I did my own it would be my grave

  • L
    L 9 months ago +1

    This is epic, cant wait to see it finished 😄👍

  • Alex Van Duyn
    Alex Van Duyn 9 months ago

    DOOD, you have hit the nail on the head, all your mates will be over at yours if anything goes down. That tunnel is making more and more sense now.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 8 months ago

    My house is built on clay. Even if such a hole could be dug (without collapsing the house) simply keeping water out would be near impossible.

  • Paul Cochran
    Paul Cochran 9 months ago +1

    You may have a lot of new "friends" for a while. Hope all this settles down as best it can. Not looking favorable right now. Keep digging.

  • LISA - Ann
    LISA - Ann 9 months ago +11

    Its funny how I've always dreamed of doing this but you took it to reality

    • chris sparshott
      chris sparshott 9 months ago

      I bet if you knew how much it would cost that`d put you off.

  • Francesco Monini
    Francesco Monini 9 months ago

    Colin has been knowing every thing already for months, you should give some hints to the gov sometimes

  • Simon
    Simon 9 months ago

    I seriously think this is probably one of the best things that can be done right now.

  • Jack Mathews
    Jack Mathews 9 months ago

    That makes sense, who wouldn’t want to dig out the entire foundation of their house because of a non existing threat

  • sgthl
    sgthl 9 months ago +1

    Considering the state of things you might want to put-in (

  • Larry Bridgers
    Larry Bridgers 9 months ago +1

    Put the door back on. It looks weird being in the kitchen and in the pantry is a dirt hole. But so super cool. I never thought when I subed all those years ago that we would dig under and into your family house colin. But it's genius. Tea then to work and/ or play. Much love and God bless.

  • TheCyberSalvager
    TheCyberSalvager 9 months ago

    I would love to have a bunker, one big enough to keep all my tools and equipment and park my truck in!

  • Rick H
    Rick H 9 months ago +4

    I was just wondering if the next episode will transform into the creation of the Furze nuclear bunker.
    At least if it all goes Pete tong you're nearly there.
    All I have is a plastic shed, that'll do right??

  • Tysto
    Tysto 9 months ago

    Maybe it's the dungeon master in me, but that looks like a good spot to screw a treasure chest to the far wall & cover the pit with rug on a spring hinged platform.

  • Jonny Xs
    Jonny Xs 9 months ago

    When the cataclysm comes Colin’s gaff here we come
    Dig more lots more 😂

  • Jerremy Vinson
    Jerremy Vinson 9 months ago +117

    Yes everyone should be digging 😂

    • Isa T
      Isa T 9 months ago +4

      We will need to dig deeper than that to make it safe against nuclear strike...

    • t84t748748t6
      t84t748748t6 9 months ago +6

      i got no rocky bottom under my house and a high water lv so it would suck and cost a lot more

  • Gfreak250
    Gfreak250 9 months ago

    Colin, when I say you're insane, I mean that in the best way possible

  • Jeremy Robbins
    Jeremy Robbins 9 months ago

    From what I recall 3 foot under starts to diminish rads and 7 foot down is ideal. Issue comes into how tight and clean u have it.

  • Jebowlin
    Jebowlin 9 months ago +44

    I love how Secret is a Hashtag for this and EVERYONE knows!

    • TheVicar
      TheVicar 9 months ago

      Talk like that could make stuff go viral

  • Kill em' to enjoy the silence

    Let's just say your timing with building this is spot on. It may need to be a bit deeper though. 😬

  • Dankification
    Dankification 9 months ago

    I wonder if he’s going to put in a steep staircase going into it or just a ladder

  • Michael Thoma
    Michael Thoma 9 months ago +1

    Holes in the middle of a building wont help much in dire circumstances. Chances are rubble would pile above the hole effectively trapping those inside

  • Ancient Bedrock
    Ancient Bedrock 9 months ago +5

    Furz from down under 😂
    If ya dig much further you may tick off some Australian opal miners ???

  • Mr Neko
    Mr Neko 9 months ago

    Can we expect that the bunker will be extended to deeper rooms and corridors?
    And have the neighbors also started building?

  • Tims howtomake
    Tims howtomake 9 months ago +1

    I already start digging yesterday. But I start directly in my House heading east under the Forest.
    God dig my friends

  • Kuma Lao
    Kuma Lao 9 months ago

    Hey Colin can you dig a little bit "Furzer" into the base of your house? Maybe for the storage of your tea or something. The climate should be very stable there to store things.

  • Nomad Chad
    Nomad Chad 9 months ago

    If only i had started two years ago!, Man that is a lot of work youve put in. its like taking a picture of the moon or of a slope. the videos just sort of show how much work it is but its probly quadruple

  • Adam Hamilton
    Adam Hamilton 9 months ago

    I was actually thinking the exact same thing. If WW3 happens, Colin is safe (well, safer than the rest of us anyway)

  • Dave Langton
    Dave Langton 9 months ago

    If I'm ever able to buy a piece of land to build my own house on and enough extra cash for a decent family saloon car... I'm gonna build me one of these.
    But, the chances of me owning said bit of land, to build my own house on, and having enough money to buy a decent saloon car to build me one of these is low.
    Zero if Vladdy decides to throw his toys out of the buggy.

  • Kasper Lidegaard
    Kasper Lidegaard 9 months ago

    It's good timing for you, I should visit you in England every other Sunday and watch F1 in the bunker, and in that way be safe (when Max and Ham are fighting on the track)

  • memberHD
    memberHD 9 months ago

    Not gonna lie, when all this started kicking off I thought of you and your bunker. Going to have half of England try and climb in there. Make sure your hatches are lockable from the inside

  • TheVicar
    TheVicar 9 months ago

    I understand there's building regulations, but is there such a thing as digging regulations, because digging creates an empty space and I can't guess how nothing could be regulated?

  • Phones and stuff
    Phones and stuff 9 months ago +3

    Guests: ‘why is there a hole in your floor’
    Colin: ‘nothing much just a secret tunnel’

    • Stu C.
      Stu C. 9 months ago

      And that's the problem with a nuclear bunker, you have to keep it absolutely secret or you'll need a pump action shotgun as all your neighbours swarm the house trying to get in when the 5 minute warning goes off.

    • Moe Faraj
      Moe Faraj 9 months ago +1

      Not much of a "secret" anymore, not with about 5+ million views per video!

  • neil 🇬🇧
    neil 🇬🇧 9 months ago

    If it happens, I'm coming to stay with you bro,you make the tea I'll bring the biscuits🤣🤣

  • Steve5x
    Steve5x 9 months ago

    Let’s all just hope that we shouldn’t all be digging.
    We are all a few years work behind you Colin, I don’t think we have time to create what you have done. However, I don’t think your wife will be angry, if you now, show her what you have created! 😉🤣😂

  • Dean Clarkson
    Dean Clarkson 9 months ago

    Colin mate you are a funny and intelligent bloke keep up the hard work pal 👍🏻

  • darkstars101
    darkstars101 9 months ago +2

    Is that going to cause structural issues to the house? Seems like the plumber is out of his depth here.

  • John Zockt
    John Zockt 9 months ago

    Collin knew that he would need this bunker.
    Lets all just dig straight down and we meet in the middle. 👍✌️