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Anything You Can Fit In The Circle I'll Donate To Charity

  • Published on Apr 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    This video was produced by Beast Philanthropy Productions, LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company. Any revenue generated for Beast Philanthropy Productions, LLC from this video will be donated to MrCharity, Inc. dba Beast Philanthropy, a North Carolina 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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  • @sheldor8909

    Mr. Beast, thank you for always being so generous, especially to the charities. I and many others will continue to watch your videos so we can do our own little part to help.

  • @user-bw2bw1nr7i

    I like how Jimmy is like "NO! We're only giving people healthy foods." While there's a cart filled with Kool-Aid

  • @musicalnerd1086

    Growing up my family struggled with money. We got a lot of our food from local food banks. But the food literally always sucked. Like nothing with flavor. So seeing you guys donate food and actually care about the people who will be eating it is very refreshing. It makes me happy to see. I hope to do something similar to what you're doing in the future

  • @artsyava5469

    The fact that you do SO much for others makes me love you and your channel. We need more people like you in the world and on Clip-Share.

  • @evoau
    @evoau  +1

    Mr Beast is a great role model putting other before himself.

  • @DreamSurferRelaxation

    To anybody reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind may clarity replace confusion. may peace and calmness fill your life.

  • @doug_barnard

    Jimmy: We're only giving people healthy foods.

  • @100ksubsChallengeandmore

    These guy excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone,s spirits ❤️

  • @starjaani82

    One of the best thing about this dude is that he never takes creadat for him self when he achieve something he allows respect us..

  • @erikpeters2217

    Coming from someone who struggles with food insecurity and housing issues, its good to see that there are people who care about the less fortunate. Thank you Mr Beast for continuously giving to charites.

  • @thefighter9860

    It’s cool seeing how Darren has grown into a little bit of a personality on Beast Philanthropy

  • @goodvibesonlygoodvibes9669

    My son and I watch your videos every night. Your mom must be so proud of you! I have no words to describe how lovely I think you are. Thank you for all of the life changing things you have done for thousands of people. You are sincerely kind. The world needs more kindness. Thank you♡

  • @Losses
    @Losses  +1

    Respect for Mr Beast for keeping the circle big to help with the donations, such a big heart

  • @dankantor9784

    Jimmy man I really adore you, you guys are such a wonderful group

  • @macplural8601

    This man has changed so many peoples’ lives, and brought so many people together. He is so generous and wholesome, he is the kindest Clip-Sharer out there!

  • @happykittens1282

    You are the best role model! Thank you for all you do.

  • @jeremiahthomas4264

    As someone from india , thank you for helping the homeless in costa rica find a home that they can be safe in . You truly deserve those 101 million subscribers ,congratulations my self jermy 😉😉

  • @mairasantos6866

    Jimmy sempre ajudando quem precisa... Bom saber que tem pessoas ajuda ainda as pessoas

  • @ddurp8378
    @ddurp8378  +996

    Jimmy: How tall is this?

  • @aidanchops9432

    I love how mr beast always is so happy giving money away, helping people and making their lives better. I am grateful for him and people like him and I wish their was more people with lots of money that helped out as much as him. Hope everyone has a good day