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🔴 Ukraine War - Ukrainian Special Forces Operate Deep In Russian Held Territory • GoPro Helmet Cam

  • Published on Sep 11, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Stunning footage shows a unit of Ukrainian special forces as they operate deep inside Russian held territory in Ukraine. We video was filmed with the GoPro helmet cam of what appears to be the team leader and shows them conducting a quick textbook operation against a spotted Russian vehicle of the 459th Separate Pontoon Bridge Railroad Battalion of Military Unit 83010.
    There have been a lot of rumors circulating among Russian soldiers stating that highly NATO trained Ukrainian special forces operate deep withing their held territory and well this video seems to confirm that.
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  • Tac
    Tac 8 months ago +3491

    These units are similar to the LRPs ( later changed to LRRP) of Vietnam war (Long Range Patrol) . These small teams conducted missions deep behind enemy lines oftentimes with no outside support whatsoever. Missions included: raids, ambushes, enemy harassment, POW rescues, calling in air strikes and recon. LRP teams consisting of 4-6 men would engage vastly larger forces successfully as a matter of routine spending a week in the jungle stalking the enemy. It is a common misconception that LRPs were strictly uses for reconnaissance. LRPs were the most feared and successful teams operating in Vietnam and at the time, they were so secretive that most enlisted personal didn't even know they existed. The enemy referred to them as the men with the painted faces. Its a shame they never received the same accolades as SEALs or Green Berets , they deserve to be recognized.

    • Investment Idea
      Investment Idea 8 months ago +20

      Link to the clip of raw footage

    • blueskdragonFX
      blueskdragonFX 8 months ago +59

      @Investment Idea Oh look spam links....

    • Steve Osborne
      Steve Osborne 8 months ago +32

      @B V and before they became the SAS the long-range desert group LRDG

    • Account Deleted
      Account Deleted 8 months ago +72

      Kind of, these guys have a far less stealthy core task set. They act as more direct action and raid units than the LRRPs. (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols). The LRRPs were absolutely recognized, and the Army found them so useful they eventually evolved into the nucleus of what we now know as the 75th Ranger Regiment. I'd say these Ukrainian troops are more analogous to the current Rangers, as opposed to their LRRP forefathers.

    • Restless Activity
      Restless Activity 8 months ago +14

      We don't know where these guys are, there's millions of videos with false titles and we don't know who the uploader is neither.
      It's all just for clicks

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S 8 months ago +1053

    Watching real time footage of a current active war from a soldiers body cam is absolutely nuts. The age we live in.

    • Blacklight 110
      Blacklight 110 8 months ago +13

      Tbf wars spread out anywhere but this is probably the first it's happened in the first world and so close to home, against another organized (more or less) military

    • Luke C Walton
      Luke C Walton 8 months ago +4

      Not real time.This wasn't live streamed

    • Cron11
      Cron11 8 months ago +7

      @Blacklight 110 Yeah footage like this has been coming out for a decade or more, usually not between two nations militarys though

  • a
    a 8 months ago +1209

    They're speaking ukrainian(with a slight of russian. So-called "surzhik"). Ukrainians will understand anyways, so I'll write it down in rus. and eng. Most of the words are more or less the same. Corrections are appreciated!
    0:09 - Стоп стрельба (Stop shooting)
    0:11 - Стоп огонь! (Stop fire!) || [Others spreading the order]
    0:14 - (in the distance) Идем добивать! Добивать! (We go finish them off! Finish them!) || [Hard to tell exactly what he's screaming]
    0:16 - Ебашь! (Hit 'em!)
    0:38 - (in the distance) Добивай! (Finish them!) || [Not sure here]
    0:43 - Добивай! (Finish them!)
    0:48 - Серёга! Серёга! Дорогу крой! (Seryoga(Sergey)! Seryoga! Cover the road!)
    0:54 - Вперeд, вперeд! Вперeд! (Forward, forward! Forward!)
    1:17 - Вперeд! (Forward!)
    1:21 - Быстрее! (Faster!) (ukr. Швидше!)
    1:24 - Серёга, дорогу крой (Seryoga, cover the road)
    1:30 - Быстро забрали и отход! (Quickly take it and fallback!) (ukr. Швидко забрали i отход!) || [They may be talking about looting the car]
    1:35 - (in the distance) Забрали - отход! (Once taken - fallback!) (ukr. Забрали - відхід!) || [Probably]
    1:36 - Бегом! (Quickly!)
    1:38 - Фланг забирай, Серёга! (Take the flank, Seryoga!)
    1:52 - Серёга, крой дорогу! (Seryoga, cover the road!)
    1:54 - (in the distance) Валера, ходу, ходу (Valera, move, move)
    2:02 - Один? (One?) || [Asking how many there was]
    2:05 - Крой, крой, крой (Cover, cover, cover)
    2:07 - Горит, горит, Валера! (It's burning, it's burning, Valera!)
    2:10 - Отход! (Fallback!)
    2:14 - Коридор! (Corridor!) || [Not sure, might be something else. Order to form a corridor? A question to his mate about the timing?]
    2:18 - Три минуты! (Three minutes!) (ukr. Три хвилини!)
    2:21 - Три минуты контакт (Three minutes contact) (ukr. Три хвилини контакт)
    2:29 - Пулеметчик, вперед! (Machinegunner, to the front!)
    2:35 - Забрали рюкзак! (Take the backpack! OR We've taken the backpack!)
    2:43 - Быстрее, быстрее, вещи забрали (Faster, faster, take the stuff OR we've taken the stuff) (ukr. Швидше, швидше, майно забрали)
    2:51 - Вперед, вперед! (Move, move!)
    2:56 - Иван, где вещи? (Ivan, where's the stuff?) (ukr. Iван, де майно?)
    2:59 - Рюкзак где? (Where's the backpack?)
    3:02 - Вперед, вперед, вытягивай людей, забирай. (Move, move, pull the people out of here)
    In the end, when they're talking about the backback, they could be talking about the looted one, not the cameraman's as I though previously. In that case, the conjugation changes to past perfect. They had taken some stuff. Now it makes sense why they were using the word "забирай" previously - they wanted to take something from the car.
    But I didn't see any backpacks in their hands, when they retreated. Anyways🤷‍♂

    • Boukm3n
      Boukm3n 8 months ago +110

      You the real MVP

    • 香港警察死全家
      香港警察死全家 8 months ago +69

      Thanks for your translation, tremendous help

    • JRyan Demesa
      JRyan Demesa 8 months ago +24

      Thank you sir for the translate

    • Mike G
      Mike G 8 months ago +41

      Damn. That’s a lot of work. Thank you

      JUSTACHIPN 8 months ago +6


  • WM
    WM 8 months ago +203

    As someone born in 1993 I’ve only ever known war to be in the desert. Seeing warfare in forests/fields (being from midwest usa I grew up around) is very surreal to see.

    • Jonathan Lemon
      Jonathan Lemon 8 months ago +7

      Hmmm watch some war documentaries lol. War can happen and has happened on every corner of the Earth besides Antarctica

    • planetsector9
      planetsector9 7 months ago +12

      Afghanistan had forests

    • static
      static 6 months ago +1

      @Jonathan Lemon how could he possibly be talking about his own experiences HAH you certainly showed him

    • Richard Cowen
      Richard Cowen 5 months ago +2

      I'm about a decade older than you, so I remember the civil wars in what was Yugoslavia - particularly Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Even if the architecture's different from what we're used to in Western Europe and the US, the countryside is uncomfortably familiar.

  • King penguin
    King penguin 8 months ago +301

    I personally think that the texts are really good and helps the viewers really understand what is happening and it also gives further context. Mistakes are mistakes and I personally haven't seen any major spelling mistakes yet. Good Job and God bless to all the people working at this channel. Big thanks for the updates :D

    • worldoftancraft
      worldoftancraft 8 months ago

      There was always the classic error of full-Anglo approach: treat thing written in Latin with some respect, while fully butcher anything written in Cyrillic and call it "Romanisation".

    • snorman1911
      snorman1911 7 months ago

      Well said, the texts are terrific. Otherwise I dont know what is going on or who is who.

    • kcgunesq
      kcgunesq 6 months ago

      Agree. Don't worry about. Your English is better than our Ukrainian or Russian.

    • Другой формат
      Другой формат 2 months ago

      I don't know what the author of the video wrote in the subtitles, but they don't really say anything on the video. So only: Serega - cover, Andryukha - keep the road, Have they taken everything? , moving away

  • David Phelps
    David Phelps 7 months ago +71

    I was a LRRP team leader with Co D Rangers in Vietnam and watching the professionalism of this ambush brought back some memories.. From the assault, to flank security and rally point..

    • Your going to Brazil
      Your going to Brazil 7 months ago +5

      Jesus man thanks for your service

    • Payton Cortez
      Payton Cortez 6 months ago

      Oh yeah that’s dope man, what was your rank?

    • aing
      aing 4 months ago

      Win vietnam

    • LeanderAUT
      LeanderAUT 4 months ago

      Sorry to say this but this is like nothing special, just normal TTP for an ambush. What’s so outstanding having a Rallye point. Flank security is taught to every newbie’s who join the infantry plus the commander shoots at the target when his guys are 50 or so metres in front of his muzzle. Plus the target is a lone vehicle of some bridge building engineers. Not really a target that’s usually hit by SOF guys.

  • DaMainDude
    DaMainDude 8 months ago +3170

    Don't apologize for any minor mistakes -> just keep on posting your great content!

    • Investment Idea
      Investment Idea 8 months ago +6

      Here is the full video:

    • J Strålis
      J Strålis 8 months ago +4

      Yes! 👍😀

    • KeyAKAaBag
      KeyAKAaBag 8 months ago +2

      @Investment Idea cheers

    • KeyAKAaBag
      KeyAKAaBag 8 months ago

      whaaa t you enjoyed the vid?

  • Victor Muller
    Victor Muller 8 months ago +61

    This is crazy, getting into an area full of enemies while shooting and walking on an open road is too easy of a target. Don't let the emotions and adrenaline drive your actions and stick with the training warriors! Thanks for sharing it, and our prayer is for this war to end soon!

    • lawler1544
      lawler1544 8 months ago +1

      I thought the exact same thing!! Stay within the treeline for as long as possible before crossing over the road, making sure all of you are covered at all times.

      VITKO MUSIC 8 months ago +2

      Yup. Being in open is bad. But deep in enemy territory there are only patrols. Goin on.

    • Евгений Бурыкин
      Евгений Бурыкин 7 months ago +8

      Because this is Hollywood

    • Ainyr Tagirov
      Ainyr Tagirov 7 months ago

      @Евгений Бурыкин о один адекватный человек

    • Тимофей Колисниченко
      Тимофей Колисниченко Month ago

      Это тикток, врага нет на видео

  • David Crnoglavac
    David Crnoglavac 8 months ago +271

    without a doubt the most effective type of warfare, small groups disturbing the enemy backlines.
    Obviously you need to be pretty bad ass and iron willed in order to fight alone without support, but just like snipers in a good position, being able to hit your target and escape is absolutely devastating for any type of big military operations, organizing and maneuver are key to success.

    • Jirka Zalabák
      Jirka Zalabák 8 months ago +11

      I am not sure about "most effective", but it definitely plays on the enemy´s nerves, that´s for sure.

    • Francis Moon
      Francis Moon 8 months ago

      But is it superior to the king kong tactics??

    • jimsturt1423
      jimsturt1423 8 months ago +1

      What does it accomplish? Seems like a lot of effort dedicated to destroying 4 guys in a jeep.

  • Ric
    Ric 5 months ago +7

    Quite a different ballgame than what I experienced in Afghanistan and Iraq. The lack of air support sends chills down my spine. The nights I heard the warthogs raising hell I actually slept better vs the deadly silent nights. Alternating from desert to forest in Afghanistan was intense. I see SF/CIA training in these Ukrainian movements.

  • P K
    P K 8 months ago +174

    Of course there need to be english subtitles! How else rest of the world understands these great videos? I get tears in my eyes watching succesfull moments for Ukrainian army. I support whole heartedly Ukrainian brave people. Luckily they were not equally determined in winter 1939 when they attacked my home country and yes that attack was not their decision...

    • Konstantin Sokolov
      Konstantin Sokolov 8 months ago +6


    • Konstantin Sokolov
      Konstantin Sokolov 8 months ago +7

      Мужик на тракторе ехал хлеб убирать, а они его взорвали!!!

    • Mar kz
      Mar kz 8 months ago +2

      @Konstantin Sokolov Главное, чтобы тракторист был русским.

    • Konstantin Sokolov
      Konstantin Sokolov 8 months ago +1

      @Mar kz у тебя прямо ненависть к русским!?

    • Павел Михальцов
      Павел Михальцов 8 months ago

      @Konstantin Sokolov Ты дальше почитай ) ржать будешь целый месяц

  • Mmtoss
    Mmtoss 5 months ago +16

    Praying for the Ukrainian people, soldiers and Russian soldiers who are forced to fight in this needless war

  • El wacho
    El wacho 8 months ago +2862

    Fighting for your land IN your land its actually the most patriotic thing ever.

    • Investment Idea
      Investment Idea 8 months ago +6

      Link to the clip of raw footage

    • OG Zephyr
      OG Zephyr 8 months ago +56

      Pressure forms diamonds, it’s inspiring really. They can say all they want about Ukraine but they can’t say they’re not patriotic and brave. (Edit because autocorrect)

    • anonymous gamer
      anonymous gamer 8 months ago +69


    • anonymous gamer
      anonymous gamer 8 months ago +50

      🇷🇺 Russia 🇷🇺

    • ET Baby
      ET Baby 8 months ago +5

      Not even close to correct.

  • Jonathan Jack Goodman
    Jonathan Jack Goodman 8 months ago +7

    I appreciate the stories you bring to the world and all the work it takes to accomplish that goal. Thank you for what you all do.

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A 8 months ago +11

    I think you guys do a great job brining us this content. Your editing has improved. Your writing skills have improved. Your English has improved. Disregard all the haters and negative commenters. Keep doin what you’re doin!

  • 58Rev
    58Rev Month ago

    Your content is superb and "on point", there is no fat or needless noise, just factual and straightforward- or as much as can be made from a fluid situation. This was a small slice of the ongoing war in Ukraine, it's good to be able to see the SOF teams doing what they need to do and doing it well, though I imagine it doesn't always go smoothly. Thanks for the excellent glimpse into Ukraine's behind the line's war. Slava Ukraini!

  • Iiro Iso-Ilomäki
    Iiro Iso-Ilomäki 8 months ago +2

    Great Video! And keep up with the good content!
    This seems like a modern version of what finnish long range patrols (kaukopartio in finnish) did in the Winter War and Continuation War. Small groups were deployed well behind the russian lines to sabotage their operations and cause havoc among the russian troops. They were deployed by various means, sometimes with aircraft, sometimes just sneaking through the frontlines. These soldiers are legends, they endured insane conditions with constant enemy pressure.
    That being said, these ukrainian guys are the same. Operating behind enemy lines on enemy territory under constant threat of being caught demands not only good physical strength and good organized activity, but also tremendous amounts of psychological strength. Slava Ukraini, may they keep hidden and continue their good work.

  • lott nio
    lott nio 4 months ago +7

    Text is a good thing and don’t mind misspelling (many viewers are not native English speakers anyway so many won’t notice nor care little mistakes). Fight is the most important thing Ukrainian people are doing. Slava Ukraini!

  • Justin Atest
    Justin Atest 8 months ago +355

    I love that you included the maps. However I am aware of where Kreminna is, and neither of your maps really showed its location. Showing the first map with Severodonetsk in frame would have been the best, to give the town it's best context. Having the town highlighted on the second map would have also been useful.

    • Stock On truth Channel
      Stock On truth Channel 8 months ago

      Here is the full video that explain

    • Investment Idea
      Investment Idea 8 months ago +2

      Link to the clip of raw footage

    • Proud Patriot
      Proud Patriot 8 months ago +3

      I was thinking it was bad for OPSEC to include locations

    • E Ud
      E Ud 8 months ago +4

      Да это артисты местного театра)) на западной украине

    • Justin Atest
      Justin Atest 8 months ago +4

      @Proud Patriot Any posting of clips is bad for OPSEC. The clip is out, presumably released by UA. Regardless of that, showing a map with both Kreminna and SvD at the same time is not bad for OPSEC.
      But I agree, we should all be erring on the side of caution with regard to the images posted.

  • papa Lapulapu
    papa Lapulapu 8 months ago +8

    Your text are really helpful for us to understand what's happening. Typos are ok as long as we understand the context. Thank you for your team's hardwork. Hope to see more videos from your channel.

  • Terrance Roberts
    Terrance Roberts 8 months ago +29

    Haters will always hate. Their comments are because you are doing a great job and they are trying to discredit you. Just keep doing what you are doing, and dont apologise. You are showing us an insight into your war and we appreciate your efforts. Good luck from Aus.

    • ПротивМразей
      ПротивМразей 8 months ago +3

      Верно, слава России, наше дело правое, враг будет разбит, победа будет за нами!!! Конец всем фашистам и нацистам. Россия снова спасает мир от этой нечисти. Боже, храни великую Россию!!!

  • SL7eVen
    SL7eVen 8 months ago +1

    Out of curiosity, what purpose would a small squad like this serve other than too annoy a large enemy held terroritory?
    This unit is engaging deep behind enemy lines and from my understanding can't return back to their own terroritory to return Intel, supplies, etc.
    I'm impressed by their vigilance and spirt but also curious about their objective

    • ahab
      ahab 5 months ago

      Harassing supply lines + command and control. Recon for artillery fire and mapping the battlespace. Tying up what would be frontline troops, creating confusion within enemy lines. Also annoying an enemy with probing attacks allows you to estimate their force strength which is valuable intel

  • DJ 253
    DJ 253 8 months ago

    It’d be nice as an English speaker to know what’s being said, but descriptions and longer videos are just as appreciated. Keep up the good work!

    • Igor Orlov
      Igor Orlov 8 months ago +1

      They fetched some sort of a backpack belonging to the dead driver. It appears as if it was a valuable target.

  • Karl Dubhe
    Karl Dubhe 6 months ago

    Thank you for providing any subtitles at all. I'm nearly deaf, and there's a language barrier, but the text helps.

  • 101st Grunt
    101st Grunt 8 months ago +425

    That was an awesome video, I'm an old infantryman from the 101st airborne and I could recognize the way that operation was conducted,it had a very (non eastern Europe feel) to it😉 I would have enjoyed seeing the initial contact though and the follow through of elimination of the enemy. I hope someone took identification of the dead and any maps or intelligence you may have found.

    • 187Rajah
      187Rajah 8 months ago +28

      Doesn't seem it is official russian army forces.
      The car is "Niva", offroad vehicle, camouflage, but isn't in use in army.
      Cameraman said "one" when was near car, so, only one killed, and it might be staged video.
      It might be local one, maybe humanitarian volunteer.. They also can use camouflage etc..

    • Metin X
      Metin X 8 months ago +29

      @187Rajah its not even such a great video, there is plenty if videos how ordinary russian troops fight with so called special forces and you can see both sides terrible mistakes theres even also a recent video how 2 russian troops fight off 4 ukraine special force under a bridge but however this is just a simple vehicle looks like has no protection nothing small car get shot by 6/7 guys full auto waiting to ambush so this is not really a video to show off how great the special forces are.

  • Continuity
    Continuity 8 months ago +195

    Lerp teams were more about covert reconnaissance than direct action elements from my understanding. They were called the ghosts of the jungle. You don’t remain a ghost by attacking the enemy. The idea of the lerps was to infiltrate the jungle and covertly gather intelligence on enemy location, strength etc and report back. Not engage. This Ukrainian unit is performing a more harassment function similar to SAS in WW2.

    • nzuiz
      nzuiz 8 months ago +2

      exactly what i was thinking an if they pull forces to deal with them then they can advance in any other region thats being locked down. hopefully this is on a bigger scale an they can start to exploit Russia's extended logistics network

    • Mike Taylor
      Mike Taylor 8 months ago +3

      lrrps were good for infiltrating enemy held areas calling in air and artillery on n.v.a. rally points and camps then exfiltrating they did pack a lot of firepower for if by chance they were found out.

    • Kerry Arrant
      Kerry Arrant 8 months ago +1

      Leap story, upon contact with Arvn, ran for river about 3 miles, 6 men ,1 wounded being carried by Sgt.on his back. Shot rope across ravine and hand over hand to other side. Lost one on crossing dropped 20 feet into the river. Never saw him again. Ran 20 miles, wounded guy survived. Related by Vietnam Vet who told a much longer story.

    • Tey Tyes
      Tey Tyes 8 months ago +1

      @Kerry Arrant with all due respect, thats some badass shit. Shame about the loss, but i doubt you go onto a mission expecting you'll survive.

      SOLOMON OF JACKSONVILLE 8 months ago

      More like LARP TEAMS

  • James Slough
    James Slough 8 months ago +2

    Amazing job posting these videos. I don’t need to read most of the captions because the bullets going downrange give me a pretty good idea of what is going on. Great job filming an ambush and firefight. Slava Ukraine!

  • T J
    T J 8 months ago +1

    The Hog Rider is a Rare card that is unlocked from the Spell Valley (Arena 5). He is a quick building-targeting, melee troop with moderately high hitpoints and damage. He appears just like his Clash of Clans counterpart; a man with brown eyebrows, a beard, a mohawk, and a golden body piercing in his left ear who is riding a hog. A Hog Rider card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.

    • ProfShibe
      ProfShibe Month ago

      hog always gets a hit...

  • Qualified Astronaut
    Qualified Astronaut 8 months ago +4

    Please don't feel the need to apologise, you guys are doing great with this channel! Keep it up!

  • Знакомый Знакомого

    Вот голос и говор настоящих орков!

  • Анатоль
    Анатоль 8 months ago +82

    по кадрам ощущение, что врага нет. Бегут стреляют... по открытой поляне..

    • alex toppen
      alex toppen 8 months ago +3

      Цель достигнута, епт. Комментов тьма.

    • Серый кардинал
      Серый кардинал 8 months ago +16

      Мне вообще кажется что они гражданских вальнули, и поняли это когда к машине подошли. Были бы русские куча кадров было б сделано

    • Анатоль
      Анатоль 8 months ago +7

      @alex toppen цель видео постановочного?

    • denis Kim
      denis Kim 8 months ago +9

      Гражданских завалили и счастливы

    • Евгений Лещенко
      Евгений Лещенко 8 months ago +9

      ага, в ответ ни одного выстрела, стреляют не прицельно даже, ни одного тела не видно в кадре, чисто кино снимают

  • steven russell
    steven russell 8 months ago +17

    Well done thoughts and prayers with you all glory to Ukraine

    • Danger Гордиенко
      Danger Гордиенко 2 months ago

      Ахаха мда, Слава России к сожалению нацисты ещё остались, дай бог здоровья ветеранам которые жили и освободили нашу страну от них и здоровья удачи тем кто сейчас на передовой

  • Gilbert V
    Gilbert V 8 months ago +7

    Don't worry about the spelling or that side of the channel. Do your best and keep focus you guys on your mission ahead. You all rock I wish I could be in control of more in America to help send more but what incredible endeavor thus for. Your the natives of that land. Never give it up. #slavaukraina

  • Iain Ballas
    Iain Ballas 8 months ago

    Hopefully after these guys win their war, they can come to the US and train our own special forces in modern warfare. Without a doubt, Ukraine Armed Forces have proven themselves (when properly equipped) as the equal of any NATO top power. With their practical experience, they would hugely improve our own combat capabilities.

    • Josh
      Josh 6 months ago

      You’ve gotta be joking 😂😂😂

  • Paul Wolfie
    Paul Wolfie 8 months ago +15

    Thanks guys for this proper video that shows the Ukrainian forces in action.
    Very interesting to see, they look like a formidable force!.. stay safe guys🙏 and good luck!👌✌️🇺🇦✌️🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇸 and no problem with typo errors guys!.just keep showing these videos 👍

    • Олег Троль
      Олег Троль 8 months ago +1

      A crowd of militants who shot civilian vehicles and civilians. Is this a formidable force? You either watched the video badly, or you don't know what war crimes the armed forces of Ukraine have been committing for a long time.

    • Paul Wolfie
      Paul Wolfie 8 months ago

      @Олег Троль talking bollocks!!1😴

    • Олег Троль
      Олег Троль 8 months ago

      @Paul Wolfie Can you prove the opposite? And not to say pretentious words.

    • Paul Wolfie
      Paul Wolfie 8 months ago

      @Олег Троль you prove it then??.. you seem to know everything!

  • MSBugge
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    About 150 mostly US Special Operations personnel were pulled from Ukraine prior to the war starting in late February. They were there to train Ukrainian troops at a base in western Ukraine. Now they’re conducting training at bases inside Britain, France, and Germany. Some CIA personnel have remained inside of Ukraine, mostly in Kyiv, and are disseminating the intelligence that the US is sharing with Ukraine.

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