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Food Theory: I SOLVED KFC's Secret Recipe! (KFC Chicken)

  • Published on Jan 23, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Food Theorists, this is not the first time I've talked about KFC or Colonel Sanders on this channel and I'm sure it won't be the last. However, today just may be the most important day on this channel... if you love fried chicken like I do! You see, I believe I have figured out the SECRET recipe that makes KFC chicken taste so good. Join us as we taste test our way to the best homemade fried chicken EVER! Science has never tasted so good.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
    Editors: Forrest Lee and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
    #KFCRecipe #KFC #ColonelSanders #Chicken #KentuckyFriedChicken #FriedChicken #FastFood #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory
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Comments • 17 379

  • wegs
    wegs 2 years ago +13363

    Food theory: whenever MatPat wants something to eat from a fast food chain, he makes a food theory video

    • Arctic_SunsetCat
      Arctic_SunsetCat 4 days ago

      I mean, the channels are a tax write-off at this point

    • Purplexed9 Music
      Purplexed9 Music 4 days ago +1

      BUT HEY, that's JUST a theory, a CONSPIRACY THEORY. Thanks for liking this comment.

    • Munchkin
      Munchkin 13 days ago

      @urban_g00se_27 agreed

    • banana from hell
      banana from hell Month ago

      Food theory theory

  • Classic
    Classic 11 months ago +2461

    theory: everytime the recipe gets correctly leaked they slightly change it and acts like its a lie and everyone belives them just because it tastes slightly different from the old leaked reciple

  • Epidemix
    Epidemix Year ago +2795

    Okay, but all theories set aside and their correctness or not, it is honestly just a blast seeing Steph and Matt together. They are just absolutely adorable, and it's nice to see a serious internet relationship that's not filled with toxicity. It genuinely puts a smile on my face watching them be so happy together and it's truly what makes videos like this so special. Love you guys

    • jinx86
      jinx86 Month ago +2

      The no pepper in the house thing is pretty toxic

    • Devin Aswani
      Devin Aswani Month ago

      in a few of there other episodes on food theory they make food for olie to taste test as he is unbaised

    • TheGamingShiba
      TheGamingShiba Month ago

      facts no fruciken cap

    • 𝕍0ℝ𝔸
      𝕍0ℝ𝔸 6 months ago

      @angiee! #MYA4PREZLIV4VICE huh
      re watch it again
      and again
      give him money

    • angiee! #MYA4PREZLIV4VICE
      angiee! #MYA4PREZLIV4VICE 6 months ago

      @𝕍0ℝ𝔸 I just re watched it andb I saw it!

  • Aglibomph
    Aglibomph 3 months ago +783

    stuff like this makes me wonder how many lists matpat is on

  • ImRic
    ImRic Year ago +630

    I bought the 99X a few months back when I first saw this episode. actual cooked it today (oncamera). Its is so close I no longer worry about buying KFC. You must do double spice from recommended and 50% more salt. I also cook it 20 minutes covered after it is browned on both sides flipping once. This gives it the texture that KFC has with its pressure cook method. You will never get it exact without the pressure cooker but the spice is correct.

    • Peter Yanes
      Peter Yanes Day ago

      Where can. U buy it I can't find it

    • O Gui Blindao
      O Gui Blindao 2 months ago

      Please pass the recipe

    • Rencol666
      Rencol666 4 months ago +3

      can you give link to the exact same package they are using? i wasnt able to find (im situated in europe)

    • h rex
      h rex 6 months ago +4

      Graces perfect blend is a more accurate spice blend you can purchase.

    • Jose Alfonso
      Jose Alfonso Year ago +11

      What was your batter and brine or marinade recipe?

  • Ash
    Ash 2 months ago +130

    I’m not surprised the citric acid made the 99-X taste more similar to KFC. Citrus is such a great chicken additive that definitely improves the flavor especially when fried/baked.

    • RomanLegion
      RomanLegion 2 days ago

      What if it was just pickle juice

    • Jake Langley
      Jake Langley 25 days ago +7

      ​@Kareem Sarhan never heard of baked chicken before?

    • Kareem Sarhan
      Kareem Sarhan 29 days ago


  • AmbassadorCoW
    AmbassadorCoW 2 years ago +9804

    Solution: Get people who are allergic to a single spice and find 11 different spices that people are allergic to. Boom theory done xD

    • Ashley’s Dancing to Hopeworld
      Ashley’s Dancing to Hopeworld Day ago

      Its not basil. I’m allergic and I can still eat KFC

    • Rhys Williams
      Rhys Williams 8 days ago

      It's fairly simple to find out the ingredients these days tbh. The measurements of each is the golden ticket.

    • LeleR
      LeleR 8 days ago

      ​@AmbassadorCoW either you're a psychopath or the jokes you make kind of sound a bit serious😅

    • LeleR
      LeleR 8 days ago

      Imagine committing murder killing someone over chicken recipe Hey it's probably a joke right... right?

    • Onyyx
      Onyyx 9 days ago

      Wait that’s actually genius😊

  • Ellington Lilly
    Ellington Lilly Year ago +809

    As someone who’s favourite seasoning is pepper I can’t imagine not being allowed to have pepper at home. I literally buy pepper by the pound and go through it in a month or two tops. I wanna know what happened with pepper to cause this. The curiosity is immense.

    • Chris White
      Chris White Month ago

      @A WH ok, good for you dude

    • jinx86
      jinx86 Month ago +5

      @Chicken Permission doesn't give her tbe right to push that onto others

    • jinx86
      jinx86 Month ago +4

      I get not liking it but forcing others to not have it is strange and controlling

    • EmmaLovesHampters
      EmmaLovesHampters Month ago +2

      my strange addiction- but no seriously me too lol

    • Ant
      Ant 2 months ago

      @F.H.S I have literally no idea, since it was ages ago, sorry!

  • Amythest Muse
    Amythest Muse 9 months ago +306

    Actually on the fruit bit, it's not as unlikely as one might think. A bit of citrus zest or juice can add to certain flavor combinations, or help you power through something that is extra greasy.
    Did Ollie get any fried Chicken?

    • M.I.6
      M.I.6 4 days ago

      No he didn’t

    • LexifromZargon
      LexifromZargon 2 months ago +6

      Where I'm from its really standard to put lemon juice on fried meat

    • Skulgan
      Skulgan 2 months ago +5

      I mean, yeah - lemon pepper chicken, man.

  • R van bergen
    R van bergen 3 months ago +142

    Harland Sanders didn't use the pressure fryer for taste, you know. He invented it himself, for speed.

    • LisaBelle
      LisaBelle 16 days ago

      ...and tenderness. Pressure cooking breaks down proteins and makes the meat fall apart/tender - fast.

    • R van bergen
      R van bergen Month ago +1

      @Kareem Sarhan That's what they said in The Food That Built America. I have no reason to doubt their claims.

    • Kareem Sarhan
      Kareem Sarhan Month ago

      are you sure¿¿

  • Emily Ward
    Emily Ward Year ago +68

    Made some fried chicken recently using the 99-X seasoning and it did taste really close to contemporary KFC. I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Fazkrueger
      Fazkrueger 8 months ago +3

      Try adding some citric acid. There's a mild difference, but it's bound to improve the taste.

  • Telma Borges
    Telma Borges 4 months ago +53

    Matpat missed a really good dad joke “we are putting the best con-tenders to the test.”

  • Felix Corcoran
    Felix Corcoran Year ago +4113

    As a KFC employee, I can confirm that 99x looks right. The proportions are approximately 11kgs flour to 400g seasoning and 400g salt, with 100g of dried milk and egg mix

    • Sasson10
      Sasson10 Month ago

      Problem is, what are the seasonings?

    • TechNewsEveryWeek
      TechNewsEveryWeek Month ago

      What about KFC in African or asian countries?
      Shipping takes forever to get to these locations making it more expensive to do.

    • Somoud Barghouthy
      Somoud Barghouthy 2 months ago +1

      What is your last wish?

    • @@rya's studio
      @@rya's studio 2 months ago

      rip felix corocan
      He prob died cuz kentucky fried hitman got him
      may he be missed (well he kinda reveald the secret)

    • dit f pivi
      dit f pivi 3 months ago

      KFC is going to fire you

  • Draco Clouse
    Draco Clouse Year ago +29

    I absolutely LOVE the little things you notice once you watch a few times, like the "This is just a damned ball of dough with chicken in it." - Colonel Sanders on the new KFC recipe in the shown newspaper. I also liked the "Make chicken and stop getting into fist fights!" Note from Claudia.

  • Eyes_Espresso
    Eyes_Espresso 6 months ago +46

    There was a whole missed opportunity to say "con-tenders" even though it's on-the-bone fried chicken 😂

    • gerghgh herb
      gerghgh herb 9 days ago

      Probably why they didn't say it, because it would have made no sense

  • Grey Rains
    Grey Rains 10 months ago +49

    Stephanie: "It's almost like people who do analysis on the internet overcompensate things..."
    Steph Rolls a nat 20 on her speech check
    Matpat suffers from EMOTIONAL DAMAGE.

    • Jimmy'sThoughts
      Jimmy'sThoughts 25 days ago +2

      It was overcomplicate, not overcompensate. That said, absolutely spot on by steph, lol

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford Year ago +58

    Im a culinary school graduate and i can confirm a capital T means Tablespoon. also citric acid makes your mouth water. Could make the chicken seem more juicy

    • I Dislike Miis
      I Dislike Miis 7 months ago

      @seraphyne13 same, but then again, like you, I do bake a lot and most of my recipes are either older (my great-grandmother and grandmother) or online. I learned the T and t from my dad when we are doing another relatives recipe because where I live we use S and s instead (for "spise Ske" and "tee Ske"). We use the actual spine instead of the the word before

    • seraphyne13
      seraphyne13 7 months ago +1

      And I thought Rusty Shackelford was an international man of mystery/exterminator (of bugs and other things...) 😁

    • seraphyne13
      seraphyne13 7 months ago +4

      As I was watching this, I thought it was common knowledge that 'T' = Tablespoon and 't' = teaspoon. But then I cook a lot.
      And while I've always known tablespoon is table... spoon, I literally just noticed that teaspoon is tea... spoon. Which is why a teaspoon is a smaller measurement. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I hate it when the universe slaps me in the face with face with my own stupidity...

  • Alexsander Ivan
    Alexsander Ivan Month ago +8

    So fun fact: here in Brazil (and maybe in other countries in South America, idk), using fruits like lime to spice up chicken is very common, and it is delicious

  • Ravenpotter
    Ravenpotter 2 years ago +3613

    Update: Matpat has mysteriously disappeared from him home and in his place is a apology note saying he was wrong and a box of KFC. Matpat has never been seen again

  • lolpol
    lolpol Year ago +95

    a tip when making this: dip the chicken in an egg mixture so that the herbs and spices +the flour stays on the chicken

    • lookoutforchris
      lookoutforchris 20 days ago

      From the kfc Taino g videos they just use water and coat the chicken twice. Doesn’t seem very appealing but that’s what’s in the video.

    • King Spina
      King Spina 8 months ago +4

      Thought that was how you do it?

    • Emerald Emperor
      Emerald Emperor 10 months ago +8

      They did this, they mention the egg bath

  • Harokou Jishou
    Harokou Jishou Year ago +23

    I don't know if it's normal everywhere else to marinate their chicken with citrus among others, but it is REALLY GOOD, try it sometime, it gives a faint lick of delicious and juicy sweetness to your chicken!! We marinate the chicken a little with a little salt and pepper with citrus (calamansi, specifically) and then we cover it with generally any kind of coating you may want to use after an hour at least of marinating. It's great if you know your ingredients well!

    • LexifromZargon
      LexifromZargon 2 months ago

      Fr fr i thought its common knowledge that citrus and meats like chicken go great together love dripping some lemon juice on mine

    • Harokou Jishou
      Harokou Jishou 4 months ago

      @Bagel Brain it's also a really good alternative to vinegar to soften the meet and make it juicy!

    • Bagel Brain
      Bagel Brain 4 months ago +1

      Fr, I don't know why they were so fuzzed about adding citrics, I love that flavor and I can't eat anything if it doesn't have that citric flavor, so when I'm cooking chicked i'll always add that

  • Hedera
    Hedera 3 months ago +12

    I wanted to point out that there are multiple kinds of paprika, not all of them spicy. I learned this the hard way 😬

  • Terry Wisniewski
    Terry Wisniewski Year ago +10

    99-x is very accurate. Besides using pressure frying, everyone I see trying to reproduce fails to use a milk and egg dip prior to coating. Original recipe spice mixes originally came in two bags, one with the "11 herbs and spices" mixed with the flour, and the other bag which was powdered eggs and powdered milk which you mixed with water. chicken was dunked into egg/milk dip, drained, breaded and fried.

    • Jimmy'sThoughts
      Jimmy'sThoughts 25 days ago

      They fail to do that because KFC doesn't do that. There may be milk or eggs in the ingredients, but it's all together and there's no pre dipping. When the ingredients are put together at the KFC, it's a big ol' bag of flour and two smaller bags that get mixed together with the flour. The chicken gets dipped but that's into water because it's bloody, so it's being cleaned off. After being cleaned off, the chicken goes straight into a tub that holds all the ingredients, which were thoroughly mixed. If it isn't obvious, I worked at a KFC as a cook.

  • fax wizard
    fax wizard 5 days ago

    I absolutely love your fashion sense and you are so wholesome. Thank you for making my childhood, keep doing what you're doing and don't let the haters negatively impact you.

  • Eye Walker
    Eye Walker 2 years ago +3174

    We need to invent taste-o-vision for this exact moment

    • Mike the Goo
      Mike the Goo 2 months ago

      It already exists

    • Isabella Eaton
      Isabella Eaton 2 months ago

      That’s a good invention idea

    • Enoshima-P
      Enoshima-P 2 months ago

      @David Wolfish tastes like regret

    • poo
      poo Year ago

      @Just Weird Stuff Idkbro its called cursed comments not cursed replies

  • Bob Hakes
    Bob Hakes Year ago +20

    after working in the food industry and supplying the breading to local KFC 's after reciving the wrong breading on one occasion the blowback was instinctanous with the threat of losing the contract to supply them unless the right product was replaced . it was the supplyers fault not ours so we managed to save the contract but found out that the kfc recipe is based on location not the same for everyone

  • The Bone Witch
    The Bone Witch Year ago +11

    So funny story, my dad works for a food blending company, and early 2000s his company partnered with KFC (I live in Kentucky) and he and the rest of his company had to sign a waiver that stated he and the company would never leak what the Spicy blend was. He told me this later and said that they made the blend, make chicken, and tasted it. But he doesn’t remember what the blends were because he said he forgot. 👀👀 Also love the videos Mat across all channels!!💙

  • lvlygl
    lvlygl 2 months ago +3

    Theories aside, I love the fact that MatPat is wearing a game theory hoodie. It is so incredibly on-brand while being off-brand, and it’s perfect.

  • Teekl Bleak
    Teekl Bleak Year ago +64

    This is the first video I’ve watched of Matpat actually doing stuff with his wife, and they’re so cute together like what? This was adorable

    • Zachary Gilmore
      Zachary Gilmore 8 months ago

      If you want much more of that, then watch their GTLive channel. Steph doesn’t appear in it much anymore because of Ollie, but there are a lot of videos of them playing games and having fun together.

    • Gik Gik
      Gik Gik 8 months ago +2

      She’s patient w him that’s y it works so well. He’s a talker if I ever seen one

  • Gay Spaghetti
    Gay Spaghetti Month ago +4

    I remember a friend of mine from America came over to visit me (I live in Scotland), and their favourite thing to do was to eat at fast food restaurants because they're allergic to soy, and we don't use soy oil over here!
    To elaborate, in the UK, we use vegetable oil, sunflower seed oil, or just plain old butter to fry things as its harder to get soy over here.

  • Khalillian
    Khalillian 2 years ago +772

    Stephanie is dressed like a wise mother while matpat is dressed like a nerdy teen :)

    • Hagen springtrap
      Hagen springtrap 2 years ago +2

      Fits them both equally

    • WildEle
      WildEle 2 years ago +1

      @RevolvingWorld context please?

    • Zoey Deu
      Zoey Deu 2 years ago +4

      First time viewer, didn't know they were married at first. I thought he was 10 years younger than her from what he's wearing and his mannerisms

    • Gentles and Ladymen
      Gentles and Ladymen 2 years ago +2

      @Anzy they do have Stephanie and Matt energy 😮

    • monkey
      monkey 2 years ago +1

      @Anzy trueee

  • Kiko Hernández
    Kiko Hernández Year ago +4

    I just want to say that, as a mexican fan, I really appreciate the way you say the words "telenovela", "Mario López" and "taquitos" (this one from another episode). Love u guys

  • StrongFreak13
    StrongFreak13 5 days ago +1

    Former KFC cook, the 99-X does look like the pack I dump into the flour. It was also a different recipe vs the extra crispy chicken

  • Lauinra Inra
    Lauinra Inra 9 days ago

    An update to this could be to ask chatgpt about the secret recipe and try what it comes up with... Great video by the way! Being a vegetarian who has never ever tried fried chicken I'm surprisingly in awe of the results here 😂

  • Floppywoppy
    Floppywoppy Month ago

    Matt is what everyone wants. Respect your fear of pepper. These two are just perfect for one another 😊

  • DaMightyLamp
    DaMightyLamp 8 months ago +13

    Saddest part of this episode (even though it’s great) is watching all them wasted wings being left with meat on them

  • P_aizurii
    P_aizurii 2 years ago +1466

    I feel like Matpat made food theory just so that he can include takeouts as part of their business expenses.

    • entertainment theatre
      entertainment theatre 2 years ago +1

      someone commented this on the food theory (which fries is the best) video too

    • Schnee
      Schnee 2 years ago +1

      Im 666 😈

    • Kitkatandahalf
      Kitkatandahalf 2 years ago +3

      YEAH, the snacking in so many episodes kind of just feel like they wanted to chow down lmao

    • Tsuyoshi.
      Tsuyoshi. 2 years ago +1


    • Shiv Devan
      Shiv Devan 2 years ago +2


  • Rika Miarunua
    Rika Miarunua 3 months ago +14

    I think you all forgot about a special ingredient that I think many over look just how much impact it can have with just a small amount: Saffron spice and safflower oil, NOT to be confused with Sunflower or a sassafras plant. I want to see you try this and think you might be surprised by your results. also the prep for the chicken is super important. like do you marinate the chicken in a bath of x kind of egg, x kind of milk, and x kind of spices BEFORE you begin even covering it with that flavor explosive breading.. YOU might want to take a look into that. just saying...
    Let me know^^ ~ Syiaryia (sigh-R-E-ah)
    As always I love your show! I also love how you and her both are light hearted, real, honest, and so wonderful to watch together!!^^ Thank you.

  • Heidi
    Heidi Month ago +1

    I would love another episode like this or a follow up of some kind. I eat while watching food theory and this has been the best one for that purpose. I dunno, seeing food in a sciencey, exciting setting makes it easier to cook my own food

  • VanGhost
    VanGhost 3 months ago +10

    maybe the 99-x, plus the citric acid, PLUS the tellicherry pepper mentioned at the pressure cooker manufacturer interview wouldve been the perfect combination

    • King Petrol Randy
      King Petrol Randy 21 day ago

      Plus buttermilk with 2 eggs instead of regular milk for the wet soak.
      Plus 100g of dried milk and 100g of dried egg in the breading like other commenters said.
      I also think the pressure fryer plays more of a role than people think and does something beyond reducing cooking times.
      Double 99x + 100g dried milk + 100g dried egg + 50% extra salt + tellicherry pepper + dredge in buttermilk and egg mixture before breading + pressure fryer + citric acid in the oil = perfect fried chicken? 🤔🤔
      "It's the little things that matter"

  • DarkKnight95sm
    DarkKnight95sm 12 days ago

    I’m questioning they’re results a little because how crazy is it that adding they’re film theory added to the closest recipe just so happened to push it in the right direction. I love seeing Steph and Matpat, but I’m gonna need a third party to test this

  • Mostly_Roblox
    Mostly_Roblox 8 months ago +6

    I like how Matpat does this channel, it feels more real

  • Cam M
    Cam M Year ago +2563

    Salt, Pepper, Flour. these are the ingredients to make a perfect fried chicken. but Matpat intentionally added an extra ingredient into the concoction. CHEMICAL 99-X. Thus, an almost perfect replica was born!

    • Shy Frog
      Shy Frog 5 months ago +1

      I'm going to have that theme song stuck in my head for days. Thank you.

    • JamesLove
      JamesLove 6 months ago +1


    • nomad90125
      nomad90125 7 months ago +1

      Yea i wish people would stay focused on what they set out to actually do rather than switch the entire story to,
      Its all about us now. 🤔

    • BeanBoy2763
      BeanBoy2763 7 months ago

      But what about the 14 metric tons of Oganesson?

    • Healing Alternatives
      Healing Alternatives 7 months ago +1

      Using this replica MatPat Steph and their editors dedicated their day to making a Clip-Share video on the INTERNET!

  • Nekolga
    Nekolga 9 months ago +22

    I have the same reaction every time I hear someone saying paprika, cause it’s spelled the exact same way as Swedish, my native language, but the, with lack for a better word, exaggerated letters are completely different. It’s a lot like Michael, in Swedish Michael is almost pronounced Me-kah-el, with kah being exaggerated

  • Borderline Content
    Borderline Content Year ago +3

    The citrus could also be part of the brine. Buttermilk is fairly acidic, add a little lemon and the chicken is great, moist and tender

  • Animals RCute!
    Animals RCute! 4 months ago +2

    We actually went and got the spice after this aired! Thank you so much!
    It's the best thing! And I am super snobby about my chicken, and then we add it on to our turkey for the holidays! It is so so good!
    I'm not a Clip-Share watching person. But because of the things he's done on Food theory , Game theory and Film theory, he has made me watch or cook a certain way because of all his theories!

  • Ev0ltion
    Ev0ltion Year ago +8

    You should have let your chicken wait for a bit after making. Im sure KFC one had a while when you were waiting for delivery and probably had to wait a moment. It can change flavour dramatically.

  • Jamaal Dawkins
    Jamaal Dawkins 9 months ago +6

    Not sure how I missed this episode! But anyways as you’ve already noticed, it takes very little seasoning to ring the flavor a fried chicken. Do you think you can do an LIVE Food Theory stream as to why that happens?

  • Steve Cheney
    Steve Cheney Year ago +1475

    The problem with any taste test like this is that it ignores a hugely important aspect of taste: psychology. People are going to think that what they're tasting doesn't taste like KFC because they know it's *not* KFC. To do this right, you'd have to put every test subject in a KFC bucket, and serve it as if it actually *is* KFC to unsuspecting customers.

    • Steve Cheney
      Steve Cheney 10 months ago

      @Earth-Chan - It might impair your judgment. On the other hand, you might be more likely to notice the ways that it *doesn't* taste like KFC because you're expecting it to be KFC.

    • JuMiKu
      JuMiKu 10 months ago

      @Earth-Chan Well, you have to get the idea of what a flavour is like from somewhere, but it is basically true.
      People have for example taken Mc Donalds food out of their packing and people have given far better scores on taste than when they knew it was Mc Donalds food.
      If you present cheap, store-bought food nicely, it will taste better to people.
      Basically, the best thing you can do to isolate taste, is to present all food in non-descript packaging and have the original, here KFC, as a control. The score KFC itself gets will be incredibly important. Don't expect a 10/10.

    • Earth-Chan
      Earth-Chan 10 months ago

      Wouldn't that logic work the other way around as well. If you're unsuspectingly eating what you think is KFC chicken in a KFC bucket than wouldn't it taste more like KFC?

    • Steve Cheney
      Steve Cheney 10 months ago +1

      @dxkaiyuan - Oh, if you were doing this taste test in any kind of scientific way, it would absolutely make sense to include KFC in the selection, as a control, and to confirm whether people even know what KFC tastes like.
      Let's say you were doing a bogstandard Coke vs Pepsi blind taste test - two cups, one of Coke, one of Pepsi, no indication which is which, and people have to say which they prefer. It would be smart to have maybe 10% of the people you test be given two cups that both contain Coke, or both contain Pepsi. Those people *should* say "they both taste the same", but knowing how many of them *don't* say that is useful data when you judge the rest of the results.

    • JuMiKu
      JuMiKu 10 months ago

      @dxkaiyuan This is obviously just for KFC-fans, but it would certainly be interesting to put original KFC in with the others for a control.

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson Year ago +11

    High chance he used a citrus soak for a few hours before brining and breading, it opens the gaps in the meat to allow the seasoning to propagate into the meat easier.

    • Jimmy'sThoughts
      Jimmy'sThoughts 25 days ago

      For a restaurant, it's highly unlikely actually. It's a fine idea in general but if you're selling any amount of chicken, you simply don't have the space, nor the time to spend hours marinating the chicken. I'll say this much, there's no marinating going on in KFC restaurants, I was a cook at one for a good while.

  • MarioBrenden
    MarioBrenden 8 months ago +3

    I want a shipment of Steph and Matt's version of Todd's recipe it just sounds good

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    • Steelpump100
      Steelpump100 2 years ago

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  • Dan Edgar
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    I went on a quest to make it, I never nailed it but got close.
    I bought a pressure fryer too man, that's how serious I was, and yes it made a big difference!
    from scouring the net, there were a few things in common all of them had that I felt 100% didn't work without them.
    Marjoram, celery salt, garlic salt, accent (msg based flavouring) I'm told true msg is better but I couldn't get it anywhere, ground oregano, paprika and onion salt. It obviously had salt and pepper but the ratios were a nightmare when other ingredients were tested/subbed in.
    I would almost say powderd tomato soup mix on flavour alone but the colour was way off and couldn't be right.

  • ☁️ 蓝景仪🌙

    I think the recipe is the most simplest and common thing but we are making it difficult for ourselves to find...

  • ProGaming101
    ProGaming101 6 months ago +1

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  • Criptin
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    The herbs and spices of modern day taste different than they did back then. Really all of the herbs and spices can have a variation in taste so that means theirs too many factors no matter how you go about it and even the colonels recipe would taste different on a batch to batch basis.

  • J Behrens
    J Behrens 9 months ago +1

    I think there could be a lot of variables with your fried chicken recipes but the main one is that they use a pressure fryer to cook all their chicken and it cooks for a much shorter time and I worked there when I was in high school and I know for a fact that the chicken comes in brine to KFC in a salt or maybe MSG solution in a bag they don't use buttermilk or anything along those lines to dredge the chicken it's all dredged in that liquid that comes in the bag with the chicken and water if it's extra crispy for the second dip in the flour.

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      But I can’t remember where it’s from

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  • gracejordan110
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    I wonder what would happen if you did use tsp and a skim milk wash with the nephew’s recipe. Usually uppercase T would be tablespoons but if it’s handwritten by an old lady, it could just be a handwriting thing.
    They mentioned that it seemed like too much spice for the amount of flour so I’m curious if that’s why.

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  • T.J. Ball
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    The secret with flavor isn't in just the breading, you have to marinate the chicken then bread with spices. The chicken has to have flavor or all your going to get is good fried skin or coating, and plain chicken flavor.

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  • Ryan P
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    • Madkirk74
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      they're talking abt the colonel's original recipie not KFC's contemporary fast food recipie

    • cherg
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      @Griffin Mueller yeah the recipe is secret and stuff but no costumer will leave because HOLY SH*T THEY TAKE LIKE ONE SECOND TO GIVE YOU YOUR ORDER

    • 望月花
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      Yeah, probably

    • Griffin Mueller
      Griffin Mueller Year ago

      @Surota Onishi your forgetting one part, they could only add that negligible amount because it already had a strong "pumpkin" flavor before they added it, it already tasted like pumpkin so they only needed enough to put it on the label

  • Alice Pearson
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  • Alexis Frasciello

    I would like to point out that there might be citrus in the recipe. If you don't have buttermilk you can make it by adding 1Tb of vinegar or Lemon juice to regular milk and it creates a buttermilk substitute so they might be on to something.

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  • dreadthedays says

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