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Delivery vs Homemade McDonald's Big Mac

  • Published on Aug 9, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Can I make a McDonald's Big Mac faster and better than McDonald's delivery? Let's find out!
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Comments • 502

  • Warrior of Jesus
    Warrior of Jesus 7 months ago +1334

    KWOOWKS greatest enemy is packages

    • Yasir Marwat
      Yasir Marwat 3 months ago

      @KWOOWK you are doing it wrong
      They have everything prepared before hand and they just have to assemble it, on the other hand you had to prepare it from scratch, cleaning, cutting, dicing and that takes time.

    • Tipdarunee Witchy
      Tipdarunee Witchy 5 months ago


    • Bailey Ward
      Bailey Ward 5 months ago

      @KWOOWK love ur vids

    • GlizzyMaguire
      GlizzyMaguire  6 months ago

      No its measuring 😂

    • Abdulrahman Mohammed
      Abdulrahman Mohammed 6 months ago +1

      @Donal great idea i am totally with it

  • Vairag Parikh
    Vairag Parikh 7 months ago +526

    Great video as always!
    A suggestion: If you plan to do this again, can you also compare the costs to make it at home (like you do in your college series) vs the cost to order the food and get it delivered.

    • Jesse Valdes
      Jesse Valdes Month ago

      @ranzschwein42 Not even including the potential shipping costs

    • ranzschwein42
      ranzschwein42 4 months ago +9

      @PROXYhx the home made one is a lot bigger and arguably healthier (especially the fresh meat), so i'd prefer it 1000 times even if it was a bit more expensive (which i'm pretty sure it's not) than the mcdonald's one.
      2$ for the meat
      0,50$ or less for the bun
      less than 1$ the other stuff since you don't need a lot of all these things plus they aren't very expensive anyway
      ~3,50$ for this monster burger whereas a big mac costs about 5$ where i live.

    • VerbalKarate
      VerbalKarate 4 months ago +4

      @ABC 123 No doubt about it really

    • ABC 123
      ABC 123 5 months ago +5

      @PROXYhx you sure?

    • PROXYhx
      PROXYhx 7 months ago +29

      For this one, it's cheaper to make at home. Win win!

  • aidan
    aidan 7 months ago +480

    The Homemade Kwook Mac honestly looks great, the big mac looked so sad

  • Sheeti
    Sheeti 7 months ago +299

    Your videos are awesome dude. I love how you make them so fun and entertaining to watch, and not only that, you work with such a variety of cuisines and never act like a professional --which is awesome

    • InnocentRichie
      InnocentRichie 7 months ago +5

      Its sad that not as much people watch his full videos when they're so much more high quality and entertaining

    • MisterDuck
      MisterDuck 7 months ago +12

      @KWOOWK Your channel is not only awesome, but your one of the most positive cooks and you make foods all around the world. And you are funny too, you are in my opinion the best cook on Clip-Share. Please continue the great work, on my regularly boring day you made a smile on my face, and i am sure not only on mine but on many others too.

    • KWOOWK
      KWOOWK  7 months ago +44

      I appreciate that!

  • Mia Zulaikha Binti Azlan Shah

    This guy is much more better though. Is it just me or I love when he's speaking? Also, speaking of Rate the breakfast, you should make the Malaysian Breakfast and National dish as well. You can either make Nasi Lemak with fried chicken or other national dish on my country as well. Hope you doing well 💐💐

    • Totallynotsomeoneelse
      Totallynotsomeoneelse 2 months ago

      @Azisan oh wow that’s pretty cool

    • Azisan
      Azisan 2 months ago

      @Totallynotsomeoneelse she includes her dad's name. "binti" means "daughter of". She honours her dad by including his on her name

    • Kuro
      Kuro 7 months ago +1

      @Laugh Up Nasi Lemak

    • Everythingstyle
      Everythingstyle 7 months ago

      @LIVE Chess there’s more u should search it up

    • LIVE Chess
      LIVE Chess 7 months ago +1

      @Laugh Up I think its nasi lemak

  • Mathieu Nolet
    Mathieu Nolet 7 months ago +44

    Chopping lettuce and calling that a workout is the most mom thing he could’ve done

  • tine7519
    tine7519 7 months ago +35

    I love that you still posted this even though you technically missed the delivery time. Of course your home made burger looks way more amazing and filling. I’ve been avoiding McDonald’s for a while but would love to try this out. Is the sauce the same ingredients as McDonald’s Big Mac sauce? I think I’d prefer ‘real’ cheese then the plastic slices but other than that, looks great!

    • Ganglydude
      Ganglydude 2 months ago

      In my opinion a mix of real cheese and fake cheese is perfect. A piece of Real cheese for flavor, and a slice of cheap American garbage for that gooey melty texture

  • SSG 2706
    SSG 2706 7 months ago +235

    Make biryani, it's a cheap rice dish that got me through college because you can cook a large batch and store it for later

    • 9J19Aman madhukar
      9J19Aman madhukar Month ago

      @Ali Ahmed depends on where you live, here I can get biriyani for 5 people with 11 - 13 usd

    • Mohamed Safeer
      Mohamed Safeer 3 months ago

      @Macroni some times hundred ruppees

    • Mohamed Safeer
      Mohamed Safeer 3 months ago

      And it's delicious

    • Pqtrick
      Pqtrick 3 months ago

      nice twenty one pilots

    • Macroni
      Macroni 5 months ago

      @Amru Mubina same thought

  • EJ randomstuff
    EJ randomstuff 5 months ago +10

    I would say if you do this again, prep some of your stuff ahead of time. Like veggies and such. Often times, at fast food restaurants, everything is prepped ahead of time. That’s how they get it done so fast, they don’t take time to chop lettuce and onions while making the burger.

    • Lola
      Lola Month ago

      but I think he is realisticly trying to tell us how long it would take from scratch, vs ordering. This would be good if it was a challange but its more of an information video . :))

  • Your Mom Nation
    Your Mom Nation 7 months ago +91

    “Always salt your balls” 💀💀💀

  • Snoozy Q
    Snoozy Q 4 months ago +5

    It's not really fair to ask which we prefer without letting us taste them both 😋

  • 스프링 SPRING
    스프링 SPRING 7 months ago +9

    I really like the aesthetics of your kitchen and the food you cook, it feels very comforting.

  • Yvonne Lonsdale
    Yvonne Lonsdale 7 months ago +42

    I personally think this wasn't a fair competition. When you placed your order McDonald's had all the prep work done and only had to cook the patties and assemble. You should at least have been able to have some prep done. Yours definitely looked better.

    • Áron
      Áron 4 months ago

      The big mac was prepared in a busy af kitchen and ready before the delivery driver arrived to mcd.

    • Judit Nagy
      Judit Nagy 5 months ago

      to be fair mcdonalds also has the ingredients prepared and they just cook the patties and assemble xd

    • Jean-Nay Mar
      Jean-Nay Mar 6 months ago +21

      Well that's the point...
      The goal is to know if it's faster for you to cook or to order... Not to compare burger assembling skills with macdonalds employees...

  • Yarrow Isaac
    Yarrow Isaac 7 months ago +5

    Now I want to make your type of big mac, it looks so much better than the 'original' one. I wonder if it's also cheaper. But even if not, the homemade one surely worth the effort and money!

  • Jo J
    Jo J 3 months ago +16

    I'd always crush this, no matter how long it would take me cause McDonald's doesn't do deliveries here in Switzerland.

    • Jo J
      Jo J 2 months ago

      @TheNotoriousZ3 Bin i Dt. Galle ;)

    • TheNotoriousZ3
      TheNotoriousZ3 2 months ago

      Die mache doch lieferige? Also im Basel sho

  • Rachel Cordova
    Rachel Cordova 7 months ago +10

    I would totally choose the homemade burger any day ~ 😋 & I really like Big Macs lol!

  • Alice Walker
    Alice Walker 4 months ago +1

    My favourite homemade "fast food" is a Thai style omelette. I keep single serves of white rice in the freezer and I can cook the omelette in the 2mins it takes the rice to heat in the microwave 👌🏻

  • Tuna_fish
    Tuna_fish 3 months ago +8

    Great vidéo! your version of the Big Mac looks way more appealing and also seems fun to cook!
    If you run out of time you should use kitchen scissors to cut things(mainly bread and meat). It saves a lot of time and it doesn't look too sloppy

  • Samuel Silva
    Samuel Silva 7 months ago +12

    I would never choose branded burguer vs homemade one with them both in front of me, but sometimes you gotta stuff to do while waiting 😋

  • Murphy Leigh
    Murphy Leigh 7 months ago +2

    Dude I think you may have just given me back something I haven't been able to have since I went gluten free with that big mac sauce, thanks so much

  • Julie K
    Julie K 4 months ago

    This was good!! I live in the country (rural) and fast food is a rare treat. I could have a “fast food” basket night at home! My kids would love it!

  • Simona
    Simona 7 months ago +1

    Kwook burger looks amazing, I am not a fan of McDonalds, but this looks like something I want to make at home too

    VINDUISCOOL 7 months ago +16

    That looks tasty as he'll I would Love To have One Of Those Burgers!!

  • Lucian Tepes
    Lucian Tepes 7 months ago +1

    Great video and the homemade burger looks so much better. Any plans for Romania breakfast / main dish?

    MR_HERO_R Month ago

    Great Recipe/Video. I tried the recipe and its great. fresher things always better

  • Юня Подурян
    Юня Подурян 7 months ago +3

    i would choose bigmac cause i don’t like tall messy burgers but i’m so impressed how fast you did it, just wow

    • ArtemisCroc
      ArtemisCroc 5 months ago +1

      you could just make a single patty version at home and it'd still be more substantial and enjoyable than the big mac lol

  • EmulationHQ
    EmulationHQ 7 months ago +1

    The whole point of fast food isn't to be gourmet... but... this looks so damn good!!!

  • Aiman khan
    Aiman khan 7 months ago +8

    Gosh! My heart was going to explode as if I was the one cooking📈😩😂, and obv the homemade looks more appetizing🤤

  • Rue
    Rue 4 months ago +1

    here in South Africa delivery time is anywhere between 15 minutes and 45 minutes 😭 i'd probably be able to make Big Macs for my entire family before the food arrives hahaha

    LOLAY 7 months ago +2

    i just love this kwoowk guys community. we all love him

  • The Global Bawarchi
    The Global Bawarchi 7 months ago

    Awesome! Looks so delicious

  • Mr. Banh Mi
    Mr. Banh Mi 7 months ago +1

    Awesome video, looks very good. You beat Macca's in quality hehe. You showing the patty from Macca's gives me shivers.. Ill have your homemade big mac any day :)

  • Syahmi Ahmad
    Syahmi Ahmad 7 months ago +1

    You should try Malaysian breakfast! It's called Roti Canai. It's a simple meal with a combination of pan fried flatbread with curry or dahl.

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez 7 months ago +5

    Your hands down bro looks waaaaay better 🤤

  • Lance Cee
    Lance Cee 4 months ago +1

    I will always prefer homemade or home-cooked over a chain restaurant. But on the road a big Mac is the way to go.
    Or in a time crunch

  • gb4290
    gb4290 2 months ago

    I have not ever had a Big Mac. Truly I live in the United States 🇺🇸 I found your channel by accident. It was a very happy 😃 one I love ❤️ your content it’s really great. I will say I would definitely try yours it looks delicious! 😊

  • the boys
    the boys 3 months ago +2

    The food that u make looks so good your a really gud cook

  • Kweku Aye
    Kweku Aye 7 months ago +14

    Homemade tastes class,maccies still a unique taste tho

  • Riccardo Vigneri
    Riccardo Vigneri 7 months ago +4

    great video. The only thing you didn’t take into account is cleaning the mess you made while cooking😂

  • Patricia Subías Celaya

    I would definitely go for homemade KWOOK Mc. Saludos desde Jalisco 🇲🇽.

  • Denis power
    Denis power 7 months ago +11

    Could you do Ireland next for your breakfast/dishes around the world

  • Resa's Random Stuff
    Resa's Random Stuff 3 months ago +6

    Since I don't eat McDonalds or any other large fast food chain, I will always take the homemade version.

    • Resa's Random Stuff
      Resa's Random Stuff 3 months ago +1

      ​@Rafael Boscarioli yeah, I probably ate 10 times as much homemade burgers than bought. And the bought ones where from burger restaurants, not fast food chains 😁

    • Rafael Boscarioli
      Rafael Boscarioli 3 months ago

      Respect, I'll do the same

  • Unknown person 😈
    Unknown person 😈 7 months ago

    I can't ever find good Clip-Share videos anymore so I just watch Clip-Share shorts but this video is amazing !!
    Keep up the good work !💖

    DADDY CACAL 2 months ago +1

    The vegemite in the drawer was the best thing I have ever seen from someone who isn't Aussie

  • Maciej Kapek
    Maciej Kapek 7 months ago

    How often do you prepare Romanian dishes? It would be amazing to get know a little bit better the complex and amazing culinary culture of this country.

  • Keys
    Keys 5 months ago +1

    I just wanted to see KWOOK enjoy his food lol

  • Valo Hughes
    Valo Hughes 7 months ago

    Man having a mini stove looks so handy cuz you can just put it to the side

  • Ion Văleanu
    Ion Văleanu 7 months ago +1

    You should show us how to make some of your national dishes

  • Vicky S
    Vicky S 7 months ago +1

    I'd go with the KWOOK Mac. Your burger looks so much better.

  • Weblet
    Weblet 7 months ago +1

    Bruh, I’m kinda envious of that spice drawer

  • Rachel Cordova
    Rachel Cordova 7 months ago

    I freek'n lost it with the Mayo 😆😆 You have inspired me to do more verity in the kitchen. Thank you ~ 🍻

  • GrikWorldNomad
    GrikWorldNomad Month ago

    Biggest point is your version is all fresh and homemade, while the corporate version is totally frozen and pre-packaged except for the lettuce.

  • Ahmad Zaed Bin Abdul Aziz

    I'm browsing through my Grab Food looking for the homemade Big-Kwoowk burger!

  • Rifat Ibn Azad Tanim
    Rifat Ibn Azad Tanim 7 months ago +6

    Ever since i started making my own burgers, i have ditched burgers from restaurants altogether. If I crave burgers, I'll just make them myself. Homemade burgers are just so much better than most of the burgers out there.

    • ranzschwein42
      ranzschwein42 3 months ago

      @Sam Bou homemade, that's what it's all about. ground beef isn't that expensive and neither is the rest of the ingredients.

    • Sam Bou
      Sam Bou 3 months ago

      @ranzschwein42 a quarter of 10 is 2.5... a burger for 2.5? WHERE! XD

    • ranzschwein42
      ranzschwein42 4 months ago +1

      that's so true, even "good" burger restaurants are just not worth the money if you pay 10+ bucks for a burger you could have made at home for a quarter of the price.

  • Jon
    Jon 5 months ago +2

    Learned in economics class that unfortunately ordering food will always end up quicker than making it yourself. It’s called economies of scales. Restaurants and other food services prep a lot of there things in advance and have a lot of man power to specialize certain steps of the process to make it quicker. However making it yourself gives you more control over quality.

  • Duc Anh Luong
    Duc Anh Luong 7 months ago

    Josh: B-roll!
    Kwook: Do not panic! I repeat! Do not panic!

  • 1ondonBet.
    1ondonBet. 7 months ago +4

    "going fast this is like a workout' quote by kwoowk

  • Aurélien François
    Aurélien François 7 months ago +1

    The Kwook Mac look delicious ^^

  • Voney Chiu
    Voney Chiu 7 months ago +2

    Yeah, the burgers are better but can't beat McD's buns tho .. my father so loved McD's buns ...
    I wanted to eat your big mac so bad ... it's like this cute little shop i used to visit during hi school with homemade burger meat not frozen, and tasty sandwiches too .. with classic red white checkered table cloth ..bet it's gone now ... can't compete with McD and BK 😅

  • QLNH
    QLNH 7 months ago +2

    I found a channel that is my mom will like. Thank you KWOOWK.

  • Not HowTung
    Not HowTung 7 months ago

    Imagine doing McDonald's ice cream instead, instant win

  • Aluminium Knight
    Aluminium Knight 7 months ago +4

    I count it as a win! I always have lettuce washed and chopped in the fridge

    • Aluminium Knight
      Aluminium Knight 7 months ago

      @Yudhaifha a few days

    • Yudhaifha
      Yudhaifha 7 months ago

      How long it will last inside refri? Like how long is sustain its crunchiness?

  • Dusxio
    Dusxio 7 months ago +2

    To be fair, you had nothing prepared for your burger, which might be said to equate to the travel time, but you also didn't have your recipe outlined, so I'll call this a draw XD In your favour!

  • ArtOfApex
    ArtOfApex 5 months ago

    “I love big salty balls” - KWOOK 2022

  • Senne Helmer
    Senne Helmer 7 months ago

    That smack on the ground beef packing was personal☠️

  • { W.J. Saxton }
    { W.J. Saxton } 21 day ago

    Kwoowk I’m sure that if you weren’t under a time crunch, could take your time and finesse the prep on veggies & burger patties, etc.. yours would turn out even better, and only take 45 min’s max to get together. Also just a suggestion, do u have a bench scraper tool..? They really help w/ prep in general.. cut w/ knife, and move stuff around with the scraper, so handy and preserves your 🔪’s edge too.
    Rendering the Big Mac from MD’s a totally unviable option.. most of the food products from there are so processed, loaded w/ sodium and nutrient-depredated anyway. ☺️✌️

  • Nope
    Nope 5 months ago

    Yeah, those were gherkins, sweet pickles. They're a lot different than the dill pickles on a burger...

  • Ikelos
    Ikelos 7 months ago

    i'm amazed how fast you've grown wow

  • urAsthetic_GURLv
    urAsthetic_GURLv 7 months ago

    Hey kwoowk could you also put the prices of the things u used to make the burger and then the price of the the MacDonald burger u brought so we can compare the prices ...please 😄

  • don't talk about my pfp
    don't talk about my pfp 4 months ago +1

    I feel like he spent more time opening seals than making the burger

  • תהילה מימון
    תהילה מימון 7 months ago

    Nice! I would rather making two burgers than a tall one but it looks great! I might really make it!

  • Lance Cee
    Lance Cee 4 months ago

    I literally just ate lunch and this made me hungry

  • Erika S.
    Erika S. Month ago

    You can't do it faster, but you can make it sooo much better, healthier and cheaper 🤷‍♀️

  • KrazyEdge
    KrazyEdge 7 months ago

    Hey KWOOWK! Can you please Rate polands food? If you did one then make one again because i didnt see a poland food rating from you. Love from Poland! ❤️🇵🇱

  • Anto Nice
    Anto Nice 4 months ago

    How did you get this buns. I usually make my own buns with Josh Waissman's recipe but it takes a lot of time.

  • Exoticar
    Exoticar 7 months ago +2

    Homemade is the way to go

  • Shan
    Shan 4 months ago

    Big Mac only has one slice of cheese... KWOOK Mac has 2 slices so automatic win (it also looks incredible)

  • Marsha Montgomery
    Marsha Montgomery 6 months ago

    I will always go with homemade vs a restaurant

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales 7 months ago

    I want a man that looks, sounds and cooks like him. He's fine af

  • Jahnvi
    Jahnvi 7 months ago

    he got the bread knife finally!!

  • im bored :/
    im bored :/ 4 months ago

    kwoowk: “always salt ur balls”
    me: *goes to comments*
    me again: oh! they’re quite wholesome!:D

  • Mike Lundquist
    Mike Lundquist Month ago

    I haven't had a big Mac in decades... I suppose if it had been better I would have gotten another sometime.

  • vio tatar
    vio tatar 7 months ago +2

    woooow , amazing !!!! I vote home made burger😍

  • The Green Person
    The Green Person 2 months ago

    I love KWOOWK and everything but i dont think this guy realizes that the time depends if you're far or close to the mcdonalds.

  • Chi Chan
    Chi Chan 4 months ago

    Will take your burger anyway over the B Mac....yours looks good

    TAHMID KABIR 7 months ago +2

    Please try our (Bangladesh) national food "Hilsha curry" and also our breakfast "Kachi biriyani" which is a kind of Biriyani but in Bangladesh's traditonal way 😍

      TAHMID KABIR 7 months ago

      @Subhrojeet Dutta must try :)

    • Subhrojeet Dutta
      Subhrojeet Dutta 7 months ago +1

      It would be pretty hard to Find the Fish....
      First Time heard the Kachi Biriyani, gonna try some day

  • JohnColzzH
    JohnColzzH 7 months ago

    I would definitely choose yours.

  • ComputerBoyRyan
    ComputerBoyRyan 7 months ago

    Pretty sure the people working grill have to squish the burgers to make them fit the boxes and wrappers

  • Akshit Paroha
    Akshit Paroha 7 months ago +2

    "always salt you balls" me looking down💀

  • AJ TheBehold
    AJ TheBehold 7 months ago

    Can you please make more pov vids? Love the vids :D

  • Abhi Jaladi
    Abhi Jaladi 3 months ago +1

    Everybody subscribe to Kwoowk. Also, I was wondering why you gave the dutch breakfest a 1.5, if you're from the Netherlands.

  • AG
    AG 2 months ago

    I would have done the burger first. A flattened one.

  • Junior Science guru
    Junior Science guru 5 months ago

    Kwook's one is much better and worthy than the actual big Mac. You could literally open a burger shop

  • Roman Empire
    Roman Empire 7 months ago +3

    After that MacDonald rename their big mac
    As small mac

  • Flor
    Flor 7 months ago

    This is so entertaining

  • Namita Nikam
    Namita Nikam 5 months ago

    This video has proved you're not lazy

  • Jasper Percabeth
    Jasper Percabeth 3 days ago

    Also should also let us know about the costs of both

  • Big Papi Flores
    Big Papi Flores 7 months ago

    This video was dope!

  • Kat Schaefer
    Kat Schaefer 7 months ago +1

    Can you test out popular vegan recipes and rate them?

  • - RiO -
    - RiO - 7 months ago +1

    Epic video like always, a series called 'Kwoowkdonalds' would be lit 🔥