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Secret iPhone security feature you NEED to know about

  • Published on Apr 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Discover even more important iPhone security and privacy features here: • Prepare your iPhone fo...
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  • All Things Secured
    All Things Secured  5 months ago +77

    Learn more about iPhone security: clip-share.net/video/kE8ynQvdz6I/video.html

    • xxPYROxx
      xxPYROxx 4 months ago

      id never buy apple. they are so anti consumer they deserve to go out of business.

    • morphed
      morphed  4 months ago

      My phone doesn’t have the small print to click on

    • TE_Zoom
      TE_Zoom 4 months ago

      @xxPYROxx how lol 😂

    • immortal civilian
      immortal civilian 4 months ago

      you lost me at fingerprint

      DAVIDWANTSOUT 4 months ago

      Never seen it never will.

  • Lects
    Lects 5 months ago +3007

    Underrated, actually didn’t know about this

  • MysticlyWeird
    MysticlyWeird 4 months ago +1225

    2nd option is only available on iPhones with the U1 chip, starting with the iPhone 11

    • Billy Lloyd
      Billy Lloyd 4 months ago +29

      I have XS Max and don’t have it and my girl has the 13 pro and she don’t have it…

    • Rory Macdonald
      Rory Macdonald 4 months ago +59

      @Billy Lloyd well an XS max is part of the X line, which comes before 11

    • Billy Lloyd
      Billy Lloyd 4 months ago +16

      And what about the 13 pro?? It don’t work on that either and I believe the 13 came after the 11 unless I’m wrong 🤡🤣🖕🏼🫵🏼

    • Rory Macdonald
      Rory Macdonald 4 months ago +67

      @Billy Lloyd you are indeed wrong. The 13 was released in April of 2021 and the eleven was released 4 months later in August. Glad I could help

    • MysticlyWeird
      MysticlyWeird 4 months ago +10

      @Alex G i have the iphone 12 and i have this option, not in the US

  • Haggis Muncher
    Haggis Muncher 4 months ago +312

    So instead of forcing someone to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, they're going to instead force you to put the passcode in.

    • Jeffrey Doyle
      Jeffrey Doyle 4 months ago +43

      Yeah, Rubber Hose cryptography. Just beat the guy until he gives you the encryption key.
      But still, it's much easier to force someone to look at the camera or to force their thumb on the screen, no matter how hard they're fighting you. But to make someone give you a passcode is not as guaranteed.
      (There should be the option to have a panic code. A second passcode that calls emergency services, or deletes all the data on the phone, whenever used)

    • Yung Azn
      Yung Azn 4 months ago +10

      @Jeffrey Doyletechnically iOS has that… wrong code x amount of times…. Phones wiped

    • Jeffrey Doyle
      Jeffrey Doyle 4 months ago +14

      @Yung Azn yeah, that's fairly close. It serves the same purpose in most cases, except if you're held against your will. You still have to give your kidnappers multiple wrong codes (probably with escalating torture) before your data is safe, instead of a single wipe code.
      Cheers, I had totally forgot about that feature!

    • Jeffrey Doyle
      Jeffrey Doyle 4 months ago +4

      Magnus Celes Good catch. I reversed Google Searched it, and it's actually a MAP Flag with an icon of a Wood Chipper on top of it. So I believe it's a message that I agree with.

    • BertoldVdb
      BertoldVdb 4 months ago +2

      They may not be allowed to if it's the police or something. Codes and biometric data is protected differently by law in many countries.

  • Anthony Pinto
    Anthony Pinto 4 months ago +193

    Another bit of trivia. A warrant can compel you to use biometrics you unlock your device. However, due to the 5th amendment a warrant cannot compel you to use your pin to unlock your phone. The 5th amendment protects what you know, not who you are from being used against you. In short, if you are ever arrested, always do this to disable biometrics to prevent your phone from being searched even with a warrant.

    • coopachew
      coopachew 4 months ago +8

      What’s the point all they have to do is plug it into there computer at the jail and by default the fone will trust the usb linked computer

    • MacOS
      MacOS 4 months ago +21

      @coopachewiPhones require a password whenever it is connected to a computer it has not been told to trust

    • Mark Albarracin
      Mark Albarracin 4 months ago +11

      @coopachew i dont think iPhones can be unlocked that easily… or maybe I’m just biased, but doesnt Apple’s closed Ecosystem prevent their devices from being breached from outside systems easily?

    • Henry Jr. Watsson
      Henry Jr. Watsson 4 months ago +1

      ​@Mark Albarracin if a pin was set as an alternative unlocking method, usually takes a few hours to crack it open. iPhones are not closed off. Plug it in, dump bits of the software and viola.

    • Mark Albarracin
      Mark Albarracin 4 months ago +6

      @Henry Jr. Watsson yeah, of course if someone tried hard enough you’d be able to breach it, but in this context where the police do it, i dont think that’s legal, especially with how tampering with the software closes so many doors for your Phone as per terms and conditions violations, which the police will be liable for breaking them

  • Jim Rice
    Jim Rice 4 months ago +425

    There’s actually an app called Parachute that once it’s activated turns on both front and back cameras, 360 degree Omni mic, sends text and voice messages to preconfigured numbers, and broadcasts your GPS location. The screen is locked and blacked out. Location, audio, and video are continuously broadcast for real-time and historical tracking. If battery dies it will come back broadcasting once power is reapplied. Same if no signal. Will just record until signal then upload everything.

    • ToniDamnation
      ToniDamnation 4 months ago +30

      Thank you for the info. I just downloaded the app in case of emergencies. Such a genius safety app that it feels like Apple should add it to the setting permanently.

    • Streetspeed92
      Streetspeed92 4 months ago +25

      ​@ToniDamnation Yea this is something Samsung has

    • J
      J 4 months ago +11

      @Streetspeed92 nobody cares

    • Jamil Cooper
      Jamil Cooper 4 months ago +4

      What it call for Androids

    • Jamil Cooper
      Jamil Cooper 4 months ago +2

      What the name for Samsung

  • ETech
    ETech 4 months ago +267

    Most Samsung phones also have a feature to lock out biometrics called "lockdown mode" which can be accessed by holding down the power button for a few seconds. Also useful for the same situation.

    • Adrian
      Adrian 4 months ago +4

      How in the world did 50 people give you a like but no one commented that you are a baiter

    • Roger o' Thornhill
      Roger o' Thornhill 4 months ago +3

      Haha yeah

    • ETech
      ETech 4 months ago +10

      @Adrian No, I am not a bot/baiter. If I was, trust me, I would have 1k+ subs now, not 48. Sometimes the Clip-Share algorithm works in mysterious ways. Just trying to help those that are caught in an unfortunate situation and that don't have an iPhone.

    • L&E
      L&E 4 months ago +13

      @Adrianconfused as to how you came to that conclusion?

    • Tanishq Vishwakarma
      Tanishq Vishwakarma 4 months ago +1

      Cant go a day without comparing stuff cant we ?

  • name
    name 4 months ago +66

    My take away: Your phone is tracking you even when it's turned "off".

    • bulldogg117
      bulldogg117 4 months ago +6

      It isn't just service from your carrier that can be tracked on a phone. wireless signals, including cellular, GPS, RFID/NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi, wireless, EMF radiation, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and solar flares all can be tracked. Additionally the feature on the iPhone doesn't block half of these. A decent Faraday bag will. I'd recommend go dark.

    • NichoTBE
      NichoTBE 4 months ago +1

      There is a interview on youtube of ex SAS or Navy Seal and he describes how they used to track terrorists phones in Afghanistan even when their phones were off.

    • yosef negussie
      yosef negussie 4 months ago +2

      And, how does stopping gps tracking help you, when u've lost ur phone ??

    • Unbreakable360
      Unbreakable360 4 months ago +1

      Is it not supposed to. How would you find your phone if stolen otherwise

  • Kade Fisher
    Kade Fisher 4 months ago +700

    A kidnapper watching this**
    "Very smart very smart"
    Shoots hostage in the leg**
    Edit:Mom come see real quick so many likes😭

    • sparschäler
      sparschäler 4 months ago +6

      The cool thing is that police in my country doesn't usually do that

    • Kade Fisher
      Kade Fisher 4 months ago +3

      @sparschäler I aint talkin bout the police

    • Dan
      Dan 4 months ago +2

      Probably they don't do that much research. Ever seen a criminal pushing the door when they enter a shop to do the same when they exiting? When commuting crime the mind doesn't process everything or reason as much as you would like to think.

    • Markeith Simpson
      Markeith Simpson 4 months ago +2

      … you can still turn off your phone or whatever 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • mark schuk
    mark schuk 4 months ago +33

    CORRECTION... even when your battery is dead, the phone is still listening, transmitting and tracking you... in passive mode,, for up to a week

    • Pencinta🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Pencinta🏳️‍🌈⃠ 4 months ago +3


    • mark schuk
      mark schuk 4 months ago +2

      @Pencinta🏳️‍🌈⃠ It much worse than you know.

    • Oozly
      Oozly 3 months ago +1


    • 1FashionSouls
      1FashionSouls 3 months ago

      how is that possible

    • Saji Joseph
      Saji Joseph 2 months ago +1

      What is this comment💀
      To transfer the data it needs networking capabilities which it does not have when it’s dead. It communicated to other apple devices in the find my network to figure out the location. This is the same way AirTags work and that’s why AirTags use very little battery. If it “listens to you” then your battery would only last for a few minutes, not weeks. The o my way it lasts weeks is by rationing the battery power by communicating to other iOS devices by asking it where I am and the other iOS device will send that info to find my.

  • Isak s
    Isak s 4 months ago +47

    We have a weird law about phones here in Sweden where this feature would be useful.
    Police are not allowed to force someone to input their pass code to unlock their phone, but they can forcefully open your phone with biometrics.
    So just disable the biometrics briefly and the men in blue can't access your phone.
    Or just do what I did, which is registering the head of my penis as my 'finger print' which means that if I ever accidentally end up in trouble so the po po wants what's in my phone, would they have to force themselves onto my nether regions which in turn would mean that they just made themselves guilty for some sexual assault.

    • Mr. Showers
      Mr. Showers 4 months ago +13

      I like where you head is at.

    • Ruben Debbarma
      Ruben Debbarma 4 months ago +8

      Does it even work with the tip?

    • mallory mccann.
      mallory mccann. 4 months ago +4

      @Ruben Debbarma maybe he has a big tip 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

    • Klimt Kahlo
      Klimt Kahlo 3 months ago

      I thought Sweden was so safe you didn’t have any crime!!!

    • Tushant Patil
      Tushant Patil 2 months ago


  • Phyiscal Steam
    Phyiscal Steam 4 months ago +11

    It also has a cool little feature called spying on you😂

  • Damian9303
    Damian9303 4 months ago +53

    “This might be useful if anyone ever tries to force you into unlocking your phone” yeah, like law enforcement trying to break into the phone with designated tools

    • Ilya Glazunov
      Ilya Glazunov 4 months ago +2

      There’s no such thing for an Apple device

    • Nostalgia
      Nostalgia 4 months ago +7

      @Ilya Glazunov not completely true

    • So High
      So High 4 months ago +6

      ​@Ilya Glazunov Please tell me you are joking 💀💀 if Pegasus exists, then someone else has also found a way to break into iPhones.

    • Epic Unicat
      Epic Unicat 4 months ago +1

      ​@Ilya Glazunov keep that ignorance. There absolutely is a backdoor for iphones 😂😂😂
      And even worse, every first world nation is working on passing a bill that will make it illegal to encrypt anything, which will open that backdoor even wider.

  • Dhruv Saxena
    Dhruv Saxena 4 months ago +13

    If someone is forcing me, he'll get the passcode as well 😂😂😂

    • homeless
      homeless 4 months ago +2

      It can be the police they are allowed to unlock phone using Face ID but not passcode

  • Adriel Lopez
    Adriel Lopez 4 months ago +23

    If someone tries using your face to open your iPhone you can actually say “hey siri, who’s phone is this” and it will require you to input your code

    • ¡ i ¡
      ¡ i ¡ 4 months ago +7

      Nope. Just tried it. It didn’t work 🤣

    • Zach B
      Zach B 4 months ago +3

      Or don't look. It only opens if your eyes are looking near you phone

    • Fun at parties
      Fun at parties 4 months ago

      Worked on mine.

    • zodiac
      zodiac 4 months ago

      @¡ i ¡ worked for me

    • CristDhaBoss Games
      CristDhaBoss Games 4 months ago +1

      @¡ i ¡Just tried it, first time looking at and the second time with my phone point away from me. The first time it didn’t work, the second time it did work. So don’t look at your phone if you want it to work.

  • James Moore
    James Moore 4 months ago +8

    There was a video where a man said "I don't know how many of you still have that ... app on your phone, but it ... actually monitors everything that you do. Even when the phone is turned off, it is monitoring"
    Obviously people called him crazy, and I do love a good vindication story.

  • python boi
    python boi 4 months ago +31

    If you know
    In some states, police can use fingerprint Id or Face ID to open your phone but not the passcode
    Also good tip

    • GlueC
      GlueC 4 months ago +1

      Make them guess which finger you trained it with.

    • python boi
      python boi 4 months ago +1

      @GlueC make them guess which face you trained it with

    • Mr. Sleep
      Mr. Sleep 4 months ago

      Use one of your toes for finger print, they’ll never guess that! 😂 Also if they have your phone and try to unlock it by pointing it at you, close your eyes and say”Hey Siri, who’s iphone is this?” (Even if ‘hey siri’ is disabled) The phone will disable face id and passcode will have to be entered.

    • BigBadChevy
      BigBadChevy 4 months ago

      Yeah and when they take your phone and get into we'll say "magically" you gonna feel real dumb.

  • IronWolf306
    IronWolf306 4 months ago

    Here’s another tip, another way to disable biometric login is to say “hey siri, who’s phone is this?” And he will say I don’t know who this phone belongs to and then you need to enter passcode.

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann 4 months ago +6

    Your phone is always sending tracking signals even when it’s off.

    • barfdragon
      barfdragon 4 months ago

      Those can only be seen by apple, not the user

  • Prince of 1000 Enemies
    Prince of 1000 Enemies 4 months ago

    hes gonna be pistol whipping me while im pretending i cant get in my phone

  • MrDnD
    MrDnD 5 months ago +29

    Hmm.. if someone force you to unlock, will force you to enter the passcode too...
    In emergency situation why would you want to disable tracking info send at all

    • Rani1234 Rani4321
      Rani1234 Rani4321 4 months ago +3

      About the face id thingy wellp we all know that one annoying friend and about the tracking well your probably turning your phone off at home to charge faster so why do you need location data…. And there you go

    • Patrick C
      Patrick C 4 months ago +2

      this would work in the US with law enforcement, they can force you to face ID or to use a fingerprint but cannot force you to reveal a password

  • Elijah G.
    Elijah G. 4 months ago +1

    It disconnected my earbuds now my dog is awake 😐

  • Omer Fawad Rauf
    Omer Fawad Rauf 4 months ago +8

    Is there a way I can force to keep location enabled on the phone. Regardless if someone tries to turn it off.
    I’m thinking If someone takes the phone forcefully. And then they can be tracked.

    • thiomains
      thiomains 4 months ago

      The iPhone‘s Code is necessary to turn off Find My

    • Gaston Wohlfeiler
      Gaston Wohlfeiler 4 months ago +2

      Was wondering the same. How do you disable that feature. Power off and not track is really not something I want.

  • Chorley at Chorley Bunce Film & TV Catering

    One of the most major security flaws of the iPhone is the passcode if someone obtains your passcode it is a gateway to everything.
    If you ever forced to open your phone against your will use any other way than the passcode !
    Once your passcode is compromised the user can change the Face ID. Once the Face ID is compromised the user can gain easy access to the Apps that use Face ID like banking apps.
    If the SIM in the phone has not been blocked the user can receive the SMS that is often sent as a secondary security measure. Street thieves watch for people entering the passcode into there iPhone, using reflective surfaces around them to obtain this information.
    It’s not really about intelligence, dolphins are intelligent it’s about awareness and how Apple know this is a fundamental flaw in the iPhone, but do nothing about it.

    • Wonderhoy
      Wonderhoy 4 months ago

      Isn’t it the same with Android?

    • first helix
      first helix 4 months ago

      First of all, there is no such thing like 100% security. Secondly, this has nothing to do with the iPhone but with your intelligence. Thirdly, you use a passphrase instead of a convenient password.

  • Sach
    Sach 4 months ago

    Man just taught how to cheat on your partner

  • Ursus Ursidae
    Ursus Ursidae 4 months ago +1

    If you know it, it isn't secret.

  • 4 Horses
    4 Horses 4 months ago +4


  • Vee
    Vee 3 months ago

    The only security feature mine has is dimming the damn screen to zero every time it gets 2 degrees warmer

  • GG
    GG 4 months ago

    ah yes, the police custody mode

  • Rob Ster
    Rob Ster 4 months ago +5

    People really need to start watching WWDC. Apple tells you all the new features in new iOS updates.
    And for more advanced notes, you can attend the self serve workshops where they’ll tell you everything the new update can do.
    The next WWDC is in June 2023

  • The Only Way Productions

    It's a good idea, because if someone murders somebody, the murderer can still use the deceased fingerprints to access the phone!

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 4 months ago +1

    Depends who wants your phone because law enforcement and presumably hackers can unlock an iPhone regardless like they did when apple “wouldn’t unlock a shooters phone” in reality apple probably unlocked it

  • DH
    DH 4 months ago +3

    The problem with secret security features is, if they’re secret then you’ve failed entirely to make them useful or memorable. Apple really are useless sometimes

    • Henry Ryder
      Henry Ryder 4 months ago

      This is actually quite commonly known… at least the first one, the one about turning off tracking is completely fake

  • Jamaican_dannn
    Jamaican_dannn 3 months ago

    The same phone that takes your picture without you knowing

  • Osinachi Okpara
    Osinachi Okpara 4 months ago

    Me thinking of using it when I want to sleep so my brother doesn't unlock my phone when I'm asleep 💀

  • eryxviper
    eryxviper 4 months ago +3

    All of the garbage shorts I kept watching were worth it. I’ve always wanted this feature in the back of my mind and now I know I just have it.
    Thank you for the quality content

  • Juggernaut_2319
    Juggernaut_2319 5 months ago +4

    Mine but be off or something, it doesn't give me that option

    • All Things Secured
      All Things Secured  5 months ago +2

      You might need to update to the latest iOS version.

    • zodiac
      zodiac 4 months ago

      Turn on bluetooth, try again

  • Dado Zaidan
    Dado Zaidan 4 months ago

    Gonna usa this when my wife jumps to check my phone

    KIMISAFOX 4 months ago

    Here's a security feature that is specific to Apple. If someone gets into your phone with your PIN; they can literally hijack everything associated with your Apple ID, including your banking apps, email, and your Apple ID itself.

    • first helix
      first helix 4 months ago

      Wow! I thought you were talking about a security feature...

    • barfdragon
      barfdragon 4 months ago

      Not true, many apps use Face ID or Touch ID to verify your identity. Nice try though

  • axle
    axle 4 months ago +5

    or you can say “hey siri, whos phone is this?” and that will force it to do the password

    • meetbounty
      meetbounty 4 months ago

      Does not work for me though. iPhone 13 Pro Max for me

  • Jake Johnson 🇺🇸 F*ck Joe Biden!

    There’s actually 5 things that happen. If you have a medical ID set up it will also pop up on this screen.

  • Ngood Best
    Ngood Best 3 months ago

    Honestly I think the only reason someone would want to turn off the tracker is when they stole it

  • Rick James
    Rick James 4 months ago

    If they can force you to do the first bit, surely they can force you to give the pass code

  • Rani1234 Rani4321
    Rani1234 Rani4321 4 months ago +6


  • Zayd Abbas
    Zayd Abbas 4 months ago +1

    On newer phones you can also do vol +, vol -, hold power (in that order)

    • Mark Whitley
      Mark Whitley 4 months ago

      On my iPhone 14 it still works to hold either volume buttons & off button and that screen appears plus the up/down vol and then off button.
      But the up/dwn then off button just lets you turn it off including the tracking but doesn’t show the medical ID button or the SOS Emergency call button.

  • Elijah Long
    Elijah Long 5 months ago +3

    Jokes on you I don’t have a password or a thumb print

  • AmazingChina
    AmazingChina 4 months ago

    Apple forces people to erase their own phone if they forget the password. Worst idea ever.

  • Waffl3 t1m3
    Waffl3 t1m3 3 months ago +1

    For others out there inform them about samsung security

  • xXKinggettyXx
    xXKinggettyXx 3 months ago

    I knew about this but i never thought that it would be useful in certain situations actually blew my mind😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago

    Just a PSA, law enforcement do not require a warrant to open your phone using biometrics only passwords and codes are protected under 4th amendment rights.
    Thanks for teaching me this trick.

    FAT SHY 5 months ago +4

    Does android 12 have such a feature

    • All Things Secured
      All Things Secured  5 months ago +2

      I’m not sure.

    • Rani1234 Rani4321
      Rani1234 Rani4321 4 months ago

      No androids do not have the option of even tracking your phone while it is offline so i guess it is always on??

  • Jammin Wrenches
    Jammin Wrenches 4 months ago +1

    Fun fact: The police located my missing teenage niece by locating her iPhone that he said was turned off, we could hear her talking and see the ceiling of the room she was in. He then remotely turned her phone on and sent her a text. He also says there's another device nearby and identified it's owner and sent him a text as well saying (she's only 16). Within 15 mins he kicked her out of his car in front of her house and sped away. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it.

  • Dadarkest
    Dadarkest 4 months ago

    I accidentally called emergency services

  • Austin West
    Austin West 4 months ago

    Good to know to protect against corrupt cops

  • Flame
    Flame 4 months ago +1

    Or u could just say hey Siri who's phone is this and it will lock

  • Solo Lay
    Solo Lay 4 months ago

    Do this if someone is forcing you.
    Unless that’s your girlfriend.

  • Tengz Turiaga III
    Tengz Turiaga III 4 months ago

    I don’t have the words under the slide to power off. “Iphone finds something”

  • SoundBroker
    SoundBroker 4 months ago

    I’ve known this for a long time and yet never thought about it. But you’re 100% correct

  • Back To Pray
    Back To Pray 4 months ago

    Ever wonder why your phone takes forever to turn off? It’s because it’s running processes in the background
    The hard shut down does it instantly

  • That Girl
    That Girl 3 months ago

    After one of my colleagues was forced by a thief to open their phones banking app when he held her phone in front of her face, she lost £30,000, so thank you for this

  • Marcin Terlecki
    Marcin Terlecki 4 months ago

    Your phone always sends it's location no matter what you do

  • Tyler Rowe
    Tyler Rowe 4 months ago

    “Probably not aware of”
    Dude just read what’s on the screen of everyone’s phone when they press both buttons

  • james jwanczuk
    james jwanczuk 4 months ago

    So they can turn off the location before they nick it and wipe it when they get home.

  • brontoab1
    brontoab1 4 months ago

    Um, if they force you to unlock your phone, they can force you to enter your pass code. Reseting fingerprints and face ID is only useful if you've died!

  • Night WLKR
    Night WLKR 3 months ago

    And if you keep holding the volume and power button it will call emergency services

  • Dillon Pattison
    Dillon Pattison 3 months ago

    “Might be useful if somebody forces you to unlock your phone” Yeah if Face ID is disabled they’re just gonna force me to enter the password? 😂

  • Brio M
    Brio M 4 months ago

    If someone force you then it’s a good idea that the phone gets unlocked , what if they have a weapon and threaten to hurt you

  • disconnecting my acc bc bullies won. Goodbye

    The first one is useful for my mom when says to unlock my phone💀

  • Marlon Estrella
    Marlon Estrella 4 months ago +1

    What purpose does the second option serve other than staying off grid?

  • Diekgraaf
    Diekgraaf 4 months ago

    Das geht auch mit: Hey Siri, wem gehört dieses IPhone.
    Danach ist auch alles deaktiviert.

  • fakingtrels
    fakingtrels 4 months ago

    The 1st feature is super valuable because cops can legally force you to unlock your phone if you have Face ID or fingerprint enabled but they legally can’t make input your passcode.

  • Null Entity
    Null Entity 4 months ago

    I believe only my grandparents didn’t notice this stuff. It’s quite obvious

  • HardCore
    HardCore 4 months ago

    Even if you press the power button and the slide power off will appear and you cancel the shutdown mode it will automatically lock your phone and passcode will be required

  • FM1049
    FM1049 4 months ago

    I knew both of these things. If someone takes your phone and you're worried they're going to use your biometics to force you to unlock it, you can tell siri to lock your phone and require the passcode. :)

  • Paper Man
    Paper Man 4 months ago

    I have been receiving an SOS message saying I'm their emergency contact with their location from a totally random number. I get about 15 notifications a day. I have called the number and text to let them know but haven't received a response. So I blocked the number. Guess what? I get the same thing from another number in the same area. It's so odd.

  • Super D00D
    Super D00D 4 months ago

    Don’t turn the tracking off though unless someone forces you to with threats of violence lol

  • CheddarCheeseBandit
    CheddarCheeseBandit 4 months ago

    iPhone should record all video possible when these buttons are pressed as well.

    SOLID 4 months ago

    Bro just told everyone how to rob an iPhone

    • Jayswrld
      Jayswrld 4 months ago

      And if you do, you can track it ANYWHERE it MOVES

    • barfdragon
      barfdragon 4 months ago

      Bro did not tell us any valuable information for stealing an iPhone

  • Noodlez
    Noodlez 4 months ago

    Also if you continue to hold down power it will count down and send an sos signal.

  • Zoe
    Zoe 4 months ago

    I can lie the first tip is useful if yu have a significant other that likes to invade your privacy while your sleeping.
    Thing is if she really cared enough to catch me cheating she’d know my password is my bday… stay safe kings

  • Offenbarung2.9
    Offenbarung2.9 4 months ago

    if someone robbed my phone i would want to remotely activate that tracking feature to locate the phone so that the police can arrest the robber and bring my phone back.

  • Rixxxon
    Rixxxon 4 months ago

    If someone is forcing me to unlock my phone, I’m sure I’ll enter the passcode 😂

    • first helix
      first helix 4 months ago

      Oh really? Name and address, please!

  • Blaine Walker
    Blaine Walker 4 months ago

    Strangely accessing that screen also disconnects your AirPods.

    • barfdragon
      barfdragon 4 months ago

      It probably turns off Bluetooth and prepares to shut down

  • Super _xz
    Super _xz 4 months ago

    You can also press the power button 5 times, which is the fastest way to lockdown your phone from Face ID/Touch ID

    INFURIOUS ONE 4 months ago

    Never use fingerprint or face ID!! Authorities can legally compel you to use your face and fingerprint to open your phone. But cannot compel you to use your password!!

    MILLION MILER 4 months ago

    Thanks for letting kidnappers know how to shit the tracking off

    • Jamie Marshall
      Jamie Marshall 4 months ago

      You’ll need the passcode to turn off the power off tracking.

  • Jack Pogi
    Jack Pogi 4 months ago

    Why does he make it sound like a horror genre

    NOPE NOPE 3 months ago

    Why wouldn't your phone just completely turn off when you turned it off...? Good ole government tracking 😂

  • Bruno Perrault
    Bruno Perrault 4 months ago

    Never use prints or face to unlock your phone, always use a pass code! The law can force ably use your print or face to access your phone but they cannot force you to divulge your passcode! That’s the law!

  • Benjamin Gaiety
    Benjamin Gaiety 4 months ago +1

    Tracking by default when switched off is only something sneaky and stupid which Apple is known for

    • Nythepegasus
      Nythepegasus 4 months ago

      It’s so you can find a lost device even if it’s off. I get people don’t like it, but it’s a specific hardware chip you have to be close to for it to even show where your phone’s at.

  • First Last
    First Last 4 months ago +2

    Iphone is sending your location even turned off. The pudge.

    • Nythepegasus
      Nythepegasus 4 months ago

      So you can find your $1000 phone you lost even if it’s off, lol. Though he did show how to turn it off.

    • First Last
      First Last 4 months ago

      Lol, so the government is just knowing your location wherever you are lol.

    • Nythepegasus
      Nythepegasus 4 months ago

      @First Last My brother, it’s a small chip in the device, the only people finding it are already near you, lol.

    • First Last
      First Last 4 months ago

      I hope so.

  • Badphysio TDX
    Badphysio TDX 4 months ago

    Samsung has a feature just like this in OneUI. Lockdown mode.
    If you go to the side key settings you can enable it to show in the power off menu.
    What it does is quite simple:
    -Locks your phone
    -Locks biometrics
    -Locks notifications
    Very handy

  • Aswin Varghese
    Aswin Varghese 4 months ago

    Most premium Android phones also have this as lockdown mode(in Samsung S series press power + Bixby key or volume up + power button ( w/o Bixby key) )

  • Jon Doty
    Jon Doty 4 months ago +1

    You can also activate this screen by pressing the power button 5 times. I find this easier to remember as a “panic” mode if law enforcement or TSA come for your phone.

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 4 months ago

    It also switches the audio output back to the phone speakers when connected to a bluetooth device (accidentally figured this out just now)

    • 088O
      088O 3 months ago

      Are reading that I noticed the same happened for me

  • CelestisForgeUK
    CelestisForgeUK 4 months ago

    That second one is phenomenal for victims of domestic abuse! Though I wonder how many know about this.

  • Chris Sweeney
    Chris Sweeney 4 months ago +2

    So now ppl know how to steal your phone then turn off tracking🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉wow

  • Chicken nugget
    Chicken nugget 4 months ago +2

    When would you want to turn off your phone from being tracked? Like if it got stolen you wouldn’t be able to find it lol

    • meli4cozy
      meli4cozy 3 months ago

      Mfs just scared of being tracked like they paranoid, welcome to the internet.

    • Chicken nugget
      Chicken nugget 3 months ago

      @meli4cozy oh yeah, makes sense lol Ty

  • Idcrafter
    Idcrafter 3 months ago

    pixel devices have lock in the power options that disables biometric unlocks untill you enter your pin/password again

  • Chris Daniel
    Chris Daniel 4 months ago +1

    Police can demand you open your phone with face ID or fingerprint, however they cannot have you open your phone with your passcode as this goes against the 5th amendment of self incrimination. Great advice for keeping citizens safe from tyrannical cops