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Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Official Trailer - Paramount+

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Comicbook.com is proud to present the official trailer for Star Trek: Picard Season 3, on Paramount+ , the third and final season of the television series Star Trek: Picard features Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard during the 25th century as he reunites with the former command crew of the USS Enterprise, who are being hunted by a mysterious new enemy, Vadic.
    So how will Vadic threaten Picard and his crew...and which familiar faces from Star Trek The Next Generation will finally be making their debut on the thrid and final season fo Star Trek: Picard? Find out as we bring you the official trailer for season 3 of Star Trek: Picard!
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  • Comicbook.com
    Comicbook.com  Month ago +217

    Moriarty...Lore...Worf...Geordi...Dr. Crusher...which TNG star's return are you most excited to see in season 3 of Star Trek: Picard!

    • thewewguy8t88
      thewewguy8t88 12 days ago

      Honestly I wonder if they are planning surprise ds9 cameos.

    • Chablar
      Chablar 28 days ago

      Hopefully good writing

    • Mike Turin
      Mike Turin Month ago

      @Prepper Minded Q was already in Season 2

    • bartek rąglewski
      bartek rąglewski Month ago

      I like the final season aspect.

    • NachuelasWTF
      NachuelasWTF Month ago

      Moriarty is so old to be a hologram xD

  • Jeffrey Dunn
    Jeffrey Dunn Month ago +831

    Like everything else in this series so far, the reason it's so dark on all of the Starfleet ships during this time frame is also Picard's fault. He insisted on only FOUR LIGHTS!

    • Tiffany Kinney
      Tiffany Kinney 6 days ago


    • thewewguy8t88
      thewewguy8t88 13 days ago +1

      also it could be the lights just wont be installed until tuesday.

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 28 days ago


    • rivière noire
      rivière noire Month ago +1

      Chain of Command

    • Fat the SNES Punk
      Fat the SNES Punk Month ago

      Does anyone know why Star Trek actors and fans make the sign of the "V"? Because the "V" stands for virgin.

  • Simon
    Simon 10 days ago +6

    Such an amazing transformation from the first 2 seasons. Loving it so far

  • Chuck PK
    Chuck PK Month ago +110

    "Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do ANYTHING that takes you off the Bridge of that ship, because while you're there you can make a difference."
    - Capt. James T. Kirk

    • Lawrence Kelley
      Lawrence Kelley 24 days ago

      @SRS Perhaps, but that moment was pure Jim Kirk, and it was absolutely from his experience being an Admiral and hating it.

    • XTheVideoGamerGirlX
      XTheVideoGamerGirlX 27 days ago

      @Michael Murley He didn't get a desk job. He still commanded the Enterprise-E as admiral. There are several books leading up to Picard S1 that show what happened to the Enterprise-E crew after Nemesis. It's rumored that the Enterprise-E is in the museum.

    • Napoleonic S
      Napoleonic S Month ago

      @Dave Ryan
      it's actually a jewish religious hand gesture...

    • Dances With Comic Books
      Dances With Comic Books Month ago +2

      @SRS STD makes it look like a classic now. STD is garbage as well as season 1 and 2 if picard.

    • NuclearFridge1
      NuclearFridge1 Month ago

      Turned out he was right.

  • tempest slime
    tempest slime Month ago +207

    Why does it have to be world ending why can't we just have a nice episode that sorted out in 40 minutes

    • Simon
      Simon 10 days ago

      Because you end up with the borefest that was Star Trek Insurrection

    • tempest slime
      tempest slime Month ago

      @Vuoto Pneumatico Non Non just seen the first episode and they literally say it's a world ending event ha.

    • MrRocksW
      MrRocksW Month ago

      @Scott Schwenz, Jr. "its good to have contempt for your audience"

  • Steve Felten
    Steve Felten Month ago +236

    Seeing everyone so old makes me feel old, this was my generation's Star Trek.

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 28 days ago

      Yeah Beverly now Botox Queen...and I dont mean Borg...

    • Graytail
      Graytail Month ago +1

      @Bilbo Baggins Its alright for you to say that, you're already at least a hundred and eleventy years old...

    • Dances With Comic Books
      Dances With Comic Books Month ago +1

      @littlespottedgecko yeah old age in the real world will stop you.

    • MrRocksW
      MrRocksW Month ago

      It really takes me out of it seeing them trying to do exciting action scenes they are far too old for this kind of show.

    • Steve Felten
      Steve Felten Month ago

      @MrFragalax As Antonio Benderez said in Expendables "3 age is nothing but a mind set."

  • Vern Stevenson
    Vern Stevenson Month ago +9

    I wish my father was here to witness this. He was there for the original series, TNG,DS9,Voyager.

  • thewewguy8t88
    thewewguy8t88 12 days ago +3

    Honestly the trailer gets me more pumped up with each episode that comes out lol

  • ShivaServer2009
    ShivaServer2009 Month ago +14

    Nostalgia and sadness. This was the cast I grew up watching.

  • Jo Mään
    Jo Mään Month ago +109

    Seeing Worf fighting gives me so much goosebumps 🙌

    • THOM Gizziz
      THOM Gizziz Month ago

      'Member berries? That is why this show is trash because you dont expect anything more than 'member berries.

    • Aaron Wells
      Aaron Wells Month ago

      @WanderGlobe if there's anything new trick teaches us, it's that dying doesn't matter.

    • WanderGlobe
      WanderGlobe Month ago

      Would be nice if they could resurrect Gowron somehow. But he dieded.

    • Aaron Wells
      Aaron Wells Month ago

      @ApolloXL5 that was probably the point. On TNG they were trying to illustrate the difference between the evolved federation and the violent and aggressive Klingons. Trying to show brains over braun... Sort of like how they made the heavily capitalistic ferengi, hideous and revolting. DS9 was a darker show with darker themes and people like Worf come in handy in such times.

    • ApolloXL5
      ApolloXL5 Month ago +1

      Worf fighting in TNG was eye rollingly bad because he got his backside kicked every time.
      Now Worf fighting on DS9, there we had an unstoppable and undefeatable Klingon Warrior.

  • Ace Dynamo
    Ace Dynamo 20 days ago +9

    It took them 5 years, but they finally managed to make 1 good season of Star Trek since enterprise ended. Season 3 has been awesome.

    • Jess Stirland
      Jess Stirland Day ago

      All Picards series are Phenomenol. Retract your statement good sir. Phasers are on stun at this point only.....pointed at you 😝🧐😎

  • A J T
    A J T Month ago +10

    No more time travel or alternate realities. This is what the fans really want. Picard the old crew , adventure bad ass starships , gun fights , space fights , nostalgia. Seasons 1 and 2 weren't the best, but this looks like it could be good. Fingers crossed, I love TNG.

    • A J T
      A J T Month ago

      @Shane Riley she's a bit of a whiny negative character, isn't she. What made TNG great was the entire crew. We've had some return bit I think to have them all back will make a massive difference.

    • Shane Riley
      Shane Riley Month ago +6

      It has 100% too much Raffi

  • DorisDance
    DorisDance 10 days ago +6

    Just finished episode 5. I‘m so excited. Finally this feels like Star Trek again. I‘m full of love for the old gang 🥹❤❤❤

  • Alok Gautam
    Alok Gautam 29 days ago +4

    When he said Engage' I literally had goosebumps!

  • Arthur Pendragon
    Arthur Pendragon Month ago +54

    Seeing the old gang in the briefing room gave me goosebumps.
    And a feeling of both nostalgia and sadness knowing that this is (or might be) their last journey together.

  • Sean OBrien
    Sean OBrien Month ago +52

    Seeing Johnathon Frakes come back as Captain Ricker makes me wish we were getting a star trek show with him as Captain of his own ship and crew.

    • Jack7_02
      Jack7_02 Day ago

      Captain Rick

    • Dances With Comic Books
      Dances With Comic Books 24 days ago

      @Lawrence Kelley why are you calling him God?

    • Lawrence Kelley
      Lawrence Kelley 24 days ago

      Who is Ricker? My god man.

    • Josiah Moorhouse
      Josiah Moorhouse Month ago +2

      The spelling of the names makes me laugh.

    • Dances With Comic Books
      Dances With Comic Books Month ago +1

      @compmanio36 they had the tech but it was far inferior to even tos. No tractor beam, a transporter that wasn't perfected and frankly dangerous, much slower war drive, weaker phasers, no shields or hull plating, no sonic showers and a clunky universal translator.

  • PurpleOwlAnimation
    PurpleOwlAnimation Month ago +22

    Honestly I wish the main ship was the Stargazer from last season but the Titan A is also very cool

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Month ago +9

    I really liked the trailer, looks very promising. A proper send off to these characters, which didn´t quite have a good by in the last movie. Best wishes for this final season!

    • nakedcapitalist
      nakedcapitalist Month ago

      This trailer was terrible. And “best wishes for this final season” lol, who is this directed to?

  • Night Tim
    Night Tim Month ago +31

    It's really amazing to see how subordinates talk back to their superiors in these new Star Trek series.
    Rank just doesn't matter any Star Trek anymore I guess.

    • MrRocksW
      MrRocksW Month ago

      @Daniel "One 'aye' is sufficient cadet"

    • David Jimerson
      David Jimerson Month ago

      Anymore? It was a TNG staple.

  • Ian Hirst
    Ian Hirst Month ago +16

    Will be interesting to see how Seven of Nine interacts with them as they are from two different Star Trek shows.

    • Wolfgang Wiesinger
      Wolfgang Wiesinger Month ago

      She might have adapted human behaviour to some grade

    • littleMAC 78
      littleMAC 78 Month ago +5

      She's already met Picard earlier in this show's run.

    • InfernoZPorkSlice
      InfernoZPorkSlice Month ago +6

      Well, three if you include Worf's time on Deep Space Nine 👾

  • Tim Holst Petersen
    Tim Holst Petersen 10 days ago

    I simply love this... at episode 4 by now... but am I the only one missing Janeway, Archer, T'Pol and Trip?

  • traida111
    traida111 Month ago +2

    I just powered through season 1 and 2 when i saw this trailer. and i just realized episode 1 is out. ah man looking forward to it. I think season 2 got a bit abstract and it was weird, but whatever, its something to watch

  • Eric Mooney
    Eric Mooney Month ago +2

    I wonder with lore connected to that transfer cable if the way to defeat the villain is somehow something stored in Data's memories or some knowledge he had, and they need lore to transfer that knowledge into him. Lore would still stay lore but also have access to all of Data's memories that could in effect rid him of his ambition, selfishness, and double crossing he had in the series and in effect create a new combined personality while still retaining his identity as Lore

    • Dances With Comic Books
      Dances With Comic Books Month ago +2

      Or maybe wipe out lore with datas stored memories and we just get data back. Both his deaths sucked but the last one was really idiotic.

  • Superhero Strength
    Superhero Strength Month ago +10

    I'm gonna forget season 1 and 2 happened and just go into this as if it's a whole new single season show.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith Month ago +47

    So sad to see it go....but so glad I get to see it at all. It'll be good to see the family back together.

    • Pigness
      Pigness Month ago +1

      Thank God it's over

    • Bilbo Baggins
      Bilbo Baggins Month ago

      grateful we got it at all, but I agree, what does one do when ones family fades away

    • edward Harris
      edward Harris Month ago

      with each passing moment ... it will take a piece of you!!

  • Anubis
    Anubis Month ago +3

    I've been around a very long long time. I've seen the pilot of the original star trek. And the remake of the original first pilot. Seeing Gene with his vision of a future filled with, possibilities. Seen characters come and go threw the year's. Seen ever single episode. It was, as Spock would say, "Fascinating". To watch and guess what would happen next. And there to see it cancelled after 3 seasons proved that not everyone understand at the time how important to see what the future could be like.
    As time went on, the motion picture, made a comeback that finally got a chance on what can actually be real. The flip phone, hand held scanner, tablets, video screen communications of seeing each other in screen at the exact same time. Now used with everyone around the world.
    But, simply put, yeah yeah. STG continued as best as it can, to preserve the original as best as it could. Some fans hated it. Others loved it and enjoyed new possibilities, once again.
    With so many shows now, Strange new worlds, Discovery, Enterprise, Voyager and Deep Space 9. Where all part of that great adventure that we all craved into seeing what could be. Then COVID-19 struck which we all know who made it, but denies it and blamed it on a animal virus, BS.
    So once again the world was turned upside down. This wasn't the first time this happened either in history. But, that's for another story.
    Now Picard has been made with very few episodes and that goes every tv show now. When 24 episodes would have been made. Now are down to half or more to 18 to 12 or less.
    So from seeing and episode tell a story in less than an hour, now takes several episode's. I can see and hear the frustration's of others in what now is being made in the star trek universe. And so the storytelling has lost, something, special.
    But, not all is lost. Their is still hope, for a better future.

    • fetB
      fetB Month ago +1

      if you wanna be a writer, maybe learn the difference between there and their first

  • thewewguy8t88
    thewewguy8t88 13 days ago +1

    so my biggest complaint with this season so far is why could'nt season 1 or 2 be as good as this season is so far.

  • gavin
    gavin Month ago

    This season 3 of star trek picard is absolutely amazing 👏 for all trekkies out there This season is the best 🖖A great show with all the next generation crew,Well done sir Patrick Stewart 😀

    • gavin
      gavin Month ago

      @Alexander Jones It's good to see Q again john delance in the road no taken for which starfleet are a gang of intergalactic criminals,but as we know picard isn't and things turn out for the best asual,Enjoy 🖖Season 3 so far is definitely made for the fans 😀

    • Alexander Jones
      Alexander Jones Month ago

      Just started watching it ( at the point where Picard received Beverly’s message) and I already think it’s better than season two!

  • Chady Boutros
    Chady Boutros 28 days ago +2

    This is what we wanted! The team back together.

    • Chady Boutros
      Chady Boutros 22 days ago

      Ksatria I enjoyed Voyager and DS9. You're right. Everything else not so much. I was actually suprised with this season of Picard. I didn't expect it to be good.

  • Darren Malin
    Darren Malin 27 days ago

    I hated sessions 1 and 2 but session 3 is shaping up to be much better, The main villain captain she is very good.

  • William Drijver
    William Drijver 9 days ago +1

    Excellent trailer, looks very promising!

  • Wampa Cat
    Wampa Cat Month ago +12

    There is a danger to all of Star Fleet! The danger is insufficient lighting by set designers.

  • Alucard
    Alucard Month ago

    might give this show a second chance. The trailer does not look to bad

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago +6

    Me throughout trailer: "Must...fight....nostalgia....creating.....unrealistic expectations..."
    Picard: "Engage!"
    Me:".........why did I even try? *rips off sleeve* Just hook it into my veins!!"

  • Htheorphanarian
    Htheorphanarian Month ago +2

    I had the same feeling watching this trailer as I did watching the Haven episode

    • Tau Mag
      Tau Mag 16 days ago

      Those poor, poor Tarellians. It's a good thing Wyatt dreamt of her all those years.

  • NickMueh
    NickMueh 9 days ago

    The chamber image at 1:33 gives me a strange theory, which is kind of supported by the statement (can;t remember who said) Morioty is coming back but yet its not him. What if it creates a biological duplicate of an image (or another person)?? Just ay fast thought that came to me.

  • Duane nae
    Duane nae Month ago +1

    Can't wait to see the series love Star Trek next generation and IC 7 of 9 is in it from Star Trek Voyager my god can't wait hopefully they bring back Captain Kathryn Janeway Voyager🤞🤩

  • Mike W
    Mike W Month ago +5

    That music when the Shrike emerges is badass

  • Blue Sphere Productions

    Seeing the Enterprise F for the first time gave me chills {: Can’t wait for this!!!

    • edward Harris
      edward Harris Month ago

      If you look hard enough you can see the sovereign class ...a little dot in comparison

    • Endut Hoch Hech
      Endut Hoch Hech Month ago +3

      I paused it and looked. I stand corrected, it was the Enterprise F. I thought the Enterprise would have more of an imposing presence, considering it was the Federation flagship.

    • Endut Hoch Hech
      Endut Hoch Hech Month ago

      That was not the Enterprise F I'm afraid.

    • Tris Baxter-Smith
      Tris Baxter-Smith Month ago +1

      Did it really though?

  • JRDRA997
    JRDRA997 25 days ago +1

    Can't wait to learn why Moriarty (of all people) is back, and they could at least give Kate Pulaski a name drop.

  • ᛏᚺᛟᚱᚠᛁᚾᚾ

    Super excited for this!

  • butt burgers
    butt burgers 13 hours ago

    To my old school star trek fans season 3 is very well done so far!!! S1 and S2 are irrelevant to enjoying this

  • Protips
    Protips Month ago +8

    Wondering if they’re going to merge Data and Lore into Datalore given his demeanor. Would be a lazy but effective way to fix Nemesis.

    • Dan Schinleber
      Dan Schinleber Month ago +1

      I was guessing that is Lore. Really their resolving some things from TNG now.

  • Coonabaraman
    Coonabaraman Month ago +30

    "After all, Number One... we're only mortal." "Speak for yourself, Sir... I plan to live forever." My favourite line in Star Trek. If Riker dies in this final season of Picard I will be bloody heartbroken. 💔

    • MrRocksW
      MrRocksW Month ago +1

      They certainly look mortal don't they

    • mrgreatbigmoose
      mrgreatbigmoose Month ago +1

      Jonathan Frake's Riker line was very Xanatos.

    • Robert Douglass
      Robert Douglass Month ago +1

      @Martin Havelock Discovery Season Three, they briefly mentioned it in one episode, but they said they abandoned the project shortly thereafter, meaning until they made Grey an android Picard was the last one to be made a synth.

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago +2

      Why? This isn't really Riker.

    • Martin Havelock
      Martin Havelock Month ago +9

      Why, Picard died in season one, and had his consciousness uploaded into a synthetic body, they can do the same with all of them. Although I stopped watching at that point, and I won't be watching season three, it looks appallingly bad. Don't be fooled by a flashy trailer.

  • Pedro Hicken
    Pedro Hicken Month ago

    I dont like the dramatic Hollywood feel of the trailer but it will be good to see the crew back together again.

  • Jess Stirland
    Jess Stirland Day ago

    WITHOUT A DOUBT......PICARD SERIES IS STAR TREKS BEST!!!! Amazing productions, best storylines, cameos & newest additions to the Star Trek genre. Fantastic film making of A grade movie quality. Great memorys will be garnished from this series, im quite literally stunned in its filmwork. Emotional response is also high, something hard to do in film today.
    Amazing work. May there always be more to come.

  • P C1
    P C1 Month ago +2

    It would need to be a hell of a lot better than the first 2.

  • Greivin Torres
    Greivin Torres Month ago +1

    Se ve muy prometedora!

  • Cballin
    Cballin Month ago +19

    one last adventure with the old gang! love this! also looking forward to the new season of discovery!

  • A forklift with feelings

    Hearing Geordi calling him "Jean-Luc" and not "Captain" feels really weird

  • dwmarch
    dwmarch Month ago +1

    Thanks for posting this region-free! I cannot fathom why CBS forbids people in countries outside of the US from watching a commercial.

  • James G
    James G Month ago +16

    I wouldn't miss this for the world. Going to miss this crew when it's over.

  • Brejan
    Brejan Month ago +9

    "Blowing things up" "All consuming darkness" "Trust no one"... yeah, cause that's what Star Trek is all about. Fuck's sake.

    • Geddo
      Geddo Month ago +1

      This is like the TOS fans not seeing TNG as Star Trek. They were asking what the heck happened to Spock. They somehow couldn't fathom that he changed after 80 years.

    • Racialized Kanadian
      Racialized Kanadian Month ago +1

      if you are being sarcastic. i agree. we now have woke story writer groups creating by committee vs. hard core sci-writers creating classic thought provoking stories (TOS).
      crash boom bang is what they turned 'trek' into.

  • Stephen H
    Stephen H Month ago

    Awesome i can't wait. Laughed so much at the start

  • stevenashby524
    stevenashby524 Month ago

    The drug that flashed in eyes reminds me of "The Game" I would also love the Conspiracy aliens part of this. Lore could be the reason for that. This is the movie the TNG crew never had.

  • mangolassi
    mangolassi Month ago +2

    I'll watch for the cast but even from the trailer you can tell that the writing is all over the place once again.

    • mangolassi
      mangolassi Month ago +2

      @luke yeaaah...but after that many New Trek seasons you get a feeling for the warning signs.

    • luke
      luke Month ago

      You can't discern the general direction of a show from a trailer.
      It's purposefully edited to be all over the place

    MEGAS 21 day ago

    wtf why cant they make it this awesome for seasons 1 & 2

  • UnusedChar
    UnusedChar Month ago +2

    0:18 THIS! I'd challenge modern star trek writers and directors to make 3... no, 2. JUST 2 episodes in a row without gun fights, space battles or massive explosions

  • MOLE
    MOLE Month ago +5

    We know this will suck but damn that trailer was good

    • brijor6ff7
      brijor6ff7 Month ago

      Lol 😆 Pretty much. It'll be like a going away party. Everyone will be there, but no one's having fun lol

  • ElJorro
    ElJorro Month ago +34

    They've got the band back together!

    • Robert Douglass
      Robert Douglass Month ago

      @XH1927 Nope, they're on a mission from Q.

    • XH1927
      XH1927 Month ago

      They're on a mission from Godt.

    • Obscure Entertainment
      Obscure Entertainment Month ago +1

      But they've forgotten how to play their instruments.

    • Robert Douglass
      Robert Douglass Month ago +1

      It's a hundred light-years to Freecloud, we've got a full tank of deuterium, half a pack of horgl leaves, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."
      "Hit it."

    • Purefoldnz
      Purefoldnz Month ago +2

      band is looking rough.

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts Month ago +1

    Great, can’t wait 😁

  • Steve the Windsurfer
    Steve the Windsurfer Month ago +3

    Well, what can I say? Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

    • Viewtiful1DoubleOkamiHand
      Viewtiful1DoubleOkamiHand Month ago +2

      As someone who had loved and lost I disagree. I’d rather not have loved at all. I’d even go so far as to say this quote was written by someone who has never truly, actually, really loved.

  • nick smith
    nick smith Month ago +17

    I hope they are truer to the ideal most of us have of starfleet this time. I have little hope though.

  • Haunted History Seattle

    I got teary eyed. And I'm not even a huge Trek fan.

  • Azam Ali
    Azam Ali Month ago +3

    Picard! He is the best actor from any Startrek

  • countroshculla
    countroshculla Month ago

    I want a good season. The gang is all back. Well no Wesley or Guinan but the gang is all back!

  • Élio Ribeiro
    Élio Ribeiro Month ago +27

    I just hope that, in the end, we all can cry butterfly tears

    • Ewido
      Ewido Month ago

      @Élio Ribeiro I know, it's the fate of anyone critical of their products.

    • Élio Ribeiro
      Élio Ribeiro Month ago

      @Ewido What, me too?

    • Ewido
      Ewido Month ago

      You've now been blocked by CBS

    • Élio Ribeiro
      Élio Ribeiro Month ago +1

      @mngentry I knew there was a reason why I couldn't remember that quote, it's from Picard S01

    • mngentry
      mngentry Month ago

      "A butterfly that lives forever...isn't really a butterfly at all."

  • bedroomprogrammer
    bedroomprogrammer Month ago +9

    RIP Annie Wersching, Borg Queen

  • Heather Lowe
    Heather Lowe Month ago +3

    Can't wait! Been loving this series, so ready for season 3!!!

  • Wolfgang Wiesinger
    Wolfgang Wiesinger Month ago

    Great and maybe after this final season, there will be an ultimate endgame season as well.

  • Alex Gianopoulos
    Alex Gianopoulos Month ago +54

    My biggest question is why doesn’t anybody say “computer turn on the lights!”?

    • Satalax
      Satalax Month ago

      @Paulafan5 Orville is not like that. But i agree with you. Most new sci-fi TV series are dark and loud.

    • Paulafan5
      Paulafan5 Month ago +1

      Because they have to make Star Trek like every other modern scifi (ie dark, bland, and boring with characters yelling at each other for "conflict").

    • Robert Douglass
      Robert Douglass Month ago +3

      Because there were only four lights, at Picard's insistence.

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago +4

      @Tbs Rch Getting rid of clean energy to introduce wind turbines which kill endangered space birds.

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris Month ago

    i want to see a scene in star trek where the ship is over taken all but the bridge ,and they disengage the dampeners for all but the bridge and go to full impulse to wipe the enimy out

  • Carrie W
    Carrie W 7 days ago

    Episode 5 has now aired and there is still quite a bit of stuff from this trailer we haven't seen yet.

  • Seimen 434
    Seimen 434 Month ago

    Okay, of course it feeds completely on nostalgia, but damn it looks awesome!!
    Cant wait for geordie!!

  • Rebuilding Rory
    Rebuilding Rory Month ago

    One day they need to pick up on the thread they left dangling at the end of TNG Season 1 episode "Conspiracy" when those parasitic aliens managed to send out a homing beacon before being killed. I would totally watch a hard R body horror/alien creature Star Trek movie

  • Winx Superheroes
    Winx Superheroes Month ago +1

    0:52 reminds me of the Suliban Sarin from Broken Bow. Also, I wonder if Tomalak makes an appearance...or Bok.

  • Jackson B
    Jackson B Month ago +167

    This should have been the entire show from the start. It looks like a blast and I hope it’s better than the rest of the show.

    • chatroom101
      chatroom101 Month ago

      The ending of s2 was blatant agenda pushing that went against everything star trek stands for. Just awful story telling. The worst.

    • JJnS Farms
      JJnS Farms Month ago +1

      @Hammond I disagree with you. SNW is an absolutely fantastic start trek show.

    • Hammond
      Hammond Month ago

      @JJnS Farms SNW isn’t much better…

    • Fat the SNES Punk
      Fat the SNES Punk Month ago

      Does anyone know why Star Trek actors and fans make the sign of the "V"? Because the "V" stands for virgin.

  • Thomas Scott Williams
    Thomas Scott Williams Month ago +2

    This looks like the type of thing that season 1 should have been, shame to rectify things at the last moment, or will it just sail along standard tropes?

      NIELS MICHIELS Month ago

      I do hope this season will be a propper send off but the writing of the last two seasons doesn't fill me with hope.
      I mean they killed off the one new character i liked in season two.

  • Carrie W
    Carrie W 28 days ago

    Having watched episode 2 and knowing how the ships crashing comes about...

  • Rex Bellator
    Rex Bellator Month ago +1

    "This is the end my friend" -- YOU GUYS BETTER NOT TOUCH MY RIKER. Take anyone else. Worf. Geordi. Crusher. Wesley. Even Picard himself but leave my Riker aloooone 😭

  • Joe Staples
    Joe Staples Month ago

    This is what the first 2 seasons should have been about!!! Glad we finally get to see it. Villain looks awful though which could bring it all down.

    • blunt guy
      blunt guy Month ago

      They've made HUGE reference to the actress being Christopher Plummer(General Chang of ST:IV)'s daughter as if that's going to make a difference. When said and done it's "Honey Bunnie" from Pulp Fiction.

  • C P
    C P Month ago +2

    They could have made a fantastic final movie instead

    • blunt guy
      blunt guy Month ago

      Ten hours is a huge time to fill for a single story. DS9 was the pioneer for intelligent serialized storytelling yet these new people don't have a clue.

  • bridyyc
    bridyyc Month ago +78

    That part at the end where they're all together in what looks like a Captain's ready room and Picard says "I need you. I need all of you. CHILLS!!

    • blunt guy
      blunt guy Month ago

      Had he only finished his sentence......"for ratings that these cardboard characters I've been stuck with for two dreadful seasons haven't delivered."

    • Aurex
      Aurex Month ago

      That's Covid, that's not the show.

    • Cecil Leung
      Cecil Leung Month ago +2

      @Paul That is actually the exact reason a trailer exists.

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago +2

      Yeah I love how they're pretending the show is gonna be good

    • Cecil Leung
      Cecil Leung Month ago +1

      Observation lounge. Ready room is a small office.

  • Alan Bragg
    Alan Bragg Month ago +1

    in every hollywood movie where someone says to the hero of the story "trust no one" the person who says it always turns out to be the villain, just for the inevitable "I told you to trust no one". theyd better not be doing the dirty to Beverly

  • Perendra
    Perendra Month ago +2

    Looks good, but after this we really need a Star Trek: Worf, please.

    • blunt guy
      blunt guy Month ago

      If they can write him properly then absolutely!

    • Gilad Barlev
      Gilad Barlev Month ago +1

      _Star Trek: House of Worf_. Set it on Qo'nos and make it like "political intrigue" but Klingon style. If he's willing to don the makeup again, I would give a kidney to see JG Hertzler again as Martok (a slice of my liver is on loan to Mike McMahan for the Lower Decks cameo). Bring back any of the *five* actors to play Alexander. Paramount, please read.

  • Ursan
    Ursan Month ago +2

    I dig how they got Frau Farbissina out of retirement.

  • Senn Tan
    Senn Tan Month ago

    episode 1 felt like a sequel to TNG series

  • Jim Hammer
    Jim Hammer Month ago +2

    Looks pretty good...like a major motion picture.

  • Justin34
    Justin34 Month ago +6

    Man is anyone get the feeling RIKER is gonna die! ah man that will be rough if that happens,We need a Happy ending for The TNG crew. Im excited for the show but it feels like nemesis all over again don't kill off anymore of the crew!

    • Justin34
      Justin34 Month ago +2

      @John Cookie All good things was the perfect ending i agree.

    • John Cookie
      John Cookie Month ago +6

      Funny, isn't it? In their marketing they all say Nemesis isn't a proper ending for TNG, but Picard S3 will be pew pew pew and oh ooops look how we killed off Riker, Worf, whatever, oh look how sad they are. Oh how bittersweet!
      Nah, TNG ended at the Poker table in All Good Things. Not as a rotting corpse on life support.

  • trekker
    trekker Month ago

    i am SO looking forward to this

    • Fat the SNES Punk
      Fat the SNES Punk Month ago

      Does anyone know why Star Trek actors and fans make the sign of the "V"? Because the "V" stands for virgin.

  • QuicknStraight
    QuicknStraight Month ago +1

    This is really ST: TNG Season 8, as much as ST: Picard Season 3!!

  • Ondřej Matějka
    Ondřej Matějka Month ago +1

    I hope they won't remove it from Amazon in countries where there is no Paramount+ like they did with other star trek shows, I really don't want to pirate it.

  • Zerstorung Technologie

    Are they just going to ignore the whole of season 2 of Star Trek Picard, with the Borg becoming a provisional member of the Federation and the forming of the Transwarp Conduit that the Borg were going to watch over that brought the two sides together with the new Borg Queen being created from a Starfleet officer? One just does not leave that as a setup to future content and then NOT do anything about it. Or is this character played by Amanda Plummer going to be responsible for that along with Lore? And, how did Lore come back to life, as he was damaged and disassembled with the intention to never be reassembled again during a TNG episode?
    I'm not sure what to make of the upcoming season of Picard, I liked seasons 1 and 2 for what they were (they weren't exactly Star Trek as we knew it, but I liked them in their own right), but at least from this trailer I don't see how season 3 falls in with what was setup for in the past seasons.

  • Pigness
    Pigness Month ago +2


  • D D
    D D Month ago +10

    Star Trek: The Next Geriatrics .... Can't wait 😁😁

    • Jimmy Zhao
      Jimmy Zhao Month ago +1

      ooof. that's so harsh. 😁

  • nlinecomputers
    nlinecomputers Month ago

    Seven of Nine announced it correctly. If an Admiral and a Captain walk on the bridge at the same time only the Admiral gets the honors. Rank hath its privilege privilege.

  • Serge Sam
    Serge Sam Month ago +2

    WOW This will be something beyond :) Can wait to see it !!!

    • Robert Douglass
      Robert Douglass Month ago

      Beyond? I see what you did there, even if you didn't notice it ..

  • DunningKruger
    DunningKruger Month ago

    Amazing what an actual show runner can pull off!!!! finally !!!

  • chris dutra
    chris dutra Month ago +2

    um wow this looks awesome a true star trek nemises sequel for sure

  • Kent Straith
    Kent Straith Month ago

    I have decided that I would like to watch this show.