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1960 International Crew cab start To finish transformation.

  • Published on Sep 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The General 1960 International Crew cab
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    • The General - 1960 Int...
    00:00 Intro
    00:45 Collecting the donors
    02:02 Game Plan
    03:30 Stripping donor chassis
    06:35 Stripping down the International
    09:31 Making cab mounts for the IH cab
    16:38 Fitting steering column and pedals
    17:52 Stripping the second IH cab
    20:32 Fitting the 2 International cabs together
    27:23 Fitting roof pieces
    31:36 Cutting down the box to fit the chassis
    34:41 Fitting Chevy running boards to the International
    39:34 Building a removable dog house for the Cummins
    41:24 Wiring and gauges
    45:21 Bodywork
    54:16 Building rear fenders
    01:00:11 Blasting and body work
    01:05:54 Rattle Can paint job
    01:08:52 Making custom General badges
    01:12:59 Finishing the bed floor
    01:14:43 Painting the stars on the International
    01:16:15 Building custom console
    01:22:42 International Crew cab drive and working the truck
    An Army of None - The Whole Other
    Beer Belly Blues - John Deley
    Minor Blues for Booker - E's Jammy Jams
    Malandragem - Quincas Moreira
    Hurts So Good Blues - Unicorn Heads
    Ella Vater - The Mini Vandals
    Super Blues - Unicorn Heads
    Steppers To Heavan - Freedom Trail Studio
    Lone Wolf - Dan Lebowitz
    The Shepherd - The Mini Vandals
    Temptation - Chris Haugen
    The Creek - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
    Red Hot Son - JR Tundra
    River Radio 92.3 WBPM - Unicorn Heads
    Mourning Dove - Zachariah Hickman
    Mountain - Text Me Records _ Bobby Renz
    Double Agent - Everet Almond
    Pedal to the Metal - Chris Haugen
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  • paul Wiley
    paul Wiley Year ago +66

    Absolutely a gorgeous build. Alot of talent went into this truck. And I actually watched the whole video. Great job.

  • Fern.
    Fern. Year ago +23

    Congratulations Sir, you've build yourself a really nice truck. It was a great pleasure to spent one and a half hours watching this video, the talent and craftsmanship are spot on, the music is also great, it makes time fly while watching. Great video production work!

  • Canadian Haywire
    Canadian Haywire 4 months ago +2

    This truck over any other build I have seen anywhere is my favorite. I really appreciate how you show building these trucks. It is a great learning piece.

  • Shaun Dell
    Shaun Dell Year ago +27

    In my opinion 1 of the best trucks I've ever seen. I like the fact that it can be used and driven everyday! Great video 👍

  • Kevin Hutton
    Kevin Hutton Year ago +9

    Your truck looks like it could go any where ! Great job, and it is a one of a kind.

  • Brian W
    Brian W Year ago +16

    After watching this video I had to binge watch the original videos. Thank you for keeping me awake till 3:30am!
    I do absolutely love this build. You do fantastic work and you have such vision.
    You should consider doing more of these for actual paying customers. Opening up a shop with help so you can knock them out.

  • ЯIR
    ЯIR Year ago +37

    An insane amount of work for one guy in the time allotted especially where more than one automotive trade is required to complete each job step. I really enjoyed this condensed start to finish version. They're all nice, but the General without a doubt is my favorite build. Thanks for sharing Brent.

  • #3D Mario Surfista
    #3D Mario Surfista Year ago +1

    Amei a transformação! Com uma dessa, você circula em qualquer estrada...

  • Austin Hart
    Austin Hart Year ago +6

    Holy cow! That thing has the best styling I've ever seen on a build. The end result is second to none. I love this!

  • Jim Carlisle
    Jim Carlisle Year ago +8

    Love this truck, you are a great restoration guy.
    Absolutely beautiful, Thanks for the ride!

  • Brad Page
    Brad Page Year ago +2

    It’s seems at the end of watching one of your builds that I find myself saying that you have outdone yourself this time, and then…. This has gotta be the greatest truck build ever!!! Taking parts from 4 different trucks and making it all work! I know that it’s not easy but you make it LOOK easy!!! You had the best line after the start, “wow, this is gonna be a LOT bigger truck than I thought it would be!” 🤣🤣😳

  • Joe S
    Joe S Year ago +2

    I love it! It had you all over and inside to out. What a unique build. I'm sure you will get many years of use and enjoyment out of this truck!

  • Peter
    Peter Year ago +17

    Thank you for putting the editing effort into this epic build video. This is a great video for subs to share and introduce others to the channel. 80k is right around the corner and well deserved. Cheers!

  • Donald Matthies
    Donald Matthies 8 months ago +1

    That's a ton of talent that went into that build! Thank you for taking time to film, edit and post this video. Liked and subscribed.

  • jbj27406
    jbj27406 8 months ago +6

    Not only are you the ultimate mechanical visionary, you are also absolutely FEARLESS. This is one of the most extraordinary builds conceivable. LOVE this truck. Not to mention the music, editing, photography and production. Congratulations! Thanks!

  • three6ohchris
    three6ohchris Year ago

    That truck is hands down one of the most beautiful and incredible trucks I've ever seen. You did an absolutely incredible job on it. Well done, sir. Man,I wish I had an ounce of the skills you do... I can't begin to tell you what I'd do for a rig like that. Thank you so much for sharing the truck and process with us!

  • fabioneko
    fabioneko 10 months ago +1

    Demais sou um fã do canal ..é é fantástico ver as transformações ..muito schouu sou apaixonado por veículos e amo ver ..pena não ser dublado pois sou brasileiro..mas olho igual parabéns por esse canal q É demais..

  • Jeffrey Malchak
    Jeffrey Malchak Year ago +1

    This is probably the coolest creative visionary builds I have EVER seen. Your skill are incredible!!!! As a guy who drove old “Cornbinders” in the day, it’s even more special. Love the mix of old and new.

  • Glenn Nickerson
    Glenn Nickerson Year ago +7

    From the guy who reinvented the wheel and made it better! Hats off to you Brent for the coolest quad cab ever built!

  • Doug Hancock
    Doug Hancock Year ago +2

    Awesome build. Would love to see a follow-up video on how it's performed over the last year. What you like about it; what you love about it; and what you'd change/ do different.

  • Timothy
    Timothy 9 months ago

    I worked as an aircraft mechanic. I had two bosses that had the talent this guy has. There wasn’t a problem they couldn’t solve and their work was spot on.

  • Surian
    Surian 10 months ago +1


  • alan paulick
    alan paulick 5 months ago

    It's amazing what Brent can do once he puts his mind on building this beautiful beast. Enjoyed eatching your content.

  • RocMan
    RocMan Year ago +2

    Incredible build, hard work, and unreal thought process on that bad ass truck! Great job!

  • Travis Drum
    Travis Drum Year ago +11

    The amount of talent that this man has is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! To have this as a vision in your head and then be able to fabricate it all by himself is unreal!

    • Kaj Kasket
      Kaj Kasket Year ago +1

      It looks so easy, but it requires special skills to make that kind of custom truck.
      And the end result is absolutely amazing.

  • BajaShine
    BajaShine Year ago +1

    I like the way you overcame some of the more difficult aspects of that major bodywork! Nice job!👍🏼
    Rat-Rod Style with nice finish, great talent!

  • Rob Pendle
    Rob Pendle Year ago

    Way cool build! The running boards came out good. I thought to swap sides so the taper gets wider at the back. Better footing to the bed. The side covers are sweet! Nice bead rolling. Be more work but fun to build toolboxes in there and attach the covers with zeus fittings. Give it a big rig vibe and a place for snow chains and stuff

  • Mark Danielczyk
    Mark Danielczyk 9 months ago

    Nice job! Always liked the V models more than the R models, sleeker look! Beautiful build!

  • Omar Segura
    Omar Segura Year ago +1

    Esta muy lindo el camion
    Me encanto te felicito por tenerlo en esas condiciones amigo saludos

  • Howard Koster
    Howard Koster Year ago +13

    This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite builds! Yes, I watched all the videos of this build so whenever you showed it in a video, I remembered what went into building this!! Now, I'll hit play, and watch the build !!!! Gotta love this truck!!

  • Idan L
    Idan L Year ago

    This is my first time on this channel and ive been watching a lot of custom build/restoration but ive never seen anyone actually paint with spray can for the whole truck. Makes me wanna see more. The truck looks awesome too.

  • Arland Mann
    Arland Mann 7 months ago

    That truck is amazing! I cannot imagine how many hours you have into that project. Good luck on the next build.

  • YYC RC Fabricationz

    As a Bodyman myself, respects to you Halfass Kustoms! A seriously groovy resto mod & excellent workmanship!

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis Year ago

    What a unique truck, I really enjoyed watching the build. The whole truck turned out great I bet you get looks everywhere it goes. The rear fenders looks like it took as much time as the cab. You sir have skills.

  • Brian Kinnear
    Brian Kinnear Year ago +4

    Watched this build start to finish. Great job and stellar result. Be safe and stay well.

  • DrShankenstein
    DrShankenstein Year ago +17

    When I was first watching the original videos, I must admit I had my doubts on how this truck would turn out. But, boy, was I wrong! This is definitely one of the coolest projects on Clip-Share. I don't doubt your vision or talent anymore. Great job!!

  • Dean Chartier
    Dean Chartier Year ago

    You sir are a master craftsman, cool doesn’t begin to describe HOW cool 😎 it is. Frame of reference let’s say it is polar vortex cool! I like the fact you used what you had and some brilliant ingenuity you built a gorgeous work truck. A little jealous as a long time ago I worked on base battleship gray , olive drab and dark navy blue. You brought back some really great memories when I used to build things like your beautiful “GENERAL”. Love ❤️ from LasVegas,Nevada✌🏻

  • J.
    J. Year ago

    i can not state how much i love The General. It is way beyond cool and is something right out of a dream. Hope you continue to make these amazing Trucks/Cars. 10/10! Happy new Year Bud!

  • montwolfman
    montwolfman Year ago +1

    The General is so hot that I am surprised the tire tracks aren't steaming. Kickass build. The last thing I expected to see was a rattle can paintjob! The whole rig is so well proportioned! Everything just belongs!

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker Year ago

    What an excellent outcome you achieved with this build. You are a very talented man indeed, great work. 😊👍👍🦘🇦🇺🦘

  • chru cas
    chru cas Year ago +2

    Dear Halfass Kustoms guy.
    👍👌👏 Simply fantastic! Very well done (video and work). The amount of effort was immense and the result is amazing and impressive. Hope that you will have a ton of fun for a lot of years with your one and only tow rig.
    Thanks a lot for making teaching explaining recording editing uploading and sharing.
    Best regards luck and health to all of you (including the dog of course).

  • Joe Doucette
    Joe Doucette Year ago +69

    I never was really into bigger trucks.
    However.. this build had me watching and enjoying every video.
    Nicely done.

    • Pierce Hawke
      Pierce Hawke Year ago +1

      The visual balance of this Crew Cab's almost 100% perfect, especially the conversion from a standard cab.

  • Lads Gomez
    Lads Gomez Year ago +1

    I love that truck! It was a pleasure watching you build it.

  • Addison Williams Jr

    This is absolutely awesome! I stumbled across this video and I have subscribed and will watch the whole series. I absolutely LOVE trucks, pickup and semis. What a great project!

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith Year ago

    I've seen a lot of builds but this one is different. I enjoyed watching every minute of it. I wish I had this kind of talent. Thanks for sharing.

  • Graham Ellis
    Graham Ellis 8 months ago

    What an incredible build and what a beautiful truck !

  • NED HD93
    NED HD93 9 months ago

    An absolute work of art, your ingenuity is limitless, a one of a kind that im sure your very proud of, absolutely love it.

  • Elmo Landcaster
    Elmo Landcaster Year ago +11

    I came on board right after The General was finished, and this is so cool to get to watch it come together. A fantastic creation, your vision and skill really evident in this true Monster Truck. Thanks for this composite video.

  • Ron Bunker
    Ron Bunker Year ago

    This truck is phenomenal! You have a really great sense of design and fab skills, really fantastic!

  • Robert Keeton
    Robert Keeton 4 months ago

    I've been DYING to see this build! I saw this sitting in your lot in one of your newer videos and I've been dying to see it. You sir are a jack of all trades for sure.

  • Dominick Fagan
    Dominick Fagan 9 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant. Gifted talented great imagination and creativity. To see you work out What you wanted from looking at the 2 trucks blend them together and come out with such an awesome truck that still held the old school look and feel .I am awestruck and so jealous I never had the luck in life to do mechanics, body work and welding. I think shop should be thought in every school in Ireland. You are one gifted person I have subscribed to your channel and cant wait to look at more builds. Happy Christmas and a Happy healthy new year

  • Gman Second
    Gman Second 8 months ago

    1 MILLION VIEWS! Absolutely deserved. Keep them coming.

  • Christian Lopez
    Christian Lopez 10 months ago

    Excelente trabajo, quedó espectacular, mis felicitaciones por su talento... Saludos! 👍🙂

  • Stagger Proof
    Stagger Proof Year ago +6

    Just an amazing job and result. I love how you treat custom bodywork like a big crafts project. You sure aren't afraid of plain ol hard work. You and Dan at DDSpeed are the hardest working guys on Clip-Share.

  • Larry Rabathaly
    Larry Rabathaly 11 months ago

    That !! Was truly amazing!! Didn’t know where you was going with it when you started but I was hooked because of the level of skills making it 👍👍👍👍

  • Ewan Baxter
    Ewan Baxter 9 months ago

    This is what you would call total commitment, nothing was to much trouble and the result is great.

  • joesph
    joesph Year ago

    That's gotta be the coolest truck I've ever seen, absolutely beautiful truck well done with your build.

  • warrior king
    warrior king Year ago

    what an awesome build! This guy is an amazing fabricator!

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson 8 months ago

    What amazing build buddy, your engineering skills blew me away. Also your vision of what you wanted. Love this truck it's bloody marvelous. If only we had cool shit like this in the UK. 🤠🤠🤠

  • Philip Colton
    Philip Colton Year ago

    Awesome build, would be my daily driver for sure. Beautiful truck!


    I watched this build "live" start to finish and it's really an EPIC truck and skill you done did there on this one.. Totally METAL!

  • phill margolese
    phill margolese Year ago

    The hands down most incredible build I have seen in years. Wow

  • AndréMilanez
    AndréMilanez Year ago +1

    Ficou lindo, parabéns!

  • Shawn Newsome
    Shawn Newsome 9 months ago

    What an amazing build, and some beautiful scenery to go with it

  • Timothy
    Timothy 9 months ago

    This is truly a work of art in all respects. Ancient Greek marble sculptors would give your work two thumbs up. Congratulations sir!

  • Tony Stewart
    Tony Stewart Year ago

    Yes.this a “masterpiece” build.
    I wonder if you’ve considered having calendars printed out with all your builds for sale ? ❤❤❤

    GLJARHEAD J Year ago +12

    This is my favorite build yet. I have watched this several times and learn something everytime. I would love to see another similar build of like a car hauler or something along those lines. This is just amazing!

  • Suds Reserve
    Suds Reserve Year ago +1

    Man that turned out so nice, you make a daunting project seem like a breeze and nice touch throwing in that blues riff👍

  • Richard Benson
    Richard Benson Year ago

    what a display of engineering, design and talent to accomplish this vehicle. I spent the whole time watching fascinated to see what came nest. I also know what time, patients and cost it to do it. I hope you are able to pass on this ability to someone. You are one rare talent.

  • Junior
    Junior Year ago

    I love watching you do metal work. How long did this project take you to finish?

  • Elkmountain1
    Elkmountain1 Year ago

    Wow! Incredible how your mind can see how to blend all this metal into a truck that is quite frankly a master piece! Unbelievable!!

  • Snakebait 511
    Snakebait 511 11 months ago

    Another work of art! Was the engine rebuilt? He never says anything about that. Does he sell his creations? Incredible! Beautiful truck! Unbelievable talent! Keep these awesome videos coming!

  • Randy Ellis
    Randy Ellis Year ago +19

    Revisting the greatest ever build on youtube was AWSOME. I watched the series as you built it and just watched the revisit. By far the greatest build i have ever seen. You Sir are the master!!!!!!!

  • Tyson Stewart
    Tyson Stewart Year ago

    Awesome build, love it. Heaps of man hours in a build like that but turned out absolutely 💯. Wish we could do something like that in 🇦🇺.

  • Chris cornelius
    Chris cornelius Year ago

    The general is one of my favorite builds ever! I watch the full build on the truck. This was a nice recap on the truck.

  • Greg SG
    Greg SG Year ago +1

    DUDE she is beautiful mad respect for all the time and effort you put into this beast. love it and I'm the same with paint to shinny and it's a no go but you got it just right for a worker with style. The wheels, tires and visor really pull it together It's like COB crossed with duce1/2 + with a model A bed awesome !

  • Hugo Ferreira
    Hugo Ferreira Year ago +2

    Simply amazing. Congratulations on that truck and the effort you put into it!

  • Gary Seven
    Gary Seven Year ago

    This is only the second video I've watched of yours and what can I say!
    It's all very addictive viewing.
    Your fabrication skills are absolutely spot on.🙂👍

  • john mcgreevy
    john mcgreevy Year ago +6

    Was a fantastic build which I watched start to finish, and it's still enjoyable as hell to watch it again! THANK YOU Brent All the best as always

  • Robert Vohs
    Robert Vohs 9 months ago

    i like it. the ammo can as a center console works very well. great job on the transformation. you did a great job. and it is a manual, i think that make it absolutely fantastic.

    CLC III Year ago

    Amazingly ambitious and AWESOME "home made" Frankenstein build. You are a great fabricator and I applaud the nearly perfect, but not a show quality aspect of the build! You made it all work and that is the true beauty of it. Beautiful! As Always, May God Bless you and yours!

  • Ben Klein
    Ben Klein Year ago

    That was awesome... watched the whole thing. Nice to see it all come together from start to finish

  • Randall Smerna
    Randall Smerna Year ago

    I think you're a fantastic fabricator! I appreciate it You can see it in your mind's eye and you work from there. AWESOME!

  • Bill Beiser
    Bill Beiser Year ago +1

    Simply amazing fabrication and craftsmanship. Liked and subscribed. Waiting for more!

  • Carl J.
    Carl J. Year ago +96

    This by far has been the most epic build, I watched throughout from beginning to end as it transformed into the awesomeness that it is! ✌🏻😊🇺🇸🇨🇦

    • Kevin Sukdolak
      Kevin Sukdolak Year ago +4

      Every build of his is epic

    • Carl J.
      Carl J. Year ago +4

      @Kevin Sukdolak agreed but this one is at the top! ✌🏻

    • Enrique Hernandez
      Enrique Hernandez Year ago +2

      Saludos a este gran maestro restaurador fuerte abrazos un amigo que lo reconoce ok. De Chile

  • Junior Oliveira
    Junior Oliveira Year ago

    Parabéns, ficou ótimo.

  • Frank True
    Frank True 8 months ago

    Beautiful work! Totally incredible!

  • Business Ed. With Landale

    I'm blown by this beast of a man...Such tremendous talent.

  • Eldhose Baby
    Eldhose Baby Year ago

    Never imagined building custom trucks is this exciting.. You put real work into this bad boy. And this was best restoration/custom building video so far..

  • Ronald Heit
    Ronald Heit Year ago

    I'd be flabbergasted if the General didn't win a whole bunch of trophies if you took it to some truck shows.
    Definitely one of the best build vids I've watched here on YT.

  • Robert Stafford
    Robert Stafford Year ago +8

    I have watched a lot of your builds this one here holds a special place in my heart really enjoyed watching the build on this truck looking forward to see what comes next

  • Brent Taylor
    Brent Taylor Year ago

    That was the most enjoyable 90 minutes I've spent so far this year! Thank you for sharing that with us brother, that was most excellent! Kudos!

  • Robert Magee
    Robert Magee Year ago

    Amazed at the panel gaps around the doors...shows your level of skill...great job...and one tough looking shop truck.

  • Doug Staner
    Doug Staner Year ago

    I'm searching for words Brent. Several times I sat here in astonishment. The work you did putting that truck together is like the thesis one would write when obtaining a doctorate in their field. Od damist thing Ive ever seen.

  • dieseldoctor
    dieseldoctor 9 months ago

    Totally awesome build you sir have a hot of a skill that many men never have you have a great skill when it comes to planning and fabrication it is a really cool build!!!Thank you sir for the video and sharing with all the guys out there on you tube!!!

  • Scott Hay
    Scott Hay Year ago +1

    Watched the whole series on the build. You made a very good compilation from it. Thumbs up.

  • Mid-Nite Ryders
    Mid-Nite Ryders Year ago +3

    Had no idea this truck was even cooler in creation than I always thought it is. First bigger truck I ever drove was a 57 International oil truck, so a fan. Great towing machine bud ! First few of your videos I watched, was looking at the truck hardly noticed what was on the trailer.

  • Flávio Alexandre de Oliveira Oliveira

    Belo trabalho, verdadeiro artista.
    Teresópolis Rio de janeiro Brasil

  • Big Jay
    Big Jay Year ago

    This is how fast I wanted it to be the first time you built the truck LOL but we all know all good things come in time. I enjoyed watching the build again. I forgot how unsure you were about certain things like the side steps but then it all just turned out amazing. The General l is one bad mamajama. You should be very proud of your work

  • Wildman
    Wildman Year ago

    Excellent job. Super cool looking truck. Watched the video all the way through. Nice work on the fabrications. Thumbs 👍 up.