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Who painted the Mona Lisa?

  • Published on May 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • AbsoluteUnit
    AbsoluteUnit 4 months ago +140230

    Mans was in de-Nile about the answer to the river question.

  • Xclyn
    Xclyn Month ago +5430

    “Who painted Mona Lisa?”
    “Vincent Van Gogh” 💀

    • Aliyaah Adekola
      Aliyaah Adekola Month ago +127

      at least she knew his full name

    • I m BTS ARMY you know
      I m BTS ARMY you know Month ago +12

      Yeah you're right 👍

    • WoolpieHD
      WoolpieHD Month ago +41

      I don't know how you mix up the two when Vincent van gogh has such a distinct style

    • Aster Typhon
      Aster Typhon Month ago +22

      Da Vinki?!

    • Black Blaze
      Black Blaze 28 days ago +2

      I tell them apart on van Gogh's painting is trippy and a bit weird while da vinci is symmetrical

  • renmant
    renmant 2 months ago +6500

    bruh, the girl is celebrating like she won the prize after trying to mislead the guy 2 times 😂

    • depressedGarfield
      depressedGarfield 2 months ago +107

      she wasn’t misleading it was her boyfriend why would she try to mislead him and also she just wanted to answer the questions

    • depressedGarfield
      depressedGarfield Month ago +14

      when was i mad? and wdym that i’m in the manosphere you really should comment something that makes sense next time

    • Athrel
      Athrel Month ago +114

      Celebrating when someone you care about wins something is a normal reaction in most parts of the world.

    MZC_CRAZY 3 months ago +30208

    For those wondering about the longest river, It is the Nile, but the Amazon River holds far more water.

    • Dancing Momo
      Dancing Momo 3 months ago +1307

      The Nile River is 6650 km the Amazon River, as of now(it previously was shorter than the Nile River), is 6800 km, recently it has been recorded to be the longest River in the world, as of now. :)
      Edit: apparently the reason it got longer is because one of its branches extended making it longer.

    • breber
      breber 3 months ago +548

      the amazon river is really difficult to measure and we don't know exactly where it statts, but it's estimated to be longer nowday (based on one research only tho)

    • Dancing Momo
      Dancing Momo 3 months ago +81

      True, but when I was looking at research, maybe too much, I found a few sources talking about it, like Brazil Escola, Britannica, and Washington post, all the ones I find saying the Nile is like from 2007-2008, and since it’s recent it obviously wouldn’t be there, lol, but yeah, honestly can’t really trust these scientist on the internet anyway. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Someguy Someone
      Someguy Someone 3 months ago +49

      Well the question is the longest not the largest.

    • Atcera
      Atcera 3 months ago +43

      The Nile is the widest, I was always taught that the Amazon was longer because it was estimated to be much longer than the nile but wasn't fully measured

  • Jerry Gomes
    Jerry Gomes 2 months ago +297

    Man was literally giving his bro the clue to the last answer. Respect 👊

    • MHQA
      MHQA Month ago +4

      Bro Amazon is the current longest river. People living in old ages fr

    • kairon5
      kairon5 Month ago +9

      why did bro have to choose a question we dont even know the conclusive answer to

    • Rowni
      Rowni 9 days ago

      Respect? But if that was someone else you’d say that’s cheating lmao

    • YouTube Viewer
      YouTube Viewer 6 days ago

      I've searched it on Google, sometimes it says the Amazon is bigger and other times it says Nile ... So i really have no idea which one it is

  • T̷ι̷ɠ̷ҽ̷ɾ̷ ̷L̷ҽ̷ҽ̷ɠ̷ҽ̷ɳ̷ԃ̷

    "Here's 50 dollars"
    "Now, as the video is over, you can quietly hand it back to me" 💀

  • Donna Em
    Donna Em 3 months ago +8692

    “Who painted the Mona Lisa”
    “Da Vinki??”

  • Simon "Ghost" Riley
    Simon "Ghost" Riley Month ago +45

    "Who painted The Mona Lisa?"
    "Vincent Van Gogh" 💀

    ICE GAMER YT 2 months ago +43

    The happiest couple in the world

    • Dancer
      Dancer 2 months ago +2

      Bruh they took so much time just to answer 3rd grade questions

    • Andrew Williams
      Andrew Williams 14 days ago +5

      @Dancerthey literally just didn’t wanna be wrong, it’s different when you’re under pressure stop trying to hate when your name is dancer boi, you’re a roblox kid, and you make corny racist jokes “👴🏻”

    • Dancer
      Dancer 14 days ago

      @Andrew Williams Hate? bruh these questions are simple af and "Roblox kid? Bro even adults play roblox grow up

  • CHECKMate♟️
    CHECKMate♟️ 4 months ago +7067

    Bro has extreme trust issues with everyone including himself

    • аRфЯа
      аRфЯа 3 months ago +41

      As he should tf

    • Pan
      Pan 3 months ago +68

      ​@аRфЯа I'm just curious why did you have to add "tf" at the end? To look cool? It's not, and it doesn't make sense

    • аRфЯа
      аRфЯа 3 months ago +106

      @Pan Cry about it tf

    • Himanshu Atri
      Himanshu Atri 3 months ago +3

      Well he believes tiktok a lot.

    • Himanshu Atri
      Himanshu Atri 3 months ago +32

      ​@аRфЯа lmao tf

  • Jackson Maine
    Jackson Maine 2 months ago +16

    That jacket fire af

  • Jose Cordova
    Jose Cordova 2 months ago +75

    He said she's trying to set me up, what a gentleman I would have straight up called her by her name lmao

    • Adi Padi
      Adi Padi Month ago

      What? Has no one realised what this dude means by ”her name” ?

    • sup.
      sup. Month ago +1

      ​@Adi Padiwhat does it mean

    • Hydro Cy.
      Hydro Cy. 13 days ago +1

      Stop assuming their gender 😠

  • Misri
    Misri 3 months ago +9014

    As an Asian i can confirm these were my final year questions in Grade 1.

    • James Howlett ii
      James Howlett ii 3 months ago +55

      @Fatima I don't think you quite got the joke but oh well.

    • Nitish Singh
      Nitish Singh 3 months ago +37

      ​@Fatimaits not funny for u but it is funny for many ppl 🙃

    • Minz
      Minz 3 months ago +15

      @Fatimadude, u r the reason why this is funny

    • ForensicFilesTV
      ForensicFilesTV 3 months ago +13

      @zolol9912 oh hell nah you cant delete your comment

    • Sofia
      Sofia 3 months ago +13

      Yes my 9 years old sis knows this and will never stuuter

  • Gayane
    Gayane 2 months ago +8

    Middle school-level questions get adults' knickers in a twist.

    • H.K
      H.K Month ago +1

      Who cares?

    • Anjie
      Anjie 2 days ago +2

      These are things not everyone is supposed to know lmao it's thought by someone if they didn't teach someone that how are they meant to know the answer

    • Notsahej Why
      Notsahej Why 2 days ago +1

      I know the questions were easy but who actually cares

  • Boy master
    Boy master Month ago +1

    The one time she wasn’t right in their relationship😂

  • Edi Farkas
    Edi Farkas 3 months ago +16118

    As an asian toddler I can confirm that those questions were softer than my food

    • Liu Jason 🗹
      Liu Jason 🗹 3 months ago +296

      As an Asian person, yes.

    • FozyAkshay
      FozyAkshay 3 months ago +282

      As an Indian it would be a level 1 Rapid Fire 😂😂😂

    • Education is the Power
      Education is the Power 3 months ago +174

      As an indian it is question of nursery students.

    • Alex D
      Alex D 3 months ago +160

      They are Americans. Gotta go easy on them

    • ruibin liang
      ruibin liang 3 months ago +10

      omg XD

  • Apratim Singh
    Apratim Singh Month ago +3

    bro made me question my GK with that Nile river question💀

  • Alejandro Fajardo
    Alejandro Fajardo 2 months ago +4

    Primera persona que realmente lo merecía 🎉🎉

  • daniel y
    daniel y 2 months ago +9213

    Bro asked a Grade 1 Asian kids test💀

  • An existing Person
    An existing Person Month ago +1

    “I’m tryna get a slice of pizza all I need is a dollar” w mindset 💀

  • Aura
    Aura 29 days ago +1

    i like how humans tend to have bad hope to meet the expectations of failure

  • Jeremo
    Jeremo 4 months ago +26940

    "Who painted the Mona Lisa?"
    "Mona Lisa... yeah yeah hah."
    "Da Vinki?"

    • shiieeet
      shiieeet 4 months ago +553

      Bro he asked that and i said out loud in a room by myself "DA VINKI?"

    • Joseph Peat
      Joseph Peat 4 months ago +135

      He deadass said davinki

    • giggityeffyou
      giggityeffyou 4 months ago +48

      Shit Idk why my mind automatically went to Michelangelo.

    • matic hribar
      matic hribar 4 months ago +13

      ​@shiieeet same

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 4 months ago +57

      Da vinki brothers clutched up nobody forgetting that shit

  • Gato Empresário
    Gato Empresário 13 days ago

    As a brazilian, I see that as an absolute win.

  • Sameh Abouez
    Sameh Abouez 29 days ago

    That dude is stylish and smart. What a great man

  • Pavan Wagh
    Pavan Wagh 3 months ago +5675

    As an Indian embryo I can confirm these questions were easy af

    • Tropical Storm
      Tropical Storm 3 months ago +15

      *76* What does that number represent?

    • Azande Phungula
      Azande Phungula 3 months ago +23

      "For a black man" is where you're headed aren't you?

    • just some random guy
      just some random guy 3 months ago +81

      ​@Azande Phungulahe just said for an Indian it was easy....not that hard mam

    • James Howlett ii
      James Howlett ii 3 months ago +66

      @Azande Phungula Are you joking or being serious? Cos if so, your comment completely came out of nowhere.

  • grod805
    grod805 27 days ago

    He wears the jacket at the store that you think no one would ever wear. And it actually looks good on him

  • Mr.Scrappy
    Mr.Scrappy 2 months ago +12

    Bro is his own worse enemy 😂

  • Brickilish
    Brickilish 3 months ago +1817

    Bro the girl actually tried to complain after he said she was incorrect 💀

    • NothingbutLove
      NothingbutLove 2 months ago +36

    • AlienIreland
      AlienIreland 2 months ago +39

      No she didn’t 💀

    • Michael Robitaille
      Michael Robitaille 2 months ago +19

      ​@AlienIrelandshe said they were together so his answer is her too

    • AlienIreland
      AlienIreland 2 months ago +33

      @Michael Robitaille That’s not complaining. They WERE together but the game challenger chose to keep the person who was correct in, which was fair. How does her stating a fair fact, complaining?

    • RedHeadRGR
      RedHeadRGR 2 months ago +9

      ​@AlienIrelandshe clearly wanted to keep playing even tho she was ruled out by her wrong answer. you must be a woman too 😂😂😂

  • gilegend plays
    gilegend plays Month ago

    Man asked the guy a grade 1 asian gk quiz

  • Mrdeadbeat
    Mrdeadbeat 2 months ago +1

    Dude my stupid 5 year-old brain thought van Gogh and Leonardo davinci was the same person 💀💀💀

  • Cringotopia
    Cringotopia 3 months ago +5610

    For the confusion: it was recorded previously that the Nile was the longest river until the Amazon river had one of its branches extend making it the official longest river in the world

    • DaUnderrated
      DaUnderrated 3 months ago +50

      thx fyi

    • Farisse Mraoua
      Farisse Mraoua 3 months ago +76

      thanks bro i was confused fr

    • surreal Energy 2.0
      surreal Energy 2.0 3 months ago +174

      True, and also the Amazon River it's the largest river by volume and streaming water.

    • Unicorns Poop Rainbows (Fae)
      Unicorns Poop Rainbows (Fae) 3 months ago +80

      I remember learning in school that the Nile was the longest but didn’t have the largest volume of water. I graduated almost 20 years ago so not surprised things have changed

    • Brian M
      Brian M 3 months ago +19

      It’s complicated but, both are thousands of miles long and are separated by less then 70 miles in length.

  • Victor Ionescu
    Victor Ionescu Month ago

    Vincent van Gogh has a unique painting style.

  • Ruppzie
    Ruppzie 2 days ago

    bro doesnt need the money
    he just needs a slice of pizza

  • _GSYT_
    _GSYT_ 3 months ago +10847

    Him: "who painted the Mona Lisa?"
    Her: "Van Gogh"
    My anxiety: 📈📈
    Edit: woah there's a whole war in the comments

  • It’s German Time
    It’s German Time Month ago +1

    Even new born in Asia knows the answers of these questions 💀☠️

  • lE
    lE Month ago +1

    guys in the back : 😮

  • Jordan Colon
    Jordan Colon 4 months ago +14850

    Props to this brotha over here. He helping another brother out!!

    • yyyd
      yyyd 4 months ago +25

      Who's ur brother?

    • Talal bergoug
      Talal bergoug 4 months ago +65

      Damn people be paying attention to race more than the video.

  • Abhinav
    Abhinav 2 months ago +1

    As an Indian, I see a new source of income.

  • Akaristos
    Akaristos 2 months ago

    "Who painted the Mona Lisa ?"
    "Vincent Van Gogh"

  • tridenium
    tridenium 3 months ago +7014

    Bro’s smarter than every TikToker I’ve seen

      MZC_CRAZY 3 months ago +61

      low bar lol

    • FFG
      FFG 3 months ago +19

      all you watch is shorts

    • FoxFloof
      FoxFloof 3 months ago +21

      That aint hard to beat ngl, the second you download tiktok your iq drops 10 fold lmao

    • Ralph Körner
      Ralph Körner 3 months ago +9

      Hate on tiktokers all you want, but those are early ELEMENTARY school questions.

    • tridenium
      tridenium 3 months ago +1

      @Ralph Körner ig but I feel like the river question would be really difficult

  • Football Recap
    Football Recap 2 months ago

    The first time someone actually won more money than over a dollar

  • Kesha Wannabe
    Kesha Wannabe 2 months ago +1

    Summer vacation hit my brain really hard bruh 💀

  • Prithvi23
    Prithvi23 3 months ago +3931

    "Youve answered wrong, you're out"
    My respect for this guy for not letting the other one get the credit has increased exponentially

    • Los Lobos
      Los Lobos 3 months ago +24

      Wait who is “the other one” and who do you respect, you worded this really weirdly

    • Oki
      Oki 3 months ago +22

      wtf does this mean

    • your local 7/12
      your local 7/12 3 months ago +36

      @Los Lobosprobably meant “respect for not making them both be out and giving the guy a chance”?

    • Dino dev
      Dino dev 3 months ago +11

      @your local 7/12 or like most people do if one person gets it wrong and the two people are "teamates" or whatever and one gets it right the other one doesn't get to keep answering

    • Symbiote
      Symbiote 3 months ago +4

      Yall that person means he has respect for the youtuber for not sharing the first answer's credit to both of them (The dude and his gf)(if i said black dude i would start WWIII here) and continued with the guy

  • Susan from EA
    Susan from EA 2 months ago

    everyone in the crowd looked up when he said ' youve won 50 dollars!'

  • Godretos
    Godretos Month ago +2

    He literally snitched on himself that he graduated from tiktok i cant 😂💀

  • BarfyMan362
    BarfyMan362 4 months ago +6809

    Man’s got a clean ass fit

  • The Youtube Shorts Critique

    "Here's 50 dollars... And I'll be taking that back thank you."

  • randomtanqrfan213
    randomtanqrfan213 3 days ago

    bro the fact leonardo painted mona lisa should be common sense by now

  • Mangadlao, Adriane Gabriel V.
    Mangadlao, Adriane Gabriel V. 3 months ago +6178

    hes the type of person who tells his classmate he didn't study for the exam but ends up with the highest score in the class

    • Manyu
      Manyu 3 months ago +56

      Happened once in my Math test 💀 I was the dude who got the highest score.

    • Princess Kentucky🧡
      Princess Kentucky🧡 3 months ago +25

      Yeah i dont study for most my quizzes and im always positive about failing and somehow i get good grades when im done 😅

    • Ma
      Ma 3 months ago +8

      Because 7-9th grade is ez

    • Manyu
      Manyu 3 months ago +7

      @Ma Geometry is sexy

    • Wei Luo
      Wei Luo 3 months ago +13

      These questions are too easy though

  • Wassim
    Wassim Month ago

    These questions are elementary level 💀💀💀

  • BlueDye40
    BlueDye40 2 months ago

    The face on the girl when she realized she was t getting to progress was priceless

  • Smokee
    Smokee 3 months ago +2917

    Man only wanted a dollar to get a slice but ended up winning 50 slices

    • Eric Lin
      Eric Lin 2 months ago +19

      bro where can you get pizza for $1 a slice

    • donny
      donny 2 months ago +10

      @Eric Linyou can get a slice for like 99 cents

    • Rafael Muniz
      Rafael Muniz 2 months ago +3

      so a whole pizza is less than 8 dollars? because a whole pizza is cheaper than slices

    • Cheso_No_Akuma 29
      Cheso_No_Akuma 29 2 months ago

      ​@Rafael Munizham and cheese pizza cost about $1.80 here. Ofc it's just Ham and cheese so it's cheap but it's still seriously delicious.

    • Rafael Muniz
      Rafael Muniz 2 months ago +1

      @Cheso_No_Akuma 29 less than 2 dollars for a full pizza? bruh

  • AbstrusoTV
    AbstrusoTV Month ago

    -Who painted mona lisa?
    -Leonardo Di Caprio.

  • IkeeAike
    IkeeAike Month ago

    I like how he started to think the guy asking the question is lying because he keeps getting it right when he doesn't trust himself😂.

  • 20 Eshan Jha
    20 Eshan Jha 3 months ago +3341

    as an Asian(Indian) 6th grader I can confirm that these questions were more easy than pressing a nuke button

    • DRION
      DRION 3 months ago +108

      As an unborn baby this was way to easy

    • Joe Asked
      Joe Asked 3 months ago +7


    • Andrada Gramada
      Andrada Gramada 3 months ago +6


    • Alžbeta Adamíková
      Alžbeta Adamíková 3 months ago +10

      bro true i asked theese questions my 11 year old sister and she did it right .

    • Jocelyn
      Jocelyn 3 months ago +16

      When she said Vincent van Gogh it made me rethink life

  • Evert Suarez
    Evert Suarez Month ago

    Now he can get 50 slices of pizza

  • __FTV__
    __FTV__ Month ago

    Bro that girl was trying her best to not look dumb but eventually did 😂😂😂

  • Jayymacgaming
    Jayymacgaming 4 months ago +582

    Who painted the Mona Lisa?
    “Leonardo DiCaprio”

    • Mina Ydyd
      Mina Ydyd 3 months ago +6

      Has happened with me many times too😂😂

    • giga chad
      giga chad 3 months ago +1

      bro one in school i didn't know who wrote the little prince and i asked girls and they said leonardo di caprio and i shouted it like crazy man

    • Arvika Mohangajan
      Arvika Mohangajan 3 months ago +1

      @giga chad nah leonardo the mutant ninja turntle

    • oZqdiac
      oZqdiac 3 months ago

      I’ve probably said that once before

    • maramr
      maramr 3 months ago


  • Zen Plays
    Zen Plays 2 months ago

    is that jacket a tapestry? cause that is fuckin fire.

  • iieclipse;
    iieclipse; 2 months ago +1

    As a Brazilian I can say that these questions was so easy-- like why he was confused in the question of the river?☠️

  • Remcon55
    Remcon55 4 months ago +9141

    The amazon river has the most water but the Nile is the longest. That's why he was confused

    • KlayRozan
      KlayRozan 4 months ago +712

      Actually, he wasnt wrong, it is up for debate which one is longer, depending on how you measure it. There are other comments that better explain it. But its a lot more complicated than just a straight answer

    • Masud Khoa
      Masud Khoa 4 months ago +246

      A very simple way to explain it, rivers Are never really just a straight path. They swing around and Thats Why the Amazon river has never accurately been measured

    • phoebe00duck
      phoebe00duck 4 months ago +123

      actually amazon is the longest if you consider all the smaller rivers that divert out of it and all its tributaries but if you are just talking into account the library then it’s the nile

    • Thx4hlz
      Thx4hlz 4 months ago +38

      the Amazon river is stated to be the longest river. Not the Nile.

    • Seeds of Love
      Seeds of Love 4 months ago +44

      I would have accepted either. Better yet, dont ask a question with 2 possible answers.

  • Xavier Kilgallon
    Xavier Kilgallon Month ago

    Bro be asking the easiest questions💀

  • Croz Raven
    Croz Raven 2 months ago +1

    his gf tried to make him fail. That's pretty sus bruh.

  • Coconut🌴🥥
    Coconut🌴🥥 4 months ago +5785

    "I've seen it on Tiktok" bro really was about to believe Tiktok info.

    • electroflame
      electroflame 4 months ago +174

      Nah its right tho, which river is longer depends on your level of measurement.

    • Thatguythere98
      Thatguythere98 4 months ago +71

      And you’d rather believe this guy who definitely posted this to… TikTok.

    • 𝐔.𝐘.𝐈.
      𝐔.𝐘.𝐈. 4 months ago +22

      ​@Thatguythere98 bro imagine TikTok combining with Google, man I almost died typing.

    • Coconut🌴🥥
      Coconut🌴🥥 4 months ago +16

      @Thatguythere98 I don't believe him but why would he believe information on that app everyone there just likes to lie.

    • Thatguythere98
      Thatguythere98 4 months ago +26

      @Coconut🌴🥥 People lie everywhere. Funny thing is he wasn’t even wrong, it’s debated which is longer the Nile or the Amazon

  • Inf4cti0n
    Inf4cti0n 17 days ago +1

    Never trust tiktok. They just want you to fail ur math test

  • Aryan Mukherjee
    Aryan Mukherjee 2 months ago +1

    He was probably confusing the fact that the Mississippi River is not actually the longest river in the U.S.A(the Missouri River is slightly longer), but was thinking about it for Nile v.s. Amazon.

  • ~*Alexa*~
    ~*Alexa*~ 3 months ago +2366

    "Who painted Mona Lisa?"
    "Van Gogh"
    *Edit:Bro what's happening in comments*

    • Unsaved files
      Unsaved files 3 months ago +93


    • Red Jake
      Red Jake 3 months ago +15

      ​@Unsaved files LMAO I trolled a lot of people and made them mad 🤣

    • Unsaved files
      Unsaved files 3 months ago +40

      @Red Jake do you not understand a joke also why would i comment that if i didnt know who made the mona lisa

    • Red Jake
      Red Jake 3 months ago +18

      @Unsaved files stupid incel joke ngl lol

  • taneesh
    taneesh 8 days ago

    As a 9 th grader I see it is a absolute win

  • ?it's not me?
    ?it's not me? 2 months ago

    This is my favorite guy so far!

  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma 4 months ago +989

    All he wanted was a dollar for a slice now he can get 50 slices

    • Gilbert Wilson
      Gilbert Wilson 3 months ago +8

      He's in NYC bro, he ain't getting 1 dollar per slice.

    • Nothing Ishere
      Nothing Ishere 3 months ago +2

      ​@Gilbert Wilson he can get 1.25 per slice. It's in Manhattan and the pizza is soo good

    • hi
      hi 3 months ago

      ​@Gilbert Wilson there actually is a one dollar slice

    • Sweetheartbabez
      Sweetheartbabez 3 months ago +1

      @Gilbert Wilsonlol we have $1 slices out here. They taste like crap but they hit when its late and youre hungry

    • Bahamas Countryball
      Bahamas Countryball 3 months ago

      You can get a whole pizza for a dollar in iran

  • Hope Strong
    Hope Strong 2 months ago

    I totally didn’t scream Leonardo DiCaprio in a parking lot

  • Isaque Silva
    Isaque Silva 2 months ago

    Primeira vez que vejo um americano saber geografia mais do que eu kkkkk

    SKILL ISSUES TBH 4 months ago +342

    He seems so laid back and nice

  • Richa Mehta
    Richa Mehta Month ago

    now he can buy 50 slices of pizza

  • Mag The Magnificent

    "im just tryna get a slice of pizza"
    bro i fucking feel you gang

  • Gray Wolves
    Gray Wolves 3 months ago +464

    What a humble man

  • Azzy Ladle
    Azzy Ladle Month ago

    Lesson learned: never trust anything from tiktok and on the toughest situations never ask a women

  • Kaustav Pal
    Kaustav Pal 3 months ago +425

    The fact that they were so stressed with these questions 💀

    • Brooks Roche
      Brooks Roche 3 months ago +8

      Bro I said the mississippi😂😂😂

    • anna
      anna 2 months ago +5

      fr i am about to go to eighth grade and i knew these easily

    • g1rybtch
      g1rybtch 2 months ago +1

      Don’t act like you know right away in sec

    • SilverAegis39
      SilverAegis39 2 months ago +8

      ​@annalovescats13 if you're in eighth grade, it means you probably learned that recently. Like, last 2 or 3 years. He's probably 26 or 27 years old, so if he learned it at school, it was like 10 years ago minimum. So it's normal for people learning right now to be faster with answers since it's fresh in their memories.

    • Kaustav Pal
      Kaustav Pal 2 months ago +2

      @g1rybtch not acting like it, but most people here would answer these under a sec :)

  • Chris R
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    "The woman is always right" 💀🤡

  • Ansh Gouria
    Ansh Gouria 2 months ago

    As an Indian i can confirm that these questions were asked to me in the trial test for admission in Grade 1

  • D J
    D J 4 months ago +642

    Technically the last question was a trick question. The Nile stretches from tip to tip (think like a spaghetti noodle stretched straight) the longest but the Amazon River actually is longer in surface area but it’s more compact and winds back and forth (like a longer but “S” shaped spaghetti noodle).

    • Roi_Halltari
      Roi_Halltari 4 months ago +58

      The Nile is the longest but the Amazon river is the largest and has the most volume of a river. Nile takes length.

    • Xbox 360
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      Thanks for explaining in spagetthi terms 😂

    • Jason Bliss
      Jason Bliss 4 months ago +7

      The best way to answer it is to circle the river and see which one has the longest diameter from one end to the other. You are correct, it has more volume and takes up more square area while the Nile is the longest if you were to walk from one end to another. It's about the longest, not largest. He used Largest in the question about oceans meaning the choice of words is pretty direct. So i don't mean to seem rude, but it's not a trick question because he used the term long, which specifically looks for a single measurement.

    • Heliogen
      Heliogen 4 months ago +2

      @Jason Bliss well its not just volume, its just different ways of viewing the length

    • Jason Bliss
      Jason Bliss 4 months ago

      @Heliogen well yeah if you specifically walk alongside the river and all it's bends then you'd travel more distance with the Amazong, but if you walked in a straight line along side it then the Nile is longer.

  • A W
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    "Who painted the mona lisa?"
    👱👱 : "Mona Lisa"
    👱👱 : "Da Vinky??"

  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 months ago

    For anyone wondering why he may think it was the Amazon is because the Amazon is the BIGGEST and LARGEST River. While the Nile is much longer, the Amazon is wider and deeper, and Carrie’s more water then the Nile.

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    • LunaticSage
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      Because others put the correct answer with other questions

      SEROTONIN 3 months ago +21

      It's almost like they edit the videos to focus on the wrong answers.

    • LunaticSage
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      @SEROTONIN exactly

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    • Gowri Nandana
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      ​@Namjoonie's_rrrapmonster💜🐨when you're in school, you are in touch with academics. Once you lose touch, you may forget all this. An adult recalling the answers to these questions is actually impressive.

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