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  • Published on Oct 24, 2020 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 30 033

  • Beast Feasts
    Beast Feasts 2 years ago +8289

    Vikk killing JJ is vintage 900 IQ XD

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor Year ago +2560

    Simon’s face was so good when he was the killer. He genuinely looked mental

  • BloxieRblx
    BloxieRblx Year ago +11333

    Everyone: *dies calmly*
    JJ: *alerting everyone that he’s dead*

    • Atun Random
      Atun Random Year ago +373

      It's honestly so good. Gives everyone a spook and adds an uneasy setting lol

    • Ctrl Alt De Ligt
      Ctrl Alt De Ligt Year ago +33

      @Atun Random yep

    • Gryzl
      Gryzl Year ago +171

      But also spoils the killer

    • The Rubindk
      The Rubindk Year ago +6

      @Ctrl Alt De Ligt CBH f

    • HarryUzumaki
      HarryUzumaki Year ago +130

      and he also ratted out Simon when his game was going soo good.

  • Rajan Kunwar
    Rajan Kunwar 5 months ago +1156

    Simon giving serial killer vibe and Vik giving vibe of a man whose whole family was murdered and he is out for blood

    • cj smith
      cj smith 5 months ago +34

      Fr Simon was wayyyy too happy

  • Carter Curley
    Carter Curley Year ago +2127

    5:49 is cinematic mastery... the way Simon's face morphs and then it cuts to KSI in the doorway... perfection

    • Scratch
      Scratch Year ago +74

      ikr! the way his jaw clicks in is terrifying

    • Harsh B
      Harsh B 7 months ago +16

      And also in end when vikk is just beside the room that josh is doing that cube thing in

    • LaQuica
      LaQuica 7 months ago +9

      I was looking for this comment so funny😂

  • Dapo
    Dapo Year ago +2363

    27:44 when Vikk said “split or steal bish” that was the best part 😂😂💀 Vikk finally got his revenge 👏🏾

    • Itzzray
      Itzzray 10 months ago +53

      This was the funniest part in my opinion😂😂

    • WhatevGuyz
      WhatevGuyz 8 months ago +20


  • Spencer FC
    Spencer FC 2 years ago +9390

    Vikk makes a scarily convincing serial killer

    • lil danny
      lil danny 2 years ago +41

      True Mate

    • fidz
      fidz 2 years ago +12

      hey there !

    • nawaf ghubari
      nawaf ghubari 2 years ago +12

      a 123 like count makes it all the better lol

    • Elliot Fernandez
      Elliot Fernandez 2 years ago +10

      sTAy aWaY fROm mE

    • YKKVBatman
      YKKVBatman 2 years ago +6

      666 likes no one touch this comment its perfect rn

  • Konkona
    Konkona Year ago +3189

    34:27 Vikk: We've got a dead Simon here and just around the corner
    Vikk: We've his boyfriend KSI

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo Year ago +1281

    37:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣Josh’s face when Ethan destroys the cube is priceless 😂😂😂

    • Lazarus
      Lazarus Year ago +59

      Ethans a menace for doing that lol, respect to Josh for giving him respect

    • GenShaw
      GenShaw Year ago +77

      "idk but it took a lot of brain power" that whole scene was fuckin funny

    • Alex Armstrong
      Alex Armstrong 6 months ago +16

      Ethan got advice from tobi on how to do the cube and kicks it for josh instead of giving him the same piece of advice he got before 😂

  • Beetroot
    Beetroot 10 months ago +448

    Vik's corpse acting ability is phenomenal.
    Vik's spirit reincarnating as a vindictive killer was also phenomenal.

  • Indraneel Vinke
    Indraneel Vinke 8 months ago +262

    Simon: tries to blend in with everyone for sneak kills..
    Vik : chasing them like a mad killer

  • TheFlaccidBanana
    TheFlaccidBanana 5 months ago +568

    12:50 the guys running away giggling was 100% the best part

    ESKAY 2 years ago +3457

    Harry: blink if it's Vik
    JJ: blinks once
    Harry: blink if it's simon
    JJ: blinks like his life depends on it
    Harry: Na it's Vik

  • Pepe_
    Pepe_ Year ago +800

    5:42 - 6:20 Perfect Among Us moment XD -- Simon's face realizing he has been exposed, Vik's dead and helpless and surprised KSI realizing what Simon just did

    • Azu Ben
      Azu Ben Year ago +28

      I think KSI was perplexed on whether Simon was the imposter or not otherwise he would’ve ran immediately knowing the imposter had a cooldown almost immediately.

  • Impatient Gaming
    Impatient Gaming 8 months ago +223

    Bruh Vik was savage with the line "Well let neutralize one of the cooks"

    • emma otto
      emma otto 6 months ago +5

      that was so sick

    • Dumbass Hoe
      Dumbass Hoe 4 months ago +9

      Vikk is a cold hearted killer in this video, his split or steal line was evil

  • Manan Jain
    Manan Jain 5 months ago +84

    31:08 Harry: Too many cooks spoil the broth
    Vikk: Let's neutralise a cook then
    Damn that Kill!! 😂🤣 Just look at Simon's face! 😂😂

    RANDAM Year ago +975

    29:06 Vik: *We* come in peace.
    Is this proof of Vik's split personalities? The humble and the psycho

  • SSJ Gaming
    SSJ Gaming Year ago +265

    JJ always trusting the killer it's hilarious😂

  • DavidParody
    DavidParody 2 years ago +8324

    We need a part 2 please

    • Martín De Jesús
      Martín De Jesús 2 years ago +55

      Goat 🐐

    • Phat basdard
      Phat basdard 2 years ago +22


    • Set
      Set 2 years ago +49

      lemme guess this comment is gonna get a bunch of likes because of the verification privilege 😔

      sAMMYsILVER 2 years ago +8

      Daveeeeeee ❤️

  • crista Ronaldo
    crista Ronaldo Year ago +644

    8:17 Simon has the best villain face legit scared me

    • J Smith
      J Smith 9 months ago +21

      that was legit best moment

    • VoicesInMyHead
      VoicesInMyHead 7 months ago +3

      i agree lol

    • Tazdivil
      Tazdivil 3 months ago

      Vik was more scary cause he was so causal about it. He was like a guy with nothing left to lose

  • OH YOU
    OH YOU Year ago +362

    37:17 Ethan: 'I just done it legit, look!' *kicks it apart violently* Josh: 'Ethan, how do I do it now?' Had me in tears.

  • Hiccups
    Hiccups Year ago +108

    12:49 the shock, panic and reaction from them 3 was superb

    • SimbaRGH
      SimbaRGH 6 months ago +1

      I’ve been looking for this comment

  • Ejiro Oloko
    Ejiro Oloko Year ago +868

    31:17 Let's neutralize one of the cooks then 😭
    vik is a serial killer LMFAOOO

    • E. Hernandez
      E. Hernandez Year ago +87

      Brilliant. He gave such a serial killer vibe here especially cuz he left simon and toby go like if he was playing with his food lol

    • Jahdai Spikes
      Jahdai Spikes 4 months ago +2

      Then he said he did it just cuz he pissed him off!! Too great

  • •i like frogs•
    •i like frogs• 5 months ago +248

    Just watching Tobi stress with the blocks is just so funny😂🤣

  • NightKnight
    NightKnight 2 years ago +1403

    Okay, but why is Vik actually terrifying as imposter

    • Zeez
      Zeez 2 years ago +3


    • Victoria Clark
      Victoria Clark 2 years ago +9

      @Matthew Carroll man just copied that from JJs reddit video

    • diamondmantis
      diamondmantis 2 years ago

      @Matthew Carroll Tobi has more subs then Ethan?

  • Isabell Blue
    Isabell Blue Year ago +503

    i’m dying at harry being a ghost finishing task, just confusing simon💀 20:56

  • Jaton Pate
    Jaton Pate Year ago +998

    Ethan: "Your too clingy"
    *Vik literally was all alone last round, poor Vik #stopvikabuse

  • Madison Hedden
    Madison Hedden 7 months ago +49

    The fact that Vikk got so in to character when he die was perfect and hilarious

  • Ian_vt
    Ian_vt Year ago +143

    Vikk is the coolest impostor I’ve ever seen so far

  • DoodlerBox
    DoodlerBox Year ago +137

    Vikk walks around so calmly like he's Michael Myers

    JOE ENDERS 2 years ago +3746

    - Simon and Ethan having a full conversation about who the imposter is
    - Toby having a mental breakdown about a foam cube 🤣

    • Jimi Xia
      Jimi Xia 2 years ago +79

      VIK: “isn’t this nice a dead Simon and just around the corner we got his boyfriend KSI”
      I was dying when he said this 😂😂😂

    • Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake 2 years ago +10

      @Jimi Xia vik was trolling like nuts

    • Earth 244
      Earth 244 2 years ago +4


      JOE ENDERS 2 years ago +4

      @Earth 244 ok buddy

  • Hammad Akram
    Hammad Akram Year ago +327

    37:48 That "Hello" and Ethan's reaction. Best

    • k fam
      k fam Year ago +1


    • Maddy69
      Maddy69 2 months ago +2

      Life flashing before his eyes

  • Person
    Person Year ago +219

    9:30 Simon on a killing spree fooling everyone while josh and ethan vibing in a tunnel.

  • Ahxxxd
    Ahxxxd Year ago +214

    34:23 man Tobi is so humble and a really really good friend, mad love to him & the sidemen.

  • Drunk Viewer
    Drunk Viewer Year ago +89

    Simon - Daddy's home
    Ethan - *happy noises*

    • Yash Kotak
      Yash Kotak 6 months ago +3

      Insanely underrated comment😂😂

  • Rahul Motwani
    Rahul Motwani 5 months ago +24

    When vikk was the imposter, it genuinely felt he had villian story going on hahahaha

    ESKAY 2 years ago +2575

    JJ: Laughing and talking while he's dead
    Vikk: Actually looks dead

    • Honorable Moments
      Honorable Moments 2 years ago +3

      SYKE exactly

    • Mr. Massive
      Mr. Massive 2 years ago +23

      He's been bullied too many times

    • Sir Fabulous
      Sir Fabulous 2 years ago

      Official community vid of the year

    • That guy
      That guy 7 months ago +5

      Dead from inside💀

  • _CJ_
    _CJ_ Year ago +115

    Dude KSI's face when he walked in on the kill made me die laughing

  • Chequess Hyman
    Chequess Hyman 11 months ago +40

    Vikk was way scarier the Simon..him killing jj first was the icing on the cake though

  • Nives
    Nives Year ago +92

    37:15 Ethans jump while Josh runs in, Ethans kick and Joshs face when he realises that he’ll have to do it by himself all while harry sits in the corner with his tongue out might be the funniest chaotic Sidemen moment ever

  • Randomguy
    Randomguy Year ago +248

    Ethan and Josh hiding as Vik stalks around is something straight out of a horror movie. he wasnt playing

  • Y0ink_fps
    Y0ink_fps 9 months ago +36

    I love how Simon looks over and talks to the dead people as if he’s a super villain, he was a good imposter

  • Martian JuJu
    Martian JuJu 2 years ago +2059

    Sidemen in this video:
    JJ - Seizures
    Simon - Serial Killer
    Josh - Troll
    Ethan - Wrong person wrong time
    Harry - Dies having Tobi's back
    Tobi - "For Harry"
    Vik - Revenge

    • LSAD
      LSAD 2 years ago +44

      Vik is a sociopath in this vid😂

  • DazzlingPotatoes
    DazzlingPotatoes 9 months ago +25

    Simon: Tries to be discreet about being the killer
    Vikk: Kills in front of 2 people

  • ur_cringe
    ur_cringe Year ago +55

    34:41 Simon: I have one more breath
    Also Simon: *proceeds to breath 5 more times*

  • Jubbano
    Jubbano Year ago +118

    2:47 JJ knows Simon well enough to tell that he’s imposter 💀

  • MotivationalMantra
    MotivationalMantra Year ago +91

    KS: screaming intensively for life
    Ethan: I think he’s lying

  • Colt
    Colt 9 months ago +38

    Simon is an absolute madman, the way his brain works on a whole different level to everyone else and how me managed to make everyone second guess themselves even when it was a bit obvious it was him was class. He big brained the hell out of this and this just proves he'd be the best serial killer out of the Sidemen in a movie in terms of psychological warfare and fooling everyone else into believing that he's innocent when they all think it's him. JJ and Josh would also be great in that role too though because JJ would be one of those killers who just murders everyone he sees and takes immense pleasure in it while thriving off being the bad guy that he plays so well and Josh would kill someone and purposely let a bystander go because he's smart enough to know they're already done for no matter how long he waits

  • Liam Kendall
    Liam Kendall 2 years ago +3722

    JJ: *literally screams and dies*
    Josh and Ethan: “He’s faking it.”

  • Joanna 💚🍉
    Joanna 💚🍉 Month ago +3

    I love tobi and harry's friendship 😭

  • Vinnie Moraga
    Vinnie Moraga 9 months ago +45

    37:58 Love the sheer panic when he knows he’s done for

  • Jahdai Spikes
    Jahdai Spikes 4 months ago +12

    34:40 simons final breath was hilarious

  • Pradeep Rout
    Pradeep Rout 11 months ago +21

    No matter what Simon was good but vik was a real killler taking pleasure and enjoying the pain and scream of his victims watching them run 💀

  • Smelly boi
    Smelly boi 6 months ago +16

    37:16 is one of the funniest sidemen moments ever 😂

  • Pranav Rama
    Pranav Rama 2 years ago +33006

    They should do this again but with walkie talkies, so they can report dead bodies and call meetings.

    • Will
      Will 2 years ago +1184

      this is the one

    • Muhammad Haamid
      Muhammad Haamid 2 years ago +23


    • Olli RK
      Olli RK 2 years ago +684

      Yeah and not talk to each other outside of meetings

    • Shabir
      Shabir 2 years ago +343

      Thats what I was thinking and maybe a bit more tasks.

  • Trinibot Gaming
    Trinibot Gaming Year ago +77

    12:50 the way he walked outside and they saw him and scattered 😭😭🤣 I’m dying

  • Sketchycard
    Sketchycard Year ago +98

    21:33 simon's reaction is honestly just so hilraious and i have no idea why

  • vivaan
    vivaan Year ago +62

    simon: vik u can still talk
    vik: eyes of the devil

  • Aryan Raut
    Aryan Raut Year ago +87

    37:16 - 37:30 I must have replayed this 20 times, had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Riley Ann
    Riley Ann 4 months ago +10

    After todays sideman Sunday, I am back watching all of these lol

  • Daily Game
    Daily Game 2 years ago +2558

    Vik: “I don’t trust anyone especially JJ”
    Everyone: we know.

      I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ 2 years ago


    • mersey_red 123
      mersey_red 123 2 years ago +3

      The problem I have with people having their name as a certain amount of subscribers without any videos is that it's just an excuse to be lazy and cant be bothered to make any videos

    • YT
      YT 2 years ago

      What's a reply?....

    • Abzxy
      Abzxy 2 years ago

      @Ksi is fat yoooo that’s maddd

  • Carlson
    Carlson 4 months ago +7

    31:11-31:46 was the most panic moment lmao!

  • spookey
    spookey 9 months ago +30

    Ethan’s face had me rolling 😂😂

  • Jubbano
    Jubbano Year ago +84

    5:16 Simon went the smart first move LMAO. Vik went alone.

  • Robert tang
    Robert tang Year ago +57

    I like how tobi Ethan and josh were talking about Simon and Simon comes outside and stares at each other then runs away laughing

  • Korylp
    Korylp 5 months ago +10

    JJ’s blood curdling screams represent the entire meaning of it 😂😂😂

  • •x h x s a y•
    •x h x s a y• 2 years ago +2748

    Vik: dies calmly
    Jj: starts having a panic attack/seizure whilst dying

    • Rocky10Cat
      Rocky10Cat Year ago +45

      Vik was just waiting for his moment to get him back for being too loud

    • •x h x s a y•
      •x h x s a y• Year ago +5

      @Rocky10Cat yh

  • Ugomma Okorie
    Ugomma Okorie 11 months ago +25

    Vik and Simon were such good imposters!! I love this video!

  • Taveen Fairweather
    Taveen Fairweather Year ago +38

    Simon's A Literal Psychopath
    I Love It😂

  • Aniketh Nair
    Aniketh Nair Year ago +14

    Vikkk looks like a proper antagonist at 38:42 ! xD

  • Harrison Martin
    Harrison Martin 8 months ago +13

    Final breath yeah?
    Always gets me laughing 🤣

  • Rock egg2466
    Rock egg2466 Year ago +29

    Jj: shrugs his shoulders and says it’s Simon
    Vik: doesn’t even blink

  • MEIKO's favorite
    MEIKO's favorite 2 years ago +8771

    Simon : kills sneakily
    Vik : traumatizing his victims whilst smiling

    • Rashpal Singh
      Rashpal Singh Year ago +26


    • Greta R
      Greta R Year ago +8


    • Tomas flatharta
      Tomas flatharta Year ago +201

      The way he acted dead was disturbing

    • Kalil Asqary
      Kalil Asqary Year ago +74

      Simon did really good, like when he said he has to go downstairs with a scared noise and then he looked at the camera hauntingly.

    • Venoxide
      Venoxide Year ago +37

      Shapp it actually annoyed me when ksi was screaming its such a big hint

  • Gioia Burry
    Gioia Burry Year ago +45

    38:52 Harry's face had me dying in laughter 😭😭😭😭

  • Layla and sienna
    Layla and sienna 7 months ago +6

    Josh and Ethan are literally the best duo ever🤣

  • SizeSnowy
    SizeSnowy 10 months ago +9

    13:35 ksi in pain
    Meanwhile subtitles: delighted laughing. Lmao

  • ImJulian XO
    ImJulian XO 4 months ago +3

    Simon is so maniacal 🤣 the way he was able to convince everybody!

  • Dilhas Butt
    Dilhas Butt 5 months ago +22

    That look on 38:43 had me dyin 🤣🤣

  • Kett
    Kett 2 years ago +1994

    Simon lowkey would fit best as a villain character. the way he's grinning and being tall af ..... that's scary af

  • Inferno
    Inferno 5 months ago +6

    Josh trolling Ethan the second round was hilarious

  • TheAvrgeNaijaboy
    TheAvrgeNaijaboy 7 months ago +8

    The way vik is sooo into his role as a dead crew mate is epic 😂😂😂😭

  • Miuvan Shareef
    Miuvan Shareef Year ago +25

    The way JJ ran, yelling like he was actually about to die had me dying

  • Crowkid 555
    Crowkid 555 Year ago +48

    Simon is one of the best killers I've ever seen, despite not getting tobi even though he cheated.

  • frankenstein
    frankenstein 3 months ago +1

    32:23 KSI being Simon's best mate even when he's dead 👏

  • Daily Game
    Daily Game 2 years ago +8460

    Vik: accepts he was killed and quietly dies
    JJ: screams so the whole country can hear him

  • richmond jatol
    richmond jatol Year ago +44

    Tobi: explaining it why simon is the impostor
    A minute later simon appears
    Tobi and the others be like👀 (scream and run)

  • Tati Joanne
    Tati Joanne 11 months ago +13

    The camera cut to JJ casually looking at Simon over Vikks dead body is top tier comedy and editing

  • Raiden Dodson
    Raiden Dodson 6 months ago +3

    I like how Vik has the literal embodiment of a psychopath😂

  • Kanishk Kaushik
    Kanishk Kaushik Year ago +31

    Vik my man went complete savage mode in this one man lol

  • 20CS092 Santhosh S
    20CS092 Santhosh S 7 months ago +9

    5:48 the jj's reaction was priceless 😂

  • David I.W.C
    David I.W.C 2 years ago +5634

    Simon in that white suit really made him seem like a pyscopathic murderer

  • Jude Wolfe
    Jude Wolfe 2 months ago +2

    It’s frightening how good vik is at playing dead

  • Zarghona Khan
    Zarghona Khan Year ago +13

    Vikk really terrified everyone by his dead acting man. I love him. What a legend….❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

  • Meridian
    Meridian 8 months ago +8

    Simon seeing the 3 then slowly walking down the stairs while they start running is such a play into the genre LoL


    Can we appreciate how much time and effort they put to their videos its mad

  • airich guinaob
    airich guinaob Year ago +10

    Simon convincing Ethan that it's was Tobi
    ......meanwhile there's Tobi struggling with the cube😂

  • Zuk
    Zuk 2 years ago +5132

    If harry was imposter: "Hide your wife I've got a knife"
    Simon: "JJ be careful"

  • Kunal Ketkar
    Kunal Ketkar Year ago +9

    Imagine being the neighbors just to hear horrifying screams at midnight from the abandoned house 😂😂

  • Funtish Kumar Patel
    Funtish Kumar Patel Year ago +15

    Vik actually acted like a serial killer 😂

  • Aryanna Tofigh
    Aryanna Tofigh Year ago +10

    Favorite bit was definitely simon using his last breath to get to jj that is true friendship right there