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Pouring 50 Yards of Concrete for my Dream Shop Floor!!


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  • YouTube
    YouTube Month ago +289

    whew that concrete really gives the shop a smooth look 🤩 12 months later and the progress is amazing, can't wait to see all the content you create in there!

    • Donnell Williams
      Donnell Williams Month ago +1

      Congratulations bro I know you've been waiting for this day to finally come well it's here can't wait to see how you put it all together 💯✌️

    • Rob Clawson
      Rob Clawson Month ago +2

      Matt's video quality and he is a great host to his watchers,I think his videos are the best quality .He is truly a one man team....Great job Matt !

    • Greg C246
      Greg C246 Month ago +1

      I absolutely love Matts content,if he was any more enthusiastic,I'm sure he would explode,plus he's always cheerful and smiling,a great person.

    • Larry Nelson
      Larry Nelson Month ago

      @Perkklovesu 😊

    • Perkklovesu
      Perkklovesu Month ago +1

      The fact I’ve never seen Clip-Share comment on a video … never thought abt it till now 😂 who ever they got doing the comments clearly has good taste in videos 😎

  • TSant
    TSant Month ago +281

    30 years in concrete and public sector construction, I must say you're doing a great job, and so are the contractors. They did an amazing job on that floor. The slump was perfect, screed work, bull floating and finish work top notch. Congrats Matt!

    • AutoCrete
      AutoCrete Month ago

      @S myname They still do mix in liquid air. In structural air entrainment is usually 4 to 6%. For outdoor flat work the air is usually 5 to 8% with 4,000 PSI concrete is often referred to as "Duramix". I used to drive concrete testers insane because I could run a trowel over some concrete and guess the air entrainment within 1.5% just by looking at the bubbles. FYI if you add water to concrete the air content will rise and if you add air to concrete it becomes wetter. (the slump numerically rises)

    • S myname
      S myname Month ago +1

      @AutoCrete we use to inject liquid air into the concrete when batching to creat air pockets for water to expand when freezing

    • Paul Frederick
      Paul Frederick Month ago

      @AutoCrete 4 days goes fast. I got hit by a piece of 2" rebar once. We weren't even pouring concrete. We were just using it as a weight to keep an extension cord out of water. My buddy Scotto decided to rip the sump pump out of the pit it was in real fast so the water didn't drain back in and in the process he brought the bar into the ditch on us. He forgot it was up there I guess? I liked that hard hat too. It split right in half on my head. Fortunately I have a naturally hard head anyways. Getting hit still smarted though. I've gotten beaned in the head a few times now that I'm thinking about it. But that was one of them.

    • Paul Frederick
      Paul Frederick Month ago +1

      @TSant why you're right. I missed the sensor on it. My bad.

    • TSant
      TSant Month ago

      @Paul Frederick I looked at 17:55 - the only thing I saw being held vertically, is called a grade rod. It receives the laser and beeps when it hits level. Maybe I'm missing what you saw?

  • Carstuff111
    Carstuff111 Month ago +56

    Seems that every company that has been out to work on the shop, first thing I noticed is all their equipment is clean and well maintained. And then to see the beautiful work they are all doing, too? Plus the work you have put in as well.... this channel is epic, I am so glad I found your channel back when you got the green Autocar. I think the first video was a few days old. It is nice to see how far things have come!

  • Randy Adams
    Randy Adams Month ago +22

    I've seen so many slabs where they walk down the rebar or mesh and pour right over it without pulling it up into the mud. Pedestals/ highchairs are a cheap investment to keep the steel up in the slab but I'm amazed how many crews don't use them. These guys did you right and you made damn sure by going out there and personally pulling the mesh up into the slab. Excellent channel.

    • jemijona
      jemijona Month ago +1

      I'm with you on the reo chairs. Surely a couple of bucks that's worth doing.

  • Banatar
    Banatar Month ago +13

    They did an awesome job. Congratulations Matt. You’ve earned it many many times over.

  • Bobsun Dugnutt
    Bobsun Dugnutt Month ago +919

    That gutter forming machine is genius!

    • Billy Minihan
      Billy Minihan Month ago +1

      It's a fantastic system.. used widely here in Ireland for 30 yrs +

    • Steve D
      Steve D Month ago +1

      they been around for a while- also 'made on site' roofing sheet lengths- I had a house with a 'flat roof' that had leaks every single joint in the original sheets, when I had it re-roofed, they came out with a trailer, and rolled my profile sheets on site- one continuous length from gutter to gutter, not a single leak afterwards in 18 years...

    • Ron's Easy Fix # Just Do it
      Ron's Easy Fix # Just Do it Month ago

      My dad's partner invented that he's a millionaire now

    • Itsjustme Justme
      Itsjustme Justme Month ago

      I've never seen something like that. We have only preformed stuff here in Germany and that crap is prone to start leaking after some years.
      It's kinda strange. We build houses for 100 to infinite years while Americans build houses for 40 years. We have gutters that last for 30 years while Americans gutters that last for 100 years.

    • Acpw20 Online
      Acpw20 Online Month ago

      That was awesome - where was it coming from?!

  • Snufl
    Snufl Month ago +2

    I'd recommend looking into floor epoxies. It'll last you longer than a wax or sealer and also look nice.

  • Jeremy Rabine
    Jeremy Rabine Month ago

    Congratulations! That’s the stuff dreams are made of for gear heads. I was really impressed with the concrete crew. Professionals.

  • Charles King
    Charles King Month ago +2

    I’ve watched a lot of Clip-Share videos since I retired in 2015 but Matt’s was the first channel I saw. I’m so happy for Matt in his success and achievement! Well done sir!

  • Buddy Carroll
    Buddy Carroll Month ago

    Awesome job with the floor. It’s getting there Matt! You’ve worked hard for this.

  • roderick macgregor
    roderick macgregor Month ago

    Love it love it the “shop” is coming along nicely it was great watching those guys and lady work it was like a well choreographed dance act they knew what to do and did it well

  • Shooter Midcap
    Shooter Midcap Month ago

    Looks fantastic! Glad to see that you got what you waiting for so long, all the best to you!😀

  • Dave Corbin
    Dave Corbin Month ago +7

    Super proud of you Matt. Its awesome to see you come this far and get your dream shop going. Can totally hear how happy you are in your voice :)

  • Rusted Junk Garage
    Rusted Junk Garage Month ago +1

    That certainly is a dream shop, the floor is awesome, sure interested to see how the floor heat works in the winter. Nicely done Matt. 👍

  • James Hurlbut
    James Hurlbut Month ago +140

    I haven't comment in a long time Matt, I want to thank you for what you do , so many people eat and take care of their families by going to work long and hard days, and for this day you have provided for them and that is the way it is supposed to be, dozens of people were employed on this pour that were never seen, yet seen or unseen each a valuable cog in a well tuned machine.

    • John Wudarcki
      John Wudarcki Month ago +2

      That’s why when they did the lockdown Shitt everything went to hell. You can’t take out part of the machine and expect it to work the same. It will take a long time before we get back to normal, as long as Joebama ByeDone doesn’t screw the pooch to badly

  • WildcatWilly
    WildcatWilly Month ago +2

    I'm so happy for you Matt I love watching you geek out over the concrete floor I think it's so awesome how far you've come God bless you and yours

    ROBERT NASH Month ago +1

    Well done Matt, I'm so pleased for you. That floor looks fantastic!!

  • Icebuntrucker
    Icebuntrucker Month ago +1

    Years in the building game and still love looking at a perfect concrete floor . Top work from your gang Matt

  • mike seguin
    mike seguin Month ago

    I am very happy for you Matt.You have come a long way since I started watching your channel a few years ago.👏🏼👏🏼👍

  • berniemods
    berniemods Month ago +83

    Mat, its one of those cases of only those who know, will really know what it means to finally have a dry flat hard heated surface after a long wait - how special a day it is. Great to see it happen.

    • Indiana John
      Indiana John Month ago +2

      Been working on a dirt floor in my shop for over 10 years……

    • Drunk Dunc
      Drunk Dunc Month ago +2

      Having to drag small wheeled welders, trolleys etc over uneven rocky ground is a thing of the past, from now on it’s gliding effortlessly 👍🍻

    • First Last
      First Last Month ago +3

      After years working on a cold concrete floors through winter, you will probably fall asleep turning wrench one day on that heated floor and think, why didn't I do this sooner. Only drawback is it's so toasty compared to before that you can nod off on a long day. I've been caught a few times. 😉

  • Steve The Ford Guy
    Steve The Ford Guy Month ago

    Congrats to you Matt, so very nice shop in the making, you are doing it right, working in this shop will be a real pleasure after all the hard work that you have done on the rough ground in all kinds of weather, you truly earned this shop, your channel, your subscribers. Well done Matt.

  • Based Bidoof
    Based Bidoof Month ago

    Wow, one of the best looking floors I've ever seen in a shop. I'd almost be afraid to work on it lmao

  • Pete Schiavoni
    Pete Schiavoni Month ago

    Wow Matt that came out great!! You’re going to love it!! I used to drive a cement mixer. There were two very important things they taught me on day one. First never let the pump truck go empty!! Second and much more to the point was “everyone waits for concrete but concrete waits for no one” 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Chuck Heinbaugh
    Chuck Heinbaugh Month ago +2

    I am always amazed how hard these people work and they don’t stop till it’s done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Paul Diesel
    Paul Diesel Month ago +56

    Nice to see you got some fine concrete guys to do your dream garage! They understand quality work and went the extra mile finishing the sea container ramp. It’s easy to write even a big check to folks like them, knowing they did the best job possible! We’re all happy for you! 😊

  • Neil Mongeau
    Neil Mongeau Month ago

    Congratulations Matt! Can't wait to see future videos from inside the new shop. Jealous up here in CT.

  • Andrew H. Cann
    Andrew H. Cann Month ago

    Congratulations Matt :) I am so happy all got planned for this work out and 12 Months all went well and and got some good luck help out ! Someone must prayers for you and get to happen and when heard you want dream shop hope come true too and 100% did too! I say this early Christmas presents and Birthday gift come true to for long time Lol! Plus like color steal roof and sides look too very nice also can't wait till see work in too!

  • Philip Tombs
    Philip Tombs Month ago

    I just love all the stuff you get up to! You make it so interesting with honest quality videos & presentation. Well done that man. Keep ‘em coming!

  • finleypatmalcolm
    finleypatmalcolm Month ago

    Congratulations Matt, you've worked your ass off for this.

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas Month ago +31

    Looks awesome Matt , that was a hell of a long day with the pour and leveling/polishing. I had no idea that it took that long. I am really happy for you and excited for you. Can't wait until you are in your shop full time! 👍💯

    • AutoCrete
      AutoCrete Month ago

      That pour went pretty quick. You ought to see an arena get poured and finished.

  • Vincent Martin
    Vincent Martin Month ago

    Matt I can not wait too see the projects that your gonna get into now. I can't wait for it to be done all the way. I'm loving it absolutely loving it. Keep up the great content and work.

  • Mr. Med
    Mr. Med Month ago +1

    Congrats on making your dream shop come true!! It looks amazing !!!

  • Gérard Keohane
    Gérard Keohane Month ago

    Apsolutly amazing job Brilliant work with the floor. I must say for a third generation in my family construction business. That floor is 💯%

  • Michael Monday
    Michael Monday Month ago

    Looks awesome, I'd love to have a shop half that size. You're a young man and will enjoy this the rest of your life!

  • Hector Pascal
    Hector Pascal Month ago +76

    Amazing how those guys can keep an accurate level over such a large floor area.

    • labrd41
      labrd41 Month ago


    • Ronnie Swindski
      Ronnie Swindski Month ago

      @labrd41 I mean I don't know how old you are, but if you worked mainly in the 70s and 80s then yes I understand that. Laser levels self rotating I believe became a thing on a large scale in the 90s so pushing almost 30 years soon already they been out. I still know some guys who use them for surveying and refuse to upgrade to the new style.

    • labrd41
      labrd41 Month ago

      @Ronnie Swindski Laser technology is not new to me.

    • Ronnie Swindski
      Ronnie Swindski Month ago

      @labrd41 laser levels arent very new they been around for years. Those old style ones are a major pain because it takes two guys and it's very time consuming. Now one man can shoot his grade anywhere and get it on the money. Plus, a decent one you can also set your x and y axis so you can set your slopes. It's a must for anyone who has to set grades daily

    • Mr Nuthatch
      Mr Nuthatch Month ago

      @Sean Workman lol

  • Barnes'd
    Barnes'd Month ago

    I have similar dreams and hope to find a contractor as good as yours. That floor looks amazing. Well deserved. I am curious how you setup your floor drains.

  • S. N. Brown
    S. N. Brown Month ago +1

    Congrats Matt, well deserved. Can't wait to see where this new space takes you!!

  • Bryan Boehle
    Bryan Boehle Month ago

    I see someone else also had the same thoughts with the cordless 'device' 🤣 Shop looks great! Cant wait to see the final product and you getting to use this awesome place!

  • HippyINbkack
    HippyINbkack Month ago

    Shop builds are my favorite series, they always skip through the process, this the series I’ve always dreamed of. Cannot wait to watch you outfit this shop, and then the project that will be be in there!

  • keitho77
    keitho77 Month ago

    That floor is so new and clean you won't want it to get dirty and used!!!
    Congrats Matt!!!

  • Paul Kirkegaard
    Paul Kirkegaard Month ago

    Wow! With you all the way on this one mat. Gotta have a big dance before you fill it up with stuff. Like a celebration for all those involved in making your dream come true.

  • Jim H
    Jim H Month ago +3

    Amazing concrete crew. They brought more than enough people which is unusual these days. When they started finishing, I was worried you didn't plan the notch for the doors, but I see it in the finished product. The continuous laser check is the only way to keep it level. Congratulations on the top notch building.

    • Ken Miller
      Ken Miller Month ago

      And with NO cat or dog tracks !!

  • Thomas Krizan
    Thomas Krizan Month ago

    That’s all of concrete looks awesome congratulations my friend

  • Captain Over-Tighten
    Captain Over-Tighten Month ago +101

    Perfect! I knew the OSHA jingle was due! I cringed as he teetered on that step ladder - as I November 21 came off of a small 2 steps ladder and broke my ankle. Ugh! Matt, super proud of you. You’ve come a long way. Content is awesome, you are a natural presenter and your videos are awesome. Production is superb. I think the mixture of time lengths, topics etc make it worth watching even more. I suspect once you have heat in there the bride will make a few cameos in the near future. How’s the dogs?? All the best for the holidays and for 23!

    • Captain Over-Tighten
      Captain Over-Tighten Month ago +2

      @Krazy Mitch Adventures Yes, I guess you would be - stay safe!

    • Krazy Mitch Adventures
      Krazy Mitch Adventures Month ago +1

      @Captain Over-Tighten I was powerwashing a 3 story house, and the collection of water, collected where my ladder was sitting. I had placed 2 footing pads down before I started, but by lunch when I came down off the ladder, I hadn't realized they had lifted up and floated out of the way, when I climbed my ladder after lunch, hit the power washer, I was blown off the ladder, onto a tarp bundle (that saved my life) but broke both legs, all my ribs, and my left arm. as a result I'm now terrified of Ladders from the accident..

    • Fernando Queiroz Popovic
      Fernando Queiroz Popovic Month ago +1

      Dose anybody have a link to the video he was singing this jingle for the first time? I know it's when he was setting up his container shop but I for the life of me can not find it.

    • Jesper Wall
      Jesper Wall Month ago +7

      Here in Sweden they have banned ladders at construction sites. A majority of all work incidents was due to ladders being used, so now only scissor lifts or sky lifts are approved. Probably a good thing watching those gutter guys 😂

    • John King
      John King Month ago +3

      Very nicely said. I totally agree with all you said. Onwards and Upwards !!

  • Florin Chiorpec
    Florin Chiorpec Month ago

    Hello,Matt ! Good work ! In another video i saw you prepare the holes for the pillars of the crane. I can’t understand where will be the pillars now, because the concrate is all around.

  • Daniel Duffy
    Daniel Duffy Month ago

    Totally worth jawing about. Great workmanship can always be appreciated, concrete in particular because of it's permanent and unforgiving nature. I'm happy for you. That turned out perfect.

  • Skip Myers
    Skip Myers Month ago

    Totally know how you feel, didn't get my first large shop till I was in my late thirty's! Out here everyday. Great episode!

  • Thor94
    Thor94 Month ago +2

    Looks amazing. Congrats and thanks for documenting everything. Very enjoyable as always.

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell Month ago +55

    There's nothing like a concrete slab to work on, unless it's a heated concrete slab in your shop. Congrats! You got it done in 11 months.

    • Paul Frederick
      Paul Frederick Month ago

      I don't know. I worked in a shop once that had tiled floors. Them asphalt tiles? It's a lot easier on the back.

  • 944tim
    944tim Month ago

    having spent my whole life in gravel/mud/snow, I would go on about my new concrete floor forever.

  • Jack Matranga
    Jack Matranga Month ago

    Wow impressive! I built a smaller version of this. Will the annual falling leaves be a gutter maintenance issue? Also, your opinion on laying a parallel heating circuit should the initial circuit fail? Great content!!!

  • peddersmeister
    peddersmeister Month ago

    Looks great! The gutter making machine is a genius!

  • himsnakebit
    himsnakebit Month ago

    Matt your build floor is awsome! I'm so proud for you. Thanks for all the great videos.

  • Jay Kellett
    Jay Kellett Month ago +16

    I worked 32 years for a company that did concrete research, and I can tell you, that looks like a good batch of "mud". Just the right slump. I saw a pumper just like that at a construction trade show in New Orleans years ago. Impressive machines.
    I'm only at the 14 min mark, but don't forget to put your initials and year in the concrete! (edit: you put logo on it...LOL)
    It's "green concrete" for the first 7 days.....no heavy compression or tension!

  • Stephen Wright
    Stephen Wright Month ago

    Just when it's not expected, a bit of Diesel creek pops up !! As usual Matt, class content, an amazing job with the whole building and the floor which I've followed closely, amazes you how these floors with under floor heating and the strengthening wire hold the weight of bulldozers etc but you always know what you're doing or employ the best people to advise you. Good luck with the rest of the finishing and can't wait to see more.. thanks.

  • Joey Gullick ll
    Joey Gullick ll Month ago

    Man, the whole shop is super nice! Like a heart happy to see you get this together. I hope I can get my little buddy 530 Ford in the spring I’ll be happy about that for sure!

  • Rectify Custom Guns

    I remember coming home from a 24hr shift the morning after they poured my floor, about 25 degrees. I stood with a 24oz coffee and just looked at the floor, the construction guys also had gotten up the steel siding on the inside of the machine shop area. I was so happy to see it that far. Two days later they did the other half and I started running what turned out to be around 300’of conduit to get power everywhere.

  • Brian Larson
    Brian Larson Month ago

    Congrats on the floor and gutter progress, lookin good. Happy Holidays ALL.

  • Netherlands031
    Netherlands031 Month ago +7

    Damn I can't imagine the cost, but I guess this looks bettery than making batches yourself and doing it in parts! Looking awesome, can't wait to see the finished shop and what Matt'll do in it!

  • Jason Keresi
    Jason Keresi Month ago

    Man! It's going to be a nice unit when completed!

  • Lancaster County Housewrights

    Hi Matt!!! Love the channel man. Bluefin manifold. I just installed one in my first floor heat system of my house. Great hardware.. Did you have a hard time getting your EK20 to pex fittings? Backordered bad!

  • DarnMartian
    DarnMartian Month ago

    When you empirically find out what you have done, The logical extrapolation is for you consider another PEX zone under the wall metal of the wall with the manifolds. You would of course need to stand off the metal and the pex being that it will not release heat well on the side that contacts the insulation.

  • James Gibson
    James Gibson Month ago

    The floor looks amazing Matt, I hope you tipped them well.

  • Anthony Blacker
    Anthony Blacker Month ago +17

    Wow they did a phenomenal job.. You've worked your butt off to get to this point Matt and I'm super happy for you.. Thanks for the great content!!

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards Month ago

    Congrats on the shop floor Matt. Your workshop is really looking the biz. now.

  • Brent Welin
    Brent Welin Month ago

    Notice how the crew was joking and having fun and still did a great job must be a good company to work for

  • Philip Williams
    Philip Williams Month ago +2

    Can’t wait to see that over head crane in action

  • Liam McNeice
    Liam McNeice Month ago

    Awesome! It looks so good in there you’ll be living in. Heated floor what delight after working in the elements for so long.

  • Sydney Evans
    Sydney Evans Month ago +26

    Matt, I always enjoy seeing your delight at your successes. Whether it's repairing something that someone else has given up on or completing jobs that are a pain in the butt. You have unmatched enthusiasm that I really admire. Congratulations on making your dream into a reality.

  • Marvin Carter
    Marvin Carter Month ago

    Man this so awesome finally getting your dream shop concrete poured after waiting almost a year. This will be so nice when you get it workable.

  • XYourexMyxSaviorX
    XYourexMyxSaviorX Month ago

    Watching this video brings me flashbacks to when I had to hang seamless gutters on a pole barn for a winery the longest piece was just shy of 150' thing was massive and it had to be windy 😅

  • John deSaavedra
    John deSaavedra Month ago

    I've been watching since you bought the big excavator. You will make good use of this building. That is one sweet floor!

  • Barry Simmons
    Barry Simmons Month ago

    This is beyond outstanding! So glad to see this coming together for you and such beautiful results.
    The man on that ladder top did great too.
    Once worked a job my partner n I both were in 50' Genie Z Lift straight up standing on the top handrail to get the job done. Though we were tied off. In the snow of Lake Ontario. Ya just do what ever it takes.

  • Dave R 80904
    Dave R 80904 Month ago +3

    Watching the concrete crew, I was really impressed and I have worked with some of the best union concrete finishers. Look at the time and care to lay out control joints (soft cut) correctly! Truly a professional team!, was it a 4000 pound mix?
    If it was government you would not drive on it for 28 days.

    • Diesel Creek
      Diesel Creek  Month ago

      4500 mix I believe. Fiber reinforcement and yep, I can’t put anything heavy on till Christmas but that’s a present I’m excited for

  • joeystork57
    joeystork57 Month ago +1

    Matt glad to see this coming together for you can't wait until you get set up and do projects in your great new shop!!

  • Curt Dawe
    Curt Dawe Month ago

    Congratulations, Matt ... so pleased to see you get the recognition you deserve. Will the open end of the building be closed in soon or?

  • Omaha Dashcam Fails

    You said it once, you said it a million times... THAT FLOOR LOOKS AMAZING!! I am so enamored for you Matt!!

  • Edgar Keck
    Edgar Keck Month ago +1

    Congratulations, Matt! Patience and perseverance pays off! Couldn't happen for a more deserving soul.

  • kevinsaich2008
    kevinsaich2008 Month ago +15

    Looks awesome Matt, that was a hell of a long day with the pour and levelling/polishing. I had no idea that it took that long. I am really excited for you, and I can't wait until the next stage. Also, when you are in your shop full time

  • John Lenoir
    John Lenoir Month ago +1

    Dang nice any of us who have seen your videos know how long you been waiting for this anybody who's ever did anything like this knows how much you have spent on this so it's not just a concrete floor it's another step of completion towards your ultimate goal looking great love the video congratulations

  • David Shevlin
    David Shevlin Month ago

    Awesome shop! Concrete is definitely a gamechanger!

  • John Brookes
    John Brookes Month ago

    Great job. I have worked in construction for decades and poor concrete drives me crazy. Once its set its so hard to rectify rough and badly finished concrete and yet the additional labour to finish it properly at the time of lying it is a fraction of the amount to rectify. I am jealous. I moved to a, new to me, place last year and my shop is 60 feet x 50 feet and the concrete is terrible. I am trying to find any solution to the poor finish and yet, in the back of my mind, I know the only real solution is to rip it up and start again. Well done sir.

  • Paul Standing
    Paul Standing Month ago

    The flooring crew did a magnificent job on it looks amazing now your dream shop is certainly coming along. 👍😀😀😀

  • wvrockcrusher
    wvrockcrusher Month ago +43

    Congratulations Matt! Floor looks absolutely awesome. Hell, I'm excited and it's not even my floor! I know it's a good feeling to reach this point in life to see something you've wanted and worked for so long to achieve finally come together. It's evident you have some really good concrete people there as far as I can see. You're gonna love that radiant floor heat Matt. We have it in our farm shop and have no regrets about it whatsoever after 9 years. I'm curious about what you'll be using for the heat source and when that will happen. Maybe outdoor wood boiler considering you have a lot of woods to gather from? We went with an LP fired boiler simply because nobody always has the time to cut and pack wood. Also, if you're going to pour aprons, make them as big as you can afford to. You won't regret that either.

  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins Month ago

    Floor looks amazing! Porch will just be icing on this cake.

  • Mike K
    Mike K Month ago

    Congrats Matt!! You deserve the beat shop on the east coast :)

  • Art K
    Art K Month ago +1

    I worked in concrete (flat work - as we called it) for 1 summer back in my younger days. I learned enough to be able to set my own forms for pours I want to do. I've set up pours for several slabs, a 2 foot wide by 6 foot tall by 18' long retaining wall, and a $13,000 driveway. Saves a lot of money when you just have to have the crew come out rather than them spending days on prep. Smaller slabs, it would just be me and the finish guy. The driveway had about 8 guys. I stayed out of the way for that one.
    Your concrete guys were amazing. I love the stress cuts they made and how they angle cut the floor drains. Perfect!

  • Dewayne Thomas
    Dewayne Thomas Month ago +1

    I am so happy for you Matt. It is looking great. Really looking forward to the increase in videos.

  • Drew
    Drew Month ago +12

    Love the content Matt! The Concrete guys were amazing! The gutter guys were great, and you are genuinely enthusiastic about your build as you should be!

  • John King
    John King Month ago +1

    Matt, I can't tell you how excited I was seeing the concrete floor being laid !! Like you said, it's been a 10+ year dream of yours come true !! And I'm sure it must have cost a pretty penny !!
    Congratulations on reaching this milestone !! Now, let's get down to work !! 😉🇺🇲👍

    • Paul Frederick
      Paul Frederick Month ago

      Concrete is placed. You get laid on your own time!

  • Richard Nott
    Richard Nott Month ago

    I was watching and remembering back in the day. We was doing a pretty big slab for a farmer and started early as usually and we was going to be there all day. Got done pouring a jar magged it and we was all sitting on buckets at the end of it and a big old female deer came running down the inside of it and did a power slide when we all stood up and did a hell of a mess getting out. We had told the farmer to lock up his dogs and cats because of that. He was seeing with us and we all looked at him and he said that's not my deer. We all ran like crazy into it with our hands mags and went like crazy. We got done and it actually turned out really good. Farmer invited us all to go deer hunting that fall no strings attached.

  • Chakat Nightsparkle
    Chakat Nightsparkle Month ago +1

    For that Gutter. I think I would have had it Split up in a few spots. instead of just one solid length. More worried about very strong wind ripping it off or branches due to wind knocking it off. Then having to have a New one installed. One entire length might cost more then just a section of it.

  • Michael Carlsson
    Michael Carlsson Month ago

    OSHA here WE go.
    Love the concrete crew, there is a talk all in it's own.

  • Because Bugeye
    Because Bugeye Month ago +4

    I can only imagine how excited you must be to see this project come together so well, Matt. Once you get the doors on it's going to be night and day compared to the old setup. Congratulations and I hope all of us with dream shop aspirations can see them come to fruition.

  • George Williams
    George Williams Month ago +2

    Starting to take shape now! I'm really enjoying the shop build videos.

  • Swamp Castle
    Swamp Castle Month ago

    Beautiful floor!. I love to see real professionals and craftsmen at work.

  • City Homestead
    City Homestead Month ago +1

    O WOW!! I Never could have imagined a gutter machine performing so flawless!!! And what a concrete crew man!! I Absolutely LOVE what Youre doing!!!

  • Mr. Mistoffelees
    Mr. Mistoffelees Month ago

    Loved the video. Your floor looks amazing!

  • Neil Opfer
    Neil Opfer Month ago

    Congrats on your new shop floor!! BUT they should have used chairs to keep the reinforcement at the proper level. Realize there was a crew member trying periodically to pull it up to keep it in position but the rest of the crew forces it back down. I'll bet if you core the slab you'll find the reinforcement at/near the bottom of that concrete slab. It happens all the time when chairs are not used to support the reinforcement.

  • Jerkwad152
    Jerkwad152 Month ago

    Hell yeah, man! Glad for ya 👌
    Wow, those crews both really know their shit.