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Hear what ex-Putin aide says about Putin's recent behavior

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Russian political analyst and former speechwriter to Vladimir Putin, Abbas Gallyamov, dissects the Russian president's behavior and what could be coming next. #CNN #News

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  • Jack C
    Jack C 2 months ago +256

    In the first few minutes of this I'm reminded of what a friend told me years ago when we were working for a company that was acting crazy. Need a form to get a pen, yet they were bleeding money on big projects. My friend said "When the big things are out of control, you take comfort in controlling pens and pencils."

    • Chris Rodrigue
      Chris Rodrigue 2 days ago +1

      They know exactly what they are doing and if and when the company goes under they profit 10s of millions and everyone else gets nothing and even loses pensions and other benefits.

    • Barney Potter
      Barney Potter Month ago +1

      I like that good explanation good quote when I worked for GM it was .... they're picking up pennies and the bucks are flying by their ears .that's GM dumb dog with an amazing idea now and again

    • Richard Shane
      Richard Shane Month ago

      When you find out how well your management $kills pl(pay out)ay out.....

    • Luis Pérez
      Luis Pérez Month ago


    • Luis Pérez
      Luis Pérez Month ago


  • tamas gyorffy
    tamas gyorffy 2 months ago +453

    "Never believe it until the Kremlin denies it." timeless wisdom

    • Dina F
      Dina F Month ago

      not that much except Trump.

  • Marco Cota Beautiful House Eugene Oregon

    Erin is amazing in that she is in touch with every situation she reports on and from her own cognition or thoughts she asks the right precise questions, and she gets us the right answers. I have grown sick of all the BS that has somewhat recently infested Clip-Share but Erin doesnt allow for a single word of misinformation.

  • robert g
    robert g Month ago +22

    I listen to Mr. Gallyamov weekly in Russian on Ukrainian political programs via youtube, his analysis is sharp & accurate.

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson Month ago +12

    The reason he changes generals in charge is to deflect from his own failings. He’s saying it’s the fault of the generals so I’ll fire them. 😊

    • Vidalion
      Vidalion Month ago

      Yup, dictators can’t admit a mistake, and need scapegoats (and/or an “enemy”) to take the blame when the dictators plan goes wrong.

    ERLINDA PEREZ Month ago +5

    If Putin is acting erratically, that's a dangerous sign for we might not know how his mind works and it can push him to the brink into acting unreasonably.

  • Darius Truxton is a Saint
    Darius Truxton is a Saint 2 months ago +556

    When you're in power longer then 10 years , you aren't a leader, but a dictator

    • Peter Kincaid
      Peter Kincaid Month ago



      Yes solid yes!

    • L G
      L G Month ago

      @Nathan J apperently you haven't seen the video of him being killed by his own people

    • L G
      L G Month ago

      @Big John 🤣

  • Diana
    Diana 2 months ago +142

    Personality characteristics in political leaders--especially world leaders are very telling! So important for us to educate ourselves regarding personality! This way we can make better choices!

    • case barreoltt
      case barreoltt Month ago

      @Judith Hopes lol ok

    • yakko da wakko
      yakko da wakko Month ago +1

      You do know that people can pretend to be something they're not....Santos is a good example. He duped people & got voted in

  • Enrico Brik
    Enrico Brik 2 months ago +130

    The key insight was Putin becoming an increasingly erratic tyrant. Spot on. Not yet irrational. But exhibiting signs of imminent desperation.

  • evanofelipe
    evanofelipe Month ago +9

    The inevitable consequence of absolute power results in the loss of rational judgement. So when you’re answerable to no one, mistakes will be made and no one will question you. People will suffer.

  • Griop Frew
    Griop Frew 2 months ago +38

    His behavior, plain and simple,is not something very difficult to explain, for a trained (or not) psychiatrist,and psychological analyst!! very very clear

    • TheDrAstrov
      TheDrAstrov Month ago

      @Jerry O'Donovan from which textbook?

    • abdi omar
      abdi omar Month ago

      @Jerry O'Donovan I doubt that,his just way ahead of his time I see u watch too much cnn

    • abdi omar
      abdi omar Month ago

      @TheDrAstrov lool spot on

  • Johnathon Wright
    Johnathon Wright Month ago +10

    It is interesting to see the similarities between narcissists when they find themselves in problems they do not know how to deal with.
    Emotional and mental issues have a way of sabotaging intelligence.

    • Johnathon Wright
      Johnathon Wright Month ago +2

      @Jose Manuel Besss Well, I am talking about the very noticeable similarities of narcissistic leaders who are both driven by and in the end destroyed by their own egos.

  • Bazlur Rahman
    Bazlur Rahman 2 months ago +180

    I lived in the USSR in the 70s and 80s and all meetings or celebrations are with bused in people from the factories, offices, and educational institutions.

      GR AWAKENDREAM 18 days ago

      @Bazlur Rahman do you think RF will collapse

    • Bazlur Rahman
      Bazlur Rahman 19 days ago

      @MichaelGL It didn't bother me much except could not travel much due to movement restrictions. I couldn't travel without visa 30km outside the city. If zzI wanted to travel to Moscow by train or air I needed a visa from police with the permission of the Dean. Sometimes I went Moscow telling the wagon attendant that I'm an Azerbaijani. Sometimes bribed the attendant. You could bribe and get what you want, but not every body were corrupted.

    • Bazlur Rahman
      Bazlur Rahman 19 days ago

      @GR AWAKENDREAM I came with a Bangladeshi gov't scholarship to study engineering, because after the independent our Gov't was pro-soviet and had bad relationship with the US and UK. Now rarely from Bangladesh go to study there. We bring dollars from home or worked in London and live very well. We saw all those Russian stupid things, discussed with the professors and students. Already many Russians waiting the collapse of the USSR.

    • Martynas V
      Martynas V Month ago

      Let the flames takeover Delusional too, okey ;)

  • argentiqueno borentino
    argentiqueno borentino 2 months ago +20

    That guy is a very intelligent and smart person.
    The way he describes and explain the way he thinks or his opinion about what he sees with Putin is very detailed and what he says he use to believe what he thinks is going on.

  • Gary Seven
    Gary Seven Month ago +35

    Trying to analyse the mindset of a madman is never going to be easy or produce a reliable result.

    • Pauline Larson
      Pauline Larson Month ago

      BUT - He isn't a madman ! He is simply following the proven plan of every successful conqueror, in all of history ! ! Read a history book.

    • Joseph Ezimora
      Joseph Ezimora Month ago +1

      I hope you mean Joe Biden

    • Elizabeth nilsson
      Elizabeth nilsson Month ago +1

      VERY RIGHT !

    • Jose Chavez Boggio
      Jose Chavez Boggio Month ago +1

      are you talking about the leaders of the big powers in our planet?

  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell Month ago +4

    Was going to comment but others have said. Thank you both for your report. Much appreciated Sir and CNN crew.

  • Gerhard Leitner
    Gerhard Leitner 2 months ago +71

    he is fighting for his political survival and his personal safety. He is aware and afraid of both possibilities. GRL

    • Jose Manuel Besss
      Jose Manuel Besss Month ago

      Dream dream the evidences show the oposite

    • Chelsea Nolen
      Chelsea Nolen Month ago +6

      He's also aware that his chances are slipping out of his hands, faster and faster.

  • Default user
    Default user 2 months ago +13

    Galiamov is actually one of few most interesting reviewers to listen when he speaks russian, in english yeah, i guess ppl barely understand what he meant

  • billy rubin
    billy rubin 2 months ago +72

    Putin’s in a very difficult position. He either succeeds with his so-called, “special military operation,” or his political ambitions are over. In Russia, lack of political support entails termination.

    • Eleven Sinclair
      Eleven Sinclair Month ago

      @Heather McCall young people of forty are the new 25 these days. Not t ready to lead.

    • Geoff Lepper
      Geoff Lepper Month ago

      @Anne Haelg true but it seems that Putin's age is still part of the problem
      as it seems that he was very upset at the collapse of the Soviet Union
      and is nostalgic for the 1970s when Russia had a larger empire
      and was a backward country with few ties to western Europe
      and in constant cold war with the west.
      Young Russians on the other hand seem much more likely
      to want Russia to become a more progressive open society
      connected closely with western Europe and the rest of the world
      and not constantly on the brink of war.
      (though obviously not all young Russians)

    • Robert Maybeth
      Robert Maybeth Month ago

      The guy's got one foot in the grave and he's the maximum-dictator-for-life of Russia, what ambitions could he realistically have left? The last successful thing he did was bully Georgia into staying in the Russian orbit. Now his huge military is getting their collective asses kicked by a nation 1/3 their size. Did he ever really think Russia had a prayer against even one NATO nation, let alone all of NATO? At least every leader after Stalin realized the Red army's huge flaws and never seriously tried to start a war against NATO! And judging only by what we've seen for the last year, if the Red army had decided to square up with NATO and sent the T-55's clanking west, they would have been turned to ashes before they got within sight of Fulda gap. And that's WITHOUT the use of nukes.

    • Hans Monsen
      Hans Monsen Month ago

      @Heather McCall He is just around 70 - not 80. Younger than actual candidates in the US:)

  • Neal X Gaming
    Neal X Gaming 2 months ago +52

    Ah yes, the old, "if I don't even know what I'm doing, then my enemies won't be able to figure out what I'm doing!" strategy.

    • a A
      a A 2 months ago +1

      @Kim Wilson so has putin!!!!!!

    • annoyed707
      annoyed707 2 months ago +1

      And loving it. You can never watch too much Get Smart.

    • Vesde
      Vesde 2 months ago +2

      No, Putin does this for a reason.
      He doesn't want the civilians think he is responsible.
      He doesn't want to give to much power to long to the same person.

    • republica
      republica 2 months ago +1

      When his strategy makes no sense, the other side will easily know about it.

  • Kéviji in Support of Ukraine 🇺🇦

    Oh I heard this line before from my former Russian classmate.
    That guy was cheating all the time. Every single exam he would cheat and he will brag about how he is always able to cheat and the instructors can’t catch him. So one day while bragging about it in class, I told him that I am wondering what your children would think if they hear their dad say things like this. He got mad and told me that it will take them just few seconds to destroy us Africans. Everyone in the class was just quiet and shocked that happened here in Canada.

    • Aaron Seet
      Aaron Seet Month ago +1

      Absolutely messed up upbringing.

  • Dr. Bruno Dzogovic
    Dr. Bruno Dzogovic Month ago +12

    When your speech writer is way more fit than you for your position that you're filling in.

  • Billy Baxter
    Billy Baxter Month ago +7

    A Russian speaking sense and the truth. I am shocked!

    • Billy Baxter
      Billy Baxter Month ago

      @Ross Fehily no, I am educated and know the history of my own country. Did you know Dublin, the capital of Ireland, began as a slave market?

    • Billy Baxter
      Billy Baxter Month ago

      @Ross Fehily no, it was not. Educate yourself about Ireland then come back.

    • Ross Fehily
      Ross Fehily Month ago

      @Billy Baxter I guess the Irish famine was not British policy of genocide in Ireland then? Don't be hypocrite

  • Erik De Wilde
    Erik De Wilde Month ago +4

    Great reporting thanks a lot!

  • David J
    David J 2 months ago +299

    He bit off way more than he could possibly chew when he invaded Ukraine. Now he's choking on it. 🤣🤣
    Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    • Julia Ostin
      Julia Ostin Month ago

      @J H In your opinion. I have a right to have a different view on the situation.

    • Paul S
      Paul S Month ago

      We hope!

    • Julia Ostin
      Julia Ostin Month ago

      @Maggie Maloney “Ancient Russia was’t established” - by WHOM?! God, this is the most idiotic stuff I heard so far.🤣🤣

  • Tele Bubba
    Tele Bubba 2 months ago +137

    If Peskov says someone else is telling a lie, then it's the truth. The only one telling a lie is Peskov self.

  • Steve V
    Steve V Month ago +4

    Frank and clear analysis

  • BrooklynLass
    BrooklynLass 2 months ago +126

    Putin's afraid he'll get some of his extra special tea or suddenly will be flying out of a 20th floor window. If so it'll be poetic justice.

    • petcatznz
      petcatznz Month ago

      @TheDrAstrov Unfortunately that’s a very fair point too.

    • petcatznz
      petcatznz Month ago

      Be careful what you wish for. If the orks sitting around him at that table are anything to go by. Who knows who would replace him?

    • Jose Manuel Besss
      Jose Manuel Besss Month ago

      Dream dream

    • Jeannie B
      Jeannie B Month ago +4

      Tea or underpants

  • Елизавета Вторая

    There is really no need to cancel elections! he knows he will draw any result he wants taking into consideration the fact that people who are against putin have already left the country mostly.

    • HyperactiveNeuron
      HyperactiveNeuron Month ago

      Or fell out of windows or were just straight up shot to death

    • T J
      T J Month ago

      Yes so much for their so called way of life vs ours. We are not perfect but I choose our way 10 times over theirs.

    • Jeff Vaughn
      Jeff Vaughn Month ago

      @L V historians can be so annoying to people that dont understand history can't they ^^ :P

  • Damir Sirotić
    Damir Sirotić Month ago +3

    It's like watching my brothers ex-wife talking about my brother. Everything 100% true.

  • MVVpro
    MVVpro 2 months ago +63

    What would an election even mean when his opponents are all in jail or dead?

    • Winston
      Winston Month ago

      Sounds like Zelensky.

  • Steven Brenner
    Steven Brenner 2 months ago +11

    I agree Putin does appear to be in better shape physically than he was last Spring in April and May.

    • Lana M
      Lana M Month ago +2

      you never know if it's him or his doubles

    • Élisabeth Perrin
      Élisabeth Perrin Month ago


    • a A
      a A 2 months ago +2

      12 days ago at putins last russian TV interview they had to blank his face out to hide the swollen "potatohead" appearance the steroids have caused him. The "normal" looking one is the double, and youle note a bit taller too.

    T.A. ACKERMAN 2 months ago +30

    It's perfectly normal for Putin to be throwing oligarchs out of high rise windows.

  • Lynn Mcquillan
    Lynn Mcquillan 2 months ago +8

    Love this guy 👍✌️🙏

  • angelo Finaldi
    angelo Finaldi Month ago +14

    This man better keep an eye on the next cup of tea he will drink ..

  • Bo Fink
    Bo Fink Month ago +6

    Yes, to me we seems to be more and more in a WW2 and 1/3 position, so the common situation is very dangerous for all of us. Let's hope for the better!

    • Bo Fink
      Bo Fink Month ago

      @Trevor Agreing to that!

    • Trevor
      Trevor Month ago +1

      The better the worst comes the better, if the worst comes first then the worst it will be,.....but I think that better is better than worst, so ,it's nice that we talked about it.

  • German R. Lopéz
    German R. Lopéz 2 months ago +126

    That he’s a nut case with an ego problem? Everybody knows that! 🙄…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Jose Manuel Besss
      Jose Manuel Besss Month ago

      ​@German R. LopézAnd Biden has?

    • German R. Lopéz
      German R. Lopéz Month ago

      @Pam Thompson Johnson.has no ego problems,apologizes if he needs to,and is not a nut case,just says what it is,whether others like it or not, and is not afraid of anything,simple as that, and the other one,is just a “wanna be”! 🙄

    • Chiari Charlie
      Chiari Charlie Month ago

      @Pam Thompson wow there it is the trump troll 👿

    • Pam Thompson
      Pam Thompson Month ago +1

      Who, Putin or Johnson? Perhaps both. Or 3 if you include Trump.

  • Farmer #26
    Farmer #26 2 months ago +13

    Much respect for those that wish for peace and understand that the deaths of the innocent on both sides is gruesome
    We are all one and everything is everything
    Shame on those that cheer for this war and deaths on either side
    Let’s stop letting the powers that be convince us to kill each other for there financial gain ✌️

    • Trevor
      Trevor Month ago +1

      @Andrew.CP Andy, you got it !! Who is the real enemy, the bad guys, or those infernal go gooding stupid sobs!? All that turn the other cheek s**t is no longer relevant but you can sing a hymn,while you're shooting them down

    • Trevor
      Trevor 2 months ago +1

      Only thing better than money is power.when you've got enough of that, your already totally bonkers

  • Lionel Payette
    Lionel Payette 2 months ago +170

    Free Navalny now!!! No ceasefire! Victory to Ukrainian ❤💙💛

    • Blue Moon
      Blue Moon Month ago

      @MichaelGL I heard that about nalvany also but is it true or propaganda to keep people from backing him because it will be just more of the same...

    • MichaelGL
      MichaelGL Month ago +1

      Not necessarily so. I believe Navalgny has also been against allowing Ukraine to be its own sovereign nation.

    • Mr Blonde
      Mr Blonde 2 months ago +4

      Absolutely spot on 👍👍

    • Asif Razer
      Asif Razer 2 months ago

      In ur dreams

  • Joseph Blogs
    Joseph Blogs 2 months ago +15

    Putin's gone mad. Simple as that.

    • Peter Kincaid
      Peter Kincaid Month ago


  • richard simms
    richard simms 2 months ago +125

    I believe that Putin will stay in power indefinitely, as long as most of the Russian public support him, AND as long as their is no “PALACE REVOLT” or surprise murder from his inner circle.
    There is no alternative but to push Putin ‘s army back to the Russian border.
    This will require “serious weapons” from the West for the next 12 months.
    I am glad that the Americans are involved
    The Americans have tremendous capacity
    RS. Canada

  • Sugars Pillay
    Sugars Pillay 2 months ago +5

    Putins reply. Never trust your ex .

  • TZWG
    TZWG 2 months ago +49

    World needs peace.

    • Ross Fehily
      Ross Fehily Month ago

      Nah, we are over populated

    • kippa keppa
      kippa keppa Month ago

      You cannot have peace without having peace with Russia.

    • I Say
      I Say Month ago +4

      And democracy freedom from dictatorships

  • Robert Newberry
    Robert Newberry Month ago +4

    ““Are human beings evil by nature?” That question represents the final defeat of the human mind, and it takes a long and excruciating time to understand that it’s actually the wrong question.
    The horrifying ethics that have risen to the upper echelons of politics will trickle down and multiply, come to your town and even penetrate your gated community. It’s a new zeitgeist in the making. This is a historic trend, and it is turning the banality of evil into the evil of banality. For though it appears in a different guise in every country, it is time to recognize that what is occurring affects us all.
    Turks must be watching us and laughing their asses off tonight,” read an American tweet on the night of Donald Trump’s election victory less than five months after the failed coup attempt. We weren’t. Well, maybe one or two smirks might have appeared. Behind those smirks, though, lay exasperation at having to watch the same soul-destroying movie all over again, and this time on the giant screen of US politics. We wore the same pained expression after Britain’s Brexit referendum, during the Dutch and German elections, and whenever a right-wing populist leader popped up somewhere in Europe sporting the movement’s signature sardonic, bumptious grin.

    • Trevor
      Trevor Month ago

      I agree! And yet, there's a lot folks who can question everything, but without power, nothing will change

  • Режиссёр
    Режиссёр 2 months ago +8

    This Abas guy is really smart. He is a special talent for sure. Very good source about Putin tho.

  • jojo
    jojo Month ago +3

    Fantastic news channel you bring it to us real Absolutely Love it keep it up in a good work

  • Common
    Common 2 months ago +2

    I don’t think this guy is really saying much or offering insight. It’s simple, Putin moves to ensure his survival and keeps everyone guessing- he will fight as long as he can until the cost is too high (meaning his life would have to be in danger).

    • Глеб Верховский
      Глеб Верховский Month ago

      It's not as simple as you say it is. Just listen carefully to Mr. Gallyamov and maybe you can learn something.

  • Douglas Perry
    Douglas Perry Month ago +3

    This isn't going to end well for ANYBODY.

  • Kevin MacCallum
    Kevin MacCallum 2 months ago +32

    Putin is standing on 'quick sand,' can be very disconcerting.

    • Elizabeth nilsson
      Elizabeth nilsson Month ago

      You must be in the very 'inner circle ' to know... what no one othee#r know

  • Dr Larry Johnson
    Dr Larry Johnson 2 months ago +27

    It's possible that Putin was as shocked as many of us were that his armed forces would perform so incompetently. That said, it's not a sign of being "erratic" that he's shuffling Generals trying to find the right one that can bring Russia victory. Now that he's in it, he has to win it. But Americans who know their history shouldn't take shuffling generals as any sign of irrationality. During our Civil War, if you paid attention in High School, you know Abraham Lincoln -- our greatest President -- did a lot of shuffling of generals because they kept losing to Robert E. Lee. It wasn't until 1864, four years into the war, that he finally landed on Grant. Before that it was McClellan, then McDowell, Burnside, Hooker, Mead, and back to McClellan again! So really, some of this commentary is really superficial and counts on a lot of ignorance out here. If your analysts only have fantasies to offer, it's not very useful for a well-informed democratic citizenry.

    • Matthew Freeman
      Matthew Freeman Month ago

      I thought your post was very well constructed. I think the others here are missing the point entirely.

    • Dr Larry Johnson
      Dr Larry Johnson Month ago

      @John Collins Opinion noted.

    • John Collins
      John Collins Month ago

      @Dr Larry Johnson Frankly I’m not interested in overthrowing your analogy. I’m interested in stating my opinion.
      As far as Grant is concerned , he knew that he could afford to sustain greater losses than Lee and would eventually wear down his army, which is precisely what he did.
      One major difference in the Ukrainian special operation is their access to superior weaponry, something that was not available to the Confederacy.
      This is just one opinion. I do think that the Ukrainians are up against it , just as the South was because they weren’t able to successfully threaten the North.

    • Dr Larry Johnson
      Dr Larry Johnson Month ago

      @John Collins Okay. But what you "subscribe to" is a personal leaning and is not an overthrow of the historical fact and logic of my analogy.

    • Dr Larry Johnson
      Dr Larry Johnson Month ago

      @Atanas Gunchev See portion of my answer below to Atanas Gunchev. Basically, same reply.

  • stanley Whittaker
    stanley Whittaker 2 months ago +4

    He’s not irrational. He’s hanging on, as long as the war goes on he’s cool, no need to rush and force his hand. Too bad for his soldiers, too bad for Ukraine but there’ll continue to be too little too late from western allies.

  • USER112358134711
    USER112358134711 Month ago +2

    God save the world from a madman.

  • Sherrie Ludwig
    Sherrie Ludwig Month ago +1

    I wish Boris Johnson would have chuckled and said, "I don't think Russians are that stupid, so I will give that remark the attention it deserves."

  • Philip Croft
    Philip Croft Month ago +2

    I hope he has good protection

  • Odlanor Zurc
    Odlanor Zurc Month ago +6

    God bless Ukraine....

  • DS
    DS Month ago +2

    Putin has never acted logically or with predictability. Putin as an FSB man knows that his power is in his capability to create confusion and chaos. His former speechwriter should know this.

  • Carlo N.
    Carlo N. Month ago +2

    Abbas G. is bold giving negative opinion about his former boss. And I must admit the white wall background was ingenious to not give away his geolocation. Lol📡

  • Blazejunkie
    Blazejunkie Month ago +1

    One hardly blinks and the other blinks every second!

  • Kevin MacCallum
    Kevin MacCallum 2 months ago +32

    "The whole world HATES a loser and loves a winner."

    • How mathematicians create maths
      How mathematicians create maths Month ago

      Looool. Best joke of the century 🤣 😂 🤣

    • Zack C
      Zack C Month ago +1

      @Rafael Lyon and what's more hilarious is your over use of emojies - it doesn't bother me but looks like you're trying to bate me into an argument which you would lose.
      Russia fought in Syria too, supporting a murdering regime but did not dare attack us forces. There's also Russian attempt to kill us troops which it sent in wagna along with ragheads which got wiped out by 40 infantryman and a few planes.
      You cannot win against a country that spends as much as it does on defence and armaments. Even the BMPT is utter garbage compared to weapons such as the Bradley or Abrams. No wonder they hardly deploy it, and even when they do it just gets Javelin'd rendering it completely useless.
      Since you obviously love Russia so much, why don't you join wagna and fight in Ukraine? Show us all how mighty you are! Silly little boy.

  • Ryan Gilpatrick
    Ryan Gilpatrick Month ago +5

    “Only gonna take one bullet to end all of this “ KGB SPY LOL

  • Michael Batterbee
    Michael Batterbee 2 months ago +5

    Was gonna comment but his mate said it all 😂

  • Rebecca Erb
    Rebecca Erb 2 months ago +7

    Someone needs to tell Putin that it would be ok for him to retract his troops and concern himself with the peoples and their well being. Families are grieving for the loss of their sons and daughters on both sides and if he truly was a patriot he would put humanity first and focus on healing and wellbeing. Someone has to help this man see that it is ok to pull the peoples military back from attack and invade. Now I feel like China is doing a 'monkey see monkey do'. The whole war energy has to subside and peace talks need made.

    • Rebecca Erb
      Rebecca Erb 2 months ago

      I think he is feeling and registering.
      War is painful
      Let's not do it.

    • L V
      L V 2 months ago

      Unfortunately, you can't make a narcissist "see."

  • wtfisupkyle
    wtfisupkyle 2 months ago +10

    His sadisaic actions has not changed one bit

  • chevy vett
    chevy vett Month ago +3

    That he is even more batshit Crazy Then we originally thought we knew that

  • Lizzychann
    Lizzychann 2 months ago +34

    I pray for both ukraine people and russian people, prayers for both sides🙏🙏🙏

    • Vale Visa
      Vale Visa Month ago

      @Debbie DeLoach I see you deleted all your comments.I wonder why ?

    • Colin Van Der Ross
      Colin Van Der Ross Month ago

      @Vale Visa oh well good for you🤷‍♂️

    • Vale Visa
      Vale Visa Month ago

      @Colin Van Der Ross I watch what's happening in the world,and i know prayers don't work.We live in a real world,not in a fantasy land .

    • Trevor
      Trevor 2 months ago

      The world would be a better place without all these god damm do gooding silly buggers

    • Colin Van Der Ross
      Colin Van Der Ross 2 months ago

      @Vale Visa give prayer a try my friend, if you BELIEVE THEN YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF PRAYER 🙏🏻GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAM🙏🏻

  • Kim Dawson
    Kim Dawson Month ago +1

    Even if Boris was telling the truth at least he let him know not to mess around and find out

    • Elaine Muir
      Elaine Muir Month ago +1

      Boris and truth don't belong in the same sentence

  • blueberry
    blueberry 2 months ago +90

    Election? Is that what you call it?

    • kurt winslow
      kurt winslow Month ago +1

      @Santa’s Mocha No I haven't, I'll have to check her out.

    • kurt winslow
      kurt winslow Month ago

      @Santa’s Mocha I think your analysis is very accurate concerning corporations and corruption and I'll agree up front Trump has issues with loosing. Yet he did step down and he's going to try again. He seems to take pleasure in conflict.

  • unmissable
    unmissable Month ago +1

    I imagine it will be easier for Putin to just fix the elections.

  • Albert Kim
    Albert Kim Month ago +4

    Russian morale for the younger generation is at an all time low

  • Choose Wisely
    Choose Wisely Month ago +1

    I hope this man is well hidden! 😬

  • Hope Forbetter
    Hope Forbetter 2 months ago +3

    All that is needed is for Russian people to speak up and to jettison Putin from his seat as the Russian leader! After that still so same problems but humankind can be unified to solve then!

  • Gabrielle Rose
    Gabrielle Rose 7 days ago

    I thought I’d better listen to him before he “jumps” out a window

  • Beverley Reid
    Beverley Reid 2 months ago +30

    He is in a loss and erratic?? You just figured that out?

  • Haad Bajwa
    Haad Bajwa 2 months ago +14

    All DICTATORS have a flaw and that flaw leads to their fall, DICTATOR flaws are only exposed when times are difficult, because in good time the sheer power ⛮ of DICTATOR encapsulate all flaws. Not: All DICTATORS eventually face same fate but still they make same mistakes as their counterparts did before them. Check history Alexander the great to Gadafi ( former DICTATOR of Libya 🇱🇾).

  • tom licen
    tom licen 2 months ago +1

    Putin is just guy on top let him potter on we need him for speech and spokes

  • Hunter Gameson
    Hunter Gameson Month ago +2

    These people will lie to us and tell us anything

  • TheDrAstrov
    TheDrAstrov Month ago

    Well, yes, of course, the dude saw Putin for the last time three comings ago, and he is still relevant 😂

    • Trevor
      Trevor Month ago

      They say, a drowning man comes up 3 times, do you reckon he will rise again, if so, it's going into the Guinness book of records!!

  • vivahernando1
    vivahernando1 Month ago +1

    "Why is this happening to us?" ...... It is pretty obvious

  • Laurentians
    Laurentians 2 months ago +8

    Let’s end this asap. Preferably through a negotiation and if not possible then by total force.

    • Marvhead
      Marvhead Month ago +4

      Negotiations cannot be held until Russia has withdrawn all of its troops from Ukrainian territory, including Crimea.

  • Ar J
    Ar J Month ago +1

    Alibaba knows that his days are numbered. All his actions point towards the fact that he wants a cold war where he can lower the iron curtain and be safe behind it.

  • ceylin oyunda
    ceylin oyunda 2 months ago +325

    Old guys want to decide our life in politics, LPA23X is how WE decide it and not leave it to them. This is key

    • Mr Blonde
      Mr Blonde 2 months ago +1

      @mattizzle Soda It's so obvious,those bots here who mentioned Amazon AMZ only have 1 comment on their channel or if there's more it's only about Amazon AMZ.
      I'm waiting on a link to some miracle investor who makes big money for all their clients....🤣🤣🤣

    • mattizzle Soda
      mattizzle Soda 2 months ago +2

      @Mr Blonde For real, where’s the whAtttsaaaaap number? What’s the point if there’s no contact to get scammed at.

    • Mr Blonde
      Mr Blonde 2 months ago +2

      Hmm just waiting on one of these bots to post a WhatsApp number where to send all our hard earned money....

    • mattizzle Soda
      mattizzle Soda 2 months ago +1

      @Douglas MacArthur was right Not really, I felt my brain cells dying reading all this.

    • John Brattan
      John Brattan 2 months ago

      @seviyorum sudeyi Who's "they?"

  • Each day I die a little
    Each day I die a little 2 months ago +1

    When the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing

  • Sondra Leonard
    Sondra Leonard Month ago

    Can this guy confirm as an ex speech writer for Putin that the strategy for Putin is to spin the truth? And to say exactly the opposite of what’s happening?

  • jen
    jen 2 months ago +1

    What do u expect from an Ex employee..positive thoughts? The hell

  • Brand x
    Brand x 2 months ago +5

    Suddenly Putin found the cure for cancer 😂

    • Trevor
      Trevor 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, a little bit of lead in the back of the head

  • Tobin Sieracki
    Tobin Sieracki 2 months ago +29

    Putin sure is a short fella. I’m surprised the Russian people follow such a short guy!

    • Calyps0man
      Calyps0man Month ago

      Zelensky is the same height as putin, with your logic nobody should follow him either.

    • Tobin Sieracki
      Tobin Sieracki Month ago +1

      @Mark Lada- Look… I don’t really know what the average height of a male is but I think we can all agree Putin is really short and small. I don’t know what the guys height is but when he stands next to othe adults, it appears like he must shop in the kids sections of department stores. The guy is tiny.

    • Mark Lada
      Mark Lada Month ago

      @Geoff Lepper Average height of males may be 5'7" or 5'9" or 5'10, but just because that's the average height doesn't mean that an average height male is tall, because they are not.. If you ask most people how tall a male needs to be before he is considered tall.. They are going to answer over 6'.. Me personally, I'm 6'4" my definition of a tall male would be someone over 6'6".. I'm not 300lbs though, not even close, and I don't wrestle alligators or bears.. If I wanted to be an astronaut or a jockey I guess I would just be out of luck.. That's life though you can't always get what you want.. Dunking basketballs is really fun and it's a good way to pick up ladies.. I don't just dunk basketballs all day though.. I shoot free throws and three pointers too.. That's only when I'm not working my day job as a professional tournament fisherman.. I think being tall has more advantages than disadvantages.. If I was short I would probably look into getting leg lengthening surgeries.. I also feel like tall people are more likely to get elected or promoted to hold higher and more important positions than shorter people.. Taller people just project an image of power and natural leadership ability because of our physical stature.. I wasn't trying to ridicule anyone for being short, but I was letting someone know they weren't as tall as they thought they were..

    • Geoff Lepper
      Geoff Lepper Month ago +1

      @Mark Lada you seem really insecure about your height.
      You might want to try to figure out why you are so obsessed with it.
      By the way the discussion was about whether one had to be tall
      to run a government not about whether you can dunk a basketball
      or for that matter whether you can be a winning jockey
      or even be a mercury astronaut (who could not be tall)
      or be the first man in space which happened to be
      Yuri Gagarin who was picked to go into space
      partially because he was only 5'2".
      And no - please don't tell us about the advantages you have in
      being 300 pounds so that you can manhandle any alligators
      you find sneaking into your house
      or the advantages you have in being able to tell
      the difference between the taste of Manhattan hot dogs
      and Brooklyn hot dogs or that
      you can remember the birthdays of every one of
      the Backstreet Boys.
      Nobody here cares.
      Consider posting on a sports or trivia website.
      The topic here is about whether someone needs to be tall to lead a country
      and run a government and the answer is no.
      But you keep dunking those basketballs every day
      and dreaming that it's going to lead you to becoming
      president if you want.
      Question: Why are you spending all day every day dunking basketballs.
      Answer: Because this is how I campaign for president.

    • Geoff Lepper
      Geoff Lepper Month ago

      @Mark Lada the average height for men around the world is 5'9"
      so I have no idea what you are talking about.
      Some sources actually put the average height at between 5'7" to 5'7.3".
      One source has the average heights per country as
      Brazil 5' 8.3"
      China 5' 7.6"
      Japan 5' 7.2"
      Mexico 5' 6.5"
      Nigeria 5' 5.3"
      India 5' 4.9"
      Phillipines 5' 4.25"
      These are all large countries with a lot of people and they all
      have an average male height under 5'9"
      so it's actually sort of surprising that some websites
      list the world average height as high as 5' 9".
      And some websites do list the global average as being
      somewhere between 5' 7" and 5' 8".
      Even in the United States the average male height is listed as
      being under 5' 10".
      So your attempt to pointlessly ridicule someone
      makes you look pretty ridiculous and petty.
      Do better.
      Maybe next time consider doing a tiny hit of research before
      making yourself look silly insulting someone based
      on your misunderstanding of things.

  • jus yappin
    jus yappin Month ago +3

    confident that Boris lmao is speaking the truth?! 7:40 - ya'll are funny

  • Booster LogCabin
    Booster LogCabin Month ago

    I feel sorry for the people who get caught as cannon fodder in these political wars it is like WW1 again a little more than 100 years later

  • paniagruk
    paniagruk 2 months ago +1

    Admiral general putinova will be remembered as russia's greatest military strategist ever 😀

  • Robert Livingstone
    Robert Livingstone Month ago +1

    Flailing is the word he's looking for.

  • Robert Warwick
    Robert Warwick 2 months ago +18

    They definitely need to coo the little man with high heels 👠 😂 🤣

  • Inge Posch
    Inge Posch 2 months ago +3

    it is just a matter of time, pretty soon Poetin is going to fall out of a window or from a balcony...
    the only question is who is going to be his successor when he has taken his "flying lesson".

  • Ross Davies
    Ross Davies Month ago +2

    Confident that Boris Johnson is telling the truth? As a British citizen I am aghast at such a notion. While I have nothing but contempt for Putler, I would take anything BJ says with a pinch of salt. He lies as if he needs to do so more than breathing... As has been said about Johnson, "Is he lying?" "Well, his lips were moving..."

  • Anupam Saxsena
    Anupam Saxsena Month ago +1

    🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️❤️❤️ support Ukraine , thanks 🙏

  • Leyla Erener
    Leyla Erener 2 months ago

    We have been on a recession since the beginning of 2022, but big media and governments all over the world didn’t want to admit it. We need to be wise and use our brains. Knowledge is power and I’d like all the family to be powerful! Just purchased some LPA23X Thanks for keeping us informed during this times of doubt?

  • Heavenly Showers
    Heavenly Showers Month ago +2

    prayers from ireland

  • jd84
    jd84 2 months ago +3

    Trump believes that it is necessary to stop helping the victim of aggression, which should help the perpetrator achieve his goal. In this case, it is necessary to be consistent and close all the courts, the police and release all prisoners from prisons.

  • Bob Loomis
    Bob Loomis 2 months ago +2

    The shot of him by the white helicopter sure looks like a body-double.

  • Mazengo Mazengo
    Mazengo Mazengo 2 months ago +2

    A tree with sweet fruit is the one stones are thrown in to get such fruits ! Putin is a smart guy that is what everyday is being talked !

    • Erin H
      Erin H 2 months ago +2

      False analogy. Poor argument

  • Jane Jones
    Jane Jones 2 months ago +27

    Russia has throughout history always had an authoritarian government. The Leader always kept total control of every aspect of Russian life. Unfortunately for the peasants life in Russia it's always been pain and suffering

    • Geoff Lepper
      Geoff Lepper Month ago +1

      True with the possible brief exception of Gorbachev.
      In 1942 the same could be said for Germany and Japan
      and people then would have been very surprised to hear that within 20 years (if not 10 years)
      they would become thriving democracies and have eliminated not only their
      addiction to strongmen leaders but also would have abandoned their culture of
      Though I'm still not optimistic that within 20 years Russia will be a thriving democracy
      which has abandoned militarism.

    • pervertt
      pervertt Month ago +4

      Except for the fact that for the first time in recent history, Russian citizens had a choice between freedom and autocracy. They chose the latter, thinking they needed a hard man to restore Russia to greatness. They've now reaped the consequences of that bad choice.