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I Spent $7,000 on LOST CARGO Packages

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • THIS is what happens when LUXURY merchandise gets SHIPPED but then gets lost or goes unclaimed... they go to an auction where other people can BUY them for SUPER cheap! I bought a HUGE mystery box to see what treasures we can find.

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  • Yaneli
    Yaneli 15 days ago +10390

    Even if the next video ends up being an hour long as you walk us through the process of authenticating each and every merch, WE ARE HERE FOR IT!

    • sila soekhlal
      sila soekhlal 2 hours ago

      Love the hermes bag 👌

    • Jacq W
      Jacq W 2 days ago

      We MUST know NOW!

    • Dec Ember
      Dec Ember 3 days ago

      I NEED PT 2

    • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
      Yousavedbro Heaven Bound 4 days ago

      Sad. If you gave Jesus Christ this kind of attention if you paid attention to Jesus Christ's words and Miracle working power every day how much would you have joy in your life how much would you have a spiritual awareness of your existence on Earth.

      You know the word of God teaches you were fearfully and wonderfully made Jesus is the name above every name above every name brand only Jesus Christ can save your soul.

      Now Jesus Christ said do not store up for yourselves Treasures on Earth do not be engrossed by the things of this world because this world and the things in them is temporary knowing Jesus Christ is forever don't be a name brand of or it's time to know Jesus Christ and be set free from being a whore of the world

    • sunnyleone,,,,,😍
      sunnyleone,,,,,😍 6 days ago

      Only for fans over 18 years old Aishite.Tokyo/sunnyleone ❤‍🔥

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      Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente


  • jae
    jae 6 days ago +204

    Can’t wait to see the authentication part to this! I feel like people are very good at making dupes now, anything can pass as real.

  • Pattycakes Gaming
    Pattycakes Gaming 10 days ago +68

    Tyler looking stylish in those shades!! 😂 love it

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon 5 days ago

      merchandise authenticated and do a separate video to show if in fact they were real and worth the investment.

  • Sarah Hassan
    Sarah Hassan 9 days ago +441

    If anyone can afford Hermes, you think they wouldn’t leave these parcels “unclaimed”. A lot of the designer stuff seems a little off but this video was an interesting watch

    • Amanda Butler
      Amanda Butler Hour ago

      If they can afford it then they probably couldn't care if it got lost or whatever.. they'll just buy a new one

    • unstable Pineapple
      unstable Pineapple Day ago +1

      @Nguyen Tran I mean duh 😂

    • Nguyen Tran
      Nguyen Tran Day ago

      @unstable Pineapple Hermes is a totally different level compared to LV. For some Hermes bags, you will have to be a long time customer to get into the waitlist for it. I will not compare Hermes with LV. It's like comparing Chanel with Coach.

    • unstable Pineapple
      unstable Pineapple 5 days ago +2

      @tessa milano nope 😂🤣 the rich done stay rich paying people fairly 😂😂 this was years ago though. The perk was getting stuff she didn't want anymore and keeping it or reselling it.

    • tessa milano
      tessa milano 5 days ago +2

      @unstable Pineapple wow girl!! I hope she PAID u like she was rich!!

  • Just Jen Reacts
    Just Jen Reacts 9 days ago +58

    You prolly got a few of my lost packages 😂

  • Charm de Leon
    Charm de Leon 14 days ago +2332

    From the get go, I can tell the Gucci belts and some (if not all) the LVs are fake. Hopeful for some of the other items though!

    • Jenna Nicole
      Jenna Nicole 5 days ago

      Yes they’re all fake 😔

    • savannah
      savannah 8 days ago +1

      yeah I highly doubt the LV are real because you have to have an account with LV, cannot use a credit card, and they only do purchases in store. my husband was surprised at the hoops he had to go through to buy a LV bag. not something you can just order online like the cheaper brands. the MK she has looks legit though.

    • hkluv333
      hkluv333 8 days ago

      The yellow card is at 5:08

    • hkluv333
      hkluv333 8 days ago +1

      Yep, fake, those little yellow cards only come with fakes. Real ones have a cream colored textile card thrown in the bag or with your receipt.

    • Yenxxi ***
      Yenxxi *** 8 days ago +2

      Let's say it's fake but the fake is still expensive especially if it's class A.

  • angel
    angel 10 days ago +39

    As someone who buys a lot of LV, I can assure that most of the LV stuff in there is fake.

    • Freshta
      Freshta 20 hours ago +1

      @Tonya Rodgers-Beute the LV website

    • Tonya Rodgers-Beute
      Tonya Rodgers-Beute 23 hours ago

      Where is the best place online to buy real lv?tyvm

  • Dragonfly Dreamer
    Dragonfly Dreamer 5 days ago +49

    So glad you were able to get so much of this authenticated, even if some were fakes. Still happy that you came out on top too!

  • Twitch AK
    Twitch AK 8 days ago +67

    These are replicas that were basically caught by customs, it happens all the time when you order knockoffs from China and exceed the weight or order too much too often, or just random inspection especially if its like 10kg hauls. Some guy probably paid a few thousand for these as well. Why do they let this go straight to customs you ask? because no one is trying to catch a felony for selling illegal goods lol Dont ask why I know this lol.

    • Liz
      Liz 2 days ago +1

      Customs destroys what they find….bc it’s illegal to sell it

    • Joelle Grr
      Joelle Grr 4 days ago

      @Cyll de that’s such a waste

    • Cyll de
      Cyll de 5 days ago +3

      When replicas are caught by customs they are destroyed at the airport. Usually all burned.

    • Michael López
      Michael López 7 days ago +8

      They just paid 7000 for fake shit

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke 10 days ago +5

    Oh my goodness! These videos are so interesting! I feel like I’m trying to solve the mystery of where the orders belong 🕵🏻‍♀️ like... Doris needs her travel map! 🤣

  • Dofutofu
    Dofutofu 15 days ago +2291

    I excited to see you guys get all of that designer stuff authenticated. I'm curious to see how bad LV's shipping truly is. Lol

    • sgcl10658
      sgcl10658 4 days ago

      Pretty fast. It's like Amazon Prime, I got it after 2 days and the delivery guy knocked on my door confirming I received their package.

    • Natalia Aquino
      Natalia Aquino 13 days ago

      @teddy bear leyla really depends on the country/mailman. I ordered a Cartier bracelet (from the official website/store) for Christmas and they just handed it to me without showing my passport or ID.

    • jacquelyn
      jacquelyn 13 days ago +2

      @teddy bear leyla I had an authentic lv neverfull , but before i had that i got a replica one n lowkey liked it , then i sold it n decided to get a real one but a used one , lowkey regretted it cuz it wasn’t anything that special lol, yeah it’s lv but ig the neverfull wasn’t rlly my thing since it didn’t have a zipper, hopefully i get a real lv that imma actually use one day n love, for now my broke ass will be looking thru dhgate 🤣’

    • Aravind Abhi
      Aravind Abhi 14 days ago


    • Kacper Dybala 18+👇
      Kacper Dybala 18+👇 14 days ago

      Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la

      Megan: "Hotter"
      Hopi: "Sweeter"
      Joonie: "Cooler"
      Yoongi: "Butter"

      Son unos de los mejores conciertos
      , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente...

  • Ski
    Ski 6 days ago +2

    I just found you channel a couple days ago and I literally think I’ve binged every video on here. I love how real and genuine you are in your videos and how fun and enjoyable each video is. I haven’t had the best last couple days but finding your channel was the best way to end the week. Thank you for just being you, and giving us some comfort and hope (😂) during hard times. Couldn’t have asked for a better channel to discover!

  • Mat
    Mat 6 days ago +40

    This is just proof that luxury items are easily replicated and you’re only paying for the name. The Hermes bags are 110% fake. I think some of the Louis Vuitton as well.

    • N
      N 4 days ago +1

      you're paying for the name, the quality and the fashion history. don't buy fakes, if you can't afford, there's so many nice options on the high street.

    • Chemdawgin
      Chemdawgin 4 days ago

      crazy cause the hermes bags were legit lol

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi 8 days ago +26

    There's no way this stuff is real. A box with "real" Louis, Hermes, etc? Why didn't the workers just take it? Also, I would be so upset if I lost my items in the mail

  • Linda Adams
    Linda Adams 10 days ago +34

    You're right, if a few pieces proved to be authentic then it's a jackpot and you can sell the rest for what it is. However, if the entire haul is a bust it's still something people will purchase but you may fall short of recouping all of your cash.

  • Wendy Mejia
    Wendy Mejia 15 days ago +1972

    A lot of the high end merchandise looked like they came from DH gate (fake merchandise sellers). It would be interesting for you to try and get all of the LV and Hermès merchandise authenticated and do a separate video to show if in fact they were real and worth the investment.

    • TN-T
      TN-T 7 days ago

      Doesn't the end of the video imply that the next part is going to be her doing exactly that?

    • M L
      M L 10 days ago +1

      @E RON If you know Louis Vuitton, you would know the boxes that several of the wallets came in are NOT Authentic. Louis Vuitton does NOT have decals with a bar code stuck to the box. Some of the wallet designs were not an LV original.

    • Rundiamir
      Rundiamir 11 days ago +1

      @steph those boxes and tags are clearly fake, though

    • Jo Anna
      Jo Anna 11 days ago +2

      @Tiffany Hood I think she's making her money by all of us watching this... I think it was a tax deducted work expense... I think she'll be okay... But I would watch a Clip-Share channel with you coming and helping her realize everything she got was fake

    • Alexis Jones
      Alexis Jones 11 days ago

      @camille curinga Or if they just put a real pair of shoes is an old real box. Which is possible if they're resale "never been worn."

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony 6 days ago +1

    Always living for your videos!!! The fact that you check the prices for everything and show us you make me wanna buy one and flip it

  • nicolasgoossens
    nicolasgoossens 9 days ago +46

    Crazy how every single Louis Vuitton item in this video, actually is a replica/fake... 🧐
    I always thought that if replica's of luxury brand items got confiscated or got lost, the authorities were obliged by law to destroy them, in order from keeping them off the retail/secundary market.

  • Kathryn McGinnis
    Kathryn McGinnis 7 days ago +6

    Love ya, Hope but I’d question the authenticity of all these items. China has some amazing replicas - I’ve actually bought those same Gucci slides, Hermes bags, designer sunglasses etc. They come in fully branded boxes with tags and everything. You have to ask yourself why so many luxury goods were lost (or most likely confiscated by customs). I still love my reps as much as if they were authentic but you should def get everything authenticated, especially if you plan to resell!

    • Migmack
      Migmack 4 days ago

      I would question it as well because those Pokémon cards were 100% fake

  • are you nanon? oh ur not☹️

    I swear her videos are so relaxing, addicting, and satisfying🥰

  • seija kalisvaart
    seija kalisvaart 12 days ago +3403

    I like that she’s acknowledging that they might not be real. Some people truly believe everything is real….

    • Kennedy
      Kennedy 2 hours ago +1

      Yes, I could easily tell that a lot of the designer products were replicas, the packaging is a dead giveaway. Her body language and tone of voice was giving “this is definitely fake”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nike is fake too, you can get a replica of anything these days.

    • Stephanie Rodriguez
      Stephanie Rodriguez Day ago +2

      The Gucci slides looked real because they have the Nordstrom return sticker on the top of the box but everything else I dunno….

    • Aliya Esperanza
      Aliya Esperanza 3 days ago

      @cnmmd qiuoo literally

    • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
      Yousavedbro Heaven Bound 4 days ago

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      Now Jesus Christ said do not store up for yourselves Treasures on Earth do not be engrossed by the things of this world because this world and the things in them is temporary knowing Jesus Christ is forever don't be a name brand of or it's time to know Jesus Christ and be set free from being a whore of the world

    • uncool kid
      uncool kid 5 days ago

      @WindSad_Ray oh ok thanks for the info 🙏

  • Erica Sunshine
    Erica Sunshine 10 days ago +3

    The bags - breathtaking even if returned or illegal and counterfeit. Still, it’s a shame that people sell fake merchandise.

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon 7 days ago

    Girl you made up all that money and more! truly blessed so happy for you! luv your content (:

  • kenyon K
    kenyon K 9 days ago +8

    Love your videos and so happy that you put the disclaimer at the end of the video. I recently left Louis Vuitton and I can unfortunately already tell that the pieces here were not authentic. Our boxes even looked different than the fake ones used here. I would be very skeptical about the company that sold you all of these…

  • sambi chagwa
    sambi chagwa 6 days ago +1

    i love this video partly because my order got lost so i actually believe some of the stuff might be real. the company basically tells you your order is lost and refunds the money to you so there is really a big possibility you know

  • CurvyConfessions
    CurvyConfessions 12 days ago +2216

    I’m so invested in this! Take us along the whole ride from authentication to selling lol. Let’s see what you really got out of that box.

    • Gerard Maghella
      Gerard Maghella Day ago

      Yes, Because it’s definitely looking like a good business! If that’s a real $7000 bag from LV, I’ll sell it for 5000 on eBay! And you still have the Hermes bags to go which are worth 10,000 or more? You have to go through the whole process and see if they’re real through selling shipping an actual critiques from the buyers! Please! Definitely a good way to make extra money!

    • Danna Garcia
      Danna Garcia 4 days ago

      I have a couple of Louis vouton products and their boxes and unfortunately not all of the products in this video are authentic CANT wait to see them get authenticated and how much they can sell for!

    • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
      Yousavedbro Heaven Bound 4 days ago

      If you gave Jesus Christ this kind of attention if you paid attention to Jesus Christ's words and Miracle working power every day how much would you have joy in your life how much would you have a spiritual awareness of your existence on Earth.

      You know the word of God teaches you were fearfully and wonderfully made Jesus is the name above every name above every name brand only Jesus Christ can save your soul.

      Now Jesus Christ said do not store up for yourselves Treasures on Earth do not be engrossed by the things of this world because this world and the things in them is temporary knowing Jesus Christ is forever don't be a name brand of or it's time to know Jesus Christ and be set free from being a whore of the world

    • Jenna Nicole
      Jenna Nicole 5 days ago +1

      Yeah I think a lot of it is fake

    • Kisna Zamila
      Kisna Zamila 5 days ago

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  • DeAnna Rae Leeth
    DeAnna Rae Leeth 7 days ago

    Hi, Hope! LOVE your channel. I was checking out the hauls you do. I absolutely 💯 love these. I saw when you went to unclaimed baggage. I only live 45 minutes away. I didn't think the store was that well known till you went. You've helped the store 💯!!! You're awesome. BTW if you get any comic books I would gladly take them off your hands! My Husband is addicted to those. Thank you for making awesome videos!!!!

  • Lv_lover33
    Lv_lover33 9 days ago +6

    I’m a Louis Vuitton collector and them boxes especially are a death giveaway for replicas also handles are never wrapped on genuine ones a lot of other red flags too. Not sure about the Hermes ones but don’t know anyone who’s pack a authentic Hermes bag that badly! But I say the squashed vintage looking Louis could be authentic good luck

  • Allie Rose
    Allie Rose 8 days ago

    I'm so jealous! I think this is the best box you've opened yet!

  • 1990Sel
    1990Sel 8 days ago +3

    The moment she pulled out the first Louis Vuitton bag and saw the yellow card immediately I lost hope 😫. But hey, she can still make money off of good replicas!

  • Bribe
    Bribe 14 days ago +1995

    I legit don’t even care if that last Hermes bag was a… let’s call it a “replica”…. It’s still GORGEOUS and I’d be happy to own it 😉 Can’t wait to see the next video on these though xxoo

    • nofxcrazy1
      nofxcrazy1 5 days ago

      @lelexoxo303 Wagoons?😄

    • Ferry Kusmalingga
      Ferry Kusmalingga 6 days ago

      Even if it’s a replica,it’ll still costs u couple hundred bucks

    • HUH?
      HUH? 8 days ago

      You also copy others comments are you a "replica"?

    • TruthNoLie
      TruthNoLie 9 days ago

      Then just buy it outright or go on Dhgate. If she paid $7k for this stuff, she could've just purchased an authentic bag.

    • lelexoxo303
      lelexoxo303 10 days ago +2

      @Totes Gene Of course I buy reps. Do you honestly think I'd spend 5k on a bag? That's a few weeks of vacation, or part of a new car. I'd be embarrassed if I did spend 5k on a handbag, it's not something I'd ever be proud of. I have other financial priorities.
      I'm done with this "discussion" now. Not being able to admit you're wrong, or even seeing that your beliefs aren't facts when presented with information that you don't like, doesn't make for a conversation, or any kind of interaction but a waste of time. It's like fighting with people about climate change. Denying facts doesn't make them go away.
      I'd be embarrassed walking into an Hermès store thinking it's written "Hermés", if I supposedly love the brand so much.

  • Angxl
    Angxl 15 hours ago +2

    2:49 is where she starts to unbox
    2:57 unboxing 1st gucci box
    3:26 Mens nikey sweatpants
    3:58 ralph lauren swim trunks
    4:03 saving libbie the lobster
    4:07 the friend guide signed by the author
    4:23 stich backpack
    4:27 elvis presley light
    4:43 louis vuitton
    4:54 elvis certificate
    4:59 back to the louis vuitton
    5:19 price of the bag
    5:32 comics
    5:55 dior
    6:06 gucci dustbag
    6:10 more ralph laurens swim trunks
    6:20 stich fix
    6:27 michael kors slides
    6:25 more swimsuits
    6:33 sunglasses

    thats all im gonna do. >3

  • Molly Dykhouse
    Molly Dykhouse 6 days ago

    I love these kinds of videos I wish I could afford it lol 😂 I love your videos❤️

  • MaKayla Robinson
    MaKayla Robinson 9 days ago +1

    Is it just me or do you guys love her videos as well. She is just so entertaining and fun to watch.❤️❤️❤️

  • Mode The Yang
    Mode The Yang 2 days ago

    Despite whether the things you receive are authentic or not, your videos are always fun :)

  • Daniëlla
    Daniëlla 15 days ago +866

    Yesss...waiting for part 2. Really curious how many are fake and how many are real designer stuff🤔

    • Maddie Shaffer
      Maddie Shaffer 15 days ago +4

      @Liz because some of it is obviously going to be fake and it’s not worth their time and money to try and authenticate every single one. Just because some of it is definitely fake, that doesn’t mean that all of it is.

    • Keegan Levine
      Keegan Levine 15 days ago

      @Liz you on every comment girl. we get it…you think it’s all fake

    • Edith Tierce
      Edith Tierce 15 days ago

      @Rosemary Perez Hartzel You can tell by actually paying attention to the brand and being aware of their details.

    • Liz
      Liz 15 days ago +6

      Also….what business is going to miss out on 40,000+ in profits?

    • Liz
      Liz 15 days ago +14

      @Rosemary Perez Hartzel how they’re packaged is a huge giveaway, esp the bags. Louis and Hermes would never ship their stuff all folded up like that

  • Time flies
    Time flies 10 days ago +1

    Hello Hope! I am new to your channel and I can’t stop watching your videos!!! I love those LV bags and the louboutin heels❤️❤️❤️❤️ and the Hermes necklaces! ❤️❤️

  • Toma Lolia Ihetu
    Toma Lolia Ihetu 8 days ago +1

    Loveeed Watching this video and how excited you were 😭! Definitely made your money back with most of the items. But all the Louis Vuitton’s and Hermès are 100% Fake. Everything else is legit

  • i_bleed_ makeup
    i_bleed_ makeup 4 days ago +2

    Even though I'm disabled and also homeless right now, and this is tearing my heart apart, I can't stop watching 🤣 So happy for you that you got all of this amazing stuff 🥰🥰🥰

    • i_bleed_ makeup
      i_bleed_ makeup 21 hour ago

      @Adams channel of all sorts I'm blessed enough to have my mom pay my phone bill for me. And I'm not homeless as in, sleeping outside. I'm blessed enough to have about 6 people who let me sleep on their couches. I'm newly disabled (if that makes sense) and am on the list for housing. It's just a LONG list, and people who have children are first (which the should be). My kid is 22, so I'm WAY down on the list.

    • Adams channel of all sorts
      Adams channel of all sorts Day ago +1

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    • Ingri A
      Ingri A 14 days ago +1

      @D Finite I think the LV in the bag might be real, but that first tote was fake. The handles were all awkwardly placed and very different from the original photo.

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    • D Finite
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    • Ingri A
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    • April Mashifane
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    • Jessica Ortega
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    there’s literally no need for LV or Hermes to have their goods shipped that way, the only way those bags would be authentic would be if there were owned already (final user) and somehow shipped that way which is extremely uncommon, people who purchase Birkins and Kellys in paris carry them as on board luggage, they even manage to fix the boxes in their regular luggage to have it as well, everything seems pretty fake to me b

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    • Candice Cart
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      @tilly the high-end stuff (Louis, Hermès) is all FAKE... which means the other stuff is questionable 🤷🏼‍♀️ She can write-off her stuff for business purposes as it was used for her Clip-Share video and is a professional Clip-Sharer- so there’s really no risk for her 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Ingri A
      Ingri A 14 days ago +1

      @Clint Denman those silly slippers have a very low value, though. It all comes down to those “Hermes” bags.

    • Clint Denman
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      @Ingri A The Gucci slides were real at least. They had the Nordstrom sticker on the box.

    • LiyahBae3
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    • LiyahBae3
      LiyahBae3 15 days ago +2

      @misses elise you just don’t know how many fake websites there are do you… I’ve been in multiple groups on FB of people who sell fakes and there will be many around the holidays… Also people in the US get caught so much that I’ve seen China sellers sell to customers without a middle man… Like those Gucci shoes with all those receipts those are receipts saying it’s a 1 to 1 comparison… Meaning real leather and they they try to get the stitching and logos the exact same so they sell for 200-300 dollars depending on how big or small the items is

  • Lori M
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    I hope some of those LVs are authentic, that would be amazing! The LV that was inside the MK bag looks like an authentic vintage LV, the rest are iffy but semi easy to authenticate if you know what to look for - you can easily look at the color of the logos, hardware, paperwork etc they also have codes printed in the bag to look up - even the best replicas tend to get codes wrong. Also, LV bags will never come with a plastic wrap. The LV authenticity card that fell out of the sneakers looked way too yellow to be real, the hunt to see what’s real will be interesting!!!

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    • Stu West
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    • Weluvnyaa
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    • Praseetha T
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    • miko💦
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