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Shaq On Raising His Kids 🙈

  • Published on Nov 5, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Incomeparent
    Incomeparent  Month ago +234

    Honesty Test in Luton 😂👇 clip-share.net/video/7EJ1L2VYqac/video.html

  • Z34RK
    Z34RK Month ago +63519

    "Those are your spoiled brats?"
    The immediate response to that is so funny to me

    • Tevin Goree
      Tevin Goree 14 days ago

      No Hesitation

    • mariuche A.
      mariuche A. 14 days ago

      ​@Mary Kateit's a good thing Shaq has a good sense of humor too bad you don't

    • mariuche A.
      mariuche A. 14 days ago +1

      ​@Date Mikewho's Meg?

    • Prime Sky
      Prime Sky 17 days ago

      The gasp was what got me

      #SHORTS_N_SHIRTS 23 days ago

      ​@Leah MayI actually think she said "grass"

  • Linsie Snyder
    Linsie Snyder Month ago +7468

    I love how theyre both so chill about their disagreement and stand for what they do believe. No back peddling. love it.

    • big pile of sh*t
      big pile of sh*t 7 days ago +1

      That's how a normal disagreement should be dealt with, which a lot of people don't understand

    • rogue assassin
      rogue assassin 16 days ago

      ​@Tylerthen u don't know who Shaq really is then bro u just here for attention shut up cause Shaq do take care of them kids

    • rogue assassin
      rogue assassin 16 days ago

      Behind the door it's don't u ever call me a sucker cause.i treat my kids better than yours

    • Linsie Snyder
      Linsie Snyder 18 days ago

      @Dav_CR Right back atchya.

    • Dav_CR
      Dav_CR 18 days ago

      What a stupid comment… its not like this is a tension filled conversation….. just some trivial bs

  • Kamel
    Kamel Month ago +2043

    The duo we never knew we needed!!! They’d be great co-hosts 😂

  • notthatguy
    notthatguy Month ago +764

    I actually applaud someone like her as young as her making sure she doesn't raise spoiled children to think that they own the world.

    • Bubba
      Bubba 3 days ago +1

      Giving your kids gifts on Christmas is not spoiling them. She probably doesn't believe in paying her kids college. You owe your kids everything because they didn't ask to be brought into this world. And if you can't pay for their college, you help them pay for college.

    • Logan Wolfe
      Logan Wolfe 6 days ago

      Ah yes the young almost middle aged women

    • Cara Brown
      Cara Brown 13 days ago +1


    • Hannah May
      Hannah May 25 days ago +11

      Mila has to be almost 40 by now

  • plumppassion
    plumppassion Month ago +6658

    Shaqa Claus and Mila Krampus 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯🤦 this should be a movie

  • Chop Suey
    Chop Suey Month ago +25747

    She used the Mom voice on Shaq. “What Did You Do?” 😂😂😂

    • Frances Rubis
      Frances Rubis 24 days ago +1

      I heard that!

    • Scaggly
      Scaggly 29 days ago

      ​@Carlos Sanchez dont be so simple. She was a little irritated. You simpletons kill me.

    • Travis C
      Travis C Month ago

      The speed. The speed at which she switched to it. What did you do? WHAT did you do? Doesn’t matter if it’s Shaquille O’Neal, Mila Kunis will mom you if you need to be mommed.

    • DeadpοοlTheBadass
      DeadpοοlTheBadass Month ago +1

      ​@Noble I'll call my nieces and nephews brats... And when I have kids, I will also call them brats because that's what they are brats

    • Juan Carlos Rivera
      Juan Carlos Rivera Month ago +1

      ​@Noble I'm pretty sure she was joking

  • Tammie Chapman
    Tammie Chapman Month ago

    I love it ❤I watched this three times 😂

  • Susan West
    Susan West Month ago

    Love Shaq he's so funny and so giving

  • Momis Designs
    Momis Designs Month ago +500

    I love the way she talks to him. Like she doesn’t know he is about 7 feet tall lol
    What did you do?”

    • Kay Al
      Kay Al 2 days ago

      Russian babyyyyy

    • Mr. Can’t Sing
      Mr. Can’t Sing 8 days ago +1

      That’s because physically assaulting someone is frowned upon and legal, it’s a lot easier to be confident

  • josoverthehill
    josoverthehill Month ago +1

    OMG... without missing a beat.... Jackie came out of nowhere: "what did you do? What did you do?" PERFECT inflection from her days on the show.

  • Maddie S.
    Maddie S. 2 months ago +18808

    “I’m Shaqa Clause.” and “Everything they want.com.” has me rolling. 😂

  • Jeremy Wyant
    Jeremy Wyant Month ago +315

    Never knew I needed these two together but now that I've seen this I want a reality show called Shaq and Mila.

  • minute man
    minute man Month ago

    Shaq should have pulled "shut up meg " 😂😂

  • King McAllister
    King McAllister Month ago +80

    Shaq is just such a freaking wholesome guy, always happy to see him doing his thing. Those are some lucky ass kids!

  • Zhimond Coleman
    Zhimond Coleman Month ago

    Thought he dont give his kids nothing or everything they ask for…🤔🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • Stephanie Celi
    Stephanie Celi Month ago +5484

    He does and doesn't spoil them. He made them all go to college and get a degree. He said they were not going to live off of his money so they could gain their own. He's such a great man

    • Brandi Lewis
      Brandi Lewis 14 days ago

      ​@Shingles wtf. I can't think of a better gift for your own children... education. He has given his children opportunity to make their lives what they want. Education opens doors. He isn't handing meaningless expensive crap to them, he gave them the opportunity to gain education. They still had to work for those degrees!

    • Christopher Morris
      Christopher Morris Month ago

      @TheRealMrCrowley My whisper may sound like yelling because there's a message wrapped up in it for your ears to hear.

    • Christopher Morris
      Christopher Morris Month ago

      @TheRealMrCrowley Yelling?
      If my whisper sounds like yelling, perhaps someone is trying to get a message across to you.

    • TheRealMrCrowley
      TheRealMrCrowley Month ago

      @Christopher Morris why are you yelling? It's not my fault you're unable to grasp the very very important difference between access and entitlement

    • Christopher Morris
      Christopher Morris Month ago


  • Nicholas Austin
    Nicholas Austin 29 days ago +32

    Shaq is one of my all time favorite roll models. He's just a straight up class act dude.

  • Deborah Castro
    Deborah Castro Month ago

    you could be my Daddy. lol

  • Dam Deer
    Dam Deer Month ago

    I agree with her. It is more important to teach their kids the value of money than to teach them to spend like rich people without being rich

  • Shannon Williams
    Shannon Williams Month ago

    I adore shaq 💙 😍

  • smokersdelight420
    smokersdelight420 Month ago +5074

    "What did you do?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" The mom energy is supreme here.

    • Sherri Kosches
      Sherri Kosches Month ago

      Yeah, he’s a good guy, and when you have, it’s an absolute pleasure to give.. especially for those you love and care for, especially your children. It is even more special to be able to do for them if you didn’t have growing up… not because you need the appreciation of what more you can do for them than what was done for you, but the realization you have that you were able to come through. You don’t need a thank you Mom/Dad I know you did your best.. just grow up well into a fine young man or woman is all I can ask for.

    • dancerfruit2
      dancerfruit2 Month ago

      I love it, the immediate suspicion

    • Jory Johnson
      Jory Johnson Month ago +1

      @chelsey garrett ok, shaqa claus still better

    • chelsey garrett
      chelsey garrett Month ago +12

      ​@Jory Johnson These rich children want for nothing. She doesn't get them a million presents. Probably get like one thing that they really want like regular kids and then some other little things.

    • Pola Star
      Pola Star Month ago +1

      She's disrespectful calling him a suckered and calling his kids brats She's so rude and so freaking disrespectful period She's just cheap too period too 😁😆😅🤣😂😭

  • Kevin
    Kevin 19 days ago +27

    Giving a child whatever they want on Christmas is not what will make them spoiled. How you treat your child that day and the other 365 days of the year will determine if they are spoiled. My parents have always given above and beyond for Christmas, but if you think they didn’t hold me accountable for my actions and make me work hard, or taught me to show respect to others then you’re dead wrong. Best parents ever. Knew when to give to their kids, and knew when to show tough love.

  • AJ
    AJ Month ago


  • Katie Angel
    Katie Angel Month ago +26

    Shaqs gasp gets me every time 😂😂

  • Dmc Soriano
    Dmc Soriano 23 days ago +1

    i love Shaquille O'Neal's reaction... so damn priceless... that air gasps was beautiful... mr. Shaquille O'Neal im here at the Philippines im so proud to have known or even just seen you on tv or my phone via youtube wish i can see you even just once in personal its just that im on the poverty line and works 14hours a day... life is hard but its great especially after seeing clips like this relieves some of my stress...

  • Charlie Fast Horse
    Charlie Fast Horse 2 months ago +2373

    Shaq’s said constantly “if you want this cheese, imma need to see a degree” he teaches them morals too

    • comradelovespain
      comradelovespain Month ago

      ​@Faucy r/woosh is not relevant here cause there's no joke
      Also r/ihavereddit

    • arbeena khan
      arbeena khan Month ago +3

      @Max Starr The StarrTer what do college give people, I will say if imagine you fail at what you truly want to do, that same degree would help you to not end up on street. I am going to college not because I want to do a 9-5 job but because I would an insurance that even if j fail at what I truly want to do, I could still get a job, save enough money and try again

    • Faucy
      Faucy Month ago


    • Sacred Heart
      Sacred Heart Month ago

      @Burn…for the boys lol. He is more lenient with the girls lol.

    • Max Starr The StarrTer
      Max Starr The StarrTer Month ago +1

      what does college help someone with in life? really. since ik the answer is gonna be “get a job” then tell me what role do jobs play in most ppl’s lives. Do they enjoy them? besides the enforced outcome of money for survival, what do workers out of college truly get from getting a job they get locked into their whole lives working 9-5 wishing they wouldve tried other things when they were younger?

  • Hairo Akrei
    Hairo Akrei Month ago

    I didn't hear majority of this video because I'm too much in shock realizing Selena Gomez has kids ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ i had no idea 😂

  • Tori Story
    Tori Story Month ago

    Can he adopt me 😅

  • Velxity
    Velxity 2 days ago

    "My daughters are actually in the stage, say hi”
    Was such a power move lol

  • Sherry Hall
    Sherry Hall Month ago +7

    I LOVE his heart!!! I've literally NEVER heard anything bad about him! Everything I hear is better than the last thing I heard about him!!!🥰🥰

  • FraggleMark
    FraggleMark 2 months ago +57639

    Shaq actually just likes to give gifts. You can find viral vids of him buying bikes, shoes, etc. for kids that need them.

    • Asap Emelyy
      Asap Emelyy 29 days ago

      @IamOnly Humanhe does it off camera as well love

    • lordblazer
      lordblazer Month ago

      When he came to Oklahoma City in 2005, we was at the mall at Champs he shows ho and he goes "everybody getting shoes today!" And he bought out the store. Was wild.

    • David Force
      David Force Month ago

      @Sachin Dhyani Everybody’s got a cell phone and when a famous 7’ tall giant is handing out gifts people are going to notice and record it. He doesn’t do it for the publicity because he doesn’t need it.

    • RisingRoyalty
      RisingRoyalty Month ago

      I wish he would buy me some shit I been needing ts since 6th grade when randy moss picked everyone in the damn class each week except for me to go shopping got my brother game systems and free football tickets and some more shit I made sure to be good af too and that mf never chose me and yes I’m still mad 😂💯

    • Emmy castillo
      Emmy castillo Month ago

      My husband passed away Aug 30, 2021. We went from making $8000 a month to making $2000 a month. I am disabled. I really felt bad this is the first year I was unable to get my girls anything at all for Christmas, they are 14 and 16 and they were ok with it. They could see me struggling to pay the bills I’m so proud of them.

  • Morgan Hendrixson
    Morgan Hendrixson 19 days ago +10

    Her assertiveness is so admirable

    REBEL NATION Month ago

    Dr. Shaqaclaus 💪🏾

  • alexandra benjamin
    alexandra benjamin Month ago +126

    Why is this interaction so cute I love this

    • alexandra benjamin
      alexandra benjamin 17 days ago

      @Bloopy Bloopy shhhhhh let people have opinions that are different to yours

    • Bloopy Bloopy
      Bloopy Bloopy 18 days ago

      how is it cute she sounds annoying af the only reason i kept watching was for shaqs incoming funny answers

  • Remco Van der elst
    Remco Van der elst 25 days ago

    This guy is so funny he makes me laugh everytime

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones Month ago +216

    I loved that she is wealthy but still installs life values in her children at an early age.❤

    • Charley
      Charley Month ago +2

      And yet she WANTS to spoil her parents and they won't even let her take them to dinner lol

    • Fariko Wishless
      Fariko Wishless Month ago +1

      @Rob Gillan It’s a case by case basis thing though. What works for one household doesn’t work for another. There’s people with strict parents that turn out resentful and others appreciative. There’s kids with all the freedom in the world that have that freedom with a caring parent and others that have a parent that doesn’t care if they even get home. And some out there where the parent just isn’t respected and all and the kids a delinquent. It’s hard to say she’s being stingy or a bad mother for teaching them the value of restraint.
      After all people with the world as their playground have grown bored with it sometimes as well. Situational is an understatement.

    • Rob Gillan
      Rob Gillan Month ago

      @Fariko Wishless My daughter is definitely spoiled but she also takes good care of her stuff, is nice and polite to people and works real hard. You can "over" indulge and still teach proper values. Im not even rich and i will still do what i can to get my child anything she wants and needs without her even asking for it. for starters no child asked to come into this world, we selfishly brought them into it, secondly this is the "first world" and we should be able to treat it as such.

    • Fariko Wishless
      Fariko Wishless Month ago +1

      @muqeoI’m sure they do have everything they need and definitely have a lot more than some average kids especially poor kids. She’s rich but overindulgence is just as bad as being too strict. If I had everything I ever asked for the second I asked without waiting til Christmas or birthdays or sometimes because times were tough years for it I don’t think it would’ve meant nearly as much to me as it did when it arrived.
      Some friends I had that did get stuff immediately broke countless consoles and neglected ones that were new to play the one they liked more leaving $400 to rot on a shelf and had broken disc everywhere. Depends on the kids I guess as well as what else the parent says or does outside of gifting.

    • Leslie Bean
      Leslie Bean Month ago +3

      Her parents raised her right, and it’s so refreshing she is doing the same with her kids❤

  • Jessica Krone
    Jessica Krone 24 days ago

    I love them together 😂 they are so funny!

  • Dawn Briefman
    Dawn Briefman Month ago

    Shaq needs his own show! I’d love to see his day time talk show or late night with Shaq.

  • FindingMyJoy89
    FindingMyJoy89 Month ago

    This was such a genuine conversation and I love it

  • Martha Baker
    Martha Baker Month ago

    The Shaq-o-gasp had me dead lol. I’m just blessed to be able to put some gifts under the tree for my son ❤😊

  • missSDW
    missSDW Month ago +4067

    I love her 😂 “those are your spoiled brats” right in front of their faces!!🤣 I can’t

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      @Andy G idk man it’s so hard to tell tone over the internet and there are like 30 comments saying the same thing i gotta assume a good amount are being serious cause people are dumb lmao

    • Andy G
      Andy G Month ago

      @Alex Dude in all honesty how the fuck do you think they’re being serious when it’s so obviously sarcastic lmfao.

    • Meditation MindBodySoulMusic
      Meditation MindBodySoulMusic Month ago

      Period 😅✍🏽as they should

    • Stär
      Stär Month ago

      Idk why that made you so excited. Lame.

    • WV MOM
      WV MOM Month ago +1

      They are well aware 😂😂😂

  • Luisa R
    Luisa R 27 days ago

    Id love to watch a show with them hosting 🤣 would deffz have me in stitches🤣🤣

  • Sharon Pullen
    Sharon Pullen 21 day ago

    He is so funny. I love him ♥️🤣♥️

  • JaddyBow
    JaddyBow 13 days ago

    Shaq on an Interview: "I'm not giving any of my money to my kids until they graduate"
    Shaq on an other interview : "Oh my kids ? I gave them everything, I'm Shaqaclaus. "
    Bro I swear Shaq is the king of making up stories about himself. 😂

  • Susan
    Susan Month ago +1

    He's a good dad and his children respect him and he's making sure they have a good education and as long as they're doing what dad asks it's his privilege to give them whatever they want. How dare you call them brats. As usual Shaq took the high road. God bless you Superman.

  • Adriana Martinez
    Adriana Martinez Month ago

    They are hilarious 😂 but I'm with Mila on this one... Kids need to be grateful and learn to value/earn things🤍

  • Lisa Tuccio
    Lisa Tuccio Month ago +7

    What I’ve seen about him is he has high standards of education and all of his children are masters of something and beyond. I assume his gifting is because of there character and work they put in.

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson 20 days ago

    I love Shaq. He is such a good man, and he's funny.

    BBRAND Month ago +7

    Shaq just can’t help himself big ol teddy bear such a nice guy hahahaha always funny

  • Lexi Hay
    Lexi Hay Month ago +875

    He really is that generous with everyone. He gives back to the true sense of community and charity. He is blessed and loves blessing others. I love when he asks the kids to get their parents permission first. Always a dad, looking out for the other parents. What a beautiful man with a gigantic heart that matches his body / THAT RING! Ohh weee. That’s a big one. LOL.
    Thank you, Shaq O’Claus. 🎅🏻

    • pie head the Mainiac
      pie head the Mainiac Month ago

      @TheAvd89 how is that control over an individual buying them a home you just give the title for it to the ones you want to help and make sure it’s in their name you might even help with one year of taxes paid with receipt in their name paid in full so they’ll definitely know

    • TheAvd89
      TheAvd89 Month ago

      ​@pie head the Mainiac thats not the meaning of helping and giving.
      That is controle over people!
      When you almost had billion, you beter can give people like 5000 dollars, so they can get there live back up, and get a push in the right direction.

    • Venom
      Venom Month ago


    • Marilyn Hadley
      Marilyn Hadley Month ago +1

      God bless him. I love him. Merry christmas

    • pie head the Mainiac
      pie head the Mainiac Month ago +6

      The man is a giver and he is the epitome of being rich. I never understood people who are filthy rich and still don’t know the meaning of sharing or giving if I had close to a billion I would find someone once a year (as long as I invest correctly and are still making money on a yearly basis) and buy them a house so they won’t be struggling as much. I would investigate and check into each individual that I give to to make sure they are worthy and deserve of such a extravagant gift!

  • Stefany Benson
    Stefany Benson 22 days ago

    His gasp makes me laugh every time 😂

  • Kathleen Lynch
    Kathleen Lynch Month ago

    It’s Christmas for crying out loud. What a Scrooge Mila! Love you Shaq❤

  • Toad Moto
    Toad Moto Month ago

    Biggest kid with the biggest heart ever. I love Shaq.

  • VerO
    VerO Month ago

    This is absolutely up to the parents. There's no way to know what option works better. The most important is to think and act with generosity and a lot of love for the best interest of the children.

  • Aditya Chaudhary
    Aditya Chaudhary 2 months ago +12757

    In order to touch daddy's cheese you need to have 2 degrees
    Edit : it's 3 degrees now

    • Jesse
      Jesse Month ago +1

      he's contradicted himself sooo many times. lol.

    • Digest 🧚
      Digest 🧚 Month ago

      ​@Shen G then what's the point

    • Shen G
      Shen G Month ago

      @Iso Core Eh, not really. Depends. If they're absolutely making terrible decisions and not listening to anybody, you don't support their bad habits and behavior, but when you choose to have a child you are a parent for life. That doesn't mean you pay for everything they want for the rest of their lives, but if you're good then you at least make sure they're good as well. Shaq is a good guy but he has very sexist and ignorant philosophies on how to take care of his children.

    • DIY Chad 726
      DIY Chad 726 Month ago +1

      It did used to be 2 degrees but he has changed it to 3, some of the kids must have tried to skirt the system by getting some dumbasses liberal arts degree or something so Shaq being shack was probably like all right well you just wasted your time because now it takes 3 to touch my cheese lol

    • JC Rains
      JC Rains Month ago

      @Tommy Bilinglys Jc penny’s is out of business

  • PyirraXcerberus
    PyirraXcerberus 23 days ago +5

    Damn was not ready for the "those are your spoiled brats?" My jaw dropped lol

  • Ben Garrett
    Ben Garrett Month ago

    She’s so damn fine

  • Louis Beck
    Louis Beck Month ago

    I love shaq with all my heart man😂

  • Kim Koterba
    Kim Koterba Month ago

    I love Shaq! I would love to meet him in person.

  • Quarter25
    Quarter25 Month ago +761

    Shaq has came out and said he wants his kids to have discipline and earn stuff they want and to not over spoil them, but he’s saying it’s Christmas, and there is nothing better as a child than running downstairs and getting everything you want on that day.

    • Charles Willis
      Charles Willis Month ago

      ​@Bridging The Gap Studio Excellent Response

    • Bridging The Gap Studio
      Bridging The Gap Studio Month ago +22

      Yes. I remember telling a story of one his kids telling him that 'We are rich!!". He said no, "We are not rich. I am rich and your going to earn what you get."

  • Lupe Mares
    Lupe Mares Month ago

    I love both of them. Too funny. "What did you do? What did you do? "
    ShaqaClause??? 😆 🤣

  • Rebecca Gallin
    Rebecca Gallin Month ago +4

    Aww his kids look so sweet. Supporting their dad and seem respectful.

  • Jessie Maxwell
    Jessie Maxwell Month ago +1

    Love this guy! I just wonder how do they feel about his dancing. Him on that boat made me know. “ I’m so down to earth.”

  • This Uncanny Earth
    This Uncanny Earth  Month ago +13

    ShaqQa Claus is the made for Hallmark Christmas movie I didn't know I needed.

  • Dex fazo AKA Biggest nba fan
    Dex fazo AKA Biggest nba fan 2 months ago +3563

    That gasp from shaq she committed the worst crime to him not giving 😂😂😅😂

  • Patricia Scarber
    Patricia Scarber Month ago

    Yes, I would watch a talk show with them hosting together... Great 👍🏼 👌

  • Olanya Ambrose
    Olanya Ambrose Month ago

    There's a certain way this Guy Shaq has perfect answers always 😅😂

  • Tammy Hansen
    Tammy Hansen 18 days ago

    With my grandkids we give them memories instead of gifts. Started 4 years ago. My husband, I, they’re mom and 3 grands go on vacation every Christmas. Best thing we ever did!!

  • Paula Coley
    Paula Coley 16 days ago

    I’m with Mila on gifts. I go with the mantra “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.”

  • Aaron Jensen
    Aaron Jensen Month ago +152

    Shaq is so damn funny! He is like a big kid! This man has a heart off gold, but always has a good message when doing it! Much respect for this man! 🙏

  • Sandra LeDoux
    Sandra LeDoux Month ago

    This video made my day 🤣🤣❤️❤️ So cute!

  • Tyler Sutton
    Tyler Sutton Month ago

    Shaq already game me his present at lost lands. Love that man

  • Bobbie Clark
    Bobbie Clark Month ago

    "Those are your spoiled brats". Too funny!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Nyasia Chappelle
    Nyasia Chappelle Month ago

    I love how he agrees they’re spoiled brats 😂

  • REO T
    REO T Month ago +1671

    Ah “spoiled grass” my favorite words in a sentence.

  • Ron Biniecki
    Ron Biniecki 29 days ago

    You have to understand the struggle, to know why Shaq has this mentality and i commend him for it

  • Fabiola Correa Berumen

    El es taaaaaan simpático. Simplemente lo amo.

  • Julia J
    Julia J Month ago +43

    “I’m Shaqa Claus” 😂

  • The Roost • Mandy Vixen & Gas Station Chicken

    I need a whole show with these two just talkin!

  • Dani S.
    Dani S. Month ago +2269

    Shaq's love language is gift giving. It's clear from all of the stories of gifts he's given over the years. His gasp was hysterical

    • Elephant in the room
      Elephant in the room Month ago +7

      As a person who's love language is also gift giving, the only reason I wish I had even just a fraction of the money Shaq has is so I could spoil the people in my life that deserve it.
      Mom being at the top of the list.

    • Helmer
      Helmer Month ago +4

      Saw a video once of him getting a bike for some random kid at Walmart, he truly is a great man nowadays

  • Duhbullb
    Duhbullb 23 days ago

    The world will be complete when shaq has a late night show 😂

  • Donna B
    Donna B Month ago

    He’s def one of the most lovable men in show business.

  • mrhoffame
    mrhoffame 15 days ago +2

    Shaq is too good to be hanging around these Hollywood fools.

  • Gail Kellum
    Gail Kellum Month ago

    I truly love this fellow!

  • Christopher Frisbey
    Christopher Frisbey Month ago +664

    Everyone is different
    Shaq has told his kids “2 degrees to get the cheese”. (His inheritance)
    I love this genuine moment

    • Joi Mac
      Joi Mac Month ago

      Sorry but I have a degree make good money but there are tons of successful people who don't have degrees. There is nothing wrong with a trade. Or investing well!!! I know several people with degrees and credentials and in debt and sometimes struggling. It's hit or miss.

    • Ange
      Ange Month ago +13

      ​@extint The point is that he doesn't want his kids to be relying on his money and the revenue from his legacy. It's to show they can also make as much, if not more, than he has, once they get the tools to do so. "Old money" only lasts so long and he wants them to be at the very least financially responsible and live a comfortable life without being dependent on the fact that their dad is Shaquille O'Neal

    • extint
      extint Month ago

      @Aaron Harman well obviously you can continue but some degrees don't require you to. And I thought he meant like 2 different subjects like I hear Americans say that they studied geography and music at university (

    • Aaron Harman
      Aaron Harman Month ago +14

      @extint that’s not how it works.. it’s a continuation. If you do more years and obtain higher degrees you get more job options and higher positions in jobs, as well as higher pay starting off

    • extint
      extint Month ago

      Seems a bit harsh why not just one degree if that's all they need for the job they want😂 like over here, you only study one subject at university. So you would have to go through University or "college twice...
      Obviously in America I think you can do multiple but that seems unnecessary

  • Nikita Jones
    Nikita Jones 7 days ago

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  • Britney Bernard
    Britney Bernard Month ago

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  • LaDonna
    LaDonna 19 days ago

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  • Regina
    Regina Month ago +748

    That's clearly his love language. He lives close by me. He'll go to a store and just buy random ppl gifts. He's a sweetheart

    • Noble
      Noble Month ago +4

      I don’t know, he really gives love with touch too. Little kids run up to Shaq. Security pushes them away from him. He calls them back to him and they reach out to shake his hand or fistbump and he pulls them into him and gives them a big ol tight hug and squeeze. He’s big on hugs too to show his love.

    • Specialisized
      Specialisized Month ago

      Omg I love him 😂 imagine being randomly awesome like that

    • Rita Nicolosi
      Rita Nicolosi Month ago +1

      Hi, would like 2 contact Sqak cos i m in need. God bless u all

    • Palm_Tiger
      Palm_Tiger Month ago +33

      100% He grew up not being able to buy the things he wanted so he made it a goal to give things to kids that cant afford them. Shaq is a truly kind soul.

  • P.O.B
    P.O.B 28 days ago

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  • depressed leo
    depressed leo Month ago +3

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    Cisco Duncan Month ago

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  • Michael Hill
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    • EnLightEnd
      EnLightEnd Month ago

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    • TRUMP2024
      TRUMP2024 Month ago

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    • shayroxs
      shayroxs Month ago +2

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    • ChumpyLumpy
      ChumpyLumpy Month ago +1

      ​@shayroxs her points kinda goofy but sure

  • fun media.
    fun media. 22 days ago +1

    He looks like real life Thanos to me even the face features 😁

  • Randy Tharp
    Randy Tharp Month ago

    He lies right here or at other times. Because he talks about not spoiling his kids and not going to hell expensive places al the time. BUT. He also goes to Walmart just to buy stuff for people and that’s dope.

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    Greg Young 21 day ago +5

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