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We Traded Our Cheap Wrecked Exotic Cars With Complete Strangers (Total Disaster) | Car Trek S9E2


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  • Normal For Norfolk Travel

    We need to show these guys even more love, they've filled a top-gear shaped hole in our hearts.

    • MonkeyMD
      MonkeyMD Day ago

      Add in Matt from car wow & Yanni & you have a great show

    • Coby Gogarty
      Coby Gogarty Day ago

      They are the only ones who have come even close, so ya. Would love them to do a drive together. Stick them 2 each to a car and just have them talk crap about America and the UK

    • Tyler Davis
      Tyler Davis Month ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing. There is "The Grand Tour" on Amazon but since covid it's only had a few specials.

    • ReviewGuy
      ReviewGuy Month ago +4

      i wish they invite clarkson, may and hammond and have them drive and critique the cars they bought

  • Feminine Eminem
    Feminine Eminem 2 months ago +1800

    Tavarish - inspires me every time
    Tyler - makes me laugh
    Ed - reminds me to never trust a salesman


      I enjoy the videos but they really are the same bit over and over agian. If sex sells...

    • rolon96 2810
      rolon96 2810 Month ago +2

      @T-man ed is so smooth he can convince people well

    • Le Gnome
      Le Gnome Month ago +4

      @Relaxing Vibez no

    • midg6et SOX
      midg6et SOX Month ago +26

      Tyler is that used car salesman you never wanna meet 😂

    • Feminine Eminem
      Feminine Eminem Month ago +56

      Ed makes creamy peanut butter look like sand paper he’s so smooth.

  • Zeksel1
    Zeksel1 2 months ago +170

    Watching this series is quickly becoming an annual tradition kicking off the winter season and the feelings of the holidays!

  • acid3129
    acid3129 2 months ago +395

    I love how at 18:50 you can see their cars parked up with eds R8 following them out like the owner wants to keep an eye on his lambo

    • hyperactve
      hyperactve Month ago

      I think it is just fake. Even if it is a stranger, the contract was probably to stay close together all the time.

    • aztecducky
      aztecducky Month ago +1

      @stephen dunlap I noticed the NTTA stickers too!! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    • Alex Willis
      Alex Willis Month ago +17

      That bit felt unnecessarily fake as we didn't see any interactions with the other owners.

    • acid3129
      acid3129 Month ago +1

      @stephen dunlap shut up NERD 😛

    • stephen dunlap
      stephen dunlap Month ago +27

      In keeping with the "keen eye" theme - I agree that it was probably 1 TEXAS owner, given that all 3 vehicles have NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) TollTags located in almost identical spots and have Texas registration stickers (Ex: 18:31 & 21:44 & 23:51)

  • Ex Corde Entertainment

    Seeing Ed say how Magnificent the Countach is with his knees in his chest and his head tilted to the right at a 45 degree angle really is hilarious! But I would probably feel the exact same way if I was driving one as well.

  • Bob Georgiou
    Bob Georgiou Month ago +611

    I think Hoovie just found his new channel motto. "If you just ignore the warning lights, it drives like a new car."

    • 3enzik Films
      3enzik Films Month ago +1

      All of my customers seem to have that moto

    • Sarah Blikre
      Sarah Blikre Month ago

      The body's straight besides the dents

    • DJSekuHusky
      DJSekuHusky Month ago +17

      ECU: There's an emergency!
      Tyler: "Come back when it's a catastrophe."

    • Ghomer Hust
      Ghomer Hust Month ago +25

      "welcome to Hoovies Garage, the most warning lights you'll see on the internet"

  • TheEpic RiceMaker
    TheEpic RiceMaker Month ago +757

    Ed giving Freddy genuine props on his quality and skill was an oddly wholesome moment that was really pleasant

    • silkysixx
      silkysixx Month ago +4

      Beautifully alleviated with the reminder that Ed had doubted him all along, too. Just plain good writing.

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago +1

      @Relaxing Vibez shut up

    • Relaxing Vibez
      Relaxing Vibez Month ago

      AYYYYYEEEEEE!! He knows what he’s talking about lol🔥🔥🔥I’m trying to get my subscribers up to 1k💯keep it up❤

    • Kevin Di Mauro
      Kevin Di Mauro Month ago +25

      Freddy’s accomplishment with the 675 LT was absolutely incredible. The only thing that can compare is Vtuned’s 720 S salvage.

    • Harsh Pandey
      Harsh Pandey Month ago +17

      Yeah a breath of fresh air after Tyler giving him shit all the time even though I know it's friendly.

  • deejayimm
    deejayimm Month ago +14

    Watching them try to get someone to switch them car keys reminds me of that Jeremy Clarkson bit where he said it's basically like asking someone if they can borrow your daughter for the night.

  • Lukášovy šílenosti
    Lukášovy šílenosti Month ago +36

    When Ed pulled up in the black countach it felt absolutely perfect. I mean He held the canonball record for quite a while and a black countach was in the iconic intro to the canonball 1976 movie.

  • TheMicro4
    TheMicro4 Month ago +17

    I am really surprised Tyler didn’t look at Ed and say “Cool… I own one…”

  • AM D
    AM D Month ago +6

    that car trade challenge was brutal. just on a personal level, a tough scene. you have to understand rich people in california have ignoring sketchy people on the street down to an art, like dodging poo in SF

  • A_R_Z63
    A_R_Z63 Month ago +14

    hats off to the team. I can imagine how long it takes to edit and plan

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa Month ago +10

    I always love the honest conversations between the three during long drives, its always very wholesome.

  • Eric
    Eric Month ago +7

    As much as I want to hate this channel, these guys have done an incredible job of finding their own. Entertaining, beautiful, and charming… well done lads. This was top-tier car entertainment.

  • Elliott Alvis
    Elliott Alvis 2 months ago +4

    I disagree with Freddy, I found those Mclaren seats very comfortable. It was like an expensive hug while you are in the car.

    • Rohan Schloithe
      Rohan Schloithe 2 months ago +1

      Yes Elliot, you are much more svelte than Tavarish though. Hope you have finally solved all of the problems with the Volvo.

  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson 2 months ago +693

    Seeing Ed fold himself over not just to get in, but to just SIT in the Countach made me glad that I'm not tall

    • Alex Willis
      Alex Willis Month ago

      @Dapper Dan Builds and size 14 shoes if I heard him correctly!

    • Rick Van Niedek
      Rick Van Niedek Month ago

      @Eli Merritt that is really not the case man im 6'7" you will fit in 90% of the German cars and american cars in my expierience my dat is 6'8" and fits in a 240z

    • Dapper Dan Builds
      Dapper Dan Builds Month ago

      @Nick Kalister 6' 4" if I'm not mistaken.

    • James Price
      James Price Month ago

      Lol as long as I can fit into a diablo then I'm happy I was never a big countach fan

    • Nick Kalister
      Nick Kalister Month ago

      how tall is Ed?

  • Joebiz24
    Joebiz24 2 months ago +257

    "They catch on fire quickly. It doesn't last long"......Ed's commentary is priceless.......

    • Relaxing Vibez
      Relaxing Vibez Month ago +1

      AYYYYYEEEEEE!! Ed is funny🔥🔥🔥I’m trying to get my subscribers up to 1k💯keep it up❤

    • Joebiz24
      Joebiz24 Month ago +1

      @mischiefpwns You and I nailed it, lol

    • mischiefpwns
      mischiefpwns Month ago +7

      "You're supposed to have something to break out of the car in case it flips but... what a way to die."

    • ƬЄԼЄƓƦƛM👉@Ampworld0
      ƬЄԼЄƓƦƛM👉@Ampworld0 Month ago

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  • Christopher Hubbard
    Christopher Hubbard Month ago +4

    This series only gets better. Keep it up and throw in the other Clip-Sharers in cameos.

  • e93logan
    e93logan Month ago +2

    I'm so glad you guys got to experience car week. It's my favorite place to be and it was great meeting you guys!

  • Kedo
    Kedo Month ago +1

    A classic Countach is the last car I expected to see Ed driving 😂

  • Derick Smith
    Derick Smith 2 months ago +223

    Chemistry is hard to form with two people, so add another person and it gets exponentially more difficult. These three together are brilliantly entertaining and the passion and knowledge they possess is off the charts. Love the new season gentlemen!

    • Chase
      Chase Month ago

      @Relaxing Vibez I fuck with it, I'll run you one

    • Relaxing Vibez
      Relaxing Vibez Month ago +1

      AYYYYYEEEEEE!! They’re great together🔥🔥🔥I’m trying to get my subscribers up to 1k💯keep it up❤

    • D A
      D A Month ago +1

      @Chad Chamblissyep same here,I just commented that this looks like they are replicating Top Gear,no one can re-create the “trio”,honestly it’s really terrible lol,you right,they better off doing solo Clip-Share videos JMO

    • Chad Chambliss
      Chad Chambliss Month ago +6

      Absolutely nothing against any of these guys. I like them all and watch them all individually but for some reason just cannot get into cartrek which has them all together.

    • Fox D
      Fox D Month ago +5

      "Chemistry is hard to form with two people, so add another person and it gets exponentially more difficult."
      True as that is, it's great fun when you get it right...wait, what were we talking about again?

  • Dieter MacPherson
    Dieter MacPherson 2 months ago +162

    That Leno story was nice, let’s hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. Couldn’t ask for a better ambassador to the car community

    • Burnt Nougat
      Burnt Nougat Month ago

      @Metalosopher you brought politics into it. I'm simply saying he aint funny lol. Might wanna check yoself

    • Metalosopher
      Metalosopher Month ago

      @Burnt Nougat You're just brainwashed in a weird political cult. They have not changed. You have. Maybe one day you'll snap out of it and figure out that life is complicated, we are all different, and you can't force all people to be clones of each other. Even the people in your political cult don't agree with each other.

    • Burnt Nougat
      Burnt Nougat Month ago

      @Drew L he's not funny any more. Like most talk shows and comedians, many just arent funny circa 2015

    • Drew L
      Drew L Month ago +4

      @Burnt Nougat An "unfunny" comedian who made hundreds of millions of dollars telling jokes lol.

    • Burnt Nougat
      Burnt Nougat Month ago +1

      Meh Leno isnt really an ambassador. He's just another celebrity and unfunny comedian.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    OK, this is turning out to be another awesome series! I need to know if there is a way to buy the entire Car Trek collection?

    • TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1
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  • PeteW.
    PeteW. 2 months ago +6

    As much as they bust each other's chops, it was nice to hear Ed's Freddy testimonial, and get it on video.

  • gkanai
    gkanai Month ago +1

    The seagulls laughing was hilarious 😂

  • M equals 13
    M equals 13 2 months ago +259

    A classic Countach is the last car I expected to see Ed driving 😂

    • Fox D
      Fox D Month ago +3

      @619Slipk The TVR is the perfect Ed car. A complete pile of garbage with a great story.

    • 619Slipk
      619Slipk Month ago +3

      I disagree. He's the Lambo man afterall
      The last thing I expected to see him driving was that orange british monstrosity he brought to one of the previous car treks

    • J M
      J M Month ago +4

      What would you expect a cannonballer to drive, an ambulance? 😋 I'm surprised he didn't stop and paint a speed limit sign this time.

    • Jay S
      Jay S Month ago +7

      If you have to sit side-saddle, are you really even driving? lol

    • Fox D
      Fox D Month ago +3

      He's out there playin' Rad Racer IRL.

  • Farhan Tajuddin
    Farhan Tajuddin Month ago

    Got to say, the 812 GTS and Carrera GT are definitely in my favourite list. I do like the Countach's outrageous styling, but it won't be the one I have.

  • Caralho
    Caralho Month ago

    Man im absolutely in love with that carrera gt. That interior makes me melt. New dream car.

  • Ja Brown
    Ja Brown 2 months ago +78

    Collaboration idea... bring on the OG Top Gear guys. 6 people, 3 teams. Would be the funniest thing ever! Can you imagine Tavarish and Jeremy on a team?

    • Drew L
      Drew L Month ago +3

      Can you imagine how much of a premium they would require? Would be more than an entire season of Car Trek costs lol

    • Craig Campbell
      Craig Campbell Month ago +4

      @DJSekuHuskydefinitely not Tavarish with Clarkson. Tavarish would annoy him the whole time and he would not be nice about it. Lol

    • DJSekuHusky
      DJSekuHusky Month ago +13

      If you pair Ed and Clarkson, Tavarish and May, and Tyler with Hammond, the dynamic should be unchanged.
      Have each team build a car from a particular budget. Team that makes it to the destination with the best time and the least breakdowns/faults wins.
      And to make it interesting, the budget is $20k per car, and the losing cars get auctioned for charity.
      The winning team must then decide who takes final ownership of the winning car by a game of chance.
      That's how I see the format if everyone happened to be on board.

    • Ahniiso
      Ahniiso 2 months ago +6

      Need to push this comment to the top

  • David Vasta
    David Vasta 26 days ago

    "They are not ICONS" - Tyler.....while ED is in the most drollled over super cars ever in the history of ever!

  • John Butler
    John Butler 2 months ago

    Whoever came up with the car track idea is a genius and I like it

  • Steve Deyoung
    Steve Deyoung Month ago

    Man I love this series

  • ILove_ Hyper-cars07
    ILove_ Hyper-cars07 Month ago +2

    Every time I watch one of these it just gives me Top Gear vibes♥

  • BelayaIvanka1
    BelayaIvanka1 Month ago

    Freddy took the line I used to take as a kid in video games as a "shortcut" to cut a few seconds off my laptime lol. Glad he didn't total the car

  • zeroblackdeath 13
    zeroblackdeath 13 Month ago +1

    The ticket clinic is a good company. I recommend them I used there services and they did a great job. I got no points in my license and didn't have to go to traffic school. Thankfully I haven't use there services in years.

    • TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1
      TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1 Month ago

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  • Wisdom SP
    Wisdom SP 2 months ago

    I've lived in a few different states including California. In most states we talk abut distance to get somewhere in miles. In California, due to traffic, we talk about distance in time. Instead of saying it's 25 miles away, we say it will take you about an hour to get there. We also have an interesting way of referring to freeways. Some people in other states would say, take Highway 40 or Interstate 80. In Cali, we say take, The 5 or The 99, or PCH. If you say Highway 1, we will laugh at you and we instantly know you're not from here.
    Just a few of our quarks and features. LOL!

  • Aj Misirli
    Aj Misirli Month ago +1

    Seeing them drive on roads I drive on a lot is weird 😂

  • Dailydriver
    Dailydriver Month ago

    Clip-Share kept crashing on my iPad and my phone but I finally got thru a great episode. Thanks for another great episode guys!

  • David Parrish
    David Parrish Month ago

    The Contach was my dream car back in the seventies. (Still is.) But I'm eight inches taller than Ed, so there's no way I could EVER fit in an exotic. I can barely drive my 560SL with the hardtop on. The only thing that fits is my C6 Corvette, and I'm not sure i could comfortably drive a C7. I couldn't even get behind the wheel of a C1.

    • ƬЄԼЄƓƦƛM👉@Ampworld0
      ƬЄԼЄƓƦƛM👉@Ampworld0 Month ago

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  • rbbartos
    rbbartos Month ago +1

    this has actual top gear wibes and i love it.

  • Clone Eye
    Clone Eye 2 months ago +37

    I love how this car trek is going so far, by far my favourite one yet.
    I mean I love Tyler and all,
    Yes Tyler the Lamborghini Freaking Countach is not an icon. Sure

    • f500raptor
      f500raptor Month ago +3

      It's like the old rule on Top Gear - if one of them owns a car, it's immediately considered "uncool" on the show until they sell it.

    • Matt Fraser
      Matt Fraser Month ago +9

      Ironically, he owns one. Maybe that's why he said that. He doesn't have a Carrera GT, so it seems more "iconic" to him. Dunno.

  • Thomas Brasse
    Thomas Brasse Month ago +1

    Ed driving the Countach puts another nail in my dream to own one. I too am that tall.

  • trwsandford
    trwsandford 2 months ago

    Excellent! Keep ‘em coming boys!

  • edcunhaph
    edcunhaph 2 months ago

    23:46 Did the editor got the sound for tha Carrera GT on the 812 or am I crazy? Well... Both sound amazing! hahaha

  • Wisam A
    Wisam A Month ago +2

    "They catch on fire quickly so it doesn't last long" lol

  • Mendo707mx
    Mendo707mx 2 months ago +73

    I hope car trek is around for a long time, great show.

    • Mark RICHARDS
      Mark RICHARDS Month ago

      @Ian Visser Clarkson is very clearly who the guys look up/aspire to there is only one Jezza, worts, punches n all

    • Ian Visser
      Ian Visser Month ago +2

      Hell, lets just hope Ed doesnt punch the producer in the face... As long as that doesnt happen, Car Trek is safe

  • Fred Daniali
    Fred Daniali Month ago

    LOL Dan was in a rush to be somewhere!!! No thanks for the trade Hoovie!

  • Antonio Uzzle
    Antonio Uzzle Month ago

    been looking forward for this series of car trek

  • John Hofer
    John Hofer Month ago

    Shoutout to Tavarish for trading up to the fastest car in the group. That GTS would smoke the Countach and Carrera GT

  • Steven
    Steven 2 months ago

    Hoovy already won based on the rules so Im just watching for the content. Other guys cheated.....

  • Ryan Lorch
    Ryan Lorch Month ago

    I'm not usually all that into supercars and the like but the Carrera GT is in my dreams.

  • mark pass
    mark pass Month ago

    Ed looks like he’s in a kids pedal car 🤣

  • Sirremus Robinson
    Sirremus Robinson 2 months ago +42

    I tell you this is one of the funniest Car Treks. I feel for Tavarish because the price to put that car back together. And following the stories of these cars, it's good to see what they can do. And Hoovie is hilarious. Ed is really cool 😎 👌🏾.

  • Jeff Arto
    Jeff Arto Month ago +20

    Just showing that Tavarish went over the cliff at that speed shows what a great series this is.

  • John Milligan
    John Milligan 2 months ago +39

    I loved the responses they were getting from their offers to trade cars for an hour! 😂

  • 1st Spin Magic!? Slot channel

    Very glad they highlighted Freddy jumping that mountain I can’t get over it 😂

    • Tyler Lamb
      Tyler Lamb Month ago

      @MJT AUTOMOTIVE or it’s the exact opposite and the “jump” never happened - they set that up as a joke after Ed and Tyler ran off the track, which did have a bunch of angles and in-car shots showing the actual track departure.
      They could have used some easy visual effects to stitch a shot of the car driving over the edge with another drone shot of it waiting down at the bottom of the hill, then added in some dirt effect flying around.
      It’s very suspect that the only shot they showed was the “oh shit” reaction from Freddy inside the car which doesn’t actually show the car going off the track, and that one drone shot which also in itself never truly shows the car going off the track, we just see it go over the hill, a plume of dust comes up, and then the drone continues forward where we see the car parked next to the track. There’s no angle showing the actual sliding through the dirt or jump itself.
      I’m inclined to believe it never actually happened and was faked with visual effects. Car Trek has “faked” things in the past and I wouldn’t put it past them to do it for something like this. But I could be wrong, and I would love to see the other angles to prove that.

    • Dave Langford
      Dave Langford Month ago

      You'll get over it, it's really not that big a deal

    • ReaperRob
      ReaperRob Month ago

      @Matt : Adulting I'm thinking it will be like the time Ed wrecked the Maserati, we'll get the juicy shots in a Vinwiki story in January.

    • Rock With Me
      Rock With Me Month ago

      It was staged. Completely fake. Never actually happened.

    • Matt : Adulting
      Matt : Adulting Month ago +3

      @MJT AUTOMOTIVE I wonder if Freddie is reserving that for channel content. Why show it all in one video when you can get more views and retention for multiple?

  • Good Clean Fun
    Good Clean Fun Month ago +1

    “That’s not tweed. It’s houndstooth, Tyler” - Ed

  • Joe S
    Joe S Month ago

    I'm 3 inches taller than ed and this video made me sad as I realise I probably won't enjoy driving a countach if I ever got a chance

  • Hamza Bin Saeed
    Hamza Bin Saeed Month ago +20

    The fact that it's 30th November today, Paul's death anniversary and car-trek finally features a Carrera GT and this episode airs today, ahhh a different wave of sadness.

    • iee4g6
      iee4g6 Month ago

      9 years on, this brings back the pain of it all. Way to open up an old wound, Tyler. The GT is a great car, but an even greater human being died riding in it.
      RIP Paul 😔😢😭

    • Kedrick Swain
      Kedrick Swain Month ago +2

      They win some macabre bingo.

  • Pete Finch
    Pete Finch Month ago +1

    Ed in that Countach made me laugh out loud

  • 2jz 240
    2jz 240 Month ago +2

    Am I the only one who goes back and rewatches all the car trek’s every time a new series comes out?
    Also, can you really daily an R8?

    • TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1
      TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1 Month ago

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  • Nick Kalister
    Nick Kalister Month ago

    put links to the current series in the description please and thank you :)

  • fast02gt
    fast02gt Month ago +1

    When ge caught air on laguna seca, I felt like I was playing forza! Lmao

  • William Dawber
    William Dawber Month ago +9

    Wow, the cars you guys got to trade were amazing, definitely didn’t expect the carrera GT and the Countach, amazing episode 😊

  • Alex Ball
    Alex Ball 2 months ago +43

    I want to know how they sourced the cars to "trade" no way anyone let them borrow any of those! Great episode!

    • Kerry Lewis
      Kerry Lewis Month ago

      @Jeremy B Great comment

    • Drew L
      Drew L Month ago +2

      Every car guy of their caliber knows a guy who knows a guy. All of this was pre arranged way in advance.

    • johnhufnagel
      johnhufnagel Month ago +2

      @Jeremy B there are so many ways to interpret that comment...

    • Jeremy B
      Jeremy B Month ago +27

      Hoovie pays in dong.

    • Wisdom SP
      Wisdom SP Month ago +41

      I suspect the Countach owner wasn't about to let that thing out of his sight. You can see the R8 trailing behind them during the drive.

  • Ca1vin04
    Ca1vin04 Month ago

    imagine a car trek where they pick their best pick up truck to use for plowing and send them up north

  • generic youtube user
    generic youtube user Month ago +7

    I always love the honest conversations between the three during long drives, its always very wholesome.

  • Erik Guerrero
    Erik Guerrero 2 months ago +37

    Love the series, you guys capture the old top gear days so well

  • Cx7 Sleven
    Cx7 Sleven Month ago +1

    @Tavarish buy a 95 to 97 volvo 850 T5. Their comfy and you can keep up with porcha.

  • Ricardo Leffering
    Ricardo Leffering Month ago

    26:00 I don't think the GTS will be a future classic. I would assume that the GTS has been sold more than the SF in its last years.

    • TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1
      TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1 Month ago

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  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams Month ago

    Next one has to be three old jaguars an see which one blows up first🤣

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 2 months ago +44

    Funniest comment was when Ed asked Tyler if he had to use a firearm to get the Porsche 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ross Larson
    Ross Larson Month ago +1

    Ed was so compressed in the Countach, his voice was an octave higher before he climb-crawled out of it.

  • Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange

    19:34 How come the Audi R8 is at the back there? I thought Ed traded for the Countach in front? Some funny business going there.

  • TheCrownedLion
    TheCrownedLion Month ago

    Isn’t the Gen 5 Dodge Viper the last naturally aspirated V10 manual? When it comes to dodge “eco mode” and “traction control” is more of an idea then reality.

  • manas malireddy
    manas malireddy 2 months ago +46

    8:30 its so wholesome watching Ed praise Tavarish. Amazing episode of car trek as always!

  • Omar Makarov
    Omar Makarov Month ago

    What I NEED now is a short Clip Showing the Owners of the Cars talking about what they got :D

  • Charlie Quaker
    Charlie Quaker Month ago

    I love the fire drill in the middle of traffic lol

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan Month ago

    Countach. Holy hell that's a trade-up. I don't care if the Porsche was somehow worth more, I feel the Countach was the best trade-up. I actually gasped when he rolled up in that piece of rolling art, it made the other 2 look like forgettable blobs.

  • Frankie Prokop
    Frankie Prokop 2 months ago

    Nice. 36 seconds, 1 view, 5 comments, and a new Car Trek. These weeks sure do be good.

  • Jay R
    Jay R 2 months ago +4

    Ed is driving around in the Countach looking like Mr. Incredible. I'd love to him try to fit in a Ford GT40. I'm 6'5 so I couldn't fit in it to save my life.

    • Rolling Shutter
      Rolling Shutter 2 months ago +1

      You could fit, if you wanted too. I mean, do you really need your head to be on your shoulders?

  • bikesforlife
    bikesforlife Month ago

    well, that was a very unique racing line that the Mclaren took at the hill.

  • juansierraklein
    juansierraklein Month ago +2

    had a good laugh when hoovie pulled up in probably my favorite car of all time. very jealous, this season is soo good guys awesome job.

    • TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1
      TELEG''RAM@👉Supercar_Blondie1 Month ago

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  • flying photography
    flying photography Month ago

    Love the lambo it’s a true classic but never meet your heros the Ferrari is stunning and one of the best looking cars they have made in years but if it was my dream garage that Porsche gt is up there with enzo as one of the icons of my childhood and is a no brainier for me

  • L0w_k3y
    L0w_k3y Month ago

    Y'all hilarious 😂🙌

    MR. RAACHIIY 2 months ago +1

    The Carrera gt owner got scammed hard out of the hour

  • Pieter
    Pieter 2 months ago +10

    Hoovie: Just ignore the warning lights.
    Car Wizard: browsing new mobile home sites

  • Randy Lucas
    Randy Lucas 27 days ago

    18:28... How did it get in that car look how small it is compared to the incredibly small Porsche

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    Christian Pineda Month ago

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    RC ADDICT 2 months ago +19

    Would honesty love to see another Christmas edition at some point but keep up the good work👍🏻

    • Phil Heuker
      Phil Heuker Month ago

      @VINwiki watch out for that tree this time - “Mona” the R8 is not!

    • Abigal Anderson
      Abigal Anderson Month ago

      @VINwiki Its a christmas miracle

    • VINwiki
      VINwiki 2 months ago +10

      You're in luck!

  • Joe Ethereal
    Joe Ethereal Month ago +1

    Ed needs a Gurney Bubble

  • Dwaynne Way
    Dwaynne Way 2 months ago +5

    Highlight of my day, love watching Car Trek. You guys are great and I love your videos. 🙂 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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    MADconewheels Month ago

    Awesome content!!!
    Shout out to JR garage at 12:25!!

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    John Sprinkles Month ago +4

    You guys have such a great chemistry together you are what top gear USA should have been much love

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    Thomas Campione Month ago

    458 spider any day of the week, dream "entry" exotic right there

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    T•O•R•R•E•S Month ago +1

    Thank you for the Countach!!!!

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    Daniel Homant Month ago

    Packard! And a pre war one at that. Love em.

  • Argal von Bregev
    Argal von Bregev Month ago +3

    16:10 One just has to love the Countach. No one in the design team ever thought about being even remotely reasonable about anything in it 😅

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    Atlegang Leeto Month ago

    Tavarish is the James May of the group😂

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    flok one Month ago +1

    It’s never been said. But Very oddly I have the exact same feeling about mclaren as Tyler.
    P1 and senna. Yeah great.
    The rest are like different iPhones. Don’t care to know. Don’t follow them. And if you sat there and tried to explain it. I’d mute you. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Why are we that way though. That’s my next question. What causes that attitude.

    • TehButterflyEffect
      TehButterflyEffect Month ago

      The F1 is the only one I care about. F1, F1 GTR and F1 LM, with my personal preference going to the LM.