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$1 vs $1,000,000 Vacation!

  • Published on Nov 21, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Stokes Twins

    Make sure to watch the whole video to find out if money makes you happy..

  • Rick Marin

    I love the end part, even if Shawn is weird sometimes at least he still enjoyed his time with you guys.

  • Nate Bowen

    It was so nice of you guys to let shawn get the 1000000 vacation.

  • Sweet  asthetic ( winlove )

    i love how shawn is the only short person lol and i felt so uncomfortable when shawn jumped in the pool with hes clothes on lol

  • Valerie and Lala Tv
    Valerie and Lala Tv 16 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate how much Alex and Alan have to make videos every day and almost spin every money they have we should just appreciate them! 🥰

  • (づ。◕‿‿◕。)

    i like how shawn smiles so sus

  • MJtruLuv76
    MJtruLuv76 21 day ago +5

    Y'all are sooo lucky that you all get to go to a vacation I have two teenageers and they never ever ever been on a vacation sometime they get depressed and they cry it's hurts me a lot I always tell them one these days were going to have fun but I wish my kids would have fun ..God bless you all I love your videos

  • Jack Payne
    Jack Payne  +188

    Y’all too lit 🔥

  • TriJa
    TriJa  +34

    Here’s something I’m wondering, how come Stokes Twins video’s are always in the summer?

  • Minnie♡Baby☆Girl

    I love when the boys were super happy when they saw the 1$ vacantion

  • Maria Sooklall
    Maria Sooklall Day ago

    I like when Sean jumped into the pool😂

  • Just Kayden Head

    Alan:I’m never eating bacon again

  • StellionaBerryXx
    StellionaBerryXx 21 day ago

    Alan and kat is treating Shawn like their child 💀

  • Falling Feathers

    i bet u the camera man is enjoying the vacation aswell

  • Irena Zavtrikoviene

    I am happy that Kat, alex or Alan and Shawn went to Bahamas it’s fun there

  • Thijs Timmerman

    when shaun ordered the different menu on the jet I started laughing like crazy

  • Exøtic._Alice●—●

    Alan : I’m never eating bacon again

  • Frosted Sugar

    I hope in future videos Alex would go to the Bahamas with Shawn,Kat,Alan, Tanner and Caleb because I want Alex to also experience his dream 😃

  • Amonuts
    Amonuts 21 day ago

    Congrats for the cameraman for moving to Bahamas and the nowhere lands for 15 hours

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