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Why this expert says Vladimir Putin won't stop at Ukraine

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • President Vladimir Putin is looking to restore the Russian empire, and he won't stop with the elimination of Ukraine, says Russia expert Keir Giles.
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Comments • 496

  • MrKnarris
    MrKnarris Month ago +8

    Keir Giles poured honey into my ears - absolutely spot on in his analysis!!

  • Garth Richert
    Garth Richert Month ago +9

    Thank you for a clear and well explained item.

  • Gayle Leslie
    Gayle Leslie Month ago +39

    Who isn't an expert these days

    • Shear
      Shear Month ago


    • Gayle Leslie
      Gayle Leslie Month ago

      @Tim Grant lol at least I'm original . Have an awesome weekend.

    • Tim Grant
      Tim Grant Month ago


    • Esty770
      Esty770 Month ago

      Mostly people who “did their own research” by looking at the first page of google results.

    • erik red
      erik red Month ago +1

      @Paula Virany he's a real Bagdad bob and twice as false. He gives great talks at pregeru and Frazier institute though. Amazing eccos. None history. he's a cult member too boot ya know?. course you do. ya got the insight for sure. I can tell.

  • Carpenter
    Carpenter Month ago +15

    Mr. Giles is bang-on in delineating the issue.

  • Crackly Dan
    Crackly Dan Month ago +12

    It's telling that Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania are providing the largest support for Ukraine by % of GDP.

  • KevinN
    KevinN Month ago +7

    This is a view that's been held since the end of WW2 but the west has never gone full in on their support. Even in Vietnam, the Americans held back. And when the Russians invaded Afghanistan the west just gave the radicals modern weapons which ultimately came back to haunt the US. Moving forward, the US invaded Afghanistan, albeit under very different conditions, ended up failing because they didn't realize they weren’t just fighting ISIS/taliban, they were up against a religion that created a culture that didn't want change.
    Now we have the Ukraine, which is a completely different kettle of fish. And quite frankly, I believe beyond the Ukraine, Russia's young population who want to move on from the old imperialistic ways. Think about how monumental that is. Russia has never really known democracy. I'm hoping that a Ukrainian victory would result in a much bigger shift in the region.

    • Jay Gray
      Jay Gray Month ago

      @Alok Sen They didn't look for an enemy in Ukraine.

  • Shear
    Shear Month ago +5

    Finally a no-nonsense, factual reporting of Russia's objectives.

  • adimo
    adimo Month ago +1

    Cato said it: "Russia delenda est!"

  • Enough is enough
    Enough is enough Month ago +11

    Impressive clarity!

    • erik red
      erik red Month ago +1

      impressive lie. might as well be a pregerU add. lost.

  • Spectacular Disaster
    Spectacular Disaster Month ago +17

    Nevel Chamberlain knows this but he learned it the hard way.

    • TheAircool1
      TheAircool1 Month ago +1

      @Volodymyr V who needs satellites when the "great Russians" keep exposing their location via cell phones lmao

  • Jim Trainor
    Jim Trainor Month ago +57

    Please invite a guest with expertise on the Minsk Agreements.

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago

      @Barry Bazzer Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years, like you whine/cry over Russia?

    • Barry Bazzer
      Barry Bazzer Month ago

      Russia has invaded its neighbors 7 times since Putin. Each time he snatches some land; is suddenly all about peace and "ready to negotiate"; then, he picks up where he left off. He is provoked by weakness, not strength. Hang in there, Ukraine, help is on the way.

  • Toorop Tube
    Toorop Tube Month ago +10

    Honour may not win power, but it wins respect. And respect earns power. Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men. A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm.

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago +1

      @anna b Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years?

    • anna b
      anna b Month ago

      ​@Clip-Share music .. do you whine/cry for First Nations people of Canada?

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago +2

      Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years?

    • j
      j Month ago

      @Terminal Insanity warmongers dont have to fight if there is nothing worth fighting for. let the economies fall into disarray and have everyone feed and fend for themselves in the aftermath.

    • Terminal Insanity
      Terminal Insanity Month ago +3

      Wut? Warmongers should be given front line seats to their wars.

  • Jacinta Hunt
    Jacinta Hunt Month ago +7

    Didn’t they say they wanted more after Ukraine

  • invisipics
    invisipics Month ago +17

    This guy is spot on.

    • glenn hankins
      glenn hankins Month ago

      Giles spewing nonsense.....and Katie gobbling it up as 'truth'

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago +4

      Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years?

    • Sun Shine
      Sun Shine Month ago +3


  • Ole.V
    Ole.V Month ago +1


  • Carlo B
    Carlo B Month ago +11

    The most sensible speaker I have heard on this subject (along with others such as Kasparov, Browder, Khodorkovsky) who have a clear and firm understanding of what Putin is, his methods and what is at stake for the civilised world......

    • erik red
      erik red Month ago

      @Clip-Share music Hey we were there for 20 years of stupidity. be fair

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago

      @Carlo B Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years; did you whine/cry about it?

    • Carlo B
      Carlo B Month ago +1

      @Clip-Share music stick to the topic at hand backwater dwelling Razi

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago +2

      Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years?

  • Wang Ai Hua
    Wang Ai Hua Month ago +16

    Excellent speaker--amazed that he has such a perfect understanding of the situation!

    • MS
      MS Month ago +4

      @EBZ California belongs to Mexico as does Texas. If Russia can take back land it gave away then Mexico should get California and Texas and Russia should get Alaska back. Are you happy with that???

    • Wang Ai Hua
      Wang Ai Hua Month ago

      @Tom Katin

    • M Zakharova
      M Zakharova Month ago +1

      calling a psychopath an expert is like showing yourself as mental patient CBC news .. hahaha

    • Tom Katin
      Tom Katin Month ago


  • hiddeninthewires
    hiddeninthewires Month ago

    The minister pretend that this "sovereign state" didnt have meddling in its political affairs

  • Meeran Mydeen
    Meeran Mydeen Month ago +19

    dont need war make peace

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago

      @anna b Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years ?

    • anna b
      anna b Month ago

      @Clip-Share music .. do you whine/cry for First Nations people of Canada?

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago

      @Иван Снежков Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years?

    • invisipics
      invisipics Month ago

      People need to grow up in order for us to have peace. In France at the moment, Argentinians are being badly treated because they beat the French national team in the World Cup. The mentality of most adults is the same as a three year old's. How can you expect peace in these circumstances?

  • Petar Martic
    Petar Martic Month ago +3

    Going from a clash/ difference to openly stating they’re at war is a rather quick conclusion to jump to.. couldn’t one say that the west has been at war with Russia since 1991? 🤔 why did the west reject Russia’s application to NATO? Wouldn’t this have helped.. 🤷‍♂️

    • fordhouse8b
      fordhouse8b Month ago +2

      Russia never applied to join NATO. In 2000, Putin then acting President of Russia supposedly asked the then-NATO chief when Russia would be invited to join NATO. The answer was simple, one isn’t invited vote join, one applies to join. Russia never did. Besides, I thought their whole deal was that NATO had promised (NATO didn't) not to expand further east? One could say that the west been at war with Russia since 1991, and that is exactly what Putin is saying. One would be wrong, and Putin is wrong. Ukraine should have made giving up their nukes conditional on NATO membership.

  • Angeline Graves
    Angeline Graves Month ago +8

    Omg finally. Words I can relate ☝️😊🤔🤔🤔🪝

  • Dalise Meyers
    Dalise Meyers Month ago

    Actually I would like to hear him say that himself, in English, as I never have to date!

  • Bart Houkes
    Bart Houkes Month ago +2

    Russia is acting like a capitalist: They want to expand their business, companies must grow nowadays so Russia also must grow. Companies don't care about pollution, environment, expoiting people... but only money is important and share-holders (Oligards).

    • Brian
      Brian Month ago

      Acting capitalist? The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago

      Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years?

    • Serguei Vergounov
      Serguei Vergounov Month ago

      This is what democracy is all about.

  • trentriver
    trentriver Month ago +2

    He's 100% correct.

  • tukhorse
    tukhorse Month ago +5

    Dammit that stream running down through my neighbor's meadow is mine. I have a nice moving Creek on the south side but I want the one in my neighbors also because it was meant to be mine.

    • You're not on fire yet.
      You're not on fire yet. Month ago

      @tukhorse I agree with you, for context, I was responding to the guy who was suggesting, like so many proponents of Putin's invasion, that he had a valid reason for doing so.

    • tukhorse
      tukhorse Month ago +2

      @You're not on fire yet. At 65 I like to think that I was raised by the world war 2 generations. And throughout my life they left me with one thought ,who in the hell would pass a war on to their children and grandchildren. I mean I could squeeze around off just as easy as anyone but who in the hell would want to start something like that. No way to justify and no excuse for for that little fella in Russia to pull this crap. If he's in my front yard I'd have take him to feed the hogs one time

    • You're not on fire yet.
      You're not on fire yet. Month ago +1

      @plantbasedstrong you gotta ask yourself "do my neighbors have an issue with me, and why?"
      Then you look back over 80 years of history and go, " oh"

    • TheAircool1
      TheAircool1 Month ago +3

      @plantbasedstrong its still HIS creek
      imagine i showed up at your house tomorrow claiming that you did all that to your creek (with no investigation proving it) and said your creek was now mine.
      would you give up your creek just like that??

  • Angeline Graves
    Angeline Graves Month ago +6

    True☝️☝️ he speaks the truth

  • Kusai B
    Kusai B Month ago +2

    I agreed Russia will never stop just claiming Ukraine alone he will want more.

    • Jack
      Jack Month ago +1

      2014 fool me once never again

  • Romeo Radin
    Romeo Radin Month ago

    Russia and Ukraine must get United and bring eternal peace for their nations.
    Peace 🇷🇺❤🇺🇦

    • Shear
      Shear Month ago +2

      it is not up to you or Russia to unite with an unwilling partner. That is called aggression.

  • mercedes ante
    mercedes ante Month ago +2

    Finally I found an expert that is totally right!

  • youxkio
    youxkio Month ago

    The very early Moscowy citizenship origins are from Sweden. Sweden is part of NATO (or will be very soon) which mean it is inevitable for Russia to become, sooner or later, part of NATO too. Leaving Africa, China, South/Central America, and the Indo-Pacific as non-NATO.

    • Chelsea Nolen
      Chelsea Nolen Month ago

      Excuse me? Sweden doesn't speak for Russia, or Denmark, or Poland, or Ukraine. It certainly doesn't speak for Russia. Sweden speaks for itself as an independent sovereign nation; no one else.
      Russia can choose to try to join NATO, but they've got a long row to hoe to fulfill the terms and conditions necessary for NATO membership (being an active functioning democracy is one of the first requirements). In addition, I don't know how many other NATO countries would vote to accept them in.

    • youxkio
      youxkio Month ago

      ​@abb abb Miscegenation? "... they took over as leaders of Slavic tribes..." all said!

    • abb abb
      abb abb Month ago

      Wrong Moscow didn't even exist when Ruriks came to what is now Russian territory .. also don't confuse Russia with Ryc' two different kingdoms
      Also Ruriks' aka Vikings who came were not majority or the population .... they took over as leaders of Slavic tribes' .... that doesn't make Ryc' population Swedish it was mainly Slavic..

    • vmitchinson
      vmitchinson Month ago

      Turkey does not fit NATOs mojo.

    • youxkio
      youxkio Month ago

      @Terminal Insanity Yeah, China likes to watch the development of the other regions of the world so it may assess the best conditions to take Taiwan.

  • Martin
    Martin Month ago +3

    A book that should be widely read about the Clear and Present Danger that Russia is, and won't be going away.
    Send Ukraine all the weapons, artillery, tanks, and fighter jets that it needs. Now. Not too little too late, a lot and early!

  • bumble-bimus prime
    bumble-bimus prime Month ago +1

    Russia empire in means soviet union..💀

  • riioz
    riioz Month ago +1

    Great story for a cheap book, but not for the level of an expert.

    • Ole.V
      Ole.V Month ago +1

      I am Russia/Ukraine and he explained everything perfectly well.

  • ibrahim 3 sabagh
    ibrahim 3 sabagh Month ago +2

    u dont not need an expert for that

  • Diane Savage
    Diane Savage Month ago +31

    This so called expert is here to promote his book. He is simply a reporter that worked for a while in Russia. He has written stories for CNN, so you know the value of his words.

    • Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler Month ago

      @Alvaro Q I think you are making Diane's point for her.

    • Rodney Wolfram
      Rodney Wolfram Month ago

      @Chiggen was gona say ..lol

    • Wang Ai Hua
      Wang Ai Hua Month ago

      I'm called Wang Ai Hua but you can call me Miss Wang!

    • @PrettyPink🌸
      @PrettyPink🌸 Month ago

      And what are you called? Trouble maker?

  • Image two see.
    Image two see. Month ago +4

    It’s good that the expert knows how to guide our options and thoughts, I learned from this to hate Russia, support Ukraine, and think the west is always good. CBC is a good news agency and should be funded even more to protect us from disinformation.

  • game  nat
    game nat Month ago +2

    We don't know that for sure but what we know for sure is nato did not stop at Germany like they promised

  • Daniel Reher
    Daniel Reher Month ago +3

    This program has become unbearable boring since Vassy left. You need to find someone with an actual personality to host the show. I end up tuning this host out no matter the topic. She's just boring as a host. I actually started watching the CBC because of Vassy and as an American felt like I could actually get factual news about my country that was unbiased through the network. I love several of the other journalist's on the network. This one just doesn't have the right tone inflections for the job and keeping the audience's attention. I'm sorry I'm just saying it as I see it.

    • Garrus Vakarian
      Garrus Vakarian Month ago

      the quality of CBC reporters is extremely low, the sooner we stop subsidizing it the better

  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather Month ago +1

    I pray President Putin don't drink, and finds A.A. amen

  • Raymond Li
    Raymond Li Month ago +20

    As Russia win looms inevitable, watch MSM slow pivots to assign blame to Ukrainian corruption. Adequate face saving exit strategy to shift from arms dealing to country rebuilding. Though NATO expansion halted, monied interests always win 🤑

    • Mark Kane
      Mark Kane Month ago +1

      @everyday tenor he's realistic

    • everyday tenor
      everyday tenor Month ago +2

      @EBZ Well done comrade.

    • EBZ
      EBZ Month ago +3

      This is Russia's historic land and sphere of influence just as Germany and france is the UK and us sphere of influence. We have no business getting involved in their sphere of influence

    • Yellow Tunes
      Yellow Tunes Month ago +1

      @MindBomb he also said the same thing about Ukraine. And also said that when Putin decides to fight a serious war against Ukraine - Ukraine will have no chance.
      USA sent 1 million dumb 155m rounds and only 5k precise 155mm rounds, so only 0.4% of Ukrainian shells are precise. Do you think this number is lower for Russia? Why?
      According to many mercs who left Ukraine (like Wali) ukrainians receive 1-3 days of training before being sent to the frontline. Compare it to 1-3 months of Russian extra training (on top of at least 1 year of training all Russian men received when they were 18) even if training wasn't that great
      All equipment NATO sent to Ukraine has equal or superior Russian analogues in far larger quantities

    • Jim Trainor
      Jim Trainor Month ago

      But... Zelensky is Churchill. Are you suggesting he's actually The Godfather?

  • Michael Hudecki
    Michael Hudecki Month ago +12

    This guys is a cheerleader for the military industrial complex and the american war machine.

  • 역주행 Contraflower


  • Tom Katin
    Tom Katin Month ago +13

    Thank you for having Comments ON for a change.
    Not wanting to hear from us tax payers that support CBC is not democratic at all but very dictatorial

    • Ottee2
      Ottee2 Month ago

      @You're not on fire yet. , I get your point, but they are a little heavy handed with their monitoring, in my opinion.

    • You're not on fire yet.
      You're not on fire yet. Month ago +4

      If you can't be responsible with something you don't get it, that's all it is, nothing to do with democracies or dictatorships.

    • Rosy posy
      Rosy posy Month ago +6

      pretty sure comment sections are relatively brand new in human history when it comes to the public getting their news

    • marylou diamond
      marylou diamond Month ago


  • Allan J Mac Leod
    Allan J Mac Leod Month ago

    Ukraine must make thier own nuklear weapons!

  • Katharina Peters
    Katharina Peters Month ago +1

    guy is 1,70cm lol
    of course he has to compensate

  • Angeline Graves
    Angeline Graves Month ago +2

    Exactly restore he’s absolutely right

  • Carpenter
    Carpenter Month ago +4

    He'll stop when we stop him.

  • Meeran Mydeen
    Meeran Mydeen Month ago +2

    you want think how can save people

  • Daniel Okunev
    Daniel Okunev Month ago

    This will be aftwe Ukraine he has a long way to go and it won’t even work

  • Checko_O7
    Checko_O7 Month ago

    Selling his book I see

  • Meeran Mydeen
    Meeran Mydeen Month ago +1

    not solison war ?

  • L Bou
    L Bou Month ago +1

    next is ... Texas !!!

  • joe zee
    joe zee Month ago

    He will, his day is near

  • thethricegreat
    thethricegreat Month ago

    And the pigs wont stop at Iraq Syria and Libya and Iran.

  • Meeran Mydeen
    Meeran Mydeen Month ago

    both are mis udentersading

  • Beau R
    Beau R Month ago +3

    Putin needs to be introduced to Bin ladin by the United states.

  • Metratch
    Metratch Month ago +2

    USA didnt stop at yugoslavia.

  • Jameson
    Jameson Month ago +2

    Another expert...

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago

      @Cellar Door Did you whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years?

    • Jameson
      Jameson Month ago

      @Cellar Door an expert in propaganda

    • Cellar Door
      Cellar Door Month ago

      And who are you? lmao

  • SamuraiBirds
    SamuraiBirds Month ago +1

    Invite Victoria Nuland, she can explain what's going on now

  • Stephen Morris
    Stephen Morris Month ago +5

    You cannot negotiate with terrorists. Hence the end is nigh.

  • Intelint
    Intelint Month ago +3

    We al nowe how dictators wil end also madman Putin

  • Kirk Brown
    Kirk Brown Month ago

    Get a real expert ... John Meirshimer predicted this conflict back in 2014. And he gives Reason. And it's not that putin wants to be Peter the great. Why would put wait until nato is at his borders and ukraine is armed to the teeth to make his imperial ambitious move. Absurd.

  • D Omand
    D Omand Month ago +2


  • Youtube Is Fake
    Youtube Is Fake Month ago

    order and chaos... conventionaly russia cant ...but with nukes it may..

  • Youtube Is Fake
    Youtube Is Fake Month ago +1

    i thought russia has something but..now .they cant even take ukraine..so..😁 ..soon they will loose moscow. ..

  • António Vitor
    António Vitor Month ago +2

    For those that do not want to support ukraine... they will feaal in pain... following the steps of europe... in the 193x... :D

    • António Vitor
      António Vitor Month ago

      @Clip-Share music they succeded but nato do not make genocides like the russians, so they would leave after the changing regime... obviously no revolution can be made from outside... so that regime fall...

    • KX8276
      KX8276 Month ago

      @Sun Shine Yea he probably won't. That's why I think this will last at least 5 years.

    • Youtube music
      Youtube music Month ago

      @KX8276 NATO couldn't even succeed in Afghanistan...

  • Vladimir Kluger
    Vladimir Kluger Month ago

    Very strange logic - "a little" far from reality.
    But if you like it, feel free to do so.;)

  • Ilya Khoteev
    Ilya Khoteev Month ago


  • Ahmed Sardar
    Ahmed Sardar Month ago

    Lying is not a good thing sir

  • Pernille Bendixen
    Pernille Bendixen Month ago +3


  • Richard
    Richard Month ago

    No one thinks he would stop with just Ukraine

    • Richard
      Richard Month ago

      @Chelsea Nolen then why are you saying you disagree? It's very obvious he would keep going if he wins

    • за нами уже выехали
      за нами уже выехали Month ago

      Украины уж нет. Одна видимость которую поддерживает запад. Запад запустил режим самоуничтожения и даже не видит этого.

  • Kevin Choi
    Kevin Choi Month ago

    Would NATO stop at Ukraine?

    • Nomad
      Nomad Month ago

      yes, unless russia wants to join

  • rt 22
    rt 22 Month ago +1


  • Youtube music
    Youtube music Month ago +3


  • james ewanchook
    james ewanchook Month ago +2

    Heavy long range missiles, tanks and jets. Chase that bear back to hell. Slava Ukraine! 🇨🇦🇺🇦

  • King B
    King B Month ago +2

    One thing clear as day, Ukraine is done, for sure , there is no debate about that.🤣

    • за нами уже выехали
      за нами уже выехали Month ago

      Это было понятно сразу. А вот почему запад не видит что запустил режим саоуничтожейния для меня загадка. Это агония.

  • M. Serry
    M. Serry Month ago +2

    Nothing new here .. we already know that !! The US has been slow trickling weapons to Ukraine because they want to extend this war as much as they can, in order to weaken Putin and Russia as much as they can for centuries to come, and not allowing them to rebuild their weapons capabilities, hence the draconian sanctions. The US is also learning a lot and training all its war factions who are running this war on the strategies of war games. The US strives to create a balance between both sides so this war takes longer to end. Remember the Iran -Iraq war where the US was arming both sides and giving satellite images of troops for both sides.
    Lately this new news anchor is really boring … not to mention embarrassingly morbidly obese, not an image we want to promote in Canada, we want to show a health conscience image so we don’t become like our neighbours to the south with rampant diabetes and heart disease

    • RaL0981
      RaL0981 Month ago

      Ukraine asked the US for weapons 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • NN NN
    NN NN Month ago +1

    Remember: Pointing with your finger at someone means also that there are three other fingers pointing at you.

  • Daniel Delgado
    Daniel Delgado Month ago

    Don't tell bullshit propaganda

  • Youtube Is Fake
    Youtube Is Fake Month ago

    us used nukes ..so ...this guy is lost..in his own argument. 🤣

  • Eric Charles
    Eric Charles Month ago +3

    Expert 😂

    • erik red
      erik red Month ago +1

      Expert liar for sure.

  • Mariana Gautier
    Mariana Gautier Month ago +1


  • Don
    Don Month ago +1

    I'm more interested in "why journalists or others think Putin will stop in Ukraine"?
    CBC news is always crap.

  • James2
    James2 Month ago +9

    Disappointing that this is on CBC , I feel sorry for the “ journalists “ having to elicit the same old simplistic conclusions that fit the script . Yawn

    • Sun Shine
      Sun Shine Month ago

      @@PrettyPink🌸 fu

    • @PrettyPink🌸
      @PrettyPink🌸 Month ago +4

      Go to sleep then and don't bother writing comments!

  • Scribble D.
    Scribble D. Month ago +1

    This guy draws a paycheck from China 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • mischa1880
    mischa1880 Month ago

    Expert? 😂😂😂

  • Bijoy Dhar
    Bijoy Dhar Month ago

    Don't try to be so innocent, if that is true then why Usa build Nato army across all the boundaries of Russia????

    • Chelsea Nolen
      Chelsea Nolen Month ago

      The USA didn't build ANYTHING across all the boundaries of Russia. Those other countries (Finland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, etc) chose to join NATO shortly after they became independent, sovereign countries. And I'm sure you agree that countries get to choose the path they will take without interference from other countries.
      Your history is questionable.

  • james raj
    james raj Month ago +1

    Why Russia not claiming back Alaska. No country sells property to another country

    • Chelsea Nolen
      Chelsea Nolen Month ago

      Uh, America purchased Alaska from Russia. And they purchased the western half of the country from France (look up Louisiana Purchase).

    • Tim Grant
      Tim Grant Month ago +1

      Louisiana Purchase?

  • Carpenter
    Carpenter Month ago +1

    Talking fast is not the same as intelligence.

  • Serguei Vergounov
    Serguei Vergounov Month ago

    NATO-trained and NATO-supplied Ukrainian army keeps retreating.
    Slava Zukkini!

  • M Zakharova
    M Zakharova Month ago +3

    calling a psychopath an expert is like showing yourself as mental patient CBC news .. hahaha

    • Rodney Wolfram
      Rodney Wolfram Month ago +1

      I assume unlike those other trolls u have articles backing that assertion up....I mean you wouldn't intentionally make yourself look a fool so u must have something

  • Flylyfe150
    Flylyfe150 Month ago

    Russia will not loose

    • Nomad
      Nomad Month ago

      lol cope

  • Brickz
    Brickz Month ago +1

    Who is even right in this matter?

  • Knower of Things
    Knower of Things Month ago

    same experts telling us vaccines are safe and effective

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone Month ago +1

    Stop spreading lies on about mother Russia 🇷🇺

  • iva taiwan
    iva taiwan Month ago +3

    GLORY TO RUSSIA 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺💪💪💪

  • Rioga Photography
    Rioga Photography Month ago +1

    A liar and propagandist is now called an expert?

  • Natalie
    Natalie Month ago +15


  • aapje van Nassau
    aapje van Nassau Month ago +1

    Bla bla bla ....bey bey putin.

  • HolyElk Gaming
    HolyElk Gaming Month ago +7

    Putin wears high heels 👠 we're all in trouble when a dictator wears high heels

    • mike sorensen
      mike sorensen Month ago

      @Chiggen thanks for reminding me of this great movie that I saw when I was young... A husband who wants nothing more than to see his kids. At the time though, just a comedy, but now..a tragedy. I have too many friends in this situation. Robbin Williams on late night was sometimes too much. But I can't think of a movie were he didn't give his all.

    • mike sorensen
      mike sorensen Month ago

      @@PrettyPink🌸 sorry man, I'm not sure what your getting at. no I don't drive a truck. Actually I ride a bicycle. It's good exercise, you should try it sometime. Even ride it here in Canada at -10c with snow on the ground.

    • @PrettyPink🌸
      @PrettyPink🌸 Month ago

      @mike sorensen Trucker, are you? 🚛

    • mike sorensen
      mike sorensen Month ago +2

      I thought here in the west, we are encouraging our young boys that wearing high heels is socially acceptable. What's your problem dude? Not up with the times or are you not as progressive as you claim to be?

    • mike sorensen
      mike sorensen Month ago +2

      That sounds like discrimination. No problem though when a dictator wears blackface.