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I Bought The WORST CAR Ever Made... (YUGO)

  • Published on May 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I bought the worst car of all time (called YUGO) and it's worse than you think...
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    I Bought The Worst Car Ever Made...
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  • YouTube
    YouTube 3 months ago +2250

    wait NO SIDE MIRRORS?!?!?

    • Kaancii
      Kaancii 3 months ago +88

      3 likes on a Clip-Share comment lol

    • FragTix
      FragTix 3 months ago +13


    • Romanu Geoge
      Romanu Geoge 3 months ago +66

      I hope you're having a good day random Clip-Share employee ❤

    • FuriousDragon2356
      FuriousDragon2356 3 months ago +8

      oh hey its youtube XDD

    • Gruby Bysior
      Gruby Bysior 3 months ago +19

      Also no engine! It's basically the Flinstones car at the moment.

  • Fundy
    Fundy 3 months ago +3709

    Guys stop enjoying this video I don't want to be inside that monstrosity anymore

  • Zin Din
    Zin Din 3 months ago +1369

    As a Yugo myself i'm happy to see a car made by us last longer then our country itself

  • 1996 Toyota Camry LE 4-Speed Automatic 2.2L

    As an expert on US market cars I’m thoroughly surprised you found a USDM Yugo that nice! Please take care of it, even if it doesn’t seem worth much at all

    • A Cat
      A Cat 3 months ago +24

      The longer you can keep it going, the sleeper that will come from it and the decorative kinds of modders will boost it to the moon.

    • Duske
      Duske 2 months ago +3

      Bro u can get it everywhere at serbia for 600 euros

    • Vukasin Ristanovic
      Vukasin Ristanovic 2 months ago +3

      @Duske well ofc...Yugo here grows on trees! :D

    • Duske
      Duske 2 months ago +1

      @Vukasin Ristanovic A lot of people still have yugo and a lot of them are selling it in serbia so wdym?

    • xslvrxslwt.
      xslvrxslwt. 2 months ago

      ​@Duskethis is usdm

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 3 months ago +386

    Pro tip from Serbia (the OG manufacturer of the Yugo): You should drive with one hand, the other one stays on the shifter to try and keep it in gear. Also start revving immediately upon start to prevent it from stalling.

    • Carlos Perez
      Carlos Perez 3 months ago +44

      key word "try" 💀

    • ♢〘Zaljk】
      ♢〘Zaljk】 2 months ago +1

      I know someone who drives with one hand and is very good driver, so yea.
      you need drive with one hand for gear changing vehicles

    • Vukasin Ristanovic
      Vukasin Ristanovic 2 months ago +5

      nmg da verujem da nisu skontali xD

    • orochi
      orochi 2 months ago +8

      @Vukasin Ristanovic Ma americka gospoda navikla na novo i skupo. Ne mogu oni da voze nesto starije od 10 god a kamo li od preko 40.

  • Marcus McMillan
    Marcus McMillan 3 months ago +301

    In all honesty James, I hope you can turn the Yugo around into being a great car - my Alfa 33 was also in the same kind of situation where it needed a full engine rebuild and rewiring work, which involved basically stripping the car down to the floorpan but believe me it's worth it in both a collectible sense and that you're saving a piece of history from the scrapheap

    • Jakkaphat Pasuphan
      Jakkaphat Pasuphan 3 months ago +14

      Same, seeing the state it was in just makes me wish he'd give what it needs to be a fun little car to drive around and get groceries and stuff
      Considering he did fix some of the issues we can only hope to see more in the future

  • KrazyIvan007
    KrazyIvan007 2 months ago +39

    My first car was a Yugo. Back then it actually ran pretty well. The metal on it was super thick too. I enjoyed it. Although, the 57hp was a bit slow...

  • Six95
    Six95 3 months ago +2271

    It's not just a car, it's a whole gym. Swole arms from the steering wheel and swole legs from pushing. It is even eco friendly as it can run on unrefined oil or local moonshine.
    Love from Serbia ❤️

    • Henelol
      Henelol 3 months ago +60

      so its a hybrid :D

    • Danny
      Danny 3 months ago +87

      Rakija powered beast

    • Linecraftman
      Linecraftman 3 months ago +68

      Its ecofriendly as if the engine is not running, there are no emissions!

    • Branko Todorovic
      Branko Todorovic 3 months ago +8


    • RaZaL
      RaZaL 3 months ago +8

      im Serbian too lol

  • Mateo Todorovic
    Mateo Todorovic 3 months ago +47

    I come from Bosnia, an ex-ugoslavian country and these are very common and insanely fun to drive on our cracked asphalt and you will always find it at your grandpas house under a canvas because hes convinced it will become an old timer sold for a lot of money. Oh yes also, they cost around 400 USD here.

    • Mica1124
      Mica1124 3 months ago +8

      Yeah they're worthless in Europe, he really got ripped off

  • eloyxzma
    eloyxzma 3 months ago +14

    To be honest. In Serbia (one of the ex-yugoslav countries) you can find these in close to new condition for like 600 bucks max. 9k for a used Yugo is too much. Also you were lucky to get an original Yugo, most of the Yugos copies were after the 60s made by Zastava. If you got a better model, it would actually be able to climb up a hill :)

    SAMPLE TEXT 3 months ago +44

    Never thought Jameskii would be a car enthusiast i hope he makes more car related content.

  • Stefan Mitrovic
    Stefan Mitrovic 3 months ago +18

    Im from serbia and theres a lot of yugos here, you can buy a working one for $200. They are really lasting a long time and if you are out of money its a great Point A to Point B type of vehicle. And the parts cost nothing.

  • Eugene Nalpin
    Eugene Nalpin 3 months ago +8

    James being a CarTuber is what we need right now, keep it comin' mate!

  • GoCommitGibby
    GoCommitGibby 3 months ago +2524

    Well, I did not expect James to buy a car that stopped being produced around the world. Also i am serbian, from a country where the yugos were originally made during the yugoslavian times.

    • Rain Labon
      Rain Labon 3 months ago +56

      Yess I am so happy bro, I am polish, my dad is first generation immigrant from Poland with me, we both have a yugo, it’s so shitty, but it never breaks and considering the Mountain town we live in, is most capable, I thought everyone had forgttton about them!

    • Gaming Mixer
      Gaming Mixer 3 months ago +3

      same lol

    • Tony_ δυτικός αμυντικός
      Tony_ δυτικός αμυντικός 3 months ago +4

      What happened in the 90s dear Serbians?

    • Vukasin M
      Vukasin M 3 months ago +34

      @Tony_ δυτικός αμυντικός what does that have to do with this video?

    • DiscoBallGaming
      DiscoBallGaming 3 months ago +1


  • Jonathan Pinckney
    Jonathan Pinckney 3 months ago +17

    Hey, you Madlad. Huge props for snatching this car and fixing it up. Tempted to buy a shirt to support the car build.

  • Tomek Styn
    Tomek Styn 3 months ago +9

    What a little gem this tin on wheels is...
    I think I experienced a similar thing with my old vw, the stalling, revving and weird noises when starting the engine. If you'd like to keep working on the car, I think this might be worth looking into:
    So, I have a hunch about what went wrong when the car started opening the throttle while you had the clutch in - seems to me like something in the car that's supposed to hold revs while in neutral is malfuncioning. I had that happen in my old vw which still sports a carb. In my case it was the valve cover being a bit warped and not keeping pressure, which led to the carburetor's stepper motor revving the poor thing to 2.5 - 3k without any gas input. The same issue can also affect the ignition - the sound in the video was very similar to what I had experienced - if it doesn't budge, try giving it a bit of gas with the pedal - just a smidge to get it going. Should be usable after that, with minor hiccups along the way, of course.
    Try to see if the engine holds pressure, and if no vaccuum lines are busted. There must be something controllong the throttle and keeping it open to prevent the car from stalling in neutral, if you figurr out what that is, it's going to be way easier to diagnose. In my case it was a carburettor stepper motor that was causing the throttle to open - once I figured that out, fixing the issue boiled down to going down a checklist of things that can make it malfunction.
    If you're trying to keep this car in a running condition, I hope this helped at least a bit :D

  • WoxicS
    WoxicS 3 months ago +15

    Let's bring yugo back to the market, they make such great cars guys!

  • Jacob Razor
    Jacob Razor 3 months ago +3

    A great mod would be to replace the engine with the one found in a Suzuki Hayabusa. Both are I4s with the one in the suzuki being just a little bit bigger, but the Hayabusa's engine makes triple the Yugo's stock horsepower (188 in comparison to the Yugo's 55) and should be a little bit less of a chore to maintain

  • Filip Gereg
    Filip Gereg 3 months ago +5

    I had the opportunity to drive these and they were not this level of catastrophic. As for the shifter I don't think it was too much better even from the factory, it reminded me of a maze when trying to shift, but when you memorize the weird pattern it works if it's in good condition. Unreliable throttle response is I think a symptom of bad maintenance because I don't remember that. I had a fun experience when I got used to it, as opposed to a terrifying one. Then again I was driving a 40 year old car too. If you can drive a Yugo you can damn well drive anything.

  • Romanu Geoge
    Romanu Geoge 3 months ago +3863

    Imagine buying a car from a country that doesn't exist anymore

  • Clang Clang
    Clang Clang 3 months ago +15

    The timing is absolutely impeccable as my friend bought the exact model and is currently fixing it up while having the very same issues. I am not one to gamble but if I survive the highway initiation trip with him I probably should gamble.

  • PeachRat
    PeachRat 3 months ago +11

    homie bought a saw trap on wheels and put his friends in it for people to watch and enjoy. mad respect my guy.

  • Tony Stidham
    Tony Stidham 2 months ago +1

    In 1990, I was given an '86 Yugo as a loaner for 3 days from a repair shop doing A/C work on my car. It had something over 40,000 miles, and already was on its 2nd engine. I swear everytime I shifted through the gears, the gears were in a different place lol!! The tiny 4 cylinder motor made sporty sounds, but there was no sport 😂

  • Degan Tierney
    Degan Tierney 3 months ago +2

    I hope to see this become a posh ride someday. Thank you for taking this hit James, if only we could repay you in full

  • DuckMint
    DuckMint 3 months ago +1

    I really enjoyed this as a different approach to your usual content, you're actually quite competent with cars, you would make a great automotive vlogger.

  • The Skunksmith
    The Skunksmith 3 months ago +7

    Can't wait to see how this goes, man. Do it to it. And maybe flintstone it if you gotta.

  • Shazzy
    Shazzy 3 months ago +4

    Love these project car videos, I hope you get the support needed to continue!

  • Laejah the Nerd
    Laejah the Nerd 3 months ago +3

    i love how 90% of this video is just the car stalling and Fundy screaming

  • Maxx0
    Maxx0 3 months ago +5

    8:37 my guess for that noise is the speedo cable! I have an older miata with the same issue of a jumping speedometer needle, and in colder weather it makes that noise, thought my engine was dying lol. You can try to re-lube the cable if it keeps happening, or replace it outright (if there's even parts available).

  • Kirk Linguini Hoodini the Cubone

    This video reminds me of when me and my dad tried and succeeded in fixing our old family minivan that sat in the elements for 5 years and it kept stalling on straightways on the freeway.

  • 2Skills4u
    2Skills4u 3 months ago +456

    The Yugo is far from being the worst car ever made, the thing is it has that title because its a very cheap, very basic, low quality material car, but having lived in Bosnia for several years, I can tell you this, this car is perfect for the balkans, it isn't particularly unreliable, its based off FIAT parts so easy and cheap to source parts for it, its got its character and was an affordable daily driver for the people from that area who don't earn much, I love the Yugo 45 and plan to buy one

    • Preston Garvey
      Preston Garvey 3 months ago +5

      If it is not unreliable why is it dying so badly lol

    • ZexyS
      ZexyS 3 months ago +63

      @Preston Garvey when you are buying a Yugo, it is a gamble, mine is still working like a charm, 1989, can go up and above 120km/h

    • 2Skills4u
      2Skills4u 3 months ago +43

      @Preston Garvey Because 1 car defines every other car in the world....get a grip, learn a bit about the car before slagging it off

    • HotCandy69
      HotCandy69 3 months ago +29

      @Preston Garvey Problem is the US version of the Yugo, at the time they were trying to push theirselves towards the US market the Ex-Yu area was going through the crisis & war so they had to cut costs wherever they could.

    • DavixDevelop
      DavixDevelop 3 months ago +36

      ​@Preston Garvey Because It's a old car, properly serviced who knows how long ago and It was never supposed to be the top of the line car. It was supposed to be a basic and cheap car, a working class people car, something to drive you around. The reason this car for some reason keeps on being egged on by the western world, js because as you know, we were a socialism, therefore we were and still are now as just Balkans automatically marked as bad, backwards, 3rd world... Another reason It's being egged on in the west, is because everyon keeps on judging this car through some modern lens, as it was a modern car, and not a for that time back then, cheap, basic and old car. Everyone mentions these three facts, and then proceeds on egging the car, totally ignoring these facts, and boom "wOrSt CaR iN tHe WoRlD".
      It wasn't enough that war happened, genocides happened, the whole country destroyed, reputation lost, that we became NOTHING on the world map. Nope, it seems it wasn't nearly enough, and we still, till this day keep on being egged on.

  • Tikus
    Tikus 3 months ago +3

    I absoultely love the idea of making a series out of getting this car back on the road with something hilarious under the hood.

  • Roki
    Roki 3 months ago +7

    I have a Yugo 45 that I learned to drive on and I swear it's the most fun car to drive. You literally feel connected to the car since it doesn't have power steering and it has horrendous braking. That means that you'll be driving and working out at the same time! Genious Yugoslavian engineering!

  • Agent Reckless
    Agent Reckless 3 months ago +35

    I'm from Serbia, daily driving a Yugo for like 5 years now. It's the most fun car in the history of the world. I believe that carburetor on your car isn't working properly and was making all that mess. BUT, the overheating... yea, that happens too sometimes.

  • Sulei
    Sulei 3 months ago +2

    would love to see more automotive content like this every now and then sprinkled between gaming vids

  • dacho
    dacho 2 months ago +1

    All of us Balkans are proud of you Jameskii, not because of the car, its because of the bravery of driving it

  • Romanulvasi
    Romanulvasi 3 months ago +539

    Driving this car is like playing Dark Souls 3 blindfolded

    • Andrew Konop
      Andrew Konop 3 months ago +32

      Except it's not Dark Souls and penalty for losing is being featured in one of those car crash compilations.

    • Volvith
      Volvith 3 months ago +6

      Dark Souls 2.
      _Scholar of the First Sin Edition._
      *_Without levelling ADP._*

    • J
      J 3 months ago +5

      DS3 blindfolded? I'd say blindfolded and broken sword with the way it just refuses to even be a car

    • King Slime
      King Slime 3 months ago

      @Volvith me dodging with base adp and fat roll

  • Gam_Tek
    Gam_Tek 3 months ago +1

    I love when James make car content, I would love to see more content like that on your channel more often

  • Iron Griffon
    Iron Griffon 3 months ago +2

    Yugo's weren't always hilariously bad, they were once very functional cars.

  • Ivan Stepanovic
    Ivan Stepanovic 2 months ago

    If you plan to modify the engine, just replace it. A lot of FIAT engines fit there since it was based on a FIAT model...
    However, that might damage the structure of the vehicle since the frame was not built to withstand an engine with a bit of power, so beware of that as well

  • cambs 01
    cambs 01 2 months ago +1

    The car is based on the Fiat 127, which was produced in the 1970s. So what you have is a car which has 70s mechanics. Like cars from that era, they do need a lot of attention. These things are actually quite simple to repair, however they do tend to need repairing quite a bit.

  • aspielm
    aspielm 3 months ago +1

    I’m pretty sure there’s some old Yugoslav-Grandpa out there who can get this thing running no problem but until then I can watch James struggle and that’s all I truely need in life

  • AnimationIvan
    AnimationIvan 3 months ago +460

    Everytime you guys took out a car part by accident, I thought ALL the car parts were gonna fall off like a cartoon.

  • le fishe
    le fishe 3 months ago +3

    as a person from the balkans, i can definitely say that this was one of the hardest moments of jameskii and that i can agree that he looks like an average bosnian.

  • Jazzer
    Jazzer 3 months ago +1

    I had a blast watching this video James. I hadn't laught like this in a while! I hope to see more of the Yugo in the future

  • Bll3X
    Bll3X 3 months ago +1

    Just imagine taking a driving test in this masterpiece, ah good old times.

  • Serious Cat
    Serious Cat 3 months ago +2

    well that's a nice piece of history right there. Hope to see more about that project :)

  • NubbyDerg
    NubbyDerg 3 months ago +4

    This is the car equivalent of juggling chainsaws. While it works, it's pretty cool but the risk factor is always super high, and when things go bad, they go *bad*

  • Ruthless FRFX
    Ruthless FRFX 3 months ago +320

    This whole video genuinely made me smile, please do more car stuff. I don’t have even close to the money to do stuff with my own project cars so its fun to watch people do stuff with their ridiculous cars.

  • Lowfe
    Lowfe 3 months ago +1

    Even though the car is absolutely horrible, the Yugo has been my dream car for years. I just really love the look of it, and actually fixing it and trying to make it better would be amazing

  • Smash my skull in with my grandma's china set.

    Be careful with the Ferrari design. They really like to sue anyone for anything close to the brand or name.
    Even Deadmau5 was sued.

    • Nino Joel
      Nino Joel 3 months ago +211

      They even sued people for sticking Ferrari emblems on cars where I live

    • Cpt.Peter
      Cpt.Peter 3 months ago +94

      Wasn't deadmau5 sued because he modded his ferrari?

    • C. ward
      C. ward 3 months ago +97

      ​@Cpt.Peter they stated that it was because of copyright infringement due to the logo he put on it and putting a purrari badge on it

    • Smash my skull in with my grandma's china set.
      Smash my skull in with my grandma's china set. 3 months ago +100

      @Cpt.Peter because it had a parody of the Ferrari badge with a cat instead with "purarri" on it

  • Graphing Whale
    Graphing Whale 3 months ago +1

    Fun fact: at a point of desperation, Yugo started selling their cars BUY ONE GET ONE FREE
    No other automobile company has done anything close to this

  • Viktor Jelić
    Viktor Jelić 3 months ago +1

    I never expected anyone to pay more than 500$ for a Yugo

  • rullercute
    rullercute 3 months ago +1

    I love this type of content, i look forward to seeing more ❤

    SCHEFLA 3 months ago +1

    In fact, you can be happy, that the cars built in Yugoslavia were easier to fix. There is also a great story behind those cars.

  • Ilomaniac
    Ilomaniac 3 months ago +262

    ah yes. its the one car my neighbors had for 20 years and insists it still works.

    • Ball Python
      Ball Python 3 months ago +56

      "if i let the yugo go, i let a piece of yugoslavia go with it and i dont want that to happen" mentality real

    • Jacob Rzeszewski
      Jacob Rzeszewski 3 months ago +29

      Well it's Schrödinger's box. If you never start it, it's state of operation will be both operable and inoperable.

    • Reaper 39
      Reaper 39 3 months ago +12

      my parents friends still uses one after like 30 years, the inside is literally falling apart but it somehow still runs

    • oskar piskorek
      oskar piskorek 3 months ago +6

      @Reaper 39 its so simple that the only way it can stop working completley os the engine falling out

    • Ilomaniac
      Ilomaniac 3 months ago +2

      @Ball Python exactly

  • stytha
    stytha 3 months ago +5

    Yugo is literally such a goated car, I have a need to spend a part of my first paycheck on the car + big speakers and have so much fun with my friends in it during the summer
    also... no idea how someone managed to sell a Yugo for 9k when it usually goes for 400-600e over here in Serbia

  • Natey Watey
    Natey Watey 3 months ago +2

    Funniest shit I've watched in a while😂😂. Honestly gave me some "banned from gta" vibes which I loved because honestly it's my favorite series by you

  • AlexTenThousand
    AlexTenThousand 2 months ago

    So I looked this up - as with the vast majority of Soviet and Soviet-adjacent cars, this was based on one of the basic designs that Fiat sold to the Soviet Union in exchange for oil (the "Soviet steel from rusty tanks" is a myth invented by British tabloids when the Lancia Beta's first batch of UK models showed early rusting issues which were actually caused by troubles in the production line). The shape of its body made me think of the Fiat Panda, but as far as I knew, that model was never sold to the Soviets...
    What happened is that Zastava took a short wheelbase model of the 128, fused it with elements of the 127, and came up with this.

  • MysticFrostic
    MysticFrostic 3 months ago

    I love this, I want more car content from you James, it would be so fun to see your adventure in cars

  • Jeltohn
    Jeltohn 3 months ago +1

    I'm excited to see where this project goes. You should make a T-shirt design with "Schrodinger's clutch"

  • Titomatico Random
    Titomatico Random 3 months ago +2

    He is totally making it a 2nd Eurobeat Movile for sure, and I'm all invested into that

  • CallMeCarter
    CallMeCarter 3 months ago

    This is actually a really nice style of video. Hopefully we'll see more irl James. Very nice facial hair 😊

  • Colin Chung
    Colin Chung 3 months ago +1

    please dont destroy this! WHATEVER YOU DO! PRESERVE IT! these little Yugos are gone, and this one is actually a really really nice example!

  • kymotsujason
    kymotsujason 3 months ago

    This was a great video. It's definitely the best car ever made. It might not be the best at going fast or going at all, but it's the best for content.

  • NoLogin
    NoLogin 3 months ago

    It would be fantastic if you could restore this car to working order and/or replace the internals to make it an actually functional and good car

  • c101vp
    c101vp 3 months ago +254

    the best part about this is that the company that made this car, Zastava, went bankrupt some years ago and their factory was bought out by Fiat

    • Tiernan Wilkinson
      Tiernan Wilkinson 3 months ago +51

      Zastava did not go bankrupt; only their automotive concern did. Zastava is still a major industrial concern producing arms and munitions. I have an M70 rifle from them from around the time of the Balkan Wars, but my friend has one that is modern production.
      They have an assembly plant in Illinois. It was hiring a while back and I thought briefly about working there, but it'd be rather a long commute from up here in Wisconsin.



    • Walter Sullivan Gaming (real)
      Walter Sullivan Gaming (real) 3 months ago +18

      @BRASSBANCROFTANDTHECOATHANGERMACHINEGUNS yeah, it's like having a Volkswagen beatle from the 40's and a Ferdinand tank from the same age

    • conexic
      conexic 3 months ago +3

      Zastava is still around to this day, they just make guns now. Its just the automotive division that is gone😢

    • Mica1124
      Mica1124 3 months ago

      Good to know quality didn't go up

  • Смирнов Максим

    James you're awesome, keep up the great work!

  • Chad1y_Burnum
    Chad1y_Burnum 3 months ago +1

    I have seem some pretty garbage cars. This one shouldn't exist or function in the first place, and yet I love it. Thanks James!❤

  • Ben B.
    Ben B. 3 months ago +1

    As someone with several older cars, manual windows are a blessing.

  • Mura
    Mura 3 months ago +1

    Holy shit that's awesome, you should def maybe try to get like a new engine put in that because even if it's not stock it's a cool piece of history to have running.

  • Off Grid Homemade Concepts

    Sad, I owned one back in the day that I paid $50 for. Never had an issue with it till I thought it was a great idea to jump it off road. :( I broke the CV and decided to just leave it there to fill in the hole after the jump. Worked out great for that. 8:39 you pissed off the Hamsters.

  • angel
    angel 3 months ago +608

    holy shit, massive respect for buying something this terrible just to make us laugh

    • JASXN.
      JASXN. 3 months ago +22

      not terrible it's a Legendary car u wouldn't know

    • angel
      angel 3 months ago +4

      @JASXN. its a terrible car

    • JASXN.
      JASXN. 3 months ago +25

      @angel no it's not, u should have been borned in the Balkans to understand what beauty this could do, it still can go 80kmh he just got the busted one, i still see fkn ppl driving it cuz it's a legend of a car just like Golf 2, ur just young not to realize what a good car this is back in the day and still having one is a respect not only having it but actually driving it

    • Todd Selway
      Todd Selway 3 months ago +14

      @angel its not, first of all its a historical car, second it has the SOHC 146A engine, made by Fiat, decent on power, really high tunability, and also used in the Fiat X1/9

  • Manicies
    Manicies 3 months ago +1

    oh poor fundy, the looks of terror and concern had me crying with laughter

  • rich_e
    rich_e 3 months ago

    yugo james, proud of the work you’re doing

  • Ben Vasilinda
    Ben Vasilinda 2 months ago +1

    Yugo’s we’re so popular when they first came out. Everyone knew they were cheap but people still loved them. I’ve considered buying one for fun but they sale more now then when they first came out because of the nostalgia of having one now.

  • Denarkwaes
    Denarkwaes 3 months ago

    Given all the trouble with the engine im really hoping for a crazy engine swap. I kinda of want to see a hyabusa engine go into it 😅

  • El
    El 2 months ago

    Generally Yugo's that were shipped to the US were of sketchy quality because there was a deadline to deliver them since Yugoslavia owned a lot of money to the Western world and that was a way to pay it back. We still see them rolling around nowadays too here in the Balkans.

  • nebojsa djukanovic
    nebojsa djukanovic 3 months ago +194

    I’m from ex-Yugoslavia and have been following Jameskii for years and I’ve never expected him to buy our country’s only car 🤣

    • SHMUGI
      SHMUGI 3 months ago +11

      What do u mean only car? Zastava didn't only make Yugo they had other great deisgns like The Zastava 101. Also are u talking about just serbia or the whole of yugoslavia. Cuz slovenia made TAM trucks which are still used today by firefighters and other services. Also Tomos motorbikes are good.

    • nebojsa djukanovic
      nebojsa djukanovic 3 months ago +7

      @SHMUGI By only car I meant company, but I didn’t know about Slovenia’s companies since I’m from western Balkans. I don’t know much about Slovenia but it’s cool to hear about you guys.

    • Nikola Manasijevic
      Nikola Manasijevic 3 months ago +4

      @SHMUGI This is YUGO for American market our YUGO for Yugoslavian market is 10x better.

    • KayDubs
      KayDubs 3 months ago

      @SHMUGI Didn't know we made TAM trucks.
      Pretty neat!

    • SHMUGI
      SHMUGI 3 months ago

      @KayDubs hey i know u

  • SmartToaster4K
    SmartToaster4K 3 months ago +4

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  • Dread Nought
    Dread Nought 3 months ago +1

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  • Redboi Productions
    Redboi Productions 2 months ago

    Im from Ex-Yugoslavia,and I have to say...
    This car is a masterpiece to us,it wont last a lot in the US cause people dont know how it is to be poor.And probably that car was already in bad condition,we here in Ex-Yugo states like to modify the engines,tires,etc. on this vehicle.

  • Luka
    Luka 3 months ago +1

    That was my Dads first car, fun fact when he was in middle of nowhere the tire started burning. Lets just say he was lucky he really needed to pee. (Also the toold you would get with the car originally were really good, still have them)

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    Shardas the Golden 3 months ago

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    Hungry Hungarian 3 months ago +125

    This video brings back some childhood memories of the struggles my mother and I experienced having a Polski-Fiat 126p car. We could not really use it much in the harsh Hungarian winter months and we could barely make it on top of the hill where my school was. I felt sorry for my mother whenever we got stuck in the snow on the road or broke down but I gotta admit that the car had special character and weird charm.

    • Aregie
      Aregie 3 months ago +7

      Average Hungarian Kocsi

    • Edy 0517
      Edy 0517 3 months ago


    • Bihari Márk
      Bihari Márk 2 months ago

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      Misterjersey54 3 months ago

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  • RedLyner
    RedLyner 3 months ago

    I've got one myself, that's a decent car once you fix all the problems. You should try getting 1.6 or 1.3 engine into it.

  • Alexz
    Alexz 3 months ago

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  • Iris Heart
    Iris Heart 3 months ago +3

    To be honest it actually looks fairly nice, I legit like both the exterior and interior aesthetics

    • Brighton Hilyard
      Brighton Hilyard 2 months ago

      buy it then and see how you like it

    • Iris Heart
      Iris Heart 2 months ago

      @Brighton Hilyard I already have a couple of old soviet project vehicles and do enjoy their aesthetics.

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    Nick105105 3 months ago

    As someone who is proud of owning a Yugo, I enjoy this video. Its always fun to clown on the car, but my GVX must not be a lemon, because its went, and it still goes today! Also the GVX is the sporty Yugo, with a whopping 5 extra hp, bringing it up to 60, twice the power of a riding lawn mower.

  • bertone122
    bertone122 2 months ago

    What did we learn today?
    If you planning on buying Yugo, you must have good battery

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