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What is a Bump Stock? Should it be illegal?!

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • How does a bump stock work? This video will demonstrate how a bumpstock works when attached to a Semi-Automatic AR-15. This has been in the news quite a bit lately as the United States government holds hearings on whether this gun accessory should be banned.
    This video shows how a Bump Stock works, and what it can accomplish while attached to an AR-15.
    It is currently illegal for private United states citizens to own a fully automatic firearm. (As of 1986) BUT bump stocks are only an accessory to a rifle, and don't actually alter the gun to fire automatically. So they are totally legal as of the posting of this video, anyone can buy one, and anyone can shoot with one.
    The question is: Should it stay legal? or should this accessory be regulated?
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  • @mattortiz5681
    @mattortiz5681 3 years ago +1

    You know this dude fell in love with the bump stock right after he used it.

  • @geffeniz
    @geffeniz Year ago +625

    I love how Jerry explains things simply for anyone

  • @jpsmith1984
    @jpsmith1984 Year ago +700

    I’m from Canada. I am not a gun owner. I, however, love watching guns on Clip-Share. I always admire and respect the pros on their knowledge and respect of their firearms. Well done and presented. Thanks 🇨🇦

  • @negativeplayer4446
    @negativeplayer4446 Year ago +128

    Dude, I never knew this guy also makes videos about guns.

  • @jimtamim1708
    @jimtamim1708 Year ago +1

    Just a casual day of Hitman trying his new toy.

  • @lw8814
    @lw8814 Year ago +21

    Great video. I knew bumpstocks had something to do with using recoil to speed up the fire rate but didn't know exactly how they opperated. Thank you for the nonbiased explenation.

  • @mais69420
    @mais69420 3 years ago +22

    Does the Bump Stock scratch at level 6 with deeper groves at level 7?

  • @The_Skrub
    @The_Skrub Year ago +1

    All I saw was a look of joy when he got that full auto feeling haha.

  • @jsdpatters473
    @jsdpatters473 Year ago +391

    Ah yes the fully semi-automatic that I’ve heard so much about

  • @andrewwalker1936

    Thanks for clarifying, you do a great way of explaining the subject in a non-biased way. So tough to find information without someone trying to manipulate you with their own political agenda throughout presenting 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • @romandriusyoung6308
    @romandriusyoung6308 Year ago +72

    This is my first time seeing this video and brother, I appreciate the way you are able to look at issues from other's perspective while still maintaining your own. Well done.

  • @c405b

    Jerry, you make such informative and interesting videos. The clarity in how you describe things is a talent not many have, but you have it. About the bump stock, I don't like it. I can see how you use it recreationally and I'm not offended by you having one, but the danger of mass carnage is too great, and no longer hypothetical, to allow these things to be owned generally. Even the AR15 alone is too great a threat to general safety. I was surprised how fast you were able to shoot that without the bump stock. That's my opinion. Also enjoyed your Rivian 1500 mile video and hope you slip in a 5,000 mile video before the promised 10,000 mile.

  • @coldflame1450
    @coldflame1450 3 years ago +33


  • @Harrisboyuno
    @Harrisboyuno Year ago +275

    His face when the bump stock kicked in. Like Christmas for 2 seconds.

  • @jackborsch4093
    @jackborsch4093 2 years ago +195

    Damn .40 cents a round. Missing those days

  • @vietman79
    @vietman79 14 days ago +1

    that was a real pleasure to watch. thanks for explaining. I didn't know what a bump stock did until now. It basically made the gun full auto lol.

  • @dylanbjornholtlund2791

    Thanks for putting it into slow-mo. It definitely helped with seeing what was actually going on

  • @roberthaldeman5935

    Great video and explanation. Did you happen to time how long it takes to empty a AR on fully automatic vs. a AR 15 with the bump stock vs. the AR 15 on normal semi automatic mode where you pull the trigger?

  • @garrettjones8947
    @garrettjones8947 2 years ago +6

    "These things are about 40 cents a piece."

  • @ABachelorsLife

    You did a great job laying that out very clearly. Now I understand better what a bump stock is. thank you!