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7 Ways to Escape Real Minecraft Prison

  • Published on Dec 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • alt account💋
    alt account💋 Month ago +20

    thank you for making my day brighter

  • Philip Condon
    Philip Condon Month ago +4

    You guys are awesome 😂

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo Month ago +23

    Love your vids man, keep up the good work 👍

  • Panchala Toto
    Panchala Toto Month ago +2

    You should’ve hid into the rock.

  • Kenny Villa
    Kenny Villa Month ago +4

    I bought your merch ❤

  • Matthew Evans
    Matthew Evans Month ago +1

    Wait. What was the 7th method? You only showed 6 methods in this video.

  • IRON
    IRON Month ago +17

    I am so glad he has continued doing videos with aswd!

  • ThePolskaBall01
    ThePolskaBall01 Month ago +4

    from 2:52, i think the character is Stitch from Lilo & Stitch

  • Image Wizard
    Image Wizard Month ago +3

    I love the fact that Natan's beard wasn't on properly

  • logannuculaj48
    logannuculaj48 Month ago +2

    Happy late birthday!

  • lightfuseandgetaway

    i love Unspeakable,cause he makes awsome vidios🥰

  • Stormbreaker
    Stormbreaker Month ago +3

    To everyone who got here early have a blessed day

  • AJ Hullender
    AJ Hullender Month ago

    I’m a huge fan I watch all of the videos and have been here sines I was three❤️

  • Owen
    Owen Month ago +2

    what other people saw: *7 ways to escape real minecraft prison* me: *7 ways to escape prison in real life*

  • Atomic
    Atomic Month ago

    I love this guy keep up good work mate also could you give me tips for my Clip-Share channel???

  • I like bread
    I like bread Month ago +5

    Defeat the “Warden” 😂😂😂

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago +1

    Happy birthday Unspeakable (even though you're birthday was two days ago 😅)

  • Salah Warress
    Salah Warress Month ago +2

    I know who’s the person from Hawaii coming. It’s Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

  • Ayse kilic
    Ayse kilic Month ago +1

    It's been like half a year since I watched you

  • reddelta69
    reddelta69 Month ago

    #Unspeakable Is the goat, You are what powers me

  • Beth Forseth
    Beth Forseth Month ago +2

    What sort of headphones is he wearing???

  • Azhar Iqbal
    Azhar Iqbal Month ago +2

    I love your videos

  • Sharon Braun
    Sharon Braun Month ago

    UNSPEAKABLE I am a fan of you even minecraf all the time
    I hope you enjoy it?

  • Highlighter
    Highlighter Month ago

    Let’s be honest unspeakable, you don’t actually like playing dream light valley. How much did they pay you to say that

  • Slaythatkingps5
    Slaythatkingps5 Month ago

    Unspeakable can I pls have that gaming pc I’m low on money and my mom is still trying to get my hospital bills paid

  • Luis Bonilla
    Luis Bonilla Month ago

    Unspeakable pls shout me out I got the tickets to the live show c:

  • Melinda Engelbrecht
    Melinda Engelbrecht Month ago +2

    I already have Disney dream light valley

  • Jessica Ham
    Jessica Ham Month ago

    Unspeakable you should do a 100 layers of wood

  • StarSkaper💕
    StarSkaper💕 Month ago

    I've watched your Og Vids I've been watching since I was 3 Og!

  • Rosalie Yabis
    Rosalie Yabis Month ago +2

    0:47 Friday night Funkin!

  • Kylie Tomlinson
    Kylie Tomlinson Month ago

    Bro you Nathen I’ve been have watched your Videos since I was 6 and now I turning 8 in 3 monthes🎉

  • Vickiwootton KantarTrial

    I think the creature from Hawaii is stich

  • Elizabeth Dieterich
    Elizabeth Dieterich Month ago +1

    I found a unicorn in the back round

  • Mr gamer Pokémon man
    Mr gamer Pokémon man Month ago +1

    what would you do if you had to be in prison four four 70 years

  • Tentrim
    Tentrim Month ago +5

    Dude I remember watching your og Minecraft gaming channel in 2014 man good old days

    • Tentrim
      Tentrim Month ago

      @neymaru He had a channel called Unspeakable Gaming which was made in 2012 for some reason he changed the channel to Unspeakable Reacts

    • neymaru
      neymaru Month ago

      he joined in 2017

    • tele gram me at👉 unspeakable7
      tele gram me at👉 unspeakable7 Month ago

      Text the telegram channel above ⬆️ let’s talk 🤩🥰😍

  • Static ♉️
    Static ♉️ Month ago +1

    The blue character is probably stich

  • Roselis Acosta Vargas
    Roselis Acosta Vargas Month ago +6

    Keep the good work

  • Taliuh
    Taliuh Month ago

    Stitch is gonna be in the game I know it

  • Conner Murphy
    Conner Murphy Month ago +2

    he always makes me smile

  • Landon Barbieri
    Landon Barbieri Month ago

    I loved this video

  • Sarah Hutcheson
    Sarah Hutcheson Month ago

    Can you play dreamlight Valley for a video

  • Optimer Prime Earth Wars

    Ohh let's go new vid

  • ariana
    ariana Month ago +4

    He always makes me feel better

  • Jennifer Herrmann
    Jennifer Herrmann Month ago +1

    So exciting

  • Lucas Doyle
    Lucas Doyle Month ago

    Congrats to the one is early and found this comment

  • Antonija Janković
    Antonija Janković Month ago

    Where did Aswd go?🥲 ... i miss the old days

  • CalicoGamerPro
    CalicoGamerPro Month ago

    That certain blue character from Hawai? Stitch. No more needed

  • Im_a_gorillaman
    Im_a_gorillaman Month ago +1

    Can you host a LIVE event on bedrock and Java on different days it will make me dream come to life.

  • Isaac M
    Isaac M Month ago +2

    I always love your videos you put so much effort into them and that is why I love them❤❤

    • Isaac M
      Isaac M Month ago

      @Jack Wrath Nop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack Wrath
      Jack Wrath Month ago


  • ImmortalRock44
    ImmortalRock44 Month ago

    my 4 year old sister
    plays that game

  • Your_the_BEST
    Your_the_BEST Month ago +1

    Hi I love your videos unspeakable your the best Clip-Sharer EVER

  • De Jordoli
    De Jordoli Month ago +4

    your videos are so fun to watch

  • Michael Hayes
    Michael Hayes Month ago +1

    Can you film a Christmas videos now

  • DisabledDingoEdits74
    DisabledDingoEdits74 Month ago +1

    Hello Unspeakable!

  • Raven Arsenault
    Raven Arsenault Month ago

    Can you please do a 50 hours in your bus

  • Семья в Англии

    Nathan your one of. My favourite Clip-Sharers

  • savage gaming
    savage gaming Month ago +2

    BRO UR THE BEST Clip-ShareRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole
    Nicole Month ago +1

    Unspeakable *THAT'S NOT JUST DANCE*

  • adriana gibson
    adriana gibson Month ago

    I’m sorry that I’m telling u this unspeakable but my friend said that your a nightmare to her I’m sorry that I told you this but she does NOT like you at all but all of my other friends love your vid’s including ME! Don’t be sad 😢

  • Heady Tokes Daily
    Heady Tokes Daily Month ago +1

    did you know aswell is like the cameraman or unspeakable like when he goes into inventory

    • Heady Tokes Daily
      Heady Tokes Daily Month ago

      4:36 4:36 4:36 4:36 4:37 days in the middle and the first week in a month I have to be back to at the next 😮😮😮 😮 I will never find anything else I need help for you and I will be there able I will be in my office at this moment if you can help us with this help for you help me help for you me too and you help with my life

    • Heady Tokes Daily
      Heady Tokes Daily Month ago


    • Heady Tokes Daily
      Heady Tokes Daily Month ago


  • Heather Vandergrift
    Heather Vandergrift Month ago +1

    I am one of your biggest fans the reason I say one of the biggest is because others will think they are the biggest I have watched all of your videos I wish I could be in one of your videos but I don't fly and my parents don't want to dive for more than 10 hours and I live in Missouri so yea I love your videos so much but I have watched every videos at least two times but by.

  • Yoru player
    Yoru player Month ago +1

    I love your vids GUUUUUU!!!

  • DoomvictGaming
    DoomvictGaming Month ago +2

    "Dollar Tree headset-"🗿

  • Mad_dog Gamer2.0
    Mad_dog Gamer2.0 Month ago +2

    Unspeakable is the best Clip-Sharer

  • Dani Lozano
    Dani Lozano 10 days ago

    I have Dreamlight Valley and it’s such a fun game

  • T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus Terrance Month ago

    Hello, Humans
    The weather may be rough, but if you endure it, it will make you stronger, by the time you reach the sun.

  • Sylar Hatala
    Sylar Hatala Month ago +1

    (unspeakable) used key to unchain door then kick it)
    (literally able to bump the door open)

  • Lucas Castro
    Lucas Castro Month ago +1

    that is cool

  • Gheorghe Moldoveanu

    i bet the charakter from hawaii is sticht

  • Image Wizard
    Image Wizard Month ago +1

    who thinks Nathan should play Friday night funkin'

  • Hard Core
    Hard Core Month ago

    Its sonic or stitch in Hawaii + Love your videos💕💖❤

  • Jessie Andis
    Jessie Andis Month ago +12

    Unspeakable always finds a way to make more minecraft map videos in 2022...

    • Jack Wrath
      Jack Wrath Month ago


  • 𝓡𝓲𝓵𝓮𝔂

    I've ben watching
    Your videos for 3years pleas reach out to me

  • Michael Ravellette
    Michael Ravellette Month ago

    when i get microsoft acount can i play with you unspeakable pleassssssssssseeeeee answer

  • Image Wizard
    Image Wizard Month ago

    who else prefers real life then minecraft, in his videos?

  • Mr.SunFlower - Fortnite

    unspeakable please make a jurassic craft series😥

  • Derek McFarland
    Derek McFarland 25 days ago

    7:47 keep the good work up

  • ThePolskaBall01
    ThePolskaBall01 Month ago +1

    UNSPEAKABLE It's STITCH from Lilo and Stitch

  • Unicorn Sparkle ART
    Unicorn Sparkle ART Month ago +1

    Already have dreamlight valley ever since released

  • K Speagle
    K Speagle Month ago +1

    Hiii lve your vids

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    malcazar27 Month ago

    My favorite Disney character is Mickey

  • Ayaan
    Ayaan Month ago

    Can you make a video about braking throw a 1000 lares of cartoon caretors?😊

  • Brian Serrano
    Brian Serrano Month ago

    Hey I’m a big fan I didn’t have a actual account so I couldn’t subscribe to you and I never knew how to make one but I finally did and I am a big fan. I have an a watching you for so long I want to meet you one day my dream is to be in your videos, one day and for this Christmas I’m going to ask for a lot of unspeakable merch. I love you all Keep up the good work.

  • Callen Crusher
    Callen Crusher Month ago

    This isn’t basically unspeakable plays cause they’re still real life in it😮

  • Emoji Memer
    Emoji Memer Month ago

    Hi. I love you're videos. I've been watching you since i was 5 and now im 9. Can you give me tips on how to get better at Clip-Share i only have like 500 subscibers.

    • Emoji Memer
      Emoji Memer Month ago

      @Harry Gaming thank you but i don't know what to post.

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      Harry Gaming Month ago

      Keep making videos and do different things

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      CR21 Month ago

      I started watchibg when i was 5 and now im 12...

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      Crashnerd64playz Month ago

      Bro I’m chilling with like 5…

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    MadGamez Month ago +2

    This guy is a legend! He owns a garage and an AMUSEMENT PARK!
    Absolutely 🔥!

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    Keep up the good work

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    And your vids with weed are very good

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    I am your biggest fan🙂

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    I love your vid I watched you when I was 3

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    yoooo u put alot of effort

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  • pls help me to my dream of 100k

    Unspeakable never fails to entertain

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    I love your videos

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    Your the best men

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