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750w PSUs Not Enough in 2021? - Why We Upgraded to 1,000 Watts

  • Published on Apr 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome to "A Brief History of Power Supplies... and other interesting facts about PSUs"
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    Time stamps
    00:00 Intro - Why 1000w PSU are not longer Crazy
    0:52 Efficiency Ratings
    1:40 Brief History of PSUs - (For Tech this is Brief)
    3:42 System Power Consumption Loads
    4:14 AMD Sapphire Radeon R9295X2 8GB
    4:49 Cooler Master V750 Gold
    5:08 Benchmark Chart RTX3090 + i9-10900K
    6:00 PSU Unboxing
    8:37 More explanation to Benchmark Chart
    11:15 Unboxing EVGA 1000W Gold G5
    15:20 PSU White Testbench Upgrade
    17:20 PSU Black Testbench Upgrade
    18:38 Why test bench keep shutting off - Give it more power Mr. Sulu
    20:51 Closing
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Comments • 311

  • Deeber
    Deeber Year ago +13

    Thanks for this video. Tech Deals as a channel is great value; you get the Tech Nostalgia channel thrown in for free. ;)

  • RaindancerAU
    RaindancerAU Year ago +11

    I agree with the sentiment of buying a PSU with headroom so you don't need to upgrade an existing machine's PSU, but having done so myself recently, the experience was nowhere near as bad as I was preparing for.

  • rcald2000
    rcald2000 Year ago +12

    *Tech* This was honestly one of my favorite videos thus far. This topic is very relevant to me, since I had several friends have systems shut down with 750 watt PSUs trying to power RTX 3080/3090's.

  • Jeremy Quan
    Jeremy Quan Year ago +5

    Thank you so much for this video, I loved this whole video. You actually described the issue I've been having with my computer which uses a EVGA 750w. I just bought the G5 1000w because of your video because my computer shuts down as soon as I start to edit. Again, amazing video and props for making this

  • Anorax
    Anorax Year ago +2

    The most surprising issue I had this year was my 7 year old Corsair AX860i running in single rail mode was insufficient to power my 10700KF and RTX3090 system running stock speeds in certain games. I had to upgrade to a SeaSonic 1000W Titanium to achieve stability. What I have noticed is the power requirement of the RTX3090 fluctuates very quickly in games which seems to put extra instantaneous loads on the PSU. Older PSU's even though they were top end don't seem to be designed to cope well with the new class of heavyweight GPU's that have extra power load demands.

  • Tommy Rotton
    Tommy Rotton Year ago

    I got a 850w which wasn't easy to find early this year as the 1000w & 1200w were never in stock being snapped up by miners as soon as they were. I learn to use an online PSU calculator for my builds quite a few years ago to get an idea of what i would need.

  • Wayne Bird
    Wayne Bird Year ago +1

    Wow...In 20 minutes we got a quick PSU history, unboxing and a test bench upgrade all in the same video. May this madness never stop!

  • TheCgOrion
    TheCgOrion Year ago +5

    I have a 850w G3 Supernova in one system, and a 850w Superflower (they made Supernova series for EVGA) in another, and they're both fantastic PSUs. I also like the Seasonic that's in one of the other systems.

  • Yash Persand
    Yash Persand Year ago

    Just discovered your channel. Honestly, this is the best and most informative tech channel. Period. Cherry on top, ALL the reviews that ive watched are unbiased. I have a request, can you compare the Apple M1 chip from the AMD Zen 3, 8 core equivalent? I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks and keep up the good work ❤️

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago +1

      Wow, thanks!
      Regarding the Apple M1, I tried that in the past, but every time I bring up Apple stuff, people complain.

  • Vermilicious
    Vermilicious Year ago

    One of the arguments for compacting silicon chips is reduced power consumption, but they just keep stuffing more in them so that the power consumption still goes up. This ever increasing power demand is concerning. And it's not very reasonable. I'm still using an i7 920 and playing most games quite well. It has a TDP of 90W, which is actually quite a lot for its age. There's decent amount of performance to be had for "only" 65W nowadays. Most people won't need more, but they still make these overkill parts, and people will buy them.

  • Soap A
    Soap A Year ago +4

    3 years ago I bought a 1000W Titanium. My friends thought I was crazy. Heck, I thought I was crazy. Fast forward to now, I have an RTX 3080 running with zero issues, and with plenty room to spare. Esp seeing all those random tests that Linus did showing it can spike past 320W during gaming.

    • Lifeless Knight
      Lifeless Knight Year ago

      @Soap A yeah definitely keeping it that long. Awesome about to order it now thanks for the help!

    • Soap A
      Soap A Year ago +1

      @Lifeless Knight If you plan on keeping it for more than 3-5 years, then I'd say yes. Worth the extra cost now since power supplies lose efficiency over time.

    • Lifeless Knight
      Lifeless Knight Year ago

      I was thinking about ording a pc with a 3080 should I get a 1000w?

  • Kazlux
    Kazlux Year ago +1

    Been getting a lot of random total shutdowns in graphically intensive games with a 3090... I have an 850w and thought it was enough... do you think a 1000W would fix my problem?

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan Year ago

    Excellent educational piece on power supplies that will be valuable when prices and availability come back down. If they don't, many people won't be buying any computer components unless they have no choice.

  • Tony Geddes
    Tony Geddes Year ago +1

    Great video mate. Subscribed. I just ordered a G6 1000w. Coming from a Seasonic 650w - that was a great psu, totally reliable, but just need more power now. It’s crazy, in a couple of years we may be saying 1000w isn’t enough!

  • jGRite
    jGRite Year ago

    I gotta apply everything you said to a small form factor power supply (to go in my first mini itx build).
    I ran into an issue when I wanted a matching case and power supply. Not gonna do that again. Went from a 660p to a 750 G3 in a low power 3100, 5500xt, 4 ssds, and all USBs (but 2) used.

  • windpeoples
    windpeoples Year ago +1

    Loved the video. I knew some of the history already, but the point about single vs. multi rail was spot on.

  • Perry George
    Perry George Year ago

    Might be useful to offer instruction in how to evaluate existing builds/PSU against new components.

  • AndyMutz
    AndyMutz Year ago

    I have a Seasonic 750W titanium power supply and so far all the games I have tried worked fine on my system (i9-9900K + RTX 3080).
    but the Diablo 2: Resurrected technical alpha behaved weirdly and my power supply shut off just seconds after launching the game, every time.

  • Edison X
    Edison X Year ago +1

    Thank you for your review. I am currently using the same unit with 3080ti and 12900k.
    I bought this just in case I need to upgrade my GPU or CPU in the future.
    I am too lazy to swap a power supply haha.

  • Roman
    Roman Year ago

    Nice vid, I agree 100% I got a 1200W Corsair HXi and very happy with it especially as it cost me a little more than the same 1 but 850W, I have a friend with a PC store, he used it for a build but the guy cancelled the order after it was ready so got it as "slightly used" from my friend. you forgot to mention that when the PSU is not fully utilized it's more efficient so in a 10 year lifetime of a good PSU it will actually save you $$. My PSU is always at 90%+ efficiency. Also I like the iCUE program from Corsair, great for monitoring all the primary PC temps and clocks + you can control any Corsair products with the i like the HXi, AXi or their peripherals

  • Zodiac011
    Zodiac011 Year ago +1

    I went from an EVGA G2 750w Gold to a Corsair AX1000 Titanium, have an EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra, R9 5900X, 64gb Ram with 4 sticks, 2x2TB M.2 drives, 2x6TB HDDs. The GPU can use up to 450w by itself, the CPU doesn't use a ton, but with AMD Ryzen Master auto oc it will use some more juice. I just wanted headroom too as 750w had barely any headroom. I wanted a PSU that will definitely power GPUs in the future if they are as power hungry as the 30 series, and the CPUs from Intel take a lot, if I wanted an Intel for my next CPU i'd need a good PSU

  • Bob Le Kewl
    Bob Le Kewl Year ago

    I love the EVGA PSU's. I have a 650W one on my son's PC & had I been able to find one in stock I would have bought one, but my Corsair 1000W one is still very good.

  • Just In
    Just In 8 months ago

    I appreciate this video. I have two systems ((B550, x570) both 5800X, 32 gig 3600 memory)). One system with EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 12gb pulling upto 405 Watts, and the other Asus Rog Strix 3080 OC 12GB pulling 370 Watts . I use 1000 Watt PSU's and got so many "over kill" bashing comments! So, thank you for the video!

  • kodo nosaki
    kodo nosaki Year ago

    Needing a 650 W PSU for my mid-tower, I chose an EVGA 850 PQ PSU because of its stellar specs. The loading that this PSU will need to put, will seldom be sufficient to hear its cooling fan. Since I want as little fan sound as possible and definitely no miniscule high pitch electronic sound, I replaced the power supply's fan with a Noctua NF-A14 PWM fan powered by the Sys 2 fan header on the mobo. Now, that case is Noctua quiet. And, when those fans must rev up to remove heat, it's pleasingly louder.

  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan Year ago +1

    Stumbled across this channel looking for PSU information. This is a great video - really enjoyed the way it was organized out and presented. Kudos to the host for his demeanor and delivery. Learned a lot and feel better informed about PSU now. Thank you for the great video.

  • Sherizati
    Sherizati Year ago +2

    The funny thing about the EVGA 850 supernova is that it trips OCP on their own EVGA 3080. But yes, for "most cases" their 850 should be fine.

    • Jake Allen
      Jake Allen 8 months ago

      I have an EVGA 850w G3 and an EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra Hydro Copper with an overclocked 10980xe, and I have no shut down issues, that being said, I don't play Cyberpunk 2077.
      The only issue I've noticed after upgrading to the 3080 from a 1080Ti is that now the PSU's fan has become noisy, previously it never had to come on I guess.

  • Ec Lectic
    Ec Lectic Year ago

    Great video as always, giving some history of the product classes

    • Ec Lectic
      Ec Lectic Year ago

      @Tech Deals That encyclopaedic brain of yours with tech history is your competitive advantage and that is why I watch you, even though your livestreams are 4-5 hours on average! I became a PC hobbyist in 1992 and your reminisces bring back memories of the good ol' days! Keep up the good work!

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago

      Thanks for watching!

  • Luka The Satanic Gamecat
    Luka The Satanic Gamecat 7 months ago +1

    Now is a good time to buy a PSU! Prices are dropping like crazy. I just got an EVGA Supernova 1300 for $169 and it used to be $269.
    The reason? I have a 3090 and an AMD 3970x and my 850W PSU is not enough.

  • CyberISG
    CyberISG Year ago

    Thanks for your videos, they are very helpful, I’ve been following tech deals for a while and I’ve been learning a lot 👍🏻

  • EF M
    EF M Year ago

    I've been running 1200W power supplies for a while. Needless to say, they're all still useful after a decade. Chassis have now become the issue. I gut a workstation every 3 years maintaining at least 4 machines at all times. Some of my old workstation chassis have become outdated. Advice on workstation chassis would be helpful.

    • EF M
      EF M Year ago

      @Tech Deals That's exactly what I'd been looking at. Thanks.

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago

      I quite like the Cooler Master H500P Mesh, we have a nice Threadripper build in it. If you want more room, it's older but the Corsair Obsidian 750D full tower is a beast, we own 4 of them for a reason.

  • Plamen Purvanov
    Plamen Purvanov 11 months ago +1

    A little too late here,but there are few things I want to say.The rtx 3090 power supply recommendation is 850 wats. Of course 550w and 750w power supplies will fail. The power rails (single or multi) and the certification doesn`t matter that much if you have enough breathing room in W with a good quality PSU`s of course.The difference between bronze and platinum is around 10-15% efficiency.For me single rail PSU`s are better,because they can concentrate all the power where it`s needed.With multi rail PSU`s you are limited with what the rail can deliver.And i had issues with that in the past.It can cut the power just because you overloaded only one of the rails no matter that there is plenty of power left in the other rails. What matters is the load of the PSU. If it reach it`s peak load on a benchmark the overload protection kicks in and cuts the power.

  • M M
    M M Year ago

    Glad I got a 650w. At the time lots of people were saying 500w was good enough and predicting that future cards will require less energy (it was trending to lower wattage)

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago +1

      Yea, it kinda went the other way! Back in 2016, we were installing 450w PSUs in some of our builds!

  • Pixubol Imon
    Pixubol Imon Year ago

    I have a 1000 watt PSU with my 10900K & RTX 3080. It's not krazy to have a higher watt system, it gives you a peace of mind and can work for future upgrades.

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago +1

      Yea, you can just relax and use your PC without fussing about it.

  • Terry Gold
    Terry Gold 11 months ago

    Really good review. Informative, excellent content and delivery. thank you

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson Year ago

    I had a lot of issues on a 750 watt bronze Corsair ryzen 3800x gaming x trio 3090. Wanted to swap to 1000 watt but couldn’t find anything in stock. Settled for 850 watt and it’s been smooth so far.

  • Mike Krebs
    Mike Krebs Year ago +1

    Yeah, I made the mistake of upgrading to a 750w PSU when I bought a 3080, because it was the manufacturer's recommendation I wrongly assumed it would be more than enough, but once I did the number crunching realized it was just barely adequate (especially with overclocked CPU). So, rather than go with another 'incremental' upgrade I went the 'f$&k it' route and got a 1000w PSU, it was only slightly more expensive than a 850w version, and with a 10 year warranty I feel like I won't have to worry about buying a new PSU for a while now.

    • Keith Force
      Keith Force Year ago

      ouch. big mistake indeed especially video cards requires more wattage than before. 750 ain't gonna cut it if you're overclocking. ppl gonna have to buy 1000+ watt psu for future upgrades to protect their investments. that is why i keep a lookout of requirements video card needs. then i go and upgrade psu to make sure everything runs smoothly. mistakes happen. check requirements on card and see if psu needs upgrade. i bought a Corsair RM1000X 80+Gold PSU for future upgrades. i just learned that on pc games video settings has nothing to do with overclocking. just increasing gaming performance. users has to go on cpu or gpu settings to manually overclock. that is what increase wattage. i'm gonna wait on a 4000 series video card evga geforce 4080 Ti a year or 2. this will be my final upgrade on video card. i don't overclock my pc. just wanna be sure that i got plenty of breathing room to avoid pc destroyed :)

  • ElladanKenet
    ElladanKenet Year ago +1

    Great video, but you might want to check the sound. It's significantly lower compared to other videos, and my volume's pretty high on both the Clip-Share end and the sound mixer.
    My current rig is an 850w, gold I believe. I got it anticipating I would eventually get a 3070 Super. I instead got a 3060ti. On that note, my needs are pretty easily met. I am determined to get a 5070 or 5070 Super if/when those ever release, and that will probably be when I upgrade to 1000w.

    • ElladanKenet
      ElladanKenet 5 months ago +1

      @Hani Online Not necessarily. It can and will spin a little bit. You can look at it in two ways: 1) the system has LOTs of headroom and is very efficient and 2) the system has to work a lot easier. Think of it as two people in a 1 mile race, one guy is sprinting, and the other guy is at a brisk jog. The sprinter will win of course, but he'll be worn out. The jogger will finish in good time and won't be nearly as tired. The goal is to have your system jogging, not sprinting.

    • Hani Online
      Hani Online 5 months ago

      @ElladanKenet is it really okay to use high wattage psu on low system wattage requirements ? doesn't that damaging the psu since the fan maybe will never spin since u will never reach 50/100 of the psu wattage ?

    • ElladanKenet
      ElladanKenet Year ago

      @Tech Deals That's the plan! I'd rather my computer run smooth as an Olympic marathoner.

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago +1

      850w may seem overkill for a 3060 Ti, but you're running very efficient and it'll last effectively forever at that level.

  • 天津的花茶
    天津的花茶 Year ago +36

    Yes, I too need 1000W PSU for all the new CPU and GPUs I can’t find in store :p Great video though.

    • Jake Allen
      Jake Allen 8 months ago

      @kodo nosaki Agree with your posts, but don't need platinum certification.

    • kodo nosaki
      kodo nosaki Year ago +2

      @Adam Taj Hassam Amps x Volts = Watts. If the amps increase, and the volts are maintained, the wattage will increase! But often, when OC'ing, more volts are needed to push the amps, in order to maintain system stability. Try a reliable single rail power supply having excellent specifications like: Watts continuous at 50°C. platinum certified.

    • Adam Taj Hassam
      Adam Taj Hassam Year ago

      Sometimes its not just the wattage- its the amps...

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago +8

      You and me both!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    I'm glad i got an EVGA 1000W G2 power supply from 8 years ago and still running strong. From the days of R9 290s in Crossfire haha.

  • Daniel Brant
    Daniel Brant 11 months ago

    I swapped from an Asus tuf 3080 which only required 2 8 pin connectors to the EVGA 3080 ctw3 ultra which requires 3 8 pin connectors. I have a EVGA 750 watt and it was fine for about a year but I would get random shutdowns . What I noticed was the 3 8 pins only come from 2 pcie cables so I'm thinking that EVGA cards run razy power hungry. I ordered a Corsair 1000 watt so I hope that helps.

    • Daniel Brant
      Daniel Brant 8 months ago

      @Yajnal Gibno That power Supply died- 750 is DEFINITELY not enough to handle the 3080 over time. The Random restarts started happening more and more often until one day it would just not turn on anymore. I upgraded to the 1000 one and got an RMA on the 750- Maybe I will use it for a smaller build for someone in the future.

    • Yajnal Gibno
      Yajnal Gibno 8 months ago

      Wassup bro.. Can you give us an update on your machine now? Does the random still exist? I was planning buying 750w PSU.

    RANDOM PLAYER64 Year ago +2

    I had to upgrade my evga ga 850 because of this and it was doing it with a 3090 and 3100 but only on rise and shadow of the tomb raider at 4k. When I upgraded to a 5950x it was doing it in every game so I just got a Corsair hx1200

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago

      Nice choice, those Corsair HX units are great, we have several of them going on 8 years old and they work well.

  • Kyle Carr
    Kyle Carr Year ago

    Just ordered the evga 80 plus gold 1000 to replace my 750 bronze. I'm hoping it it fixes my random reboots while gaming. I'm running a rtx 3080 ftw3 ultra, i9 10900k and 1440p at max, hoping this new power supply helps!

    • George Marquez
      George Marquez Year ago

      Did it fix it ? I’m currently using a 3080 with a 850w getting some random reboots during gaming.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM Year ago

    I really enjoyed all aspects of this video and i was looking for a power supply for my current build im putting together, you have sold me on the G5 if i can get it, i had no idea they were in short supply 😪

  • Zyno54k
    Zyno54k 6 months ago

    In your opinion Titanium ratings worth it or inconsequential compared to gold or platinum?

  • K1llrzzZ
    K1llrzzZ Year ago +1

    I got a good deal on a Corsair HX1200 last year, it was brand new but the package was opened so it was 30% cheaper so I bought it.

  • Angry Penguin
    Angry Penguin Year ago

    I gotta ask. Have you had any issues running the AIO with the radiator under the pump? Noise, anything?

  • Landon
    Landon Year ago

    Wow. What a day to put this out. One pin out of the unholy *24* in my 3090 Suprim X had the plastic melted off. I had braided extension cables, and promptly removed them and directly connected the original PSU cables. After carefully removing the melted plastic in the socket with a toolkit, it's working without issue so far. But I'm continuing to monitor.
    Crazy thing is that the computer was working the past 24 hours. But twice in two days I got a "d6" video output error code randomly, which quickly resolved. But I was "preemptively" trying to forestall any more seemingly random shutdowns. A new PSU is on the way.

  • John Dicus
    John Dicus 11 months ago

    I was putting a 5950x with 5700xt together and knew it'd only run at about 420 watts. But I got a Seasonic Titanium 850W as I leave the machine running 24/7 full-steam processing. I know that for most folks Gold would be fine, but I need reliability and stability so I can be gone for the day while it runs and I don't need to worry. In fact, in hybrid mode the PSU fan never even comes on unless the GPU really ramps up. Other than the connections becoming outdated with new GPU's, this PSU should last me for a decade or more (12 year warranty even!). I scored on the Seasonic. I remember years ago when you were showing some off, I so wanted one! Sadly, they are very pricey, but Amazon had one 'factory-reconditioned) for a big savings and it was barely more than the 750W Platinum I'd been looking at. I got lucky on that lottery, it's been a Prime (LOL) unit!

    • John Dicus
      John Dicus 5 months ago +1

      If a person's not working a high-end 16 core overclocked and a really big GPU, 650 is agood wattage to look at. Now, I recommend going a bit bigger and better than most, so you can keep it for a decade or more and use it for any rig you build.

    • John Dicus
      John Dicus 5 months ago +1

      @Hani Online I think it should do fine. 300W plus 50% more (for the safety aspect) would be 450W. So you've got enough buffer for expansion!

    • Hani Online
      Hani Online 5 months ago +1

      @John Dicus so you think it's okay to use corsair RM650x psu for my gtx1660ti & i5-12400F my max wattage propably is only 250-300w ?

    • John Dicus
      John Dicus 5 months ago +1

      @Hani Online Mine spins up on startup then stops. And not working hard won't hurt the PSU. And a stronger one than the board needs won't push more to the board than the board asks for.

    • Hani Online
      Hani Online 5 months ago

      is it really okay to use high wattage psu on low system wattage requirements ? doesn't that damaging the psu since the fan maybe will never spin ?

  • George Indestructible

    My trusty Seasonic Ultra Prime Titanium 650 Watt is doing great with the following for 3 years now: X570(just replaced a broken B550 board a few days ago), 5800X(AIO cooled), x3 SSDs (x1 SATA, x2 NVME), x2 3600MHz Ram CL 15, a Nitro+ V64 UV'ed and OC'ed and 3 USB devices(LGTECH KB, Wireless Mouse and a USB WiFi adapter).
    In max load it can go up to around 500 Watts from the wall.
    These specs are updated very recently, with this PSU i was mostly on a B250, i5 7600, 16GB 2400MHz, 1060 6GB and that was drawing around 240 Watts from the wall. So i didn't really stressed it for like 2.5ish years.

  • José Bonilla
    José Bonilla Year ago +1

    It'd be a complete pain in the wallet to replace my 750w Seasonic Prime Titanium PSU... but my next PSU will be a 1000w one. At least i still have some breathing room since i'm running a 3700X and a 3060 Ti

  • Mads Frederik Toft
    Mads Frederik Toft 10 months ago

    An intrestering take in 2022. With energy prices going through the roof sadly in many countries. Is a large cap PSU still a good idea in this age?

    • RecklessFables
      RecklessFables 6 months ago

      The PSU cap doesn't significantly determine the power draw. That's still a problem created by these massive GPUs and powerful CPUs. It's actually why I'm considering AMD for both.

  • sxxxychocolate
    sxxxychocolate Year ago

    funny that my last 2 builds (2014-fx8320-r9/280x & 2019-r5/3600-gtx1070) have 750w psu for that extra head room and the newest one i just bought (newegg) only came with a 650w (5600x & rtx3070). guess i'll have to get 1000w psu for any new builds/replacements.

  • Nick Boykin
    Nick Boykin Year ago

    I usually enjoy these but I'm struggling to see the quantitative comparison and a "definitive" reason as to why the 750W PSU was choking. A watt meter wasn't even used to show the load was above 750W. I'm replacing my "dying" 1200W AXi PSU for my 5900X/6800XT system and was contemplating a 750W/850W replacement but this video did not guide me to a solution, let alone answer the question in the title. Keep up the good work but I wasn't impressed with this one.

  • Ratatoskr's Adoring Fan

    he starts by saying "some of you will still be fine", proceeds to show rtx 3090s and a shintel core i69 that no one should buy (and very few people do) as the example of the use case. The right statement is, "Almost ALL of you would be fine with a 750watt.."

    • notallgarbage
      notallgarbage 3 months ago

      ​@3polygonsand 500 watts too.
      Ryzen 5 5600 (100 watts under load) + RX 6600 (130 watts under load) + mobo+drives (80 watts) = 310 watts under load.

    • 3polygons
      3polygons Year ago +2

      and 600....

  • AsianPersuasion24x7
    AsianPersuasion24x7 Year ago +1

    Im glad it calmed down because I was able to get a 1300W gold EVGA for $210 also a 1300W Seasonic Focus Gold for $250

    • Adrian Mikula
      Adrian Mikula Year ago

      I got it for 280$ canadien $ 3 days ago. They got me with the overclocking which needs a powerful psu. Do you o.c.?

  • TheSilviu
    TheSilviu Year ago

    750watt G2 gold here! Thanks for reminding me why's that i didn't bought the RTX's in the first place!
    I'ma gonna skip this generation of furnaces, or grab an AMD RX 6800xt or whatever will come out to counter the new 3080ti!

  • Dalton P
    Dalton P Year ago

    Don't even get me started about 500 watt bios's with power modding GPU's. Whats your opinion on the Silverstone 1000w Platinum Model (ST1000-PTS) for $230?

  • Arveen
    Arveen Year ago +1

    My 750W Seasonic titanium tripped when I changed to a 3090 strix in an OC profile, changed to a 1200 revolt x and it was fine

  • Trance Historian
    Trance Historian 6 months ago

    I recently upgraded to an EVGA T2 1000W titanium and dont regret it one bit!

  • empyr
    empyr Year ago

    750 Dark Power Pro 11 would do my 3080 and a 5900x just fine I assume.

  • नेति नेति neti neti

    You should make follow up to this video as ATX 3.0 are showing up , if possible review that Corsair Shift PSU ( they shifted the output panel to side ) .

  • Notails
    Notails Year ago +1

    I am unsure if my 850- watt Corsair RM850x is going to be enough to power my ASUS Rog Strix RTX 3080 and 9900k while staying in the middle of the power curve. I really don't want to upgrade that PSU again.

    • MR.BR4DGA
      MR.BR4DGA Year ago

      I think it will handle your pc just fine rm850x from Corsair is really good
      One of my friends have the T850XM and he has a r9 3900x and rtx3080 and it works without any problems

    • Notails
      Notails Year ago

      @Tech Deals will my psu last a while or will it burn out from exhaustion?

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago

      For gaming, that's actually reasonable. More would be nice, you're not in the "middle" of the curve, but it's not "borderline dying" either.

  • Wolfshanze
    Wolfshanze Year ago

    EVGA switched PSU manufacturers between the G3 and G5 series... the SuperFlower of the G3 is no-more, they went with a lesser company in the G5... a lot of reviews are saying the G3 (now out of production) is superior in quality to the G5... a TON of reviews are complaining of a very loud fan in the G5 series. I have three G3 PSUs in my house, was about to build a new system with a G5, but after reading all the negative reviews (like Tom's Hardware) I just went ahead and bought another G3... they even cheaped out in the G5 box (no cloth bag for the cords like the G3 has).

    • Wolfshanze
      Wolfshanze Year ago

      @Dr. Pepper yeah, you can still buy G3... EVGA mass produced those for years and years... plenty of them out there... they are just no longer in production and will become harder and harder to find as time goes on.
      The G3 series of PSUs is kinda legendary... id still buy them today over a G5 (and I recently did). Im up to four G3's in my recent builds!

    • Dr. Pepper
      Dr. Pepper Year ago

      Amazon is still selling g3. Also I debated g3 vs p2 and the superflower platinum 1000watt is 200 so 30 more dollars than evga g3 for same wattage. I have always like seasonic, but will try superflower now.

  • TheAcadianGuy
    TheAcadianGuy Year ago +5

    850w 80+ gold corsair.
    I thought I went too far until now.

  • Steven Hoehne
    Steven Hoehne Year ago

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on power supplies.

  • Humech
    Humech Year ago +1

    My 6800xt/5800x machine shuts down my 750w psu on a quick power draw surge, however it is 8 years old. Will be sending it in for warranty, but the gpu I have recommends 850w, tbh that's probably accurate.

  • Baron Zaraguin
    Baron Zaraguin Year ago +1

    Thanks . Super video. Still trying to buy one 1000w power supply from EVGA or Corsair (difficult as hell to find one and to find one at a kinda fair price)

  • Brian Meeker
    Brian Meeker Year ago

    With the pcie cables did you flip yours around to have the end that included a pigtail going to the psu? That’s what I want to do. Just wasn’t sure if I had to have the end with the pigtails going to my gpu using all 3 cables

    • Jake Allen
      Jake Allen 8 months ago

      don't do that, if it even fits

  • AsianPersuasion24x7
    AsianPersuasion24x7 Year ago +2

    Darn the EVGA ones have gone way up in price... :/ I really love EVGA power supplies too I have 4 lol

    • Roman Strapec
      Roman Strapec Year ago

      @Tech Deals my rm1000x in Eu cost me 197eur that is ok considering mining situation

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago +1

      Yea, it sucks... $199 is reasonable for this, the current $350 rate is bleh!

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Year ago

    1000 Watts is too little. If you have a $750 5950x and 3090, that's almost 4k in components. If that uses up 800-900 watts, why not get a 1600w PSU. Therefore, you have plenty of space for upgrades, and you're in the peak power efficiency range. $500 for a PSU is very little for a 4k-5k system.

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago

      I put a 1200w PSU in my personal PC for that very reason, so I can just do whatever...

  • David Gapp
    David Gapp Year ago

    Since it's completely impossible to buy a decent graphic card in the USA (unless you want to pay ebay extortion prices) the question of power supplies is academic.

  • Moon Monkey
    Moon Monkey Year ago

    I also don't like pain I'm my kashnoozle so I'm glad I opted for a HX1000 platinum when my v750 started showing its age. I mine when not gaming and now I have peace of mind.

  • Hani Online
    Hani Online 5 months ago

    is it really okay to use like 650w psu for gtx1660ti & i5-12400F that require around 250W ? i heard that in this case the psu fan won't spin because you didn't reach 50/100 if it's power which is 325W doesn't that damaging the psu for long term ?

    • koofyman
      koofyman 3 months ago

      i use 650w for 3060ti and many do no problem

  • Mining Office
    Mining Office Year ago

    How many VGA connectors do you get? Theres 4 on the PSU but do you actually get 4 cables? Thanks!

  • Kikadaaf
    Kikadaaf Year ago

    I'm making my first pc build this weekend, I've gotten Ryzen 9 5950x, asus rtx 2060, an aorus B550 pro ac, and my PSU is a Seasonic prime ultra 750w titanium. Do you think that PSU is sufficient?

  • James M
    James M Year ago

    I run a 3090 and a 3900XT on a 750 watt power supply with absolutely no issues.

  • Jrekt
    Jrekt Year ago +1

    Just got a EVGA 1000w G6 for my new 3080 ti ftw3 / 10700k. GPU arrives next week so hyped!

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago +2

    I remember when power supplies had a passthrough for the monitor.

  • Boris Bonillo
    Boris Bonillo Year ago

    I'll have you know - I bought a 750w PSU in december of 2020, so I'll be fine.

  • GreenDayKerplunk
    GreenDayKerplunk Year ago

    first time watching this channel after watching a lot of your clips channel and it feels strange having you without the laptops

  • Metalmachine467
    Metalmachine467 6 months ago

    now you'll need a 1300 watt minimum psu with the 4090 and 12900k

  • Squiddies
    Squiddies Year ago

    I have a corsair rm750 and it barely works with ryzen 9 rtx 3090 I have to undervolt it cause the 3090's bad power LEDs turned on a while ago :P hope to get a seasonic or evga 1000w when theyre back in stock.

  • Hartley
    Hartley Year ago +4

    Loved the video it was like the old days of Tech Deals engaging and Tech savy.....

  • michael sitko
    michael sitko 11 months ago

    Will my EVGA 1000 GQ be able to run the 4000 series cards that require a 12 pin cable? It's a 2, 8 pin to 12 adapter from what i can see so I'd just plug the 2, 8 pins into 2 seperate VGA slots on the PSU correct? The cards should come with the new cable to?

  • Popcorn Sutton
    Popcorn Sutton Year ago

    I have a Seasonic Focus 750W Gold PSU but I have an EVGA 3080 FTW3 in my system and I have a 5900x and TUF Pro motherboard arriving today and all my research has got me worried my PSU won't be enough because I also have a total of 6 hard drives in my system plus my boot NVMe drive. So I went ahead and bought this PSU (G5 1000W) but I didn't do enough research and I've found tons of bad reviews about systems being fried and the LTT Tier List which also doesn't rank it comfortably high. Do you think I should try my Seasonic or go ahead with the G5? I can't return it so it's going to be here either way.
    Edit: With my current build (Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.8 all core and EVGA 3080 FTW3) my battery backup shows me regularly hitting 550W during intensive gaming (Cyberpunk) so I'm a bit scared about only having 750W with all these hard drives and stuff. I've already been having freeze shut downs and several blue screens that I'm having a hard time identifying the cause but I was thinking during GPU surges it could be my PSU shutting down the system. The shutdowns are always during gaming at 3440x1440 or 4k.

  • 12Silversurfer12
    12Silversurfer12 9 months ago +1

    Is there any software that measures show me in Realtime how mutch the PC Watt consumes?

  • EvilDips
    EvilDips 8 months ago

    I'm running a 3080 ti and the same evga 1000w g5 and it shut down yesterday then when trying to reboot it, it sizzles like a steak frying and shot out sparks and smoke needless to say, toast. After 3 month of use I'm now waiting on a replacement to test if anything else failed or not.

  • DaBFG
    DaBFG Year ago

    I've got a 1200w Platinum Kolink power supply powering a strix rtx 3090 and a 2070 super and it powers them perfectly!!

  • J DuB
    J DuB Year ago

    I'm running an MSI Gaming Z Trio 3080 on a 650w 80+ Bronze PSU. Until my new PSU shows up. It's definitely not happy about it, but it works lol

  • Pasha Gaming YT
    Pasha Gaming YT Year ago

    "AMD uses a _little_ less power"
    Intel: ...yes.

  • Theorica
    Theorica Year ago

    A bit of a testament to the Seasonic Focus, I'd say. =)

  • r1nc3 w1nd
    r1nc3 w1nd Year ago

    Information with no frame of reference gives no context for that information. Tech is giving at least a basic idea of how the PSU market (Watts vs Requirements) has matured over the years. His approach is the better one over the less diligent way!

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago

      Thanks! I was trying to provide some background without doing "THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF PSUS EVER!" :)

  • xxGRCxx
    xxGRCxx Year ago

    1000+watts was the future but some didn't realize last year

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson 2 months ago

    I love how you start at the beginning :)

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 7 months ago

    Is an evga 1600+ overkill? It's only $199 right now

  • Eliad Buchnik
    Eliad Buchnik Year ago

    My OCed 10940x can easily reach over 400 watts add to that OCed 3080ti/3090 or rx6900 xt and you understand why you need 1000 watts + PSU.

  • AleXOne 92
    AleXOne 92 Year ago

    can a seasonic focus gold 650w hold a ryzen 7 2700x and r9 290x ?

  • Punjab Gaming
    Punjab Gaming 10 months ago

    Hi buddy! You think this should be enough for upcoming 4090..? With ryzen 7 system..?
    My system:
    R7 5800x
    Asus strix b550
    Gskill 4000mhz 2x 16 running @ cl 14
    6x corsair ql120 rgb fans
    1x corsair platinum 280mm or 240 not sure aio
    Ofcourse will be getting a 4090
    Atm I am using a 750w evga 80+ bronze, which is running my ftw ultra 3080 absolutely fine but Ofcourse can't oc anything due to 750w, so will 1000w be enough..? If yes then supernova g6 gold or cooler master v platinum..?

  • TheHandHistoryVault

    @Tech Deals. Is 1,000 watt power supply not enough to run Threadripper+3090? Would 1,200 watt be more appropriate? Thanks.

    • TheHandHistoryVault
      TheHandHistoryVault Year ago

      Thanks for the reply.

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago +1

      We have a 1600 watt Corsair AXi on our Threadripper... If you're going that big, another few hundred bucks is "meh".
      Doesn't have to be THAT exact unit of course, but 1600 watts isn't crazy at that level.

  • Stefan Etienne The Verrge Representative

    But TECH, I have a 750 watt power supply and it WORKS FOR ME!

    • Graphics Card
      Graphics Card Year ago

      You should of not installed the psu the wrong way. Also it won’t shock you

    • Zodiac011
      Zodiac011 Year ago

      For real, I have a 5900X and a 3080, so not quite either of these setups, but my 750w was fine, I never had an issue, but I only played games, a 5900X never went over 40% usage with the GPU at 99%, I just didn't want to risk it, i've since overclocked the GPU a bit and the CPU with Ryzen Auto OC. Since my 3080 is a FTW3 Ultra, it could use 450w if I wanted it to, i've just got it on the default BIOS with the +5% power, so it can go up to 400w. If I stressed them both out at full load, I guarantee it'd turn off

    • Stefan Etienne The Verrge Representative
      Stefan Etienne The Verrge Representative Year ago

      @Tech Deals I have lived for this moment! 🤩🤩

    • Tech Deals
      Tech Deals  Year ago

      Two Gold Stars for YOU! :)