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5 Great Ways to Make Money in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have a variety of ways to make money throughout the game. Here I will be covering 5 Ways to Make Money in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
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    0:00 Make it Rain Amulet Coin on Trainers
    1:41 Treasures from raids
    4:19 Glistening Items
    6:44 Stop Hoarding Junk
    8:49 AFK Trainer Academy
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Comments • 907

  • GameboyLuke
    GameboyLuke 3 months ago +1154

    thanks for covering my neat little strat :D

    • Ligma Jonez
      Ligma Jonez 2 months ago +1

      Shout out to gameboy Luke!!

    • Kenneth Maddocks
      Kenneth Maddocks 3 months ago +1

      I just started your method today and it is working very well. Thanks for the help

    • Teo Emil
      Teo Emil 3 months ago +1

      Dollar store dantdm

    • Rebel King
      Rebel King 3 months ago +1

      @JTH Gaming 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • TheGr8N4te
    TheGr8N4te 3 months ago +2994

    We need the real life tutorial next

  • Yung Geesus
    Yung Geesus 3 months ago +379

    For competitive people, keep normal tera shards. Really good for extremespeed sweepers like Dragonite.

    • E-Sizzle
      E-Sizzle 17 days ago

      @Matthew Garcia they should make a really good version of false swipe that has 120 power but it cant ohko because it still has the 1 hp thing

    • kroff kroff
      kroff kroff 3 months ago

      @Matthew Garcia if u use false swipe then u most likely dont need more than 3 turns of attacks

    • Onkelcuno
      Onkelcuno 3 months ago

      @Conor B. While i agree, i will keep them anyway. who knows, maye there is still a broken niche-mon with an OP strat that needs them. One can hope...

    • Moo Oppenheim
      Moo Oppenheim 3 months ago

      Also guts + facade

    • seitengrat
      seitengrat 3 months ago +1

      @Matthew Garcia you can only terastallize once, and charge it up in pokecenter if you want to use it again

  • Mario But With Drip
    Mario But With Drip 3 months ago +56

    Heads up on the hoarding junk thing. If you really do nee healing items for whatever reason, just go to the school cafeteria. They sell lemonades in bulk so you’re not mashing A on a vending machine. It’s cost efficient and just better to do in game

  • wario1226
    wario1226 3 months ago +261

    In the glistening items section: I noticed when I went above the jagged caves with the tera garchomp spawn there were a TON of star pieces and comet shards. I dont know if I just got lucky, but that little chunk of land is probably better than the desert.

    • Ml Mn
      Ml Mn 3 months ago +2

      It's called Collonade Hollow, I believe

    • FireKitten
      FireKitten 3 months ago

      @RedK5 It looks like a giant cave with giant pillars underground, if you are from bellow (the one hes talking about are probably the roof of this cave). If you go inside, you'll probably see alot of gibles and noibats and also a Water Tera Garchomp if you explore further.

    • RedK5
      RedK5 3 months ago +1

      @FireKitten what does it look like?

    • Shadow The King
      Shadow The King 3 months ago +1

      @FireKitten I found it and i thank you fellow champion

    • Michael Lane
      Michael Lane 3 months ago +4

      @Galax Ray O, the place full of Noir bats south of the huge dragon type lake with the pseudo-dragon PoL?
      The desert seems much more accessible tbh.

  • TheFonzPart
    TheFonzPart 3 months ago +42

    Hey for the section about treasures in the desert:
    You can set up a camp in the vicinity of a glow spot and your Pokémon will infinitely put the item in your basket where eggs normally go.
    I tested this with Star Pieces and went afk. You get at least 10 per half hour. I found this useful as I played on another Switch for another version and save file

  • SpaNk
    SpaNk 3 months ago +20

    Normal Tera type is actually useful for Dragonite with a choicescarf and extreme speed. You can one hit ko a lot of stuff without them being able to react to it

    • Dobobbo
      Dobobbo Month ago +3

      Choice band? Did you mean?

    • Diego Timon
      Diego Timon 3 months ago +1

      Choice Scarf and Extreme Speed? That sounds... unecesary. Extreme Speed already has max priority, rigth? Better other item, I think.
      But yeah, Normal Teratype Extreme Speed Dragonite is really strong.

  • LamboKang
    LamboKang 3 months ago +15

    One more thing, for people that are farming chansey for exp, you get alot of happiny materials which can be exchanged for LP. Also, you wan to exchange it regardless since that maximum amount of material you can hold is 999 anyway. DO NOT sell it, its worth alot less when selling and worth more when exchange into LP at the TM machine. LP basically works like money in this game anyway except when you are paying for auction.

  • carct ct
    carct ct 3 months ago +18

    As for raids, if you are the host, you can tailor your moves to the opponent. I use a shell bell azumarril and change between play rough/liquidation/brick break/ice punch as my ONLY attack. This way you don't need to train many pokemon as long as you remember to switch your moves accordingly. It's a great choice for your first raid ready pokemon.

  • FootsNotFeet
    FootsNotFeet 3 months ago +6

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I think Quaquaval with its hidden ability might be a good option. It has Moxie as well and is a little more bulky than Krookodile. Aqua Step also boosts speed after every use.

  • Grunkle G.
    Grunkle G. 3 months ago +36

    I'd love to see a complete TM guide. Specifically, what materials are the most valuable, and which ones are better off converting to LP?

    • Rhett Butler
      Rhett Butler 3 months ago

      Chansey is the most valuable and easiest to hunt

    • Bradley Chappelle
      Bradley Chappelle 3 months ago +5

      I could foresee this one taking a little while, few weeks more into launch maybe, it would be amazing but boy does it sound super comprehensive.

  • StrokeMyDiglett
    StrokeMyDiglett 3 months ago +16

    Listen to everything but this, keep those normal Tera shards, ghost types are so strong right now. Being able to give yourself an immunity to rage punch should not be over looked.
    Other than that, thanks again Austin for the helpful guide 🙂👍

  • Echo
    Echo 3 months ago +64

    Instead of a moxie krookodile for academy tournament i like using defiant bisharp/his evolution with amulet coin so no matter what if your atk gets lowered it at least gets back to neutral or net a +1. Just another option if anybody else sees this.

    • Visual High
      Visual High 3 months ago +7

      Having tried this, it works for the most part. The only risk is the fighting type trainer could kill you with a lucky crit so it might be less consistent if left overnight.

    • Ethan Hayden
      Ethan Hayden 3 months ago +3

      That is actually really smart. Now I just need to buy a turbo controller

  • defenseducc
    defenseducc 3 months ago +55

    For the star piece collection in Asado Desert, if you find a star piece you can reset and do a picnic WITH ONLY TWO POKÉMON WHO CANT BREED IN YOUR PARTY with egg power (make sure the egg basket is right on top of the star piece) and in the egg basket, the star piece will multiply over time.

    • blksmagma
      blksmagma 3 months ago

      @Raul Brenes
      Its been a week. I've done at least nine 6star raids. I have ZERO luck 😭. I've got quite a bit of Herba Mystica's though

    • Raul Brenes
      Raul Brenes 3 months ago

      @blksmagma you could create a group and farm-lose 6 star raids until 1 of you gets it, then you dupe it for all

    • Your Friendly Ghost
      Your Friendly Ghost 3 months ago +1

      @blksmagma it’s a rare item in 6 - star raid battles , I did like 4 and just got it

    • CocoNuts
      CocoNuts 3 months ago

      @blksmagma have to do 6 stars for them

    • blksmagma
      blksmagma 3 months ago +3

      @Raul Brenes
      That assumes one has an ability patch in the first place. I've been hitting 5 start raids for a while and none have popped up for me.

  • TrainerRedDom
    TrainerRedDom 3 months ago +28

    Flutter Mane spamming moonblast with amulet coin is better for the academy tournament AFK strat. With 252 EVs in special attack and physical defense, the only way you lose is if Scizor crits you twice and you're more likely to crit the Scizor yourself and oneshot it than get critted by it more than once, way more worth it to be able to use amulet coin and make double the money

    • Joe Murray
      Joe Murray Month ago

      I maxed out Make It Rain’s cash bonus so I play Academy and rack up $1000 per use with amulet coin. I get $7-8k extra per round.

  • Joe Murray
    Joe Murray Month ago +1

    This is a little more passive but if you hard save in front of an item in Asado desert, you can set up a picnic with the basket on top of that item and as long as you don’t have breeding pairs of Pokémon in your. The item you saved on will show up in your basket several times at least. Good for Star pieces

  • Breezy Streamy
    Breezy Streamy 3 months ago +38

    I actually went out of my way to get a normal teratype on my Skeledirge. I figured I would never bait a fighting move with a ghost type in and getting the option for stab Hyper Voice is pretty nice, especially if I've boosted sp attack twice from torch song

    • Akumo
      Akumo 2 months ago +3

      Eh but you have no resists then and hyper voice has non existent coverage. I mean I guess you could run throat spray with it but you can already do that with torch song anyway

  • Krustybeans
    Krustybeans 3 months ago +13

    You could also ev train 6 raid mons at the same time using the Chansey method, just buy 6 power bracer/lens/weight and in under 30 mins you have 6 maxed out attacking stat and HP mons. Also nice to raise friendship and levels especially from early levels. All you need is a somewhat strong physical move with high PP, seriously something with STAB and youre set.

  • Red Tomato
    Red Tomato 3 months ago +15

    My favorite method is just running around the desert and collecting items. I think it’s one of the most fun as well

  • Phosphorus51
    Phosphorus51 3 months ago +12

    With the tournament/turbo controller method, I've found it's significantly more efficient to use a pixelate sylveon that's been properly EV trained, hyper trained, holds the amulet coin, and has hyper voice in the first move slot. I've been running my game for the last 14 hours and have made around 6 or 7 million that way without risk of getting knocked out.

    • Obi Braxton
      Obi Braxton 3 months ago +2

      Out of the blue but can you trade me a HA Eevee ? I’ve tried krookodile method but all it does is send me to a Pokémon Centre after a while of being in turbo mode. I wanan try sylveon if it’s better as you say.

    • Phosphorus51
      Phosphorus51 3 months ago +3

      @arcreature 252 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense is what I rolled with. Managed to hit the money cap after around 20 hours of it running nonstop.

    • arcreature
      arcreature 3 months ago

      What EV spread do you run?

  • Artist373
    Artist373 3 months ago +4

    If you're farming for Vitamins to EV train.. It's much more cost and time effective to just buy multiple Power items (10k each) and train multiple mons at a time... Only takes 28 KOs per stat you want to train and every pokemon in your party gains those evs. And HP and Atk can both be trained under a single Encounter Power Normal sandwich (Chansey for HP and Yungoos/Gumshoos for Atk). Saves you more money for mints and bottle caps or other battle items.

  • Yousif Aljaber
    Yousif Aljaber 3 months ago +24

    When austin needs to choose between quality of videos or quantity of videos he chooses both

  • S_H_I_V_A
    S_H_I_V_A 3 months ago +5

    I've found that Iron Valiant is perfect for the AFK strategy too. Get it up to Lv100, slap a Choice Specs on it and have it spam Moonblast.
    Only Clavell's Amoongus and Miriam's Toxapex can survive the Moonblast, but neither have the damage output to KO Iron Valiant.

  • K Miester
    K Miester Month ago

    Love all your guides. Keep up the great work man.

  • Travin Morgan
    Travin Morgan 3 months ago +3

    Austin, if you want to update this Sylveon Hyper Voice with Amulet works great. Also 8bitdo software has a hold button you can program. Hold the A press Turbo, then hold the A press Hold button.

  • Lesh4537
    Lesh4537 3 months ago

    When picking up items from the ground, send out a fast pokemon that can keep up with your ride mon. It will collect most of the items for you as your ride passed them. No more spamming A or having to doubling back.

  • Estradas Virtuais
    Estradas Virtuais 3 months ago +1

    11:25 the 8bito has the turbo function (you need to hold) and the hold function (fires up even you are not holding)

  • Ben Hammond
    Ben Hammond 3 months ago +9

    If you find yourself with an excess of TM materials (especially from beating Pokémon in outbreaks), they can be sold too... But I suggest converting them to LP at the TM Machine for double the value.
    Just don't accidentally sell your gimmighoul coins.

    • Shatterpoint
      Shatterpoint 3 months ago +1

      @Crynal or in area zero

    • Crynal
      Crynal 3 months ago

      Happiny pieces are worth a lot compared to other materials if you're grinding off those Chanseys around the fairy star base.

  • LazerBlazer
    LazerBlazer 3 months ago +2

    The Gholdengo gets about 140,000 per Ace Tournament completion, but he needs to be monitored. Ie healing up his PP for Make It Rain, use recover once in a while to avoid a KO, etc.

  • HalvSketchy
    HalvSketchy 3 months ago

    Worth noting that ability capsules sell for 25 000 and ability patches for a whooping 125 000. So if you are ever overflooded by ability capsules after grinding herba mystica, you get a lot of money

  • Samuel Ugalde
    Samuel Ugalde 3 months ago +6

    Thank you so much for all the content, data, tips and tricks that you provide us. It's amazing the effort you put into every single video. Thanks alot :)

  • drakke125
    drakke125 3 months ago

    Personally I prefer raid rewards, you get Exp candy bits and Treasure items. This helps with both grinding and selling.

  • H4TCH3TT
    H4TCH3TT 3 months ago

    For the tournament option. Wouldn't a Raid spec Iron Hand be great for that since it has Drain Punch and is super defensive? Even 2 hitting is fine cause Adrian lunch has 10 pp default. And you could up that with pp up

  • Clyde
    Clyde 3 months ago +1

    “You’re never gonna need a normal terra type.” Dragonite would like a word.

  • Barry D. Light
    Barry D. Light 3 months ago +9

    The best way is to farm raids for candies and then completely forget about the treasure you've been stocking up and then bulk sell it all.

  • Zaffer Jelly
    Zaffer Jelly 3 months ago

    I still say you might want a normal tarra type if your into competitive! :3 so I'd say keep the shards they take a long time to farm.

  • Uncle Dane
    Uncle Dane 3 months ago +7

    "You're never going to want a Normal tera type."
    *Extreme Speed Dragonite has entered the chat*

    • That One Ubered Soldier
      That One Ubered Soldier 3 months ago

      @spencer wright you can’t unlevel, but using a rare candy on it (and other level up mons at lvl 100) while in another world should still trigger the evo

    • gilles alen
      gilles alen 3 months ago

      @spencer wright you can still evolve it by giving it a rare candy at level 100

    • spencer wright
      spencer wright 3 months ago

      Does anyone know how to de- level a Pokémon? I got a shiny Finizin and I made it level 100… I messed up…

  • William Vo
    William Vo 3 months ago +4

    Hey Austin, Thanks for all the videos and tips as always. Could you please come up with a video in details about how to train your pokemon stats, IVs, and bottle caps? And how those Hp up, Iron,... actually work? Thank you so much!

  • Jonago
    Jonago 3 months ago +1

    Dude your channel is so helpful for the Pokemon community. I just ordered these controllers and looking forward to trying them out :)
    Personally however, I like Chi-Yu for the tournament. The only thing it can't at least two hit are Sylveon and Umbreon, while the latter can't deal damage (Sylveon wont KO you either). The rest either get two hit KOed (Toxapex, Tera Hatterene, Mabostiff, rival's Goodra) or OHKOed. You don't need an extra damage boosting Item so you can freely use the Amulet Coin!

  • Will Cozine
    Will Cozine 3 months ago +1

    Timid mint is really good! Fast special attackers like Gardevoir are great with timid nature

  • MuffinNO
    MuffinNO 3 months ago +28

    For the Academy Ace Tournament AFK method you can also use a Chi-Yu with an Amulet Coin with Modest and EVs into Sp. Atk and HP using the move Dark Pulse! I have been doing this and got about 6mil over night and I haven't failed :D

    • Mr Peanut
      Mr Peanut 3 months ago

      @Bear 0601 what online has to do with anything lmao.
      Play the way you want, more work for you lmao

    • Bear 0601
      Bear 0601 3 months ago

      @Mr Peanut almost as if Pokémon didn’t have online lol. And believe it or not, but some people don’t like using exploits! Crazy right?

    • Thewindyfan
      Thewindyfan 3 months ago

      @Flurb maybe I'm just lucky and haven't faced Dendra I guess, which it makes sense because I've heard lots of strats crumble once you fight here in the tourney

    • Flurb
      Flurb 3 months ago

      @Thewindyfan Yes. Even hyper trained it can't one-shot every pokemon on the tournament. If Hariyama crits its Close Combat, Chi-yu will faint. This strategy will probably work perfectly once we can transfer stronger pokemon from previous games though.

    • MuffinNO
      MuffinNO 3 months ago +1

      @Flurb Yeah just saw that it fainted once, first time it has happened in long time but the possibility is there unfortunately!

  • ElChaby
    ElChaby 3 months ago +16

    "You're never gonna want a normal tera type"
    I think Extreme Speed Dragonite might disagree with you on that

    • family guy free movie download
      family guy free movie download Month ago

      @Choas_Lord_512 252+ Atk Dragonite Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Skeledirge (i.e. the spread that literally everyone uses): 246-290 (59.8 - 70.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
      yeah just have a ghost type bro!

    • family guy free movie download
      family guy free movie download Month ago

      @Choas_Lord_512 ah yes, how foolish of me to deny the metagame defining bulky dragapult lmao real big brian guy im dealing with here

    • Choas_Lord_512
      Choas_Lord_512 Month ago

      @family guy free movie download this is because you max out your sa and attack stats and ignore defense and your held items are all offensive related. This "problem" you speak of has a dozen solutions. This has long been figured out. Stay low tier, im gonna keep climbing lmfao

    • family guy free movie download
      family guy free movie download Month ago +1

      @Choas_Lord_512 almost all the most common ghost types in every sv format (gholdengo, skeledirge, ceruledge, gengar) get outsped and demolished by +1 dnite earthquake and therefore are pretty hard to switch into it. dragapult is the only one who isn’t scared of it and even then dd dragonite often runs ice spinner. this isn’t even taking multiscale into account- if it is active, and it often will be, none of them have any hope of forcing it out by threatening to ko it. non-ghost types with ghost tera would have to at least take an espeed on the switch-in and likely would have to take another attack after terastalizing. none of these are what i would call hard counters, at best skeledirge and dragapult are situational checks

    • Choas_Lord_512
      Choas_Lord_512 2 months ago

      Ghost teratype hard counter. ez lmfao just sweeped your team with my setup mon. too ez, damn

  • Connor McNulty
    Connor McNulty 3 months ago +2

    Austin, you might want a Normal Tera Type. It's recommended to have at least 50 Tera shards. Any more, you can probably sell.

  • NYKevin100
    NYKevin100 3 months ago

    Re the amulet coin: If you are underleveled or don't have access to the best pokemon (yet), you can give the coin to a Cyclizar with Shed Tail and/or U-Turn, then switch-battle with another, beefier pokemon. This is obviously less effective compared to the method shown in the video, but Cyclizar is readily accessible from relatively early in the game, and this is also useful as a general strategy for maximizing your type advantage and getting free Substitutes from Shed Tail.

  • CRS01
    CRS01 3 months ago +7

    I just want to point out at one point AJP says he doesn’t do super competitive battling and suggests selling normal tera shards. I can think of a couple ways a normal tera type could be effective especially related to ghost priority moves so hold on to em for those that are serious about battling.

    • branaden
      branaden 2 months ago

      Normal tera type Dragonite with stab extreme speed.

    IRONWOLF 3 months ago +1

    Something I notice about raid spotlights is that it you don't connect to the internet you can keep doing them so if you play in online mode you can keep doing the spotlight raid after its finished with friends of multiple switches until you connect to the internet

  • ChezyPanda
    ChezyPanda 3 months ago

    Thanks for your tera raid tips Austin! I used the same strat but with a physical iron hands and now I one tap raids!

  • Edgy spoon
    Edgy spoon 3 months ago +3

    When fighting ditto in the raid dens it’s always transforms into the leader of the den so would it be more helpful to have the leader use a magikarp with splash to destroy the ditto ?

  • michael smith
    michael smith 2 months ago

    Forget its name but the fire fish legendary is great for turbo strat, with stats in the right areas it can survive the haryama terastalized close combat on max damage roll crit on 1 hp and takes it out in 2 hits with dark pulse so you literally can't lose no matter the RNG

  • Pine
    Pine 3 months ago

    The 8bitdo controllers have an option if you change it in their software. I believe it's called "auto burst". Or the "hold" function with the sn30 pro+.

  • Nuwa San
    Nuwa San 3 months ago +1

    If you're using 8BitDo Pro 2 / Ultimate controller, you can just assign the P1 & P2 key at the back with Turbo & Hold. Then set Turbo to A, and also Hold to A. Then you can leave it doing all the work without pressing anything.

  • Okami Ronin
    Okami Ronin 3 months ago +8

    Additional hunt for glistening items in the desert:
    Larvesta is the only fire type in the desert, I've did a hunt, got 2 shinies. Kinda hard to see at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

  • The Town Narcoleptic
    The Town Narcoleptic 3 months ago +1

    Austin @ 7:14 : “I’m never gonna need fifty six revives.”
    Me: “You underestimate my ability to blow it, good sir.”

  • Ronnie Todd
    Ronnie Todd 3 months ago +25

    Normal tera Dragonite is amazing, Extreme speed is so strong and then only 1 weakness makes it easy to roost up and get ultiscale back
    Tera Normal Toxtricity is also amazing, Boomburst with stab and punk rocks just melts things

    • family guy free movie download
      family guy free movie download Month ago +1

      can’t believe bro said he would never want a timid nature like tell me you know nothing about pokemon without telling me you know nothing about pokemon

    • Gabriel De La Cruz
      Gabriel De La Cruz 3 months ago

      Yeah was just going to mention these. Dragonite is even seeing rising usage numbers on Pikalytics its so good.

  • lake of bees
    lake of bees 3 months ago

    Update to the Krookodile Ace tournament method: max spA, max HP Chi-yu with dark pulse. Zero issues. With krookodile, Penny’s sylveon will kill it if they’ve all been using baby doll eyes, and fighting chick’s Tauros can crit with aqua jet and kill since crunch won’t one shot the fire after intimidate. You can run clear amulet for half the money without issues though.

  • Wa Meng Xiong
    Wa Meng Xiong 3 months ago

    Also, abuse the "change moves" when you have the opportunity to do so, they restore all your PP

  • Sazie
    Sazie 3 months ago

    I prefer just going to the desert near the water gym to get stuff to sell, riding around picking up shiny stuff but only at dark. (easier to see them at dark) it has a lot of star pieces stardust and sometimes nuggets and rare bones

  • Lowkey_Gamer
    Lowkey_Gamer Month ago

    8:42 "STOP HOARDING ITEMS" this hits me man, thanks for this obvious but useful tips!

  • Captain Complain
    Captain Complain 3 months ago +6

    Surprised that you didnt mention the picnic one.
    You can set up a picnic on a shining item with pokemon that dont breed, and with egg power you will get that item from that basket, as if it were being breed into reality

    • Captain Complain
      Captain Complain 3 months ago

      @Yannick Junkes i cant believe i forgot, he covered the shiny raid exploit. so yeah, he does them

    • Captain Complain
      Captain Complain 3 months ago

      @Yannick Junkes i cant think of an example at the moment, but im pretty sure he has covered them before

    • Yannick Junkes
      Yannick Junkes 3 months ago +1

      Its a glitch/exploit and Austin John apparently doesnt cover those. If you want money you can easily dupe ability patches if you atleast dropped one

    • HeyyHeyyHeyy08
      HeyyHeyyHeyy08 3 months ago +3

      @Mr Crutches Bob i did it two days ago, you make the great peanut butter sandwich which gives you egg power lvl 2 and you just wait. I didn't get eggs by having 2 male eevees instead of ones that are able to breed. I also only had the 2 eevees and koraidon.

    • Mr Crutches Bob
      Mr Crutches Bob 3 months ago

      I tried that, but it didn't work. I kept getting three eggs and one star piece no matter how long I waited in the picnic.

  • Noah Collins
    Noah Collins 3 months ago +8

    Hey! One thing y’all I would hold onto the normal Tera type shards if you are in to competitive with some talks of extreme speed dragonite possibly being a contender. Just a thoughtful thought.

  • Kenneth Maddocks
    Kenneth Maddocks 3 months ago +1

    Dude that GameboyLuke strategy is working very well for me right now. I missed out on being able to dupe ability patch so I was worried money would always be a struggle, but this is clutch.

  • Fabio
    Fabio 3 months ago +1

    I just tried my first 5-star raid and got annihilated. Realized I needed to properly train pokemon.
    This is an amazing way to get money to buy performance enhancers for pokemon!

  • Daniel McCormack
    Daniel McCormack 2 months ago

    Kingambet works well too for AFK battles. Use him with defiant.

  • Tazz Talanking9
    Tazz Talanking9 3 months ago +2

    Also if you use flutter mane and with an amulet coin and moon blast aswell as some other random moves you can get 700k an hour and I recommend this method using 252 hop and special with 4 defenders and a other a special boosting nature or defence one

  • Kamikaze_pig 641
    Kamikaze_pig 641 3 months ago +3

    “You’re probably never gonna need a normal tera-type”
    Dragonite extreme speed: Am I a joke to you?

  • Tai scampez
    Tai scampez 3 months ago +2

    You don’t understand how hard it is to not duplicate ability patches for that sweet coin.

  • fox does makeup
    fox does makeup 3 months ago

    Thank you for this!
    Random aside but while beating the main campaign I stumbled randomly across three shinies total! It's base rate for sure so that was weird. I've never even seen one shiny in all my other games

    • Sandwich797
      Sandwich797 3 months ago

      It’s cause of shiny Pokémon being visible in the overworld. If a shiny spawns you can see it and go to it whereas in the previous games there was no way to tell if a shiny had spawned until you encountered it.

  • Waluigi Is the best
    Waluigi Is the best 3 months ago +1

    Don’t actually get rid of normal terra shards, since it can be good on dragonite (stab extreme speed), and toxicitry/noivern with boomburst

  • bulbasaur15
    bulbasaur15 3 months ago +1

    # 001 I get a team of Pokemon that has the ability Pickup, get them all to level 91. Then whenever you train up your team, have one in your party to train and the rest of your party picking up items. You'll occasionally get Big Nuggets for 20k a piece! Along with some other useful healing items like Ethers and Elixers so you won't have to run back and forth to a Pokemon Center.
    This tip is only for those that are in the early game like me and just want to take their time with it. But still want to make money. I call this my 4th path. The Path of Pickup

  • The Toug
    The Toug 3 months ago +1

    Great content! Quick question though.. What is the website you are using that shows a table of Tera raid rewards and the items available for pickup in the desert, etc?

  • Shaad Khalil
    Shaad Khalil 3 months ago +4

    Hey Austin, this might be a lot of work, but could you make a guide on how to find areas for isolated shiny hunting? For instance I'm trying to hunt Eevee/Umbreon and I'm having trouble finding a spot that only has them as the only Normal/Dark types.

    • kingo-
      kingo- 3 months ago +1

      if you use the serebii interactive map you can see where the mon you want spawns and what else spawns there

  • SwiggitySwooty
    SwiggitySwooty 3 months ago

    About the glistening items: this works at least for berries, when you picknick next to a glistening item (DON'T pick it up before), your Pokémon will collect it over and over and put it in the basket (relatively rarely though)! I'll test it for money items too real quick.

    • SwiggitySwooty
      SwiggitySwooty 3 months ago

      But again, it's reeealy slow. Good for afk-ing though

    • SwiggitySwooty
      SwiggitySwooty 3 months ago

      It works with money items too

  • captainwolfos
    captainwolfos 3 months ago +1

    HORI also does a wired controller with a turbo function. I think they also make a casing for their snap controllers, which, again, wired, but if you've already got the snap pads, then you could just use those instead I guess. I think the actual wired controller is cheaper, though.

    • captainwolfos
      captainwolfos 3 months ago

      @Koonsie I'm pretty sure the video tells you, but to reiterate: just have the one Pokemon in your party.

    • Koonsie
      Koonsie 3 months ago

      Did you figure out how to keep it from asking you to switch Pokémon or program the turbo to go around it

  • Paul Aten
    Paul Aten 3 months ago +1

    Normal t-type on my Ceruledge has actually been a great strategy.

  • Leto85
    Leto85 3 months ago +3

    This movie offers solid methods for sure.
    But if you really don't want to glitch or use AFK methods, then there's another similar method:
    Level 100 Gholdengo with Amulet Coin.
    Makes 1000 pokedollars per 'Make it Rain' move.
    PP Up that move to 8 times.
    Go do the four Ace trainer battles in the academy.
    Use Nasty Plot 3 times, then Make it Rain until victory.
    You end up with 100.000+ battle and a few reward items.

  • Cristian Medero
    Cristian Medero 3 months ago

    Big fan of your channel since BoTW days, and your consistency with these awesome vids proves it! 💙 Do you have an official discord by any chance? It'd be cool for this whole community to be able to participate in raids and events! Much Love from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • TheMatmann
    TheMatmann 3 months ago +1

    One run through the tournament with the amulet coin earns about 115k. If you aren't doing it afk, I have never failed with Tinkaton after one swords dance.

  • Aaron Pell
    Aaron Pell 3 months ago +4

    Not sure if anyone has noticed but with the 1.1.0 patch they fixed the glitch where even if you lose a online raid you still earn rewards

  • pinkbutterfly8710
    pinkbutterfly8710 3 months ago +2

    I have been trying to find a good turbo controller since I heard you talk about them in your ACNH vids so thanks for giving details. Got mine today and have been sending Krookodile to be a menace at the university tournaments for the past couple hours

  • RisenRen
    RisenRen 3 months ago +4

    For Ace Tourney: I use a Flutter Mane holding Amulet Coin lv 100, 5iv Hyper Trained but jot in Attack, 252 HP, 252 Sp. atk, 4 Def with First slot move being Moonblast. Let this set run on Turbo for 12 hours and never lost currently have about 10 million pokedollars.

  • Ray Ray! 77
    Ray Ray! 77 3 months ago +1

    I remember when you only had like 100k subscribers bro, you’ve gotten big in no time. I love it ❤

  • Bomfyable
    Bomfyable 3 months ago

    There is a glitch with glistening items to pick up the same one multiple times - if you place your picnic and the egg basket sits over it. When there are eggs in the basket, there is usually an item.
    Just save before you pick up an item and if it is valuable restart and place your picnic. Get egg power going and you can afk there while it accumulates that item. It might be less efficient than afking the academy, but if you don't have a turbo controller or a cool lego contraption it should be good.

    • Mylovik
      Mylovik 3 months ago

      If you're okay with abusing glitches (not judging), then I advise you to look into the item dupe glitch regarding your ride Legendary Koraidon/Miraidon. It's best used in tandem with Ability Patches, that afaik you only get from 6-Star-Raids, and very rarely. But once you have one Ability Patch you can easily duplicate it and sell it for 125k each.
      I did it for about 15 minutes and have 4 million pokedollaries now :)

  • Caelum Draws
    Caelum Draws 3 months ago +2

    Thank you Austin for posting this vid. These tips are really useful since I'm always broke

  • UnholyBahamut
    UnholyBahamut 3 months ago +5

    I think the fastest way to make money is making the item duplication glitch. Just duplicate a bunch of Ability Patches and sale them at 125k each. Not sure why Austin didn't include it. I reached the money limit in under 1 hour.

    • kiranearitachi
      kiranearitachi 3 months ago

      @Terry correct

    • kiranearitachi
      kiranearitachi 3 months ago

      @UnholyBahamut ya who knows

    • Terry
      Terry 3 months ago +1

      This video will last the test of time better while a dup glitch could stop working tomorrow or at any update

    • UnholyBahamut
      UnholyBahamut 3 months ago +2

      @kiranearitachi it's weird because he has covered glitches before, like the shiny duplication video he made some days ago.

    • kiranearitachi
      kiranearitachi 3 months ago

      Hey isn't one to like that kind of stuff I think but it is the best way

  • GrimDMasterMind
    GrimDMasterMind 3 months ago

    Can really tell Austin isn't into online battles. Normal, extreme speed Dragonite is a beast. Every tera type is useful, even if you only use it defensively.

  • RickyNoBeard
    RickyNoBeard 3 months ago +3

    Don't even have the game yet but are watching all your tutorials. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Golden Goon
    Golden Goon 3 months ago

    My method is going to fury Falls and getting all the bamboo shoots. It's a relatively small area with all sparkling items being treasure. Then just save, move the date on you're switch, and repeat the process

  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil 3 months ago +2

    "Stop hoarding items" is a nice way to say "you cant rebattle the top4 and make money and level your pokemon that way"

  • Aliff Abdullah
    Aliff Abdullah 3 months ago

    I keep all the bitter healing things for my catcher breloom because the affection mechanic keeps healing his poison status I purposely want him to have from toxic orb.

  • Andrew Molk
    Andrew Molk 3 months ago +5

    PSA: If you're hosting a Ditto raid use a ditto and use the friendship berries to lower your ditto's def/spdef as far as possible. Give it expert belt or life orb and level it up to a high level. The ditto's imposter ability will copy your ditto and lock it into transform which will just fail. then copy one of your allies and proceed to destroy the helpless ditto.

    • Prideqt
      Prideqt 3 months ago

      Yeah this is way overthinking it. Just catch a Magikarp in any of the water areas of the starting zone, it'll have no stats and only know Splash. With practically no defenses, your allies will just kill the Magikarp on the 1st turn.

    • KainaX122
      KainaX122 3 months ago +1

      I did this when I first got a 6-star Ditto Raid.
      I tried to use my Lvl 100 Fluttermane and proceeded to get one-shot. I then read online about the Ditto strat and just used a random ditto that I’d caught in the wild earlier in my game but the NPC ‘mons just weren’t strong enough to help.
      I finally made the Raid online and we cleaned up in seconds 😂
      I’ll also point out that you should be careful about not using an Imposter Ditto because then YOU are the one who can’t transform and I want to say the Raid Ditto then chooses a different target to transform into?

    • Pigeon
      Pigeon 3 months ago +1

      or you could just bring a regular magikarp you just caught 5 seconds ago for the exact same effect lol

  • Rken Blade
    Rken Blade 3 months ago +2

    Yeah don’t sell your Tera types even if you think you’ll never use them. Remember it takes 50 to change the type of only one Pokémon.

  • Matean (ShinyBlue)
    Matean (ShinyBlue) 12 days ago

    For the 8bitdo there's a mode called "hold" that's exactly what you need

  • BarteeThePartee
    BarteeThePartee 3 months ago +1

    Would love to see the best hidden abilities to use the Ability Patch on! Got one and have NO idea

    • trick6pokemon
      trick6pokemon 3 months ago

      Sylveon very good as well too, but you may have an eevee with hidden ability already from the last event and could just evolve it

    • trick6pokemon
      trick6pokemon 3 months ago

      Murkrow, maushold, Indeedee-F are great candidates if you are into 2v2s

  • jmdilley02
    jmdilley02 2 months ago

    I don't know if anyone has done it but I think someone should look over all of the crafting material needed to make tms and make a list of all of the crafting materials that aren't needed for anything and are worth selling for LP in the games!

  • justsomejojo
    justsomejojo 3 months ago

    I got my Hori split pad just because my joycons started drifting, but I never used the Turbo. I might finally get some use out of it now though.
    As someone who *still* can't evolve his shiny Sinistea because I only get the item for the original variant, not the fake, I'm holding onto those teapots very dearly.

    • justsomejojo
      justsomejojo 3 months ago +1

      @Koonsie Only have your fighting pokemon in the party. That's unfortunately the only way.

    • Koonsie
      Koonsie 3 months ago

      Did you figure out how to keep it from asking you to switch Pokémon or program the turbo to go around it

  • Nathaniel Malcolm
    Nathaniel Malcolm 3 months ago +3

    I started doing all 3 quests with like £3K, got to Medali *and I was rolling in a cash pile of £890,000* mostly because of my Persian being used every trainer match I was in as well as handing in like 40 or so nuggets & pearls too.
    Pay to win has never felt so good when buying 100 quick balls in one go.

  • defenseducc
    defenseducc 3 months ago +1

    For turbo controllers where you have to press and hold the button, I just put a pot lid on the button I need to hold over night and it weighs it down.

  • KamenSentaiGavan
    KamenSentaiGavan 3 months ago +1

    Now that you’ve made this video, I wanna ask your opinion about the duplicate glitch. Im sure it’ll get patched out sooner or later, but I’m curious how you feel about it.

  • riolu99
    riolu99 3 months ago +14

    Thank you very much for all your videos! Just finished my pokedex this morning for the shiny charm because of all of them! Hope you and your family are doing well austin😊

  • hindel soft
    hindel soft 3 months ago

    "You're never going to want a normal tera type" - wrong if we're talking competitive. Normal ties with electric for the most defensive tera type. Not only that, but it also has some good moves for niche cases like tera-normal Toxtricity with boomburst which is both defensive and powerful. (also works for Noivern)
    For competitive - tera is too new to know you won't need a certain type.