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The coolest phone I've ever broken - Legion Duel Phone 2


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  • xd ProElytra
    xd ProElytra Year ago +9715

    Even his shirt isn’t safe in the video

    • TinyToon
      TinyToon 10 months ago

      I... don't get it.

    • YouTube Sans
      YouTube Sans 10 months ago

      Asus ROG Phone 5s - Snapdragon 888+
      Lenevo Legion Duel 2 - Snapdragon 888

    • Marko Makelele
      Marko Makelele Year ago

      you are a detailed man sir

    • 10 Minutes Cooking
      10 Minutes Cooking Year ago

      You are a very bad person....because why you damage this Phone..... Ok i know this is your content creator..... But why You can give that mobile to a poor person like us or not. I have been using Samsung J1 for three years. But I can't afford to buy a new mobile.God has given you many things. Please give us a little. I will take classes online but I don't have a good mobile. I'm sorry if I said something wrong.
      If rich people like you extended a helping hand, the number of poor people in the world would decrease.

    • BigBoi 0427
      BigBoi 0427 Year ago

      @Albert Benny droegsgd

  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee Year ago +18968

    That thing snapped like a triscuit

  • MasakoX
    MasakoX Year ago +168

    8:51 Oooh, I felt that.

    • AG
      AG Year ago +1

      So did I....

    • Ken Shi
      Ken Shi Year ago +5


  • A.T.Y.L AnythingThatYouLike

    Everyone: "The coolest phone I've ever bought."
    JerryRigEverything: "The coolest phone I've ever broken."

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml Year ago +7

      "There are two cameras included on Everest here" LMAO

  • uche ekpo
    uche ekpo Year ago +45

    The breaking of the phone really broke by heart I thought it was the best out there but watching this video made me know what to avoid when I get one.

    • Jeffrey Smith
      Jeffrey Smith Year ago +4

      Yeah, I thought it would be very structural sound since it seemed like it had a lot of support down the middle of the phone but I guess not :(

  • Czar's Crib
    Czar's Crib Year ago +8

    How he turned a gaming phone to a foldable phone is insane🤯

  • Saransh Kumar
    Saransh Kumar Year ago +953

    And now it's a first-of-a-kind mini-ultrawide curved gaming phone.

  • A. Rods
    A. Rods Year ago +34

    What's impressive is that he didn't even apply too much force for it to break.

    • The Tech Genie
      The Tech Genie 9 months ago

      This one definitely weak as notice he didn't even really try yet and snapped easily.

  • Srcsqwrn
    Srcsqwrn Year ago +10

    I 100% accidently sit/lay down on my phone all the time. That durability test would be a deal breaker if I was considering this phone over others.

  • L Bozo Fr*nce
    L Bozo Fr*nce 3 months ago +1

    Finally, the burn test. We'll make things a little more interesting this time around with a little help from the fans. It's easy to tell that this is intact BTW it's ingesting the flame internally. Digesting fire is generally frowned upon, but you gotta admit, it looks pretty cool.

  • Miics
    Miics Year ago +1103

    "The legion phone 2 is now the legion phone 3 as it is crack to three pieces" hahaha

    • Genaugmen
      Genaugmen Year ago

      But the glass is still intact!!

    • Jios
      Jios Year ago

      Cracked into*

    • HotWheel
      HotWheel Year ago

      Btw this comment is cringe

    • Lucas Gawor
      Lucas Gawor Year ago

      Wtf are you talking about?

    • Moshin La
      Moshin La Year ago

      Yeh no shit we all heard it

  • alin8080
    alin8080 Year ago +1948

    "The legion 2 became the legion 3"
    Well we have to appreciate his still intact sense of humor

  • Aranya Goswami
    Aranya Goswami Year ago +603

    The legion phone 2 is now a legion phone 3
    Most polite yet savage roast ever😂😂

  • Dillary Trumpton
    Dillary Trumpton Year ago +76

    Lenovo: We put fans on our phone to cool them off more efficiently
    Jerry: "haha fire in intake goes brrrn"
    Lenovo: You weren't supposed to do that..

  • MyTechTests
    MyTechTests Year ago +2

    Another great video from the best durability tester on Clip-Share, (in my opinion) 👌

  • The other "No" dude
    The other "No" dude Year ago +1

    They design a phone with good cooling, dual batteries, fast charging, high end specs, awesome customization and a gaming layout (front camera on the side) but they didn’t focus on rigidity? I think gamers may want to STAY away from this phone because one bit of rage or aggressive button pressing and that’s your phone.

  • Mysticon De Flamme
    Mysticon De Flamme Year ago +578

    I was literally caught off-guard when the phone broke. Usually we see the phones flexing, putting up against the pressure and eventually breaking. But this just snapped as if it was a chocolate bar.

  • Iren Masot
    Iren Masot 11 months ago +2

    Feels bad man, that looks like such a cool phone. I'd hate to have to worry about damaging it while carrying it around; especially that large fan grill that looks like it could suck up a ton of dust!

  • james scammahorn jr.

    Just a thanks.I like your testing with no case or covers to just the phone only. The galaxy z fold is what I use. Your episode on it was great and thank you. It's in good shape and working good. Didn't get any of the full hard cover. Just a back peace with a ring holder I can easily change for something nicer. I did go with a full front cover with thin clear glass. I don't know video had same steel bearings dropping on it. Did have 3 full on drop tests or jumps closed. No damage. Open I just don't walk with it but the ring grip helps.

  • Joons
    Joons 2 months ago +1

    This thing looks badass, imagine if there were actually good games for phones

  • Jerry G
    Jerry G Year ago +86

    He put a case on it after breaking it 😂😅

    • 謝利米
      謝利米 Year ago +12

      That is the coffin of the phone actually

  • RRG.R
    RRG.R Year ago +3602

    They must've had balls of steel when they sent this to Zack.

    • TheUnderlost
      TheUnderlost 7 months ago

      Balls of pitted porous metal

    • Aeropolitan Flan
      Aeropolitan Flan Year ago

      or the vision of a naked mole rat

    • Chris Bicknell
      Chris Bicknell Year ago

      what if they sent the phone to take note and do better with the next? if i was a phone manufacturer i would do this. even if i maybe hurt by it...

    • Gro Patapouf
      Gro Patapouf Year ago

      @NIKUL TAYDE I agree. I've had the op7 pro with a pop-up camera for two years now. It fell a dozen of times, camera intact, fears regarding the popup fragility are nonsense.
      However, as we've seen the legion crack in three pieces like a biscuit, I think it needs a metallic case otherwise it's a no-buy for me.

    • Miles Prower
      Miles Prower Year ago

      I thought that his name was Jerry?

  • Swinaecologist
    Swinaecologist Year ago +2

    As always so painful yet satisfying to watch!

  • phrozt
    phrozt Year ago

    It seems this phone set a lot of positive records..... and then set the record for easiest phone to break in this history of Zack's channel...

  • Jesus Alberto Ramos

    I'm wondering, How Or Where do you save all the phones after the tests?

  • Anshuman Khanna
    Anshuman Khanna Year ago

    Until now gaming phones needed to improve cameras but now they might need to think about antennas positioning and battery cell placement

  • Sukon Med
    Sukon Med Year ago +684

    Jerry how do you feel when u break the phone?? Does it hurt even a little/?

    • Arun KP
      Arun KP Year ago

      @CW_For_The_Win I read it as 'why his name isn't jerry". 😂

    • CW_For_The_Win
      CW_For_The_Win Year ago

      @Arun KP bruh I legit said jerry is not his name I already know this i was telling the original comment

    • Arun KP
      Arun KP Year ago

      @CW_For_The_Win His name's Zack. Jerry-rigging is a phrase indicating makeshift repairs.

    • Ben4A
      Ben4A Year ago

      @CW_For_The_Win no it's Zack ( I think )

    • Mohit Bhandari
      Mohit Bhandari Year ago

      He feels like he will get a million more views now. 😂

  • Deep Blue
    Deep Blue Year ago

    I ve been following this channel for quite a while and I have to say I believe it is the first time I ve seen a phone snap in half in 2 seconds

  • L Bozo Fr*nce
    L Bozo Fr*nce 3 months ago

    The exhaust vent is also strong enough to blow out my lighter, which is pretty impressive. And at least now we know the fans are good at working in extremely hot environments.

  • Chase Melancon
    Chase Melancon Year ago

    Do the phone makers ever reach out after one fails your durability test?

  • TrailTimesZr2
    TrailTimesZr2 Year ago

    I love it. Where else can you see a guy destroy a brand new high end gaming phone? 😆

  • L M
    L M Year ago +2299

    "The Legion Duel Phone 2 is now the Legion Duel Phone 3" xD Best sentence in a while (9:36)

  • LightTheUnicorn
    LightTheUnicorn Year ago +1

    Eek. That didn't look like it took much force, I can see a fair few of these things getting obliterated by rage-quits fairly quickly.

  • Paperhead Productions
    Paperhead Productions 2 months ago

    if it still works after becoming the "legion phone 3" we have our first curved screen gaming phone there

  • Bharath G
    Bharath G Year ago +1

    Legion duel 2 with its 2 speakers, 2 batteries and 2 fans is now definitely into 2 pieces😂

  • How to Fix
    How to Fix Year ago

    Cool phone i always watch your teardown and test my heart breaks when the phone is broken. I wish i could buy a gaming phone 😭

  • April Knight
    April Knight Year ago +837

    I was actually shocked how easily it snapped. Twice.

    • • Dan The Game Dev •
      • Dan The Game Dev • 2 months ago

      Its sad cuz the phone is legitimately so fn cool

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 5 months ago

      Im just wondering what did the quality control department accomplish.

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 5 months ago

      Rog 5 and oneplus 10 pro also bend.

    • The Sky Walker
      The Sky Walker Year ago

      yeah, that is really to break, if you have a phone that big and thic in your pocket jean, just sit down and it will break ...like wtf

    • Vlad Ionuț Sava
      Vlad Ionuț Sava Year ago

      @RadOo an ipad is much thinner and larger but yeah I wouldn't buy a tablet for kids just to break it right away 😂

  • Mohamed Elzoghby
    Mohamed Elzoghby Year ago

    After you broke that phone the new shape gave me goosebumps for the long waited lg g flix 3 that will never happen
    So Imagine LG GFlix with the same design of this phone
    It would be magical

    DZHEX 11 months ago

    I kinda wish the break test was more... quantifiable. It is informative, but I would appreciate a more absolute measurement, so I know if I won't accidentally break it in a fit of rage because I actuated a capacitive button due to my finger being in a suboptimal configuration.

  • Crazcompart
    Crazcompart Year ago +2

    Oh, I knew Lenovo made a FEW smartphones and tablets... I absolutely had no idea they made a dedicated gaming system such as this!

  • bllalll
    bllalll Year ago +11

    8:57 is the best comedy dose i received in a while 😂😂 how can you be so funny and calm at the same time Jerry 🤣🤣

  • Happiest Soul
    Happiest Soul Year ago +416

    I didn't expect that to be broken like that . Broke my heart.

    • Vikram
      Vikram Year ago +2

      @I am The one isheep

    • I am The one
      I am The one Year ago

      It’s an android what you expect.

    • Younes Ten
      Younes Ten Year ago

      iPhone 12 Pro Max the best phone in the forever 😍👍

    • Vikram
      Vikram Year ago

      @Marshmard Games exactly haha, shocked

    • tjsh
      tjsh Year ago

      The crunch was heartbreaking and satisfying at the same time

  • Dominik Samek
    Dominik Samek Year ago

    Jerry : Protection is a good thing and it's always better to have it before you need it.
    Also Jerry 10:21 : Slams case on the phone after he snaps it into three pieces.

  • Max Blanke
    Max Blanke 2 months ago

    they should have just added some type of backsupport from the raised middle segment that overlaps on top of the other two parts of the phone. It's a gamer phone, so people wouldn't complain if it had some type of structural integrity parts if it looked decent and made it last longer.

  • Jay Bautista
    Jay Bautista Year ago

    I was shocked by how easily you broke it.

  • Shamir Ali
    Shamir Ali 6 months ago

    I've dropped the phone multiple times on multiple surfaces and I've also tried to snap it. The phone is solid. Any phone which is snapped like that with unreasonable force would break. Batman himself broke like that when Bane snapped his back.

  • Busted Time
    Busted Time Year ago +722

    Doesn't matter how many of these videos I watch. Hearing that metal scraping sound still gives my teeth goosebumps.

    • 14 Reasons
      14 Reasons 5 months ago

      I muted all the scraping. It's fucking irritating to see and hear

    • Mr. M G
      Mr. M G 7 months ago

      For some strange reason it doesn’t do that to me however nails on chalkboard does

    • Risa
      Risa Year ago


    • Reico Waithe
      Reico Waithe Year ago


    • Trevor Beatz
      Trevor Beatz Year ago

      I skip

  • Give no Fox
    Give no Fox Year ago

    Was thinking of getting this phone....until i saw how easily you broke it lol. I work in a factory and this phone would not do well in my pocket. Guess I'm sticking with my s20Ultra until a cool or bigger phone comes around

  • Stuart Mackay
    Stuart Mackay 8 months ago

    Wow, you've just saved me ££££s and a heartache, I have lenovo, phone, tablet and laptop, was thinking about upgrading the phone.... NOT now, especially that model,
    was the older Pro etc vulnerable? Or the new Y90?

  • Jakub
    Jakub Year ago

    one of the very few ways i could see someone trying to break their phone is with gaming, so the fact it breaks with that is just sad. it looks like very few phones actually break, so one that is intended to game should be stronger.

  • Jon Smotherman
    Jon Smotherman Year ago

    My goodness this phone is WAY too expensive to be snapping that easy wth that was surprising tbh

  • Tech Aisle
    Tech Aisle Year ago +383

    A gaming phone that folds, I am impressed, Lenovo.

    • Lengors
      Lengors Year ago

      ​@OPservator Firstly, I don't think the comparsion is valid. Most people will have some degree of knowledge about Apple products as long as they have some interest towards technology (computers to be more specific), the same cannot be said about dbs. Imo, your example is more comparable to knowing specifically which GPUs each MacBook model has, rather than knowing some MacBooks have dGPUs.
      Secondly, fair, but then why claiming "idk what macbook got dedicated graphics bruh, they all got integrated Intel GPUs"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to imply that there's no MacBook with a dGPU.
      Thirdly, I agree that Lenovo doesn't have the best built quality out there, but to claim it's a piece of shit is just going to far, imo.

    • OPservator
      OPservator Year ago

      @Lengors like, if you're programmer, do you know every single db by heart? You don't. Mostly you know things you use often - for me it's PC, as i'm creating lots of builds, including watermachine projects.

    • Lengors
      Lengors Year ago

      @OPservator I wasnt the one making those claims, I dont care enough about Apple to know every single problem that there products might have... I was just pointing out that u claimed to be a technician but u didnt even know which MacBooks have dGPUs, that's all

    • OPservator
      OPservator Year ago

      @Lengors ive never heard about issues with macbook for first, maybe its just minorities issue, idk. Most macbooks just got broken fans or drowned keyboard.

    • Lengors
      Lengors Year ago

      @OPservator u must be an hell of a technician not knowing which MacBook lines have dGPU 🤦

  • sorka
    sorka Year ago

    I really expected it to survive given how thick it is... For the first the breaking of a phone mad emy heart skip a beat.

  • Steg
    Steg Year ago

    At first I was interested on the phone but after the bend test I change my mind...

  • jijithefatboy
    jijithefatboy Year ago

    Well, this is kinda catastrophic for new gen gaming smartphone.. two big names in gaming smartphone category are failing this time around.. Rog Phone 5, and now Legion Duel Phone 2.. Who's next?

  • Herman
    Herman Month ago

    Especially when gaming you need durable hardware, since (some) gamers tend to rage and take it out on the hardware. If you 1000 dollar phone breaks this easily....jeez!

  • PlaZ0k1
    PlaZ0k1 Year ago +399

    “The Legion Phone 2 is now Legion Phone 3”
    Best part 😂

  • Reyn Alcantara
    Reyn Alcantara Year ago

    I wish I can afford that phone 😁

  • rhondohslade
    rhondohslade Year ago

    My latest cellphone is a Tracfone unit that is branded as a Motorola. I think it is actually a Lenovo phone. It has a single 5000 mAH battery with the Turbo feature. It does a good job and charges rapidly. Even though it is a Tracfone, it is the same unit in every way as a Motorola moto G7 Power. I rather like it.
    That's my take on Lenovo.

  • Jonathan Stephens

    With its 2 fans 2 cameras and 2 batteries is now most definitely in 2 pieces

    SUPPORT UKRAINE Year ago +1

    Makes one wonder how those lines did pass quality inspection into the final design. Extraordinary.

    • Jorge Escudero
      Jorge Escudero Year ago

      @Jmstraubgamer did you know people put phone in their front pockets and then sit down? Or that they bend over to pick up something from the floor? If a phone can't put a MINIMAL resistance it's unusable.

    • Jmstraubgamer
      Jmstraubgamer Year ago

      Well the shell of the phone is designed to have a limit on flex in that direction, and who do you know other than people doing a "bend test" who would bend there phone in such a way? I always take bend tests with a huge grain of salt. Id honstly be more interested in this guys actual reviews and tests if he did things like hit the screen with a 3/8ths ratchet and what not rather than bending the phone.

  • Soumyadeep Bhattacherjee

    I was shocked when the phone snapped
    I really didn't expect it to just snap like that

    • Ocu domoon
      Ocu domoon Year ago +1

      @Mi ru as soon as I see the configuration I did expected it to break, but not like breaking a kitkat lol

    • NowLedge Outpost
      NowLedge Outpost Year ago +1

      @Roshin Parameswaran yeah but i have seen him break phones at the antenna lines and I think he said they used some porous metal so yeah you're right about the frame

    • Roshin Parameswaran
      Roshin Parameswaran Year ago +1

      @NowLedge Outpost nope. Usually the phone structure depends on frame+back panel. So, even if the antenna lines were in different positions, it'll break. Maybe not this easier but definitely.

    • TECH GUY
      TECH GUY Year ago

      @Roshin Parameswaran Yeah

    • Enes Eren
      Enes Eren Year ago +1

      I too was shocked. It was thick and looked tough and I was like that” naah this looks good can’t be snapped.” Then cracks 3 pieces 😂

  • Mohammad Jafarpanah
    Mohammad Jafarpanah Year ago +2

    Hey dear Jerry! So good so far.. Can you do a durability test on Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra?

  • RiceBaker100
    RiceBaker100 Year ago

    Lenovo and Asus out here making foldable phones that aren't actually supposed to fold. Nice.

  • 3 -24
    3 -24 Year ago

    Beautiful phone love it

  • Adi J
    Adi J Year ago +1

    Bro u do durability test with different scratching and bending tests but i suggest u to add drop test too bcoz most of mobile phones brokes due to fall...

  • Uncle Jøe
    Uncle Jøe Year ago +471

    My heart skipped a beat when the phone snapped so fast lol

    • GloobyJankens
      GloobyJankens Year ago

      Put it on 2 times speed

    • Younes Ten
      Younes Ten Year ago

      iPhone 12 Pro Max the best phone in the forever 😍👍

    • Bram
      Bram Year ago

      Spoiler alert

    • Vaisakh Naveen
      Vaisakh Naveen Year ago

      Me too, I didn't expect that

    • Sebastian
      Sebastian Year ago +2

      My jaw literally dropped. I had to rewind and watch it again, it broke so easily lol

  • snowdaysrule1
    snowdaysrule1 Year ago

    Lenovo makes EXCELLENT laptops

  • Shaikh Muhammad Adeel

    Waoo three screens now 😍cant blv this capable phone supports up to three monitors

  • Riley Gould
    Riley Gould 6 months ago

    After that bend test, it’s looking like a monitor now.

  • Prajwal Beast
    Prajwal Beast Year ago

    Me : this is the coolest phone I've ever BOUGHT!
    Jerry : This is the coolest phone I've ever BROKEN!

  • dianahmad59
    dianahmad59 Year ago +264

    When it comes to gaming, that snap test is more important than we think

    • samuel nyambane
      samuel nyambane Year ago +2

      For sure 💯when the pressure of the game is high you usually want to hold the phone or pad so hard to force issues. Now with this fragility we can’t afford🤦

    • Moss
      Moss Year ago +2

      Agreed, wow that shocked me how quick it snapped though. Holy smokes.

    • Adrian Paul
      Adrian Paul Year ago +5

      i dont squeeze it, I throw it usually, so can we get a throw test please? :D

    • Pantnagar Playz
      Pantnagar Playz Year ago +5

      Yup kidos don't take a game as a game but their life and companies need to understand this.

    • Silviu
      Silviu Year ago +48

      I can see a lot of angry kids snapping cause they've lost in some little game

  • Lecrae Overbite
    Lecrae Overbite Year ago

    When i'm watching the durability test it hurts me inside 😂

  • TheOnwodi
    TheOnwodi Year ago

    I wanna believe he was kidding when he said he didn't know Lenovo makes phones 😏

  • MikeHoocheeseharry
    MikeHoocheeseharry Year ago +2

    Him: opening a pricey phone without problem about accidentally breaking it in the process.
    While Me: using an android 8 cracked up screened phone, hard to touch and got no money to buy new one.
    Man this hurts in so many different ways.

  • Charlie Gundlach
    Charlie Gundlach Year ago

    "the box is surpisingly optically stabilized" 0:30
    I laughed out loud at that one

  • RealLifeTech
    RealLifeTech Year ago +686

    Let's all admit it: We were here to see the phone snap like the ROG Phone 5.

    • Moksh Joshi
      Moksh Joshi Year ago

      u guys should definitely watch him snap ipad pro

    • Fabius
      Fabius Year ago

      Honestly, I have no idea why I watched the video.
      Seeing him scratch, burn and snap the phone made me cringe hard.
      Informative and interesting video nonetheless. And he's doing a super soothing voiceover.
      I still like the accessibility videos better

    • hilt m
      hilt m Year ago

      I was hoping it would hold up better :(

    • Kamal reza.M
      Kamal reza.M Year ago

      Atlest rog phone 5 bit stronger then Legion 2 i Mean 3😂

    • godofyouall489
      godofyouall489 Year ago

      Hoping it is better looking for a game phone to use with my gamepass.

  • Bradley Lovegrove
    Bradley Lovegrove 7 months ago

    Will you ever test the Y90? I had the original legion dual before this one and along with the black shark it is the only one to survive. I really want the 4 trigger gaming phone but it seems they all are unofficial folding phones. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jaeden
    Jaeden 6 months ago

    I feel like if the antenna lines were on the top and bottom of the phone it would've survived the bend test...

  • Best Manhwas
    Best Manhwas Year ago +1

    It was all fun and games till it broke down into 3 pieces like a kit-kat😰

  • Dr.Cryogenic
    Dr.Cryogenic Year ago

    Now you have a curved display. The future innovation done now xD

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty Year ago +1

    I cant imagine the looks Zack gets when he steps onto the CES or IFA or whatever phone/tech trade show's floor.

  • Kswis
    Kswis Year ago

    Having 2 charging ports would def be convenient. Hell of a phone long as u don't try n need it lmao. In which case thay would be a rough day

  • Darq0n
    Darq0n Year ago +1

    This is soo cool! I need this phone!

  • Patrick Shannon
    Patrick Shannon Year ago

    Frankly, I find the idea of a gaming phone to be quite ridiculous. With all the throughput that USB offers these days, and the fact that you can shove PCIe through a USB-C cable, I think that a gaming expansion device with a built in larger screen makes a lot more sense. It cuts out all the sacrifices needed to make a phone like this.

  • Ravi Rajyaguru
    Ravi Rajyaguru Year ago +178

    You should launch a T-shirt or hoodie with your classic quotes like, "Glass is glass, and glass breaks", "Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7"
    Would definitely sell like hot cakes.

  • -VolkoslaV-
    -VolkoslaV- Year ago +1

    When it snapped, I literally gasped cuz I did not expect it to break that easily ✋😭😭😭 RIP

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Year ago +2

    okay but the way the phone cleanly snapped in half like that is so satisfying

    • Stephen Snell
      Stephen Snell Year ago

      A fact is that some smartphones are more fragile than others

  • Engr Theophilus
    Engr Theophilus Year ago

    Sometimes i wonder why i bother watching his tear down vids when I'm not planning on buying any of his tear down phone models 🤔😌

  • Gro Patapouf
    Gro Patapouf Year ago

    Is there like a steel case to stabilize the phone while it's laying on the table or while we accidently sit on it? I've searched the web to no avail

  • Sushila Vishwakarma
    Sushila Vishwakarma Year ago +491

    Legion making the dual phone 2 with *optically stablalized box*.
    While Jerry: *Lemme just UPgrade it to dual phone 3*

    • Nico
      Nico Year ago

      Must be the first foldable gaming phone on planet 😂

    • Wilson Gao
      Wilson Gao Year ago +2

      When the phone camera isn't OIS

    • Muhammad Mubashir
      Muhammad Mubashir Year ago +2


  • Caiden Rutledge
    Caiden Rutledge Year ago +4

    I watched the teardown first and thought it was a folding phone

  • Farhan Iqbal
    Farhan Iqbal Year ago +1

    Its a super cool phone, literally and figuratively , internally and externally .
    Damn who wrote those lines

  • Otawello
    Otawello Year ago

    Very impressive design Lenovo

  • MJ Johnson
    MJ Johnson Year ago

    that dual charging is nice, 30 minutes 100%

  • Axelrod
    Axelrod Year ago +124

    this is probably the easiest phone he's ever broken, it broke so fast and it looked like he barely used any force at all 0-0

    • Axelrod
      Axelrod Year ago

      @Aafaque Tole that one seemed to need a little more pressure to break

    • Kaushik Raghu
      Kaushik Raghu Year ago +3

      And I had the robin! Didn't feel like it was too weak or anything

    • Aafaque Tole
      Aafaque Tole Year ago +16

      Nah nextbin Robin is the top

  • Titanium Tronic
    Titanium Tronic Year ago +1

    Watching that phone get scratched is

  • Colourmatic
    Colourmatic Year ago +1

    Zack : I don’t even knew Lenovo makes phones
    *Motorola : Am I a joke to you?*

    Zack : Yes

  • K
    K Year ago

    Must be so fun to break stuff for a living 😉

  • Ender Pea
    Ender Pea Year ago

    I think I just found my new dream phone.