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The Complete Little Nightmares Timeline Explained (Horror Game Theories)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • There are three Little Nightmares games currently out and each of them contains a rather ambigious and mysterious story. They all connect to one another but how and more importantly why? In this indepth theory video for Little Nightmares we use information collected throughout the latest entry Little Nightmares 2 to contextualise events in both the original game and mobile spin off - Very Little Nightmares. By looking at all 3 games and applying some logical speculation, we can craft a theory that connects the dots and brings everything together into one uniformed timeline. So sit back, relax and enjoy the complete Little Nightmares timeline explained.
    Check out Little Nightmares here:
    You've been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a look at Little Nightmares II and the timeline for all three games. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.
    Music by Kevin MacLeod:
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  • hot bread
    hot bread 2 years ago +18081

    poor mono he seems like his worst nightmare was just being alone.

    • DeesDNP
      DeesDNP 10 days ago

      That is a popular theory. Some people believe that the game is all just Mono's nightmare that is formed by events of his life and making them nightmarish.

    • Rubix Da Gamer
      Rubix Da Gamer 2 months ago

      I mean who doesn’t want to be alone? A heh heh. Heh heh heh. Ehhh… I need friends-

    • Fizzy Bizzy soda
      Fizzy Bizzy soda 2 months ago

      Well his name is mono, meaning one. 😢 it is sad.

    • Astro
      Astro 3 months ago +1

      He had *mono* phobia

  • Luca Cupido
    Luca Cupido Year ago +9243

    Theory: When the thin man kidnaps six, six wasn’t in a bad hiding spot, the thin man just remembered where she hid from when he was mono

    • lolu
      lolu 26 days ago

      ​@Ronald Pererai guess it works vice versa

    • B Me
      B Me 27 days ago

      I never thought about that 😅😊

    • Tarantula
      Tarantula Month ago

      Y’all are having a whole discussion in here.

    • Brandon Vallier
      Brandon Vallier Month ago

      Thin man/adult mono is controlled by the thing in the tower.
      The point of the tower is it provides escape in some twisted form.
      This is the music box for 6.
      When mono breaks it she betrays him becaue it woke her up from the dream back to reality. The devs have made this clear.
      Except for mono his escape is only when his younger form frees him. Then the cycle begins to repeat. That's why you're drawn to the tvs your being called to free yourself. It's to free your adult form and begin the cycle. The adult form "killing" you or whatever happens is because if the adult version wins the thing in he tower wins.
      If young mono wins then the tower still wins because of the cycle its created.
      The thing in the tower controls all reality and exists beyond space and time. It's an eldritch entity.
      The eye symbolism is everywhere in the world even the first game. It's an all seeing eye.
      It knows and sees all because you're in its little nightmare.

    • Thunderworm gacha
      Thunderworm gacha Month ago

      @Ronald Perera he’s so bent on revenge that he doesn’t think of it he just wants six

  • trinity
    trinity 2 years ago +11136

    i spent the whole game holding six’s hand because it made everything less scary only for her to drop mono to his doom in the end ... very depressing

    • MaskedMid
      MaskedMid 5 months ago

      It is truly saddening.

    • BubbLe
      BubbLe 5 months ago +1

      Its so cute when they hold hands, its actually pretty comforting in the game

    • the sunset
      the sunset 8 months ago

      After the ending, i played the whole game again. put hold six's hand to see if the ending would change.

    • Eddy T
      Eddy T 10 months ago

      broooo sameeee

  • Gendy Goblin
    Gendy Goblin 2 years ago +4389

    Six being the Lady actually makes sense since the Lady hummed the same tune that Six did when trapped

    • em si
      em si 9 days ago

      @foamii i'm still surprised people are looking at that argument lmao

      SILVER DRAGON 2 months ago

      The one that was debunked was six being the Lady’s daughter

    • SCP Pinkamena
      SCP Pinkamena 5 months ago +2

      Unfortunately, it was confirmed that Six and the Lady were not one in the same.

    • N S
      N S 6 months ago +1

      @em si actually I'm pretty sure the only thing that was debunked was six ≠ relative of The Lady but that doesn't mean six ≠ The Lady

  • millie *
    millie * Year ago +3590

    She drops him because she sees his face, for all of the game mono hides his face. But he takes it off when fighting the thin man, so when she catches him she finally recognises him as the thin man. The one who kidnapped her.

    • Mr. Eggiplier
      Mr. Eggiplier  9 days ago

      ​@GrenouilleSuprême bro finally someone using the right "too" tysm

    • mina does art
      mina does art Month ago

      thing is, with that, six has seen his face before, like when mono defeats that large version of her. they look at each other and they fully well see each other.

    • NotCrankyAnymore
      NotCrankyAnymore Month ago

      @Carly Ballord

    • Qeex25
      Qeex25 2 months ago

      I think she just sucked his soul partly, gaining the ability to teleport through TVs

    • Jack Payne
      Jack Payne 3 months ago

      But its just a theory A GAME THEORY!!
      Oops wrong channel sorry.

  • LuzPanorama
    LuzPanorama Year ago +688

    It's also important to notice that there are several clocks in little nightmares 2. As you progress, the time shown on each clock suggests that time actually moves backwards. A clock in the school shows around seven minutes to six, while a clock in the hospital shows around 13 minutes to six

    • Peter Yeeterson
      Peter Yeeterson Month ago +2


    • xooperz
      xooperz 5 months ago +18

      This game has so many bizarre details lol

    • Pepe
      Pepe Year ago +83

      @frab AND the time difference between each clock is 6 minutes.

    • frab
      frab Year ago +78

      Of all the numbers time could be running backwards from... it's six? That seems interesting. 🤔

  • Kuro Kien
    Kuro Kien 2 years ago +5096

    *Funfact* : Six need to attack 6 times with the mirror to defeat the lady. Mono also need to hit 6 times with items to destroy the music box.

    • Oisin Mcanespie
      Oisin Mcanespie 6 months ago +1

      @jordan you solved the entire story

    • NejiTheSouless
      NejiTheSouless 7 months ago

      @SHROUD_15 oh yeah!

    • SHROUD_15
      SHROUD_15 7 months ago +1

      I noticed when there was an odd number of choice for the boss aka the lady to lay down and get eaten.

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name 7 months ago

      @InternallyExhausted 🏳️‍⚧️ m

    • NejiTheSouless
      NejiTheSouless 8 months ago +1

      thanks dude. useful advice

  • AtoTheTaco
    AtoTheTaco 2 years ago +5604

    Mono: just a kid with cool powers
    Six: "and I took that personally"

    • Asmoda
      Asmoda Day ago

      ​@RafoGameplays that is not how you decide who is stronger,plus the comparison was mono supernatural power,not physical strength

    • rasberrygoose
      rasberrygoose 3 months ago

      (When I Posted That My Name Was Mono On Accident Lol

    • rasberrygoose
      rasberrygoose 3 months ago

      @Night Mime I Hate To Admit But I Six Is Stronger Than Me

    • 🐾Protogen Of Ya🐾
      🐾Protogen Of Ya🐾 5 months ago +1

      @Connor Kenway are you sure of being sure about that?

    • Lebron James
      Lebron James 7 months ago +3

      @RafoGameplays she can consume energy i agree, but she is def not as strong as mono, like i said mono is a reality warping lil dude who could wipe out the tower if he felt like it, six was attracted to the tower and the tower is one of the reasons on how six got her powers while mono is the tower and the reason why its still a thing

  • moom1ib
    moom1ib 2 years ago +1642

    mono was actually really cute and him and six were such an adorable duo i’m so sad that six did that to him 😭

    • rasberrygoose
      rasberrygoose 3 months ago

      Thx For Calling Me Cute

    • Mr. ElectriDictator
      Mr. ElectriDictator 4 months ago

      @Ahmad Alaama No it isn't

    • Joseph Murphy
      Joseph Murphy 6 months ago

      @Michelle Perrish not true at all actually the time paradox has to have come from somewhere as without the thin man then they never would've even been in the situation where he stole six therefore no signal tower or anything of the sort it was all there from the beginning the signal tower and whatever eye monster manifested the time loop there has always been both mono and a thin man and there will always be six dropping mono because paradoxes can't break themselves without outside force which isn't present he never could've had a better life and the story never had any possibility to end different think about it why would the thin man want to kill mono if they're the same person if he was under the control of the tower he'd protect mono to continue the loop and by extent his masters bidding and if he isn't under control of the tower then he'd only be trying to kill six which doesn't happen even though he captures her so clearly that game over screen isn't him killing us it's us breaking a pre set time loop which as we've established isn't possible the actions of the thin man tell us all we need to know about what's happening and why there's no choice or outside possibility other than six dropping us because whether she remembers or not there's a pre set time loop that will not break so there is not choice behind her actions or alternative outcomes except for what happens in the story

    • Joseph Murphy
      Joseph Murphy 6 months ago

      @moist orphan there is not happy ending or okay ending there's a secret ending where six picks up a flier advertising the maw

    • Michelle Perrish
      Michelle Perrish 6 months ago +4

      @Angled no mono would still exist he already exists lmfao but thin man wouldn't exist if he wasn't dropped by six. Mono could have ended up with a possibly better life or atleast not end up trapped for who knows how many years losing his mind being so alone

  • It’s Ryba
    It’s Ryba Year ago +797

    So technically the Thin Man isn’t evil, he’s just trying to break the cycle of eternal darkness and torment the The Tower is controlling, in turn stopping The Tower and it’s damage on the realities

    • The Chosen One
      The Chosen One 23 days ago

      @joel ygot jr the question should be how the tower appeared

    • The Chosen One
      The Chosen One 23 days ago

      @joel ygot jr think of it like eldritch horror or cosmic horror. It's a evil entity that feeds of despair

    • joel ygot jr
      joel ygot jr 2 months ago +3

      Why the hell is the tower even doing that?

    • Nameless
      Nameless Year ago +8

      Jup i think that's how it workes

  • TheAngryAussie
    TheAngryAussie 2 years ago +1222

    There's something I want to point out I haven't seen a single youtuber cover.
    With Six letting go of Mono, people assume it's because she's lost her trust in Mono, or sees the thin man in him. Yet, here's the thing.
    In the scene where the thin man takes Six from under the table, you see the shadow of Six left behind. I believe this shadow is Six's soul.
    After loosing her soul, her mind and body were under the control of the radio tower. Since Mono killed the thin man of current, the radio tower needed a new thin man. Six, being under the control of the tower, let go of Mono well aware of the consequences.
    Six wasn't supposed to be turned normal after becoming her twisted self. So after becoming normal, Mono set himself up for his own demise.

    • Guiding Light Dogs & The Support Buddies
      Guiding Light Dogs & The Support Buddies 3 months ago +2

      His future self was trying to protect him from Sic by kidnapping her but in doing so made her lose her soul, thus dooming him. Whereas Six kills Mono while on her quest to stop the tower, but in doing so (whether she’s under the control of the tower, sees his face or simply does not care to save him due to having no soul) she dooms herself too. Six was always going to be doomed, but Mono was just trying to do the right thing by his friend and that’s upsetting

    • Jack Payne
      Jack Payne 3 months ago

      What a strange coincidence

    • Tre Feezy
      Tre Feezy Year ago +11

      @Rosa that would be a fire 3rd game

    • friiz
      friiz Year ago +6

      this makes a lot of sense

    • Rosa
      Rosa Year ago +82

      You know how shadow Six was in the first game watching her? My gosh it’s her remaining soul watching her own body move on and absorb power to satisfy the hunger of needing something to make her feel alive or more of full. Man now I hope somehow shadow Six can get her body back and then go back to the tower to destroy it which might to save Mono. Though of course that depends if she can get her own soul back into her body(which probably contains her memories with Mono).

  • Higai
    Higai Year ago +359

    I really wish that the Little Nightmares team make a game where they explain if the world has always been this fucked up

  • Sarah Smile
    Sarah Smile 2 years ago +2444

    I think the reason why Six let Mono fall because he, in her mind, betrayed her by destroying her music box even though it was to save her. Because, when we first see Six in her monstrous state and call to her she presents the music box too Mono as if to show or share it with him. She only gets violent after he tried to smash it. Also, if you look at the way Six slowly gets up and stares at Mono after finally destroying the music box, her body language seems hostile to me. Because to her, that was a safe place, that was her comfort and he took it from her.

    • Shawna Cochrane
      Shawna Cochrane 21 day ago

      Its also because she saw a resemblance to the thin man

    • Brandon Vallier
      Brandon Vallier Month ago +1

      The devs made it clear that she dropped him because he destroyed the music box.
      He woke her from the bliss the tower gave her in the form of the music box.
      Just like when you turn off the TVs the people suddenly become enraged and try to attack you.
      The tower symbolizes escapism which is what it provides through the signal. This can be different for different people.
      Mono broke 6 of this escape. You destroy her dream, her escape from the nightmare of reality. This is why she let's him fall. Again the devs made this apparent with replies to this question.
      If it was due to her seeing his face why was she so nice before you try to destroy the music box?
      It's becaue she liked mono and wanted to share her escape with him. Otherwise she would have lashed out right from the start. This is why you're able to call to her to sooth her and let her know you're her friend. From her perspective you betrayed her in the moment you attack the music box.
      The symbolism of escapism is actually present in the entire game. Granted it's exagerated in form due to the nightmare warping reality.
      The hunter creates a family from dolls to escape.
      The people watch TV to escape.
      The Teacher well.. Teaches to escape.
      The doctor looks over his patients.
      It's present in the first game too.
      The long armed guy enjoys catching things.
      The cooks cook.
      The guest escape through food.
      The Lady escapes with her mask. (This is also why everyone wears masks that works on the ship, because it's her ship)
      6 escapes through the music box.
      Mono is the only one immune and the tower uses his powers to produce the signal itself which warps reality. He's trying to literally eacape. Because he is forever trapped behind it the door by the tower and stuck in an eternal loop never to escape.
      The world itself is warped by the tower and the thing within. That's why the eye symbolism appears everywhere. It's everywhere and always watching because this is its world.
      You could say the entire world is the little nightmare of that being itself.

    • 𝙁uyuka 𝙊moide
      𝙁uyuka 𝙊moide 2 months ago

      @Aru Still I don't think that it's a good reason for dropping Mono, I mean- does it really justify Six for dropping Mono into what's practically a death sentence in that pit just because he broke a item??
      Like- I get that the music box is special for Six and that they see it as a comfort item but is it really worth betraying them just for that kind of reason?? Especially the betrayal was towards someone who saved their a$$ not once- not twice- but *MULTIPLE TIMES*

    • Alex
      Alex 7 months ago

      She could stop the loop by just saving him and all collateral damage avoided

    • Aru
      Aru 10 months ago +1

      @It’sallKDsfault Well- Imagine the person you really care about destroyed the most precious thing you ever had, especially when it comforts you the most.

  • T René
    T René Year ago +359

    Six is a hex. In Greek, "hex" is the number six. As in hexagram, a six pointed star.
    Hex is also a word for a witch or a curse. In the original game, Six becomes the witch by absorbing the powers of "The Lady".

  • Dante Vitale
    Dante Vitale 2 years ago +198

    I like how he explains the Rain Coat by saying it drifted to a city, rather than just saying that there was maybe a second raincoat.

    • rainofrest
      rainofrest 8 months ago

      @Dante Vitale xd

    • Dante Vitale
      Dante Vitale 11 months ago +9

      @Turtoil Some very tiny maker of little rain jackets.

    • Turtoil
      Turtoil 11 months ago +12

      yeah but who would've produced a raincoat for the smaller people ?

  • BlackXKuro
    BlackXKuro Year ago +211

    Learning the whole story has made me love this series even more. Out of all the games I've played in 2021, Little Nightmares 2 impressed me the most. I really hope they make a LN3, even though the developers said the story is done.

  • Patty McNerney
    Patty McNerney 2 years ago +50

    I think the most likely theory for Six's sudden change of mind and letting Mono fall is because she saw his face for the first time (looks up at her with mask gone) and recognized him as the Thin Man. In shock or to protect herself, she let Mono fall.
    Also, I always thought the names were Six, representing the sin of gluttony, and Mono, referencing Monophobia (the fear of being alone), but those are definitely open to speculation.

  • Theo Emile
    Theo Emile Year ago +111

    As much as I loved the theory, I find really weird to think that the Pretender might be the next in line for the title of the Maw's ruler. I mean, would the Lady really designate a successor? She's obsessed by keeping her eternal youth. Wouldn't choosing a heir feel like, admitting she's going to die eventually? It doesn't sound like something she'd do to me. Still, amazing video, I love how it all went from a cannibalistic kid to convoluted time paradox stuff.

    • mono
      mono 29 days ago

      @Volnar The Unforgiving timeskips are a thing and theories are not confirmed so anything is possibe

    • Volnar The Unforgiving
      Volnar The Unforgiving Month ago +1

      @Kyujutsu Gaming Why would she age so fast and change her hair color? This theory is ridiculous

    • EnderBorn
      EnderBorn Month ago

      @Kyujutsu Gaming i doubt they are making another prequel based on how many folks are investigating the games a sequel is more likely

    • Kyujutsu Gaming
      Kyujutsu Gaming 9 months ago +1

      It would be cool if LN3 main protagonist is the Pretender. The story would be that she drifted to the Maw and ends up becoming the Lady, which happens at the same time as the LN2 timeline. So during LN1, Six consumes the Lady/Pretender.

  • Lawrence Lagniton
    Lawrence Lagniton 2 years ago +7815

    Six should write a book "To all the boys I've doomed before"

  • Banana
    Banana 2 years ago +454

    You really think Thin Mono would one day think ‘well if I’m still doing this then this plan clearly didn’t work last time, maybe I should try something else this time.’

    • Addisyn
      Addisyn Month ago

      To be fair, he spends a lot of time within the signal tower. He likely only really remembers the betrayal without a lot of details to connect the dots that his younger self's fate was his own fault, and thus he continues the loop with his only intent being to save his younger self and get revenge. That, or the signal from the tower has corrupted him so much that he cant think as he used to. The monsters in Little Nightmares seem smart enough to live, really, but they dont show a whole lot of intelligence beyond that. He could just be so far gone that he doesnt have the mind to connect the dots that everything that happened to him was his own fault.

    • Guiding Light Dogs & The Support Buddies
      Guiding Light Dogs & The Support Buddies 3 months ago

      My mind just went “squish Six instead of kidnapping her”

    • Of Importance
      Of Importance 3 months ago

      Deterministic world

    • JackoJaxko
      JackoJaxko 10 months ago

      *_12 Minutes Would like to Have a Chat With you_*

    • Spicket Spaghet
      Spicket Spaghet Year ago

      Each mono would only have the knowledge of his own previous attempt. Hence why they don't succeed. It is thus that every thinman is unique in his experience of the past. On a long enough timeline, that could mean he choses a different approach entirely.

  • Addisyn
    Addisyn Month ago +4

    Mono's name also seems to be connected to Monophobia- the fear of being alone. He's left alone in the tower, he's willing to help and travel with Six and doesnt move on without her, and instead saves her whenever they were split up within the school, etc. It seems more likely to be the origin of his name, and it just helped that Mono = 1 so that itd fit with Six already having a number as a name.

  • Hostile Takeover
    Hostile Takeover Year ago +173

    honestly, i think six is going to turn into the signal tower because of her endless hunger and ability to drain life force

    • Lucifer Cookie
      Lucifer Cookie Year ago +23

      Another time loop. Honestly would not be surprised. At this rate, Mono and Six are just in a never ending unhealthy relationship that's in itself causing the relashionship.

  • Thor Krona
    Thor Krona 2 years ago +244

    I believe she lost her memories when Mono defeated her in her nightmare form, that's why she didn't help him, she thought he had hurt her.

    • Eduarda Nascimento
      Eduarda Nascimento 4 months ago +1

      yes, because she runs ahead of him as soon as the tower starts to collapse, as if she didn't know him.

    • Topspur76
      Topspur76 9 months ago +4

      @Godzilla Kaiju boy unlikely

    • Godzilla Kaiju boy
      Godzilla Kaiju boy Year ago +11

      @moist orphan it's possible she just grabbed him out of pure instinct and let go after getting too tired without realizing who he really was

    • moist orphan
      moist orphan Year ago +42

      I think this is unlikely. If she DOESN'T remember him she would simply leave alone and not reach out to grab him while he jumps (as in early in the game when he first found her and she didn't know him she didn't cooperate with him easily). So her reaching out to grab him means she does remember him but her letting go just means she's... not as innocent as we thought she is

  • Floofie kun
    Floofie kun Year ago +14

    I dont really think Six is a bad person by nature. She attempted to save Mono and hugged the Gnomes. I feel like she was either scared of Mono at the end for the reasons you explained, or maybe her self-preservation kicked in and she knew she wouldn't be able pull him up in time. That or she was corrupted and was pre-destined to drop him in order to keep the timeline alive.

  • TookTook
    TookTook 2 years ago +7340

    So mono just needs to practice running so that he can make the jump without six's help

    • Mahz
      Mahz 4 months ago

      The thing is six didn’t help him

    • 𝓐𝓴𝓪𝓴𝓲𝓸𝓼
      𝓐𝓴𝓪𝓴𝓲𝓸𝓼 4 months ago

      Bro can’t skip leg day anymore

    • Luke Lange
      Luke Lange 5 months ago

      @Duckling Chief si

    • The Purple Man
      The Purple Man 5 months ago

      That’s not six tho,

    • Michelle Perrish
      Michelle Perrish 6 months ago

      @susbedo six at a rat and knom kid that helped her and fed her. She's basically murdered or hurt multiple people and entities way before mono came along. So I mean she seems pretty heartless. She seemed to have fun bashing those dolls, breaking there fingers and burning the doctors body. Pay attention the each hand entirely and you'll see it for yourself. Six may have had her soul taken out and body taken over by the tower. Wish the game gave more details/back stories to these games so it makes more since to everyone.

  • Mick P
    Mick P 2 years ago +112

    I feel like 6 was always meant to be the lady and mono was always going to be the thin man. It's just a continuous cycle that will never end

  • Aimé
    Aimé 2 years ago +44

    i feel like it'd be easier to say that the reason Six can draw from memories she's still yet to have, is because she's already been tainted by the Signal Tower, as you mention in the beginning. That way, it sounds reasonable that she also somehow receives memories from elsewhere in space and time, especially considering that Mono (or Thin Man) has a particular fixation over her...

  • Exotic Butters
    Exotic Butters Year ago +13

    I’ve had this theory for a while and it was that all the enemies (ie. The Teacher, Hunter, Doctor, Patients, Thin Man and Bullies) all know the outcome and what’s going to happen (especially Thin Man) and that’s why they attack Mono, to stop the loop from happening and stop the signal tower all together.

  • all amazing Elysia
    all amazing Elysia 2 years ago +58

    Also, the more you smash Six's music box, its starts to resemble The Maw, which may imply she already had plans to go there, or that she had been there already

  • Xeno Smoke
    Xeno Smoke 10 months ago +20

    I feel crushed for both of them.
    I’ve seen life at its worst and what it can do to people.
    It’s hard to be mad at Six in the same way that many of you are.

  • Toffebuns
    Toffebuns 2 years ago +4054

    It also makes sense because as Mono “defeats” the thin man with his powers, you can see the thin man holding up his hand telling mono to stop, trying to stop the paradox ther before it keeps going.

    • Nameless
      Nameless Year ago

      Oh that just fucked my head even more...

    • Iconic Gamemers
      Iconic Gamemers Year ago


    • Iconic Gamemers
      Iconic Gamemers Year ago

      @Strawberry but then the mall would keep going

    • Rosa
      Rosa Year ago +10

      Dang now it just makes me wish there was an alternate ending where we let the thin man capture us and prevents the cycle…….

    • Strawberry
      Strawberry Year ago +7

      @cherry no it doesn't but I don't know how the thin man can stop the cycle
      Thin man is weaker than mono since six stole some of thin man's powers and the tower is using the thin man's powers to distort everything in the area
      Maybe thin man can travel to the past and kill six before the hunter captured her

  • Bleh
    Bleh Year ago +20

    What if six was trapped in the pale city for so long that it changed her. In Very Little Nightmares she’s really helpful and try’s to save the girl at the very end and clearly still cares about her as we see her putting on her raincoat. My idea is, is that the deeper she goes into the pale city and the longer she’s there the more twisted she becomes. At the start of little nightmares 2 when mono finds six she’s scared but not trying to escape and when he comes in and frees her she runs away like in very little nightmares showing that even though your another child she’s still just as fearful. You can see a drawing of the signal tower in the room showing that it has some sway over her already. All of the monsters they face push her deeper and deeper into the darkness the longer she stays in the pale city. The thin man capturing her seems to me like the nail in the coffin as her “soul” separates from her body leaving her empty, angry, and broken. When mono saves her she’s still broken as shadow six still shows up in her hunger so when mono destroys her music box, the only sense of comfort she has after all she’s experienced and lost, she already too far gone and drops him out of pure anger. When she leaves towards the maw away from the pale city a part of her is still gone so even if she’s away from the signal tower the damage is already done, there’s a literal whole where her heart should be. She keeps getting hungry through out the first game because while it can help with the pain it can’t replace that missing peace. Why? Because it’s not *her* missing peace. She’s not a loaf of bread, she’s not a rat, she’s not the run away kid, she’s six, so the only way to complete her soul is to consume it again, and she dose that through the lady. This shift shows in the lady as well because as the lady isn’t kind to her guests (considering the fact that she kills them and feeds them to the other guests) she’s kind to the children (in a weird way). She doesn’t kill them but she dose capture them and put them to work for her, but at the end of the day this is really just to save her younger self from her fate. Other than that she only shows cruelty to the other monsters in the maw, wich is also understandable considering her own experiences with people like them as a child. In a way six becomes more kind when she’s the lady, when that missing part of her soul is returned to her, but at that point her fate is sealed. This all makes sense to me in the grand sceem of this too. If six just being near the pale city changes her than it dosn’t matter what the lady or the thin man do because she’s out of there reach, out of there control. Mono saving her and taking her deeper into the pale city is completely out of there control. They are trapped where they are and by the time they can get to them the damage is already done. It’s a fixed loop that can’t be stopped no matter how many times they’ve been through it. It’s like a the snowball effect, once it starts rolling you can’t stop it, and by the time the lady and the thin man can reach them they can’t do anything about anymore. So the cycle continues and both the pale city and the maw have a host to hold it together forever.
    At the end of the day I don’t think six was always evil to twisted. Call it wishful thinking but I think it makes sense.
    Wow this was long... bye!

    • Evelyn.
      Evelyn. 8 months ago

      This theory has many flaws, but at the same time it is very logical!...

  • Freddy Green
    Freddy Green Year ago +3

    This video was sooo helpful. You did an amazing job connecting all the major plot points. I was just getting a bit tired of all the boring speculative theories that didn’t really answer any questions.

  • Noasphere
    Noasphere Year ago +7

    A theory I had since I played the first game was that Six got her name from the 6th basic human fear. The fear of death.
    But then I thought that Mono would represent the 1st basic human fear, the fear of poverty.
    With little nightmares II though it sounds more like Mono would be a closer representation the 4th fear, the fear of loosing a loved one.
    One can still draw the line between Mono and the fear of poverty, in that he is all alone with nothing. But it might be a bit of a stretch...

  • Rosa
    Rosa Year ago +4

    Man I feel so bad for both Mono and Six(also every other kid and adults in this world), like it’s because of that tower(which we might get an explanation of how it happened and affected all of the world in a future game or comic). The tower causes the world to be mess up, eventually getting a host that can fuels it(host feels betrayal/sadness/empathy which gives it more power maybe?) and said host is stuck in a time paradox where both he himself and six cause it(Thin man taking Six inside the tower which causes her soul to disappear and makes her body betray Mono which causes the events to happen). Every person in this world tries to hide their deformities and regular human life is distorted where to the point children who aren’t affected by the tower are either eaten or mistreated. Man I hope that in the future game whoever our protagonist is whether it’s still Six or someone new, can destroy that stupid tower once in for all so the world can eventually go back to normal(in…about a couple years or decade most likely, but still).

  • Koga Nobuyoshi
    Koga Nobuyoshi 6 months ago +3

    This is why I need to continue watching these videos. They're always so brilliantly done and they make sense of every single detail that seems to fly over people's heads. I can't wait for the 3rd game.

  • Lynx _347
    Lynx _347 2 years ago +2872

    Theory: Six’s name comes from the 6th deadly sin, which is gluttony, considering how she always had a serious hunger issue in the original game, from eating normal food to the little gnomes and then the lady, and I think the passengers on the Maw back this theory up because of how they eat not stop and are really really fat
    Another thing I forgot to mention which puts the nail in the coffin is that the game was originally going to be called “Hunger” before the developers went with “Little Nightmares”

    • Jaclyn Sexton
      Jaclyn Sexton 11 months ago +1

      This is a really good theory, and honestly, I could see it! It makes a lot of sense, plus there's evidence to go with it.

    • X
      X Year ago

      Six was also originally supposed to be the main protagonist

    • Keith M
      Keith M 2 years ago

      @Absinth Fux oh ok. Good on you.

    • Absinth Fux
      Absinth Fux 2 years ago

      @Sarah it's wrong.. I've pointed it out.

    • Absinth Fux
      Absinth Fux 2 years ago

      @Keith M No, what he said is actually incorrect as I've pointed out, little nightmares has litteraly zero connection to dante"'s inferno.

  • Rtep Káhor
    Rtep Káhor Year ago +28

    I fell in love with this game series instantly.
    What a precious gem. 💓

  • Nadia Underwood
    Nadia Underwood Year ago +3

    Has anyone else noticed that Six doesn’t help Mono at all during the escape from the signal tower? She doesn’t even stop to wait for him to catch up. She is far ahead of him at all times and doesn’t use any team work until she catches him from falling at the end and even then she lets go of him. She didn’t trust him anymore, she was either under the control of the tower or she saw The Thin Man in him.

  • MrKoryMisun
    MrKoryMisun Year ago +5

    If Mono is Thin Man, could that mean Six could be the Lady since they consume endlessly? There are TV sets scattered around the Maw so Six could have time traveled (losing more of herself and getting hungrier in the process)! Also it might just be a similarity in design, but the Lady's mask reminds me a lot of Mono's face when he's falling at the end in 1st person.

  • Clayton Latone
    Clayton Latone 2 years ago +40

    5:00 The people with the faces scratched out are the Pale City residents with the distorted faces watching the TVs. In Chapter 4, many are seen falling off of buildings in order to get closer to the screen

  • Sara
    Sara 2 years ago +12

    Is it possible that Six dropped him so he can become the Tall Man? If the signal tower was controlling her, maybe it forced her to let him go. That’s why she’s the catalyst?

    • Sara
      Sara 4 months ago

      @Purple Pepperoni this was such a long time ago 😅

    • Purple Pepperoni
      Purple Pepperoni 4 months ago

      I don’t think the tower was controlling her. I think it’s because she lost her soul. So she became twisted + the fact that mono smashed her coping mechanism makes her more likely to drop him

  • Urgence
    Urgence 2 years ago +2405

    Also the fact that the hunter captured six before the events of little nightmares 2 gives a possibly unintentional reasoning to the hunter not even attempting to shoot her at all during the boss fight. This could also support the idea that the hunter wants a form of company in him being alone, which can also be supported by the fake people at the dinner table.

    • 「𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒖𝒆?」
      「𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒖𝒆?」 7 months ago

      Now I just feel bad for him 😭😭😭

    • HighFlyGamingRoblox
      HighFlyGamingRoblox 11 months ago +1

      this makes sense the transmission might have caused all of them to capture six or thin man himself has to do it

    • ♠️AceOfSpades♠️
      ♠️AceOfSpades♠️ Year ago +1

      Oh my god-
      He just wants a family :( poor dude-

    • em si
      em si Year ago +1

      @Rosa well, this is little nightmares were talking about, nothing has a nice ending

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Year ago

      I would be his friend or maybe even more than that❤️😘

  • woaza cardoza
    woaza cardoza 2 years ago +176

    imagine being six and deciding to drop one of your friends off a cliff and in result dooming the entire world

  • Anthony Delfino
    Anthony Delfino Year ago +12

    Just finished my own play through for the first time of Little Nightmares 2 this weekend... one thing I love about these games is that they do leave things just vague enough for you to draw your own conclusions. As such, I didn't read it as a time loop or paradox situation with Mono and the Thin Man, but more that the entity that is the Signal Tower demands someone with powers like mono has in order to broadcast its signal and spread its influence. So when Mono defeated the Thin Man and was left in the tower, the tower corrupted Mono into inheriting his position so it could continue to project its signal and influence over the world.
    Also regarding the number 6 on the door.... I don't know that I buy that it's proof of a canonical time loop. If it were supposed to be door number 6, it would be much more prominent and visible, not something that just looks more like a faint shadow on the door.

  • Pineapples
    Pineapples Year ago +30

    Ohhhh shit the Thin Man was a good guy, and when you die or get captured by the Thin Man, that’s technically the good ending where the world is saved

  • Leanna Vanderford
    Leanna Vanderford Year ago +3

    This is the best Clip-Share channel I have ever stumbled across. Thanks for all your hard work. when you create you make the world a better place by simply making the viewer enjoy themselves for that brief moment. So yeah it's nice when someone's hard work and effort shows.

  • Jabami Lain
    Jabami Lain 3 months ago +4

    I've got a theory of what Six's story really is:
    -The Tower corrupted much of the globe as thoroughly as it could. But there were few who tried to stay as isolated from the network as possible, trying to build their own versions of order, away from the tower. But due to have been already touched by the corruption, even their forms of order are delusional twisted.
    One such family is the Nest family. Their deformity was that they lost their souls, fractured into tiny glitched pieces, so they appear mostly normal, were it not for the fact their appearances were grotesque enough to refuse to appear in the photos. Another is the Lady, whose deformity was endless hunger in order to reverse her weakness and physical condition. These three had an arrangement in order to maintain the Maw working and keep themselves isolated from the main land.
    The patriarch and matriarch had two children, twin girls, more beautiful than them, yet souless as well. However, what made these two children special, was that one girl had the power to externalize her void, making people disappear in thin air. The other girl on the other hand needed to keep eating something that was or is alive, getting more powerful and beautiful with each victim she consumed. The latter is named number 6, as she's supposed to be the new Lady, as the current one seems to be getting more unhinged and sadistic with the guests she invites in order to get more money to maintain her establishment. The former becomes incredibly jealous of her sister, painting herself, to be even more beautiful than Six, ripping her sister's face off from a photo, and then ends their mother, as she planned to have more children.
    She then took control of the house's insane doll maker and the weary Butler by physically disabling the most threatening parts of their bodies, and ordered them to build that phantasy world of hers filled with dolls made from the children her mother intended to adopt and did everything she could to make it seem like she was an only daughter. Because of these events, Six stopped wearing anything that might have her look like her sister, and started to use her powers to find ways to attract children passing by her home in the hopes one of them could help her take her sister down.
    Eventually she succeeds. However, having grown fond of her latest victim, after her departure from the realm of the living thanks to the Pretender, she takes on her coat both to pay tribute and to hide herself from the world.
    After these events she goes to the mainland in order to destroy the Tower for being the reason her family was ruined, only to lose her beloved coat and be caught by the Hunter, who wished to let her body give up naturally in order to stuff her as his new daughter.
    And after the events of this game, in which she and Mono unknowingly find the glitched pieces of her soul, and her betrayal, as her hunger finally began to take hold of her, she was instructed by her shadow/soul (who either couldn't or refused to return to her body) to go to the Maw, where she should have gone to in the first place, in order to feast and become all powerful.
    And she did just that. However, because of the time distortion, she actually went to a past version of the Maw before the events in the second game.
    She made her way to the fortress, where she found her father's hanging corpse and what her family had been truly financing. They had been financing a mad narcissistic creature whose goal was to destroy the bodies of beautiful children and trap their souls in beings know as Nomes, under the excuse of protecting them from the Tower's corrupting broadcast, using the bodies to fatten the guests and then turn them into tomorrow's menu. A sadistic cycle to behold no doubt about it. As Six finally defeats the Lady, the guests and satisfies her hunger, she leaves, but her fate in this cycle becomes unclear. What I do believe, is that time in the Nest and the Maw works differently as well, since it is located far away from the Tower's tentacular reach. So she probably remains there in order to become the new Lady, going mad from her regret in leaving Mono behind, unable to see her reflection not out of vanity, but out of guilt, thus restarting the cycle, and this time try to capture her younger self earlier in order to keep her away from Mono and punish her past self. Only to fail, leading her younger self to go into the Pale city and continue the loop, now returning to a point in which her future self is already the Lady and she must defeat again in order to regain the powers the Tower stole from her. And that is where we know no more. She either decides to stay and continue the cycle. Or she leaves to try and fix her mistakes.

  • Elizabeth Montgomery
    Elizabeth Montgomery 2 years ago +3806

    I think that when mono was caught by six at the end of the game, he wasn't wearing
    his mask witch revealed to six that he was the thin man. after seeing his face, and recognizing him as the thin man,
    six thought that dropping him and killing him would stop him from becoming the thin
    man but instead it just caused the cycle to repeat.

    • Jordan 313
      Jordan 313 Year ago

      @heather true true broski

    • heather
      heather Year ago +1

      @Jordan 313 she didn't cos the only time u take it off is in the school chapter where you have to change your hat for one of the doll's heads, and at that time six was taken by the bullies

    • heather
      heather Year ago

      @swan goose yeah cos she hesitated as if she was looking properly at his face

    • Anthony Starnella
      Anthony Starnella Year ago

      @Joshua Rojas Like I said you don’t see it, but I can see a resemblance around the eyes and nose. Also how Monos face is angled I could see him having a longer face when he’s older. And I said you take it as a hard fact based on how quickly you say people have no logic when mentioning other theories.

    • Joshua Rojas
      Joshua Rojas Year ago

      @Anthony Starnella no resemblance at all idk what ur on, and didn’t say my theory was a hard fact stop assuming 🤨

  • Molly Shimp
    Molly Shimp 2 months ago

    The amount of effort that went into this video is insane!!!!! Thanks for making this

  • Elsie Zel
    Elsie Zel Year ago +4

    i watched my first snippets of this game less than 24 hours ago, and i'm already so drawn in to the lore, my goodness

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 5 months ago +2

    Wow I've been a fan if your channel and the little nightmares series for a few years and I've seen a lot of theory's but I've never seen a theory this good.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 7 months ago +3

    Mono's full name is Monophobia, which is the fear of being alone. This makes it rather ironic that he spends most of his life alone.

  • PrissyNeko
    PrissyNeko Year ago +2

    Or, rather than 6 having memories of her past incarnations, it could be that, since the Signal Tower was already effecting her mind, it was showing her glimpses into what was to come. You had already theorized that the Signal Tower is unbound by the constraints of time, so it would make sense, just like how the room Monster 6 is in shows representations of what's to come.

  • The Traveling Look
    The Traveling Look 2 years ago +1693

    Seems like every child that runs into Six very quickly meets their demise; she truly is the little nightmare

    • Andrew Main
      Andrew Main 4 months ago +2

      My favorite part was when she said "It's Nightmare Time" and then nightmared all over The Naw.

    • snickerrrr eaterrrr
      snickerrrr eaterrrr 5 months ago

      What about the teacher? She doesnt die just gives up the chase

    • Joseph Murphy
      Joseph Murphy 6 months ago +1

      @Brandon Withnell no there's only one the reason it seems like there are two is because another shows up in dlc but that's actually the same one since both stories run at the same time

    • SeaFR
      SeaFR 6 months ago

      "What is this, some kind of Little Nightmare Too?"

    • Swiss Cat VA
      Swiss Cat VA 6 months ago +2

      anddd roll credits

  • Missie
    Missie 2 years ago +3

    What if the tower warping six changed her and caused her to betray Mono? Like, it turned her evil? The tower’s influence took her over

  • Jack Fables
    Jack Fables Year ago +2

    2:45 So that's why. Until then, I thought the most plausible explanation was that Mono had been thrown there from one of the nearby televisions and that he was trapped in an endless loop, like the popular Limbo theory. In Limbo, once you find the girl, you are transported back to the beginning of the game. In Little Nightmares 2, Mono becomes the main antagonist, constantly looking for Six or keeping her close to him.

  • DoughnutZ
    DoughnutZ 2 years ago +177

    Who else would love to see in little nightmares 3 thin man vs the lady

    • LaNoFace
      LaNoFace Year ago

      Idk why but i imagine that in a pretty chaotic way

    • mononaise
      mononaise Year ago +4

      actually in the end of little nightmares dlc we saw the thin man being teased in a tv in the maw before the prequel came out, so maybe the in ln3 or ln2 dlc we will see the mono we played finally break the loop

    • Weird_Ghostix
      Weird_Ghostix Year ago +29

      What if the Thin Man found a way to escape the paradox? And what if guests stopped coming to the Maw? Perhaps a meetup between a pair of old friends in is order

  • Unknown Astro Music
    Unknown Astro Music 2 years ago +45

    What if Six is The lady? She hums that music box tune all throughout the first game...Six played the song so much that I'm sure she remembers every bit of it. (My Big Brain theory)

    • Ind1raa_
      Ind1raa_ Year ago +1

      @David Ortiz that was for the theorists who thought that the lady was six’s mom

    • David Ortiz
      David Ortiz Year ago +1

      @Weird_Ghostix The creators said Six & the Lady aren't related

    • Weird_Ghostix
      Weird_Ghostix Year ago +3

      I think Six is the lady. After sucking the previous Lady’s powers, she realizes that to keep her hunger at bay she needs to run the ship and continue the previous Lady’s work.

  • ED Liu
    ED Liu Year ago +4

    When six was captured, you could see her glitching remain. what's left of a child isn't the child, but an empty husk. this is also why six isn't hungry in little nightmares 2, because its a prequel to little nightmares 1. she's trying to fill the emptiness in her.

  • Popcorn Productions
    Popcorn Productions 2 years ago +2073

    Another theory on Six's name is that the Sixth deadly sin is gluttony meaning she was named after the gluttonous creatures she encounters and eventually becomes.
    Take this theory with a grain of salt though I just thought it was interesting so I shared it.
    Also this timeline makes so much sense, great theory's!

    • Lotie The Bunny
      Lotie The Bunny 2 years ago +1


    • Edward Richtofen
      Edward Richtofen 2 years ago

      @ujireongieWell of course, they're being real sneaky.
      With my experience in Time shit, espionage, blank spots... I know they're quick on working the cogs of truth and lie.

    • ujireongie
      ujireongie 2 years ago

      @Edward Richtofen The Devs said that Six isn't related to The Lady but they also said that LN2 is a SEQUEL which is i think not entirely true after seeing the secret ending.
      I don't trust the devs' words🤡

    • Lilian May Escuban
      Lilian May Escuban 2 years ago

      But in 10 commandments , number 6 is "you should not kill"

    • Edward Richtofen
      Edward Richtofen 2 years ago +1

      So, I have a bit of the time bullshit experience myself, and I'll say my theory.
      It has been confirmed that Six isn't related to The Lady by the Developers word, right?
      But what if Mono was related to The Lady somehow?
      Notice that body hanging in LN1? It seemed very similar to The Thin Guy, letter, chair facing door, door having a similar and reoccurring theme within both games?
      It would seem that perhaps Six doesn't have anything related to her, but Mono does?
      Look at the resemblances, both have powers that allow them to kind of teleport, make things float, both also have names that start with "The" and have "Gender" in their title, they both are the last bosses of their games, they both showdown and the main Characters gain some sort of power from doing so, both conceal their faces a tad bit, they're both connected to a lens, TV, glass, screens, and even reflections.

    HENRY NOBELA 2 years ago +11

    Six only dropped her cause:
    -Mono Axes Her door and brings her in a demon world(first met)
    -Made her leave the music box
    -Putting her in direct danger
    -She has a crazy blood thirsty problem
    -the music box she cared breaked
    -She saw Mono's eyes which looked like Thin man's eyes

  • Emily Chiasson
    Emily Chiasson 2 years ago +6

    Also at the very beginning of Little Nightmares 2 when Mono comes out of the TV, you can see multiple other TVs behind in the distance, indicating that those are the ones Mono came out of in previous cycles of the time loop. I could count four TVs that were visible, so at least 4 time loop cycles have happened.

  • Zildjoan Abellar
    Zildjoan Abellar 11 months ago +4

    I want to know the answers/clarifications to these because they've been keeping me up all night & I'm really hoping someone could enlighten me:
    1. In the beginning where Six was in the room playing with her music box, I get that the time in this game is backwards hence the drawings on the wall with the Very Little Nightmares on the right & The Little Nightmares 1 on the left.... But why is the Signal Tower on the leftmost part?
    2. Are the drawings on the wall only a hint of the whole timeline (in backwards) or did Six (being a naturally selfish person who only thinks of herself because that's how she learned how to survive) drew them because she knew all along so she could succeed into getting her shadow self to lead her into getting the powers from The Lady & she was only using Mono to achieve that?
    3. And why are The Thin Man & Mono two separate beings? Aren't they only one? Is it possible that The Thin Man is the Shadow Self of Mono, so he sent his Non-Shadow Self into a TV (as a kid again) in an attempt to break the time loop?
    4. Is the true source of all evil in this game the Signal Tower or the Squirming Abyss? Did it only turn into a Signal Tower because of the Squirming Abyss using The Thin Man's powers to its advantage or are they both one thing?
    5. Are The Pretender, The Lady & The Thin Man all different evil beings/bosses from different parts of the game's world or are they all corrupted by The Signal Tower/Squirming Abyss?

  • Janice Inkheart
    Janice Inkheart Year ago +5

    Finally someone who I can relate in terms of timeline. I'm new to the game, played several times making connections and looking at details and so on; Your explanation is exactly what I feel, though of course you took noticed of very precise details I didn't, but as far as timeline, yes I am with you that. Still there are other bizarre things that keep bothering me; What/who exactly are the porcelain kids, or what they represent? What happened exactly at the pale city. This people looked so corrupted and hypnotized, their homes were even neglected, at some point of view we notice that, were the children neglected too, I think. Don't really think comics are specifically tied to the games buy still it was very peculiar, when the kids in front of the bonfire say what has she seen? And it looks like Sixs has pretty traumatic experiences with the people; Apart from that she state that sometimes the light makes you see things you don't want, so you escape to dark or so...
    Such a well made explanation...

    • Janice Inkheart
      Janice Inkheart Year ago

      @LaNoFace That teacher was hella creepy. Once I saw her It transported me back to my childhood fears, like teachers have eyes at the back of their heads and can even smell you. I used to get bit with a big ruler like that...

    • LaNoFace
      LaNoFace Year ago

      Maybe the bullys represent "airheads" wich practically mean dumb but there dumb bc the signal tower controls them and so they cannot exactly think for themselves.
      Maybe the teacher is training the students into following all of the signal tower's orders and punishes them if they don't?

  • A Small Channel for Small Brains.

    Six doesn’t feel threatened she feels vengeance he broke her most valuable thing she had

  • Story- tame
    Story- tame 2 years ago +6218

    Mono ether dies a hero or lives long enough to see himself as the villain (or literally every protagonist in this storyline)

    • Neilas Neil ass
      Neilas Neil ass Year ago

      @ImJustJonnY opposition

    • Dark blade
      Dark blade Year ago

      So what i think of here is Six didn't really know that there's a paradox, so when she saw Mono's face she knows it's the Thin Man's face, so she let go in hopes to kill Mono but Mono gets taken by the signal tower and becomes the Thin Man anyway, so Six is probably confused that there's two Monos

    • creatos 25
      creatos 25 Year ago

      - Harley dent dark knight (2008)

    • Tabi-Kun
      Tabi-Kun 2 years ago

      Deep 😬

    • Prince Jhaztin Maliwat
      Prince Jhaztin Maliwat 2 years ago

      @ImJustJonnY llllllll

  • Max Brannigan
    Max Brannigan 2 years ago +22

    I came here hoping to find some sort of happy ending but now I’m just even more sad

  • Mapleboo
    Mapleboo 5 months ago +2

    I have a headcanon/theory that one of the reasons six dropped mono is because she was still being corrupted by the signal tower, or she was in some pain because of it. She just wanted to get out, and her brain was all rattled. She was weak and probably traumatized. That could be a reason she became hungry, something that happened because of the signal tower corrupting her somehow or maybe a sickness from the signal tower? I just don’t think that she would just drop him like that, seeing how attached to the raincoat she was (and how attached to the girl in the yellow raincoat), and all the things Mono did for her. I’ve also seen theories on six possibly having survivors guilt about what happened at the end of very little nightmares.

  • samdagangsta
    samdagangsta Month ago

    The fact Mono deliberately hides his face from the start indicates he was already aware, at least subconsciously. Thinking about it there's no other obvious reason he'd deliberately mask himself 🤔

  • no name
    no name 2 months ago +1

    I realized why thin man tried to kill mono because he was trying to break the cycle but in the end he kept failing

  • Biscut Boi
    Biscut Boi Year ago

    This pulls everything together. But it kinda makes me more sad than before... I love Mono and Six being together as friends...

  • minthly
    minthly 2 years ago +2346

    Theory that six becomes The Lady: The Lady's powers are seemly she sucks the life out of people to keep herself young. At the end of LNs Six eats the lady to gain her powers and then sucks the life out off the people on the Maw to satisfy her hunger, but this won't satisfy Six's hunger forever and since the Maw attracts so many guests its a perfect place to satisfy that hunger again. So six will continue to run the Maw attracting people to come to the Maw to eat and fatten them up just so Six can suck out their life force to satisfy her hunger forever and ever, and overtime Six will keep growing up until she become the Lady herself running the Maw just like Mono becoming the Thin Man. Its also backed up that once someone comes on the Maw they never leave (probably because they died to six and their bodies disposed). Since, the world is like a time loop Six will come back to kill the Lady( aka herself) and start the cycle all over again.

    • Amelie karlsson
      Amelie karlsson 2 months ago

      But at the end of Little Nightmares 1, we see Six leaving the Maw. Or do you mean that The Lady was Six, and the "current" Six ate herself up and then the loop started again?

    • Ender lord Mac
      Ender lord Mac 4 months ago

      What if she doesn’t become the lady but the tower itself

    • Joseph Murphy
      Joseph Murphy 6 months ago +1

      This was debunked by the devs

    • just a person with trauma
      just a person with trauma 7 months ago

      Maybe after a time, Six also slowly got obsessed with her looks, cause she realized that her soul-sucking powers keeps her younger and not just satisfying her hunger(bars). Six's mind is already fucked up already so a little self obsession wouldn't be too far fetched

    • Mike Hannigan
      Mike Hannigan 8 months ago

      But the Lady absorbs people for her looks while Six absorbed people for her hunger. It's not like Six's hunger threatened to turn her ugly lol

  • non-binarymess13
    non-binarymess13 Year ago

    So in a way, the Thin Man isn't the bad guy as he tries to either eliminate himself in his younger form or try to escape from the signal tower's grasps.

  • Brooks Burson
    Brooks Burson Year ago

    So really, six is the villain. She is the cause of the time loop. She keeps saving herself in order to stop the loop, which in turn keeps it going. Mono just wants to leave, and six won’t let him.

  • Twisted Wonderland
    Twisted Wonderland Year ago +18

    Can I just say I hope Mono escapes the time loop and that him and Six stay friends in a normal world. I mean I can already imagine the sitcom of Mono and Six living together.

  • Hulksmash031
    Hulksmash031 Year ago +1

    Another neat fact I found was that when fighting monster six, you smash the music box a total of six times. One at the start, 3 while fighting and 2 in the end

  • MrNiceGuy
    MrNiceGuy Year ago

    Has anyone considered that after gaining the powers of the Lady, Six would eventually become the signal tower? I know it seems weird, but with how time is looped, it could be.

  • Michaela Colyer
    Michaela Colyer 2 years ago +1493

    Monophobia = fear of being alone
    The tower feeds off of fear and Mono's fear is being alone. That makes so much sense ! 🤯

    • Black-Lux Producciones
      Black-Lux Producciones Year ago

      @Michaela Colyer just to answer you, he was making the connection to the video "
      Game Theory: UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!" from the channel The Game Theorists because of the reasoning used on that video is very similar to the reasoning used on the main comment

    • Cher-Zia Xiong
      Cher-Zia Xiong Year ago +1

      Mono means 1 so it means mono was meant to be left it was destiny that lead him there

    • Log
      Log Year ago


    • Log
      Log Year ago

      Koutaliaphobia, fear of spoons
      man 1: yo what r you doing?!?!
      man 2: im eating cereal?
      man 1: what are you eating cereal with??!?!??!?
      man 2: milk?
      man 1: no, what is the utensil you are using to eat with??!?!?!?
      man 2: a spoon
      and man 1 was never seen again

    • Ahmod Howard
      Ahmod Howard Year ago +1

      So monophobia is Mono's phobia?

  • ItsBenoo
    ItsBenoo 9 months ago +2

    I hope mono will come back and have either some sort of revenge or the roles be reversed but this game is very in-depth and is very fascinating

    • Mookie
      Mookie 5 months ago

      I hope he gets his revenge too

  • AdrianReactions
    AdrianReactions 2 years ago

    Just beat both little nightmares DLC and little nightmare 2 today and damn that game had me so jumpy. This is a great game seriously need a part three

  • liberty johnston
    liberty johnston Year ago

    this video really helped put everything together for me as someone who didn’t read the comics, super well done

  • Cajun Mariposa
    Cajun Mariposa Year ago

    Honestly, I was waiting for him to say that Six was the radio tower to go along with the theory that Mono has space and time controlling powers and she gains them when she lets him go.

  • Alptuğ Doğukan İnaç
    Alptuğ Doğukan İnaç 2 years ago +4

    So tin man was triying to save mono and while imprisoning six he was showing her future and past so convince her to stop to cycle but six probably feels the hunger already because of the tower and she thought its the only way that she will be satisfied so even knowing what she will become she still decided to end mono

  • GrindyVIN
    GrindyVIN 2 years ago +1824

    So did they just gave you a false sense of cute friendship with the holding hands? :(

    • DJ Jones
      DJ Jones Year ago

      @Karis Meek yeah and I really don’t like that😂 like I understand leaving us in the dark about it for a year or two then telling us what really happened but if they never tell us the true story behind it all then that will suck

    • Karis Meek
      Karis Meek Year ago

      @DJ Jones true, but that’s also the point of the game at the same time - to have your own ideas and expand on the universe in the way you envision it

    • DJ Jones
      DJ Jones Year ago +1

      @Karis Meek yeah I agree that’s the main thing they just need to answer all the unanswered question, I don’t think it’s fair if they end the game leaving us with only theories

    • Karis Meek
      Karis Meek Year ago

      @DJ Jones oh definitely. But you also don’t want to ruin something by keeping it going when the story doesn’t need it. I think if they made another game about a different part of the world with new characters that also answered questions about the previous games would be pretty cool

    • DJ Jones
      DJ Jones Year ago

      @Karis Meek WHAT IM SAYING, I feel like it would be such a waste if they stop now, like if u won’t do it for us just do it for the money😂 there’s a guarantee that they’ll make bank lol

  • Aleksandar Krastev
    Aleksandar Krastev 2 years ago +1

    This is a good theory of the timeline! 👍
    I enjoyed this video, my mind is blowed away, but this univers is soooo twisted that it couldn't be explained 😀

  • DragonsFeather
    DragonsFeather 3 months ago

    What six needs to do is somehow get over her fear or whatever it was that made her drop mono, and actually pull him up (atleast I think)

  • TBK
    TBK Year ago

    I think that maybe Thin Man told the monsters to only capture six and kill Mono. That’s why the Hunter doesn’t kill her, and when you’re both running from him, he only shoots at Mono. It could also explain why the dolls at the school capture six but kill Mono.

  • Karla López
    Karla López Year ago

    I didnt know it was prequel but i asumed since Six seems to know what to do sometimes and with Mono she can reach places she couldnt before cause she was alone...

  • B1 Battle Droid
    B1 Battle Droid Year ago +18

    Imagine if Mono actually escaped from the tower-

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 2 years ago +2133

    Plot twist: The viewers in Little Nightmares 2 are watching Little Nightmares theories, that’s why they’re so addicted to the TVs

  • exlibrisas
    exlibrisas 2 years ago

    Such story, such lore. And all this comes without a single word said.

  • Gryphon762
    Gryphon762 Year ago

    I dont know if this has already been said or not, but maybe The Lady from LN1 is future Six. She was humming Six's tune when you entered her room in the Maw, and they already established that there is some weird time paradox stuff going on. Maybe the past versions of theses people of power have come back to haunt them, their own little Nightmares.

    SOUND AND FURY Year ago

    i was already traumatized after the hospital, did not need to be emotionally scarred by the ending. 10/10 one of my new favorite games

  • janibii_
    janibii_ Year ago

    Six is such an interesting and grey character, I don't think she's 100% bad but I also don't think she's 100% good either. She's traumatized and a child and she lives in a world where the only person you can trust is yourself, and every situation is life or death. I think that Six took Mono not saving her from the thin man personally (you can see her reach out for help but he stays hidden) and I think that when she was holding him, seeing his full face for the first time, she recognized him as the Thin Man and dropped him because she knew he was the one who hurt her, not knowing she was just continuing the loop. Plus, when you look at it through Six's survival of the fittest view, Mono is quite a burden. He's much slower than Six, she constantly has to save him while he barely ever saves her, and he only ever gets her into danger. The only reason Six stayed with Mono was because she cared for him, but I think that flame of affection was extinguished onced she realised who he truly was.

  • Xeirto
    Xeirto 9 months ago

    When I realized Six wasn’t pulling Mono up as fast as usual I had a moment of realization
    She wasn’t going to. 😞

  • Otome Ng
    Otome Ng 2 years ago +625

    You know, now that LN II is out, there is an interesting link between The Lady and Six: both of them are very fond of music boxes. Remember, in DLC, we knew that The Lady has a music box of her own, and listening to it (seems to) calm her down. And this is the same with Six. She likes the music box very much, and it "calms" her down, too.

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦 2 years ago

      @José Cipriano Wait I don't think so bc if six kill her future self and that's her task to end her loop then six is free ? I don't think so I think the lady is six and i think someone made six lady face like that and she wants to revenge and the only way is to kill her future self to get powers

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦 2 years ago

      But six doesn't have super powers as far the game now six don't have powers only when she killed lady

    • Six
      Six 2 years ago

      All of these are just a dream guys! ♥️

    • Agan Nuhi
      Agan Nuhi 2 years ago

      @Jarome lol yes but six would still betray mono no matter what dude..

    • Jarome lol
      Jarome lol 2 years ago

      @Agan Nuhi six wouldn't get kidnapped by Tall man if he does nothing

  • Darius Farrrsi
    Darius Farrrsi Year ago +2

    This game gave me nostalgia, after finding out the tragic loop histori the characters are boun to. Sad and heartbreaking.

  • No Channel Here
    No Channel Here 8 months ago

    Knowing the story begs the question, will there ever be an end to this cycle of horror?

  • - LibertyPrimeV1 -

    (Around 8:43) Umm anyone else notice when Six makes it out the TV in LN2 and she stands up as her Hunger Ghost appears, the shadow she casts makes a noticably similar silhouette to The Lady. Like so similar it's almost certainly on purpose...