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How Bad is a Refurbished iPhone...?

  • Published on Feb 23, 2021 veröffentlicht

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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  Year ago +2

    Which smartphone would you buy with a $200 USD budget?

  • Jmod
    Jmod  +98

    Local man realizes not everyone is filthy rich like him

  • hankyboy42594
    hankyboy42594 Year ago +3

    Lew is getting out of touch with reality at this point. He acts shocked that people buy iPhone 8’s, like it’s literally only a couple years old. Not everyone buys a brand new phone every year.

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E Year ago +3

    This feels like if a rich person worked a 9-5 job for a day.

  • HaidarAliyu
    HaidarAliyu Year ago +1

    His verdict: its not that bad

  • Thomas Owen
    Thomas Owen Year ago +1

    I’ve always bought refurbished things and they look almost 100% new. Renewed just means cleaned whereas refurbished will basically look new

  • Bebito
    Bebito  +29

    Just got an iPhone 12 “refurbished” on eBay and this shit looks n works like brand new😎

  • Michael Tapel
    Michael Tapel Year ago +5

    Correct title: rich man realizes not everyone are rich

  • SnipyTheDuck
    SnipyTheDuck Year ago +916

    If you're wondering what the B stands for in the pink label, that's the rating of the condition of the phone.

  • The Kangaroo
    The Kangaroo Year ago +285

    Lew looked so shocked in yesterday's episode when he realised that people still bought phones from years ago

  • Blade
    Blade Year ago +759

    Him: " Oh man, remember the touch ID days?"

  • KamilG225
    KamilG225 Year ago +587

    That awkward moment when he has to make two videos about something that is mind-blowing to him but normal for the rest of us.

  • Bryceson Yazzie
    Bryceson Yazzie Year ago +2

    I’m over here watching this on a iPhone 4s on safari since Clip-Share ain't no longer supported😂😂😂

  • Rohit Kharche
    Rohit Kharche Year ago +3

    Now in future "Imagine getting a charger with refurbished iPhone 12" 😂

  • Kush Godhani
    Kush Godhani Year ago +445

    He unboxes so many things that the only thing left for him to unbox are renewed phones.

  • Der Fuchs
    Der Fuchs Year ago +413

    Alternative title: Rich man realizes that the great majority of people don’t need to spend $1000 to get a good phone that does everything they need.

  • GillNabiel

    Lowkey, your set looks like the batcave from Nolan's batman movie.

  • Matthew Fan🅥
    Matthew Fan🅥 Year ago +330

    Honestly.. I think saving up for the Iphone SE is a better investment since it has newer software and will definitely work better.

  • Dhanush K
    Dhanush K Year ago +327

    Renewed products in India be like

  • Eric Kauffmann
    Eric Kauffmann Year ago +4

    Buying an iPhone 8 renewed it's like buying a Pandora's box, you'll never know what are you going to get