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This CAM WILDER bet was INSANE 😱😱

  • Published on Mar 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Cam Wilder didn't win a Tesla but he did secure a spot in the Final Four of the HoH Creator League $50K tournament. (via @Josh Singh )
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  • S3rious
    S3rious 8 months ago +1655

    It’s a fucking Tesla ofc he’s gonna try to win it why y’all so mad 💀🤓

    • International2weirdo EDITS🏀
    • Imjustnick
      Imjustnick 7 months ago

      @A!rhead 🇺🇸 how is it selfish the whole point of the tournament is to be entertaining its like going to boxing match just to see people block all day and clinch

    • A!rhead 🇺🇸
      A!rhead 🇺🇸 7 months ago

      @Dub. i mean clearly his parents have to be somewhat wealthy, to bet to buy his son a tesla??? i don't give a crap about little kids watching it that have an opinion the people selfish are the little kids complaining over EnTeRtAiNmEnT, but i understand and respect your opinion

    • Dub.
      Dub. 7 months ago

      @A!rhead 🇺🇸 Aigh if dat is true still he shouldn’t b askin his parents fo nothin da nigga 21 bruh yu could get it yo own self js work hard fo it 🤷🏽

    • A!rhead 🇺🇸
      A!rhead 🇺🇸 7 months ago

      @Dub. did you just say can't he just buy one like it's $10???? bruh youtubes don't get paid much not to mention he only has like 200k, people with 1M+ dont get paid much

  • Jay
    Jay 7 months ago +99

    “I’ve seen gay parades straighter than Gios jumpshot” - Tsun zu god of war

  • A!rhead 🇺🇸
    A!rhead 🇺🇸 8 months ago +731

    nah cam was messing around that's how you know gio's that bad

    • keb
      keb 7 months ago

      @Glizzy Innocent no shit it's a fucking tesla

    • WayRetro
      WayRetro 7 months ago

      @Glizzy Innocent Bro its a tesla, you wouldve done they same thing cam did. Plus its a game, how is he being selfish, if gio is bad hes bad lmao 😂

    • powerline
      powerline 7 months ago

      @Glizzy Innocent it's a 1v1

    • Foster Baratta
      Foster Baratta 7 months ago

      @Glizzy Innocent dont act like you wouldnt do the samething yoself

    • Not Heavy
      Not Heavy 7 months ago

      He couldn’t do nun cam did the same move over and over

  • Jackson Case
    Jackson Case 7 months ago +132

    Is it just me that thinks gio’s jump shot is so funny 😂

    • Razf7575
      Razf7575 7 months ago +2

      He’s letting the ball go like it’s on fire lol

    • A!rhead 🇺🇸
      A!rhead 🇺🇸 7 months ago


    • Jayden Young
      Jayden Young 7 months ago

      @Walking Lick Ah a fellow Acito fan I see

    • Cactus
      Cactus 7 months ago +1

      Aye bruh if it works it works

    • Foe K
      Foe K 7 months ago

      Its better than his old one atleast 😂

  • Brandon R
    Brandon R 8 months ago +149

    Cam should told gio before the game like look let's be real we both know I'm going to win tonight so how bout you let me 22-0 you and I'll give you a bill 💯 lol

    • Brandon R
      Brandon R 7 months ago

      @Rpg Vincent how so if everyone already know who was going to win. Gio had 0 chance you know that

    • Rpg Vincent
      Rpg Vincent 7 months ago +1

      But then it would be fake and fake content ain't it

    • Snipes
      Snipes 7 months ago +3

      I want 10k

  • Devonte' Swing
    Devonte' Swing 8 months ago +465

    Gio shouldn't have been in this tourney.

    • A!rhead 🇺🇸
      A!rhead 🇺🇸 7 months ago +1

      AYEE 420 likes!

    • A!rhead 🇺🇸
      A!rhead 🇺🇸 7 months ago

      @TD you might be right, you might be wrong, but i respect your opinion

    • TD
      TD 7 months ago

      @A!rhead 🇺🇸 he clearly is, he’s just trying to make some money bro. I’ll never understand hating an entertainer just because you don’t find him entertaining but apparently millions of other people do find him entertaining. Why should the world change because of your opinion? He garners clicks, get over it.

    • Devonte' Swing
      Devonte' Swing 7 months ago

      @TD the fact that you're even on this thread show you got your dumbass feelings hurt in some way. I didn't say anything half the ppl in the comments are saying. Did you go reply to all those too?? I doubt it. So leave this grown ass man alone and get a life.

    • TD
      TD 7 months ago

      @Devonte' Swing I don’t even watch Gio, the fact that you keep bringing up intelligence just shows how insecure you are. Makes you sound like a big dumbass. If you don’t like Gio then don’t watch him, it’s really that easy bro.

  • l
    l 7 months ago

    Congrats to gio for shooting his first 3 pointer

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 7 months ago +8

    gios pov when he gets the ball:starts having a fucking seizure

  • Andrew Sundin
    Andrew Sundin 8 months ago +20

    This tournament would have actually been fun without Gio and MK

    • Senseifeet
      Senseifeet 7 months ago

      Mk better than cash and gio combined

    • z
      z 7 months ago

      MK is actually good tho, gio is trash and they know that but gio manages to bring in a fanbase of both haters and supporters which is why I think they keep him tbh

    • DaJoker
      DaJoker 7 months ago +1

      MK is literally one of the best players in the tourney and if you take out MK, take out cash too lmao

    • Andrew Sundin
      Andrew Sundin 7 months ago

      @Isaac Peterson also 10x more of a douche which didn't translate to "Entertaining" basketball. Which is what this was supposed to be.

    • Isaac Peterson
      Isaac Peterson 7 months ago +1

      MK is ten times better than Gio thi

  • Kb prod.
    Kb prod. 7 months ago +1

    Gio really shot that ball like his mom was gonna beat him

  • ThatGingerHippieKid
    ThatGingerHippieKid 7 months ago +1

    I feel like Gio was invited to be a free W for everyone else

  • Fernando Aviña Alonso
    Fernando Aviña Alonso 7 months ago

    Gio needed to steal the ball before the other guy got to the paint. He also need it to force left. Nice 3s gio is on the correct path.

  • Shilohsooogood
    Shilohsooogood 7 months ago

    Gio didn’t start making step backs, he just start getting lucky

  • Jared Howell
    Jared Howell 7 months ago

    Gios 3 is actually hilarious

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 7 months ago

    5 pts 2 games and he was playing real D because he was more than 3 ft from him on those shots

  • GL2
    GL2 7 months ago +3

    I swear gio never wins😂

  • Tokyo Ramen
    Tokyo Ramen 7 months ago

    22-5 man Gio does suck when someone puts some defense. Also, he relies on the 3pt too much. he should start looking at the mid-range.

  • shorts creator
    shorts creator 7 months ago

    Cam is like the 2k wannabe Bute he's shots are contested🤣🤣🤣

  • LeBroby
    LeBroby 7 months ago

    Every time I see geo wise on here he always gets beat

    J.C SCOOT 7 months ago

    Cam one v oned Gio before and it was 3-15

  • Dat Guy Zae
    Dat Guy Zae 8 months ago +3

    Aye 50k on the line I would too😂😂 should’ve invited J jones🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Dat Guy Zae
      Dat Guy Zae 8 months ago

      @Paul Huang cam did that second game right? I didn’t watch that one btw

    • Paul Huang
      Paul Huang 8 months ago +1

      I would probably let gio do some random sht just for fun then at some point it’ll be like “aight, u ain’t scoring shit from now on boi”

  • Blazit62
    Blazit62 7 months ago

    Is gio actually considered a baller or just someone ballers laugh at?

  • 2000Ggz
    2000Ggz 7 months ago

    How u put a big man against a pg 😂😂

  • Kloiral
    Kloiral 7 months ago +1

    Is it me or does Gio only go for 3’s?

  • Punker 007
    Punker 007 7 months ago

    Goo shoots 1/27 in the hoh tournament

  • littleslugger01
    littleslugger01 7 months ago

    can’t beat cash tho 💀

  • Braden Ingwerson
    Braden Ingwerson 7 months ago

    Bro tyt shooting form though

  • Shon Carter
    Shon Carter 7 months ago

    7-0 is blow out

  • 2k kid
    2k kid 7 months ago

    Can is way taller than Gio so he has a advantage but Gio can shoot 3s

  • Farpy
    Farpy 8 months ago +4

    Tf you mean cam wasn’t messing around, he was messing around the whole 1v1

    • ProfessionalMeatBeater
      ProfessionalMeatBeater 7 months ago

      @Farpy how is that toying dumbas he’s just goes to the paint and post up a guy 20 inches smaller😂😂

    • A!rhead 🇺🇸
      A!rhead 🇺🇸 7 months ago

      @ProfessionalMeatBeater thats messing around.... he walked to the goal and shot it lol

    • Farpy
      Farpy 8 months ago

      @ProfessionalMeatBeater That is literally how he messed around dummy

    • ProfessionalMeatBeater
      ProfessionalMeatBeater 8 months ago

      Bro was posting up the whole time how that messing around 😂😂 he took 0 shots

  • Efaz Kamal
    Efaz Kamal 7 months ago

    Damn guess every HoH person beat Gio 1v1 including the girls

  • Powered R6
    Powered R6 7 months ago +9

    Bro I don’t understand how people think gio is good 😭 he dribbles a lot and misses a lot more

  • Elchapodagoat69
    Elchapodagoat69 7 months ago

    Gios form is something oh boy is it something

    THEE HIPPY 8 months ago

    How many shots did gio take before he actually made one lmao?

  • Marlini Bini
    Marlini Bini 7 months ago

    Gios shotting form

  • Rice Got It
    Rice Got It 7 months ago

    gios form bruh 😭😭😭

  • AtlantaHawksFan8
    AtlantaHawksFan8 7 months ago

    Wouldnt take much to beat Gio Wise lol. We all could be whipping a Tesla if we played that walking 2k park spammer

  • guillermo lopez
    guillermo lopez 7 months ago

    Gio is one of the worst hoopers I’ve ever seen in my life man all dribble no skill man

  • ProfessionalMeatBeater
    ProfessionalMeatBeater 8 months ago

    I mean not hard being like 6 5 playing a 80 pound 5 foot guy and just post up every play

  • Nathan Ornelas
    Nathan Ornelas 7 months ago

    Lol he could win a Tesla for beating a Junior high kid?? Where do I sign up

  • Jos Jos
    Jos Jos 7 months ago +3

    Gio was probably doing what he does best : travelling 2 ft in 20 dribbles and chucking up deep fluke shots with 0 form.

  • MiggyMan333
    MiggyMan333 7 months ago

    What in the world is gio’s jump shot that’s a whole Tesla just in his three jumper

  • B3nch
    B3nch 8 months ago +8

    Yeah the imaginary “TESLA”

  • Brian Sudetic
    Brian Sudetic 7 months ago

    Yall need to do skunk

  • Andrew Boone
    Andrew Boone 7 months ago

    No no no ya got it all twisted he said if he hits all lay ups in all the game he gets a tesla and something amount to money sorry to say but gio has nothing to do with the tesla

  • Julian Johnson
    Julian Johnson 7 months ago

    Cam just bigger then geo

  • Showtime Gaming
    Showtime Gaming 7 months ago

    Gio is trash and I never seen wilder either have a good game or a game where he really tries.

  • YasiinWZ
    YasiinWZ 7 months ago

    Cam only plays good against bums

  • D-ROSE🔱
    D-ROSE🔱 7 months ago +1

    Come out the closet finally if he looses ?

  • Lawrence Gunter
    Lawrence Gunter 7 months ago

    Cam is ass for that he just kept going in the paint and he had advantaged on a smaller defender

    • Luke
      Luke 7 months ago

      And gio is smaller so he should be faster and be able to run around cam. But gio sucks so...

  • Octane Gaming
    Octane Gaming 7 months ago

    Dude gio wises shot sucks it's so sloppy

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 7 months ago

    What’s is geo’s form

  • ILX0X0LI
    ILX0X0LI 7 months ago

    Oh so cam got a buy?

  • David Is a fish
    David Is a fish 7 months ago

    What is that shooting form

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    • jrue Holiday
      jrue Holiday 8 months ago +3

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  • The Wizard
    The Wizard 7 months ago

    These two nice

  • Benjamin Benoit
    Benjamin Benoit 8 months ago +2

    I was getting fed up when he was keep making layup

  • UhhRenzo
    UhhRenzo 7 months ago

    Gio shouldn’t have been in this tournament.

  • PaPa POVEY
    PaPa POVEY 8 months ago

    Just goes to show you he cant play ball. If your forced to just chuck up deep garbage then obviously your to small

  • Cerin Baltensperger
    Cerin Baltensperger 7 months ago


  • Ron Nemetz
    Ron Nemetz 7 months ago +1

    Bro gios form 🤒🤮🤧🤡

  • Erik Poff
    Erik Poff 7 months ago

    God bless everyone who sees this I hope you have a great rest of your day and a great day tomorrow God loves you 🤍🕊🤍❤️🙏🏼

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 7 months ago

    I hate Gio if he's not getting better and actually trying which is hard to say he is when all I see is him dribbling like crazy for nothing and shooting like he's swinging for a home run every time from half court he's like 15 % from 3 and I'm just guessing that but

  • unfiltered_ reaction
    unfiltered_ reaction 7 months ago

    Good is garbage 🗑 all he do is quick dribble quick dribble and try to shoot it 🙄 👋🏾🤣🤣

  • Gerfrump
    Gerfrump 8 months ago

    Gio jump shot so ugly 😭

  • Kendrick,Lhama
    Kendrick,Lhama 8 months ago

    Wasn’t it like 22 to like 9

  • Ghost_1229
    Ghost_1229 7 months ago

    Wtf is gios jumper💀💀

  • Aiden Wardrop
    Aiden Wardrop 7 months ago

    What the f is gio's jump shot

  • Zakria ibn Ali
    Zakria ibn Ali 7 months ago +1

    What a surprise?

  • Sock O
    Sock O 7 months ago

    Gio is a clown 🤡

  • Chase Dhdjdhhd
    Chase Dhdjdhhd 7 months ago +2

    Bro what was that jumper lol

  • LyfenotFound
    LyfenotFound 7 months ago

    gio’s jumper is trash😭

  • Thedudewithterribleremixes

    Man I hate living in Detroit on god

  • Thomas Tate
    Thomas Tate 7 months ago

    Bruh why didn’t the smaller guy just let it happen, like that’s a Tesla man could have asked for a lil bread and then boom, they all happy

  • billybrooks1
    billybrooks1 8 months ago

    Why was Gio invited again?

  • Aran Pad
    Aran Pad 7 months ago

    Gio wise is actually so bad bruh

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 7 months ago

    Joel mvp

  • Hoop All Day
    Hoop All Day 6 months ago

    Um… comeback????? Where????

  • Sportkingdom
    Sportkingdom 7 months ago

    Wtf is that guys jump shot

  • Dustin Engler
    Dustin Engler 7 months ago

    Who is GO WIA

  • Mr Magunga
    Mr Magunga 7 months ago

    i don’t get how Gio is even popular. I know dudes better than him. He can dribble good low to the ground which really isn’t that hard with a lot of practice and he shoots like a little kid. He pushes the ball off his chest ffs

  • Adam Midura
    Adam Midura 7 months ago

    Gio isn’t good

  • daniel leal
    daniel leal 7 months ago

    Gio is a little kid why would he ball with a teenage boy obviously he's at the disadvantage

  • Papa_twon
    Papa_twon 7 months ago

    Gio is a joke

  • Zenx
    Zenx 7 months ago

    Wth is that jumper

  • noname
    noname 7 months ago

    Dude I'm tired of seeing men's inner thighs ..y'all really need to wear some bigger shorts

    • 092Foreignz
      092Foreignz 7 months ago

      why tf you lookin there fruitcake??

  • Mr Bigs
    Mr Bigs 8 months ago +7


  • Menace😈Zexify
    Menace😈Zexify 7 months ago


  • Government Name Unknown
    Government Name Unknown 8 months ago +34

    For some reason I'm happy he didn't get the tesla. You get paid to entertain the viewers, no sellout for a car.

    • Slayer8957
      Slayer8957 8 months ago

      @Imjustnick Nah, the problem is the fact that Cam almost went 22-0 on Gio shows he should never been invited to the tournament. Thats not Cam's fault, thats not Gio's fault, thats the tournament organizers for putting clout over talent. Same thing for Kenny. Neither of them should have been in it, and the fact that they were in it, gave easy wins that warped the tournament.

    • Imjustnick
      Imjustnick 8 months ago

      @Slayer8957 the point of this tournament is for it to be between content creators on a channel called house of highlights the point of these things above all else is entertainment and cam knew he was gonna win even if he did shoot and he wouldn’t be do anything new we all know cam usually shoots but 22 straight layups cmon all for a tesla his channel is on the rise he was gonna get that anyway

    • Impacc Ψ
      Impacc Ψ 8 months ago

      @River what stupid ass comment lol Stay mad troll

    • CarlosWRLD
      CarlosWRLD 8 months ago

      Bro it’s his life, like you would do the same, mans wanted a luxury car, so fuck the viewers. It’s one game

    • Slayer8957
      Slayer8957 8 months ago

      @Benjamin Benoit Ill say it again, winning is winning. There are no style points, especially in a 1v1. Do whatever you got to do.

  • Jakob cowman
    Jakob cowman 8 months ago +9


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  • Tracy Mcswain
    Tracy Mcswain 8 months ago +3

    This is a great video idea to do in this video in life right know today for us only okay

    • Eddi Mo Fetti
      Eddi Mo Fetti 8 months ago


    • Matthew Evans
      Matthew Evans 8 months ago

      Hey Tracy, I think you may be having a little trouble with the English again…

    • Noah Wilt
      Noah Wilt 8 months ago +1

      Tracy that cannot be English

  • Atticus Mayer
    Atticus Mayer 7 months ago

    Gios trash

  • Prestonian
    Prestonian 7 months ago

    Gios shooting form is trash sorry gio

  • Santilol
    Santilol 7 months ago

    gio trash

  • VHS
    VHS 7 months ago


  • Dane Spilman
    Dane Spilman 7 months ago

    Gio is so bad

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 8 months ago +1

    trash. for a tesla, gio would never get the ball.

  • F1u1d
    F1u1d 8 months ago

    Jesus Christ loves you,

  • R C
    R C 8 months ago +6

    W gio tbh humbled this dude for being a sellout

    • Josh Ortiz
      Josh Ortiz 8 months ago +1

      Nobody got humbled Gio doesn’t deserve to be there he’s ass and got humbled. He’s been dodging cam and talking shit when we all knew what would happen

    • Suck
      Suck 8 months ago +1

      @Benjamin Benoit still wiped the floor with him 22-5

    • unoriginal tbh
      unoriginal tbh 8 months ago +2

      Bro its not selling out its a self bet, who cares its not like he cheated. You idiots getting mad when a win is a win. Did he break any rules? No.

    • Benjamin Benoit
      Benjamin Benoit 8 months ago

      @Suck cam, he was mad when he made that shot

    • Suck
      Suck 8 months ago +5

      who humbled who?