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  • Published on Feb 6, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • War of the firework........but what will it look like.
    I've Hit 8Mill now so check that launch out here clip-share.net/video/tDwm7drCiPY/video.html
    Check out the other milestone Firework madness here
    1M - clip-share.net/video/yQf5cGPcP48/video.html
    2M - clip-share.net/video/tY5Wzjk0-Xs/video.html
    3M - clip-share.net/video/gEUBLIFMgnY/video.html
    4M - clip-share.net/video/5-e2tAUo89o/video.html
    5M - clip-share.net/video/2esw8U2NENo/video.html
    6M - clip-share.net/video/fzMi6yf1Roc/video.html
    Thanks to epicfireworks.com as they supply all the Fireworks this channel needs. epicfireworks.com
    Also thanks to @mmaerialphotography for the 2nd drone Footage
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  3 years ago +13225

    Thanks for your support, spread the word so we can reach 8 million.

  • deceasedpixel
    deceasedpixel 3 years ago +4319

    I bet the fireworks shop gets very excited when they see you come in

    • goo turner
      goo turner 4 days ago

      They probably felt even better when he was leaving their shops

    • RC Boyaaa
      RC Boyaaa 24 days ago

      @Clyde Sweetfeet Livingston he went to epic fireworks... uk..

    • k
      k Month ago

      @LeCharles07 Lmaoo it's like 30 cases of rockets

      WINFREDMABEN 2 months ago


    • Gabriel Silveira
      Gabriel Silveira 4 months ago

      Can't wait for 12 M

  • ahthisisgood
    ahthisisgood Year ago +213

    You are the uncle every kid dreams of having and every parent fears.

    • milire
      milire 10 months ago +1

      @StellarTheAlienDeer rick

    • StellarTheAlienDeer
      StellarTheAlienDeer Year ago +2

      @Samuel Brauckmann oh jeez 😂

    • Samuel Brauckmann
      Samuel Brauckmann Year ago +7

      My uncle is pretty much like Colin when it comes to fireworks 🧨 😂😂😂

  • youyouch
    youyouch Year ago +359

    1983 Russia and United States: *Sweats nervously*

  • Mason Wrisley
    Mason Wrisley Year ago +236

    I love the complete disregard for safety, reminds me of home

    •  Year ago

      It feels like poland cos I destroy everything 🤪🤪🇵🇱

    • Trent Riley
      Trent Riley Year ago


    • adam sweed
      adam sweed Year ago

      @Brett House I'd say Afghanistan

    • Mason Wrisley
      Mason Wrisley Year ago

      @Brett House if only

    • Brett House
      Brett House Year ago +2

      You must be from russia

  • Amber (Cinderz) Morthland
    Amber (Cinderz) Morthland 5 months ago +9

    The picture with you running and the rockets in the background wide angle, was EPIC!!! I have to watch that again :)

  • Iida Mietola
    Iida Mietola 3 years ago +249

    Mythbusters: safe distance, bulletproof glass, safety goggles and remote swich.
    Colin: Just run away really fast. It will probably be fine.

    • Mark S
      Mark S 5 months ago

      Watch the video again good sir, he has his safty tie on :)

    • JP
      JP 2 years ago

      @Atlantean The dude is heavily sponsored by corporate interests

    • Nelton De Leon
      Nelton De Leon 3 years ago +4

      @Atlantean we all know this one is better since its mostly raw footage

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones Year ago +26

    I love how when everything goes right Collin laughs like a excited 5 year old

  • ray richards
    ray richards Year ago +18

    I believe that this is the exact reason why the internet was made. Really love the work mate.

    A UNITED DIVIDED USA 4 months ago +3

    I remember seeing this video a few years ago and now I see your channel has grown quite substantially and you've been very successful.. now I understand once again why your channel is so popular😎👍🌎

  • Ouan Lynch
    Ouan Lynch Year ago +5

    Just saw the video for the first time today. I immediately thought of Newton's third law. I wondered why they simply did not build a backstop for the rocket launchers to push against as they went off. When the rockets were assembled and launched, well I am glad to see that my five second design idea made sense. and was better than a strap down method.

  • Triz
    Triz 3 years ago +850

    Colin is the only guy that can say something like 1000 rockets vs 1000 rockets and you instantly know it’s not clickbait

    • JamAttack
      JamAttack 3 years ago

      This guy puts Mr Beast to shame.

    • Danky Kang
      Danky Kang 3 years ago

      Fireworks are rockets, it's not rocket science...

      MR.OMGSKAR 3 years ago

      Trizlet only guy to stand in the middle too

    • TexxsTroy
      TexxsTroy 3 years ago +2

      And if it doesn't work, the failure will be GLORIOUS!

    • あにめAnime
      あにめAnime 3 years ago +2

      But mostly u know that its 100% gonna work

  • blub
    blub Year ago +8

    guys dont worry he's the cameraman and we all know cameramen are immortal

  • Benjamin Sedlinger
    Benjamin Sedlinger Year ago +5

    Colins laughter, he really is kind of insane😂

  • Selmarya
    Selmarya 11 months ago +2

    Briefly, colin furze had more firepower than 36 sovereign UN nations

  • handy1 arnwald
    handy1 arnwald 10 months ago +1

    Steps out of the maelstrom, swirling hellfire.......worthy of millions of subs. Respect.

  • Juhu
    Juhu 3 years ago +3764

    How does this mans still have:
    - All of his fingers
    - All of his toes
    - Vision in both of his eyes
    - Hearing in both of his ears
    Then you hear people losing their vision from a single rocket exploding near them. This man ran through a crossfire of 2000 of them. Explain this.

  • David
    David 4 months ago

    I love how “lets do this at the airport “😂😂😂 there’s gotta be planes and fuel.😂😂😂😂 love it.

  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown 5 months ago

    I love how this guy gets straight to the point and doesn't spend 20 minutes telling people to subscribe

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Year ago

    Man I swear the uk has better fireworks than the us. Wish I could get my hands on half the stuff you guys do 😪

  • Michael Lamb
    Michael Lamb 11 months ago +1

    I feel like this would've worked much more effectively if you'd built some sort of backblast board on the rocket platform, to support the recoil of all the volley boxes at launch, that way the volleys would've been more focused on each other, instead of breaking apart and firing in every direction at random.

    • MrChuckles
      MrChuckles 10 months ago

      Colin: ..... lights it anyway and runs

  • Belta21 21
    Belta21 21 2 years ago +1282

    Can everyone just appreciate that there is someone out there doing all this shit and recording it for all of our pleasure. Thankyou

    • Belta21 21
      Belta21 21 10 months ago +1

      I’m standing here with my family while reading your comments and I have to disagree, you can’t begrudge a man for being so cool.. I’m poor as shit.. I’ll never be able to afford my own house or even a deposit.. but I can still make the best of things for my family.. Never begrudge anything guys.. I’m always more then happy to see people succeeed.. regardless of the fact I’m actually poor.

    • Chop Chop
      Chop Chop 10 months ago

      He is pleasuring us!

    • fuhk off
      fuhk off 10 months ago +1

      yeah, and all the cash he's making from it. 1 million subscribers equals over $1,000 a week, minimum. yeah he should be thanking us for watching....🤔💥💯💯💯

    • Belta21 21
      Belta21 21 Year ago

      @Confederate Kush does this mean I’m the devil ?

    • Confederate Kush
      Confederate Kush Year ago

      nummber 666th like.

  • 7177
    7177 Year ago +1

    Made me smile teo years after release. (: Thank you! Cheers!

  • Grim
    Grim Year ago

    I think the wires strapped in front of the rockets may have kept a few of them from flying out of the boxes.

  • Steven Braccioforte

    I love how this guy does crazy stuff

  • tmetm13
    tmetm13 Year ago +1

    This guy is absolutely fucking insane...and I love every bit of it

  • Daan van Dongen
    Daan van Dongen 3 years ago +245

    the fact that his man is still alive let alone never lost a limb is a miracle

    • Sebastian Müller
      Sebastian Müller 3 years ago +1

      Colin Furze goodies shop.

    • Jacky Pie
      Jacky Pie 3 years ago +1

      @Vox Box where can I get safety ties

    • Vox Box
      Vox Box 3 years ago +19

      Safety ties are no joke.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 9 months ago

    Now I understand why firework warehouse fires are so dangerous!

  • Shaun Michaels
    Shaun Michaels Year ago

    Nice to see some thought gone in to the health and safety angle 😳😂

  • ReadyBear 77
    ReadyBear 77 Year ago

    I would love to see that many STROBE ROCKETS going off at the one time 👍LETS DO IT

  • LallyPap
    LallyPap Year ago +1

    I bet the trees get so high of all the smoke, they think the flashes of the fireworks are hallucinations

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe 3 years ago +409

    I have been watching since 2009... I was super into bmx and making weird contraptions with my grandfather and I happened to stumble upon the furze channels “wall of death video” i watch your flatland bmx video after that, and was hooked... I can not believe the little niche channel I have loved for so many years has now hit 7 million subscribers and counting.... Collin you are amazing and it’s incredible how your channel has evolved over the years! Thank you for making the past 10 years of my life full of furze

    • Hterag Lessur
      Hterag Lessur 3 years ago +1

      What’s amazing is that Colin is still alive!!

    • Sam M
      Sam M 3 years ago

      @Samuel P I dont like doritos, and dont worry I'll shut my face when I kill myself 😂😂

    • Samuel P
      Samuel P 3 years ago

      @Sam M Hey Sam, grab a bag of doritos and shut yo face. You just killed what would have been a great thread.

    • Traie King
      Traie King 3 years ago


    • generically generic guy
      generically generic guy 3 years ago

      i first discovered him after watching Discovery Channel back when it was still all about science.
      totally worth

  • TheUnseenSoldier
    TheUnseenSoldier 11 months ago

    The fact these rockets were launched from the back of old Toyota pickups made this that much better😂

  • William Miniard
    William Miniard 5 months ago

    That looks like sooooo much fun love your channel great fully from a retired coal miner in. Hazard Kentucky

  • Jose Luis's Mother
    Jose Luis's Mother 11 months ago

    Imagine camping nearby having absolutely no idea this was about to happen.

  • TrueFO Files
    TrueFO Files Year ago

    Finally someone with millions of subs that deserves millions of subs.

  • Отакую Онемечнïкïв

    There's only one man, who's smart enough to launch fireworks into fireworks
    And his name is *Colinfurze*

    • soldout1986
      soldout1986 3 years ago


    • soldout1986
      soldout1986 3 years ago

      There is a whole village on Chios Greece that does the same every Easter. Google it is even better than this!

    • Justin
      Justin 3 years ago

      Mr. Fart*

    • bedo
      bedo 3 years ago

      Who is dumb enough😂😂

    • PKMartin
      PKMartin 3 years ago

      Doot dootdoot dooooot

  • 08HR350z
    08HR350z 5 months ago

    That was such a cool thing to watch and I'm glad you didn't be dramatic and go hide a mile away. Running thru that woulda been awesome imo

    ROBLUX Year ago

    from the thumbnail the fireworks looked really big so i thought he was actually going to use real rockets (like missiles)

  • Jeff Barnes
    Jeff Barnes 4 months ago

    One of the coolest things I've ever witnessed😁👏

  • Todd Cooper
    Todd Cooper Year ago

    Playing with it in the most unsafe manner is the best way to go!

  • DarkRubberNeck
    DarkRubberNeck 3 years ago +301

    At this rate at 10 million subscribers he will walk into a fireworks factory and set the whole building off while filming it from the inside 😅 lol

    • Shivam Chauhan
      Shivam Chauhan 3 years ago +3

      do a nuclear missile on 100 million subs

    • Mark Zhuravel
      Mark Zhuravel 3 years ago +1

      Don't give him ideas lol. He might end up blowing everytime up

    • B Hew
      B Hew 3 years ago +3

      @UltraEdd yeah I think too much for even Colins saftey tie

    • UltraEdd
      UltraEdd 3 years ago +2

      One of the best footage.

    • UltraEdd
      UltraEdd 3 years ago +3

      If you want to see a fireworks disaster search for vuurwerk ramp enschede. Or fireworks disaster enschede. It's pretty devastating.

  • Richard Coram
    Richard Coram 11 months ago

    Awesome war of the '88s!! Man, the last few seconds of the video's exploding images, was super cool, you dig man?

  • BlueMentor
    BlueMentor Year ago

    O M G

  • Odd teachers
    Odd teachers Year ago

    Love how dangerous this is

  • sumit kumar
    sumit kumar Year ago

    People : What did you do today Collin ??
    Collin : I just made our atmosphere and air a bit more worse for us and the other species. Who cares about nature and pollution .

  • one wheel only
    one wheel only 3 years ago +112

    He is like the myth Busters except he stands wayyy to close to the explosions

    • Andrew
      Andrew 3 years ago

      Mith platebody busters

    • da real rulezbreaker
      da real rulezbreaker 3 years ago +2

      -Badasses dont look at explosions-
      Furzes walk into the explosion

    • Robert
      Robert 3 years ago +1

      Haha but that's the fun part. Feeling the explosion.

    • RuralTowner
      RuralTowner 3 years ago +17

      Ah he's fine. He has his Safety Tie...

    • Alex Durst
      Alex Durst 3 years ago +2

      one wheel only myth

  • jixxer6001983
    jixxer6001983 Year ago

    That was beautiful Colin!!!! 💣💥🖤

  • David Klausmeyer
    David Klausmeyer 11 months ago

    I just laughed my face off!
    Awesome. Subscribed!

  • Sterling Witherspoon

    Imagine seeing all that in the air at one time

  • Swat3Four
    Swat3Four Year ago

    Gotta revisit this and build a wood box to hold the rocket boxes.

  • ZoruaZorroark
    ZoruaZorroark 2 years ago +1199

    this looks like something the weasly twins would approve of

    • short goat
      short goat Month ago

      its bout to be weasly triplets soon

    • yvon voyer
      yvon voyer 10 months ago

      Im honestly 99.999% certain the weasly twins are the ones that sold them to him

    • FlameOfTheWest
      FlameOfTheWest Year ago

      Merry & Pip too

    • cody leslie
      cody leslie Year ago

      @Blue its pronounced Harry Potter. Not Harry Potter!

    • Chris Hazell
      Chris Hazell Year ago

      RIP Fred 🙏

  • joe spady
    joe spady 10 months ago

    That was freakin awesome!!! One hell of a video!

  • Daniel Marcum
    Daniel Marcum Year ago

    I love his enthusiasm lol and his head is definitely on the right track

  • Dave Pierce
    Dave Pierce Year ago

    Almost at 11 million. Well done !

  • AB
    AB 8 months ago +1

    I like discovering his older videos, considering he is now over 11 milllion subscibers, I don't have to wait for his 8 million subscriber video.....lol

  • Violent Kisses
    Violent Kisses 3 years ago +333

    Colin you have weaponized fireworks on pickups.
    You are an honorary American.

    • Drew Jantz
      Drew Jantz 3 years ago

      BLOOP VIPER lol you didn’t bother to read the comments did you?

    • Woolly
      Woolly 3 years ago

      Bruce Lee your definitely like 9 years old

    • Endy Ender
      Endy Ender 3 years ago +1

      He also made an improvised Katyusha Rocket Truck. He is also an honorary Russian.

    • Wyatt Cross
      Wyatt Cross 3 years ago

      He isn’t American you dumb ass

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 3 years ago

      @Joshua Rech r/woosh

  • HokiePitcher22
    HokiePitcher22 Year ago

    watching this, I can't help but jealously think to myself "this guy is at work right now?"🤣

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan Year ago

    Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. You have a new subscriber.

  • Guillermo El Nino

    reminds me of 4th of july back home. so many fires :')

  • Artimis
    Artimis Year ago

    What I imagine would happen when countries launch missiles at each other

  • Cörey LaRöchelle
    Cörey LaRöchelle 3 years ago +285

    That was spectacular!!!! I always tell my friends about your channel... Best Channel on Clip-Share.

  • Glitchtrap
    Glitchtrap Year ago

    I've only started to watch you and i already love this channel cause theres not alot of care for safety unlike other channels who have alot of precautions unlike this guy who literally stood where he could have been hit

  • Alfons R
    Alfons R Year ago +4

    I've seen a few videos now, and I always think "Is this legal?"

    KING LEO VLOG 5 months ago

    Wow amazing, I love to see it and I'm always watch your channel❤

  • Yorkshire Rose
    Yorkshire Rose Year ago +1

    Holy Katyusha, That man! - I'll tell you what though, I'd have bought that 'E' registered "Entwhistle" Toyota pick-up off you! - I've been looking for one to restore and rework as a replica "Electrical Entwhistle" from "Last Of The Summer Wine".

  • BlooieFPS
    BlooieFPS 3 years ago +419

    **video for 7 million comes out**
    _is already 1/4 the way to 8 million_

    • Crojobbaly
      Crojobbaly 3 years ago


    • Crojobbaly
      Crojobbaly 3 years ago

      Correction u mongs he is 1/8th

    • Jebus Christ
      Jebus Christ 3 years ago

      @Random Username correction it is maths. You don't say mathematic.

    • Random Username
      Random Username 3 years ago +1

      Stanley Shearman oh sry, lol I forgot that there’s dif types of grammar in almost every country

    • Stanley Shearman
      Stanley Shearman 3 years ago +1

      PopperLeader _Gaming not in the UK mate.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Year ago

    Seeing him screaming and running away from thousands of rockets 🤣

  • Ty Jones
    Ty Jones Year ago

    Somehow was way cooler than i thought it was gonna be

  • Tech with Benefits
    Tech with Benefits Year ago +3

    Thanks for making our world more suffocating !!

  • mg42lover
    mg42lover Year ago

    Now THAT was frigg’n....AWESOME!

  • chicken livers
    chicken livers 3 years ago +2433

    I liked the part with rocket #716 vs #804.

    • Antti Korhonen
      Antti Korhonen 6 months ago

      @Ippiki Õkami yall are so funny. its not like the joke got old with the second comment already

    • Coco_TheSausageDog
      Coco_TheSausageDog 8 months ago

      Very intence

    • No Name
      No Name Year ago

      Fake #292 and #893 were the best rocket collisions with #448 was the best individual rocket

    • RTNANDEZ96
      RTNANDEZ96 2 years ago

      I liked #420 vs #690

    • Test BOMB
      Test BOMB 2 years ago

      The most important thing is not to forget to clean up after yourself! I always clean up after me!

  • Happy Slappy
    Happy Slappy Year ago

    I love the "Colin legging it for his life" bit XD

  • BO Photo
    BO Photo Year ago

    Man that safety tie really works!

  • LetsZoomIt
    LetsZoomIt 8 months ago

    It feels like a miracle that they all survived this one 😅😮👍

  • Mark Molinari
    Mark Molinari Year ago

    Pure genius. You guys should become defense contractors for the UK.

  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    *Looks like Colin has declared war on himself*

  • Ranjan
    Ranjan Year ago

    Now when I'm watching this video you've 11M subscribers. Congratulations !!

  • TJ Flashbang
    TJ Flashbang Year ago

    That was FOOKING AWESOME!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤙🏼

  • Martin Blaščák
    Martin Blaščák 11 months ago +1

    videos are super fun and of course I like to take the channel, but try to think more ecologically and less wasteful material (rocket boxes, etc ...)

  • Tina Heron
    Tina Heron 11 months ago

    EPIC - You should have contacted the space station to record that !

  • Tiago Machado
    Tiago Machado 3 years ago +331

    5:20 the box lands in front of the camera perfectly so you can read "epic" on the box. Brilliant.

  • Nelson Club
    Nelson Club 11 months ago +3

    Colin Furze: "Oh, hello local airfield is it ok if we set of 2000 rockets?"
    Local Airfield: Is that you Colin?"

  • Patrik Houg
    Patrik Houg Year ago

    That looks so freakin amazing

  • gurulimbo
    gurulimbo 5 months ago +1

    I love the smell of sulfur in the morning! … Smells like.. victory.

  • Super Gristmill61
    Super Gristmill61 5 months ago

    I don't know what kept the trucks from not blowing up! Or the tires from melting! Absolutely insane!!!

  • RodielDanman
    RodielDanman 3 years ago +642

    Every once in a while, a very large, very loud BOOM shakes the English countryside. Livestock bellow, shutters rattle, children wake from their sleep, and the noses of distant Londoners tickle at the faint, acrid tease of sulfur and gunpowder in the air. Invariably, someone will ask: "What was that?" And invariably, a local will answer: "Oh that? That's just Colin. Good lad, that Colin."

    • Ian Moone
      Ian Moone Year ago +2

      Obviously a long list relative of Guy Fawkes. 😜😂😂👍🇦🇺

    • Peter Coates
      Peter Coates Year ago +1

      I remember hearing it. Quite loud

    • Dmitry Mikheev
      Dmitry Mikheev 3 years ago +4

      I'd love that to be recorded by Stephen Fry. i'd put in as a ringtone....

    • MdK
      MdK 3 years ago +3

      Go write a book, you magnificent being.

    • Nabh Chandra
      Nabh Chandra 3 years ago +5

      That would make a very good story!

  • david mccleary
    david mccleary Year ago

    Would have been interesting if they would have tied all the boxes down

  • portal verde
    portal verde Year ago

    Ficou top parabéns

  • joey walden
    joey walden Year ago

    Right, new sub here and just an observation but why didn't you just screw planks standing up to the base behind the stack so they wouldn't fly back? Just a thought.

  • FL10 Fishing
    FL10 Fishing 9 months ago

    We need to keep an eye on this man we might end the world at 20 million

  • Fnassau
    Fnassau 3 years ago +312

    Colin is what the internet should be.

    • jaishiv2010
      jaishiv2010 3 years ago

      @Gah Bah yeah, and no "views maniacs" too, ah the good old days..........

    • Gah Bah
      Gah Bah 3 years ago +1

      jaishiv2010 I remember when youtube DIDN'T HAVE ADS.

    • ryanyaboy21
      ryanyaboy21 3 years ago +4

      A reminder of what Clip-Share once was

    • Stodal
      Stodal 3 years ago

      Colin is the internet

    • Observationally
      Observationally 3 years ago

      Fnassau Yes.

  • ERROR!
    ERROR! 5 months ago +2

    this man is insane and i can't compain

  • Jake Razmataz
    Jake Razmataz 27 days ago

    One word EPIC!!!! 5:40 and 6:00 were amazing. I bet that footage makes it into a B action movie.

  • Cauchys Integral
    Cauchys Integral Year ago +3

    For boxes labeled 50 shot rocket volley, it sure seems that there are only 25 rockets per box. Is there a second layer below the first or something?

  • Adhithyasriram Suresh

    typical colin... i love your videos!

  • Turrebo
    Turrebo 3 years ago +92

    I just subbed, so I'm partly responsible now for your possibly lethal 8.000.000 subscribers stunt.
    I feel guilty already.

    • steve K
      steve K 3 years ago

      1000 BULLETS VS. 1000 PUPPIES!!

    • TardisPilot 2004
      TardisPilot 2004 3 years ago

      Turrebo these firework videos have all been *potentially* fatal, it’s just that potential hasn’t been realized yet.

  • JaydenHoVurnTwei Ho

    thanks! now i can make my own katyusha rocket

  • Dave G
    Dave G 9 months ago

    Mad Explosions what more could you want😂😂. Glad there are people oit there who are mad as you like.
    3 years too late, but loved it. Thanks a. Million!!

    LEADxPOISON 11 months ago

    Why would you not secure all the boxes down when you knew what happened with the test fire? This needs to be done again, but with twice as many as your punishment. Oh, and you must suit up and stand in the middle. Even so, it was pretty spectacular.