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Shannon Sharpe Reportedly Leaving Undisputed With Skip Bayless, Buying Out Of Contract | Pat McAfee

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 0

  • random123
    random123 3 months ago +1709

    Everyone forgets Skip picked Shannon Sharpe to be his counterpart. Skip knew Shannon would take it seriously and he did. He took the opportunity given and ran with it. I enjoy Shannon Sharpe's opinion and delivery a lot more than Skips. I dont even agree with Shannon on a lot of his opinions but I enjoy hearing his reasoning for it,

    • Shane Roland
      Shane Roland 3 months ago +48

      There were a few episodes of first take shortly before skip left where Stephen a wasn’t there for whatever reason and they had Shannon fill in. It was hilarious when I learned they were doing a show together.

    • BBG INC
      BBG INC 3 months ago +6

      Obviously Fox disagrees hence why Skip is still there and Shannon is out. Lol

    • bw
      bw 3 months ago +1

      Fake news

    • HughJass
      HughJass 3 months ago +4

      @BBG INC Right that has to be it.

    • JD
      JD 3 months ago +22

      Shannon was a successful Hall of Fame Millionaire before stepping foot in that studio.

  • Ysais Martinez
    Ysais Martinez 3 months ago +134

    I don't blame Shannon. I tried to listen to 5 minutes of Skip's solo show and that's when you realize that Shannon makes Undisputed tolerable and Shannon solo is superb! His solo podcast is crushing it

    • Jay Johnson
      Jay Johnson 3 months ago +2

      Factscon pace to catch up pats subs total. Already over a million subs for club shay shay

    • Kevin Schart
      Kevin Schart 3 months ago +9

      skip is downright awful by himself.

    • ace loco
      ace loco 3 months ago +4

      And to look at how many more views Shay has than Skip. When they drop a short vid the same day. Skip stays in the hundreds of views while Shay is in the thousands. Lol. Shits crazy.

    • tam nguyen
      tam nguyen 3 months ago


  • Yungballz
    Yungballz 3 months ago +200

    Props to Shannon for being able to put up with Skip that long.

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago +1

      he put up with the bag for that long. Y'all would do the same if given the opportunity.

    • Majin
      Majin 3 months ago +7

      you guys really dont understand skip made Shannon into what he is now...

    • Majin
      Majin 3 months ago +3

      P. Delor, Sr. so you do not understand the dynamic of the show do you? skip works as a heel and instigator to set the hero up for success and make the pawns watch how teh hero (mostly) defeats the bad guy. Skip is everything a large part of america hates. a brash old white guy while Shay is everybodies darling. the handsome tall muscular black dude ... The hate or despise for Skips creates a huge gap in likability presenting Shannon incredibly favorably. Shannon is a made man himself but in terms of public image Skip created that for him to a large degree. Not sure if you will understand but atleast i tried to explain

    • T Bates
      T Bates 3 months ago

      P. Delor, Sr. Whether you like or even respect Skip doesn’t matter. Shannon wouldn’t be where he is now in the media if Skip didn’t have his back and give him a platform.

    • Troy B.
      Troy B. 3 months ago +1

      @Majin WTF Shannon Sharp made Shannon Sharp. He will be remembered for the work he did in Denver. The Hall of fame and three Superbowl rings. He will not be remembered for Skip Bayless at all.

  • André Fiallos
    André Fiallos 3 months ago +184

    Undisputed was a good show. Took me from First Take…but honestly it was Shannon who I watched for. Wherever Unc goes, I will watch. He is just as good a tv personality as he was the HOF player. Shannon, Pat and Colin, and Smith are the Mount Rushmore of sports talk

    • Gabe Palacios
      Gabe Palacios 3 months ago +5

      I think JJ deserves a spot on there, over colin maybe, but totally agree.

    • Rams8148
      Rams8148 3 months ago +12

      SAS is the most overrated sports talk person ever imo. All he does is yell....

    • EK TRAN
      EK TRAN 3 months ago

      the tony gonzalez and shannon sharpe segment

    • Keno Kiehne
      Keno Kiehne 3 months ago

      @Rams8148 that’s just wrong

    • vaspia19
      vaspia19 3 months ago

      colin cowheard?

  • Corben Carter-Dixon
    Corben Carter-Dixon 3 months ago +34

    When Shannon took the opportunity when Skip went to back for him and did their first show I was hooked. It’s been amazing to hear Shannon’s opinion and bring entertainment to the show. It was a hell of Tun but we all have our feeling about Skip period.

    • Kevin Schart
      Kevin Schart 3 months ago +1

      the thing is that skip being unbearable is why we tuned in. we wanted to watch shannon kick his ass everyday, and shannon never failed.

    • Majin
      Majin 3 months ago +2

      so Skip did his job perfectly... he's a heel and instigator with his role being to set up Shannon and to make yall watch for him to get destroyed... and yall to blind to understand

    • minh van
      minh van 3 months ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago +159

    Beyond the Damar Hamlin tweet, there a number of other things Skip said that Shannon got pissed about. One that was completely over the top is when Skip said the reason Shannon is so critical of Tom Brady is because he’s jealous that Brady had a better career. I watched that segment live and you could tell Shannon was really mad and hurt. Skip wasn’t joking either. That clearly wasn’t a work.

    • T D1
      T D1 3 months ago +44

      Absolutely. Just a pathetic take and position to take from Skip

    • Rich Porter
      Rich Porter 3 months ago +10

      And he stood by those words after

    • DOOM
      DOOM 3 months ago +10

      ​@Rich Porter and now he's going to lose another show 😂

    • Vittorio Luchi
      Vittorio Luchi 3 months ago +4

      @John Smith...
      So, was Skip wrong for stating that Brady had a better career than Shannon?
      Answer: Brady has 7 titles in an era of "parity."

    • lean on me
      lean on me 3 months ago +14

      ​@Vittorio Luchi are you telling us that you are not smart?

  • mike wallace
    mike wallace 3 months ago +2534

    Let's get Shannon on the show. You know how electric a semi uncensored Shannon would be with the toxic table........ not gonna happen but this would be awesome

    • Broke Brothers
      Broke Brothers 3 months ago +29

      Do it!

    • kingfulness
      kingfulness 3 months ago +55

      Pat is going to ESPN and Stephen a has major pull there and skip and him are really good friends

      SCARECROW🏈RAIDER209 3 months ago +39

      Ratings need to go up not down, keep him and labarron far from the show as possible

    • Norell A. Winburn
      Norell A. Winburn 3 months ago +57

      Dude, this show is the only non-woke show left in the sports world. Why on earth would you want the wokest person on the planet to come here????

    • Stephen Benn
      Stephen Benn 3 months ago +91

      @Norell A. Winburnwhat are you talking about lmao

  • Dc5_Dyl
    Dc5_Dyl 3 months ago +71

    ill never forget watching that day of undisputed when skip practically called Unc a bum for criticizing Brady's bad season. everyone who has consistently watched, knew right then and there Shannon reached his breaking point and skip showed how low he's willing to go for tom Brady. I remember rewatching the video on Clip-Share and the comments being flooded with messages along the lines of "Shannon will be leaving undisputed mark my words". And now that day has come. RIP undisputed was a fun entertaining 7 years no matter which way you look at it or how you view either host/analyst of the show. Wish Shannon nothing but the best in his next ventures, cya Unc💪

    • Kevin Schart
      Kevin Schart 3 months ago +12

      It was a cheap shot and a low blow. Shannon has always shown Skip respect, and never once hinted that Skip's opinions were invalid because he never played competitively. How Skip felt that is was ok to do that is beyond me.

    • king bean
      king bean 3 months ago +1

      @Kevin Schart easy skip doesn’t care. He’s a made man with or without Shannon. Doing the show or retiring off into the sunset. What else is there for Skip to do?

    • skillethead15
      skillethead15 3 months ago +2

      @king bean Skip doesn’t want to retire off into the sunset because he wants to stay relevant in the media. It’s not even about money anymore because I’m sure he has plenty of it. And the man is over 70 years old. It’s about the power to sway opinions and have a voice for people to listen to. Skip strikes me as the kind of person who is going to be in the media until his body won’t allow him anymore.

    • Purushottam Kumar Sharma
      Purushottam Kumar Sharma 3 months ago

      Super video

  • sofia cristina k.
    sofia cristina k. 3 months ago +6

    Shannon Sharpe has often mentioned how Skip Bayless helped him at a low point in his career. I believe he hadn't forgotten this & is forever grateful to Skip. I am sure the two have remained friends & that he spoke about his leave taking privately with Skip before hinting at, and then making the big announcement. I will miss Skip & Shannon as a team although I suppose change was inevitable. Undisputed was an enjoyable show for me. I do hope both Skip and Shannon continue to prosper & have a good life whatever direction they take...

    • Brandoon F
      Brandoon F 3 months ago

      there not even friends. On air/at work is the only communication

    • Big Jew
      Big Jew 3 months ago

      u dont publically bash a HOF player n super bowl champ, apologize, n have it blow over, tht shits online forever

  • Spomusmo23
    Spomusmo23 3 months ago +1

    Shannon actually stayed longer than he should've. Skip has been so disrespectful and belittling to Shannon in more ways than one. What I couldn't stand is him always interrupting Shannon and never admitting when he's wrong. Shannon was the life of that show. All the best to Unc in his next endeavours.

  • Nick
    Nick 3 months ago +8

    Skip is polarized and can be difficult to like or agree with, but he has incredible talents that won’t be shut down by the exodus of an amazing co-host. He’s amazing at finding the exact right talent that fullfills the ying to his Yang. Undisputed is a well respected show that will continue as scheduled.

    • rui teixeira
      rui teixeira 3 months ago +3


    • Jessica Aranjo
      Jessica Aranjo 3 months ago

      @rui teixeira lmao shannon wouldn't even have had a platform had it not been for skip

    • Momma Lind ★♥︎
      Momma Lind ★♥︎ 3 months ago

      @Jessica Aranjo 😂😂😂 girl what?! Are you being serious? 😂😂😂

    • Chris Rogers
      Chris Rogers 3 months ago

      Lol. At this point, this comment has 8 votes while comments with the opposite opinion have hundreds if not thousands. 😂

      BATMAN DIARIES 2 months ago

      ​@Jessica Aranjoand without Shannon skip would have been forgotten by now. Sas and ss saved skip

  • Valerie Wimberly
    Valerie Wimberly 3 months ago +35

    I think Shannon is bigger than just "sports media" at this point. With his personality and back home stories and sayings, I could EASILY see him going the Michael Strahan route and being a co-host on a morning show!

    • Jahuliian
      Jahuliian 3 months ago +2

      I sure hope not. Morning shows are awful

    • Chuy Ozuna ⭐️
      Chuy Ozuna ⭐️ 3 months ago +4

      He will lose most of his audience if goes to do morning shows that are only watched by soccer moms

    • Valerie Wimberly
      Valerie Wimberly 3 months ago +2

      @Chuy Ozuna ⭐️ UNLESS you bring an audience with you like Strahan did when he took over for Regis, the rating shot up, which is why he got the GMA gig for 25 MILLION a year

  • Fernando Dunn
    Fernando Dunn 3 months ago +235

    Shannon needs to do a live audience show.. whether it's as an analyst or interviewing. When they do live shows, dude just controls the crowd like others can't.

    • Luca Sklenar
      Luca Sklenar 3 months ago +6

      He is not really doing a live show but he has a cool podcast called Club Shay Shay. Really cool atmosphere he has there as well

    • Scheboygan
      Scheboygan 3 months ago

      @Luca Sklenar nobody watches, 1 million subs and gets 5-7k views a vid😂

    • Scheboygan
      Scheboygan 3 months ago +4

      @Luca Sklenar people watch Shannon cause of skip hate to break it to you, Shannon’s just another old head when he ain’t around skip making him look good

    • unc54
      unc54 3 months ago

      It's hard to a live audience show in sports media. Aside from major events, people aren't going to show up on a consistent basis.

    • James155
      James155 3 months ago +12

      @Scheboygan 😂😂😂😂 you people🤡 at it again. Lying Shannon sharp podcast last 2 episodes got over half a million views.on top of having a million subscribers.

  • Jason Mann
    Jason Mann 3 months ago +50

    It’s about time Shannon. Proud of you brother. I’ll tune in whenever you go. This is the end to undisputed.

    • Desmond Johnson
      Desmond Johnson 3 months ago

      You crazy af if you think that a lot ppl like skip , just cause you don’t watch it don’t mean it won’t succeed

    • zach mayer
      zach mayer 3 months ago +4

      @Desmond Johnson skip turned even more people off by his treatment of shannon

    • Jason Mann
      Jason Mann 3 months ago +1

      @Desmond Johnson WHAT!!!!!

  • Kevin Schart
    Kevin Schart 3 months ago +7

    While everyone is looking for the tea on why Shannon is leaving, I'm just over sad, trying to cope with the fact that Shannon really won't be on television anymore. I always look forward to his takes. I've probably watched at least one segment from at least 75% of every show they've done.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +889

    Undisputed was a good show.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 3 months ago +2

    This is about one of Shannon's favorite topics - hitting free agency at the right time. He is a huge personality and he clearly thinks there's value in getting to the negotiation table right now

    • EK TRAN
      EK TRAN 3 months ago

      he might join nbc he wont join abc

  • Anthony Boehmer
    Anthony Boehmer 3 months ago +549

    You can tell Shannon was definitely offended and kinda hurt when Skip started downing his career because Shannon didn't have nice things to say about Brady. Skip took shots at his coworker and friend. I was surprised it took this long. Could tell Shannon wasn't for that

    • Dave Davis
      Dave Davis 3 months ago +7

      And social media will not shut up about that part. Social media influences everything now.

    • RollinTrollin
      RollinTrollin 3 months ago +6


    • Stephen Benn
      Stephen Benn 3 months ago +33

      @RollinTrollin that was some amazing acting then haha

    • DallasGDog87
      DallasGDog87 3 months ago +28

      The look he gave skip we he disrespected him the way he did you could tell he just could no believe what skip just said up until that moment Shannon trusted skip and was a true friend to skip but he did what mainstream media does stomp on your feelings for a narrative

    • blickedxb
      blickedxb 3 months ago +5

      Shannon's always been about running his mouth about everybody else but the moment somebody criticizes him, he cries... 😂😂😂

  • Jaron Snyder
    Jaron Snyder 3 months ago

    I think most of us can agree that skips takes are ridiculous and annoying but it makes for great entertainment and Shannon was the perfect fit for the show. As amazing as Shannon is its hard to believe there will be a better show than undisputed.

  • Joe Gaul
    Joe Gaul 3 months ago +3

    It’s been 7 years, some things just run their course. They’re obviously tight off the air, Shannon has said that publicly many times even after the more heated on air stuff in the last couple of months and the Damar Hamlin disaster. But he’s 54 years old, he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life at that desk debating Skip. He’ll be great in whatever he does next and Skip will continue to dominate morning sports debates.

  • Maui Prime
    Maui Prime 3 months ago +22

    Respect to Pacman for speaking up everyone else was acting delusional

  • Mason Brickstone
    Mason Brickstone 3 months ago +84

    I love seeing Pacman involved in the discussion. Keep going, fam.

    • Mark Laver
      Mark Laver 3 months ago +12

      Same. I know Pat wants to put a positive spin on everything but I love him just going "Nah, Skip is a jerk"

    • Eric Beal
      Eric Beal 3 months ago +2

      He called shannon "another asshole", then said "shannon's my dude", like wtf are you saying

    • MACAVEL1
      MACAVEL1 3 months ago

      @Eric Bealyeah I had to rewind an see if my ears were wack😂 he said he was joking though

  • Smiththebat
    Smiththebat 3 months ago +1

    How anyone worked with Bayless that long is beyond me.

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker 3 months ago +505

    It seemed to me Shannon wanted to have genuine conversations and debates instead of Skip playing the role of a disingenuous heel.

    • Trojan Tony
      Trojan Tony 3 months ago +55

      Bingo. and his pre-production topics probably drove shannon insane

    • Chillax
      Chillax 3 months ago +13

      This is the correct take

    • P Rose
      P Rose 3 months ago +5

      Yep and this is why nobody watches Shannon's show ...it's boring

    • Nathaniel Richards
      Nathaniel Richards 3 months ago +9

      @P Rose Which show are you talking about? Club Shay Shay??

  • Dippindott
    Dippindott 3 months ago +5

    Undisputed was the show that got me so into football. With Pat and Undisputed both disappearing, Imma have to start reading the news paper

  • modrn_
    modrn_ 3 months ago

    I personally really liked Undisputed. I think this had more to do with off-the-show type of stuff behind the scenes between the two. I know they had their issues on air, but that was also the point of the show, lol. Sometimes things got a little out of hand, but that was few and far between.

  • lopez _flex12
    lopez _flex12 3 months ago +3

    in my opinión it happened when skip tried to take personal shots at sharpes career saying he was jealous of brady couple months back but who knows . it was a good run but excited to see where Mr. sharpe goes from here

  • Johnny D'Ambrosio
    Johnny D'Ambrosio 3 months ago +4

    I think Shannon genuinely loved and appreciated Skip early on, as he has mentioned numerous times that he wouldn't even be in media if it weren't for Skip giving him a chance.
    But Skip wore him down.

  • Joseph Neri
    Joseph Neri 3 months ago +3

    It was definitely when he called Shannon jealous of Brady's longevity. He went way too far and never really apologized for it.

  • The 12th Mandalorian
    The 12th Mandalorian 3 months ago +245

    Skip yelling at him and telling him "put your glasses back on" definitely played a part in this.

    • Non Ya
      Non Ya 3 months ago +55

      Skip crossed the line a few times. They were debating Tom Brady and Gronk on one show and Skip basically told Shannon his opinion didn't matter because he was never as great as Brady and Gronk, which was a slap in the face because Shannon Sharpe isn't Dan Orlovsky or Chris Simms.

    • Colby Covington
      Colby Covington 3 months ago +26

      Who cares? I don't even like Skip but he made Shannons post football career, dude would be irrelevant if not for him

    • Jones
      Jones 3 months ago +64

      ​@Colby Covington he was already on tv. He would have been successful regardless. Trying to act like he was a bum, crazy.

    • Colby Covington
      Colby Covington 3 months ago +20

      @Jones Yes he was on tv and he was originally bad at his job, like I said, Skip made his post football career

    • Jonnie5 Bgood
      Jonnie5 Bgood 3 months ago +14

      Nah, you thinking Shannon is that weak minded is insulting. Just because you need your hand held doesn't mean there isn't still real men out there.

  • Daniel Rendon
    Daniel Rendon 3 months ago +2

    Shannon should gets his own show.

  • Marc Engel
    Marc Engel 3 months ago +2

    Definitely the damar thing was a problem and lit the fuse..but the blow up was when Skip tried to belittle Shannon's career and tell him he's jealous of Tom bradys success. That moment was the only moment I've seen between them that I thought breached sports debate.
    You could visually see that inside Shannon wanted to CLOBBER skip..but knew better of it..remembering what grandma and grandpa told him.

  • Vortex Athletic FC
    Vortex Athletic FC 3 months ago +17

    To be fair to Skip, the whole country forgot how to read with that whole Twitter thing. Yeah, he worded it badly; but he was just genuinely curious on what the NFL would do. He wasn’t saying that they should keep playing. And no one else reads the good tweets that he put before hand on his timeline, only the one badly worded one that went viral.

    • Brandoon F
      Brandoon F 3 months ago +6

      He knew exactly what he was doing. He worded it like that to play it safe. This man been in journalism over half a century.

  • Andrew McCormick
    Andrew McCormick 3 months ago +1

    I think Chris Broussard would be the perfect partner for skip because he can argue but will keep it respectful and isn’t a former athlete so it will be different. The only problem is I’m not sure about his football opinions but for basketball it would be great. Another option would be shady but the former athlete has already been done with Shannon

  • Inoke Taufalele
    Inoke Taufalele 3 months ago +186

    The day after the Damar incident, Shannon was a no show, then when he did come the day after that, in his opening monologue he explained about his brother when he was lying on the field when he suffered his career ending injury so that’s why Skips comments rubbed Shannon the wrong way, and Skip interrupted the whole thing to get something in and Shay just stopped and asked to start the show, a couple of other things happened before this too but it’s been building up for the last half year

    • BigBaller666
      BigBaller666 3 months ago +54

      The Damar incident was a case of Twitter users having an average reading comprehension of 2nd Grade and Shannon being obsessed with his social media followers. That whole thing was completely over blown and stupid

    • 3rd Coast gaming
      3rd Coast gaming 3 months ago +5

      @BigBaller666 yea people can’t read just went with what they thought now same people now hate Hamlin for wearing some Jesus coat that they didn’t like and saying he is a clone just can’t make people happy

    • James Miller
      James Miller 3 months ago +8

      Remember when everyone wanted to cancel the rest of the season after that?
      When I see a white dude get hurt or get killed I don't think to myself "Nooooooo! That's my cousin!" But I guess I'm alone because people were ready to cancel football of this Hamlin dude.

    • Junior Jay
      Junior Jay 3 months ago +31

      ​@jamesmiller5331 you sounding low-key racist brother man

    JAVON CARTER VIDEOS 3 months ago

    Whatever happens is bout to shake the sports world. When Skip left first take nobody knew what would really happen. Then Undisputed became one of the greatest sports debate shows of all time. No tellin what's bout to happen now, unless Skip retires or something

  • CCS216
    CCS216 3 months ago +11

    Sharpe should get a Noble Prize for Patience for listening to Skip for as long as he did.

  • Marty Moose
    Marty Moose 3 months ago

    Shannon should do a similar show as "First Take" with his own brother Sterling. They both are extremely well spoken and have very assertive voices. Plus with it being 2 brothers they have built in chemistry off the bat.

  • DomCagney
    DomCagney 3 months ago

    I’m so bummed, it’s my favorite show after this progrum. But Skip absolutely deserved it…I just wish he would’ve realized before it was too late.
    I hope and pray that Skip doesn’t replace Shannon with ANYONE on the current FS1 roster. Acho, Wright, Shady, Bucher, JMac…all terrible and unbearable. He better think outside the box if he wants to keep that show going.
    Shannon will be just fine, he’s electric

    PANDA 3 months ago

    There's been a lot of friction between Skip and Shannon the last year or 2. I think some of Skip's somewhat downright disrespectful takes really frustrated Shannon.
    But it really started boiling over when Skip took a shot at Shannon's playing career, when he compared Shannon to Brady. I think Shannon took real offense to that.
    Then the Damar Hamlin situation was the final straw.
    You can tell they hashed it out the way Skip has pulled back on some of his takes, especially in regards to Lebron ever since. But too little too late it seems.

  • Mark Sprinkle
    Mark Sprinkle 3 months ago +14

    When Shannon first started doing the pre-game show, he wasn't very good, but he's become so great over the years on Undisputed. I look forward to watching his next show.

    • maggie hill
      maggie hill 3 months ago +5

      Most won't remember that only the hardcore fans will... Shannon was a studdering mess a lot of times

    • Henry philips
      Henry philips 3 months ago +1

      Never forget them cbs pregame show 🤣🤣

  • 808craig
    808craig 3 months ago +3

    Shannon and Max on a 90 min show. The comedy would be gold, and they could chop it up with sports talk

  • T4
    T4 3 months ago +1

    Shannon gets to keep his podcast as part of the buy out. I bet he just puts all his time into that. I hope he does

    TARRERDOME 3 months ago +1

    They both Ride for their teams and their dudes. It’s the same I would do if I were there. Thanks 🙏🏾 to both!!!

  • Cubie
    Cubie 3 months ago

    I'm surprised it's actually happening, but I can't blame Shannon and would likely do the same in his position. Skip has been very disrespectful to him multiple times now and he will be the most coveted free agent in sports media.

  • raviram9100
    raviram9100 3 months ago +3

    love seeing Pacman involved in the discussion. Keep going, fam.

  • Luke S
    Luke S 3 months ago +39

    Shannon always said he owes skip everything for his post playing career and won't talk bad or bite the hand that fed him... I think that's genuine, and he is reaching a point where he resents skip and knows he won't be able to maintain that professionalism. It's not like he can't do it anymore, but he also has just had too many bad moments to feel like he can be grateful to share a stage with him and doesn't want to be in the position skip put him in if he can't

    • Major Marketing
      Major Marketing 3 months ago

      He just wants to do his own thing.

    • Mario Huizar
      Mario Huizar 3 months ago

      @Major Marketing exactly, everyone is hopping on the podcast stuff and he already has his own. Maybe wants to do more of that or expand it.

  • Gene Henson
    Gene Henson 3 months ago +2

    I been expecting this ever since the Hamlin tweet. Rewatch the clips from after that and it was pretty clear that Shannon was frustrated. Might have been looking for his buyout ever since.

  • J N
    J N 3 months ago +1

    Shannon has way more to offer his listeners than being forced to talk about Lebron, Brady, and the Cowboys every day. Can't wait to see where he lands next.

  • OldManInternet
    OldManInternet 3 months ago +2

    Skip had more respect for Baker Mayfield and that 11 game stretch than he did for Shannon or Mahomes. I don't know how Shannon held it together as long as he did.

  • Mack Mercier
    Mack Mercier 3 months ago +2

    Pac-Man couldn’t have been more right about Skip and Shannon in the first 20 seconds 😂

  • Cesar Dothe
    Cesar Dothe 3 months ago +50

    I know the ratings probably don't show it up but over the last 8 years Undisputed was thing I have always felt that the team was the better show than First Take was. Shannon himself gave so many culture moments that are still being used today. I do think that big cable sports entertainment will probably move away from giving journalists or journalists types shows and give them to former players. Not saying it won't be there but personalities like that will live on youtube or podcast and develop their own niche. Example Brandon Perna, Grossi, The Ringer, etc.

    • Abhi Sangu
      Abhi Sangu 3 months ago +2

      You probably somewhat right. You should revisit first take now though if you haven’t recently, show is a lot better with Stephen A vs rotating guests

    • Marlon Blade
      Marlon Blade 3 months ago

      It was a Clip-Share phenomenon. Much more than TV.

    • Tyler Hoover
      Tyler Hoover 3 months ago +1

      ​@Abhi Sangu you think so? Think first take has been almost unwatchable since max left

    • Smoker’s Club
      Smoker’s Club 3 months ago +1

      @Abhi Sangu honestly might have to check it out again, stopped watching them like 3 1/2 years ago and was just watching Pat and then Skip & Shannon

    • Jay
      Jay 3 months ago

      First take has sucked for years

  • d efface
    d efface 3 months ago +18

    They are so different from each other and that is why the show worked... I really don't think either of them will find a counter part as great as they had in each other (differences aside)

    • RealMikeM
      RealMikeM 3 months ago +2

      Shannon may not be looking for a counter part. I don't even think he's going to land in sports media

    • James Brasco
      James Brasco 3 months ago +1

      Shannon is fantastic

  • Roberto Sampietro
    Roberto Sampietro 3 months ago

    Excelente show. Realmente lo disfruté muchísimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marc
    Marc 3 months ago +1

    It’s about time ! I’m Surprised Shannon stuck it out this long . I gather Shannon will pop up somewhere else where he’s respected .

  • JimmyRodrigo
    JimmyRodrigo 3 months ago +3

    Skip and Shannon are both super hard workers and super entertaining personalities. I truly think skip is a good person, although sometimes his age shines through and he comes off as very insensitive even though that’s not really true. I do think he has a ton of empathy for people on a personal level, he just tends to either poorly word/time some of the things he says or he gets so invested in his opinion that in the moment he dismisses other people. But people forget, this guy is live on air every day for years and years and years and it is him straight up almost uncensored. Everyone gets hot or says something extra from time to time and he’s no exception. The crazier thing is Shannon’s ability to hold his tongue in almost every moment and carefully choose most of his words while still maintaining his charm, that’s a special ability of his and that is what helped him get so far. Shannon is super entertaining with a huge personality and a great energy while still showing he is both intelligent and prepared. And skip helped build him up and get him ready as a tv persona to be able to go off on his own and be super successful. Skip himself is already a staple in the industry and may be the single most valuable sports media member out there, right next to Stephen A and Cowherd. Im pretty certain those two are still on good terms and they both love respect and appreciate each other for all the help, support, and success they’ve brought to one another. It’s just a shame that it’s ending this way. Honestly if they had a better moderator I think it would have been much smoother

  • Rocky Kimpel
    Rocky Kimpel 3 months ago

    Yea if you watch days after the Damar Hamlin thing you could see the tension, even in the beginning monologue Skip interrupted Shannon and ticked him off, and the Dec 22nd show last year talking about the Bucs was the segment where Skip highly disrespected Sharpe's HOF career and really had him heated.

  • Austin Kilgore
    Austin Kilgore 3 months ago +800

    Yeah a few months ago Skip took a shot at Shannon’s career while arguing over Tom Brady

    • JB Takes
      JB Takes 3 months ago +164

      I know damn well that’s when Shannon silently decided he’s done. That’s probably the day negotiations began.

    • BBG INC
      BBG INC 3 months ago +60

      Oh poor Shannon got his feeling hurt. Skip is why Shannon is even relevant after he got fried from CBS.

    • blake Landon
      blake Landon 3 months ago +7

      Can we get a quick synopsis of what the jab was

    • V
      V 3 months ago +36

      People take shots at Skip all the time, I never see him cry about it.

  • Christopher Fowler
    Christopher Fowler 3 months ago

    You could clearly see that the show was different since he insulted Sharpe on live TV and the Hamlin tweet. I mean I’ve never seen Skip agree with Shannon especially when came to Lebron James in the later half of the season so much in my life.. it just seemed like Skip wasn’t as willingly argumentative as he had been once before about everything.

  • pumpalies
    pumpalies 3 months ago +1

    I listen to their show everyday at work. And Shannon is the reason for me watching. They can be funny. And Shannon is more professional then skip. Skip takes the job very serious and I get it.

  • Kevin W.
    Kevin W. 3 months ago +1

    The issue with this breakup is that Skip is - from what we know - in a better position. Why? Because Skip, over the years with Shannon and even before with Stephen A., always took the "ridiculous" position on the show, which allowed someone like Stephen A. or Shannon to be the eloquent one, spitting facts, backing it up with stats. Latter is the "easy" one. People dont see how great Skip is for entertainment television. Yes, he will never be seen as a true journalist or respected by most professional athletes, yet he creates a show, he tells a story. It is amazing that he managed to be this tv persona for such a long time and somehow managed to make the most ludicrous positions and arguments look somewhat valid.

    • EK TRAN
      EK TRAN 3 months ago

      look at the sports reporters and cold pizza

  • Cuban
    Cuban 3 months ago

    Im really curious what Skip Bayless will do now, definitely seems to be a tough situation. I just dont see any other formidable option besides for Stephen A Smith. Shannon will definitely be fine. Im excited for that.

  • American BigFoot
    American BigFoot 3 months ago +1

    Watched skip and Shannon since day 1. Shannon was great for entertainment but every episode it seemed he either disrespected other players and has even advocated violence on multiple occasions AND he’s the one who started throwing his career in skips face BEFORE skip fired back with Brady being better. Shannon also got butthurt with the Damar Hamlin tweet from skip that everyone misread and Shannon literally made a joke before about the Dolphins player.
    Prime example of Shannon’s character, look at how he acted in public trying to fight an nba player and then bragged about it afterwards.
    I enjoyed watching Shannon on the show for entertainment but overall he was a hypocrite.

  • JB Takes
    JB Takes 3 months ago +37

    If Pat McAfee and/or Barstool want to make a MASSIVE move, they need to back up the Brinks Truck for Shannon and get him on board. Would make the PMS audience even bigger and add a lot of entertainment to the show. Or could be a whole new show just for Shannon. He’s a top tier media talent.

    • J.G. McBell
      J.G. McBell 3 months ago +4

      What? No he’s not. People appreciate him sure, but you actually believe that there are a lot of people who will follow SS no matter where he goes?
      You’re out of your mind. 90% of people who watched that show to begin with, and there weren’t many the ratings are out there, watched it for Skip (or at least to see Skip get beat up on).
      Shannon isn’t polarizing. He doesn’t have a devout following. He’s not COMPLETELY replaceable, but he’s absolutely not a top tier media talent. And whoever they decide to replace him with, unless they’re TERRIBLE, ratings won’t really be affected as long as they play the “counter-skip” role well.
      Top tier media talents are guys like Tucker Carlson, who has 4x the number of Twitter followers as SS. Skip has twice as many followers and draws way more headlines, and he probably isn’t even considered a top media talent anymore this isn’t 10 years ago.
      Nobody cares about legacy TV personalities anymore.

    • Tyrone Grant
      Tyrone Grant 3 months ago +4

      Pat is with ESPN

    • Sean Osborn
      Sean Osborn 3 months ago +8

      Pat sold the bag to ESPN he had no say

    • BigBaller666
      BigBaller666 3 months ago +1

      What do you mean this show? This show is owned and operated by ESPN now

    • Scruff D0g
      Scruff D0g 3 months ago +3

      The show is going to ESPN. Shannon on 1st take with SAS that would be the 72-10 bulls

  • Logan Ward
    Logan Ward 3 months ago +1

    congrats on your contract with ESPN PAT on potentially bringing your Clip-Share Show on live TV hopefully it won't affect the possibility of Ian Rapoport/rapsheet of being on the show as a guest appearance that would suck very badly if it did hopefully it won't come to fruition at all btw Pat don't worry i will try/trying to get caught/catching up on past shows on your channel so i can get caught back up because i am slacking/lagging on it very badly. also btw Pat congrats on 2.2 million subscribers on your Clip-Share channel that is absolutely absurd 🤯🤯😲😲😳😳😮😮👍👍🤟🤟🐐🐐🐶🐶🐕🐕

  • Luke Inman
    Luke Inman 3 months ago

    Damn, never thought all of that arguing over Baker Mayfield last season would end like this!

  • ItsYourBoy Juice
    ItsYourBoy Juice 3 months ago +1

    I’ve seen reports that Shannon felt he should have equal say so as skip and they told him no. Also seen Shannon like a tweet that said skip was jealous of Shannon success. Shannon also said on a recent podcast on Sirius xm that him and skip stopped being friends months ago

  • SCGamer 32
    SCGamer 32 3 months ago

    Skip opened the door for Shannon. Respect to both and their futures 💪👍

  • J. Will
    J. Will 3 months ago +96

    Wherever Shannon goes, I’ll be following. I am surprised by this news because it seemed like they’d made up & been professional with each other. Skip had even been complimentary of LeBron since like November

    • 5678sothourn
      5678sothourn 3 months ago +3

      I doubt it's cause of Skip. Shannon has always said Skip was the one who vouched for him

    • AGee O.
      AGee O. 3 months ago +1

      Bye ✌🏾 😂

    • Barry Mckockinner
      Barry Mckockinner 3 months ago +1

      I think Shannon wanted some control over the topics

    • J. Will
      J. Will 3 months ago +2

      @5678sothourn That was before they had like 2 spouts on air that other shows & outlets picked up. & Shannon didn’t come in after the Demar Hamlin tweet Skip made. Now of course we’re all speculating, but the fact that Shannon was bought out of his deal is what makes this interesting. It’s not like his deal was expiring & he chose to not sign a new one.

  • Daniel Daniel
    Daniel Daniel 3 months ago +8

    But without Skip picking Shannon to sit across from him, Shannon might have not got to where he is, or it might have taken him a lot to longer. But how Shannon talked about things and how he comes across I would have never guessed he do a buyout or something to get out of him contract, I figured he would have finished it then done something else.

    • Rick Smits
      Rick Smits 3 months ago +1

      Shannon’s personality and knowledge was going to put him on tv regardless. Skip gave him a job it’s not like skip made him. Nobody owes anybody.

    • Bruno Pires
      Bruno Pires 3 months ago +1

      @Rick Smits 💯

    • lindsey punch
      lindsey punch 3 months ago

      Shannon did right, it’s time to move on with Steven A first take show. I can’t wait it’s will be a great show

    • Ball
      Ball 3 months ago

      Shannon already had a media career so its not like Skip made him. The show was definitely a step up though

  • cj
    cj 3 months ago

    I think Shannon learned from being on undisputed and used that experience to grow and expand his own personal brand, yes Skip was disrespectful but I think its about money and ownership.

  • Lisa
    Lisa 3 months ago

    Maybe Shannon couldn't get pass the last time Skip insulted him. That was the time Shannon accused Skip of calling him "a bum" and basically not a good player. He didn't come to work for a day or two. When he came back I guess he immediately started lining things up. Good luck to him. He had outgrown Skip so this timing is good.

  • Michael D
    Michael D 3 months ago

    There's no way they can get another level headed person like Shannon Sharp on the show without having the same ridiculous issues. It would have to be someone similar like Collin

  • NH ExperienceTV
    NH ExperienceTV  3 months ago

    Shannon needs to be on your show Pat. That would be great television

  • CA Smith
    CA Smith 3 months ago +36

    I knew tensions were high when Shannon brought up that things were tough and his brother was helping him through those moments with skip. One thing Shannon doesn’t do is involve his brother if things aren’t real.

  • MCH
    MCH 3 months ago

    Adam is right. It's one thing to disagree and debate with someone who respects you, but it reached the point where Shannon felt Skip doesn't respect his opinions as much. When things reach that point, it's time to leave.

  • JAH Wobbly, PBUH.
    JAH Wobbly, PBUH. 3 months ago +1

    The time skip went personal and said shannon was jealous of brady’s career was a ugly personal attack. He just unloaded with a series of personal insults. It’s the kind of thing you see from someone who’s either a complete a-hole or drunk.

  • WT
    WT 3 months ago

    Skirted around the topic regarding Shannon potentially moving to ESPN. It wouldnt happen, cant see Stephen A wanting to team up with Shannon and losing power on First Take. I think Sharpe will try to go for his own online content, similar to McAfee. Interested to see if it works in the long run, Sharpe has that pulling power to get top guests on his podcast but wont have the same media exposure now hes not on FS1 every day.

  • B.L Ward
    B.L Ward 3 months ago +1

    I thought Skips constant "tell me when it's my turn" whiny interruptions in the time prior began chipping away at Sharpe's patience, building like a powder keg and just blew up with that Brady thing. Though patched up, their working relationship was seriously damaged, but the Hamlin thing happened just seemed to reopen an unhealed wound and made things irreparable. It's clearly Skip's show, but he treated Shannon and Jenny Taft like they didn't matter...which is why I wasn't shocked she left, or why Joy Taylor never returned. Whoever takes Shannon's place better be ready to talk about the same, rinse and repeat topics of Skip's narrow focus, but congrats to Shannon for finally hitting that eject button and bailing out.

  • DatYellaMan
    DatYellaMan 3 months ago

    Shannon is like your real uncle , he talks like all the country boys I grew up with, he is smart and thoughtful, Skip is a blowhard but he did change sports media for better or worse

  • xXcamp heroXx
    xXcamp heroXx 3 months ago +134

    Nah bro there’s a lot of things Skip was wrong about but he was right for not taking back what he said about Hamlin. He didn’t say anything wrong…he really didn’t. People just read it the wrong way. And it kind of bothers me people think Skip is so bad of a human being that they can confidently say his tweet was implying he didn’t care about that man’s life on the field. We can’t live in a world where society is able to twist your words then demand an apology for something you never truly said.

    • Big dawg
      Big dawg 3 months ago +23

      He wasn’t wrong ,but at the same time the players feel different about the situation since they are the ones out there!

    • Bilbo Baggins
      Bilbo Baggins 3 months ago +22

      but the internet needed someone to be mad at lmao

    • Jake Schwartz
      Jake Schwartz 3 months ago +2

      i literally just made an almost identical comment 4 mins ago

    • Batson stevens
      Batson stevens 3 months ago +6

      I don't think it's said because when you play a heel-like trolling character. That already got into it with Shannon 3 weeks before with the glasses incident. Skip does his job too well at times and the majority of people will never give him the benefit of the doubt. This is what they pay him the big bucks for.

  • Big monster Big 123
    Big monster Big 123 3 months ago

    Skip without Shannon is like temptations without Ruffin 😂😂😂😂

  • Sin Dilacion
    Sin Dilacion 3 months ago

    Skip has stood the test of time for a reason. People pretend as if he's some tag along. Might not like him as a person, but he is great for debate TV. You have to have someone to disagree with.. plus skip isnt over the top with the yelling and screaming. His reactions come off as natural compared to someone like stephan a. Or Irvin.

  • Eli Woods
    Eli Woods 3 months ago +1

    It started with Skip insulting Shannon's playing career and then the Damar Hamlin incident when Shannon took a day off after Skip's tweet. When he came in to explain why to the audience, Skip interrupted him rudely and Shannon got really pissed off and just stopped and told Jen to start the show. To me, that was the last straw.

    • Crandon Borth
      Crandon Borth 3 months ago +1

      Yup… I agree. That was the beginning of contract negotiations.

    • Eli Woods
      Eli Woods 3 months ago

      @Crandon Borth I hope he joins espn or another platform. Be it amazon or peacock. He deserves his own show at this pt. Been on tv for almost 20 years on CBS and FS1.

  • Tito Bustos24
    Tito Bustos24 3 months ago +1

    Skip and Colin would be EPPIC 😂 but Shannon needs his own show for sure!

  • Mr.88
    Mr.88 3 months ago

    Skip definitely disrespected Shay too many times and I can see how he’d not be enjoyable to work with. I think it started to sour after that Brady debate. Skip and Shay - I thought - were buddy buddy back during covid when they continued the show through quarantine. But let’s not forget Skip put Shay on. I think the relationship just started to go downhill after that Brady debacle.

  • hoaxone 845
    hoaxone 845 3 months ago +75

    I'm genuinely interested in who skip is gonna cosign for again. Everyone he has brought into the fold has turned into a media superstar.

    • M8DBLESS
      M8DBLESS 3 months ago

      Lil Wayne 🤞

    • 0168196250
      0168196250 3 months ago +12

      Dude may be a hater, but he always has eyes for talent. Shay / Stephen was a diamond in the rough. He literally handpick them and propel them to a career they have today. And skip is getting up in age, not as sharp, maybe it’s time hang it up.

    • Brandon Clark
      Brandon Clark 3 months ago +9

      He will bring your mom next

    • Major Marketing
      Major Marketing 3 months ago +2

      Lavar Ball

    • Shane Frederick
      Shane Frederick 3 months ago


  • josepgutierrez22
    josepgutierrez22 3 months ago +1

    Man I barely discovered Undisputed last year and only got 1 full NFL season with them :( I’m really going to miss Unc.

  • eddy Ks24
    eddy Ks24 3 months ago

    Just to think the other day. I said Skips thoughts now are provably “ we’re behind the Hamlin deal, we’re good and moved on”. And now Unc says “I’m out! “ 😅😂😂😂😂

  • Jake Allen
    Jake Allen 3 months ago

    The tipping point was either skip's tweet about Damar Hamlin where Shannon was so pissed he boycotted the show for a day, or it was when skip called Shannon jealous of Brady and insulted his career.

  • SpoonFed Devv
    SpoonFed Devv 3 months ago

    The fact that Pat saying he thought Shannon anger about Demar,the Tom Brady disrespect by undermining Shannon’s HOF career was a work shows how out of touch and tone death white media is with us! (Not limited to just black people) I can honestly say while many others that share pats opinion thought it was just tv “a work”WE knew this was the beginning of the end of undisputed as we knew it. I say all that to say it Definitely didn’t come out the blue you just couldn’t relate to a black man being disrespected by his peer on National Television which is OKAY💯we could see it in his eyes body language nd tone this was Definitely not a “work”!

  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller 3 months ago

    Skip did a lot for Shannon's career and Shannon helped skip stay relevant and even get bigger. They'll part ways and both be ok

  • Chase Kozak
    Chase Kozak 3 months ago +59

    Between the Demar tweet, telling Shannon he never understood what it takes to be a hall of fame player, the utter disdain for Patrick Mahomes, and the Brady or Cowboy favoritism it was only a matter before Shannon left. Good for him

    • Dalton Gadwell
      Dalton Gadwell 3 months ago +3

      Still don’t understand the outrage about the Hamlin tweet

    • Pycelle's Beard
      Pycelle's Beard 3 months ago +4

      Aside from the lie "Skip told Shannon He never understood what it took to be a HOFer" It's amazing that you'd bring up Skip favoring Brady and the Cowboys and completely leave out Shannon's other worldly love for LeBron James, Is this a wind up? Shannon made headlines trying to fight a whole team for that love but you're talking about Skips favoritism?🤣🤣

    • littleman brass
      littleman brass 3 months ago +1

      ⁠@Pycelle's Beard yea he talking about skip everyone is because everyone is stating why they think SHANNON is leaving if skip left they would talk about why they thought he left. Idk why you confused it’s quite simple there’s two people on the show and one left now people are saying why they think he left 😂

    • littleman brass
      littleman brass 3 months ago +1

      @Pycelle's Beard nobody gonna bring up what Shannon did because it didn’t drive skip to leave the show they gonna bring up what skip did because they believe that is a reason that contributed to Shannon leaving it’s breaking news on why Shannon is leaving not breaking news on the things Shannon did to not make skip leave. U can say Shanon did this and he did that but he didn’t do anything bad enough to make the other person leave. He just stating a few encounters and things that skip do that he thinks contributed to him leaving

    • Pycelle's Beard
      Pycelle's Beard 3 months ago

      @littleman brass We know why Shannon is leaving, He's a snowflake of epic proportions, there that was easy. I still find it hilarious that someone would bring up Skips favoritism knowing how Shannon is, that's called AUDACITY!!!

  • Srryisuk
    Srryisuk 3 months ago

    You guys need to get Shannon on the show!

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 3 months ago

    I am surprised with the notion that people are saying nobody wants to work with Skip. That's total BS. I agree that would apply for already established media members/personalities, but there are plenty of people (ex-players, HOFs, media personalities) that would view this as a great opportunity to gain experience and build their own brand.

  • The Worst Talk Show Ever

    Shannon has a lot of success going outside of undisputed, I don’t think he has any beef with skip I think it’s all about how much are they willing to pay him and if Shannon doesn’t think the moneys right he shouldn’t do it.

  • Jayson Bates
    Jayson Bates 3 months ago

    Skip will probably also be gone for awhile after the Finals since thats when he takes time off before the NFL season. They'll have guest hosts until then and I'm guessing they'll get Rob Parker in there once NFL season gets close. Skip's familiar with him and I think he also lives in Southern Cali.

  • Tyrone
    Tyrone 3 months ago

    The timing of Shannon leaving is also interesting. Nba is concluding, football is a few months away; nothing left but mlb and controversy... My guess is Skip will do the marry go round, with different guest, but they'll be short on quality content.

  • Susan Townsend
    Susan Townsend 3 months ago +65

    Shannon cracks me up. Every time.

  • Jay Drabek
    Jay Drabek 3 months ago

    I knew it was too good to be true, all these independent giants like Pat, Shannon, Stephen A…ESPN saw the writing on the wall and did the only thing they could, threw money at the problem, and can’t blame anyone in the slightest!! Stephen A will be next to be sealed up with new mega contract that’s probably why he changed his Clip-Share channel name to simply the SAS Show, I would do the same damn thing!!! I’ll still be watching, and nobody should be surprised by these events. ESPN showing they’re still the leader in sports entertainment 🤷‍♂️👏🔥🔥🔥🍾🍾