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30 Queens. Can Martin Win?

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    1:34 Game 1
    10:03 Game 2
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Comments • 6 559

  • some random weeb
    some random weeb 6 months ago +29912

    Poor Martin, he just wanted to play with his children. He doesn't deserve this bullying.

    • NeoNord
      NeoNord 6 months ago +374


    • Utkarsh Choudhary
      Utkarsh Choudhary 6 months ago +170

      Bots don't have feelings.

    • Ural Uğurlu
      Ural Uğurlu 6 months ago +1664

      @Utkarsh Choudhary 🤡

    • Crooked at last
      Crooked at last 6 months ago +1702

      @Utkarsh Choudhary I'm a bot and I think what you said was really inrespectful

  • HeroesinHoodies
    HeroesinHoodies 3 months ago +17402

    When you have 30 queens, you could literally win 99.9% of the time with completely random moves. The fact that he lost effectively proves Martin has extensive knowledge of chess and intentionally picked losing moves to let you win, like he does with his kids.

    • Zeus
      Zeus 3 months ago +1879

      Nah I think he just thought the Queens were pawns, and probably overheated because he had to many women around himself

    • BoxStudioExecutive
      BoxStudioExecutive 3 months ago +525

      So as it turns out, letting your kids win at chess by intentionally losing (as opposed to handicapping yourself) is pretty bad parenting. Martin is bad at chess and bad at being a dad. LOL

      UNDOSO ENGINEERING 3 months ago +63

      It just proves that bot was very inefficient, probably because it was never programmed for such a situation.

    • Shu Pichii
      Shu Pichii 3 months ago +391

      Actually, this bot makes sense if you come at it from the perspective of, "My oponent doesnt know what they are doing." From this PoV you can see the bot is;
      1. Allowing any setup opponent wants.
      2. Teaches how peices move by shuffling at start.
      3. Puts oponent into difficult positions then lets them have a few turns to figure out how to get out.
      4. Loops this process without actually really trying to win.
      This would be a really, really good bot to teach kids the raw mechanics of the game.

    • AOXGAM3R
      AOXGAM3R 3 months ago +8


  • Vakier
    Vakier 3 months ago +2423

    As someone who can’t beat Martin I am now in tears

  • Daniel Stefanov
    Daniel Stefanov 3 months ago +1313

    Martin is made perfectly according to his description. He's made to play evenly against clueless children, so they don't lose every game and hate chess.

    • Alex *
      Alex * 2 months ago +16

      Can you please tell me where do I have to go to give Martin 30 queens aswell, I keep searching but I don't find the settings to do it .

    • EARTH'Dm
      EARTH'Dm 2 months ago +21

      when u pick a bot chose custom then click on type and create ur setup hope this helps

    • Sjkairway- James
      Sjkairway- James 23 days ago +2

      @Alex * you can’t do it on the app

    • Alex *
      Alex * 23 days ago

      @Sjkairway- James I tried from the site not the app, still didn't worked .

    • Vansh Pratap
      Vansh Pratap 12 days ago


  • Owusu-Ansah Yaw
    Owusu-Ansah Yaw 3 months ago +2999

    Martin plays this way so that his children can always win. Father of the year for me. ❤

    • Sohan
      Sohan 3 months ago +27

      This comment own my heart

      SIDDHARTH PRADHAN 2 months ago +27

      his kids might be 0 elo players ;-;

    • CrazyCuriousYt
      CrazyCuriousYt 2 months ago +18

      I mean, that isn't really good parenting as you have to let your kids learn but I guess you can let your children learn best chess moves after winning. Someday his kids will face a real opponent and probably lose

    • ashers world
      ashers world 2 months ago

      i have 10 elo

    • 1 x 4
      1 x 4 2 months ago +36

      @CrazyCuriousYt If you destroy a kid in chess with like mate in 6, what are they gonna learn? All its gonna do is make the child hate chess.

  • Occultus
    Occultus 2 months ago +522

    Martin taught magnus carlson chess when he was a child and after teaching him everything he knew, suffered a terrible accident that resulted in losing his memories. So magnus's grandmaster-level chess moves are truly the teachings of the great martin.

  • Erik Moe
    Erik Moe 5 months ago +29561

    They should add a feature to Martin's playstyle so that 1 in 100 games he plays like a GM just to confirm that he's just throwing the rest of the games for fun.

    • MegaWarrior849
      MegaWarrior849 5 months ago +6215

      Martin activating Magnus Carlsen mode on some poor eight year old trying to learn chess

    • Perio
      Perio 5 months ago +883

      @MegaWarrior849 Yes!

    • Mail Kcallop
      Mail Kcallop 5 months ago +1081

      This is the best idea in chess history

    • Paul Silagi
      Paul Silagi 5 months ago +1069

      @MegaWarrior849 Just turning into unchained Stockfish half way through a game and reducing some unfortunate beginner to their constituent molecules.

    • Qettec
      Qettec 5 months ago +196

      *for his kids

  • MeboDotExe
    MeboDotExe 2 months ago +156

    18:39 seeing that bar instantly skyrocket to white while gotham’s face turns into immense surprise is so funny

  • Mediocre editor
    Mediocre editor 2 months ago +415

    I'm not good at chess and one time I was trying to beat Martin when he told me "my 5 year old son just beat me, ouch!" I have not emotionally recovered from this moment since

  • Vincent Garcia
    Vincent Garcia 2 months ago +141

    Imagine how hard it is for Martin to not accidentally mate you. Like he does everthing in his power for you to win

  • noni wi
    noni wi 3 months ago +972

    “I dont think if any human being saw martin’s chess playing ability, they would agree to have kids”
    martin has 30 queens and no children 💀

  • Jimmy John
    Jimmy John 3 months ago +101

    I can just imagine all the “there goes my best piece”

  • Steve Brooksy
    Steve Brooksy 6 months ago +15967

    Martin is a chess genius. Finds the worst move every time. He could consistently lose to a random move generator.

    • TheUnfunny
      TheUnfunny 6 months ago +990

      Plot twist: he is a random move generator

    • Chase Jonas
      Chase Jonas 6 months ago +267

      He will find mate in 2

    • alsatian
      alsatian 6 months ago +345

      By that definition I’m a chess genius too! Thank you for this high praise.

    • AtThatDaniels
      AtThatDaniels 6 months ago +39

      I would actually love to see that video.

    • B
      B 6 months ago +108

      I disagree. A random move generator would struggle to checkmate even if it had a completely winning position.

  • AK
    AK 3 months ago +163

    Martin is the definition of "never let them know your next move"

  • wyatt davis
    wyatt davis 9 days ago +2

    Martin is a godsend. He’s not trying to play competitively, he’s just trying to be a good dad by spending quality time with his kids. At the end of the day, Martin is who we should all strive to be.

  • smhleon
    smhleon 16 days ago +3

    my theory is that martin doesn't realize he has 30 queens, and is scared to risk losing his most valuable piece (or 1 of 30 of them). so any move you make that threatens a single queen makes him panic for absolutely no reason

  • 100k Subs With 1 Video Challenge

    That psycho laugh after beating martin 19:04

  • AD♡Gaming
    AD♡Gaming 2 months ago +16

    When you realise Martin enjoying with his 30 queens by his side while y'all were calling him dumb. Well played Martin👏🏻👏🏻

  • Tilly
    Tilly 6 months ago +12730

    Considering Martin purposeful chose moves to lose (considering randomly moving would have been better), it means he actually understands chess really well and just chooses not to use good moves

    • Bryce Fenske
      Bryce Fenske 5 months ago +2043

      Oh.... oh snap. That's it. He just thinks everyone on planet earth is his kid!

    • Feferson
      Feferson 5 months ago +792

      @Bryce Fenske and who's to say we aren't

    • Jim Greene
      Jim Greene 5 months ago +272

      I think Martin literally is just Stockfish with the settings adjusted until it roughly matched 250.

    • x3lio
      x3lio 5 months ago +221

      @Jim Greene every bot is stockfish but in reverse, it chooses the worst move

    • Nick Alexander
      Nick Alexander 5 months ago +346

      Martin is actually a grandmaster who takes it easy on everyone and lets them win bc it would be unfair and he finds it funny

  • Temptazer
    Temptazer 3 months ago +20

    The reason i like martin is because for people that are completely new to chess, beating him gives them a boost of confidence and makes people want to really get into the game due to the dopamine rush of winning

    • b4byf4ce
      b4byf4ce 4 days ago

      I lose to him quite often tho.... really gets me to wanting to give up...

  • Incepter
    Incepter 3 months ago +18

    Martin is just secretly using 0.001% of his power and letting GothamChess win against him even though he has 30 queens, what a nice guy.

  • buraddo79
    buraddo79 3 months ago +21

    You make chess seem possible and fun. Coming from someone who hadn’t played a game before a month ago. I’m 44. I’d like to learn. I’d like to enjoy it but it has always felt like an impossible game. You make it seem possible and fun.

  • Corrupt Ice Cubes
    Corrupt Ice Cubes 3 months ago +11

    I can’t believe Martin let one pawn become a knight and destroy 9 queens.

  • Blendi
    Blendi 15 days ago

    martin is a good father, he views us all as his children.
    he’s simply an implicit symbol to help chess players gain confidence and interest for the game, same way he lets his kids win. thank you martin ❤

  • YEp d
    YEp d 6 months ago +20219

    martin just has a big heart, he lets his kids win, that’s why he has kids

    • Multiple Choices
      Multiple Choices 5 months ago +1033

      Bad chessplayer good father 🥰

    • Divyam Thacker
      Divyam Thacker 5 months ago +57


    • Jim Greene
      Jim Greene 5 months ago +48

      Levy has a dog.

    • my self
      my self 5 months ago +93

      hes lot letting them win, theyre just learning how the peices move tg

    • Caret
      Caret 5 months ago +14

      @Jim Greene named Jim

  • Alundose Games
    Alundose Games 2 months ago +5

    When I first started playing chess i tried to beat Marin 7 times and on my 8th time I was so happy! Now i play against him and win with almost no pieces taken. I still cant believe how I used to lose to him!

  • James Hockenberry
    James Hockenberry 3 months ago +30

    I don't think Martin ever learned how knights move

  • a a r n i i c h a n
    a a r n i i c h a n 2 months ago +13

    Lost to martin before coming here never felt so humiliated in my life

  • egglegs
    egglegs 2 months ago +10

    As someone named Martin I am proud of how bad Martin is at the game

  • Augustine Bepule
    Augustine Bepule 2 months ago +10

    That "Aarggh" from Levi as Martin disappoints him by not making the dumbest move 😄

  • Polandballgaming
    Polandballgaming 6 months ago +4773

    As a Martin fan, Martin knows how to speak for himself

    • jusca
      jusca 6 months ago +66

      Jack Wrath LMFAO

    • Tremy
      Tremy 6 months ago +17

      @JackWrath1 LOL

    • Jou t7
      Jou t7 6 months ago +19

      Yes Levy should not hurt Martin feelings, because one day Martin will be chess world champion and roast how bad Levy is then. The reason is, because nobody can understand the analytical thinking behind Martin every move.

    • Goatzzz
      Goatzzz 6 months ago

      Gotham literally copied this vid

    • a2pabmb2
      a2pabmb2 6 months ago +6

      @Goatzzz Breezy literally copy/pasting this comment

  • Squid 45
    Squid 45 3 months ago +8

    Imagine if there was a game mode where both sides had this many queens. It would be chaos

  • Poushikan R
    Poushikan R 2 months ago +8

    martin just took botez gambit into an another level

  • Dr. Cosz
    Dr. Cosz 2 months ago +6

    the fact that even two or three queens are already incredibly powerful and martin had 30 of them and still lost😂

  • Surgeon
    Surgeon 13 days ago +1

    Martin's goals are beyond our understanding.

  • Joshua Fetter
    Joshua Fetter 13 days ago

    Levy actually giving us a peek into Martin's coding by doing this and I love it. This is how you deconstruct bots haha

  • Quandale dingle
    Quandale dingle 4 months ago +10168

    the reason that Martin doesn't capture knights is because he simply doesn't take L's

  • ilovepotstickers
    ilovepotstickers 3 months ago +10

    When you think that your piece is defended, but Martin has all 30 queens looking at it:

  • 100k Subs With 1 Video Challenge

    "We just beat Martin with 30 Queens"
    The first words of a grandmaster

  • Xcxs_snipergod2783
    Xcxs_snipergod2783 17 days ago +2

    “Wait no four queens” me: THERE IS FIVE QUEENS

  • Basil Nijiue
    Basil Nijiue Month ago +2

    Oh my god I'm actually crying from laughter at the horsey promotion against the 30 queens 😭

  • Ayman osman
    Ayman osman 2 months ago +5

    The "We just beat martin" part at 18:50 REALLY got me.

  • Pablo Genest
    Pablo Genest 6 months ago +4386

    "If you do not know what you are doing, neither does your enemy."
    - Martin Tzu

    • Andrea B Knight
      Andrea B Knight 6 months ago +113

      This is so true- In some ways I perform worse against Martin than some of the higher beginner bots. I guess this is because I find Martin hard to play because of his illogical behaviour

    • Mārtiņš Markss
      Mārtiņš Markss 6 months ago +47

      @Andrea B Knight I have the same problem, after playing higher-rated bots, those lower rated aren't so easy anymore!

    • Hasan Issa
      Hasan Issa 6 months ago +50

      @Mārtiņš Markss dying from success

    • You Don’t like me? Fight me
      You Don’t like me? Fight me 6 months ago +3


    • Mihail Milev
      Mihail Milev 6 months ago +2

      Beautifully said

  • hmmm mmm
    hmmm mmm 3 months ago +7

    Martin is a family man, He let's levy win because he wants to see him happy

  • Rick Shermantal
    Rick Shermantal 3 months ago +5

    I won against Martin in my first chess game ever and i was so happy.

  • Waylogne19
    Waylogne19 3 months ago +2

    This was a masterpiece of a video, also super funny

  • Ages and Eras
    Ages and Eras 11 days ago +1

    You may not see Martin as much of a player, but remember which one of you had 30 queens to begin with. Smooth

  • Illinois Mapping and Statistics

    This video made me realize I still have a long way to go with becoming better at chess.

  • Davisworth
    Davisworth 6 months ago +4451

    Chess played perfectly always ends in a Martin

    • zoodogaming hub
      zoodogaming hub 6 months ago +98

      Jack Wrath wtf u bot

    • biharek
      biharek 6 months ago +44

      Martin speaks for itself

    • biharek
      biharek 6 months ago +1

      @JackWrath1 that's bizarre

    • JustAmir
      JustAmir 6 months ago +46


    • Adude601
      Adude601 6 months ago +29

      Jack Wrath Uh we're already ON that video.

  • Typicalanarchy
    Typicalanarchy 3 months ago +2

    This is the video that got me back into chess. Thank you Gotham ❤

  • Booga Booga
    Booga Booga 2 months ago +2

    I love how excited he gets from beating martin

  • Shad3ryx
    Shad3ryx 2 months ago +2

    martin is actually a grandmaster and rank 1, able to beat stockfish and mittens with ease, he has extensive knowledge of the chess world, therefore he chose LOSING moves to let you win every time, as he does with his kids

  • JustAGuyZA
    JustAGuyZA 2 months ago +2

    Martin holds the answer to beating the universe at its own game with that playstyle

  • Ali Yakut
    Ali Yakut 29 days ago

    The b pawn in the second game was literally the goat, it took 4 queens, became a knight and took 5 more. Omg. Martin is like....Geeeez

  • Gameknight
    Gameknight 5 months ago +8637

    "He only has 5 queens left" is a sentence I never thought I'd ever hear

    • Peyton
      Peyton 5 months ago +82


    • The Batsbury
      The Batsbury 5 months ago +314

      @Peyton Get lost

    • POGstache
      POGstache 5 months ago +95

      @The Batsbury Jesus loves you

    • Daniel Bee
      Daniel Bee 5 months ago +61

      @The Batsbury may god save ur soul

  • Tyliam Love
    Tyliam Love 3 months ago +3

    the pawn that he started to move at around 12:00 was kind of legendary, I think...right? This is the first chess video that i was actually interested in.

  • polopgt
    polopgt 3 months ago +1

    at the end i dont know how to explain it but whenever martin moved the queen i didnt know what was going on but the bar went all the way up and my jaw dropped when i found out what happened

  • Kanden
    Kanden 9 days ago

    The second game reminds me of horde game mode in video games. They just keep coming, but the game’s difficulty gives you a chance.

  • James Wilsoon
    James Wilsoon 3 months ago +1

    I thought having 112 elo score would make me look stupid but when I face Martin it makes me look like a genius compared to him

  • Tim Bronitskiy
    Tim Bronitskiy 3 months ago +5

    If I played GothamChess having 16 queens, I'd soooo win😂😂

    • zachnado69
      zachnado69 27 days ago

      that's more obvious than someone saying you can buy gas at a gas station

  • Usman Ilyas
    Usman Ilyas 6 months ago +1606

    *martin knows that no one can read his mind if he doesn't have one*

    • Yannick Richard
      Yannick Richard 6 months ago +18

      best comment

    • CIV
      CIV 6 months ago +9

      And that's very smart from him?..

    • Greg Greg
      Greg Greg 6 months ago +2

      the apostrophe is supposed to be in place of the letter btw

    • yessir!
      yessir! 6 months ago +13

      @Greg Greg omg u so smart.. like einstein level... will you marry me?

    • Overflow
      Overflow 6 months ago

      @yessir! lmao

  • AtrixPlayz
    AtrixPlayz 3 months ago +1

    Only reason Martin lost is because Martin was playing 100 million games simultaneously (with all of his kids cuz he’s such a player)

  • Prince Jhay
    Prince Jhay Month ago +1

    The thing i notice about Martin he doesn't take the piece if another piece is protecting it, you can easily beat martin if you are careful and protect every piece u have

  • D3ltaZer0, judgement

    Pawn literally decided to be the strongest warrior and defeat straight up 9 queens

  • Asoka
    Asoka 3 months ago

    This is priceless. There is also a vid of Anna cramling beating Martin with just a single pawn.

  • Qythero
    Qythero Month ago

    I want to see justice for Martin. How was he supposed to win with only 30 queens?

    CNCTEMATIC 5 months ago +2755

    Martin doesn't want to sacrifice a Queen for a piece of lower value, even when he has 30 of them

    • wonderchild
      wonderchild 4 months ago +4


    • Jdubc29
      Jdubc29 4 months ago +97

      @wonderchild talking about how the bot would back up instead of attack whenever his pieces were taken

    • Edbert Weisly
      Edbert Weisly 4 months ago +2

      The king is the worst peice

    • CVMPLol
      CVMPLol 4 months ago

      @Edbert Weisly eh

    • Nicreven
      Nicreven 4 months ago +6

      @Edbert Weisly the king can defend and keep a lot of things in check sometimes - he can't be captured. but yeah he's probably the weakest

  • Maciej Kokociński
    Maciej Kokociński 3 months ago +3

    13:35 the sheer tone of Levy made me laugh so hard

  • Aradhya Srivastava
    Aradhya Srivastava 2 months ago

    " I have only got 7 pieces which are not pawns"
    The king left the chat
    edit : I am a proud player who lost to martin once

    ZENO BG 3 months ago +2


  • Orba
    Orba 16 days ago +2

    “I cant believe how bad this guy is”
    Martin: 👁️👄👁️

    • Zayd Rahman
      Zayd Rahman 16 days ago +1

      2nd like of this comment
      1st comment to the comment

  • Gamer Pro
    Gamer Pro 12 days ago

    I love your chess-playing action

  • Dougwest Imaging
    Dougwest Imaging 5 months ago +2965

    The most amazing thing about Martin is his overall willingness to play. Doesn't matter when or what time of day, when you need him, he is there.

    • Peyton
      Peyton 5 months ago +11


    • Clone 5555
      Clone 5555 5 months ago +201

      @Peyton okay, but will Jesus play chess with me like Martin?

    • Peyton
      Peyton 5 months ago +5

      @Clone 5555 stop mocking God

    • Space Pirate From Space
      Space Pirate From Space 5 months ago +114

      Imma pray to god that Peyton finds a better way to spend their time than preaching in comment sections

  • Ole Hansen Nansen
    Ole Hansen Nansen 3 months ago

    I really think Martin is holding back because he plays with his kids

  • PhantomReap
    PhantomReap 3 months ago

    If Hikaru has those queens...
    *performs a hell of pre-moves*

  • DatFurry Boi
    DatFurry Boi 2 months ago

    Marten is the kind of person to buy shirts from a soup store

  • Heat Pete
    Heat Pete 3 months ago

    Obv the reason Martin exists is for people who are absolute beginners to chess and don't get completely discouraged right away its like a free W

  • water dog
    water dog 2 months ago

    the rook sacrifice at the end of game one was clutch

  • Guy Hutukatit
    Guy Hutukatit 5 months ago +3981

    This is literally the representation of “a herd of sheep led by a lion is stronger than a herd of lions led by a sheep”

    • Peyton
      Peyton 5 months ago +57


    • Guy Hutukatit
      Guy Hutukatit 5 months ago +322

      @Peyton no

    • wilkson
      wilkson 5 months ago +148

      @Guy Hutukatit based

    • Balala
      Balala 5 months ago +13

      @wilkson n't

    • Avnash Kumanan
      Avnash Kumanan 5 months ago +31

      @Peyton this guy...

  • gavin s
    gavin s 3 months ago +1

    I remember when I was first playing chess and I beat him for my first time I was so proud now look at this

  • Dolev64
    Dolev64 3 months ago +1

    "I'm better than stockfish" levy rozman
    *having the evaluation on the entire time*

  • Gamer Twenty Nine
    Gamer Twenty Nine 2 months ago +3

    It crazy how you do this yet there was this one youtuber that couldnt stop losing to Martin even though he was quite decent at chess.

  • Llamaking
    Llamaking 3 months ago

    I think that you could just protect all your pieces while attacking the queens, because the bot would be programmed not to take because otherwise it would lose a queen.

  • Mauricio Rocha
    Mauricio Rocha 2 months ago

    If I got a dollar for every time Martin did a bad move I would have ALL

  • Max Packard
    Max Packard 5 months ago +6171

    I actually really like Martin. He makes me feel like I'm good at chess

    • Peyton
      Peyton 5 months ago +58


    • Overused Jokes Fan
      Overused Jokes Fan 5 months ago +108

      @Peyton ok

    • Hycix
      Hycix 5 months ago +183

      @Peyton If I don't sin, Jesus died for nothing

    • White Tiana
      White Tiana 5 months ago +32

      @Hycix you were born with eternal sin because god is still really mad about adam eating that apple...

  • PlayzGem
    PlayzGem 3 months ago

    In the first game, at 7:28 eval went from M5 to -17, Levi is just that good

  • rachana bhandari
    rachana bhandari 3 months ago

    Very nice to see that this is the most popular video of Levy with 7 million views. Congrats levy

  • Hype to Boredom
    Hype to Boredom Month ago

    Remember, Martin taught his kids how to play chess, and they win most of the time, implying Martin was losing intentionally, so Martin could be extremely OP if he didn't want to lose, well who knows?

  • Pig Overlord
    Pig Overlord Month ago +1

    Ahh yes, Gotham’s mark of extreme emotions… the gungan 12:36

  • basir roslan
    basir roslan 2 months ago

    Martin has that 'good dad' vibes

  • Shekhar Singh
    Shekhar Singh 6 months ago +1264

    That pawn at 11:51 must be the most OP pawn in chess history. Took down 9 queens!

    • captain_noob
      captain_noob 6 months ago +72

      pawn MVP

    • Ruy Vuusen
      Ruy Vuusen 6 months ago +127

      It's the same as the theorical maximum for a standard game.

    • KDassassin
      KDassassin 6 months ago +52

      That pawn solos goku

    • DeclaredJeans
      DeclaredJeans 6 months ago +3

      You mean OG?😄 That was incredible!

    • Gurucharan S
      Gurucharan S 6 months ago +5

      Pawn was playing God mode or MUI (*MASTERED ULTRA Instinct)😏

  • Origami Man
    Origami Man 3 months ago

    Imagine Martin’s true Elo is 3200, but acts as 250 elo to allow his kids win

  • QP7OH3
    QP7OH3 2 months ago

    Watching the white bar go up after he failed to see mate in one was hilarious

  • Mo Sharif
    Mo Sharif Month ago

    Martin played the real queen’s gambit

  • Riley Knight
    Riley Knight 3 months ago +1

    POV: You can’t beat Martin in a normal game of chess

  • gokiim
    gokiim 28 days ago

    in fact you only need 2 queens to instantly checkmate in 4 moves

  • Brian Tigre
    Brian Tigre 5 months ago +4025

    The fact that I lost to Martin at the age of 17 is truly a blessing

    • Ari Gross
      Ari Gross 5 months ago +222

      How did you manage to pull that off?

      QUBI-QUBED 5 months ago +1389

      @Ari Gross he's one of Martin's kids

    • JDoactive
      JDoactive 5 months ago +143

      @QUBI-QUBED underrated comment

    • sharky1213
      sharky1213 5 months ago +118

      You're not alone, friend.
      Got a little bit into chess again, but my brain dead *ss completely forgot to protect my king cause I was just mindlessly being aggressive.
      In my defense, it was one of my first games in decades, and I wasn't putting in that much effort in anyways, but still... It's Martin

    • Sliwka
      Sliwka 5 months ago +44

      i lost to him too but i am new to chess

  • Flounif
    Flounif 3 months ago +1

    We had a good thing Martin! We had everything we needed, it all ran like clockwork. It was perfect! But no, you just had to blow it up, you and your pride and your ego! You just had to be the man. If you had done your job, known your place, we'd all be fine right now.

  • Isiah Stuart
    Isiah Stuart 3 months ago

    Dang, he sure did have a lotta queens tho 😂

  • Kenneth Bridgford
    Kenneth Bridgford 29 days ago

    18:42 I love watching the bar and his face at the same time 🤣🤣